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8 Simple Rules: 8 Simple Rules For Fucking My Teenaged Sister Part 3
by Hamster

Bridget was nervous and angry. Her sister had blackmailed her into having sex
the day before and she was very likely going to do it again. The thing was as
mad as she was about getting blackmailed; she was actually turned on by how
Kerry desperately wanted her body.

Bridget stepped into her room and saw her sister waiting inside with a big
smile on her face.

"My fuck toy has finally arrived, I thought I'd have to wait forever." Kerry

"Kerry we can't go on like this forever." Bridget said.

"We can if you don't want the world to know your dirty little secrets." Kerry
informed her sister.

Bridget sighed deeply. She was feeling trapped, excited, disgusted,
humiliated and deeply horny all at once.

"What do you want me to do?" Bridget asked.

"Well Bridge, you can start by having you get naked for me." Kerry said.

As requested, Bridget removed her tight pink top and her black leather skirt;
she then removed her bra and panties and stood so that her sister may inspect
her. Kerry walked right up and began to massage her sister's breasts.

"Mmmmm very nice." Kerry commented. "Now lay down on the bed face up."

Bridget did as instructed. Kerry stepped over and handcuffed her sister's
wrists to each of the bedposts at the head of the bed. Kerry undressed
quickly then climbed atop the lovely blonde. As Kerry squeezed her sister's
tits she looked into her eyes.

"Fuck, you have such a hot body sis! I just love every fucking inch of it."
Kerry said as she gently began lapping at her sister's pussy like a thirsty

Bridget was moaning softly with pleasure. Her sister was great little cunt
licker. She felt the pressure build inside of her reaching higher and higher,
but before she could cum, her sister lifted her face from her pussy.

"Nooo don't stop." Bridget whined.

"Sorry but I have other plans." Kerry said.

She walked over to a cooler and withdrew a long balloon, the type that you
make balloon animals with. It had been filled with water the night before and
frozen over night.

"W-what are you going to do with that?" Bridget asked.

"Well since you ask." Kerry said. She approached Bridget and spread her pussy
lips. She then stuck the tip in her sister's honey-hole.

"No please, don't!" Bridget begged.

Kerry only laughed and began to slide the frozen balloon-covered icicle inch
by inch into her sister's cunt. Bridget bucked and thrashed as the frozen
road crawled its way up her pussy. Once it was all the way inside Kerry
lashed together Bridget's legs using a few thick belts. Kerry then sat back
and watched as her sister writhed and cried from the stimulation the ice in
her cunt was providing. Kerry lifted her skirt and began to play with her
pussy as she watched the display before her.

Once she had satisfied herself she straightened out her skirt and looked over
at her sister.

"You know that ice might take awhile to melt, I'm gonna go grab a snake."
Kerry announced.

"No Kerry wait, you can't just leave me like this!!!" Bridget shouted.

"Of course I can, I'm in charge remember?" Kerry reminded her.

With that she went downstairs and left her sister to enjoy the pleasure and
pain of her ice dildo. It was two hours later when Kerry finally showed back
up and pulled out the half melted dildo.

"You bitch!" Bridget yelled.

"Watch your mouth slave." Kerry said as she slapped her sister hard across
her thigh.


"I think you need serious fucking to cool that attitude of yours." Kerry

Kerry slapped Bridget's cunt.


She began rubbing the slit and finger fucking her sexy sister.

"What a hot pussy and it's all mine." Kerry said.

She fucked her with two fingers, then three, soon she squeezing her hand into
the tight pussy. She forced her hand in and pushed it in as far as her wrist
as her sister. Bridget was squeeling like a pig as her sister ruthlessly
fisted her to one orgasm and then another. Finally Kerry yanked her fist out
and licked it clean while Bridget panted.

"Well I think I'm gonna untie you, we have a very important shopping
appointment." Kerry announced as she finally finished cleaning sweet cum from
her fingers.

Bridget went from glaring at her in anger to staring at her blankly in

"Shopping appointment?" Bridget who normally liked to shop doubted that she
was going to like whatever her sister had planned.
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