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8 Simple Rules: 12inchdad And Teenslutdaughter Part 4 (Mf, inc, oral, anal)
by Neenah

'My fingers are under my panties. '

Paul's dick was hard as he read the message. It was all he could do not to unzip his pants and whack it out, masturbating it hard to release. But that would be a waste of his cum and he didn't want to loose any of it in jacking off, not when he was going to be banging his hot, sexy Bridget later.

He hunched over the computer and typed a message back, 'Is your pussy wet?'

There seemed a long wait until teenslutdaughter flashed up again in the chat box, with her message, 'Very wet. It's soaking my panties.'

12inchdad typed back, 'Stick a finger in your cunt.'

tsd 'It feels so good. Almost as good as a big 12 inch Daddy cock would feel.'

His dick pressed at his pants, so hard it was painful. Bridget was downstairs on her laptop, sitting at the kitchen table, teasing him with her sexy, naughty messages in the 'Incest fantasies' chatroom. There were a few others on as well, motherfucker89, Unclecock and redtramp, but none of them were typing, all just watching the conversation between 12inchdad and teenslutdaughter. None of the other log-ons would realise that 12inchdad and teenslutdaughter weren't strangers, but a real Dad and daughter who were banging away. Paul licked his lips and typed some more, 'I'm hard with the thought of it. I want to stick my member in my daughter's tiny hole and screw it hard.'

tsd 'I love having huge cock in my tight cunt.'

12id 'That's not the hole I meant (wink)'. Paul was teasing, but he'd being trying to get Bridget to let him fuck her in her bottom for a few weeks and she was still stubbornly refusing. He was beginning to loose hope that she was going to do butt-fucking, which was disappointing, though the fact her cunt was tight and fuckable and she also gave the greatest blowjobs ever dulled the disappointment.

tsd 'Naughty, naughty, naughty. (smiley)'

12id 'Not as naughty as you. What are you doing with your finger?'

tsd 'I am moving it round my sweet hole. Mmmmmm, ohhhhh. It feels so good.'

12id, 'I am imaging my spreading my daughter's legs and fucking her over the kitchen table.'

tsd 'In and out, in and out. I can feel my Daddy's huge schlong pumping me.'

12id 'I bet you'd be screaming.'

tsd 'Loudly. I'm almost moaning down here. But my sister's upstairs and I don't want her to wonder what I'm doing.'

Paul agreed with that. He wished that his youngest daughter would hurry up and finish getting ready to go out to her friends. Normally it took her fifteen minutes to brush her hair and teeth and throw something on, but tonight it seemed to take longer. He glanced at his watch and shook his head, it wasn't as long as he thought since they'd finished clearing away dinner. Rory had shot out as soon as the meal was finished, garbling an excuse about soccer practice. Kerry had said she was going out as well, allowing Bridget and Paul to exchange a secret smile, but she said she'd help with the dishes before getting ready if her Dad would drive her over. Paul had agreed - it meant less alone time with Bridget, but if he refused it might raise Kerry's suspicions. After they'd done the dishes Kerry had gone upstairs to change. Bridget had got out her laptop and told her Dad she was going to log-on for ten minutes whilst her sister got ready. Paul knew what that meant and had dashed upstairs to his room to log into 'Incest fantasies' chatroom and exchange dirty talk with the blonde vixen downstairs.

12id 'I'm sure you'll be moaning later.'

tsd 'I'm sure I will. (smiley).'

tsd 'I've just taken my finger from my pussy. It's dripping.'

12id 'Cunt or finger? (smiley)'

tsd 'Both (wink). I've just put my cummy finger in my mouth. It tastes so good.'

12id 'You're making me hungry for teen cunt juice.'

Tsd 'Yummy, yummy, yummy.'

12id 'Very hungry'.

He had just pressed 'enter' when Kerry called out that she was ready. Paul switched of his computer and put on a long trench coat to cover the bulge in his pants, "I'm coming, Care Bear," he called.

Kerry was waiting by the front door as he came down the stairs. Paul turned his head towards Bridget. The blonde was sitting at the kitchen counter looking at something on her laptop, she looked the picture of innocence, not the complete hardcore tramp that Paul knew she was and loved. Paul said, "I'll just be twenty minutes."

"Okay Daddy, I'll be here when you get back," she smiled a smile of promise.

* * *

"I'm back," called Paul dropping his car keys in the dish as he got in through the front door. All the way back from dropping off Kerry he had been thinking of dicking his other daughter and his penis was rock hard beneath his pants.

He started to pull off his sweater as Bridget called, "I'm upstairs."

"I'm coming up, Bridge," Paul shouted back. He undid his shirt and shrugged it off, kicked off his shoes and pulled down his pants and headed up the stairs, pulling off his boxers as he climbed.

"Oh, Daddy, hurry up," giggled Bridget from his room, "I'm so horny."

Paul pushed the door open. Bridget was lying naked on the covers of the double bed, with one hand she was gently rubbing a tittie, making the nipple stand out. Her other hand was down between the thighs gently caressing her cunt; the pussy was shiny with excitement. The teen giggled and slid a finger into her hole, "Are you still hungry?"

"Very hungry for yummy cum," grinned Paul. He grabbed her legs and pulled her towards him, so that her back was lying on the bed, but her legs were off it. He got to his knees, hungry for her luscious cunt as she moved her legs apart. The hole glistened with juice and Paul stuck his head down.

Bridget gave a moan as Paul's tongue began to push at her slit. He forced it in, pushing and licking at the wet walls. In and out his tongue flickered, rushing into her wet cunt. The naked teen moaned, "Oh Daddy, oh Daddy."

Paul's tongue moved in and out, licking at her pussy, sucking her juice down, slurping at the cum. His teeth sometimes lightly taking hold off a flap of flesh and teasingly tugging at it. Bridget moaned and shook with pleasure, her naked body rising and falling as her back bent and turned, her toned stomach lifting up and her back leaving the bed. Her hands were playing with her titties, squeezing and fondling the mounds and making the nipples hard. All the time her Daddy's tongue was exploring and pressing at her, sweeping over her erogenous zones. "Oh yes Daddy. Eat my cunt Daddy. Eat my yummy pussy. Drink my juice, drink it up. Oh that's so good, right there Daddy."

Paul's tongue went faster. He could feel her quivering bud as his tongue hit it. Her pussy was so juicy and filled with cum, it tasted so good. His cock was hard and aching, but as much as he wanted to stick it in her, he wanted to pleasure her first and make her cum and cum again. His tongue flicked in and out, hammering down her hole and tasting her cum. She shook and shivered, gasping and squealing as she orgasmed, "Oh yes, Daddy, oh yes, oh, oh, oh, ooohhhhh."

He lifted his head as she pulled herself back, "That was yummy. What about you?" he grinned.

Bridget nodded, panting, her face flushed, "It was fantastic." She pushed herself further back onto the bed and smiled, "Let me get your dick nice and slick before it goes in me." She licked her lips sexily and pushed her tongue suggestively at the side of her cheek.

"Yes," grinned Paul. He stood up and smiled, "and I'll keep licking at your tasty slot at the same time."

"Good idea, Daddy," giggled Bridget.

He lay on his back as Bridget got in position on top of him. She bent down and took his schlong between her lips, moving them up and down slowly as she got used to having his monstrous meat in her mouth, stretching her jaws. Then as she moved down she slid her soaking wet pussy over his face. Paul grabbed at her ass cheeks and levered up his head so that he could tongue the wet hole. His tongue moved in and out, slurping at her sexy hole as she moved up and down his prong. There only sound was that of slurps and sucks, their mouths to full to moan or gasp. But that didn't mean they weren't both enjoying the 69. Paul could feel the excitement pushing through his body as Bridget's mouth went down, making him feel tense and relaxed at the same time. Bridget was quivering with ecstasy, her cunt damp with her excitement. Paul pushed his tongue harder, lapping at the wet walls and slurping down her womanly juice. She sucked at him harder, sucking in more of his schlong and taking it further into her mouth so that he could feel it going over her tongue and threatening to enter her throat. Her beautiful firm titties rubbed at his stomach as she bobbed, bouncing and rubbing at her tummy, the nipples hard and erect from excitement. They licked and sucked together, enjoying the taste of each other as their mouths pleasured the other's most intimate bits.

It was Bridget who broke first, lifting her head from her Daddy schlong and looking at it with an appraising stare. Paul stopped looking as she got off him and said, "That looks plenty wet, but I think it needs some more lube."

"Okay, Bridge, I don't want to hurt you," said Paul, though she'd always been able to cope before "But if you're worried about me stretching that sweet little pussy of yours do you want me to be gentle?"

His daughter giggled and shook her head, "Oh Daddy, didn't I mention? I want you to butt-fuck me." She paused and smiled, "Unless you don't want too?"

"Lube away," said Paul, "I've been wanting to bang your ass for so long I'm not going to say no now."

The teen turned and lay on her front as she leant over and reached for something under the bed. Paul admired his daughter's shapely ass as he did so, his schlong rock hard as he anticipated stuffing his dick up her hole. Bridget returned up with a tube of anal gel, she unscrewed it and said, "Let me lube you up Daddy."

Paul lay back, his dick sticking up, "Here you go baby."

Bridget squirted a large lump onto her hand and began to rub it in. Paul felt his excitement rise as his daughter's hand slid up and down his foot long hard member, a twelve incher that was going to pound her tiny back hole. It would stretch it out like it had never been stretched before, leaving it gaping and open and aching. Paul hoped his daughter knew that and put on plenty of lube to make it easier on her. He said this and she smiled and squirted out more gel on her palm, "Don't worry, I'll lube it up so its slippery and oiled and I've been practising with my dildo. When you were out with Kerry I pushed it up there and worked it, my shithole is ready for your big dong."

"I'll go easy," promised Paul.

"Don't you dare. Daddy," said Bridget in a fake scolding voice, "I want to feel it. I want it hard and deep. I want you to bang my ass open wide." She let go off his dick, "I think that's ready," she said.

"Thank you Bridge for letting me take you up the ass. You'll love it," Paul said. He sat up again and lay his daughter down and then slid two pillows under her back lifting her up. "Let's do it face to face, so we can look at each other as I take your anal virginity."

"Yes Daddy," his daughter said, nervous and excited.

Paul moved behind her, his knees sliding under her butt-cheeks, resting her on his thighs. He pushed his middle finger at her butthole. Not far, just up to the first joint. The teen's face grimaced and jerked as it went in.

Paul smiled, "A little more," he said and pushed into the knuckle. Bridget moaned and her face gave another little twist, her legs spreading open. Paul turned the finger, feeling her tight ass grip at it. He pulled it out and looked at the hole, it wasn't the pursed tightness that had been there before, but it was still small for a twelve inch dick to go in. It would expand though, he knew, as he pounded it. He reached down and pulled at the cheeks, "Ready Bridge?"

"Yes, Daddy. Take me anally, bang my butthole," the teen said.

She closed her eyes and whimpered as Paul started to push his huge meat down her tiny shitter. She was so very tight, the hole so very small, especially for a prick as thick and wide as his. He was in no rush, however, Rory and Kerry wouldn't be back until late and Paul saw no need to go so fast that he ruined Bridget's asshole. Slow and steady would be much more fun, at least until her pooper was stretched enough to properly accommodate his meat. He leant back and moved forward, pushing another half-inch of dick down her shitter. Bridget grimaced and gasped as he stretched her. Paul smiled down, "That's it, let me in. It'll be hard at first, but it gets easier."

"Yes Daddy, I want it, I want your huge member in my butthole," Bridget's face was twisted and pale.

Paul slid his thumb down and started to press at her cunt, which was still wet. At the same time he pushed himself further into her. The teen shuddered and forced herself to smile, "Do me Daddy, do my butt."

Paul continued to rub and stimulate her pussy as he worked his schlong in and out of her shitter. He carried on, slowly going deeper and deeper into her butthole, the thrusts easy at first as he went down tube which had been stretched, become more difficult as he went deeper into anal passageway that his huge slab had not loosened. But he could feel her ass loosening with every slow push in, it was still gripping him nicely, but was a bit wider and less uncomfortable for his daughter.

"How's it feel baby?" he asked, "Are you getting used to it yet?"

Bridget nodded and bit her lip as he went a little deeper and gouged his dick over virgin anal tubing, "I just want you to enjoy it," she said, "I want you to fuck my ass."

It wasn't an answer to his question, but it was good enough. Paul pushed his thumb at her pussy, pressing at her clit and being rewarded with a little cry of teen pleasure. At the same time he began to move a little faster and more forcefully, upping the pressure with which he drove into Bridget's taut poophole. He pounded forward, looking down at his huge knob and watching more of it vanish into his daughter. Her ass was still so tight and warm, gripping at his dick and squeezing it pleasurably. The teen was rocking on the bed, jiggling as he thrust forward, her titties bouncing. "Good girl, Bridge, you can do it," he gasped and sped up.

"Oh yes, Daddy, yes," Bridget's expression was changing, the contortion showing her excitement not discomfort. His dick was getting deeper and he could feel it pounding at the back of her cervix wall, exciting her erogenous zones. And whilst she was still tight she was opening, allowing his lubed up schlong easier access. He rubbed harder at her clit, it was vibrating from his thumbing and from the hard, steady pounds of his dick on the wall behind. He thrust again and again, hammering his member deeper into her pooper. The blonde gasped suddenly, swinging her head back and shivering as she shrieked, "Oh, oh Daddy, oh yes, oh, make me cum, you're making me cum."

It was the invitation Paul needed. He let the go off the last of his cares about Bridge's ass and let go. His hands were gripping her sides as he pounded her ass as fast and deep as he could, ramming his huge schlong into her anus. The blonde teen shrieked and gasped, one of her hands moved down to replace his thumb and she began to finger and fondle her wet slit as her Daddy sodomised her vigorously, "Oh, oh, oh, yes Daddy, oh, fuck my butt, bang it good."

"Oh Bridge, you're so tight, this is great. I'm so happy you allowed me to be the first person to butt-fuck you, it's the best shithole I've ever banged," Paul gasped in reply. And he wasn't lying. She was tight and firm, gripping at his dick, but lubed and loose enough that he could really pound without the friction burning at his cock or her ass walls. She was energetic, thrusting and rocking in time with him and her face was filled with lust and excitement, her pussy soaked and wet with cum as she fingered it. Fucking her anally was a dream come true. "Oh yes, baby, your ass is mine."

He could feel his libido rising, and then the hard pressure on his balls and dong which acted as a warning he was about to explode. He gasped out, "I'm going to cum, Bridge."

"Cum over my face and tits, I want to be glazed in your batter," the teen squeaked.

Paul pulled out his dick and quickly shuffled forward and to the side so that he was kneeling beside his daughter. He was just in time, as with a quick tug his schlong spurted his spunk all over her face and titties. The teen laughed and giggled as the white goo blasted over her firm bosoms and pretty face, splattering over her mouth and nose, getting in her eye and dripping down from her nipple.

"That was great," said Paul, grinning at his cum soaked daughter, "Let me take some souvenir shots of your first anal banging."

Bridget nodded, "Sure thing, Daddy," she replied as her Dad reached into his drawer and pulled out his digital camera.

"Let's take one of your gaping ass quickly, before it shrinks," he said.

Bridget reached down to her ass cheeks and pulled at them, spreading the already gaping hole so that her Dad could take a few shots of open, dark cavern and the red rings round it. After that he took a few shots of her cum covered tits. All those they would post later on 'Incest fantasies' but the final picture, of Bridget smiling as she licked a globule of cum that was hanging over her lips was just for him and her to enjoy.

Taking the pictures of his sexy, beautiful daughter made him hard again. Bridget smiled as she noticed his member hardening and sticking up. "You want me to deal with that?" she giggled.

"Yes," Paul put the camera back, "Which hole are you planning to use?"

"I think it'd be really sexy to suck it with my mouth, cleaning the cock which has just been up my ass with my mouth," she said.

Paul nodded and lay back again, "Works for me, Bridge."

He groaned as his daughter's sensuous lips closed down on his upright pole, her mouth moist and warm. Her head slowly moved up and down, sucking him in. Her tongue probed and pressed and swirled round his shaft, licking and cleaning at the dong that had been just up her ass. Paul groaned again, closing his eyes and drifting into a piece of heaven as Bridget carried on sucking. He could hear her slurping and sucking enthusiastically, taking his member deep into her mouth and enjoying the taste of him as much as he enjoyed the touch of her lips. Up and down she bobbed, Paul groaned again. She was such a great cock-sucker, he almost enjoyed it as much as he'd enjoyed banging her shithole.

Her naked titties were jiggling , bouncing up and down, as she vigorously sucked, her blonde head bobbing like a cork in water. Her mouth slid up and down his shaft, leaving it wet with her spit. Faster and faster she went, driving Paul to the pinnacles of pleasure. Soon, he was gasping again, "I'm going to cum."

His teen daughter didn't stop, so Paul took that as permission to shoot into her mouth. He grunted as he came, blasting his seed at the back of her throat. Bridge kept her mouth open and over his dick as he pumped wave after wave of his sticky seed into her. She only withdrew once he'd finished cumming, letting some dribble out between her lips whilst she swallowed the rest. "Yummy," she said, giggling.

"We better get dressed before your sister and brother come home," said Paul.

"yes, I suppose so," said Bridget reluctantly, "but I hope you're going to bang my butt again soon."


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