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8 Simple Rules: Cate's Dates Part 4 - Picking Up The Boy (Fb,anal)
by Neenah

"You look really amazing," Kerry said, looking up over her book as her Mom came down the stairs.

"Totally," her sister turned from the television to look at their Mom.

Cate wasn't going to disagree with her daughters because they were right - she did. She was wearing a short black, strapless dress which showed her large bosoms to their best and with her hair styled and freshly washed and just enough make-up to enhance her features without being over the top. "You're both going to be out when I return?"

She asked it as question, but it was more a statement. It was Friday night, her son was already at a buddy's of his for the night and neither of her teen daughter's would be staying. Bridget turned further round, "Why? You want us out when you return?"

"Worried we might cramp your style?" Kerry teased. "Ruin your pick up if you bring someone home."

"That's not it at all," lied Cate, though it was at least part of the reason. "I might not even meet anyone, all I'm going for is to have a fun time and get out to meet some new people."

Her daughters both looked at each other, smiling with obvious disbelief at her words, "You're at least open to picking up someone?" asked Kerry, with a little too much sympathetic worry in her voice.

"Yes," said Cate. She had a short relationship with a boy called Josh and a one-afternoon stand sharing a couple of boys with Bridget and she now felt confident that she was back in the dating game. She looked at the time. "It's nearly 5, I better go. I'll see you tomorrow," putting a heavy emphasis on the last word.

"Bye," her daughters waved as Cate went to her car.

The Elementary School was only five minutes drive away and she got their just before five. After parking she went round the front. There was a large queue, women from ages of eighteen up and boys, 10 and up, but with hardly any over 14 (and none over 16). Like many schools this one was always short of money and hosting shota parties was a popular way to raise it. Cate joined the queue, checking out both the competition and the boys -and Cate felt both her hopes rise and her nerves increase; there were plenty of boys she'd be interested in, but there were also a lot of very attractive women who they might prefer over hers.

In front of her the doors opened and the queue began to move. Cate fished out a ten dollar bill and passed it to the woman at the table collecting the admission charge; then she was in. The followed the crowd into the main hall, decked out with lights and a disco for the evening. The music was already playing, a DJ putting out tunes that Cate vaguely recognized from her children's playlist, but which were all after her time. A few people were already dancing, but Cate wasn't ready for that yet, so she went over to the table with the drinks. A volunteer teacher stood behind it and behind them was a sign 'Strictly no alcohol - please don't ask'. It was a school Cate thought so that was reasonable. She looked at what was on offer before asking for a orange juice, it came in a cheap plastic beaker and was luke-warm. She sipped at it as she took a seat at one of the tables, checking out the floor and waiting for her moment to get up on it.

The moment didn't come, but a young boy did. He pulled up a chair at the same table and sat down, sipping a cola and watching the dancers. Cate looked at him, he was about 10 and cute with, short blonde hair and snub nose, a series of freckles covered his cheeks. He was cute. She took a deep breath and leaned towards him, "Hi, I'm Cate," she introduced herself.

He gave her a smile. "I'm Sam," he said back.

"My first time here," she said in explanation.

"I've been coming here about six months, even since I turned 10," he said back.

"You like it then?" she asked.

"Yes, I come here most Fridays, you meet some really great Moms," he said.

"You like the Mom type, a bit older?" she asked, not trying to sound to hopeful.

"Yes, I like younger as well, teens and twenties, but Moms are the best, they know what they're doing," he gave her a cheeky beam.

"I like to think we do," she replied. She decided to go for it, "Would you like to go and dance?"

"Yeah, I thought you were never going to ask," he jumped off his chair and walked to the centre of the floor. Cate drained her drink and followed him. He was already dancing and like most 10 year old boys he was terrible, flapping his arms around and stomping like he was Godzilla on the march. It was cutely endearing though and Cate glided next to him, moving her hips in a more sedate and seductive manner, wiggling her body in front of him. Around them other couples were also dancing, many of the boys not much better than Sam, but with their partners showing more grace. The song ended and another began and Cate looked at the boy she was dancing with. He was even cuter than she'd first thought, with a flashing eyes and a slender body and a sexy smile that he was always giving her as she moved around him. There was another song and then another and soon they'd been dancing for 30 minutes. Cate needed a drink, so she took his hand. He didn't resist as she took him away from the dance floor, "Do you want a drink?"

"A cola," he nodded and followed her as she went to the table and got him it, getting herself an orange juice. The table they'd been sitting at was fill, but there were some benches against the wall so they went over to them and sat down. "You're a really good dancer," he said.

"You're very energetic," Cate said in turn.

"Everyone say that, I'm a tinderbox - not just on the dance floor."

"I can tell," said Cate. She found herself leaning in and down, approaching his mouth. She hoped he didn't turn away and she hadn't misjudged the moment. It turned out she hadn't as Sam's mouth met hers and she could taste his cola as they locked lips and opened mouths. His small hand started on her dress and moved lower, sliding over her leg down to her knee. They kissed for a bit and then broke, Cate tittering at the fun and Sam beaming broadly as he reached for his drink. "You're a good kisser," she smiled.

"You're very energetic," he beamed at her and they laughed, before moving into kiss again. Their mouths moved together as Cate leaned in on, pressing her body at his slender frame. His hands moved over her body, round her waist and up her side, sliding up her back and caressing the back of her neck.

"You want to dance again?" she tittered as a slower song began to play and she drained her drink. He nodded and they went onto the floor again. This time Cate took control of Sam, taking him round the shoulders and pulling him close, so his head rested against her bosom, the two of them jiggling and weaving, his head brushing at her. She enjoyed it and carried on dancing as the songs changed, until they upped the tempo again.

Back they went to the bench, after refilling their drinks, and after a few minutes giggling conversation they began to make out again, the young boy was a great kisser and Cate's toes curled as his mouth worked at hers. They carried on for a while, locked in passionate embraces, kissing and hugging each other close. Several times Cate's hand went down and stroked between his legs, feeling the hardness and length - she had picked well, as Sam didn't seem to be small.

The music came to an end and the main lights came up. Cate looked at the time, it was 8 and the party was ending. There was only one more thing to ask, "Would you like to come and stay over at my place tonight? We could grab a pizza on the way."

Sam replied, "I would. My Mom's just outside to pick me up, let me check with her."

Cate took his hand as they stood up and left, they weren't the only couple, nor were they the only couple walking towards a car with a Mom in it to ask permission for the boy to sleep over. Sam's Mom waved at him as he approached and waited for Cate to introduce herself. Cate did and asked if she was alright with her 10 year old son staying the night. Sam's Mom was obviously used to women asking as she just laughed and then got Cate's address, arranging to pick him up at 10 the next day. Cate led Sam to her own car, making sure he put on his safety belt before pulling away.

They diverted to a pizza place, ordering a take-out, before returning to Cate's place. The lights were out, confirming the girls had gone, and Cate switched them back on before getting some plates and serving the pizza at the table. After they'd eaten Cate got some ice-cream and scooped it into bowls, leading Sam into the main room. They ate it side by side on the couch.

"You're so gorgeous," she said as they finished.

"You're pretty as well," Sam replied.

They began to kiss again as passionately as before, hugging each other close. Cate kicked off her shoes and saw Sam was doing the same. She began to go further now they were alone, pulling his top out of his pants and running her hands over his sides. He gave a quick titter and then self confidently reached for her dress , pulling it down far enough that her bosom popped out. He stared at it for a second, "They're big and juicy."

Cate swung them, "They are," she confirmed and then it was her turn to titter as her date's 10 year old mouth popped onto them to suckle and nibble at the nipples. He was as good at that as he was at kissing and Cate sighed in appreciation as his mouth closed round her nub. He sucked and teased one, before moving to its twin, pushing his lips up over the tit and slurping it greedily. His small hands held her sides and she felt him pushing her dress up, so it lifted from her thighs.

"They were yummy," he said and got onto his knees in front of her. He pushed her dress up further so he exposed her panties, he looked up with a cheeky smile, "Let me see if you have anything else yummy."

"I hope you can," tittered Cate.

"Let me take these off," he reached for her panties, removing them from her cunt and showing her hot funhole to him. She lifted her legs to allow him to pull them all the way, before dropping them on the floor beside him. The young boy again crawled forward, not stopping as his head went under the edge of her dress and his kissing mouth reached her cunny. He kissed it as she tittered and then began to lick it. The Mom gasped as his tongue went over her, he was as good at pussy-licking as titty sucking and making-out. His tongue went quicker, running over her cunt and making her damp with lust.

Soon she was moaning out, her entire body wracked with bliss as his tongue made her orgasm. The wash of desire went all the way through her, making her quake and cry, her body pressing at the couch as she came again, "Ooohhh, ohhhh, lick me with that skilled tongue, you are making me so wet, I am cumming Sam you stud, oooohhh, ooohhh."

The young boy continued to use his tongue skillfully, every lick a joy. Cate closed her eyes and letting the licking transfer her into another dimension, her body suffused with the power of the orgasms. He lifted his head. "This is tasty."

"Eat me some more," encouraged Cate and he complied. Down he went again to treat her funhole with his tongue, pushing the slippery and flexible muscle up and down her slit, leaving the lips soaked with his saliva and wet with her excitement. He lapped up her cum greedily, making loud slurping noises as he ate and making the Mom cum more and even more powerfully, her moans and cries drowning out his slurps.

"OOOhhh," she came loudly.

He lifted his head again, beaming joyfully, "That was the tastiest Mom pussy I've had."

Cate tittered, "It is my turn to have something tasty now."

She stood Sam up and help him off with his top before undoing his pants. As they came loose she could see the massive stick underneath, almost a tree trunk of prick. It made her salivate with lust and she quickly got him down on the couch and started sliding her mouth up and down the pole. He grinned happily and worked the schlong with his hand, encouraging it in. Her lips opened and she stretched her jaw muscles to open wider to accommodate the monster. The young boy beamed happily as she polished his dong with her mouth, leaving it soaked and shiny as she went up and down speedily, drooling with desire. She fingered her pussy at the same time, pushing her digit deep into the hot funhole, it wasn't as thick as the pole she was sucking, but it did job as she prepared him and made him ready to stuff.

"I want to fuck you now," he groaned.

She popped her mouth from the schlong, wiping away a trace of saliva that hung between her mouth and it. "I want that large dong in me, stretching my Mom cunt." She reached down to grab her clothes, him doing the same, before she took his hand, "Shall we go to my bedroom and you can pound my brains out."

He beamed and squeezed her hand, "That'd be great."

She closed the door, to give them some privacy when her daughters got home, though she was sure her daughters would guess she wasn't alone, from the unwashed dishes down the stairs. She kissed Sam again and lifted him up onto the bed. She lowered him down and he lay on his back his massive cock sticking upwards. On she followed him, straddling him and lowering herself onto the massive dong. It pushed into her funhole, going up the wet tunnel as she brought herself down. It filled her completely, making her groan with joy. Sam beamed up and began to fuck her as she moved with him. Soon Cate was bouncing at a pace, her large tits flopping and jumping. The young boy beamed even wider as they juggled over him, giving him a fantastic view. His hands squeezed her round rump and his schlong went in. "This pussy is as good to nail as it to eat," he grinned.

"So fill it up, ram me as hard as you can," smiled Cate, moving herself. Up and down she went on the dick, enjoying every inch of it meaty length as it went into her. Her own juice soaked it as she leaked from the pleasure. Sam went at it with eagerness, his hips bending as he pounded his meat into her. Each thrust was great, making her pussy burn with bliss, the cum soaking from her walls and making her even wetter for his pounding cock. She leaned down further over him, her hands on the bed and her tits dangling over his face. He beamed and brushed his head at them, slapping his schlong even faster into her. "Ooohhh, oooohhh, ohhhh," Cate groaned.

She bounced herself at speed to match him. Leaning further forward she smothered his head in her bosoms, feeling his cheeks in her cleavage as she pressed down. She could no longer see his expression but she was sure he was smiling as he drove up into her. His schlong sped up and she cried out in pleasure as she orgasmed again and then some more. At some point they moved so that she was underneath and he was on top of her, thrusting between her legs as she gripped his ass, encouraging him in. He went at her as fast and hard as he could, his large meat going all the way in. His pants and grunts were loud in her ear and his body was wet with his sweat. Cate cried and gasped again, her body aching under his hard pounding. Yet another orgasm hit her and her large bosoms bounced against him. "Ooohhh, oooohh, you're so good Sam, you're the best."

"Yes," he grunted in reply and then his body flexed and strained and his cock spurted cum into her hole. He gave a sigh and collapsed down, his deflating cock slipping out of her soaked hole.

"Oh that was wonderful," Cate moaned rolling him over so she could kiss him again, "You have a gift."

"You were great as well. That was so much fun," he smiled back at her.

The naked Mom and boy got under the covers, lying opposite each other with their heads resting on the pillow and kissing gently as they smiled and flirted. Sam's hand was on her side, his fingers skimming her skin. Her own hand slipped down stroking his slender chest and then down further to play with his dick. He gave a small laugh, "Are you trying to get me hard again?"

"Yes," she giggled back, "Have you any complaints with that."

"No," he admitted with a beaming smile, before rolling onto his back, "It'll get harder quicker if you use your mouth."

Laughing gently Cate dived under the covers. In the stifling dark she quickly found his large python and began to kiss and lick the member. It stirred and she kept it going but slipping her lips round it and giving him a nice sexual blow job. Sam shuddered in pleasure, his small hand on his head, pushing her down, so that soon she was taking him deep in her mouth. She went at it eagerly, keen to make him both hard and wet. She slobbered down the schlong, soaking it with her mouth. Then up she popped, her head coming out of the covers and looking at Sam's happy face, "You want to go again?"

"Yes," he beamed.

She gave him a wider smile, "You want to go in my butt."

"Yes," he gave her a wider beam back.

She moved onto her hands and knees, shaking off the covers. The naked boy moved behind her and she gave a long, slow moan as his dick pushed her back door open and entered her poop chute. Even with her saliva lubing it the entry was slow and sore, the cock having to force her open. Not that Cate was complaining, it might be causing an ache, but it was also bringing a power of orgasmic pleasure, even stronger than when he'd be in her pussy. She rocked against him and he pushed harder, his hands grasping her rumps as he shoved in further.

"Ohhh, oooohhh, get it in my butt hole," she moaned, "Fill my tight chute with your huge dong."

"This is great," he enthused, "You've got the best ass ever."

"You've got the best cock ever," she groaned back. It went into her proving her words right. His young body slapped at hers, his thin legs banging at her round rump. Cate's hand was rubbing at her pussy, making it even wetter with her finger. He smacked at her again, his schlong shooting speedily down her shitter. She moaned loudly and passionately . "OOOhhhh, ooooohhh, get that dick in deep, its stretching my ass passage so much."

Sam went as fast as he could, making both Cate and the bed rock. He was sweating as he pummeled her rump, the liquid trickling down his small frame. Cate was hot and wet as well, though her wetness was cumming from her cunt and the heat from the pounded butt. Her large tits bounced and swung and her naked body bent and turned as she came again and again. Her hair was mussed and awry, as she was given it all. She came again, Cate wasn't sure how many times, but it was a lot. She squeaked loudly, so that if her girls had returned home they would have heard, "Ohhhh, yes I'm cumming Sam, you're making me cum."

He panted a response and shoved his schlong deeper and harder into her anal chute, making her cum yet more powerfully. Her ass was sore and satisfied, the rest of her pleasured and lost to bliss. There was another grunt from Sam and his spunk was shooting into her bowels, filling her hole with his silvery seed, so much that it bubbled out and slipped down her crack as the two of them collapsed back.

* * *

It was the best way to wake up in the morning, Cate thought, a young boy's tongue over your pussy was much better than any alarm. It was both relaxing and invigorating, waking you quickly, but with gentleness. She lay back on the bed and moaned loudly, her hands under the covers and rubbing over Sam's head as she encouraged him on. The young boy was going at her with enthusiasm, eating her fun hole for his breakfast and enjoying it very much.

"Go for it," she grunted, "Ooohhh, lick my hot hole."

Sam complied eagerly, his tongue pounding at her sexy slit and drinking down her juices. His hands reached up and held her waist, squeezing it as he lapped below. Cate squealed loudly in orgasm, "Oooohhh, yessss."

Sure she was awake Sam came further up the bed, his hands moving to her thighs to spread them. Cate had no complaints at the morning schlong, grappling with him and dragging him in as his large member pushed at and then entered her slot. He went up and down at speed, hammering her and pushing his large and thick slab down her soaking hole. The bed bounced and the covers jumped around them as they pounded away, Cate's legs wrapping themselves round Sam's thin ones and her hands gripping him tightly. "Oooohhh, yes" she cried out, "Don't stop."

He pounded into her as quick and forcefully as he could, pushing her into the soft bedding and filling her with the lovely cock, the hard schlong racing up and down her and pressing at her fleshy pussy walls. She screamed in wild bliss, her head rocking back at the pillow and her hair spreading. Her large bosoms were bouncing and jiggling at his head as he wallowed between them. "I'm near," he said.

"Shoot over my tits," gasped Cate, desperate for his cum. He did so, his spunk coating them in a silvery sheen, before it gently slid down the globes, leaving sparkling traces behind.

Cate looked at the time on her proper alarm clock. "Would you like some breakfast before your Mom picks you up?" she asked.

"Yes," he nodded.

The two of them got dressed and went downstairs. Bridget and Kerry were surprisingly up and Sam was introduced to them by Cate, as the two teen girls gave knowing smirks. They quickly excused themselves and left Cate and her date to the kitchen.

"I really had a great time last night," Cate enthused.

"Me as well," said Sam. "Shall we swap numbers?"

"Yes," smiled Cate and reached for a pen and some paper. "Let's see if we can meet again."


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