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8 Simple Rules: 12inchdad And Teenslutdaughter (Mf,inc,oral)
by Neenah

Paul Hennessy looked up from his novel as his seventeen year old daughter, Bridget, walked past his desk, after coming downstairs and heading to the fridge. She opened the door and bent over to get some juice from the bottom shelf, her tiny pair of pink shorts dug into her ass, framing her butt cheeks perfectly as the vest she was wearing slid up her back revealing the back elastic of her thong. Looking at her Paul felt himself go hard, his schlong straining at his pants. It wasn't the first time, he had secretly desired her for a long time, even before his wife had died. One of the reasons he had put such restrictive rules on her and her sister was that if he hadn't he'd have exploded with horniness at the thought of what the cute blonde sexpot was doing on her dates.

He quickly looked down at his book pretending he was reading as Bridget turned round. She walked over towards him sipping her juice and he looked up, placing his book over his large lump and hoping she hadn't seen. She didn't give any indication she had as he said, "Hi hon."

"Hi Daddy," Penny stood twirling her blonde hair round her finger and Paul had to place his hands on the book to keep it covering the mound as he felt himself go hard. Luckily she didn't intend to stay, "As Kerry and Rory are out I'm just going to take my juice upstairs to go on my computer for a bit."

"Good idea," said Paul. He watched as his daughter turned and walked away, her butt-cheeks moving sexily under her shorts. Her tight teen body was turning him on so much, he thought, he needed to get some relief. He put his book to one side and went into his room where his computer was. He switched on it on and waited for the internet to come on. He knew just the site to help him and he logged into it, 'Incest fantasies', where like minded people talked about their family sex fantasies. It asked for his password and he typed it in '12inchdad'. The screen went white for a moment and then came up with the site entrance. There were a number of options, he could post on the forums, or read a story or even look at some of the member's pics, but before he decided he decided to log into chat and see if anyone was there. He clicked into the chat screen, there was only one other person in there, 'teenslutdaughter'. He didn't know her very well, he seen her a few times during group discussions and she seemed nice enough. He wondered whether she'd want to talk and so he typed in 'Hi, teenslutdaughter, want to chat?'

* * *

Penny was sitting on her bed reading a magazine when her computer beeped. She put down her magazine and went over to the computer and sitting beside it, there had been no-one in chat when she had turned on, but she had kept herself logged on in the hope that someone would come on line who she could talk to..

She had been a member of the site for a while, it helped her to talk to other teens who fantasised about being banged by their Dads to remind her she wasn't the only girl with perverse dreams of being dicked by her Dad. And also to talk to Dads on there who had fantasies of screwing their daughters to give her hope that perhaps one day her Dad would feel the same way and give her a sign he wanted to fuck her teen pussy.

It looked promising, on the screen 12inchdad had logged in and sent her message asking her to chat. She didn't know him, he certainly wasn't one of the people she could remember talking to, but if he was on 'Incest fantasies' he would probably be fun. She smiled and typed in, 'Hi 12inchdad. Let's talk.'

12inchdad: 'So what you in to?'

teenslutdaughter: 'I'm a Daddy's girl. I want to spread my legs and have my Daddy stick his big man-meat into my tight teenage pussy.'

12id: 'I want to do my older daughter as well. She's 17 and as sweet as candy. Does your Daddy know you want him to screw you?'

tsd: 'I'm 17 as well. I bet your daughter is a horny slut, we are at that age. My daddy doesn't know. I keep hoping he will notice me, that I'm not his little girl, but a woman, but he doesn't.'

12id: 'Keep on trying, us Dads can be dense. My daughter is a little slut, I know it. She's blonde and so sexy, with the most ripe titties and the most fuckable little butt.'

tsd: 'Have you screwed her yet?'

12id: 'Not yet. She's a little prick-tease, always wandering around in these little tight shorts and tiny vests and when she bends I can see her thong. She doesn't know that every time she prances around I just want to rip off her panties and fuck her good.'

tsd: 'I bet her pussy would be so wet as well, mine is.'

12id: 'I have to jack off at night before I go to sleep, otherwise I just lie there thinking about stuffing her sweet hole.'

Tsd: 'If you were my daddy I'd be spreading my legs and letting your big dick full me. Are you a 12 inch dad?'

Paul grinned and looked down at his cock, he was typing one handed as he stroked the member, it was as close to a foot as made no difference. He typed 'Yes. If you're good may send a picture later.'

Bridget touched her pussy, smiling at the message, a deal was being struck, two people on the internet coming together for mutual benefit. She reached out to the keyboard, 'I'll be good and if you're good as well I'll send you a picture of my sexy snatch.' It was something she'd done often, her phone was secretly filled with shots of the cocks of men, mainly Dads, but some brothers and other male family relatives as well, usually the schlongs were pictured hard and stiff, some of them covered with white goo as the owner had just shot seconds before taking the picture and in return she had sent many members of the ''Incest fantasies' chatrooms a self-taken picture of her shaven slit for them to jack over and wish it was their own daughter or sister.

Up popped the next message from 12inchdad 'I'll be good. (smiley). I've got it in my hand at the moment, wishing it was my daughter holding it.'

tsd: 'My thongs are off and I'm touching myself. Shame a finger isn't a big daddy dong.'

12id: 'So what would be your fantasy for your first time with your Daddy?'

tsd: 'I'm wearing a sexy nightgown, just before I go to bed. There's a knock on the door. It's Daddy standing in my door. He drops of his bathrobe and he's not wearing anything. He's hung like 12inchdad (smiley)'

12id: '(smiley)'

tsd: 'He steps into my room and kisses me and then pulls my nightgown off me. Then he picks me up and takes me over to the bed, lays me down and opens my legs. Then he fucks me so good with his huge dick.'

12id: 'If I was your Dad I'd fuck you. Once I'd done it once I'd shoot my load and do it again and again, I'd drown you in my man cum, I'd make you a full woman, I'd fuck you all night.'

tsd: 'First time Daddy would cum in my pussy. Then I'd suck him and make him cum over my face. Then I'd fuck him again and make him shoot it over my firm titties and then I'd roll over and ask him to fuck my sweet pussy from behind with his huge dick and he'd do it and shoot all his cum over my back and butt.'

12id: 'You'd be covered in Daddy batter. Would you let him do your ass?'

tsd: 'Do Daddies like anal?'

12id: 'I can't speak for all Dads, but I'd love to stick my stiff one between my daughter's firm cheeks and give her a full anal shafting.'

tsd: 'I wouldn't do it the first time. I'd tease him with it, flaunting my cute little tushie at him. Then just when he thinks he's not getting it I'd come into his room at night, pull down his covers and suck him until he's wet and hard and then I'd spread my cheeks and tell him to come in.'

12id: 'If he's 12 inches you'll need proper lube, lots of it. The big dick will go in your ass, really slowly, grinding its way up and you'll be loving it, the feel, the girth, the length. Your Daddy will pound you and pound you until he cums and shoots all his seed into your gaping ass.'

tsd: 'I'll let it dribble out and while the warm cum is trickling down me I'd take his manhood in my mouth and make him hard again, so he can fuck my ass again.'

12id: 'It could be Dad's personal sexhole, you could let other boys fuck your pussy, but Dad only for your ass.'

tsd: 'If I was fucking my Daddy I wouldn't need to fuck anyone else. Unless he wanted me to.'

12id: 'After I'd fucked my daughter I'd love to watch her with others, getting her sweet pussy banged and knowing I'd been there. We could sit and watch movies she's made of herself getting fucked by guys.'

tsd: 'That'd be so hot. After Daddy's fucked me he sends me to my brother so that my brother can become a man while Daddy watches.'

12id: 'I'd want to share you with my son. I take my daughter's backhole, while he pounds the front. We double-fuck her so hard she's aching for a week.'

tsd: 'Covered in your cum as you shoot it all over her face as she kneels down like she's a slutty porn star.'

12id: 'Cum soaked with holes aching and open.'

tsd: 'You want to see my pussy now? I'll send you a pic.'

12id: 'My mobile is 311-555-2368. What's yours?'

Paul took his mobile and aiming it at his hard dick took a picture of the twelve incher.

tsd: '311-555-7665'

Just as he was about to type in the digits and send his picture to teenslutdaughter as agreed the phone buzzed with a text from Bridget. Paul frowned, his daughter hardly ever texted him, if her name hadn't been programmed to come up whenever a call came through from his number there was no way he would have known who it was from. He quickly punched in the numbers to teenslutdaughter and sent over his the photo of his massive manhood, fully erect in all its glory, before opening the text from Bridget.

It wasn't a message, just a picture, a picture of a smooth, shaven pussy, the juice visible on the lips and top of the hole showing arousal. For a moment Paul just looked at it frowning, unable to work out what was going on, it was teenslutdaughter who should have been sending him a picture of her cunt, so why had it come up as Bridget? And then it dawned, the phone had recognised teenslutdaughter's number as Bridget and that's why her name had come up on the screen - all evening he had been typing dirty talk with his own daughter, all about what he wanted to do to her. He stared at his phone, wondering how to take back the message - there was no way to do so and all he could hope was that Bridget's didn't have his number in her phone's memory or she wouldn't put two and two together, and even Bridget wasn't that dumb.

'Teenslutdaughter has disconnected' the message flashed on Paul's PC, destroying his slender hopes that Bridget wouldn't realise what was going on.

Paul zipped his rapidly softening dick back under his pants and leant back. What a disaster, he thought, all the sex talk he'd had with. He would need to go and talk to her, but he didn't know what to say. He just sat there thinking, his hand opening his mobile and looking at the picture that had caused the problem, if they hadn't exchanged photos by mobile, neither would have been the wiser. He sat there, gazing at it, hoping that it would tell him what to say. The more he looked at it though, the harder his cock got, straining at the pants and pushing at the material. Paul looked at photo some more, it was a sweet pussy, tight looking, the pinkness within wet with Bridget's juice. He put down the phone and reread their conversation and a thought came into his head, perhaps her Dad shouldn't go and talk to Bridget and tell her every thing was fine and it was all a misunderstanding, perhaps what he should do was be 12inchdad and go in and bang teenslutdaughter. It was risky, if Bridget hadn't been serious it would destroy their relationship for ever, even if he avoided jail, but if she did want it - Paul looked again at the photo and the transcript. More and more the risk seemed worthwhile for the chance to fulfil his own fantasy of fucking his daughter. His other two children, Kerry and Rory wouldn't be back for ages, and Bridget's cunt looked so great and what she had written seemed so enjoyable.

Paul got out of his clothes, stripping totally naked. He got his gown from the back of his bedroom door and wrapped it round himself tightly. Then he walked down the hall to Bridget's room and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Bridget's voice quavered.

It was the last chance for Paul to talk to her and put the evening behind her, telling her it was alright and they should go to the kitchen and talk, using the brief interval to get into his room and change back. He wouldn't have been human if he didn't consider it for a moment, but he steeled himself and replied, "12 inch dad."

It was the moment of truth, it was too late now to change his mind. He waited for what seemed like hours, barely able to breath, until the door opened and in it stood Bridget. She still wearing the sexy vest that barely covered her lovely round tits, which were just held in place by a bra, the straps of which were visible next to the vest straps and the very tiny shorts that so showed off the top of her legs, she looked pale and nervous, "Dad... I..."

Paul pulled the cord of his robe open, it fell back and Bridget gave a small gasp as she looked down. He shrugged the robe off so that he was standing naked, his full twelve inches on display to his daughter. They stood still, Paul looking at Bridget look at his huge member. Her eyes were wide open and he could see a flush spreading across her, as she breathed in and licked her lips. Paul took a step forward and kissed her, full on the mouth, his arms round her pulling her towards him. He was worried she'd resist, that he'd made a mistake, but she didn't. Instead she opened her own mouth and allowed him to slide his tongue inside her. His hands went to her butt and he gripped it through the shorts, it was both firmer and rounder than he had thought, so sexual and fuckable.

"You're not cross? I broke the rules," Bridget looked at her Daddy, still in his arms.

Paul shook his head, "No Bridge. You're 17 and rules are made to be broken at that age. Anyway there isn't any rules that says you can't go online and make dirty talk or send pictures of your cunt out on the phone."

Bridget gave a small laugh at the humour, then she looked at her Dad, still holding her in the doorway, "What now Daddy?"

"All that you wrote as teenslutdaughter, about spreading your legs for your Daddy's big dick, do you still want it?"


Paul took a step forward, pushing Bridget back and entering her room. He closed the door, leaving his robe on the other side. "I want it as well," he said.

His mouth went down on Bridget's again, his lips clamping against hers and his tongue pushing deep down. Bridget kissed back, her tongue sliding over her Dad's. Paul's hands reached down to her top and he started to pull it up. Bridget lifted her arms up, allowing her Dad to pull it over her head. "Oh Daddy," moaned Bridget as Paul reached behind her and undid her bra. It unhooked easily and he held it for a moment, letting it swing as he kissed his topless daughter - her round naked titties pressing against his bare skin. He pulled back and looked at them, so large and yet so firm. He reached out and squeezed them, making Bridget moan more. She began to undo her shorts, her hands brushing against Paul's erect schlong as she undid the buttons. Paul's hands moved down and he helped her pull them from her hips and down her thighs. "Thanks Daddy," smiled Bridget as Paul moved even closer to her, his huge member rubbing at her inner thigh and rolling over the tiny material that covered her pussy. Paul's hands reached behind and for the first time he held his daughter's naked butt. His hands moved over the curved behind, it was smooth and round and he could feel the firmness of her muscles under the flesh. He moved his hands over the mounds and down towards the valley, pulling it apart and running his fingers down the crack and the string of the thong nestled in there.

"We better get this off, hadn't we," he said.

"Yes," said his daughter. She slid them down, dropping them to her ankles and kicking them off.

They were still so close that Paul could feel his dick rubbing over her hole. He took a step back and looked at her, "You look gorgeous Bridge," he said as he gazed over her sexy 17 year old form, "So sexy."

"You do as well Daddy, so big as well. The photo doesn't do your prick justice, it's like a monstrous python. It looks big enough to split me. I'm so lucky."

"You want it? You want Daddy's big prick in you?"

"I'm teen slut daughter 12 inch Dad, of course I want it," smiled Bridge.

Paul kissed her again, as he did so guiding her over her to her bed. She dropped onto it and looked up at him, "Oh Daddy, make love to me."

Paul looked at her, so sweet and sexy, and with a smile on her face that was the exact opposite of innocent. He had wanted this so long he could take a moment to savour it, gazing at her round tits and pink teenage pussy, her blonde hair sprayed out over the bed. His member was rock hard as he got onto the bed and clambered over her, "I'm not going to make love to you, Bridge, I'm going to fuck you. There's a difference."

"As long as your meat is in me," purred Bridget, looking up at him and opening her legs to receive his hotrod.

He began to enter her. Her pussy was so taut he had to push, straining to get his supersized schlong down her pussy. He wished he brought some lube to make it easier, though Bridget was so wet and slippery she was helping. Slowly he entered, pushing down deeper. She pulled a face, not having realised something so big would stretch her. Paul carried on, "Good girl, you can take it, you can take my big dick."

"Yes, Daddy I can. Take my virginity. Give me your huge pole," the teen said. Her mouth opened and she gave a little moan.

Paul entered deeper and deeper, pushing his schlong full into her cunt until his balls were resting on her labia. He began to move into a rhythm thrusting himself into her, "That's good, Bridge, let me fuck you. Oh, that's good your teen pussy feels so warm and wet, it so tight on my meatpole. Let me fuck you. I'm going to fuck you faster."

He pounded down vigorously, as beneath him Bridget groaned in pleasure, "Ooooooh. That feels so good. That's what I want. Oooohhh Daddy give me your big dick. Give me it all."

In all his fantasies about riding Bridget Paul had never thought it would be so much fun, that Bridget would be so tight and warm, but still so enthusiastic and enjoyable. Her body moving with his and her arms wrapped round his back, pulling him down onto her. His ass rose and fall pounding into her, his humongous dong hammering at her clit. She cried out in ecstasy, "Oooohh Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, you're making me cum, Daddy. Fuck me, I'm yours."

Paul could feel himself welling up, the familiar strain in his balls and rushing up his prong. He remembered what teenslutdaughter had said in chat. He thrust hard and faster, his movements a blur until he felt the rush of an orgasm as he came, shooting his cum into her pussy, just as she had fantasised. There seemed to be so much of it, blasting into her hole, filling it and leaking over the labia.

"That was so good," said Bridget.

"Was it like you fantasised?" asked Paul.

"Better," his daughter said, "You were so big and you screwed me so hard that I think I've got friction burns. But it was worth it, I loved your big dick ramming down me and opening me, it made me really feel it."

"Were you really a virgin?" he asked.

"Of course Daddy," and she smiled so he wasn't sure whether she was lying or not.

He didn't have long to think about it as Bridget slid down his body and took his schlong, still covered in their cum, in her mouth. He went rapidly hard as her lips slid up and down, her head bobbing and her hair flowing down to cover her face. "Yes, oh, shit, oh, yes, that's so good Bridge," moaned Paul. He couldn't believe his luck that not only had he just fucked his beautiful girl, but that she was following it up with a blowjob and a good one at that, sucking his manhood and gulping down his cock deep into her mouth, so that it was pushing at her throat.

Paul lay back on the bed, his hands gripping the bedding as Bridget did her work. Her head moved up and down as she sucked, taking his cock deep. It felt so good and Paul moaned in excitement, "Suck my schlong, Bridge, suck Daddy's big dick, suck it until I cum in your mouth."

His daughter's head moved faster, her warm mouth totally engulfing his hard cock, sucking and slurping.. He could feel a rush of excitement spreading from the top of his thighs and he closed his eyes and let the ecstasy swamp him as he blew again. Burst of his seed exploded from his hard dick, blasting into Bridget's mouth and flooding it so much with his seed, that it overflowed between her lips and dripped down her chin. "Shit, that was great," said Paul as Bridget lifted her head up and swallowed the cum.

"Yes, Daddy," giggled Bridget, "I enjoyed it to."

Paul looked at the clock and reluctantly got to his feet, "Rory and your sister will be back soon. I better get my robe and leave."

Bridget nodded, looking slightly crestfallen, but she brightened up and asked, "Will we do this again, 12inchdad?"

"I think I'd like to do another date with teenslutdaughter," Paul grinned.


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