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8 Simple Rules: Cate's Dates Part 5 - Cate Goes Camping (Fb,anal)
by Neenah

Cate pulled into the drive of Sam's house. It was bigger than hers and outside town, with a field and some woods behind it instead of a suburban street. She'd seen it a few times as she dropped him off in the morning after their dates and had come in for a coffee. They'd been dating several weeks now and it was going great, the sex was fantastic and there was plenty of it. Sam's mother, Denise was in the front, watering some roses. She raised a hand in a wave as Cate drove up and parked, lowering the hose and pointing it away. Cate got out of the car, picking up her rucksack from the front seat and walking over to Denise.

"Hello Cate," the other woman said, she was smaller than Cate, but weightier and happily single with a divorced husband who was paying lots of alimony, whilst nailing his secretary. She and Cate had immediately hit it off, which was great as it was always important to get on with your boyfriend's mother, it made sleepovers so much easier to arrange.

"Hi Denise," Cate walked over to her, "I'm not early am I?"

Denise looked at her watch, "I think Sam's still getting ready. He's really looking forward to tonight."

"So am I," said Cate, "It's been a long time since I've been camping."

"It's not really camping," Denise said, "You're only going to be in the woods behind the house. It's not even a minute from there to my back door."

It would be much quicker to Cate's back door, she was sure, and she smiled at the thought, before saying, "It's outside with sleeping bags and a tent, so it's camping."

Denise laughed in agreement, "That is true. I'm sure you'll be warm, but if not the house is open." She knew exactly what her son and Cate would be doing and so she knew they wouldn't be cold.

The front door opened and a young voice called out in excitement, "Cate." It was followed by the swift patter of feet as Sam ran down the steps and across the drive ending up hugging Cate, his head just at her bosoms so that they were brushing against his scruffy blonde hair. Cate hugged him back, her hands going down his back as he squeezed at hers. "You're here," he beamed up at her happily.

"I've been looking forward to it, I was just telling your Mom. Let me get out my sleeping bag."

She opened the back door and got it out and he took it like a gentleman, before reaching out to take her hand. With a backward wave to Denise Cate followed Sam into the house. He'd already put up the tent for them and the Bar-b-que was ready to start as well, with some burgers his Mom had brought in a chill box, together with some hot dogs and cans of cool cola. "You can put your wash things in my room," he said, inviting her up there for the first time since they'd started dating.

Cate nodded, following him up the stairs. It was immediately obvious which room was his from the skulls and crossbones stickered across it together with a big 'Keep out - Toxic' sign. Cate ignored them, she was sure they weren't meant as warnings for her and Sam made no mention of them as he opened the door. It was typical boy's room, with a small bed with a Star Wars duvet, models of dinosaurs on the shelves battling with killer robots, comics strewn on the floor and unfolded clothes on the chair, with posters on the wall of hot women, though even the nude and topless models weren't a threat to Cate as she was there and they weren't. She looked round approvingly, "I like your room."

He beamed and let her look around it, before she opened her rucksack and got out her wash bag. She put it on the shelf next to a dinosaur. He waited until she'd pulled out her shampoo and placed it next to it, together with her hair brush and dryer - which he eyed like it was an alien machine. Then he gave a small grin and picked up her rucksack, and sleeping bag, "Let me take this to the tent," he said, "I'll show it you."

Cate followed her lovers down the stairs and through the kitchen, where Denise was making some cookies. She gave a smile as they entered. "Are you two lovebirds going down to the tent?"

"Yes," nodded Sam as Cate nodded as well.

"Do you want me to start the Bar-b-que? Or can you do it Cate?"

"I can do it" Cate replied, "I'll be careful and not let Sam play with it, I don't want to have him burn himself."

"Good, thank you. I'll pop along later with some cookies." Denise saw her son's expression and gave a small laugh, "Don't worry, I won't be staying, I know you want time alone."

"Thank you, Denise," replied Cate, "Cookies will be lovely and I'm sure it's not a bother if you want to come down for a few minutes."

It was always best to keep on the good side of your lover's Mom. Denise smiled at her, recognizing what she was doing, "I won't stay long, I promise."

"Okay Mom," he sounded a bit reluctant, but Cate squeezed his ass and giggled, which perked him up.

Sam opened the back door and led Cate down a pavement through a well kept and flowery yard. At the bottom he opened the gate door and led her into a small wood. It was owned by his Mom and there was a large wooden fence a round it so they wouldn't be disturbed, except by Denise and the cookies. Through the trees she could see a colored tent and Sam led to her the clearing where it was put up. The trees weren't close and there was little foliage so it was an easy walk which took less than a minute. The clearing had plenty of space, with the tent of at one side and the brick Bar-b-que on the other, with a rug in between with a cool box sitting on it.

"I'll put your things in the tent," said Sam. Cate followed him over as he opened it and crawled in. She knelt and looked it, it was small but that made it cozy and she had nothing against snuggling with her young lover. His sleeping bag was already laid out and he lay hers out as well, placing it over a floor mat he'd brought out. His rucksack was at his pillow and he placed hers next to it. He grinned and smoothed down her sleeping bag, "There. What do you think?"

"I like it," she said, "It's very cozy and snuggly."

He beamed back, pleased. She retreated from the entry and stood up as he joined her. "Let me start the Bar-b-que," she said.

She soon had it alight as Sam opened the cool box. He got out a couple of cans of soda and some plastic glasses, pouring the fizzing liquid into them and then passing one to Cate. He held his own glass outward, "To my hot girlfriend, Cate and her Bar-b-que skills."

Cate giggled and punched her glass back at his, clunking the plastic together, "To my cute boyfriend, Sam, for what's going to be a great night."

She sipped her soda as she placed some sausages and burgers on the griddle, doing them to a tee and placing them on some paper plates. She cut some burger bread in half and placed the burgers between them before taking the plates over to the rug where Sam was sitting. "These are delicious" he said as he munched them.

Cate thought they were passable, but the company made them worthwhile. She sipped at her soda and ate her burgers, going up to grill some more for Sam, though not for herself, which he ate with gusto. When they were all gone, she sat down on the rug next to him, "Did you like them?"

"They were fab," he beamed, "Best burgers ever."

She was sure that wasn't true, but she liked the compliment. "I hope you've left some room, your Mom will soon be here with the cookies."

He gave a wicked smirk, "She'll be a little while yet, want to make out whilst we wait?"

Cate tittered and nodded her agreement. His young hand pressed on her chest, pushing her back onto the rug. She lay down as he lay half on top and half across her, his mouth opening on hers. Soon they were kissing lustfully, tongues touching tongues, lips round lips. One of his hands pushed her sweater up and went under it to brush at her stomach. The other was moved higher and was squeezing her bosom through her top. He was a horny little thing, Cate knew, though not little where it mattered and she could feel the hardness of his big schlong under his pants, as he lay against her. Her hands were on his buns, fondling the sweet cheeks and encouraging him.

He was a good kisser and Cate enjoyed the make-out session, kissing him back as they went at with gusto. Several times they broke to whisper and murmur sweet nothings at the other before resuming, Sam hand moving to fondle the other booby. His other hand went lower and undid the button of her jeans, pulling the denim flap away enough that he could get in. His young hand slid under both jeans and panties to find her sweet pussy. Cate kissed him harder and encouragingly, as his finger found her slit and began to draw into it. He pressed down, and rubbed away, teasing her walls with his tips. His mouth went on all over hers, his tongue going in and around, playing with her tongue.

There was a polite cough behind them and Denise appeared holding a plate with some cookies. Cate buttoned her jeans as Sam rolled off her and straightened himself. "Thanks Mom," he said.

"No problem, I didn't know whether to interrupt," his mother said.

"You shouldn't have worried," Cate said to her lover's Mom's to put her mind at ease.

"Well you both looked like you were having fun."

Cate looked at Sam and smiled, "We were."

"I'll leave you alone with the cookies, I might pop down later to say goodnight," Denise placed the plate on the rug.

"That would be okay with us, wouldn't it Sam, if you want to say goodnight."

"Suppose," said Sam with no great enthusiasm.

Denise gave him a motherly smile, "Have fun," she said and returned back to the house.

Cate had a cookie; they were nice, but so good that she couldn't think of better things for her mouth to be doing. She undid the top button on her jeans and loosened them. "Shall we carry on where we were?" she tittered.

"Yes," Sam replied eagerly.

Within moments Cate was on her back again with Sam's mouth on hers. Her hands closed round his cute rump and he slipped one of his back down under her panties to finger her hole. His digit went in and out, scraping over her wall and making her warm and fuzzy. His other hand pawed at her bosom, squeezing the large melons, before reaching down and pulling at her sweater. She helped him, pulling it up to just over her tits, allowing him greater freedom. Sam's skilled fingers eased her bra down so that her nipples were out and then his mouth moved from hers to the tit, sucking the hard nipple.

She gave little squeaks of sensual pleasure as he sucked and fingered her, excited by her young lover's touches. Together they shimmied out of their jeans, her panties following down her thighs. Cate could feel Sam's hard rod rubbing at her as they kissed. She reached down for it, her hands caressing the thick meaty member. She opened her legs and guided the schlong to the waiting hole.

Then it was in and Sam was humping on top of her, his small thin body slamming on hers as his large thick dong shoved in and stretched her. Cate cried out in pleasure, gripping him and dragging him in, calling out her lover's name in passion as he went in and out.

He pressed down on her naked tits, Cate trying to finish pulling off hr sweater. It took her a few goes as she kept having to pause and squeal as he thrust well into her. But then it was off and she was just down to her socks, which she kept on. His pants were off, but he was still wearing his sweater and as he fucked her Cate removed it. Again, it wasn't a quick job, but she did so and the two of them were almost naked fucking on the rug.

Sam was a stud who could keep going, stuffing his schlong into her soaking sexhole. Cate was pleased with his stamina and strength, knowing she would be well satisfied by the time he came. Her body moved with his, showing her eagerness, her hands on his back and her legs squeezing at his thighs. His head was between her massive melons, tickling them with his hair and licking and kissing at the cleavage as he ass went up and down at speed. He was sweating with his effort, his sleek body over hers.

"Oh, I'm ready," he grunted.

"Shoot in my pussy," she moaned.

He did, filling her hole with his hot seed, the cum squelching down and flowing up over her lips.

Cate groaned, satisfied utterly. He lay on her panting, his near naked body on hers. Her hand moved to his back, stroking him gently as she relaxed happily. The sky was darkening above them, dusk coming on and bringing a chill with it. But Cate wasn't cold, not with Sam lying on her, his body heating hers - and there was still the Bar-b-que pumping out its warmth a few feet away.

Sam raised his head to her mouth and they kissed again, sensually and lovingly, both basking in the moment. After a few minutes kissing Cate's hand stole down to his dick. It was hardening again and she made sure it remained so as she caressed and stroked it. He grinned and kissed her more, before moving down to kiss at her boobs, his tongue stroking her stiff nipple. Cate could feel her pussy tingle as she got more and more excited.

"Let's do it again," she murmured and San nodded excitedly. "I'll give you a bj."

Cate pushed him off her and rolled him onto his back on the rug, before her mouth opened and she took his massive rod between her lips. His thick schlong stretched her mouth and as she went down she found herself filled by it. The end bulged at cheek, the wet wall enveloping his meaty dong. Her tongue played over the dick, adding to his enjoyment. Even in the darkness she could see his face lighting up as she played, his white teeth gleaming as he beamed with enjoyment.

The sky got darker, so that soon the only light was the stars and moon and the remaining glow from the charcoal. Cate rubber her sexhole and got onto her hands and knees on the rug. She wiggled her butt at him, "Do you want to take me in my back door?" she tittered invitingly.

"Hot dawg, yeah," shouted Sam with enthusiasm. He was up off his back and behind her as quick as a flash. She jiggled her globes at him, inviting his large dick in. He watched them bounce for a moment, before gripping them and pushing his dick at her back door. Without a knock he entered, pushing his massive meat down her pooper. Cate groaned in excitement as the large cock spread her open and went down. He grunted and thrust, pushing himself further in.

"Oooohh, ooohhh, ohhhh," soon Cate was crying out loudly in joy as the big dong went all the way in and made her pleasure places flare with ecstasy. Her young lover was slapping against her, his thin legs bouncing at her round rump. He clawed at her waist, gripping her hard and going all the way in. Cate cried out again, "Oooohhh, more, more, more."

The young boy grunted and panted, his huge schlong slamming quicker into her shitter, stretching it out. He was such a good lover, every thrust was making Cate buck in ecstatic joy, her large bosoms swinging beneath her. "Ooooohhh, baby," she groaned, "Give me that big cock, it's so wonderfully large."

There was the patter of feet as Denise arrived to say goodnight. She smiled beatifically at her son and his older girlfriend, "Don't let me stop you, I just came to say goodnight."

"Night," said Sam, sounding like he wished his Mom would leave him alone with his girlfriend and not interrupt. He continued to go into Cate's booty.

"Night," gasped Cate, minding less, she was a Mom so she knew that maternal instinct.

"Night sweetie," Denise leaned over her humping son and gave him a peck on the forehead. He gave a snarl of annoyed embarrassment at his Mom's continued presence, but she didn't seem to mind. "Good night Cate, enjoy yourself."

"I will," said Cate, "Ooooohhh, yes, your son is filling my pooper so good."

Denise tittered and smiled, "I'll see you both tomorrow," she said and gracefully withdrew, leaving the two lovers to continue.

"Sorry about that," Sam said apologetically.

"Don't worry baby, if I was your Mom I'd want to say goodnight as well - now I want you to finish my asshole off," replied Cate.

Sam gripped her harder and rammed away, the two of them panting and gasping in the darkness. Cate was in a state of constant arousal, Sam was one of the best lovers she had ever had, much better than her husband had been. Not only was he big, but he was skilled and with the stamina of a marathon runner, his youth helping him go at her with a lust filled frenzy. She cried out in ecstasy as she came again and again, multiple anal orgasms rushing through her.

It was over too soon as Sam called out something and then loose his cum into her bowels. The warm liquid surged into her pooper, there was so much it oozed out her hole as he withdrew, seeping down her crack like a white gooey waterfall.

"That was perfect," Cate groaned in happiness. Her ass was sore, but tingly - the butt pounding had been well worth it.

As it was fully dark, with even the bar-b-que cooled they went into the tent, spreading one of the sleeping bags out to act as a thin bed sheet over the ground and using the other as a blanket. They slipped beneath it, cuddling up to each other. Outside there was the sound of night, a few nocturnal animals chirruping away and the trees gently creaking and rustling as a light wind blew at them. Cate found her eyes closing and gradually she fell asleep, her young lover in her arms.


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