OK this is very shocking that this is the first story written on this show
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it. This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. It contains: mf,
MMMf, consensual, oral, anal, interracial.

8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter: Sharing A Boyfriend
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Paul Hennessy had two beautiful daughters ages 17 years old and 15 (Kerry was
almost 16). So like any father he was constantly getting headaches from them,
now that they were both dating. Bridget the oldest was a very sexy blonde
with an incredible figure and had great style. Kerry was a pretty girl in her
own right, even though not quite as tall and thin as Bridget. She did however
have nicer breasts, much bigger than her older sister. Kerry hid her nice
body under big sweaters, she didn't flaunt her body like her sister. Plus she
wasn't as into boys as Bridget who lived and breathed them.

Kerry walked in on her sister Bridget in the bathroom who was putting on make
up getting ready for a party. Kerry was surprised seeing Bridget was wearing
only a pink G-string and a pink midriff.

"Are you gonna wear those panties to the party?"

"This is a G-string silly girl, and its just about all that I can wear with
my black hip huggers, unless I wanna go pantyless, which I did consider."

"Yes, I know its a G-string Bridget I was being generous when I said

Kerry shook her head as she walked out of the bathroom.

"God your such a slut." Kerry said under her breath.

"What did you say!?"

"Oh, I said have...some the party that is.

Kerry went back into her room, it was still kind of early but she had no
date so she was gonna get ready for bed. She tossed off her sweater and her
pants. She took a look at her body in the mirror wearing just a black bra and
panties. She filled out her bra nicely with her 36C's. She wondered why her
boyfriend hadn't called her to ask her back. Sure their break up was mutual
but she thought he'd want her back. Especially considering the fact that last
week she had let him be the first guy to touch her under her shirt. Even
though she was wearing a bra that night, Kerry thought for sure he'd want to
get a better view of her nice rack.

She looked at her butt in her bikini underwear in the mirror. She thought she
had a nicely shaped ass. In her mind it wasn't at all scrawny like Bridget's

Bridget was on her way out the door when her dad informed her that she should
invite Kerry to the party. Bridget refused but her father was insisted, and
even gave Bridget $20 for a new top if she would take Kerry to the party.
Luckily this was unknown to Kerry who just thought her sister was being nice
for a change. Kerry put on a maroon (dark red) color v-cut button up top with
her tight black jeans. Bridget was wearing her black hip huggers, her pink
string was slightly showing, and her pink midriff was showing lots of belly.
Luckily for her she wore her coat when she went downstairs so her dad didn't
go nuts.

He dropped them off at the party and it was quite apparent to Kerry she was
the youngest one there. Guys immedietly noticed Bridget as her coat came off,
revealing her flesh baring outfit.

"OK Bridget, why did you bring me here again? I mean I don't know anyone
here." asked Kerry.

"You know Kyle don't you?"

Bridget's boyfriend Kyle walked up to Bridget and gave her a kiss.

"Like I was saying Kerry..." Bridget continued. "I wanted you to forget about
your break up, I'm your sister that's why you came, so I could be there for
you, well bye guys."

With that Bridget left the two of them there and started mingling with other
people at the party. Kerry and Kyle just shook their heads in disbelief.

"Why do you let her do that to you?" asked Kerry.

"Well, I guess she's gonna do her own thing no matter what I say, so why
bother." shrugged Kyle.

"Yeah she will always do her own thing." answered Kerry.

The two stood there for a while there was a long awkward silence, before
Danielle, an ex-friend of Bridget's talked to them. Much like Bridget she
talked and talked and then talked some more. Kerry could tell Kyle was as
annoyed as her by Danielle's blabbing.

"You wanna dance, Kyle?"


With that they walked away from Danielle, who found it annoying they walked
away while she was talking. Kerry and Kyle both enjoyed each others company
and danced together most of the night. They were taking a break to get a
drink, they joked around and laughed, then suddenly looked in each others
eyes. After that they both leaned into each other and started kissing.

They pulled away from each other.

"Why did that just happen?!"

"I don't know!" responded Kyle.

Kerry looked over to see if Bridget saw them. She was busy talking to three
other guys.

"Oh good, I don't think she saw us."

"Oh good." said Kyle.

The two looked at each other again, and they suddenly wrapped their arms
around each other and started kissing. More passion was in their kiss this
time. Kyle felt what they were doing was right, so he pulled her into the
closest bedroom. Taking a look Bridget's way to make sure she wasn't looking.
She was still talking to some other guys. Kyle made his way in the bedroom
with his girlfriend's little sister.

Once in there they started kissing more and hands started to roam. Kerry
lifted off Kyle's shirt and stroked his chest. Kyle unbuttoned Kerry's top
making her incredible breasts visible, covered only by her black bra. Kyle
felt Kerry unzip his pants, then kiss her way down his stomach to his crotch.
The red head gave him a sexy glare before pulling down his underwear and
popping his growing cock into her mouth.

Kyle was shocked to see her take the initiative, but her mouth felt oh so
good and he wasn't gonna object. He looked down at Kerry as her mouth slid
back and forth on his pole, he wondered why he never noticed her for the
hottie she was until now. Her breasts were so nice, even nicer than
Bridget's. He loved seeing Kerry's bouncing breasts in her black bra as she
sucked him off. Kerry unzipped her own pants and slid them to her knees as
she continued sucking on Kyle's cock.

Kerry had always found Kyle to be cute just a bit on the stupid side (after
all he was dating her sister).

Kyle wanted to shoot his load in Kerry's mouth. Her oral work on his schlong
was driving him crazy. Instead he lifted her up to another hot kiss. Hands
continued to roam as Kyle's hand found Kerry's bra clasp and unhooked her.
Kyle was so very pleased to see her firm breasts barely moved when the bra
came off. 'God look at her tits, they're perfect!' He said to himself as he
cupped the firm boobs in his hands and his thumbs rubbed on her hard, Ritz
cracker size, pink nipples.

He lifted the smaller girl up off the ground, her legs wrapping around his
waist as he started sucking her large white tits in his mouth. Kerry's head
arched back in pleasure. She never felt anything but her own hands on her
bare breasts before. It was a whole new excitement to have someone sucking
on her breasts. Kyle sucked each one of Kerry's knockers in his mouth
nibbling on her hard nipples and driving the younger teen girl out of her
mind with pleasure. Kyle was going out of his mind too as the redhead grinded
her panty covered pussy into his uncovered, hard, 8 inch member.

Kyle took the hot girl to the bed, and once there slid down her black
panties. He was treated to the sight of a sweet red bush 'I knew she was a
natural redhead' he thought. He grabbed her thighs and licked up them slowly.
Kerry squeeze her big mounds as Kyle took his time up her milky white thighs
to her pussy. Once there he parted her ever so tight pussy lips and began
licking her pussy. Kerry moaned and thrashed on the bed as Kyle used his
tongue like a little cock driving it deep into Kerry's tender womanhood.

"Ohhh Kyle yesss fuck yes, stick your cock in me, I want you ohh I want you
so fucking bad!"

Not able to turn the sexy teen down. He got up from her pussy and directed
his cock into her tight pussy. She was incredibly tight. He almost changed
his mind for fear of hurting the young girl, but finally got it inside her.
He started to drive his rod into her pink cunt. Kerry never used anything
besides her fingers before so she was definitely in the throes of passion,
passion she had never known before. Kyle never felt anything so tight before
as he slammed harder and harder into her.

He had only gotten half of his cock into Kerry and the girl was screaming
like he was shoving a flagpole into her. He knew she'd really get going if
she took more of his prick, so he gave her more. Rearing back he thrust the
rest of his rod into her. Her nails dug into his back as her pussy orgasmed,
her girl cream coating Kyle's cock and his balls.

Shockingly Kyle still hadn't cum yet, so he decided to roll her over so she
was on top. He grabbed a hold of her shapely ass and began to thrust up into
her. He watched as her titties bounced as he thrust into her. Kerry kissed
him again, and once again the two swapped spit and they're tongues fought for
superiority in each others mouths. Then Kerry balanced herself by putting her
hands on Kyle's chest and started riding him. Her pussy had gotten used to
his length by now. So Kerry started to lift herself almost off his cock
before slamming her pussy back down.

Kerry was riding him like a wild animal as the girl came yet again for a
second time.

"Oh Kyle I'm gonna oh ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Again his cock and ball sac were coated with Kerry's love juices. Kyle was
so close to coming as he pushed Kerry back on her back. He stuck his cock
between her tits and told her to hold her tits together so he could titty
fuck her. He was very into her big rack, especially since he couldn't do
this with Bridget, her breasts were too small for this. Kyle watched as
Kerry licked his cock head as it would appear from in between her pale
breasts. He loved the way her mammeries would smother his cock. He pinched
on her hard nipples causing them to get even more pointed. Before long he
could take no more.

"Oh Kerry here it comes, I'm gonna cum all over your tits you sexy little
girl, ohhh fuck here it comes ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

He released his load on her tits, but some of it hit her in the mouth. Which
he watched her gladly lick up.

They both kissed again then suddenly remembered about Bridget.

"Shit, we better get back out there, no telling if someone saw us go in
here!" Insisted Kerry.

Back out in the main room of the party there was no Bridget to be found.

"Where did she go?" Asked Kyle.

"Beats me." shrugged Kerry.

In the upstairs bedroom Bridget was quite busy. She was making out with three
different guys. She asked them to have a kissing contest to see who she liked
better. They gladly obliged her. Mark was a college guy with dark hair and
brown eyes, very good looking, and a junior at the local university. Tyrone
was a black guy with a shaved head and a freshman in college, he was very
good looking as well. The other guy Mike was a light skinned blonde kid, not
as good looking, but his big wallet that he boasted about with his dad being
rich got girls' attention.

Bridget decided that the oldest guy Mark who was 21 was the best kisser. The
other two guys slightly younger at 19, Mike and Tyrone suggested they have
another contest.

"What you guys have in mind?"

"How bout we see who has the better unit Bridget?" asked Tyrone.

"Excuse me? Unit?" She wondered.

The guys laughed at her stupidity.

"Lets see who's cock you like best" he reiterated.

"Sure, cool, show me guys." said Bridget excited.

"Why not show us what you got too, after all were gonna expose ourselves to
you, fair is fair." Said Mike.

Bridget shrugged her shoulders and slid off her hip huggers, then her
midriff, under that she wore no bra. Bridget was naked except for the pink
G-string now. The sight of her like that real got the guys attention and
they were all eager to show her how hard they got her. Mark pulled out his
cock and looked to be a good 7 to 8 inches long and very thick at least 2
and a half inches.

"Woah, very nice." Bridget said as she stroked it in her hand.

Mike took out his cock it was ever bit as thick as Mark's but only about 5

"Mmmm its pretty nice too." Bridget stroked it in her other hand.

Tyrone pulled out his cock, and it was a quite impressive 11 inches and at
least 3 inches wide.

"Oh my fucking God your huge! Gentleman we have a wiener, I mean a winner,"
Bridget giggled.

The other guys watched as Bridget wearing only her G-string got on her knees
and took Tyrone into her mouth. Her mouth stretched trying to get it around
his thick black cock. Soon the hot blonde was sucking at least 8 inches of
him into her mouth. The other guys not wanting to be left out joined in. Mark
started feeling up her small breasts pinching on her hard nipples. Mike got
behind her and pulled her G-string aside and started licking her pussy.

Bridget was shaved so there was no pubic hair to get in the way, Mike had
easy access to the blonde hottie's cunt lips. He rammed his tongue into her
as Bridget just moaned through the cock she was sucking. Bridget was sucking
the biggest cock she had ever seen and was getting 10 inches down her throat.
She kept trying to get the finally inch in but her gag reflex would kick in
causing her to gag. Mark was sucking on Bridget's tits, giving each one equal

Mike was doing real good at licking Bridget's pussy. So good in fact Bridget
was already coming in his face and he eagerly licked up her sweet female
juices. Tyrone thrust the rest of his cock into Bridget's mouth. Bridget was
choking on his rod. Tyrone only noticed how good it felt and rammed his dark
meat deep down the blonde teen's throat. Bridget couldn't breath, his cock
was blocking her air passage, and she was on the verge of passing out when
Tyrone pulled out and came all over her face.

Bridget lapped up all his cum with her fingers till her face was clean. Then
turned back to the other two guys and slid down her pink G-string. Completely
naked she saw that Mark and Mike were at maximum hardness. Bridget took a
cock in each hand and started sucking Mark's cock while she stroked Mike's.
After a while she switched and started sucking Mike's cock. The guys were
loving the sexy blonde's mouth as it wrapped around their cocks.

Bridget started to take both cocks in her mouth at once. Using her tongue she
slid it up and down the shafts. The guys moaned in pleasure as they pulled on
her nipples and pulled her on her hair getting her to swallow as much as they

When Bridget tired of this she pulled away and asked the guys an important

"OK, like, who wants to fuck my ass and who wants my pussy?"

Mark quickly volunteered to take her pussy, leaving Mike with the other
option. Bridget got on top of Mark and slid his cock inside her. She started
to ride him as Mike started to tongue the blonde's asshole. Bridget was
moaning like a 2 dollar whore. She was really getting off at the feeling of
a tongue in her sacred place plus a cock in her overworked pussy.

When Mike though he had her ass wet enough he pushed Bridget down onto Mark
and Mike pushed his cock into Bridget's ever so tight puckered asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah!" exclaimed Bridget.

Mike started pumping deep into her asshole as Mark joined in and the two
started fucking both her holes at once. Bridget kissed Mark and sucked on
his tongue as Mike felt up her breasts behind her. The two established
quite a rhythm and were soon thrusting deep into her ass and pussy. Tyrone
was enjoying the show and was getting hard again seeing the sexy blonde
take two cocks at once.

Mike couldn't hold back any longer and shot his load deep into Bridget's
bowels. His warm semen in her ass, plus the cock working in her pussy sent
Bridget to an orgasm as well. As Mike pulled out he watched Mark go to work
on Bridget. He drilled the young teen hard. Her body was flinging around
like a rag doll as she rode on Mark's prick. She rode him harder and harder
as his pounding led Bridget to yet another orgasm. As her girl cum coated
his balls he pulled her down for another wet kiss.

He squeezed the young girl tight against his body and drove into her pussy
mercilessly. Hearing the blonde's moans Mark couldn't help but release his

"Ohhhh I'm gonna cum baby I'm gonna cum inside you!"

"No pull out, shot it on my tits!"

Mark shot his load on Bridget's chest, stream after stream of his cum
covered her chest and sexy tan tummy. She smiled and rubbed it in. Bridget
even scooped up a lit bit and tasted it off her fingers.

Looking over at Tyrone she saw he was hard again, his long ebony rod
sticking straight up and Bridget motioned him over to the bed. He got on
the bed with Bridget and took the blonde in his arms and covered her small
body like a blanket. They kissed for a long time as Bridget stroked his
dark man meat. He felt up her breasts as he laid back on the bed. Bridget
pointed his enormous cock at her pussy and then slid it inside her.

"Oh my God ohhhh yessss God your so big oh fuck yes give it to me fuck me
with that big black cock you bastard oh fuck yes!"

Bridget breasts jiggled as she rode the entire length of Tyrone's shaft. He
slapped her ass and bit on her erect nipples as she continued humping up
and down on him. Bridget came yet again as she couldn't stand the pleasure.
Bridget had been with many guys but never had she been with a guy so huge.
'God this nigger knows how to fuck!' she thought to herself.

Tyrone was ready to cum but Bridget wasn't gonna let him pull out. She
started thrusting her ass down on his rod and felt him unload into her. He
shot his cum deep, deep, into her. Bridget collapsed on his chest exhausted.
She kissed Tyrone again and then finally got up. Bridget found her clothes
and got dressed.

"Well, it was great fun guys, but I gotta go, I'm sure my boyfriend is SOOOO
missing me!"

Bridget came back out to find that her father was there waiting for her. He
had came inside to pick them up. Bridget told him it was so embarrassing for
him to come inside. He just shrugged and told her he could really embarrass
her if she wanted. Starting with how skimpy she was dressed. He noticed this
now, as opposed to earlier when Bridget had her coat on.

Bridget got the hint and grabbed her coat along with Kerry's and pushed her
dad out the door so her reputation wasn't tarnished any further.

On the ride home Bridget rambled on about gossip and this and that about
the party. Kerry didn't really listen, she was thinking about her night with
Kyle. She felt as if she might be in love with him. She had only been with
one other guy sexually before, and he was nothing compared to Kyle. One thing
for sure, she and Kyle would need to be careful because of Bridget. If Kerry
could help it she would have Kyle as her boyfriend. She hated stealing Kyle
from her sister, but was hopeful that Kyle would warm up to her dad and obey
her daddy's complicated rules. After all her dad had 8 simple rules for
dating his teenage daughters.


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