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8 Simple Rules: Having Fun With The Family 3 (Mmff,inc,anal)
by Neenah

It was the last evening of their vacation, in the morning the Hennessys would be packing their things and heading back home. After dinner Bridget and Kerry had said they needed to do a bit of shopping before everything closed and Paul and Rory were outside by the pool, relaxing in the last rays of the sun. It had been a good vacation, with sun and sea and lots and lots of sex with Paul's daughters and Rory's sisters, Bridget and Kerry Hennessy. The two girls had been enjoyably swapped back and forth between father and son so that both had banged both the flirty blonde and her equally bangable redheaded sister. Not only had they swapped the girls around though, they'd often shared them with either Paul or Rory slamming their massive meat into Bridget or Kerry's sweet wet cunt whilst the girl had sucked greedily on the other's huge dong.

Paul looked up as Bridget approached. His prick went hard at the thought that he'd be pounding either her tight cunt later or that of her Kerry's. It might be the last time, he thought, none of them had discussed whether they would still be banging when they returned to home and normality. He forced away the thought to concentrate on the here and now - which was Bridget in a tiny pair of shorts and an equally small cropped top through which he could see her nipples. He lifted himself onto his elbows, "Have you done your shopping buttercup?"

"We have Daddy," replied Bridget.

"So what did you get?" asked Rory disinterestedly.

"You'll have to see," said Bridget with a little giggle. That made Rory take more interest and he sat up properly to look at his sister who gave him an enigmatic smile.

"So when are you going to show us?" asked Paul.

"That's what I came to tell you," said Bridget, "Come into our room in five minutes and you'll get your treat."

"Sounds good," grinned Paul and Rory nodded enthusiastically.

"See you there," Bridget said with a sexy pout and then turned and walked back into the villa, her cute butt wiggling deliberately.

It was five minutes on the dot that Paul and Rory headed into the bedroom. The two teenage sisters were lying on their backs on the bed, wearing nothing but smiles and stockings. Paul and Rory's dicks were jutting out so hard, looking at the two girls bare pussies and beautiful bosoms, that it was almost a struggle to pull their Bermuda shorts down over them. Paul grinned as he stepped forward, "I like the stockings, very sexy. And to show you how sexy," he stroked his massive member.

The two teens giggled, "It's not the only things we bought," said Kerry, "We brought some lip gloss. Want to see?"

"Sure Care Bear," said Paul.

The two teens swung round onto their fronts. Kerry had written neatly on the small of Bridget's back, whilst Bridget's lipstick message on her sister was more of her normal messy scrawl. But both messages were the same 'Enter here' with an arrow from the words down to the girl's ass cracks.

"Jesus Christ," grinned Rory and Paul had to agree.

"We thought as it was the last night of our vacation we should give you a special treat and let you take our anal virginity," said Bridget, "If you want to."

"Fuck yes," said Rory, before Paul could say anything, but Paul's response would have been much the same.

"In that case you'll want the last thing we bought today," said Bridget. She leant over between the pillows and brought out a jar of lubricating gel. Unscrewing the top she said, "This will help get those massive great dongs of yours into our small virginal butts."

She put the jar on the bed and scooped out a dollop on her fingers, "Come here Rory, let me lube you up."

Kerry slid her fingers into the jar and came out with an equally large globule of gel. "You as well Daddy," the redhead said.

Getting to their knees in front of the male Hennessys the two teens took the gel and slowly worked into the hard cocks, rubbing up and down and massaging the hard, throbbing shafts. Several times they returned to the jar for seconds and liberally applied the gel to their men's massive members, leaving them slippery and shiny and dripping with gel. Eventually Bridget turned to her sister with a satisfied smile, "That looks ready."

Kerry nodded and let go off her Dad's oiled cock. She moved back onto the bed and onto her front, her hands gripping her cheeks and prising them apart as she spread her legs. Beside her Bridget did the same. The blonde looked up, twisting her head round and said, "Come fuck our virgin shitters."

Paul nodded, "Sure thing." He and Rory were already on the bed, the boy moving to the blonde and the Dad moving to his redhead Care Bear. They positioned themselves over the prone figures, who were pulling apart their assholes for the huge dicks. Slowly the two male Hennessys started to push their greased poles into the tiny, virgin butt chutes of the two teens. Kerry and Bridget squeaked as the thick slabs of meat entered them. Even with the greasing and the girls efforts to pull apart their holes the huge schlongs were not an easy fit. The males continued to push in, grunting as they forced their massive members into the unsullied holes.

"Oh Daddy, that's so big," gasped Kerry, "It's ripping me."

"You can take it," said Paul in encouragement, "You can fit it all." He pushed further down, forcing his schlong in.

"Oh," shrieked Kerry, "I will. I want your huge dick tearing my ass. Oh, oh, oh."

"That's it Bridget," Rory also grunted in encouragement, "Lift your ass to meet me."

"I am doing, but you're so big," squeaked Bridget as her butt cheeks rose in an attempt to meet her younger brother's thrust. The cock went in another inch.

Slowly the two male Hennessys entered their cocks into the teens, pushing them down into the virginal chutes. The walls gripped at the huge schlongs tightly like a strong hand squeezing them, making them throb and pulsate as the blood pumped through the massive muscle. Paul and Rory grunted and panted with pleasure as the sexual excitement flowed through them, their hands on either side of their teen lovers as them pumped up and down, ploughing their pricks into the willing poopers.

"Oh, oh, oh," the two girls squeaked as they were rapidly and repeatedly sodomised by the huge dicks. The back holes were stretched and opened by the large pricks, the members pushing down so deep that they pushed at the membrane which separated anal chute from the pussy and hit the clit from behind. That made the teenagers shriek even louder as it led to waves of orgasms. Both of them have squeezed hand between their bodies and the bed to play with their wet pussies and give themselves further enjoyment. They squealed more. "Oh, oh, oh."

The two Hennessys continued to pound down, stuffing the teens' chutes with their thick manmeat and making them cum again and again. The slap of their balls against the teenager's butt was loud and rhythmic and sweat poured from the Dad and son as they gave their all to make the two sister's orgasm loudly and passionately.

"Oh God," grunted Paul as he shot his load into his daughter's shithole. The cum swamped her hole, spurting deep into her bowels before oozing and bubbling out of the hole as it slowly began to close. Paul dropped down from the teen, breathing heavily as beside him Rory slammed down hard against Bridget.

The teen boy's meat tore into the older blonde teen, keeping her squealing and gasping with excitement, "Oh, oh, oh, Rory, oh oh oh, fuck my ass, fuck it open, oh, bang it good, oh, oh, oh."

"Yesss," Rory's groaned as he came, blast after blast of cum filling the blonde's chute. He pulled out his cock and fell onto his back as his seed dribbled down from Bridget's hole, between her legs and onto the bed.

"That was so good," said Kerry. She moved onto her hands and knees, ignoring the cum slowly leaking from her ass and began to kiss and lick her way down her Dad's chest, "You and Rory are such big cocked studs Daddy, me and Bridge just need your pricks." Her tongue moved down and after a few moments Bridget started doing the same to Rory, kissing and tonguing his smooth chest all the ways from his almost non-existent pecs down to his belly button.

"Oh that feels so good as well," moaned Paul as Kerry went down further and began to lick at his cock, coated with his cum and her ass. Her tongue moved up and down, teasing the schlong back into hardness and then when it was her mouth moved down over it. Paul tensed and groaned again as her succulent warm lips slowly went down his shaft, "Oh Care Bear suck my shitty cock."

"Fuck Bridget," groaned Rory, "Suck it." The blonde's head moved up and down his cock, swallowing and sucking at the prong which had just been hammering her ass.

For a few moments the two teen girls continued to suck the dicks until they were hard and wet, then Bridget moved her head up and licked her lips, "Dad, Rory I want you to fuck me together. I want one of you to ram my ass, whilst the other one hammers my pussy."

"Sure," grinned Paul. He looked at a grinning and nodding Rory and said, "As you already taken her anally, why don't I lie back and take Bridge's ass and then you can come in and bang her from the front."

"Sounds good to me," said Rory.

"And me," giggled Bridget.

"Let me get comfy and watch," said Kerry, settling herself against the bed board and starting to rub at her damp slot.

Paul continued to lie down as Bridget lowered herself, back down, on top of him. He reached up and took her by the waist to help her as she pushed her shitter down on his schlong. Her backhole was still wet with Rory's cum and Paul's dong was still greased with the gel and Kerry's saliva, but even so it took Bridget a few thrusts until she was comfortably impaled on his huge dick, the huge muscle stretching her asshole uncomfortably, but pleasantly. She leant back, spreading her legs and letting her Dad take hold off her, "Come on Rory, stick it in me."

He did as she asked, getting onto her and pushing his prick slowly into her cunt. Bridget moaned and shook as he entered her, the two huge filling her up completely. It was like being filled with molten iron. It was also giving her some of the best orgasms she'd ever had. Reaching down she gripped the bedding, "Oh, fuck me properly, boys, fuck me hard and fast."

Rory rammed down and Paul hammered up, their huge members slamming together into her holes. She wasn't sure whether her clit was being hit hard by Rory directly from the front or by her Dad, through the membrane from behind. It didn't matter, the bud was being smashed hard and she was cumming like an express train, "Oooooh, oooooh," she shrieked and bounced between them, "ooooohhh, oooohhhh."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," grunted Paul and Rory, panting with exerted pleasure as their huge dongs ripped her holes fully open. Her boobies shook and the nipples went as hard as the erect Hennessy pricks, she could feel the cool sweat pouring from her body as she overheated from the hammering. The two male Hennessys were sweating as well, their sweat mixing with hers. But they ignored it and continued to hit her holes, grinding deep into her sore ass and aching pussy all the time grunting and panting, "Fuck, fuck, fuck."

"Oooohhh, ooooohhh - this is great, this is fucking great ," screamed Bridget, "Take me hard Daddy, fuck my ass. Oh Rory hammer my cunt, make me cum, make me cum."

Harder they pounded, ramming their rods deep into Bridget's body. It was Rory who came first, blasting his cum deep into her cunt with a grunt. He fell back and Paul gripped her pushing her over so that she was on her side and he was lying beside her, still slamming his cock into her anus. She screamed as the schlong rammed far into her pooper, "Fuck me Daddy, fuck your little Bridge's fuckhole. Oh God oh this is so good."

"Take it baby" gasped Paul, "Take my monster dick. Fuck, fuck, fuck, let me cum in your tight asshole."

He straightened and gave a groan as his seed shot into her ass. He pulled out and lay on his back and together with Rory and Kerry watched the white goo slowly ooze out of her red-rimmed hole.

"That was something," said Rory.

"Yes," agreed Kerry, and then, after a pause added, "This whole vacation has been something."

"Best break ever," mumbled Bridget, "I wish it could last for ever."

Paul put his hands under his head and lay back relaxing as he thought, "Well there's no reason why we need to stop fucking when we get home."

His children all laughed and said, "No reason at all."


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