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8 Simple Rules: New Rules In The Hennessy House (Mf,inc,hj)
by Neenah

The three Hennessy children, Bridget, seventeen, Kerry, sixteen and Rory, fourteen were sitting in the sister's room talking about their widowed Dad.

"He should be going out and dating," said Bridget, "It's been a year since Mom died."

"Yeah, if he's not had sex in a whole year his balls must be blue," said Rory.

His sister's nodded. Their Dad and Mom had been highly sexed couple the three teens often catching them in various parts of the house when they thought the children had been out and every night, without fail, their sounds of passion had drifted through the house as they fucked.

"It's not like he's still mourning," said Kerry, "Well he is a little, but not much."

"I think he's just shy," said Rory, "He hasn't dated anyone since he met Mom and that's centuries ago."

"Just after college," his sister said more accurately, "but your right I think he's just shy. But I wish he'd get over it, I mean he's always been a bit over-protective, but with Mom gone he's been acting like a mother duck. If he was banging some babe he could worry about her not me."

"You wanting to get over Kyle for some action," Bridget smiled knowingly at her sister. She had been in the same position. When she'd been dating Kyle she couldn't get enough of his dick either - but at least with their Mom around their Dad had been pretty relaxed about her bringing over her boyfriend for marathon sex sessions.

"Yes, I'm so horny I could burst and I'm sick of doing it in the back seat of his car or giving him a quick blowjob whilst his Mom's cooking dinner and thinking we're studying," her sister said with feeling.

"You think you've got it bad, Dad's not letting me get any either. I mean Missy is so ready for it, but by the time Dad let's her stay over we'll be past it," Rory moaned. "Dad really needs to get out and laid."

"I don't get why he's shy," Bridget said, who was an extrovert, "He's really good looking and hot and I'm pretty sure he's well equipped, he has that look."

"Someone's got a crush on Daddy," teased Kerry.

Bridget blushed a little, "What if I have. He is hot for an older man."

"Are you serious?" asked Kerry, "Do you have a thing for Dad?"

Bridget went even redder, "You know I've always had an older man thing and Dad's a good example. He's handsome and funny and I know that he's virile, Mom and he were always at it. It's only a fantasy."

Her siblings looked at each other, both thinking the same thing. "You're not seeing anyone are you, Bridge?" Kerry asked.

"No," her sister shook her head, "and with Dad's clamp-down on dating I'm not likely to. I mean it's hard enough finding something casual never mind a guy who'd come here and bang me."

"So you could do with some cock?" asked Rory.

"Wasn't that we were talking about? Mine and Kerry's need for cock and your need for some pussy and Dad's as well," Bridget replied.

"Yes, so what about killing two birds with one shot," smiled Kerry, "with you and Dad."

"You mean I should fuck him?" Bridget looked at her siblings open mouthed in surprise.

"Why not?" asked Rory, "As you said you're single, he's not seeing anyone and you have a thing for older men."

"You did say he was hot," added Kerry.

"But yes, I wasn't being serious, he's my Dad," said Bridget.

"So? We're a close family," said Kerry, "And if you both want it what does it matter what anyone else thinks."

"And me and Kerry would be OK with it as well, as long as it gets us laid," said Rory.

Kerry nodded emphatically to show she agreed with her brother, "And we wouldn't tell anyone, we'd keep it secret."

"And as he knows you I don't think he'd be so shy," Rory continued, looking at Kerry who nodded again. "Especially if he knew you were interested as well so there's no risk."

Bridget couldn't fault their logic. She tried to think of another excuse, "That all sounds great, but you're forgetting one thing."

"What?" Kerry and Rory asked together.

"I'm his daughter, he's not interested in nailing me," Bridget said.

The other two looked at each other and started laughing, "Oh my God, Bridge you're kidding," said Rory between laughs.

"Seriously you haven't noticed," Kerry had to hold her sides to stop laughing so hard she'd burst.

"What?" Bridget said and impatiently waited for her sister and brother to stop laughing so hard.

"Have you not noticed the way Dad looks at you when you're wearing your hot pants?" asked Kerry.

"Or how he stops what he's doing to look whenever you bend over in that loose top of yours," added her brother.

"No," Bridget blushed, embarrassed that she'd been so impervious and missed the signs.

"Bridge, Dad is so into you that his pants almost burst every time you wander down in just a towel. I'm sometimes surprised he hasn't had an aneurism," said Kerry.

Bridget thought for a moment, if her Dad was interested there was an opportunity as she certainly was interested in him and wouldn't turn down a chance for some large Daddy dick. "OK, say I did make a move on Dad I need you two to be supporting me."

Kerry and Rory nodded, "We've already said that we'd be OK."

"I need you to be more than OK, I need you to support me. So if I want some time alone or for him to pick me up from somewhere or take me out to the movies or anything like that whilst I'm trying to seduce him, you'll support me. So you make yourself scarce and hang round the park, you don't try and get him to give you a lift at the same time or say that's a movie you want to see as well."

"It's a deal," said Kerry and Rory nodded in agreement. "We'll help all we can."

"OK, let's see if I can seduce Daddy."

* * *

Paul Hennessy struggled to keep his facial expression from changing as Bridget walked into his office. She was wearing white bobby socks and a tiny pair of hot pants which came all the way up her thighs, and which from the camel toe in the middle told him she wasn't wearing panties. If that wasn't enough the top she was wearing was both low-cut and loose giving him a good view of her ample cleavage. Paul knew Dads shouldn't fantasise about nailing their daughters, even really, really hot and sexy daughters, but he would be beating his meat tonight.

"Hello Daddy," she trilled sweetly, coming to stand over him and leaning down to look at the computer screen. Paul tried not to look down the top at the teenage melons wanting to be free. "Are you writing an article for the newspaper?"

Her journalist Dad nodded, deliberately lifting his gaze to look at her face; it was beautiful but it was less cock stretching than her boobies. "Yes, about the local college football team."

"Pffff," said Bridget, "Boys... not real men."

She swung her arm round her Daddy's neck and without warning plumped herself on his lap. Paul's cock which had being threaten to stiffen went into overdrive. It wouldn't have mattered if he had a tiny finger of a prick, but his schlong was massive, a throbbing lump of meat and when it was hard his pants rose like a mountain range. Luckily Bridget didn't seem to notice, she even wiggled her ass and hugged closer to him unaware that her titties were hardly covered and directly in her Dad's eyeline. Paul forced himself to remain calm, "What are you wanting Bridget?"

"Can't a girl come and give her very special and favourite Daddy a hug?" Bridget sounded shocked that the question was even raised.

Paul felt immediately guilty, "Of course she can." Though he wished she'd wear more clothes, he thought, and then he glanced down at her magnificent cleavage and guiltily was glad she hadn't.

"It's so comfy sitting on your knee Daddy," she giggled, bouncing prettily. "I'm so glad we're so close you don't mind."

"Not at all," Paul tried to force a casual grin to appear on his face, rather than a lecherous leer, "You're my girl. You can sit on my lap anytime."

"Thank you Daddy," Bridget giggled throwing her arms round him in a hug. He gulped as her boobies bounced under her vest just inches from his nose. It got worse though as, in hugging him, she pulled herself closer so that she was straddling him, her camel toe pressed at his schlong. Somehow or other she didn't realise what it was as she giggled innocently and hugged him even closer.

"That's OK," said Paul. He pushed her gently back, just enough so that she was accidentally rubbing his schlong whilst at the same time not so far that she'd feel discouraged about sitting on his lap again.

She smiled sweetly, "The Daddy Daughter dance is coming up at school. Will you take me?"

Paul nodded, "Was this what you were buttering me up for?"

"Buttering you up, Daddy? No, I was just being a loving daughter to my darling, handsome Daddy," Bridget said so innocently that Paul almost believed her. "I'll need to get a dress."

"Do you want some money?" Paul asked, glad that Bridget's real reason was apparent.

She surprised him by shaking her head, "No, Daddy I have money. But I shall want your opinion on whether the dress suits." She slid herself off his knee in such a way that he could almost see her boobs, "I'll let you get on with your article," she said and walked towards the door, pausing at it to blow him a kiss. Paul caught it and clasped it to his heart.

He waited until the door was closed before yanking out his cock and starting to jerk it - there was no way he could wait until tonight to fap whilst thinking of Bridget's sexy body.

* * *

"Aren't these dresses slutty, even for you?" Kerry asked of her sister.

Bridget smiled, "You shouldn't be asking if they're too slutty for me, but if they're too slutty for Dad."

Kerry considered, gradually a smile coming onto her face. "I don't think they'll be too slutty for Dad. I'm sure he'll enjoy them."

"Oh he will," Bridget nodded, "I'm going to make sure of that. Though he's still got to think it's all innocent, he can't know that I'm working to get his dick into me."

"He won't hear it from me or Rory, we've got as much riding on this as you," Kerry confirmed.

"Today's just a tease, to show him what I've got and make him hot," said Bridget, "I want him to be at the boil for the dance, sitting on his knee yesterday was a start and wandering around in just my towel after my shower didn't do any harm."

"Not to Rory either," said Kerry, with just a hint of jealousy in her voice.

"You'll make sure that you're not around that night when we return?" Bridget asked.

Her sister nodded, "Rory and I've made some plans. You'll have the house to yourself."

"Let me get into the first dress and then let's call him up for a little sexy show."

* * *

"Daddy come up and help me decide which dress," Bridget called down. Paul was watching the football, but he immediately switched it off and headed upstairs, telling himself that he was being a good father rather than because it was a chance to let his eyes linger on his daughter's shapely form and having an excuse for doing so.

He opened the door and stopped dead. Kerry was sitting on the bed, looking at him. But it was not her he was staring at his mouth open, but Bridget. His seventeen year old daughter was standing in the middle of the room looking at him with her sexy smile. But it wasn't her smile that drew his attention, but her dress. It was a tiny little red number which clung tightly to her frame, especially her tits, which it threatened to throw out if she moved. "What do you think?"

Paul's schlong stirred in his pants and he was sure both his daughters were looking at the rising lump. He kept his voice calm as he said, "It's very nice. Is it a little short?"

"I don' think so Daddy. You want me to look my best," Bridget purred, "For our big date."

Bridget had a terrible way with words Paul decided, calling them going out together a date when it wasn't. He didn't say anything though, just using his daughter's request to look at her dress to stare her up and down. She was so sexy, he'd have to go to his room and pump his dick as soon as he had finished here. "It's nice, as I said. I think you look very good."

"Let me show you the other dress and then you can decide," said his daughter.

She turned round and to Paul's surprise began to take the dress off in front of him. For a moment he hopped uncomfortably from foot to foot torn between giving his teenage daughter some privacy and getting a further chance to ogle her. Ogling her won, she hadn't asked him to go so she mustn't mind, anyway it was only from behind and Kerry was also there. He watched as she continued to pull down the dress, her braless back being exposed first and then she shimmied down the dress over her buttocks. They were naked.

"You're not wearing underwear..." Paul gasped in surprise.

"Oh Daddy, panties are so last century, I hardly ever wear them," Bridget turned her head to him with an innocent and endearing smile.

She half turned to pick up the second dress and Paul got a micro-second glimpse of side boob. His manhood throbbed so much it was hurting and it didn't get any better as he watched Bridget get into her new dress, her naked ass wiggling as she squeezed the tight dress round. She turned to him, "What do you think Daddy?"

Paul's throat constricted as his prick struggled to break free. If the previous dress had been sexy this was doubly so, it was dark black and barely reached her thighs and the front was cut so short that the sides of her tits were easily visible and the nipples were barely covered, but so tight there outline was still visible against the satin. Paul gulped, he really should say it was inappropriate and tell his daughter that she needed to wear something less sexy. "I think it suits you. That should be the dress."

"Oh goodie," his daughter smiled. "I was hoping you'd choose that one, wasn't I Kerry."

"She was," his other daughter confirmed.

* * *

The Daddy-Daughter dance (or Father-Daughter as the school called it) had been fun, thought Paul, even if he had spent most of it fighting a hard-on for his sexy daughter. Bridget had been the belle of the ball in her sexy dress and Paul was sure he wasn't the only one admiring her, most of the other Dads were looking and at her and wishing that their own daughters weren't around so they could sidle up to Bridget and lust over her firm tits and round ass, both prominently displayed by the tight dress. It was their hard luck that Bridget had clung tight to him all evening, strangely none of her friends were there for her to gossip with over the non-alcoholic punch.

He had clung close to her as they danced, moving his hands as close to her as he dared. Bridget had been in the mood for slow dances, her sexy body pressed against him, her head resting on his shoulder as they moved, somehow or other the teen not noticing that her Dad was in a state of almost constant arousal. Paul knew he'd jack off later that night over her sexy body, imagining her lovely titties and sexy pussy uncovered and not concealed by the dress. But for the time being he just smelt her perfume and the softness of her hair, brushing at his cheek at they danced.

The walk home was equally enjoyable for Paul as Bridget was obviously in a tactile mood, not only taking her Daddy's hand, but resting her head on his shoulder as they slowly walked through the park, so close that people who didn't know them would have mistaken them for lovers not Dad and daughter. Whilst Paul knew he'd never be so lucky to have such a hot teen as his daughter for a lover, he continued to enjoy it, fantasising about fucking her sexy slit as they walked home in silent contentment.

Neither Kerry or Rory were in when Paul and Bridget returned. Instead there was a note on the table that they'd gone to the movies. Paul sat down on the couch, thinking he'd watch some TV before they returned and also get his mind off Bridget. That didn't work as immediately he sat down his teen daughter did the same, still wearing the dress which clung to her sexy body like a limpet. He switched on the television, but before he could think about switching channels, Bridget was swinging her legs up so that she was half-sitting and half-kneeling beside him, her titties almost popping from her dress. His schlong rose again, pressing at the material of his pants.

To his surprise not only did Bridget notice she reacted and not in the way he had anticipated apart from in his fantasies. Her hand reached down and moved over the lump, her face lit up with a broad beam. Paul's eyes went wide with shock, but despite his surprise and embarrassment the cock didn't shrivel, if anything it became even harder. Bridget's smile got wider, "You seem to be having a problem with your big Daddy penis. It was large all the way through our dancing as well."

Paul went red. Bridget had noticed. "I'm sorry," he mumbled, through clenched lips and teeth.

"Let me do something about it," Bridget said seductively.

Paul gasped in surprise as his teenage daughter slid down his zip. The cock pushed up and she reached in and pulled it out from under his boxers and between the flaps. Paul had always been pleased at the size of his cock, his nympho wife had always enjoyed it as well. At ten inches long and appropriately thick it was a real pleasure giver. It looked even bigger than normal with Bridget's fingers clamped round it.

She began to work it up and down.

Paul gasped as the hand clamped round his dick began to jerk. Bridget smiled sexily, "Don't worry Daddy I've done this plenty of times before." She began to move faster.

Paul was unable to stop her, the only muscle which seemed to be working was the huge one between his legs and that was working too well, it was as hard as it could be and sending messages of excitement direct to his brain. His expression changed from surprise to strained enjoyment. Bridget grinned wider, her hand working up and down enthusiastically and her body straining at her dress. "Daddy you have such a big penis, so wide and long, it put every other penis I've seen to shame."

Paul should have stopped her but the only sound which escaped his lips was a low groan. Bridget was jacking his cock speedily, as fast as he did himself and with the same enthusiasm, her smile wide and broad, her eyes feasting on the giant schlong in front of her. If she hadn't done it many before, she was a gifted amateur. Paul groaned, feeling the rising pleasure in his loins. "Bridget..." he moaned and said no more, neither telling her to stop or continue.

"Oh, Daddy, am I helping? Is this making your big massive donkey sized penis smaller? It will in a minute, though it'll only help for a bit, I'll need to do more to stop it becoming thick and hard all the time," Bridget breathed.

Her hand jacked harder, the wrist a blur. Paul groaned and strained, the excitement built up until it reached a crescendo. He gasped as he came, his cum spurting out of his dick like a fountain, wave after wave, shooting into the air in thin, silvery strands to slap down over his pants and his daughter's hand. Bridget continued to pump until it was all gone, leaving Paul panting and gasping as he lay back on the couch. Only once he was finished did Bridget stop working the man meat, bringing her hand up and licking at the cum. "That's lovely and tasty," she said with a smile. Then before he could reply she stood up and walked seductively up the stairs, "See you later, Daddy," she called down as she went up.

For a few minutes Paul just sat there, the TV playing unwatched, as he tried to work out what had happened. He couldn't deny that he had enjoyed the handjob and that Bridget was as hot as hell, but she was also his daughter and no matter how much he fantasised about her it was wrong to have her jerk off his prick. After a few minutes he tucked his cock back into his pants and took off his tie and jacket, he would need to have a talk to Bridget and make sure what happened never happened again, no matter how much he had enjoyed it. He went upstairs and knocked on the door of the girls' room, "Bridget?"

"I'm in here," came her voice from down the hall in his room.

Paul walked down and opened the door. Bridget was sitting in his bed, her dress on the floor and the covers up to her chin. Paul took a deep breath, "Bridget we need to talk."

"What about Daddy?" Bridget let the covers drop and revealed her teenage tits. They were magnificent, even firmer and juicier than they'd look when in the dress and tight vests. She moved on the bed, so they wobbled. Paul found himself unable to speak and as he looked at the lovely tits on display, his cock found its strength again and hardened like an iron bar. Bridget saw the reaction and smiled sexily. "You're hard again."

Paul blushed and moved a hand over the mound to try and hide it, whilst he struggled for words. His teenage daughter wasn't going to allow him any space, "Is it these Daddy?" she wiggled her tits and they bounced. "Or is it thinking about this?" She pulled back the covers. Underneath she was as naked as she was on top, half turned on her side lifting a leg so he could see her slit. His cock was so erect it was almost tearing the pants. Bridget's hand moved down to her pussy, her fingers spread apart the lips, "What did you want to talk about Daddy?"

The pause before her Dad replied seemed to go on forever to the teen. Though she had given him a handjob it had been a shock to him and he hadn't known how to respond. Now he was ready and prepared, she only hoped her sexy naked body was enough to make him forget his inhibitions and come into bed with her. If it didn't work she'd be grounded forever and probably made to dress like a nun. "What did you want to talk about Daddy?" she repeated.

"Screwing you, nailing that sweet little pussy of your, fucking you good," her Dad growled.

"Goodie," giggled Bridget, keeping her expression seductive even as she felt a surge of relief. She pushed back the covers even further so that they covered her ankles and nothing else, lying on her side seductively as her Dad ripped off his shirt and pants, followed by his boxers. He was in such a hurry he left on his socks, but Bridget wasn't looking at that but at his middle section and more specifically the massive hard schlong that was jutting out like a battering ram. Even though her pussy was soaking it could do with some extra help she decided. As her Dad approached she twisted off the bed and onto her knees in front of him. Looking up, she smiled sexily, "Let me help."

"Oh yes, God," groaned Paul as his seventeen year old daughter's mouth closed round his schlong.

It wasn't the first prick that Bridget had sucked, but it was definitely the biggest. She opened her jaw as far as she could, making it ache as she brought her head forward and back, bobbing down. The huge manhood filled her mouth, pinning her tongue and pressing at her cheek as she sucked it greedily. Her hand gripped the lower half which wasn't in her mouth, working it back and forth in time with her bobs. Her Dad groaned in excitement, his hands gripping her shoulders. She looked up, loving the face he was making, lustful and excited, showing how much pleasure he was getting from her mouth. She bobbed up and down, working the schlong hard.

But not too hard, she didn't want him to cum - not yet - she wanted him to fuck her first. She pulled back, the cock falling out of her mouth with a plop. She stood up, facing her Daddy, her naked tits brushing against his chest. He looked at her and her at him, both of them excited and ready.

"That was good," smiled Paul.

"There's more," smiled Bridget back.

She kissed him. Not like the previous father daughter kisses she'd given him before that were chaste and familial, but one that was passionate and full on, it was a kiss between two lovers. He responded passionately as well, their mouths open and slurping against each other.

The teen pulled him back on the bed, lying down with her Dad on top of her. She looked into his eyes, "Fuck me," she murmured, her legs opening for him.

"Yes," Paul said quietly back. He took his cock in one hand and guided it into the waiting hole. Bridget was tight, but so ready, her pussy sopping and even as he entered the hole was expanding to fit his girth. He knew it was wrong, but it felt so right to slide his manhood down his daughter's womanhood, filling her with schlong.

Bridget seemed to like it as well. Her smile got wider and her eyes sparkled in pleasure. Her body rose to meet him, her large bouncy tits rubbing at his chest. Paul continued down, placing his hands either side of her, so that he could press forward. He drove down, the wet, warm pussy walls closing round his huge prick. There was the sound of slurping and the smack of his balls on his daughter as he thrust. Bridget moaned excitedly, her hands reaching up round him and her legs closing round his thighs. He drove quicker and quicker, his huge meat pounding her sexy teenage pussy.

"Oh, oh, oh," Bridget groaned. She had been waiting so long for this and it didn't disappoint, her Dad's cock was the biggest she'd ever seen and unlike so many of the teenage boys she'd banged he knew exactly how to use it. His body crashed down on hers, making her titties bounce and wiggle. She rose to meet him, rocking back down as he slammed into her and drove her into the bed. The mattress squeaked and trembled.

Paul looked down at his daughter, wondering how he could be so lucky to have such a gorgeous daughter and to be fucking her as well. It was the first bang he'd had since his wife had died and whilst he'd jacked off plenty of times a hand couldn't compete with a warm soft pussy. Especially one that was as tight as the teenage slit he was banging and which was owned by an enthusiastic teenager who was fucking him as much as he was fucking her, riding him between her thighs and gripping his back in ecstatic bliss. "Oh, oh, oh, Daddy, oh yes," she groaned.

Paul was panting as he pounded in and out as fast and vigorously as he could. Bridget was so sexy, she was taking it all out of him, but he didn't care. Below him Bridget squealed, , "Ohhhh, yes, Daddy, yes - you're making me cum. Oh, yes!"

Paul didn't reply, talking was a waste of precious breath, but continued to ram into her. Her bouncy breasts banged against his chest, squashing down as he crushed on top of them. Her feet played a rhythm against his calves and her hands gripped his back. He slammed down deep, his balls slapping at her pussy. He was covered in sweat and panting, going as hard and fast as he could, even more than when he'd been nailing his wife, Bridget was bringing out the best in him, making him a real stud for her sweet pussy. Her slot gripped his schlong, squeezing it.

"Oh God, Bridge, I'm going to cum soon," he managed to pant.

"Not in my pussy, over my tits and face," his daughter commanded.

Paul obeyed, thrusting into her a few more times for luck before yanking out his cock. He knelt up over her jerking it. It only took a few strokes and he exploded. His eyes automatically closed as the spunk jetted out, spurt after spurt of white gooey jism blasting from his huge dong. He continued until he was spent and floppy. He opened his eyes and looked down at his daughter Bridget. Her face was covered with his shiny white goo, it covered her chin and cheeks and slid down her nose. She smiled as her tongue went out to lick it away from her lips and upper chin, not stopping until she had licked away all that she could reach. "That was so good Daddy."

Paul rolled off her, breathing deeply. Now that they'd finished he was no longer thinking with his dick and he knew fucking his teenage daughter was deeply wrong. He also couldn't deny it had been deeply satisfying. He tried to say something that could be read as covering both views, "Good doesn't cover it."

Bridget grinned, like she had taken it only as that good wasn't a strong enough word and not that it was bad. She sat up and slipped out of bed, standing up she walked over to where her dress and shoes lay, bending over to pick them up, "I better have a shower before Kerry and Rory return and wonder why I'm in your bed without clothes."

She walked out of the room still naked, letting Paul have a last look at her naked butt. It was wrong, but he did so want to fuck her again.


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