8 Simple Rules: Death Of A Kerr-Bear (Mf,inc,rape,snuff,necro)
by Idanyboy

"Paul, would you move this thing over to the garage already?" Cate Hennessy
whined to her husband Paul yet again about the big cabinet that's been
sitting in the middle of their living room.

"Alright, I'll do it tonight," Paul said, sitting on the couch and watching
a football game on TV.

"Mom, have you seen my black shoes?" A shout came from upstairs.

It was Kerry's voice. She kept looking around as she walked down the stairs.
Paul looked over and saw his middle child, wearing a stunning red dress,
ending right at her thighs, with a very generous cleavage. So inviting. Paul
was leering at her fine-looking 15-year-old body, and her beautiful luscious
red hair.

Ever since he and Kerri went out to a father-daughter bonding thing and saw
a French movie with an awkward sex scene, he couldn't stop thinking about his
little girl in sexual contents. And now, as she stood there, looking all
slutty in that dress, he imagined what it would be like to cum all over that
face and tits. He was so frustrated at the fact that he was her father and
could never do anything about his feelings. That's why lately Paul has been
going a lot easier on the girls regarding their appearance. He figured that
if he's not gonna get to fuck Kerri, well at least he could get an eye full,
something to fuel his fantasies. Paul knew his daughter well. She was a
prude. She would never let him fuck her, not in a million years.

"So... where are you off to tonight?" Paul initiated a conversation.

"I ah... I have a date with Kyle. We're going to the movies."

"Really? That's nice..." Paul said as he slowly lowered his eyes to her

"Umm... yea... anyway, have you seen my shoes?"

"Huh? Yea, I think I saw them near that sofa."

"Oh. Right. There they are. Thanks, dad. I owe you one," she said and walked
back to her room.

God, how Paul got hard when she said that. He immediately imagined all sorts
of ways to cash in that IOU. He was getting too anxious. His wife, Cate,
wasn't doing it for him anymore, and he tried everything to spice up their
sex life, even having her wear a redhair wig, in a hope that it would keep
his passion in check. But his passion was too much. He had to do something.
He wanted Kerri. He wanted to fondle her big breasts, run his hands on her
thighs and through her hair, and stick his raging cock in her virgin pussy.
Damn, he was going crazy. Whenever Kerri would walk into the room, he felt
like he was a different person. A person that could do things. Things he
didn't thought possible for him to even think. But he did his best to try
and keep his desires to himself.

* * *

It was midnight. Everybody in the house were asleep except for Kerri who
still hasn't returned from her date. Paul got up and went to the pitch-black
kitchen to get a glass of water. As he walked down the stairs he heard keys
rattle in the keyhole. The door opened and Kerri walked in, completely
unaware of Paul, who was just 2 feet away from her. Kerri closed the door and
walked in to the living room. She dropped her keys and bent over to picked
them up.

At that exact moment, a car passed by, lighting the house for a second, and
Paul caught a glimpse of Kerri's ass as her dress rode up. His jaw dropped
when he noticed that Kerri had no underwear on. He saw her teenage pussy in
all it's glory, almost no hair on it, but just enough to know she was a real
redhead. He could feel his boner rising up on him, and just couldn't take it
anymore. "It's so dark in here. She wouldn't know it was me even if I was
right in front of her," he thought to himself and decided to go for it.

Kerri stood up after picking up the keys and Paul was standing right behind
her, quite as a mouse. Within a second he placed his hand around her mouth
from behind and whispered in her ear with a fake low voice he just came up

"Make a peep and I'll kill you."

Kerri was petrified. A robber? In the house? What can she do? Better just let
him take whatever he wants and get it over with, she thought.

"mmmmm....Ummmmm" Kerri muffled through her father's big hand that covered
her lips. Paul stuck his face in her hair, feeling it, smelling it. It was
intoxicating. The smell of youth. His own daughter. He brought his body
closer and pressed his erection against Kerri's butt. Kerri got nervous.
This is not just a robber. Oh my god, what is she gonna do?

Paul moved his other hand over Kerri's body, feeling her up, groping her
breasts and grabbing a handful through her dress. Then, he lowered his hand
Down her belly to her thighs, lifting her dress and started rubbing her

"ummm.... mmmmmmmm" Kerry managed to muffle in protest, panicking like she
never did in her life and frantically moving her body to avoid the stranger's
roaming hand. Paul enjoyed her cries of agony. He pressed harder on her
clitoris and stuck his middle finger inside her cunt. She was pretty wet down
there; maybe her boyfriend Kyle has been fucking her all along. That thought
angered Paul as well as turned him on.

Kerri tried with all her might to release herself from her father's grip, but
to no avail. He was too strong for her.

In the position that they were in, Kerri's ass was pressing harder and
harder on Paul's prick. Paul felt like his pants are about to explode. Still
grabbing Kerri with one arm, he let go of her tight pussy and brought his
hand to his pajamas. He lowered his pajama pants and his penis sprung up,
harder then he ever felt it. He rubbed it up and down her ass cheeks then
placed it between her legs, chaffing it on her pussy lips. Kerri started to
cry. To scare her even more Paul whispered into her ear.

"I've already killed your mother and sister. And I slit the little boy's
throat in his sleep."

Kerri screamed into Paul's hands when she heard that and tears ran down her
face. But even her loudest scream couldn't be heard by anyone in the house.
After a few seconds of useless shrieks, she became numb from her hysteric
episode. Paul realized he had broke her spirit completely, and there will be
no more objections on her behalf. He brought her closer to the couch and
lowered his body along with her's, mounting her as she lay on her stomach.

He breathed heavily on her neck as he adjusted his boner to stick up her ass.
He ripped through her rectum with one quick penetrative move and all Kerri
could do is scream, as she was being ass-raped by her father. Paul rapidly
went in and out of his young daughter's anus. So tight. So dirty. So wrong.
He felt like his head was about to explode. But he made sure he didn't come
yet. He had other plans for his little girl.

When he was certain that she didn't have any scream left in her, he let go of
her mouth and pushed her face in the sofa cushion. He took his cock out of
her ass, then turned her over. He felt around in the darkness for her throat
and when he found it he started strangling her. Kerri's face started turning
red as blood rushed to her head. Paul stuck his massive boner in her pussy
and broke through her hymen. Kerri made a little scream that echoed through
the dark living room.

This made Paul angry. He grabbed her throat harder with both hands, making
her choke and gag. Kerri started sobbing again. She started whizzing rapidly
and gasping for air when she felt it was escaping out of her. He kept his
hands on her throat and slowly started pumping in and out of her vagina. This
was it. This is what he wanted. And it was everything he imagined. So tight,
so young, so damp! He was about to cum.

In that moment a car passed by the house again, lighting up the living room
and exposing his face to Kerri.

"Dad?" She whispered with her eyes full of tears, almost no air left in her.

Paul realized that the jig was up, and there's no turning back from here.

"Sorry, Kerr-bear. I just can't go to prison!" he said and started pounding
her cunt harder and harder, tightening his grip on her throat more and more.

Kerri was starting to turn blue and her eyes looked like they were about to
pop right out of their sockets. That was it; she felt the life draining out
of her. She tried desperatly to push her father away, scatching at his face
and pounding on his shoulders, but nothing could stop him now. She wheezed
out slowly and with her final breath, she looked at Paul's eyes and mumbled
her last word:


And that was it.

Paul didn't stop what he was doing. He kept on ramming his prick into the
corpse's pussy harder and harder. He felt his cum about to explode out of
him. He pulled out of Kerri's vagina and brought himself closer to her head,
coming all over his daughter's cute, cold, dead face. Another flash of light
came from the outside, and Paul saw his adorable hot daughter's face covered
with his cum, her eyes still open. He managed to shoot a few loads on her
hair too.

"So beautiful" he said to himself.

Paul took some time to relax. After a minute it finally hit him - the gravity
of what he has done. What now? Should he bury her? Hide her? Throw the body
in the river?

Then he remembered. The cabinet. The big cabinet that's been standing in the
living room. He would just put her in there until all the heat dies down.
Paul acted quickly and shoved Kerri's dead body into the cabinet. She fitted
perfectly. He put a lock on the door, and moved it quietly to the garage,
hiding it under a pile of boxes.

"Sleep tight, honey" he mumbled.

It was already 2 AM by the time he was finished. He silently climbed to his
bed next to his wife and slept surprisingly very well.

* * *

The next few weeks Kerri was reported missing. Paul put up a great act of a
loving father worrying about his daughter, but come nightfall, he would pull
the cabinet out and fuck Kerri's rutting cadaver all over again. After a few
months, the body was too gross and smelly to fuck and Paul decided to get
rid of it. He drove to the cabin at the lake where the family spends their
vacations and buried her body there.

When he got back home he saw his other daughter, Bridget, dressed in a short
skirt and a tight t-shirt, bending over and wiping something off her shoe.

"Hey, daddy, I'm going out. Could you give me some money? I promise I'll do
anything to pay you back."

Paul smiled.



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