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Summary: The sisters of 8 Simple Rules find out fighting can be fun.

8 Simple Rules: Sisters Just Love To Fight
by dawnfaith102

Chapter One

Bridget and Kerry were home alone for the evening. Mom was at work. CJ,
Grandpa and Rory had gone out to eat and catch a movie. As usual, the two
started fighting over another silly, little thing. The sisters were at each
other more than ever these days. One word from either girl could set them
off into hours of non stop fighting.

The two were in the kitchen. Bridget had on a pair of tiny shorts that barely
covered her perfect round ass cheeks. Her tiny top was white, and her nipples
were more than visible through the soft fabric. Kerry wore a pair of very
tight jeans, and a pale blue strapless top. Both looked very sexy.

Kerry had reached for the last soda in the fridge. Bridget came up behind
her, and saw that it was the only can left.

"Hey you can't have that," she shouted, as she pulled her sister back away
from the open refrigerator door. "I want that."

Kerry quickly turned around and pushed her sister up against the counter.
"You don't tell me what to do," she shouted, moving as close to her pretty
sister as possible.

Bridget pushed back, and Kerry went sprawling against the room, and fell into
the far corner. The blonde then walked over and quickly grabbed the last can
and opened it. Just as she was about to take a big gulp, Kerry came rushing
across the room and grabbed the can out of her hand.

"It's mine," she screamed, taking a long drink.

"Ya think?" screamed the blonde, and reached for the can.

The girls starting pushing and shoving each other harder now. Soon the can
of soda was on the floor, and its contents spilled all over both girls.

"Great!" screamed Kerry, "Now we don't have anything to drink!"

"You want a drink do ya?" shouted Bridget, rushing over to the sink. "Well
here ya go." She reached out, turned on the water and started filling empty
glasses with it. Turning to face her sister, she promptly dumped them one
by one on top of Kerry's long red hair.

The red head stood there soaking wet; water dripping down her face and body.
Bridget kept filling glasses and pouring them on her shocked sister. The
kitchen floor was now covered in water.

Kerry suddenly came alive. She reached out and grabbed Bridget by the hair
and forced her head down into the sink under the running water. "Here's your
drink," she screamed as she held her down, and poured water all over her body

Bridget broke free and grabbed her sister by her top and quickly ripped it
off. Kerry stood there with her soft, large breasts fully exposed. "Hey great
boobs," shouted Bridget as she took one in her hand and started to squeeze
harder and harder.

"Ouch!" screamed Kerry, as she reached out and shoved her sister against the
wall. "Yours aren't bad either," she said loudly as she quickly reached under
the blonde's shirt and pulled on a nipple. "Hey might wear a bra sometime, ya
know," she shouted as she continued to play with Bridget's soft, round
breast. "You sure know how to tease with those hard nipples showing all the

"I didn't know you noticed," shouted the blonde as she reached out and
grabbed her sister's ass. "You don't need to wear jeans this tight you know,"
she said. "Everyone knows you have a great ass."

Kerry looked at her sister intently now. Suddenly she bent in and kissed her
soft lips passionately. Bridget started to push her away, but the longer the
kiss lasted, the more she realized how much she really enjoyed it.

Kerry stepped back and smiled. "Liked that, didn't you?" she said in a
teasing voice.

Bridget was still pissed at her sister, so instead of admitting how much she
loved the taste of her mouth, she pushed her away and ran over to the other
side of the kitchen. She smiled to herself as she reached for a large
container of flour. Hiding it behind her back, she walked over to Kerry who
was trying to find the remnants of her new strapless top.

Kerry turned just in time to see her sister raise the container and toss it
at her. She gasped as the flour covered her head, shoulders and breasts.
"Aghh," she screamed. "What the hell is wrong with you? Are you insane or

Bridget began to laugh at the image of her sister there in front of her
covered in a paste of flour and water.

"Oh My God, you look so funny," she giggled.

Kerry was livid now. She raced forward and grabbed her sister by the
shoulders, pushing her down on the large kitchen table. "I hate you, you
bitch," she screamed as she held her down below her. Bridget looked up and
continued to laugh loudly. "God you look like a giant dough boy," she

Kerry reached down and promptly ripped off her sister's top. Bridget gasped
as Kerry bent down and began to bite very hard on her left nipple. "Ouch!"
screamed Bridget. "Stop that!"

"No way," screamed Kerry as she bit her sister's other nipple.

Bridget screamed.

Kerry put her knee on her sister's stomach and reached down and squeezed each
of her round full breasts. "You have the softest skin," she said. "All the
better to cover in syrup now." The red head then took a large bottle of
pancake syrup from the table and poured every bit of it all over her sister's
creamy breasts. She then bent down and began to lick and bite it all off.

Bridget struggled to get up. She was no match for her sister though. Kerry
held her down as she devoured her breasts with her hot tongue and lips.
Bridget suddenly stopped fighting. God that felt good. Kerry then pulled
her up and looked her straight in the eyes. "Had enough?" she smiled.

Bridget was too stubborn to realize that it was time to stop. She was still
mad at her sister, even though she was feeling very aroused too. "Enough!"
she screamed, pushing the flour covered red head across the room. "You think
this is over!" Pushing Kerry down on the floor she climbed on top of her and
started to unzip her jeans.

"Hey!" screamed Kerry. "Are you some perv or something?"

"You know you want me to," screamed Bridget as she worked furiously at
pulling off her sister's tight jeans.

Kerry fought, but Bridget was so mad that she seemed to have acquired super
human strength about now. She finally succeeded in stripping her sister of
her jeans, and her tiny thong panties. Kerry lay naked on the wet kitchen

Bridget was soaking wet and sticky from the syrup. She looked down at the
naked red head and suddenly knew two things. She was mad as hell at her, and
she wanted to fuck her more than anything.

Kerry reached up and grabbed the blonde's soft round breasts in her hands,
and began to caress them. Suddenly she knew that she wanted to fuck her
sister till she screamed for mercy.

Bridget reached down and kissed Kerry. Kerry kissed her back, enjoying the
feeling of her sister's hot eager tongue exploring her mouth.

The girls rolled over in the middle of the wet kitchen floor. Kerry reached
down and quickly found Bridget's tiny shorts. She pulled and tugged until
they ripped and fell off her soft, round hips.

"Hey," screamed Bridget. "Those were new shorts."

"Too bad sister dear," said Kerry in a mocking voice, as she reached between
her sister's legs and found her soaking wet panties. The red head began to
rub her hand hard against her sister's pussy. Bridget reacted immediately by
moving her hips back and forth. Kerry then ripped off the panties with one
quick motion.

Bridget let out a sigh as she felt her sister's fingers move across her moist
pussy lips. Kerry quickly spread her sister's legs and climbed down between
them. Holding onto the blonde's hips she urgently began to lick and suck on
her swollen pussy lips, and clit.

Bridget started to fight again, but the moment she felt Kerry's hot, eager
tongue all over her dripping wet pussy, she forgot all about anything else,
but how good it felt. "Oh God!" she screamed, as her sister teased her with
her hot tongue. "Oh God, Fuck me!" she screamed thrusting her hips up
against Kerry's face.

Kerry stopped for a brief moment. "You sure you want it?" she asked, teasing
her sister for just a bit longer.

"Oh God, if you don't fuck me now, you bitch I will make you pay," screamed
Bridget breathlessly.

"Ok. Ok," said Kerry smiling. You asked for it.

The red head dove into her sister's pussy and plunged her tongue up inside

Bridget screamed.

Kerry took her fingers and began to pull and rub and squeeze the blonde's

Bridget gasped.

Kerry plunged two fingers up into her sister's dripping wet pussy.

Bridget let out a scream and began move her hips uncontrollably.

Kerry fucked her hard. Kerry fucked her deep. Kerry fucked her fast.

Bridget had never felt anything this good before. She screamed as she felt
her entire body let go in long spasms.

Chapter Two

Bridget lay there for a moment with her eyes closed, catching her breath.

Kerry stood up and looked down on her sister and smiled wickedly.

"You taste pretty good blondie. Didn't know it would be so easy to fuck you

"You bitch!" Bridget screamed, as she stood up right in her sister's face.
"Let's see how much your round little ass can take."

Bridget reached out and grabbed her sister and turned her around quickly.
Just as she was about to reach out and grab her ass cheeks, Kerry broke free
and ran.

Bridget ran after her.

The naked sisters chased each other around the kitchen. Each time Bridget
almost had the red head in her grasp, she would break free. They ran around
and around the kitchen table.

Bridget was screaming, "Come here you red headed bitch."

Kerry continued to laugh as she dodged her sister at every turn.

Both girls were gasping for breath now. Bridget reached out one more time
and pushed her sister as hard as she could. Kerry fell backwards and slipped
on the wet floor and down she went.

Bridget jumped on top of her. Sitting on her stomach, she held both her hands
above her head and bent down and kissed her hard. Kerry started to kick and
squirm, but the longer the kiss continued the less she wanted to struggle.
Bridget finally sat up and began to rub her fingers over her sister's hard

Kerry let out a long low moan as she felt her sister arouse her more than
she had ever imagined. Still she kicked and screamed. "Get off me, you dumb,
stupid, bitch," she shouted.

Bridget was relentless. She dove in and began to nibble on each of her
sister's rock hard nipples. She then began to bite her gently as she worked
her mouth down over her soft stomach to her pussy. Reaching her pussy, she
quickly pulled her thighs apart and began to rub and pull on the red head's

Kerry squirmed, and then let out a scream of pleasure, as she felt her
sister's mouth all over her pussy lips...

Bridget sucked. Bridget licked. Bridget forced her hot eager tongue up inside
Kerry's pussy and eagerly lapped at her warm, wet juices.

Kerry bucked her hips up and down, meeting the blonde's mouth with every
thrust. She was screaming now. "Fuck me harder, God fuck me."

Suddenly Bridget stopped. She had an idea. "Just a minute," she said firmly
to her sister. "Be right back."

"What?" shouted Kerry. "Where the hell are you going, you bitch." She lay
back and closed her eyes in frustration.

Bridget returned quickly. "Sister dear you are going to love this," she
exclaimed with a sexy laugh.

Kerry opened her eyes just in time to see her sister waving a big cucumber
in front of her. "I'm gonna fuck you harder than you can stand," she shouted.

Before Kerry could move or say a word she immediately shoved the cuke up the
red head's soaking wet pussy.

"Oh My God!" screamed Kerry, as the felt the hard, cold cuc push up inside

Bridget fucked her sister hard and deep. Each time the cuke went inside her
hot, wet pussy, Kerry screamed. Bridget kept fucking her sister until she
stopped screaming and let go over and over in long hard spasms.

She then pulled it out and licked it off.

"Hey have some pussy juices," she said, smiling down at her exhausted sister.
Kerry smiled and took the cuc from her sister and licked off the rest of the
sticky, sweet liquid...

"Umm, I didn't know pussy tasted so good," she murmured, as she licked her

Bridget was so tired now that she collapsed on top of her sister. Both girls
lay there for a while.

Finally Bridget spoke. "Kerry," she said, almost hesitantly. "Did you ever
wonder why we fight all the time?"

"I don't know," said Kerry as she turned and brushed a lock of hair out of
Bridget's eyes. "But now I kind of have an idea."

Bridget looked into her sister's eyes and smiled. "Me too," she said. "I
think we've always wanted to do this. Even way back when we were kids and
ran around naked together."

Kerry sat up. "I always thought you were sexy. I always wanted to touch your

"Oh, I have noticed your body for ages too," said Bridget. "You sure did grow
up sexy."

Kerry sat up and but her arm around her sister. "You know what they say;
there is a fine line between love and hate."

"Hey, I don't want to fight anymore, this is way more fun," said Bridget as
he gave her sister a big hug.

They both smiled, and collapsed back on the floor. Soon they were asleep in
each other's arms.

Chapter Three

The morning light poured through the kitchen window. Bridget stretched, and
sat up. "Oh My God!" she said, as she looked around the room.

She turned and shook her sister. "Kerry, wake up, it's morning! Hey, we've
got to clean this place up fast. They will all be down here any minute."

Kerry looked up at her sister. For a moment she had no idea where she was.
Then suddenly it all came back to her.

She sat up with a start and looked around. "What a mess!" she screamed.

The girls stood up and looked around.

"Did we really do all this?" exclaimed Bridget.

"Sure looks like we had fun," replied Kerry.

"I did," said Bridget, as she turned to her sister and smiled.

"Me too," said Kerry as she reached over and gave her sister a hug.

"Ok, let's get going here fast," smiled Bridget as she reached over and have
her sister a big kiss. "We can fight some more later."

"Oh, I'm all for that," exclaimed the red head.

The girls quickly began the job of cleaning up the mess they had made the
night before. Luckily the sun rose early now that it was daylight savings
time; so they were up much earlier than they realized.

Just as they had put away the mop, and cleaned off the last bit of flour on
the counter, they heard someone coming down the stairs.

"Come on," whispered, Kerry, as she pulled her sister out of the back door.
"Let's get up the back stairs fast."

The girls grabbed their torn clothes off the floor and ran out, just as Mom
entered the main kitchen door.

"Whew that was close," said Bridget breathlessly, as she plopped down on her
bed upstairs.

The girls quickly showered, and dressed. They came downstairs separately,
and sat at down to breakfast with the others.

"You two seem pretty quiet this morning," said Mom as she glanced over at

"What, no fighting yet?" exclaimed CJ.

Bridget reached under the table and slid her hand in between Kerry's legs.

Kerry smiled. "Not yet. Maybe later."
_ _ _

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