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8 Simple Rules: 12inchdad And Teenslutdaughter Part 3 (Mf, inc, oral)
by Neenah

Paul Hennessy sat in front of the computer in his room. In one hand was the mouse as he scrolled down, in his other he gripped his large dick, gently stroking it as he looked at the photos on the screen. He was logged on to 'Incest fantasies', his favourite website and was looking at the photos teenslutdaughter had posted. Some were self-shot close ups of her cute cunt and firm titties. Others were from further away, and had her lying on the bathroom floor, legs apart, and showing her cum filled pussy or her stretched against the bathroom wall, hands on her ass cheeks and teasing with her dick-hardening butt.

In none of the pics could you see teenslutdaughter's face, but Paul knew it was his daughter in them. Not only did he recognise the nubile teen body, but he had taken the ones in the bathroom and encouraged her to post them and the self-shot pics as well. She was so fuckable and sexy it would be a sin, he had said, not to let other members drool over and jack their dicks over shots off her nude body - especially as none of them would ever have her, Bridget's was her Daddy's and her Daddy's alone.

There was a beep from his phone. He looked at it, a message from Bridget. It only said two words, 'Logged on' but Paul knew what they meant. He moved from his daughter's profile page into the chat room - his nickname, 12inchDad, flashing up and notifying the chat room he had joined them. There was only one other person in the room, teenslutdaughter. Paul smiled and typed in 'Hello'. He had heard her come back half an hour ago, a quick shout from her and an equally brief shout of acknowledgement from him. His other daughter, Kerry, had been coming in at the same time and he didn't want to act out of the ordinary. As far as Kerry was concerned he was spending time on the PC in his bedroom was because he was a journalist and was working hard on his next column, not looking at sexy pics of her sister and exchanging dirty chat with her.

'Hi!' the message popped up from Bridget, followed seconds later by a follow-up, "Did you see my photos?"

Paul typed in, 'Very sexy. Loved the ones in the bathroom. Photographer must be talented (smiley)'.

tsd 'He was, very, very good and skilled. He took good photos also.'

12id '(smiley). Sounds like a fun night.'

tsd 'It was. My pussy is still zinging.'

12id 'That's what big dicks do to it.'

tsd 'I'm touching it at the moment. My sister is downstairs watching the TV. My sexy Dad is in the next bedroom.'

It turned them both on that when they exchanged messages on the board they both pretended they didn't know who the other one was. Paul stroked his dick thinking of Bridget's fingers stroking at her hairless hole and typed with his other hand, 'I bet his jacking off as he thinks about his sexy slut daughter.'

tsd 'Making me hot. I'm thinking about him ramming his huge whopper in my tight hole.'

12id 'You pussy would be gripping your Daddy so hard.'

tsd 'Yum. He's just shot all over my face and I'm licking away his tasty cum as it covers me.'

12id 'I bet your Daddy can't wait to fuck you again.'

tsd 'I can't wait, as well, Counting down until my brother and sister are out and I can get my Daddy's dong in me.'

'Perhaps this time he could do you in the ass?' Paul typed, hopefully. Last night she had made clear her butt was off-limits but left him with plenty of hope that a no-no could in the future become a yes-yes, especially as she had posed against the wall, pulling at her cheeks and showing him the tiny, tight hole.

She ignored him and said, 'I'm still in my cheerleader's uniform. The skirt is really short and if I'm wearing panties you can see them when I bend.'

12id 'That sounds sexy.'

tsd 'Do you think my Daddy would want me to wear the uniform next time we screw?'

12id 'He would. All red blooded men love sexy teens in cheerleading kit.'

tsd 'And all sexy teens love getting fucked by their Daddy.'

Paul could hear Kerry coming up the stairs. Quick as a flash her sister had logged off and Paul was stuffing his dick back in his pants - he knew he'd be thinking tonight of Bridget in her cheerleading kit and dreaming of seeing her in and out of it.

* * *

Paul didn't have to wait. Early the next evening Paul was just putting away the dishes helped by Kerry when Bridget bounded down from her room into the kitchen wearing her cheerleader uniform. "Dad..." the teen smiled and gave him a look that to Paul was seductive, though to Kerry is was just Bridget playing the young good daughter to play on her Dad's heartstrings. She gave a grunt of derision at her sister and vigorously wiped at the plate with the towel.

Paul fought down the hard-on that threatened to erupt under his pants as Bridget as he turned towards Bridget, in her short skirt and socks and in a top that crushed at her titties, "Yes, Bridge?"

"Could you take me to cheerleader practice?" she twirled a finger through her hair and opened her mouth in a sexy pout.

"You should make her walk," Kerry turned her back to her sister "Cheerleading is only dumb blondes who can't do gymnastics shouting for even dumber jocks who think being able to throw a ball is a skill."

Normally Bridget would have been arguing with her sister, but this time she reached down and behind her sister's back pulled up her skirt to show her Daddy a brief glimpse of her naked pussy. She quickly dropped it down again, "Please Dad, drive me." She placed an extra emphasis on the word drive, but Paul had already got the hint.

For the benefit of Kerry he tried to sound reluctant, "If I must." He turned to Kerry, "Can you finish drying the dishes. I'll take Bridget... it won't be worth me coming back home as I'll have to set out again almost as soon as I get back to pick her up again."

Kerry grunted something and shrugged, "You shouldn't spoil her."

Bridget stuck her tongue out at her sister. Paul picked up the car keys "Come on then Bridge."

He reversed the car out of the drive and turned to his daughter in the seat beside him, "I'm not really taking you to cheerleader practice, am I?"

"Don't be silly, I'd get a lift from a friend if we going to practice, not my big dicked Dad," Bridget smiled, showing her pearly teeth. Her hands moved down and she undid his zip and buttons, sliding her hand down beneath the flap and starting to stroke his member. "Left here" she directed.

Paul did as he was told, following Bridget's directions and trying to concentrate on the road as she stroked his meat, making the rod hard and firm. Luckily they were soon at their destination. "Turn right here," said Bridget and directed Paul into the parking lot of a small low-rent motel just outside of town.

Paul pulled to a stop and Bridget stopped stroking his dick and reached for her purse. She gave him a seductive smile as she pulled out a room key, "I spent my allowance of getting us a room for a few hours."

Paul nodded, "We'll have to look to up your allowance," he said smiling. If this was going to become a regular occurrence, he wanted somewhere more upmarket which didn't charge by the hour so that he could fuck Bridge all night. Not that he was complaining, it was certainly better than being at home thinking about slamming her cute pussy. Bridget was out of the car and heading up to the room she'd booked, lifting her skirt to remind him she had no panties on and that she had a very sexy behind.

Paul tucked his huge piece of meat back into his pants, locked the car and followed her. Bridget walked up the stairs, hefting her short skirt higher so that Paul could see the move of her rump as she climbed. God, he thought, what he'd give to thrust his member between the two of them and into the hole between. He hoped his daughter would let him fuck her their tonight, but he suspected that she would still be teasing him, 'look, but no fuck'. From the messages they had exchanged before she knew she was talking to her Dad he knew she wasn't against anal, but she didn't want it to be too easy. She was fulfilling that desire anyway, he decided.

Penny opened the door to the bedroom, turning in the doorway to tease Paul with a smile and a tiny wiggle of her ass. Paul grinned, whilst it would be great to whack his schlong into that cute teenie butt it was also great to stuff it in her sexy front hole. He followed her into the room - it was barely decorated, a wardrobe built into a wall, a shower in a small room to the side, a TV sitting on a cabinet. But it also had a double bed and that was all Paul and Bridget needed. The teen turned to him as soon as he had closed the door and leant towards him. He reached down gripping her waist and pulling her against him, her soft body pressing at his, with her hands hooked round the back of his neck. Their mouths moved together, tongues twisting round and round. Paul moved his hands down and pulled up the skirt so he could rest them on her buttocks, squeezing at the rump and gripping it so that it wobbled beneath his fingers. He could feel his hardness straining at his pants.

"Let me take this off," Bridget pulled back just far enough to take off her top. Her large bosoms were bouncing, the nipples stiff and showy. She took them in her hands and jiggled them, "What do you think?"

"Beautiful," said Paul. He unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it to the floor. Bridget moved back a bit and arched her back, pushing out the titties like she was a centrefold. She gave him a fuck-me smile, pouting and running her tongue round her lips, as her hands moved up her body, dipping into the curves above her hips and then moving outwards as they went up her chest and over her sexy breasts. Paul had removed his shoes and socks as he watched her and now as she twirled round to face the wall and lift up her skirt to show her butt he began to undo his belt and unzip his pants. His schlong pushed out the boxers as he looked at his sexy, slutty daughter dancing and gyrating, whirling to face him one hand still holding up her min-skirt, the other touching at her nipples, tweaking them between her fingers and thumbs. "I want you," Paul, bringing down his pants and boxers and stepping out of them.

"You can have me," giggled Bridget and kicked off her pumps. She got onto the bed, still wearing her socks and cheerleader skirt. She rolled onto her front and got up on her hands and knees, "Bang my sweet little cunt."

Paul got up behind her and started to slide his large erect penis into her hole. It was tight, but already wet and a few thrusts and he was in. Bridget bounced along with him, running her pussy back so that it swallowed his huge schlong. "Oh yes, Daddy, on yes," Bridget moaned.

Paul grabbed her sides and began to thrust in and out, "Fuck, Bridge, your pussy is so tight and wet. It feels so good," he grunted.

"Oh yes, Daddy. I want you to fuck me. You know I love being fucked by you, so give it me good with your big whopper. Stick it down me and make me cum, oh yes, Daddy, fuck me," the teen moaned back.

Paul naked body pounded against his daughter. His huge monster of a dick pounding down her tight fuckhole, the pussy flaps airtight round it as he thrust in. Bridget groaned and squealed, gasping as the massive member opened her cunt and rammed at her G-spot. She was jolting with every thrust, lifting her head and crying out in pleasure, "Ooohhh, ooooh, ohhhh..."

"That's it, baby, let Daddy bang that sweet hole of yours," Paul was holding her waist tight as he went in and out. His body slapped at hers and her butt cheeks jiggled as his body thrust at hers. He could feel her cunt grasping at his cock, squeezing it tight. He moved harder, vigorously thrusting into her sopping hole. Sweat appeared on his cheeks and trickled down and he could feel perspiration under his arms and between his legs. It was so hot, banging Bridget, she was so hot, her cunt so warm and wonderful.

"Oooooh, oooohhhh, oooooohhhh!" Bridget grunted and moaned and her back bent and stretched as Paul's hard hammerings drove her to orgasm. His cock was filling her, hitting her spot.

"Ooooohh, yessss, oooooohhh," she cried, "More, Daddy more."

He carried on, ramming her tight pussy as it gripped his dick. In front of her she rocked, thrusting forward as he rammed her and jumping back as he retreated. Her skirt was up over the small of her back, leaving her cute butt uncovered, bare and sexy. He gripped at her waist harder, trying to keep hold off her as she moved, her sides sweaty and slippery under his fingers. It wasn't easy, but he did it, ramming his twelve inch schlong far into her. Bridget gasped out again, "Oh yessss, ooooohhh!"

"Fuck, I'm going to cum," Paul gasped in reply. He straightened his back and groaned as ecstasy took control of his body. His dick pumped, blowing the white goo into his daughter's wet cunt, filling it with his spunk. It was dripping as he pulled it out, his cock soaked and covered with his cum and her juice.

They lay on the bed, panting and recovering. Paul stretched out his arm and his nearly naked daughter cuddled into him, her uncovered, sweaty bosoms, pressed against his bare chest. "You're so beautiful," he said and kissed her nose.

The teen tittered, "I love your big dick in me. It feels so good."

"And I love fucking you as well. You're body is so firm and tight and sexy and you're so energetic as well, squealing and moaning and gripping my dick. You're the best bang I've ever had."

"Good," giggled Bridget and kissed him on the lips. Her hand moved down to his dick again and she began to stroke the schlong, "I wouldn't be so loud and passionate unless I had something to work with, a humongous prick that really fucks me."

Paul grinned, "I aim to please." He could feel his cock hardening again as Bridget's palm slid over it and her fingers closed round the stiff column, tugging and pulling at it as he became like iron.

"You do," smiled his daughter, "and it looks like you're ready again."

"Ready to try a different hole?" Paul asked hopefully.

Bridget smiled, "My ass?"


"Perhaps soon," teased the teen. She sat up and pulled down her skirt, "In the meantime let me do the work."

"Sure," grinned Paul. His cock was sticking straight up in the air as Bridget moved over it and began to lower herself on it. Paul sat half-way up to help her as she put her fingers under herself and spread her pussy open to accommodate the meat. She gave a shudder as her slit began to cover the member, her lips opening to take it all. Paul grinned, "That's it, Bridget, all the way down. Get all my meat-muscle in you."

Despite her earlier pounding her cunt was still tight and firm and she needed to go up and down several times before she was satisfied that the dick was going fully up her. Once he was she began to ride like she was a champion jockey, her lithe body bouncing up and down, throwing her head back so that her blonde hair was rubbing down her back and her naked titties were wobbling and bouncing like they were made of rubber. "Oooohhh, yessss, oooohhh," she moaned and gripped her large titties between her hands, rubbing and playing with them. Her body leant back as she shivered with excitement, "Ohhhhh, oohhhhhh, ohhhhh yessss!"

"Go on baby, go on. Fuck me," Paul grunted and thrust his schlong up. Her pussy was gripping it, soaking the schlong with her cum. He let her come down as he thrust up, the inside of her thighs pressing at his balls. "Yeah, Bridge, fuck Daddy, fuck him in good."

The bouncing teen screamed out in excited ecstasy, her head thrown back and her titties bouncing free. "Oh shit, ooooohhh," she gasped as she came.

She paused for a moment, gasping and getting her breath back. Paul didn't, he continued to slam up, drilling his big dick into her tight little pussyhole. After a brief pause Bridget carried on, riding and jumping and bouncing on his member, thrusting her sexy body down his thick twelve-inch knob. They went together vigorously, Paul lying down and thrusting up, Bridget on her haunches and driving down. He could feel the pressure growing in his balls as his daughter's tight hole worked his member. He grunted and thrust up, "Bridge, shit, Bridge."

Up his midriff went, ramming his member deep into a downcoming Bridget. He grunted as his cock exploded, blasting his daughter's tight teen twat with his seed. He collapsed back on the bed, still pumping, and filling his daughter's hole with his cum. She slid off him, his thick goo, sliding down her hole. She fell onto the bed, "Oh that was great, so great."

Paul nodded, "It was. You're so sexy."


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