8 Simple Rules: Rory Gets Caught With His Pants Down (ff,mff,m-mast,inc,voy)
by Tankman ([email protected])

Rory has been hiding in his sister's, Bridget and Kerry's closet for a few
years now. Ever since he was 12 and getting a hard-on, he wanted to fuck his
sisters, either one, it did not matter. Bridget however was the target of his
horny mind. He already knew that she has sucked off about everyone on the
football team and he wanted exactly that, his hot sister's mouth full of his
young teen cock. Around the house she flaunted her little 32A tits with
either shear bras, or none at all. Her shorts or skirts were always right up
to her sweet 16 ass. He just knew that the first girl for him to fuck, was
his sister Bridget.

Kerry, on the other hand, was very pretty. She was smart, red-headed,
and spunky. She was built better than Bridget, but only 15 and very
inexperienced. Kerry was known to study books rather then study boys.
Rory had seen her in her pajamas, but never nude since Kerry was so
shy. Seemed like only in the bathroom, did Kerry bare her body. Bridget
on the other hand, seemed very open with her body, and was never shy
running around her the bedroom she shared with Kerry. Rory loved seeing
his big sister Bridget, naked on her bed. He has never however, watched
her play with her sexy sweet body, although he was sure that she did.

Only a few times was he caught spying from their closet, but not often enough
for them to always check first. Then one night...

As he watched his two sexy sisters getting ready for bed, they both got
into some very sexy panty briefs and silky and shear bras. He couldn't stop
imagining them together and his young cock grew to it's full length of 7
inches. He was a bit proud of his dick... not bad compared to some of the
other guys in the locker room. He began stroking it as he watched his sisters
crawling into bed. Tonight was different though. Rory watched, stunned, as
Bridget crawled into Kerry's bed. In no time at all, Rory watched as Bridget
slipped her tongue into Kerry's sweet mouth and then trail her kisses down
her body.

"Oh god.. Bridget, I love your tongue," Kerry whispered.

"Mmmm well I love your lips... both sets of lips," Bridget responded as she
started slipping down her kid sister's body, stopping for a few moments to
suck on Kerry's full tits... circling her hardening nipples with her tongue
as Kerry pushed her head back into her pillow and groaned out loud.

"ooohhhh god ohh god suck my nipples" Kerry whispered as her big sister took
over. Bridget then slowly continued down her little sister's body, stopping
to kiss her belly button and then down lower.

Rory couldn't see his oldest sister, Bridget anymore... but he knew where she
was. He watched Kerry spread her legs under her sheet and from the moans that
Kerry was lost in.. he knew that Bridget was sucking and tongue fucking
Kerry. Kerry was pushing Bridget's head deep into her virgin little pussy,
"OOOHHH fuck.. Fuck Fuck... I LOVE your tongue fucking me... it feels 6
inches long... push it deep... FUCK me deep.."

Kerry couldn't help herself... pushing her own head back into her pillow,
kicked off the sheets. Bridget was deeply tongue fucking her little sister's
pussy and in just a moment, Kerry held tight, her entire body arched in her
bed and went rigid as she exploded all over Bridget's tongue. Bridget moaned
out loud, "MMMmmmm, cum for me Kerry, come on my fucking face" as Kerry's
pussy literally sprayed on her face. Rory was unable to control himself as
he groaned out loud as he shot his cum.

Immediately his sisters turned toward their closet in shock. Bridget jumped
out of bed and opened the closet door the rest of the way. Rory was left with
a hard cock as he tried to cover up with his hands. Kerry jumped out of bed
and pulled her little brother from the closet. After several minutes of
yelling and angry threats toward Rory, his sisters calmed down a little when
they looked down at Rory's. Kerry and Bridget were both surprised and excited
about their little brother with such a nice sized cock.

Bridget quickly ordered Kerry to grab Rory from behind and pin his arms back.
Kerry did as she was ordered, but then, shocking both Kerry AND Rory, Bridget
quickly went to her knees and stuffed Rory's hard dick deep into her mouth.
She grabbed his ass and just started fucking him with her mouth. Rory went
ridged and Kerry just stood there, holding Rory from behind, watching her
sister sucking off their kid brother like it was their last day on earth.
Bridget was slurping and sucking Rory's dick so hard and fast that he started
screaming and came hard in her mouth. Bridget didn't stop till he was he was
completely drained. She then released her lips from his dick and showed both
Rory and Kerry, her mouth full of cum. Smiling, she then swallowed every

Rory was their slave for the night and for anything they wanted. Kerry was
still unsure of what was happening and what Bridget had in mind. Bridget
got off her knees and led Rory to her bed. Ordering him to lay down on his
back... she climbing onto his face. Rory had NEVER done this before, but
instincts took over and looking up at Bridget's shaved wet pussy was enough
for him to simply stick his tongue out and let her settle down on it. She
nearly came when Rory's strong tongue went straight into her cunt.

Kerry went for his cock to get it hard again. She had NEVER sucked a dick
before, but after watching Bridget, she caught on pretty quick. Within a
minute in Kerry's mouth, with her hot tongue teasing the underside of his
cock, he was hard again. Kerry wanted to keep her virginity, but she also
wanted to feel a big dick inside her empty pussy. She climbed up on the
bed and straddled Rory's dick. She held it up straight and then slowly
guided it into her little hole. It felt huge, even just an inch inside.
She was afraid to push down further, but the heat from her wet cunt and
her kid brother's hot dick... she just couldn't resist. Bridget looked
over her shoulder as she rode Rory's face... and encouraged her sister
to fuck him. "Fuck him Kerry, push down hard and start fucking him."

Kerry bit her lower lip and pushed hard down on her brother's cock...
piercing her virgin pussy. The pain was hard, but fast as she held down on
him. "Oh GOD damn... god damn it hurts" Kerry cried out.

His entire 7 inch cock buried inside her little body. She regained her urge
and took a breath before slowly slipping back up his length before she
started fucking him. She had never imagined this before.. But she knew what
to do. She just started rocking up and down on Rory... her tight pussy. The
inner lips pulling and pushing with her body.

Rory had to take a break from tongue fucking Bridget to yell out "DAMN...
god Kerry... oh GOD Kerry... you're breaking my cock..." he just felt that
Kerry's tight pussy was going to break him in half. And as Kerry's cunt
started creaming. He felt her wet pussy fucking him.

Bridget was wanting more... She wanted her little brother to make her cum...
"suck me... fuck my cunt Rory... lick my clit... suck it... make me cum".
Bridget grabbed his hair and fucked his face. In seconds... Bridget came and
came harder than she had ever came before. Her pussy exploded... pulsing on
Rory's tongue and flooding his face. "OOOOOHHHH fuck fuck fuck..." was all
Bridget could do. Her body limply slumped forward and she collapsed onto her
pillow... giving Rory a chance to breath again. His face was dripping from
his sister's pussy juice.

Kerry was ready now... she had been rubbing her hard clit against Rory's cock
with each stroke.... All she could do was give up and come. "FUUCCKKKK...
with each spasm from her body. She leaned forward over Rory as she came over
and over...

Rory couldn't take any more. His sisters had fucked his entire body and he
had to cum. "Fucckkkkk, fuckkk I'm gonna cum... fuck... " was all Rory could
scream. Kerry quickly lifted off her brother's cock and like her older sister
had done earlier... she buried his hard cock in her mouth as he arched up...

Kerry gagged hard as Rory shoved his exploding cock down Kerry's throat. Not
only had she never sucked a guy off before... she had never even imagined
swallowing a cock and having it explode down her throat... "uhmmmghh..."
choking... coughing and spraying the remaining cum... she let go of it... she
just couldn't breath anymore as she came off his cock and gasped for air.
Bridget wanted some more cum so as Kerry's mouth left his cock, Bridget
immediately took him deep to get that last few shots of sperm.

All three of them... brother and his two sisters... collapsed on Bridget's
bed. Exhausted like they have never been before. But now... maybe this will
start something new.


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