8 Simple Rules: 8 Simple Rules For Fucking My Teenaged Sister
Part 1 - A Special Discovery (Mf,f-mast,inter)
by Hamster

Chapter One

Kerry had been up all night. She needed to finish the single most brutal
history project ever assigned to her. It was 2am and she was still
researching on the internet for important historical facts that others in
her class might have over looked. The pretty and smart redhead always tried
to show the world just how good she was. As she explored the various links
and web-pages her eyelids began to feel very heavy and she found herself
yawning a bit too often. She looked over at her sister's bed. Bridget was
softly snoring.

"Gotta stay awake, gotta finish this tonight." Kerry told herself. "Maybe a
quick break."

She was going to log-off when she spotter a new folder on her computer's

"What the heck is this?" Kerry noted the name was 'bridgetsprivatefile'.

Kerry tried to open the folder but there was a request for a password.

"What would Bridget use as a password?" She wondered out loud.

Kerry typed in 'BridgetIsPretty'. That did the trick and Bridget had access
to the file.

"Amazing." Kerry sighed. Her sister's narcissism was unbelievable.

Kerry noted there were a few files containing photographs and a link. Kerry
looked back to make sure Bridget was still asleep then clicked on the first
photo. As soon as the image appeared Kerry gasped in shock. It was her sister
Bridget, completely naked in front of a cheesy matte painting of the beach.

"Oh... My... God..." She said quietly. Kerry stared at the picture for
several minutes. Bridget had apparently had shaved her pubic area for the
photograph. Kerry wondered who the photographer was. Kerry's eyes wandered
to Bridget's boobs. Kerry had to admit that they were to of the most lovely
spheres ever to grace a woman's body. She had seen her sister naked before
but this was different. Kerry squirmed in her seat. This photo was making
her feel odd. Kerry opened the next pic. This was a picture of Bridget from
behind. It was Bridget looking back over her shoulder at the camera. Her
ass was almost as perfect as her boobs. Kerry found herself imagining what
that ass would feel like beneath her fingertips.

What am I thinking? Kerry chastised herself. Still she opened the next
picture. This one featured Bridget bent over. Her breasts hung like udders
and her ass was reddened as if it had been caned.

"Holy hell." Kerry gasped.

Bridget looked through one picture after another. Some of them had her
posing with other models most male, one of two female. Other pictures had
her masturbating with dildos and vegetables. There were even pictures of
Bridget in bondage and S&M situations. Kerry hadn't even realized that she
was rubbing her pussy as she watched the computer screen. She rubbed harder
and harder through her panties and moaned softly as she watched one naked
picture of her sister after another. She felt the soft release of her
orgasm and then looked back to be sure that she hadn't disturbed Bridget.

Bridget felt dirty and guilty but still she was curious about what the link
was. She clicked on it and was taken to a site where was advertised different
girls in sex videos. One of them was Bridget.

Bridget was bending over the back of a chair. A large black man approached
her from behind. She looked back at him as he ran his hands over her body.
Kerry was feeling jealous in spite of herself as she watched some stranger
feel up her sister. The man smacked Bridget's ass and leaned forward to
squeeze a breast and grab a hand full of hair. He used the boob and hair as
reigns as he slammed his cock deep into Bridget's cunt. Kerry's fingers
where deep in her own pussy as she watched her sister getting ruthlessly
fucked. The guy that was behind her in the video was slamming into her like
a man possessed. He was thrusting in and out in and out. Kerry was mesmerized
by the sight of his big, black cock repeatedly sinking into her sister's
beautiful cunt. Soon he was cumming and his sperm was dribbling down from
her pussy. By the time the video was over she had already fingered fucked
herself till she'd cum.

She stared blankly at the monitor and came to a startling revelation: She
wanted to fuck her own sister. An evil smile crossed her face as she
developed a plan to get what she wanted.

To be continued...

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