7th Heaven: Part 2 - Busted (mf,mg,inc,oral)

"I missed you so much..." she said breathlessly when he entered, immediately
getting up and running over to him. Before he could get more than a foot
inside the room, she snaked her arms under his and wrapped them around the
back of his head, meeting his lips in a deep kiss that was more erotic than
either of their brothers and sisters ever thought to share.

"What have you been doing today?" Simon asked curiously, sealing the
threshold behind him with a well-placed kick. He could already feel her
dragging him towards the bed, the pair slow-dancing over in an endearingly
amateur fashion.

"Besides playing with myself?" Lucy replied seductively, knowing how much
dirty talk turned her brother on. "Trying to forget how annoying it is to
leave for school without coming!"

Her words dawned on Simon in a moment, and he suddenly fell into a deep
expanse of woe. "I'm sorry Luce..." he apologized, holding her womanly frame
to him just a foot away from the bunk. His hands wandered up and down her
back, eventually coming to rest on her exquisite behind.

* * *

Ever since Lucy and Simon had come to terms with the fact that the sex
between them was no longer simply for pleasure and hinted at a deeper love,
their daily ritual had become clockwork in precision. On school days, Mary
would leave bright and early for basketball practice at the school gym,
leaving them just enough time to get it on before Annie Camden came up to
check that at least one of her teenagers in the shower and maintaining some
semblance of hygiene.

This morning, however, the careful routine had been shattered by an odd
happenstance. Simon, after using his watch alarm to wake up at the usual
time, strolled down the second-floor hallway into the room that Mary and
Lucy shared, which was happily vacant of any other siblings at the time.
Elated to see his sister still asleep, the blonde teenager snuck into bed
with her, snaking his hands under every part of his partner's clothing to
give her a very special wake-up.

Snuggling close, Lucy exchanged copious amounts of saliva with Simon before
rolling over on top of him. She hadn't rode his cock in quite a while, and
was in the mood for some especially deep dicking. Without even bothering to
remove her underwear entirely, she simply lowered the waistband enough for
him to stick it in, and then began sliding up and down, her delicate box
dripping more and more with each passing second.

They humped for only a few minutes, slowly so as not to creak the bedsprings,
and quietly so their parents wouldn't know their two darling angels were
screwing like bunnies. Having woken up with his usual morning wood, Simon
didn't take long to cum, sending his seed all the way inside Lucy's waiting
belly. He was a much more considerate lover than his past self, however, and
took it upon himself to try and stimulate his sis even more, so she could
shake and tremble with orgasm as well.

Lucy was just about to cream all over her brother's lap, his hands locked on
her apricot-sized breasts, when the sound of the door opening shocked them
both into near heart-attacks. She immediately fell flat onto Simon's sweaty
chest, her own torso almost bursting with fright.

The duo was lucky to have engaged in their hanky panky completely under the
covers. When Annie opened the door to bring in a fresh load of laundry, she
was flabbergasted at what she thought she saw - her daughter on her knees
apparently diddling "down there" with practiced hands.

Being much more reserved about self gratification than her preacher husband,
especially since she had often done the same thing at a teenager, (and
whenever Eric stayed at work too late) Annie stopped herself from saying
anything. It was too late to escape unnoticed, however, because Lucy had
already discovered she'd been caught.

"Ohmygod, Mom!" she cried out in fright, turning a hot and flushed face. She
was panicked now, imagining what it would be like to be thrown out of the
house before she could even say "incest."

But to her great relief, Annie simply collected herself, muttered something
quick about resolving to knock from now on, and made an about-face. It took
several seconds for the children to pull themselves together, and Simon made
a hasty retreat back to his own room as soon as he could. For Lucy, though,
it was too late to rectify the situation. Even if she'd mounted the bedpost
and started pounding away, her brain was too fluttered from the scare to
even consider allowing any stimulation to build.

* * *

"I know how much you need it now..." Simon said, lowering his sister to the
sheets. "But what did mom said after I left? Did she know we were doing it?"

"She thought I was fingering myself." Lucy bemoaned, rolling her head back
on the comforter. "We had a talk when I came home. Looks like it's okay to
frig myself because it'll keep boys from putting their dinkeys in my boompy."

Simon had to smirk at that. Not only from his sibling's use of their babyish
words for each other's genitals, but from simple humor in the fact that the
entire family was still blissfully unaware their offspring were gleefully
engaging in a life of squalor.

"So..." he began temptingly, putting a hand between Lucy's legs and rubbing
forcefully. "Ready to finally get off?"

"If you don't fuck me right now..." Lucy threatened mockingly, shoving one
of his fingers right into her clit. "I'm might just bend over for Happy."

"Watch what you wish for..." Simon warned, baring her bottom with a sweep of
his hand. "Or I might just arrange it some day!"

After letting Lucy snap the buttons on his jeans, Simon brought his briefs
down, only managing to reach his knees before the urge to mate with his
genealogical twin caught up. He plunged into her wet quim up to the hilt,
pausing only to lock his arms on the bed next to his sister's shoulders.
Once settled, he began giving it to her hard and fast, Lucy's yellow-clad
orifice swallowing his rod with astonishing ease.

"Oooh, yeah!" she grunted, feeling her libido fire up once again. "I think
I'm going to come already!"

True to her word, the limber middle Camden sister tensed up after only a
few strokes, wrapping her legs around Simon's pistoning ass to keep herself
steady. "Do you feel it?" she inquired woozily, already fuddled from the
fireworks exploding in her crotch. "It's like I'm peeing all over you..."
she garbled, falling into a trance-like state as her body sailed off into

Even as Simon was wildly bucking hips with his very own sis, he could feel
her teenage fluids pouring out of her cavernous hole. The scented juice
coated his stiff member and leaked from her pussy every time he withdrew
for another jab, drenching both their legs and the formerly fresh linens.

"Geez, you really exploded..." Simon commented cognitively, looking down at
his content mate. Her breasts were heavily mightily from the orgasm, fighting
the constriction Lucy's revealing tee shirt imposed. He lay his head on her
chest, the feeling of her boobs pressing on his cheek making his cock jerk
inside his sister's soaked vagina.

"Mmm..." was all she could respond with, sighing agreeably as she felt the
first spurts of Simon's love enter her starving tunnel. Inner walls soaking
up the influx of semen with the carefree effort only nature could provide,
Lucy's suspirations changed tones with each spasm of the five-inch mass
embedded in her womb. At last finished, her brother reluctantly pulled out,
noticing the proof of their encounter running out between her legs at an
alarming rate.

"Don't stand up too fast..." he cautioned, lifting Lucy's panties back up her
thighs to catch the gobs of sperm before they soiled the rug. "You'll get it
all over the carpet..." he added matter-of-factly, turning around to answer a
nagging ring in the back of his head.

All thoughts instantly drained away as his eyes made contact with the
doorway. The barrier, which they had forgotten to lock, was half-open, and
standing inside with her hand on the knob was their little sister Ruthie.
She had an expression of abject shock plastered all over her sweet face.

* * *

"Sorry, guys." she sputtered incoherently, taking one last look at Lucy lying
on her back and the slimy worm dangling from Simon's waist before backing out
of the room, closing the door solidly.

"OH SHIT!" Lucy burst out, pulling her pants up while struggling to stand.
"How much do you think she saw?"

"What else did she need to see?" Simon answered glumly, looking down at his
exposed manhood before tucking it back inside his jeans.

"Do you think she understood?" his sister asked, reason obviously fraying.

"She's twelve already, Luce." he continued plainly, running a hand through
his sparse hair. "I mean, when I was her age I was already stealing your
panties from the hamper and whacking off in them."

"You *what*?" Lucy quipped sharply, throwing him a miffed glance.

"Never mind..." Simon ran on, all too happy to change the subject. He'd
planned to let them slip during their lovemaking one day, but in the harsh
light of the current situation, it seemed perverse even by *their* standards.

"Do you think I should talk to her?" the blonde Camden girl wondered out
loud, casting a worried look to the hall. "You know she can't keep a secret."

"Yeah..." he agreed quickly, glad to find some bit of logic to latch on to.
"But she's still mad at you for telling mom about that boy in school."

"He was grabbing her in the hallway!" Lucy shot back angrily, not caring that
she was running off the subject. "I was only..."

"Look, I'll see if I can calm her down." Simon finished, making up his mind.
"Besides, how much more trouble can we get into?"

* * *

His face burning a bright crimson from embarrassment, the younger Camden son
turned the doorknob to the room he shared with Ruthie. For a split second,
his mind wandered back to a fight he'd once overheard between his mom and

Eric had been arguing that Ruthie was getting too old to sleep in the same
room as one of her brothers, which actually made sense on a whole lot of
levels. The mere chance of being caught hadn't stopped him from peeking,
especially since Lucy hadn't been putting out back then. Often, he'd
deliberately walk in while his raven-haired little sister was undressing,
enduring the annoyed huff she'd give him before covering up. She was an
untidy sleeper, more often than not ending up with the bedspread on the
floor many mornings and treating her brother to the sight of a pair of
panties that had ridden all the way up her crotch during the night.

Annie was countering that Mary and Lucy were hard pressed for space as it
was, and it would be unfair for them to slight Matt by taking away his own
solitude. With obvious restraint, her husband finally relented, vowing
that if he caught anything funny going on, Simon would be sleeping in the
basement until he turned eighteen. If only the prudish minister had known
his offspring was sneaking glances of her developing body at every chance,
the blonde boy would've grown up quite differently.

Now that he was confronting Ruthie about what she'd seen, desperately
thinking of a way to explain that what he and Lucy were doing wasn't wrong,
(and none of her business) he realized what had probably pressed his father
to push for Ruthie to move out. She'd always been a daddy's girl, and this
had been one of the few times he hadn't come through for her. The question
was, of course, would she take such a petty argument to the next level by
telling on them and risk breaking up the family?

"Hi, Ruthie." he said nonchalantly, determined to find out.

"I guess I know why you've been waking up early every morning." the younger
girl replied curtly. She didn't look angry, at least. That was a start.

"There's no way around it..." Simon faltered, struggling for the right
words. He knew what he wanted to express, but somehow mere language seemed
inadequate to describe such powerful feelings. "Lucy and I are in love."

"But you can't..." his sister replied in disarray. "I mean, you're related!
How could you let something like that just..."

"Sometimes you can't help it, Ruth." he answered calmly, walking over to the
lace frame mattress she was resting on. Ruthie looked at him, unsure of his
intentions, but quickly relented. Moving aside, she made room for him to sit
beside her. Simon did so in the most friendly way possible, setting down on
the opposite side of the bed.

There was thick silence for a few seconds, each heavily in thought. In all
the trails the Camden family had to face, this was undoubtedly the most
grievous, simply because the three who knew what was going on could not
afford the luxury of going to anyone else for advice. They would have to
solve it on their own.

"How did you... know?" Ruthie asked inquisitively, displaying the first hint
of acceptance. Simon balked inwardly at her question, though. Walking in on
two people in the Act was one thing, but asking them about it was a bit

"It just happened." he tried to explain helpfully, but knowing more would be
required for her to consent to her siblings' intimacy. He had to explain why
sex was such an important part of their relationship without grossing out
Ruthie. "We found out we could make each other feel good..." he continued,
interrupting himself with a cough. "With our bodies. And then we decided it
was love."

"I think I get it now." Ruthie said slowly, a trace of anger in her voice.

"You do?" her brother asked with a little excitement, wondering if the matter
was cleared up.

"Yeah." she snapped, turning to him with a furious look. "Lucy snitches when
I let a boy do things that aren't even that bad, and all the time she's going
all the way with you!"

"That's not how it is!" Simon said rapidly, a little flustered. "She was
trying to look out for you. That guy was bad news."

"So?" Ruthie demanded, hands on her hips. "What if I didn't care? What if I
just wanted to feel like... a big girl?" The blonde Camden noticed for the
first time what could be a tinge of his sister's sexual desire. This was his
chance, not only to smooth things over, but to assuage her growing feelings
of frustration at the type of lifestyle their parents had cordoned off for
the five kids.

"You can..." he replied slowly, turning to her to gauge the expression on her
face. He wanted to push, but not too hard. "Just like me and Lucy."

Color suddenly returned to Ruthie's face, and Simon knew this was it.
This was his chance to mend everything, and she was obviously not entirely
repelled by the idea.

"But, it's wrong, isn't it?" she asked quietly, almost in a whisper.

"No." Simon answered firmly, scooting over to her. Slowly, he put his arm
around her shoulder in the most brotherly fashion he could muster. Ruthie
didn't even flinch at the motion. "Besides, since when do you listen blindly
to things other people say without making your own decision?"

Ruthie choked a giggle, wiping a stray tear from her eye. An intense feeling
of alleviated looked to have come over her, washing away years of religion's
brainwashing. "You think I'm... pretty enough?" she asked softly, clasping
the hand tossed over her neck. "To do those things?"

"You're my sister, Ruthie." Simon replied, pulling her towards him. "That
means I love you regardless. But if you must know, you're so beautiful I've
been dreaming about this moment for years." With that, he brought her mouth
to his, and sealed any more questions.

She didn't seem to know how to return the favor at first, but quickly caught
on. Soon, she was thrusting her tongue into his mouth like he was doing,
eager to absorb as much knowledge as he was prepared to impart. Ruthie didn't
even bat an eye when Simon's arm moved further down her body, from her
shoulders to blossoming chest. In fact, she'd wanted someone to touch her
there ever since her classmate had been made to stop. There was still the
same rush of sensations as when he did it, but now it was accompanied by an
entirely new feeling, this one down below her hips.

"Simon..." she gasped, raising her neck as her brother's nose nuzzled it
upwards. He brought his lips to her exposed skin, kissing each uncovered inch
with almost painful deliberation. When he reached halfway down to her twin
mounds, he pulled his sis' shirt away ever so slightly, venturing in just far
enough to tease her. It worked like a charm. Ruthie absolutely liquefied
under his ministrations, falling back onto a pillow with a dreamy stare.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked courteously, remembering how he
hadn't given Lucy the same choice before stuffing her all those months ago in
the family bathroom.

"Yes." Ruthie responded, nodding her head. Lifting her arms, she allowed
Simon to pull the white tee over her head. Like Lucy, she wore no bra, but
only because her boobs were not yet developed enough to require one.

"I know they're not as big..." she said dolefully, looking down at the bumps
that barely protruded around her nipples.

"They're perfect." Simon insisted, leaning down over his trembling sister.
With the utmost grace, he took one of her modest globes in a caressing hand,
cupping the svelte flesh with a practiced touch.

"That feels nice!" she chimed in appreciatively, smiling loosely as her
nipples hardened under her sibling's foreplay. Her body had been craving
this for as long as the first erotic longings had surfaced. Now, it seemed
her tiny frame could barely contain the excitement coursing through her

After spending a few minutes on her small tits, Simon expanded to the entire
torso, rubbing down her body with warm, soothing finesse. He could feel her
shoulders and sides relax immediately as his tender digits passed over her
exposed skin, knowing that her compliance was only ensuring they would soon
be doing wonderful things together.

Finally satisfied that she was ready to bear her slit, Simon casually reached
down and flicked the button on her kakhi shorts, the sudden breeze on her
lower abdomen drawing a startled gasp from Ruthie. She did not object at all,
though, even knowing that he was going to see her *thing* soon. Emboldened,
Simon slid away from her, bringing his face inches away from his sister's

His yearning eyes watched with great desire as the skimpy trunks were
removed, bringing Ruthie's flowery-pink panties into view. Although they
were not stained with any fluid, (as Lucy's would've been by this point)
the familiar smell of a woman in heat wafted up from inside his baby
sister's legs.

"I can't believe you're doing this..." she droned in amazement, watching as
her brother nestled his face into her barely-covered crack. Simon took deep
whiffs of her scent, prodding the fabric with his lips to coax more from her
vestal sanctum.

Then, while the youngest Camden was still peering down with misty eyes, she
could distinctly feel the waistband of her cotton undies being folded over.
Simon was taking them off, the last barrier of her chastity.

With more deliberation than he'd ever mustered, the blonde teenager
repeatedly folded the top of his youthful mate's panties down, heart beating
ever faster are more of the forbidden valley was revealed. He was astounded
to find a light fuzz of curly black hairs decorating her pubic mound, but not
nearly enough to hide the childish puffs of Ruthie's vulva.

Left with only a ring of the fragrant material, Simon let it glide down his
sister's shapely legs, the garment falling to the ground only with the help
of a twiddle from Ruthie's stark feet, which had somehow been self-stripped
while he was focused on her upper half.

Simon let his gaze roam lustfully up and her completely naked body, absorbing
the sight before getting straight down to business. Before the curly-haired
female could even react, he parted her downy lips and let his tongue run the
entire length of her immature snatch. Ruthie let out an abrupt shout, never
having felt such intense gratification, and then quickly grabbed a pillow
from behind and stuffed it over her face, moaning in an acutely lascivious

The shocks of sweet heaven bursting from her femininity were absolutely
incredible. She realized with the deepest of embarrassment that even had she
been able to control her grunts long enough to remove the cushion and inspect
what Simon was doing to her private parts, the sheer exhilaration would
probably elicit a scream that would alert the entire household to their
sordid escapade.

So, letting loose with a heartening gasp every few seconds, the tiny girl
continued to lay back and enjoy what was happening, her clitoris nearly
exploding with happiness. By now, her brother had moved on from merely
slipping his wonderful tool through her nether valley, and was delightfully
sampling her sweet nectar from the source, piercing her holy opening with
forceful energy.

Even though his own genitals were still tucked away, tense with anticipation,
Simon resisted the urge to make anything less than half an effort towards
his baby sis' first oral climax. He'd performed the same deed on Lucy a few
times, and had gotten quite good from the experience, but was not able to
practice as often as he'd liked. After all, Ruthie's elder sibling was a
whole-hearted cock slave, almost never settling for anything less than a
stick prick up her twat.

Ruthie, however, had no knowledge of such joys, since she'd only purposefully
bared her vagina to the one boy lying between her thighs. To the young
juvenile, this was the highest plane of existence, and she owed it all to an
act that had been described as sinful more times than could be counted.

"Can't be... wrong.." she uttered gutturally, starlight streaming into her
soul from above. At the moment her determination poured out, blending in
with the groans being muffled by the pillow, the flame in her nether organs
erupted with hitherto unreached intensity. "Nothing..." she thought wildly,
struggling to remain coherent as the powerful force swept through her. "That
feels this wonderful can be bad..."

Compared to Lucy, Simon's younger partner was a real gusher when orgasm began
to rock her diminutive frame. At first he thought she had started to pee on
him - the extensive amount of fluid squirting from her pure folds was nearly
too voluminous to be believable. By the first taste of her fresh cream,
though, he knew it was the same liquid that her older sis spewed every day.

While his tender lover continued to flood his boyish features with girl-come,
he attempted to lap up the mess as best as possible. Still, Ruthie's deluge
of graciousness at the ecstasy he'd presented her was simply too vast to deal
with, and the bulk of her intoxicating perfume leaked out anyway, engulfing
the bedsheets in a growing puddle.

Heaving for breath, Ruthie seemed to have passed out from her ordeal, thin
limbs desperately grasping the pillow. Simon cleared it away triumphantly,
looking down at an angelic face thankful beyond words. Once again he lay
down on top of her, not at all minding the sweat and juice that was soaking
his clothes. His young sibling responded halfheartedly to his advances on
her oral passage, still breathing raggedly from climax.

"Are we... going to do it now?" She asked questioningly, as if asking him to
decide. Her zealous mate had already lowered his jeans in preparation, his
tool growing at the thought of deflowering another. Already she could detect
the head pressing against her puberty, the bulbous knob nearly halfway

"You don't want to?" Simon replied sadly, the same worries echoing in his
mind. He could tell Ruthie would be unbelievably tight, and the testing jerks
he made towards her dark tunnel were being easily thwarted. It would take a
great deal of effort to force her virgin walls open enough to fuck property,
and of course she would have to deal with a popped cherry. Neither would be
a proper end to what had so far been an unparalleled occurance.

"I don't think I'm ready yet..." she continued, equally sorry to leave him
unfulfilled, but not enough to offer sexual favors of her own accord.

"Of course." her brother replied steadfastly, grunting in effort to stuff his
prick back inside his clothes. "I won't rush you."

"You can ask Lucy to..." the little girl paused, looking for the right
phrase. "Finish you off, right?"

"Yeah, she'd be happy to!" Simon added with a forced grin, letting several
lengthy moments pass before he rose up.

"It was amazing, Simon..." she cooed, watching him but making no motion to
cover her still-uncovered privates. "Can we do this anytime now?"

"Whenever you want." he answered, this time flashing a genuine grin. "Just
make sure you cover up so mom doesn't see what we've been at."

"I know!" Ruthie giggled, looking at the love stains she'd left. "It looks
like I wet myself..."

"You did, Ruth." he responded charmingly, running his finger across her
drenched lips and licking the goo off the end. "And I can't wait to see it
happen again."

* * *

"Jesus, what have you been doing?" Lucy asked interrogatively, noticing her
beau reeking with the odor of sex the moment he returned.

"Fixing it so that our nosy little sis won't interrupt us anymore." Simon
replied calmly, projecting his crotch to amplify the large bulge concealed
within. "Care to take advantage of it?"

"You bet!" the blonde teen spat out, her demeanor changing instantly. "Want
me to play the Bad Altar Girl?" she asked coyly, referring to one of the many
roleplaying scenarios the pair had recently delved into.

"Not if it means I have to wait for you to swipe an alb from dad's office."
Simon said, leading his sister by the hand to the hallway. "I'm going to give
it you so hard you'll never stop coming!"

"Ooh, I can barely hold out!" Lucy snickered, following behind as they made
their way to the basement.

* * *

True to his word, Simon had sprung one of the most memorable fucks his
well-endowed lover had ever experienced. As soon as they entered the cool,
dark cellar, he conducted her over towards one of the new-age couches Matt
had since relegated to storage. All cushion and no springs, it was perfect
for lovemaking, since no telltale sounds would reach any of the other
family members. They had used it on multiple occasions before in a variety
of positions. Lucy absolutely loved to decorate the armrest with her
shapely buttocks, letting Simon plow her from behind. Other times, she
would straddle him on the padding and ride her brother's meat pole for
until they were both happy.

But the incestuous duo had never used the aged furnishing for straight-up
grinding, nestled in the cleft between the cushions. When her brother pulled
her bottoms down, doing the same to himself while collapsing onto the sofa,
she was almost fearful of his sudden insistence. None the more, though, than
when his raging cock shot right up her quivering hole.

With her pants only halfway down her thighs, just low enough for him to get
at her secretive delights, it took a bit for his shaft to find its way. Once
he was inside her belly, though, he fucked his sister with such ferocity the
dainty minister's daughter found herself at loss for words, her mouth gaping
open in a silent scream. She was sure that if his rod were to miss at this
pace, it would probably snap in half.

After eating Ruthie out, Simon was so horny that he had no choice but to ram
his cock into Lucy as hard as he could, slamming their hips together so hard
that it was a miracle no one heard the racket upstairs. A long way from
protesting, the blonde adolescent let out her emotion the only way possible -
by crying tears of joy as she came again and again, the repeated climaxes
dulling the ravaging her brother was causing her fragile flower.

Simon was beaming when it was over, his partner hugging tight and whispering
tired appreciation for the most memorable screwing ever. Not once did she
come to ponder what had transformed her mate, for it would've been clear that
her little brother was thinking about immature Ruthie while he made love to,
wondering what it would feel like to break her virgin pussy in.

Once the youngest Camden son knew his lover was into rough sex, he was only
able to give it to his obliging sister once a day in order to let her bruised
and battered vagina heal. Lucy totally loved the new routine, though. Even
though they coupled less than before, she was able to come twice as often
under the sheer violence of her brother's hammering. The only question she
had left, then, was what Simon was going to do when she was too sore to
accommodate him?
_ _ _

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