This story is fictional so don't take it seriously. It is also for adults
over 18, so if your younger than that....this is where you quit reading and
exit. For those of you who are consenting adults....enjoy the show!

8 Simple Rules: Wrong Turn (ff-gang,ffff,ff,inc,oral,anal,ncon)
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Kerry was getting ready for a high school party that her sister and her were
going to. This was a real big deal for Kerry. After all she wasn't quite the
nerd anymore, not the way that everyone used to think she was. She was
starting to remind herself of Bridget the way she was going through her
closet looking for something to wear.

"Damn, I'm gonna make a big impression tonight, Kyle is so hot, he'll love
how good I look tonight."

Kyle was a good looking guys with short brown hair very athletic and
gorgeous green eyes. Kyle was Kerry's boyfriend who was taking them to the
party, but Kerry knew Bridget had a crush on him too. Kerry slid on a red
midriff bearing top that showed off her pale tummy and was cut low in the
front in a V shape showing a ton of cleavage. She then slide on a red
G-string. A G-string was more of something that Bridget would wear, but
Kerry found it to be very sexy wearing underwear riding up her private
places. She then put on some black jeans that were low and barely covered
her hips. Finishing off the outfit was a pair of modest 3 inch black high

There was a short period of time when Kerry was actually considered to be
hotter than her sister. Of course that was all a set up by someone trying to
knock down Bridget's popularity for their own benefit. Still Kerry remember
what the people who jumped on the bandwagon said. That Kerry's boobs were so
much bigger than her sisters, and that her red hair and fair skin made her
sexier to the guys. Plus the fact that she was smart was a real big plus on
her popularity. She actually felt gullible after she found out it was just
something started by an ex-best friend of Bridget's trying to make Bridget
feel like a nobody.

There was no doubt though, Kerry could hold her own against Bridget in the
looks department. Kerry got an idea, she reached back and took off her bra
then put the red top on. It really made a difference with her tits free,
more of her cleavage showed in the v-cut top and she bent over looking in
the mirror and saw that in doing so all of her tits were exposed.

"Oh my God, Kyle would flip out if he saw this view." She smiled.

As she stood back up though, to her disappointment, one of her boobs popped
out of the top. "Damn, well I can't be pushing my boob back in all night, so
I guess ill have to wear a bra."

She decided on one of her old red bra's she had, it was sexy because of its
skimpiness, it fit around her, but it was a B cup and Kerry was at the very
least a C cup now. Her hard red nipples were barely covered by the bra.
Bending over again she saw that her cleavage looked incredible, but best of
all with her breasts covered (but barely) by the bra nothing fell out. She
saw that her butt looked really good in the hip huggers she checked and make
sure none of the red G-string underneath was showing and smiled at hot she
looked. She even gave her sexy ass a shake at the mirror.

Bridget came into the room all dressed and ready to go, her blonde hair was
in a Britney Spears type braids (baby one more time). She wore a pink tube
top with no straps and a black mini skirt, finished off with 4 inch black

"So is like Kyle giving us a ride or not?" Bridget inquired.

"Yes, he should be here any fact I think that's his car now."
Kerry noticed the red Camaro convertible pulling up to the house from the
window. "Let's get out of here quickly before mom catches us in what we're

Luckily they hurried out before their mom saw what they were wearing. They
just hollered 'bye mom' to her and were off to Kyle's car. Kyle gave Kerry a
little to greet her and then insisted he get them to the party before their
mom ended up chasing them to see what they wore.

It was a long drive to party, about 30 miles from their house. There was
definitely a lot of turns to get to the party that was at a mansion on the
other side of town. The party was huge, and filled with people from their
school. The usual popular kids, with a few geeks that seemed to have known
the right person to get invited. Sluts, skanks, wannabe's, jocks all types
seemed to have showed up. Bridget was off and chatting with her girlfriends,
along with checking out the guys. Kyle and Kerry enjoyed a couple of beers.
Then Kyle enjoyed a few more, then a few more. The party had only gone on
for an hour and Kyle was very drunk. Kerry decided it was best to take his
keys from him.

Kerry then decided that she need to find Bridget and get Kyle back home. It
was difficult to pull her away from gossiping but she was able to pry her
away. She made her way back to Kyle and was shocked at what she saw. Kyle
was on top of another girl making out with her. Kerry was burning with
anger, but instead of confronting him she stormed out. Bridget followed her.

"Oh my God Kerry, why didn't you like totally kill him for doing that?"

"Well, he's drunk so that's why he was kissing that girl, but your right I
would have killed him! Damn it! I still have his keys, get us a cab, I'll
take these back to him."

"No Kerry wait, ya know why don't we take his car, he's too drunk to
notice, and I heard about this club that will let hot girls in even if they
are underage. I mean I'll get in, your not as hot as me, but hey if your with
me they'll let you in."

Kerry rolled her eyes at her sister's 'I'm hotter than you attitude.'

"Look Bridget, its stealing!"

"No, not if we bring it back when he sobers up, I mean he'll never even know.
Look at it this way, we can get out of here for a while, or wait an hour on a
cab to get us home. You prefer that?"

Realizing her sister actually had a good point she nodded her head.

"I'm gonna regret this, I know it!"

The two girls hopped in the car, Kerry insisted on driving. Reluctantly
Bridget agreed figuring it would be the only way she could get Kerry to
leave. They sped off in the Camaro. Bridget gave Kerry directions, but
unfortunately they were the wrong directions. They were driving down an
unfamiliar highway when the car started sputtering, they pulled over to
the side as the car finally died. They tried to restart it but had no

"Well, I guess we're walking."

"I think we passed a convenience store a couple of miles back. Let's head
back that way."

"I think it was further than a couple of miles Bridget." Insisted Kerry.

"Nah 2 miles at the most, come on lets get going I wanna get to a phone and
call mom."

The girls took off their heels and carried them and started walking back.
Unfortunately Kerry was right it was more than 2 miles, 4 and a half to be
exact. They had gone three miles when a car stopped for them. It was a car
of about three guys about the same age as them. They looked to be jocks, as
evident by their letter jackets.

"Hey ladies what's up?" Shouted the driver.

"Hey, our car broke down could you give us a lift to the convenient store?"
asked Kerry.

"Well, sorry Red, but we're going to a party right now, hey why don't you
ladies join us, after the party's over when can give you a lift to wherever
you want."

"No, I don't think..."

"Sure, we'd love to!" interrupted Bridget.

Kerry watched her sister getting in the car. She realized she had a choice
call her mommy and ask for a ride, or maybe go to a party where she could
enjoy herself. Why not, after all she need a reason to get her mind of Kyle.
Once again she thought to herself how she would live to regret this, but went
along with her sister.

So they arrived at the party. Kerry knew immediately something was wrong, it
looked as if their wasn't many girls there. That of course didn't seem to
matter to Bridget "kewl" was all she said when Kerry pointed this out to her.
Bridget made her rounds looking for a cute guy to flirt with, then turn down
if he wasn't part of the right crowd of course. A girl overheard her say her
full name to a guy that she introduced herself to. That girl was Becky Hatch,
the most popular girl at her own school on the East side. Becky had black
hair down to the middle of her back a sexy figure and huge tits. She was hot
looking especially with the mini skirts and heels she wore on a regular
basis. Becky had heard of Bridget, and according to her sources Bridget was
the one who spread rumors about her and caused Becky's boyfriend to break up
with her. She was told that Bridget start dating, and from what she heard,
doing it with her ex. Becky wasn't about to let this go.

Becky started whispering to some of the guys. The word got passed around and
before long a crowd was forming around Bridget. Bridget started to notice
this, she tried to make her way through, but surprisingly no one moved out of
her way. In fact they all seemed to be pinning her in. Then Becky Hatch
stepped forward.

"You got a lot of nerve coming here Bridget Hennessy."

"Do I know you?"

"You should I'm Becky Hatch, name ring a bell?"

"No, should it?"

"Don't play dumb bitch, I'm the girl you bad mouthed, and then later you
started fucking my Jarrod Barkin!"

"I know Jarrod Barkin, but it was my former friend Dessiere that went out
with him. Oh OK now it all makes sense, she probably said her name was
Bridget just to get me in trouble."

"Nice try I don't believe it though slut. So you like fucking guys do you?
I think there are several here who can help you out with that!"

"Look you psycho-bitch, I told you I didn't date Jarrod, or talk shit about
you, if you don't believe me, then I really don't give a fuck."

"Bridget what did you get into now?" asked Kerry.

"Who is this cunt?" asked Becky.

"Hey! I'm her sister and watch who your calling a cunt, CUNT!!!!"

"Well, now, the little girl with a big mouth wants to get tough? I guess you
guys have another fuck-toy here. Grab them boys!"

Bridget and Kerry had at least 5 guys each grab a hold of them. The girls
kicked and squirmed to no avail. The guys were anything but gentle as they
mauled and pawed all over Kerry's tits, one guy even got his hands under
her shirt and pulled on her nipples through her bra. Another guy cupped
Kerry's crotch in his hand and squeezed tight on her sex.

Bridget had guys yanking her legs apart as two guys held her arms. The
strapless pink top came down easily exposing the embarrassed blonde's chest
to the room.

"Her little tits barely held them up anyway" laughed Becky evilly.

Before long Bridget had been pushed to the floor with two guys holding her
legs apart and two others holding her arms apart. A fifth man got between her
legs. Bridget still squirmed and kicked as he tried to remove her panties.
Seeing her lack of cooperation he ripped the panties in half. There were
hoots and hollers all over the circle as Bridget's blonde and nicely trimmed
pussy came into view. The guy started fingering her pussy as Bridget cursed
at him and Becky for doing this to her. When Bridget was wet enough, the guy
pulled out his cock. It was already hard and at least 8 inches long.

Bridget was held down and her legs were pulled far apart as the first guy, a
big guard for the football team got between her legs. Kerry was continually
mauled by the other guys unable to help her sister. Kerry's tight pants had
become unzipped and hands were under her red G-string feeling up her pussy.
More hands roamed under Kerry's top. Her boobs were out of the skimpy bra
now, and the red head yelled in pain as her nipples were roughly pinched so
hard they nearly bled. The guy pumped hard into Bridget as she screamed for
help, but there was no help in sight. Bridget's breasts with no tanlines
jiggled all over as the big guy rammed all of his meat in her tight little
cunt. It was apparent though as Bridget started to bleed and scream in pain
that her cherry was popped. This surprised even Becky that Bridget was a
virgin. After a while the guy came and shot his load deep into her pussy.

Becky looked on with an evil smile as the men switched around and another guy
entered? Bridget's pussy. He was another jock, and was hung even longer than
the other guy. He was closer to 9 inches not to mention it felt to Bridget as
if he was three inches wide. He stretched Bridget's pussy as the blonde
continued to fight as tears streamed down her cheeks. He rammed deep into the
depths of her pussy. As he hit bottom he lifted Bridget's legs high up in the
air until her heels were nearly touching her shoulders. His balls slapped
against her sexy ass while he plummeted his dick deep into her pink depths.
The feel of Bridget's slick pussy felt to good for him to stand any longer
and he shot his load in the blonde.

By now Kerry's bra was off her body completely and the guys were ripping it
apart trying to keep it as their own personal souvenir. Kerry's top was
removed and guys were all screaming and whistling at Kerry's impressive rack.
Every guy in the room got a chance to fondle her beautiful tits. A couple
guys even had Kerry held down on her knees so they could fuck her big tits.
The sight of Kerry's huge white melons wrapped around their cocks was such a
hot sight that the guys didn't last long titty-fucking her. When they were
done they would order her to open her mouth. A frightened Kerry did as they
said and swallowed at least 3 different guys loads.

Bridget was now being slapped repeatedly in the face ordered to give a
blowjob which she refused. The fifth guy that had entered her pussy was now
fucking her doggystyle. After Bridget starting to taste blood in her mouth
from the blows to the face she was getting she reluctantly opened up enough
to allow the guy to fuck her mouth. So know Bridget was receiving it from
both ends as she got her pussy and her mouth fucked. The guy in the back
slapped her on her hot ass until it was beet red with hand prints. Bridget
continued to struggle, but was getting worn out. Her squirming and kicking
was getting less and less effective. Plus it only seemed to turn the guys on
more. Still she hoped with all hope she'd get enough energy to escape, but
no such luck.

Kerry now felt fingers in her pussy and her ass now as at least 7 or 8 guys
felt her up under her G-string. Her pants were at her ankles as the guys felt
up every inch of her body. Kerry tried to hold her crying down to a minimum
worried that they would do to her what they were doing to Bridget if she made
to much noise.

Bridget was now in the middle of the floor getting fucked on all fours. It
seemed every guy in the room was either getting Bridget's mouth or pussy
filled with sausage. Bridget's pussy ached from the fucking she had taken
11 guys in her pussy, 9 of them had shot their load in her pussy two other
came on her back and her ass. Kerry cried for both herself and Bridget even
though she had to admit she was glad Bridget was getting fucked and not her.
As the 12th guy came in Bridget's now stretched out pussy another guy came
in her mouth at the same time. It was the fifth load Bridget had swallowed
and the taste was making her sick to her stomach.

"OK give the little bitch a short break, time to make her little sister as
loose of a slut as she is." said Becky.

Kerry burst into hysterical crying as she was roughly pulled to the middle
of the room. Seeing her sister going crazy about getting gang banged she
begged Becky to let her go.

"Look leave her out of this, I told you I did nothing, but you have even less
reason to harm her, please don't!"

"Hmmmm, so Bridget has some loyalty to her sister, that's very sweet. Tell
you what blondie you give three people of my choosing oral sex then we'll
leave little sister's pussy untouched by these guys."

"OK I'll do it, just leave Kerry alone!"

"OK then, first things first."

Becky lifted her skirt giving everyone a view of her shaved bald pussy. She
nodded to the other two girls dressed similar to her and they did the same,
hiking up their skirts and sliding their panties down. One of the girls was
blonde, but not natural as her pubes proved. The second girl had sandy brown
hair and a pussy that was nicely trimmed.

"I said any three people I choose, so I choose me and Kim and Cindy!"

Bridget looked at her in shock. Becky realized she wasn't gonna do this on
her own. So she motioned to the football players and they grabbed Bridget.
They pushed Bridget's face in Becky's pussy.

"Listen bitch if you try and bite or cause my perfect pussy any pain, I
promise you those boys will put your spank ass in the hospital, got it cunt?"

Bridget didn't get a chance to answer as she was pushed in Becky's pussy.
Bridget started licking. She never licked a pussy before, so she only did
what she liked to be done to her. She licked and sucked on Becky's bald
pussy. Becky opened her pussy for her and Bridget wanting to get it over
with worked over the evil teen's clit. She licked and sucked it. Hating
what she did she tried her best to get Becky off wanting this nightmare to

Kerry although her pussy was being left alone her mouth was being forced to
swallow cocks left and right, as two guys held her down. With Bridget busy
eating out Becky the guys were all lining up to fuck Kerry's pretty mouth.
Kerry swallowed one guys load, and he was soon replaced by another guy. This
guy gripped her red hair and face fucked her until he nearly made her pass
out do to lack of oxygen as he came down her throat. Then came the next guy,
he shoved his cock between her tits. He tittyfucked her for a good 10 minutes
and then came all over her big white tits.

Bridget finally got Becky to cum, so Becky made sure Bridget's face was
covered in her pussy cream. Bridget then was pushed to the next girl. She
repeated the same method and this time went right for the clit and licked
and sucked on it rapidly.

Kerry had taken her fourth load down her throat as it seemed she was really
paying for Bridget being busy with the others girls. Kerry was now sucking
two or three cocks that were around her. On top of that she wanted to scream
as her nipples were pulled on so hard that they felt they were being ripped
off her body. The guys she was force to stroke and suck, all started to cum
coating Kerry's tits and face with their semen.

Bridget's was getting the hang of how to get the girls off, and as much as
she hated it she was getting them off quickly. She soon had gotten all three
of the women off and her face was a sticky mixture off all three women's cum.
Bridget fell backwards as she watched the girls pull down their skirts.

"OK well I'm a woman of my word Bridget none of these guys will take your
sisters pussy, but I never said anything about her ass, ha ha, guys fuck the
little cunt's ass!"

Kerry kicked and screamed as she was forced on all fours.

"Damn look at the ass on this bitch, I'm gonna fucking love this!" said the
first guy behind her.

He positioned himself behind her and pushed his cock between the pale, round,
luscious cheeks of Kerry and entered her tight ass. Her ass was so incredibly
tight as he pushed hard into her. Kerry being held down, screamed as her
unlubricated ass was violated by a stranger. He pushed the first three inches
in, her ass was so tight it felt like he was shoving his cock into a finger
slot of a latex glove. He started really pounding her ass. Forcing inch after
inch into her. Kerry's scream got him more excited as he knew he was taking
this girls anal virginity. He forced it deep up Kerry's rump until his balls
were slapping against her. He loved the way her slightly plump butt jiggled
as he worked all of his cock up inside her. Kerry never felt such pain in her
life as it seemed he was ripping her ass in two with his cock!

After ten minutes of hard pounding the guy finally came and came hard in
Kerry's ass. Kerry cried out with a bit of relief that the guy had came, and
the pain was gonna stop. The guy pulled out, his cock covered in both his own
cum and a bit of blood from the hard fucking of Kerry's ass.

Kerry looked back and found to her horror that guys had formed a line and
were all wanting a turn at her ass. The next guy was a huge 10 plus inches,
even with Kerry's ass now lubed with cum, it still hurt bad when he entered
her. He yanked a hold of her red hair and pulled hard as he shoved his whole
rod into her in one thrust. Kerry had to deal with both the pain of him
ramming her ass, and the feeling that her hair was gonna be yanked from its
roots. He loved the view of her ass and slammed all 10 plus inches into her.
Kerry thought his cock was going all the way to her lungs as the room echoed
to the sound of his balls slapping hard against Kerry's ass. Like the other
guy Kerry's ass was too sexy for him to hold it in and he came quickly. Again
warm semen was unloaded deep in Kerry's asshole.

Kerry was held down tightly, there was no getting away no matter how much she
cried and kicked and screamed. Yet another man started fucking her ass as she
closed her eyes tightly wishing she was somewhere else. She was brought back
to earth though as the new guy though not as hung as the other two were,
slapped her ass hard. Over and over he slapped her ass turning her ass from
pale white to red. Kerry looked over at Bridget and saw that Bridget was also
getting the ass fucking of her life.

Becky decided apparently that Bridget hadn't had enough humiliation though.
Becky forced her ass in Bridget's face and made Bridget lick her asshole.
Becky pulled on Bridget's hair forcing Bridget to really bury her face in
Becky's ass. Bridget due to Becky's orders was pushing her tongue up Becky's
ass. Bridget was crying new tears now on her face as her make up started to
run with the humiliation she was feeling.

Kerry was up to the fifth guy fucking her in the ass now. The pain was just
as bad as ever for her and now the line forming for a turn at her ass had
gotten bigger. Becky seeing this noticed guys in the line who had arrived at
the party just recently and smiled as a nasty idea came to her.

"Well, I said none of the guys that were here could have your pussy Kerry,
but I didn't say anything about these new guys who just arrived. So her pussy
is yours guys."

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! "Kerry screamed as
a guy got under her and yanked of the G-string completely then entered her
pussy. The guy in her ass pushed hard and forced Kerry onto the guy in her
pussy. Much like her ass Kerry's pussy was incredibly tight and felt so very
good as the guy exclaimed...

"Damn this bitch is fucking tight!"

A rhythm between the two guys started and a hard thrust later Kerry's cherry
and virginity was a thing of the past. Kerry screamed out in pain even louder
than when her ass was first penetrated. The guys mercilessly rammed together
into Kerry's ass and pussy, only the thin layer of skin separated the two
cocks as Kerry's body was getting too exhausted to even fight anymore. The
guys had gotten into such a good rhythm that they both came at the same time
in her ass and pussy.

Becky directed the guys that all three of Bridget's holes were now open game.
This really helped the lines as now Bridget was taking a cock in her ass her
mouth and her pussy now. Guys were all getting a turn with at least two holes
as they would usually fuck an ass then a pussy. Usually the guys waiting in
Bridget's line would get blowjobs from Bridget while they waited for a turn
at her ass or her pussy.

Kerry had just taken the 10th load of cum up her ass and 7th in her pussy
when her line finally died down, with all the guys finally getting wore out.
Bridget had taken the 12th in her pussy and the 6th load up her ass, not to
mention her 14th load down her throat. Seeing the guys were all getting worn
out Becky decided on one last bit of humiliation.

"OK girls, do one last thing, its all quite simple, you two sister dyke out
on each other and make each other cum and I promise that you can leave."

"She is my sister, I won't do that fuck you Becky!" Shouted Bridget in her
loudest voice which wasn't very loud.

"Fine Bridget, these guys can handle another round of fucking you in every
hole, I might even have Kerry rim a few assholes along the way. You like that

Kerry's face said it all, you was ready to break out in another hysterical
cry when Bridget intervened. "OK OK all right! We'll do it just as long as
you promise we'll get to really leave!"

"Yes, I promised just remember this you two have to french kiss, you have to
make each other cum, and one last thing, don't stop or look away from what
your doing until your done."

The girls eager to leave this nightmare behind them agreed. Kerry and Bridget
stood up for the first time in a while and walked towards each other. Becky
had an instant camera and there was a flash as the two naked sister softly
kissed. Bridget pulled Kerry's face back to her, remembering that they had to
keep on what they were doing no matter what. Bridget and Kerry were nipple to
nipple as they french kissed for a few minutes. Mostly all they tasted was
cum from the men's semen that was still in their mouths. After Becky had some
good french kissing PICS of the two sisters. She let them know they could get
in a 69 on the floor now.

Bridget opened Kerry's pussy and stuck a finger in her. Bridget licked up and
down Kerry's pussy lips as her finger went in and out of her little sister.
The camera flashed again as Becky got even more photos of the sister/sister
incest. Kerry, was very new at this and started just tonguing around
Bridget's slit. Bridget moved her body so that Kerry was brushing her tongue
across her clit. It was apparent Kerry wasn't into this at all but Bridget
knew that you can't fake another orgasm in front of another girl. Bridget
started licking and sucking on Kerry's clit faster and faster and even gave
Kerry's abused ass some gentle squeezes. As much as Kerry hated fucking
Bridget it did feel good, as her pussy got gentle treatment for once tonight.
When Bridget sucked on Kerry's clit and shoved a second finger in her box it
sent Kerry over the edge.

Kerry felt herself coming and as she did the camera flashed some more up
close catching Bridget's face and Kerry's pussy in the process. Bridget
started rubbing her pussy back and forth on Kerry's outstretched tongue.
Becky got more PICS of the two sisters getting Bridget riding her sister
face. Bridget rode faster and faster. Then finally Kerry got into it
enough to give a couple hard sucks on Bridget's clit causing the girl to
cum at last.

"Here these are for you."

Becky tossed the two girls a pic of them engaged in sex.

"You tell the police anything about what happened here tonight, and I'll
release these PICS. I think we both know fucking your sister will destroy
your reputation your lives and your families lives."

The two girls slowly got up Kerry got her top, her bra was completely in
pieces. Her gstring was also gone, but at least she had her pants. Bridget
had her tank top and skirt, but her panties were also missing. The two hardly
said a word to one another as they made there way out. They didn't care where
they were going they were just glad to be out of that place. They walked down
the street, it was close to 5 am now. Their lucky finally changed for the
better now though, they walked in the opposite direction of how they arrived
and a mile later they found a convenient store, and a phone. They called
their mom, and she was angry to say the least, but agreed to come get them.

"What are we gonna tell her?" asked Kerry.

"Simple we made a wrong turn," said Bridget.


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