7th Heaven: Part 2 - Mary's Horror Continues (MMMf,Ff,bmail,preg,ncon)
by NuggettDane ([email protected])

Mary thought, in the days following her brutal gang rape, that she was going
to be able to put the event behind her. But just a little over two months
after the attack she had missed her period and the realization had set in
that she was caring the baby of one of the guys who had raped her. She had
first thought on the day of the rape to call the police, but the weight of
the threat against her sister was still in her mind. She had no doubt that
these guys would indeed find a way to do to her baby sister what they had
done to her.

Plus there was two other reasons she kept quiet. She knew that nobody would
believe her if she said anything. For one thing she had her wild reputation
going against her, and for another Tom Sanders was the son of the local
sheriff. Not to mention that Rick Fuller was the nephew of the mayor. That
combined with the fact that they were all three local football heroes she
knew the town would believe any story they told.

But now she was looking at the chance that she was pregnant by one of those
animals. What was she to do? She decided to confront the guys, at least one
of them, she choose to talk to Tom.

Even after the attack the three of them still came around the house, almost
as if to mock her. They would ask how it was going and if how life was
treating her. Every time she saw them she wanted to throw up. Here they had
viciously gang raped her and now they were acting as though nothing had ever
happened. It would frighten Mary when they would check out Lucy, knowing that
of they ever had the chance they would rape her to. But it really scared her
when they would look at little Ruthie, especially after Tom's threat. Even as
young as her baby sister was she had no doubt in her mind that they wouldn't
hesitate a minute to rape her.

Mary waited till the next afternoon because she knew Tom came over every
Wednesday to have Simon tutor him in math. As he was leaving she walked up
to his car and told him they needed to talk. He asked her about what and she
told him to meet her in front of the pool hall in an hour, he agreed and

An hour later he pulled up and she was standing in front. He honked his horn
and she walked over got in the passenger side of they car and she told him to
go somewhere that they could be alone and talk. Tom for a second thought he
was going to score on the Camden hottie again. But once they had parked she
dropped the bombshell on him.

"Tom I'm pregnant," she told him

"Say what?"

"What don't you understand, I'm pregnant and one of you three bastards is the

"Yea right bitch, blame it on us, like the town doesn't already know you're a

"You son of a bitch! I was a virgin when you and your scumbag friends raped

"Maybe, maybe not, but do you honestly think anyone in this town would
believe that with your rep?"

"Well I guess were going to find out now aren't?"

"How do you figure that?" He smugly asked.

"Because I'm going to the police."

"You dumb cunt, who's going to believe you now? And besides all me and the
boys will have to do is say you led us on and willingly fucked us all, I
think everyone will believe us."

Mary was dumbfounded, she also knew Tom was right. With her waiting two
months to report it and with what the town thought of her there was no way
anyone would believe her.

"Besides," he continued, "just get an abortion and the problem is solved."

"Abortion, I can't do that, it's murder and besides this could be your child,
have you ever thought of that?"

"Gee Mary here's one to think about, have you ever thought that I don't give
a fuck?"

"Well you can forget About me killing the baby, because I wont do it."

"Then that's your problem bitch."

"No Tom, it's also the problem of you and your friends, because weather
anyone in this town believes me or not I'm going to the police and you guys
will pay for what you did."

Suddenly Tom snapped, he grabbed Mary by the back of her head and pulled her
up close to him and told her that she wasn't going to fuck up his life, or
the lives of any of his friends. And then he reminded her that if she didn't
keep her mouth shut then he and his buddies would pay a visit to one of the
other two Camden cuties. Not that they minded breaking in another virgin
Camden, but if she wanted to keep them safe her mouth needed to remain shut.

Then he told her that unless she wanted to fuck, then to get out of his car
because he had places to go. Climbing out she knew she was her world was
going to get a lot worse over the next few days.

Walking home, she quietly entered the house, and went upstairs to lie down.
She knew she couldn't keep her pregnancy from her parents forever, at the
same time she didn't know how to tell them. How would they react? As she
laid there and thought about it, finally realization set it in. What had
happened to her was not her fault, she hadn't asked for it and, no matter
what Tom said, he and his friends had raped her and now she was pregnant as
a result of the ordeal. No, her parents were going to be on her side and she
knew it. But even if they were telling them was going to be very hard, but
she had to do it and no time was better then the present.

Walking downstairs she looked at her mom and dad and told them she had to
speak to them, she had something she needed to talk with them about. And
then she told the two to sit down. When she did that they knew something
was wrong.

"Mom, dad, I don't know how to tell you this but... I'm pregnant."

Her mother turned white and slowly said "You're pregnant?"

"Yes, but it wasn't my fault, I was raped."

"Oh my god" her father exclaimed as he stood.

"Who, when?" was all her mother could get out.

"Two months ago, it was three of Simon's friends."

"Who?" Her father asked.

Trying to keep from bursting to tears Mary told them it was Tom Sanders,
Keith Davis and Rick Fuller.

"Mary why didn't you tell us about this earlier?" Her mother asked.

"Because they said if I ever told anyone that they would come back and next
time it wouldn't be me they raped, it would be Ruthie."

"Well there not going to get away with this" her father said as he picked up
the phone. He quickly dialed the number of his friend Sgt. Michaels. Once he
had him on the line he asked him to come over because he had an urgent matter
he needed to discuss with him.

Once Michaels had arrived the three sat down with him and Mary told him
everything. Sgt. Michaels had known the Camden family for a long time and he
had no trouble believing the story Mary told him. He knew Mary had no reason
to lie, plus there was the fact that he had run ins with the three boys in
question before. He was well aware of their pull in the community, with being
related to prominent people, as well as to being local football heroes.

But despite their connections he was not about to let then get away with what
they did, not of he could help it. However he also knew he and the Camden
family were going to be in for a major battle when this came out. He felt it
was only right to tell them that.

"Mary I want you to know I believe everything you told me." He said.

"Thank you" she responded.

"But you know as well as I do what kind of people were dealing with here, and
if you go forward you need to know there will be trouble."

"Well Sgt. Michaels what should we do?" Asked Rev. Camden.

"James, if you and your family want me to investigate I will and you know it,
I just want you to understand what you will be dealing with."

"Please Sgt. Michaels you have to do something, who knows who they will
attack next" Said Mary.

"Then I will precede, as soon as I know something you will be hearing from

The next day Sgt. Michaels paid a visit to Tom Sanders, although he had no
doubt in his mind that Mary was telling the truth he still had no choice
but to speak to Sanders. But he certainly wasn't looking forward to the
conversation, he knew the young man came from a privileged background and
because of that he felt he was superior to everyone else.

After getting out of his car he walked up to the porch of the Sanders home
and rang the doorbell. A few minutes later Tom answered the door and Sgt.
Michaels asked him if he could come in a speak to him. At first Sanders
seemed a little apprehensive about letting the officer in but he quickly
realized if he didn't it would make him appear very suspicious.

"Sure Sgt. Michaels come on in."

"So tell me Tom do you have any idea why I'm here?"

"No I can't say that I do."

"Well it just so happens that last night I paid a visit to the Camden's home,
Mary has made some allegations against you and a couple of your friends."

Feigning a look of surprise Tom asked what kind of things was she saying.

"She told me that you, along with Rick Fuller and Keith Davis, gang raped

"We did what?"

"She told me that a few months ago the three of you paid a visit to her home
and in the process of that visit you all sexually assaulted her."

"Yea, well I'm here to tell you now Sgt. Michaels that's a lie. I admit me
and my friends went over there awhile back and yes we did have sex with her,
but believe me when I tell you it was consensual."

"Consensual, so she willing had sex with all three of you, is that what your

"Hell yes that's what I'm saying, she dropped her pants to all three of us,
hell she couldn't get enough."

"You know I've known Mary and her family for a long time and Mary doesn't
strike me as the type to do such a thing."

"Well she did."

"Really, well tell me Tom what happened that day, in your own words."

"Well we went over there to see Simon and he wasn't there but Mary was and
she was all alone, she was out back shooting baskets, and when we got there
she asked us if we wanted to play some ball and we said sure."

"Go on."

"So we played for a about 20 minutes and when were done she asked us to come
inside and we did, we were all sitting there drinking some lemonade. I think
it was then when she asked us if we thought she had a nice body, well we said
we did and then she asked if we would like to see her naked and we said of
course and the next thing we know she is taking her cloths off and telling us
to come upstairs with her. So naturally we did and once we goy up to her room
she put out for all of us."

"Now let me see if I got this straight, Mary Camden invited the three of you
in and then took you upstairs and willing had sex with all three of you, is
that right?"

"Hell yes that's right, beside everyone already know what a slut she is."

"Ok Tom, well that's all the information I'm going to need for the time

Having said that Sgt. Michaels got up to leave. He knew every word Tom
Sanders had told him was an outright lie. But his job was to prove it.

No sooner had the officer left before Tom was on the phone to Rick and Keith
and telling them to get over to his house he had to talk to them immediately.
Once they arrived he told them what had happened. He also told them what he
told Sgt. Michaels, so that way if he questioned them they could have there
stories straight.

When he was done Rick asked them if they should try and keep Mary's mouth
shut another way. Tom asked what he had in mind and he told maybe they needed
to pay a visit to her again. But Tom knew that would be a mistake because he
knew she would be watched. But then Keith asked what about one of the other
Camden girls. As he stated there were two others and if they did something to
one of them then Mary would realize she better keep quiet.

Tom thought this would be a good idea and then he asked Keith if his parents
still had that cabin just out side of town. Keith told him yes and then Tom
told them from that day on they would be on the lookout for any of the Camden
cuties, and the first time they saw any of them they would take care of this
problem, once and for all.

Well it didn't take the guys long before they had their chance to "take care
of their problem". A little over two weeks later Mary was walking Ruthie home
from a friends house, she had started keeping a close eye on her baby sister
ever since she let Tom know she was pregnant. She didn't know if they would
carry through on their threat to attack her or her sisters but she wasn't
taking any chances. As the two walked across the vacant lot she didn't
realize the danger till she looked up and saw Tom Sanders and Keith Davis
standing in front of her. She froze in her tracks. Soon they were walking
towards her and Ruthie.

She grabbed her sister's hand and started backing up. Because she had here
head turned she never saw Rick walking up behind her and Ruthie. All of
sudden Ruthie was lifted off her feet and pulled against Rick's chest with
his huge hand over her mouth. As Mary turned to help her she was jerked
around by her arm and Tom drove his fist deep into her stomach causing her
to double over. Then Keith hauled he up to her feet and the three pulled
the girls over to a van that belonged to Rick. The two girls were thrown
inside, followed quickly by the three lust filled guys.

Once they were all inside the van Mary and Ruthie were pushed onto their
stomach and they found their hands being tied behind their backs. After
that they had their legs tied and were then gagged to keep them quiet.
After subduing the girls Tom told Rick "Lets get our fuckmeat to the

A handful of seconds later the girls felt the van start up and taking off.
As Rick drove, Tom and Keith were having fun in the back feeling the girls
up and down. Tom forced Mary onto her back and leaned down on the helpless
girls and told that what was happening to her and Ruthie was all her fault.
Had she just kept her mouth shut she would never had to deal with them
again. But since she had to open her trap both she and baby sis were going
to have to learn a lesson. As he talked to her he kept running his hands
over her breasts and between her legs.

Meanwhile Keith was having a ball playing with Ruthie. He kept putting his
hand between her legs and reaching down to squeeze her ass cheeks. Eventually
he rolled her onto her stomach and then straddled her legs. As he set on her
upper thighs he reached down and started fondling her tiny butt. He was
crushing her little rear with his hands. Then he would run his fingers up her
behind and tell her how soon her ass and his cock were going to get to know
each other very well. As he did this Ruthie would scream and cry into the
gag. She attempted to jerk away from the animal on top of her but he was far
to strong.

Before long the vanload of people arrived at the cabin owned by Keith's
parents. Although the two young females had no idea what was in store for
them, the three guys knew what was fixing to happen was going to be a blast.

"Hey Keith don't forget to put the bags over their heads before we take them
out of the van." They placed thick black bags over the girls heads in order
to keep them from ever telling where they were taken to. Once out of the car
each girls were picked up over a guy's shoulder and carried into a room. Once
they had them where they wanted them they felt themselves being laid on a
floor. Ruthie was placed down somewhat gently, but Mary was thrown down
roughly, she had no doubt in her mind it was Tom who carried her in.

"Get the bags off their heads" they heard Tom say and then the light hit
their eyes as the bags were jerked off them. Tom leaned down and looked Mary
right in her face and told her he was going to take the gags out of the their
mouths but they had better keep quiet. Soon the two scared girls had the
freedom to scream but both laid on the ground and said nothing.

"So what's the matter Mary your not saying anything."

Looking up at her captor she began to pled with him and begged him to let her
and her sister go. To this all she was meet with was laughter.

"You hear this guys. This dumb cunt think we are going to let her go."

At this point Mary hoped she could get the guys to spare her baby sister.
"Please Tom, you can do whatever you want to me but please don't hurt

"Nope sorry cunt, you had your chance, all you had to do was keep your mouth
shut and this wouldn't be happening, but no you had to go crying to the cops,
so bitch this is your fault."

"Please you guys Ruthie is a baby, leave her out of this!"

"Well I would mind you but I know for a fact that Keith over there has the
hots for this little honey and wants to tie into her in this way, so I have
no control over the situation."

Now Mary started to cry as she realized she was going to have to go through
the same horror she went through a few short months age and worst of all her
innocent baby sister was going to be, in likelihood, raped as well. But
little did Mary know it was going to be worse then she ever imagined.

"Hey Rick help me get Mary into the chair," Tom hollered out.

Together they picked her up off the floor and placed her, none to gentle,
into a nearby chair. Then Tom pulled out some rope and tied her to it. He
tied her so that she never had a chance to escape. Then they maneuvered the
chair over to the doorway of one of the bedrooms. Tom told her he wanted her
to have a ringside seat for the show.

While Tom and Rick were busy tying Mary to the chair Keith had spent his
time setting on Ruthie's stomach and running his hands up and down her body,
feeling her up. Mary couldn't believe these guys would be interested in doing
anything to such a young girl, but it was obvious that they were going to
gang rape Ruthie just as they had done to her. And she was powerless to stop

After they had secured Mary in the chair, Tom walked over to Keith and told
him to get off the crying little girl. Then Tom reached down and grabbed a
handful of her curly brown hair and jerked her off the ground. Once she was
on her feet a picked her up over his shoulder and carried her into the
bedroom, past her sister. Then he threw Ruthie on the king-size bed. Turning
to look at Mary, he told Rick to make sure she watches.

Then he straddled her and grabbed the top of her t-shirt and with one pull
ripped it down the middle. Then he rolled her onto her stomach and viciously
removed the rest her torn top. Flipping her back on her back, he then told
Keith to come over to the bed. Knowing how much his friend lusted over the
youngest Camden honey he decided to let him in on the stripping of her. He
told Keith to take her bra off. After that was said, Keith grabbed her tiny
bra in the middle and with one vicious jerk he tore it off her screaming

Them Tom instructed his friend to get her shoes off. Moving to the bottom of
the bed he pulled Ruthie's tennis shoes off, then off came her socks. From
there Tom pulled open the button on her pants and with one violent jerk
downwards he had unzipped her jeans. Then he pulled them down to her thighs
and raised up off of her. He looked back at Keith and told him to finish
taking off her pants. It didn't long before she was naked, except for her
white panties. At first Tom considered tearing them off of her body, then he
realized it would be more fun for him if Mary saw him slid them down Ruthie's
bare legs. Telling Keith to hold her ankles tight, he grabbed the only thing
keeping her from being completely nude to these teenagers and preceded to
slide them down her lags, reveling a cute young virgin pussy. Everyone in the
room, Mary included, knew she wasn't going to have her innocence for much

Tom first considered leaving Ruthie's hand tied behind her back, but then
thought it would be more fun to have her think she could actually stop him.
Rolling her over onto her stomach, he untied her hands, and then pushed her
back onto her back. He placed both her wrists in his left hand and held them
over her head. Then he told Keith to spread her legs, which for the big
football player was absolutely no trouble.

From there he began stoking her tiny breasts and telling her how he was going
to rip her apart. Ruthie was crying as was Mary. Then Tom undid his pants,
all the while keeping Ruthie's hands pined down. After he removed his cock he
slid down and placed the head of his cock into the entrance of her small
pussy. He wasn't going to hold back or be easy on her. In his opinion Mary
had brought this upon the girls herself. With one vicious thrust he buried
himself inside Ruthie's vagina. She let out with blood curdling scream. Over
and over he slammed his meat in her. He had fucked more then his share of
girls in his life but never had he had his cock in something this tight. The
sensations on his cock were incredible. It wasn't long before her tight cunt
had nursed all the sperm out of his cock. After he was done spewing in her he
raised up and jerked out of her, causing her to cry out.

Standing up he said next and stepped back so one of his friends could take
their turn. As soon as he was out of the way Keith jumped on her. Even as
young as she was he had been dreaming of drilling his cock in her from the
first time he saw her. And he wasn't about to let this chance slid by.
Forcing himself in between her legs he shoved his penis deep into her young
twat. He would pull his rod almost completely out of her before driving it
back in. Occasionally he would jerk his hips side to side just to hear her
cry out in pain. Like Tom before him, due to the tightness of her snatch, he
soon was releasing his spunk into her tender pussy.

After he was one he got up and turned around to tell Rick he was in for a
treat. Meanwhile Mary was crying and begging them to stop. Having been raped
by all of them herself she knew Rick was the most brutal and she feared what
he may do to Ruthie. By now there was no fight in Mary's baby sister and she
just laid there on the bed. Getting on top of her, Rick waived his cock at
her and told her she was going to love it. Since his was bigger then both of
the previous guys he was going to really try and hurt Ruthie with his rod.
But he wanted to penetrate her even deeper, so he flipped her onto her
stomach and pulled her up on her knees. From there he placed his cock it in
the pink folds of her cunt, he waited for a few seconds and then rammed the
whole length in her all at one time. Ruthie screamed out as she was impaled
on this monster. As with the other two guys he showed her no mercy and
sadistically raped her. Soon he was cuming his white goo in her.

After he was done he got off her and all three guys walked up to Mary and Tom
griped the back of her hair and pulled her head back and, looking her right
in the eye he asked if she enjoyed the show.

"You fucking bastards why did you have to do that to her, she's just a little

"Hey look at it this way Mary, you just got her broke in proper, soon I'll
bet she'll be out fucking the every guy around."

"I hope you animals die!" Mary said.

"You know guys I'm getting tired of listing to this slut, shut her up will
you?" Tom said.

Walking over to the pile of cloths Rick picked up Ruthie's panties and walked
over to her older sister and shoved them down in her mouth. Then Tom placed a
piece of duct tape over her mouth to keep the panties in place. Then he
looked Mary in the eye and told her that the next round of banging was about
to begin and that she was really going to enjoy this round. Standing up he
grabbed his crotch and said "at least we are going to enjoy it anyhow."

The three walked over to the bed where Ruthie was curled up in a little ball
crying. Tom looked down on her and then told his friends. "Hey guys look at
that cute asshole just begging for some dick." When Mary heard that comment
she really freaked out because she knew what Tom was going to do next. He and
his friends were going to sodomize her baby sister.

Tom thought at first of being the first to break her in, but then he
remembered Keith's comment a few months before about how much he wanted to
assfuck Ruthie. He knew being giving the chance to go first that he would go
to any lengths of pulverize her anally. So he looked at Keith and told him
"My man a got a surprise for you, her virgin butt is all yours."

Keith could hardly believe his ears and he hollered out "Hot damn!" and
jumped on the bed. Tom asked Rick if he should help hold her down and he
said "Keith should be able to handle her himself." But when Keith got
behind Ruthie and started touching her she tried to jump off the bed and
he found he had a hard time keeping her still. So they other two guys
hoped on the bed to join in on the fun. Rick grabbed her arm and pulled
her toward him and placed his legs over her head in a vice grip and then
took hold of her hips to keep her in place. Tom meanwhile held her ankles
down so Keith could get in position behind her so he could take her.

The only problem now was that Keith's cock was to large to fit into Ruthie's
tiny asshole. Over and over he attempted to shove it in her to no avail. He
was getting pissed because he really wanted to screw her little ass. Seeing
his frustration Tom told him to stop because he had an idea. Then he told
Rick to keep a good hold on her and then he told Keith to help him untie Mary
from the chair. They walked over and preceded to untie Mary from the chair
but they kept her hands tied behind her back. Then they walked her over to
the bed and threw her on it.

Then he got behind her and pulled her up on her knees by her hair. Then he
told her "So you know what Ruthie's pussy tastes like with her panties in
your mouth. But know your going to taste her in different way." He gripped
the duct tape on her mouth and gave it a jerk and pulled it off of her.
Then he informed her that she was going to get baby sister's ass good and
wet for his friend. When Mary asked him how was she supposed to do that, he
informed her she was going to lick Ruthie's asshole till it was just right
so Keith could get his meat I there. She told there was no way she would do
that to her. Then Tom told Keith to take hold of Mary's head. After he did
that Tom got up and went into the other room. While he was gone Keith started
shoving Mary's face into Ruthie's behind.

When Tom got back Keith pulled Mary's face back to show her what Tom had
returned with. He brought from the other room a thick black steel rod that
was used for the fireplace. Then he got close to Mary's face and told her
that unless she did as she was told and licked Ruthie's ass to their
satisfaction then he was going to use the thick and of the rod to help and
loosen up her butt hole. Knowing full well that they weren't kidding she
knew she had no choice but to comply.

Tom then took her by the hair and pulled her face up to Ruthie's ass. Then
he commanded her to start working her over with his tongue. She began by
lightly running her tongue up and down her butt cheeks. And while Tom was
enjoying the site of this he wanted to see her tongue in her sisters anal
canal. So he reach up and pulled the cheeks apart and instructed her to
stick in her. She looked at it and knew that if she didn't do what they
told her it would be even worse for her little sister. So she began by
flicking the tip of her tongue in her hinny hole. Soon Tom told her to put
it in deeper, unless she wanted the piece of steel up there. So Mary stuck
her whole tongue in her sister's behind and started getting her very wet.

While this was going on Ruthie was gyrating her hips, it was if she liked
the tongue being in her. After Tom thought she was wet enough he told Mary
to stop and to raise up. When she was in a kneeling position again he got
behind her and tied her hands together again, then he shoved the wet panties
of her sister's back in her mouth and slapped some more duct tape over it.
Then he drug her back to his feet and pushed her back on the chair and tied
her to it.

Moving back to the bed where his friends were waiting he told Keith "I think
her rear is ready for you." He got beside Ruthie and got two handfuls of her
butt cheeks and pulled them apart so Keith could fulfill the fantasy he had
been caring in his head for awhile. Then Keith slid in behind her and paced
his hands on her hips and guided his cock up to her ass and placed the head
at the anal entrance. Ruthie had no idea what he was doing, but quickly
figured it out when Keith roughly shoved the head of his penis in her.

When she cried out Keith knew he had to make her scream, so as hard as he
could he started driving more of his meat into her. It seemed to take forever
to get it in her. But all that did for him was get him all that hotter. He
loved the feeling of the tightness. Once he had as much as he could force in
her he started to remove it. After he had gotten out all but the head of his
meat he set there for a few seconds knowing he was going to slam it home.
Suddenly Tom yelled "Now!" and Keith drilled his rock hard cock completely in
her behind. Ruthie screamed the a banshee and tried to jerk free. But with
three guys, all who were much bigger and stronger then her she never stood a

Again and again Keith drove his cock in her giving her a fucking that she
would never forget. Rick meanwhile was loving the sensations of having her
head squirming around by his penis. Although Ruthie's cunt was tight this
hole was even tighter and Keith knew he couldn't hold out much longer and
soon, very soon, he would be filling her ass with his spunk. He cranked it
in her a few more times and then grabbed her waist and with one more thrust
drove his cock in and exploded in her. He pumped her till all his semen had
made it's way into her ass. After he was done fucking her he stayed inside
till his cock went soft and then he slid it out of her.

Tom told him to move so he could take his ride. Realizing another one was
going to put it in "there" Ruthie did her best to break free. But Rick held
her tight and only laughed when she cried out begging them to stop. By now
Tom had gotten in place to give her anther anal intrusion. He placed his meat
into her well lubricated behind and pumped it in her. Again Ruthie cried out
and squealed as the next buttfucking began. While her rear was no longer
virgin it was still tight as hell, being as small as it was. Tom was getting
into the butt banging and started drilling her with long vicious strokes.
After a few minutes of this, although it seemed like hours to her, he finally
began spewing his cum into her. After he was done shooting his fluid he slid
out of her and told "Rick it was his turn to take the cutie for a ride up the
ole dirt road."

Rick let go of her and she fell on the bed on her stomach and grabbed her
ass, which everyone in the room knew was in pain, and Rick stood up and
pushed Ruthie on her back and set on her stomach. Then he asked the other
two guys to grab her wrists and hold her arms down. After they were secured
against the bed Rick slid his arms under her thighs and pushed her legs to
her chest. Placing his cock between her rear cheeks he pushed his meat into
her. And with one vicious drive he buried as much as would fit into her ass.
Ruthie screamed even louder then when the other two had entered her.

Rick wouldn't be continent with merely fucking her and getting off. He
wanted to see how much pain he could put her through. Time and again he
jack hammered his manhood in her battered butt. He wanted to prolong his
ejaculation for as long as he could, but fucking such a tight, young,
behind as this one drove him over the edge and soon he too had filled
her with his seed. Once he had came up pulled out and dropped her legs.

Having sufficiently torn up her ass they all walked over to Mary and Tom
asked her how she liked round 2. She cried and screamed into the panties gag.
This only caused the guys to laugh their heads off. Then Mike told her they
only had one more virgin hole to break in and then they would be done. This
made Mary yelp even louder into the gag. Then three walked back over to the
bed. That's when Rick told Tom that he wanted to know something. When he was
asked what that was, he wanted to know why he had to go last on each fuck
tonight. Tom then informed him that he never gave it much thought so he would
make it up to him by letting have the first crack on her mouth. Rick seemed
to love this idea.

Then Tom told him that he thought Mary should see this up close and personal.
So he grabbed a hold of Ruthie's leg and pulled her towards him. Once he got
her to the bottom of the bed he jerked her up by her hair and drug her over
to her where her sister was sitting. Then he pushed her down to her knees.
Then he told Keith to get behind Mary and hold her head and make sure she was
watching. Then he got behind Ruthie and grabbed two handfuls of her long
brown curly hair and pulled up. Then Rick got in front of her and put his
hand behind her head and forced his cock in between her jaws. He didn't want
a blowjob, he wanted to face fuck her. Grabbing the sides of her head he
began thrusting his dick over and over into her mouth. He did this for about
10 minutes when he felt a stirring in his balls. A few seconds later he was
filling her mouth with cum. As he came he forced his meat so far down her
throat she had no choice but to swallow it. After he was done shooting his
wad he pulled out and wiped his meat across her face.

Then he switched places with Tom and be shoved his cock down her gullet.
He knew she wouldn't know how to give even a semi-good head job so he was
decided to just throat fuck her like Rick had done. He sadistically hammered
her throat till he blew his load into her mouth. She began chocking on his
spunk so he pulled out of her and began cuming all over her face. He really
got off seeing his goo all her pretty features. After smacking her with
several wads he walked behind her and wiped off in her hair.

Now Keith was up to bat. He got in front of her and pushed his dick down her
throat. He enjoyed watching his friends screw the tiny girls face and he
started thumping his penis in her mouth. It didn't take long before Ruthie
was tasting his sperm. He wanted to make her drink every drop. Shoving his
stiff peter down her throat he blew his fuck juice deep in her belly. After
he was done he pulled out and Tom let go of her head and she crumbled to the

Then the three set down to rest. "Fuck that was awesome" said Rick. "But
you need to tell me how are we going to keep that bitch Mary's quiet," he

"Trust me guys I got that all figured out, but lets rest for awhile first."
Tom told them.

After about a twenty minute break, Tom raised up and told his buddies it was
time for operation "keeping the cunt silent" then he got up and walked out
side the cabin. When he came back in he was caring a small black bag. No one
else knew what was in it. Then Tom walked up behind Mary and pulled her head
back by her hair and looked down into her face and told her that he knew that
once they let them go she would go running to the cops so they needed a
little insurance that she wouldn't. He then told her he had two choices, one
was to kill them and the other was to blackmail them into staying quiet. They
were going to go the blackmail route.

He told Rick to pick Ruthie up and lay her on the bed on her back and hold
her down. After he did this he told Keith to help him untie Mary. Once they
were done with that they made her stand up and walk over to the bed. Then
Tom pushed Mary down on top of her sister. Then he walked over to the bag he
brought into the cabin and pulled out a video camera and a hunting knife.
Walking back to the bed he handed Rick the knife and looking down at Mary he
told her here was how it was going to work. She was going to go down on her
sister and eat her cunt for the camera. When he said this Mary just glared
at him. But before she could say anything he pointed to Rick who had put the
knife to Ruthie's face. Then he told Mary that if she didn't do as she was
told Rick was going to start slicing up her little sister's pretty face.

Knowing full well that they weren't kidding she knew she had no choice. She
got between Ruthie's legs and gently pried her pussy lips apart and began
running her tongue between them. Several times she licked her baby sister's
vagina and soon she started responding to the wet thing in her cunt. As she
did this Tom was filming every minute of it. Then Tom told Mary he wanted
her to make Ruthie cum. He put the camera down and he took hold of Ruthie's
arms and held them down and instructed Mary to reach up, between the little
girls legs and to grab her wrists. She did as she was instructed. Then Tom
went back to filming and told Mary to start eating again. Then he told her
as soon as she made Ruthie cum they would let her them go.

She did began licking as hard as she could in an effort to get them
realized. It didn't take long before Ruthie bucked her hips and let out a
cry of ecstasy as she began cuming. Mary was told to keep licking, in fact
she was to lick her clean. She obediently did as she was told. After she was
done licking Ruthie to orgasm, Tom told then both to get dressed. Mary helped
her sister up and helped her put on her pants and then after she took off her
shirt and put it on Ruthie since hers had been ripped to shreds. After they
were dressed Tom told Mary to get up and get her sweet ass in the car unless
they wanted to walk back to town. Mary picked her sister up in her arms and
carried her to the van. Once they were all in Rick started it up and soon
they were heading back to town.

That's when Tom gave them the warning, "if either of you two cunts so much as
breath a word of this to the cops then Mary I will guarantee that everyone
and I mean everyone will see this tape. We will simply tell everyone how you
went along with everything and even involved your sister. And the tape will
prove it. Plus you need to remember something else dear Mary, we have fucked
you and now we have nailed Ruthie, but there is still another sister out
there that we haven't touched. And you saw tonight how easy it was to get you
two. Well if you open your mouth trust me blondie with the big tits will be

Eventually they arrived at the spot where they grabbed the two girls. Keith
opened the side door and Mary got out, still holding her sister she turned
and told the three she hoped they burned in hell. Tom then told her to thanks
for the pussy, they enjoyed it. Then Keith slammed the door shut and the van
roared off. Mary started walking home caring Ruthie, she had no idea what she
would tell her parents.


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