8 Simple Rules: I'm Still A virgin! (Technically) (Mf, anal)
by Fat Boy ([email protected])

The scene was the same as usual in the girls' bedroom...another loud
screaming match between Bridget and Keri Hennessy. Ever since Keri's
admission to having slept with a boy she'd met in Paris over the past
summer, her older sister was relentless in mocking her with a haughty
"At least I'M still a virgin!"

This exclamation was followed by yet another quick exit into the bathroom
and slamming of the door. Bridget looked at herself in the mirror and thought
to herself "technically anyway!"

You see, Bridget's friend Lindsay had come up with a great way to still
maintain her virginity when the girls were just staring high school.

"What do you mean the other way?" the airheaded Bridget asked her friend and
sometimes rival.

"The Other Way, Bridg!" Lindsay had exclaimed. "In your ass!"

Bridget thought about how horrified and disgusted she was that day and
couldn't help giggling about it now. Lindsay had turned out to be so right.
It was a constant juggling act to remain at the peak of the popular crowd
without gaining a bad rep from the girls and yet maintaining just the right
amount of craving from the boys.

A senior football player had broken her backdoor cherry at the tender age
of 15 and she'd nearly perfected the act by the time she'd become school
president this fall. She remembered with a pussy-moistening glee just how
she'd secured her place in the election by taking care of Mr. Watkins.
Watkins was the student council advisor and therefore in charge of all
vote counts in student elections.

"This is important to your future Miss Hennessy," the 44-year old counselor
said with a sneer while unzipping his Kmart pants. "We both know your
academic record is less than stellar."

"But Mr. Watkins I don't understand!" Bridget exclaimed while automatically
falling to her knees in front of the older man. The sexy blonde knew she
wasn't smart but it didn't take a genius to figure out how to pacify this
old geezer. A quick blowjob would be her ticket to the presidency!

"Do I have to suck it?" she squeaked in mock fright.

"No, if I wanted that I'd haul in one of the fat girls from the Chess Club,"
Watkins growled. "If you want to get ahead in this school I'm going to fuck
that pretty little pussy! Prove to me that you're a real blonde sexy girl."
With that, the older man grasped Bridget's shoulders and lifted her to her
feet pushing her back onto his desk with force. Now the young girl really
was frightened. Since the tender age of twelve she had never been in a
situation where a blowjob hadn't done the trick. But this man was determined
to fuck her and that couldn't happen!

"Think beautiful...think!" she thought to herself. And though she had never
had a lot of luck in that area before, the answer came to her quickly.

"Oh, Mr. Watkins don't you want to see my pretty tits?" she exclaimed while
lifting her Abercrombie blouse to her throat. While not as impressive as her
sister's jugs, nobody could argue that Bridget didn't have a great set of
boobs. Her areola were larger than a quarter with puffy pink nipples popping
out nearly a half an inch.

Watkins was mesmerized by the suppleness of the young breasts and his
distraction gave Bridget enough time to implement her plan. She quickly
yanked her thong to the floor and lifted her short skirt up around her
waist while spinning around to lean over the teacher's desk.

"Because you're the best teacher in this school I want you to have me in the
best way, sir." she purred "I want you to fuck my tight little ass!"

Watkins was stunned. All thoughts of pussy were erased from his dirty mind
as this stupid little girl begged him to violate her most private of places.
Before he could respond the little minx spit on her freshly manicured fingers
and reached around to lube up the tiny little puckered opening. She slowly
rubbed a finger at her opening and then plunged a digit inside with a low

"Please put it in my ass, sir!" Bridget exclaimed, hoping he would take
the bait. Watkins grabbed hold of his rod and shoved it between the
perfectly smooth asscheeks of the teenager. Bridget quickly grasped the
impressive-sized rod and guided the head to her asshole being careful to
keep it away from the puffy lips of her pussy.

"Oooooowheeee," she exhaled as she pushed herself back against his fat belly,
impaling herself on his cock. "Oooofff so big, Mr. Watkins...oooh big in my

"That's right, my little one," a red-faced Watkins moaned. "I'm a man...not
some pathetic little boy. That's why I'm taking this ass and not your pussy
like half the kids in this school!"

Bridget smiled despite the pawing hands at her hips pulling her back into him
forcefully. "Let him think he's special," she thought, "then he can help me."
Little did Watkins know that more than a few men had fucked Bridget's tight
young ass before, and quite a few boys as well!

Watkins had pumped into her just a few times before he could feel the cum
bubbling up from his balls. But this pleasure was too rare to let go too
quickly. He roughly yanked his cock from her ass with an audible pop and
smacked it hard with the back of his hand to desensitize it further.
Sensing the girl start to rise up from her bent-over position he reached
around and mauled her young tits, pulling and yanking at her sensitive
nipples. Bridget felt the electric shock of pleasure/pain course through
her as he pawed at her smooth titties.

Mr. Watkins pushed the nubile blond back down over his desk and shoved
himself back inside the tiny opening of her ass, stroking in and out the
full length each time, not quite believing the pleasure he felt in this
tight hole.

"Take that cock you little slut," he wheezed as he picked up the pace of his

"!" Bridget squealed. She
wanted so badly to reach between her long thin legs and rub her moist little
clit so she could get off it was almost too much to bear. However, she
certainly didn't want the teacher to get any ideas about that still virgin
pussy. Instead she kept her grip on the man's desk as he pounded her ass
from behind.

Mr. Watkins was close to cumming again and cursed his luck. There was no
escaping it this time. He simply could not hold himself off anymore. He was
fucking the hottest little student in the entire the ass no less!

Picking up the pace even more, Watkins started to growl while Bridget
squirmed and squealed underneath him.

"Aaaaaarrgghhh!" he nearly yelled as he erupted inside her tight ass,
spilling his cum with three great heaves. Bridget felt him collapse onto her
back and the air was pushed from her lungs as she was shoved further onto
his desk. Watkins continued pumping small dribbles of jizz into her as he
struggled to regain his breath. Bridget pushed him back onto his feet as she
wriggled around to face him.

"So the election will go my way right sir?" she asked while batting her baby
blue eyes.

"The votes are in girlie!" Watkins replied as he started to zip himself back
up "By the way your little sister wants to head up the art club isn't that


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