7th Heaven: Part 1 - Reverend Camden Gets A Surprise (M/F,M/f,inc,ncon)
by NySGuY

It was another quiet night at the Camden house. In fact a little too quiet.
No one was home except for Annie, her husband, and their twin baby boys.
Annie was just finishing the dishes when her husband walked in.

"I can't believe it honey," said the Rev. walking in the kitchen.

"What can't you believe?" replied Annie drying a dish.

"Can you believe we finally have the house to ourselves?"

Annie thought to herself for a second and then said, "You're right. We do
don't we?"

The Rev, smiling, then said, "We sure do and the boys are asleep!"

Annie, with a grin that said she knew what her husband was thinking, put her
arms around him and kiss him deeply. Since the house is always full, they
hardly ever had time to have sex. In fact they haven't had sex in about two
months. Reverend Camden picked his wife up, right off her feet, and carried
her upstairs.

"Oh sweetie," moaned Annie as she kissed his neck while she was carried up
the stairs to their bedroom. "No, not in there." said Annie.

Reverend Camden knew right away why she had said that. 'That's right the
boys,' he thought to himself. So he carried her to his son Simon's room. He
threw her on the bed. He dove on top of her kissing her. "Oh honey. It's been
so long," said the Reverend as he kissed all over her neck.

"Oh yes honey, I know." Annie wanted this just as bad as her husband.

The Rev. started to unbutton her shirt. He then got frustrated and ripped it
off her. Her breast covered in a white bra came into view. Her breasts were
huge seeing how she just gave birth to twins not too long ago. Reverend
Camden reached behind Annie and found the clasp to her bra. He unhooked it.
Out spilled her enormous breasts. He took the left one in his mouth while he
fondled the other one.

"Oh yes! Suck my tits!" she moaned. "Oh that feels so good!"

The Rev. stopped sucking on her breast and moved down to her thighs, kissing
and licking them.

"Oh yes honey, like that!" she moaned. She knew what was coming next. He
reached under her skirt and grabbed her panties. He pulled them down and off
her. Her beautiful pussy came into view. And man what a fat pussy it was! The
Reverend had actually not seen his wife's pussy in two months. He marveled at
the sight. Then he dove in.

"Ohhhh yesss! Ohh please don't stop!" she screamed.

He licked her pussy up and down sucking and slurping as he ate.

"Ohhhhhhh yessssssss ooooooo th-th-th-thaattsss itttt! Ohhhhooooo! I'm gonna
commme!" she screamed.

The Reverend was devouring her pussy leaving no stone unturned. He liked and
sucked at her clit. This drove Annie over the edge.

"Ohhhh yessssss I'mmm commmmmiiiiiiinnnnngggggg! Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss!"
she screamed as she bucked her hips at his face holding the back of his head
tight against her pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhh my Goooddddddddd!" as she

Annie came all over her husband's face. Cum was gushing out of her pussy.
Wave after wave of cum erupted from her all over Reverend Camden's face and
chin. So much so that he was swallowing lots of it. She was still comming,
"Ohhhhh babbbbyyyyyyy! Yesssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhh!"

Her eyes were rolled in the back of her head as she had the most crushing
orgasm she had in months. The bed was soaked. Cum actually dripped off the
end of it.

"Oh," she gasped as she fell flat on her back onto the bed. This amount of
cum didn't surprise either of them because this is how she always came
whenever they had sex. She always had crushing orgasms. Rev., face soaked
with Annie's cum, climbed on top of her and positioned his cock to her
flooding pussy. He slammed his cock in as hard as he could.

"Ohhhh!" gasped Annie as her husband's nine inch tool rammed her pussy. The
Reverend started to pound his dick in her at lightning speed. "Ohhh yessss,
fuck me! Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh!" she moaned at each thrust he made.

He was pistoning his dick in and out of her like a jackhammer. Her legs were
wrapped around his waist as she moaned in pleasure. "Ohhhh fuck me fuck me
fuck me fuck me fuck ME! Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss ohhh!"

He was fucking her so hard the headboard was banging up against the wall in
loud thumps. Reverend Camden was fucking the living shit out of his wife. "Oh
baby you're so fucking good!" he was able to say while fucking. "I'm gonna
come! Ohhhh I'm commmmmminnnnngggg uhhhhhhhhhhh!" yelled Reverend Camden as
he pulled his dick out of her and began to shoot his load all over her pussy,
thighs, and stomach.

"Ughhhhhh yesssss ohh fuck!" he yelled as he shot load after load of hot cum
all over Annie's legs and stomach. She was covered in cum and he was still
shooting all over her. "Ah ah ah ah ah," as more cum was erupting from his
dick. His dick finally subsided as his last jet of sperm shot up her chest.

"Oh yessss," said Reverend Camden. "You're so damn good! I love you!"

"I love you too," replied Annie looking up at her husband.

He just collapsed on top of her and lay there exhausted. He too was a very
huge cummer. He always shot enormous loads when he came. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
came roaring from across the hall. Reverend Camden slowly got up and left the
room to see to boys. Annie, smiling, just lay there thinking 'I guess I'm
going to have to flip the mattress over!'

* * *

Sunday morning, 8:35 a.m., a car door shut, followed by the sound of a car
pulling off. The front door opened. In walked Simon and the smell of pancakes
lead him straight to the kitchen.

"Hey mom," he said as he walked in.

"Hi sweetie how was Eric's house?" she responded piling pancakes onto a

"Oh it was great! We played video games, ate pizza, and stayed up all night!"

"Oh really. I hope you don't fall asleep in church!"

"Oh I won't!"

Simon grabbed him a plate of bacon, eggs, and pancakes and sat down to eat.
Ruthie came bouncing downstairs into the kitchen. Obviously the smell of
pancakes grabbed her nose too. Ruthie had just come home about 45 minute ago.
She had returned from a slumber party at one of her friend's houses. All the
kids were coming back this morning so they could all go to church. Soon Mary
and Lucy would be here and they will all go to church. Matt said he would
meet them there. Reverend Camden was upstairs practicing his sermon, when he
got slapped in the nose by the smell of pancakes. Annie was feeding Michael
and David when reverend Camden came down stairs.

"Morning honey," he said as he kissed Annie on the forehead.

"Morning, finished practicing your sermon?"

"Yep, and the smell of your cooking snatched me away."

"Well, dig in. Mary and Lucy should be here any minute."

Rev grabbed him a plate-full of pancakes and sat down at the table with Simon
and Ruthie.

"How was Eric's?" he asked Simon.

"Oh it was great! We did allot of guy stuff!" said Simon pouring syrup on his

"Oh really?" responded reverend Camden. "What kind of guy stuff?"

"You know," replied Simon. "We stayed up, talked about girls, played games,
watched TV, talked about girls. Stuff like that."

"I see," smiled his father. "I hope you don't fall asleep on me today."

"I won't fall asleep."

"That's what you said last week and you still fell asleep." Ruthie

Simon and Reverend Camden just stared at her.

"What?" said Ruthie eating a fork full of pancakes too big for her mouth.

The church service was great and people were piling up out side to go home.
Annie and everyone else all piled in the car to go home; everyone but Mary.
She had to help out at the church after service on Sundays. She would go home
with dad. Reverend Camden made his way to his office. Unknown to him someone
was waiting on him. Reverend Camden walked in his office and sat down at his
desk. The door slammed shut. The Reverend looked up startled.

"Who are you?" he said standing up.

"What, you don't remember me Rev?" said the stranger.

Reverend looked at the stranger carefully. The man had on dirty jeans, a
white t-shirt, and an old plaid jacket.

"Mr. Richardson?" asked the Reverend surprised.

"That's right, Mr. Richardson. You remember me don't you Rev?"

And remember him he did. He counseled Mr. Richardson and his wife Debra about
six or seven months ago. 'What could have happened?' he thought. 'He looks

"How are you Mr. Richardson? How's Mrs. Richardson?"

"There IS no Mrs. Richardson!" yelled the man. "Thanks to you!"

"What do you mean? How can I help?" asked the Reverend puzzled.

"That advice you gave us, saying we should give each other space! That maybe
we should go on a date with someone else to test our relationship!"

"Yeah?" said the Reverend still puzzled.

"Well, she left me!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to..."

"Shut up!" the man interrupted. "The woman I loved left me for that bastard
co-worker of hers! I've been miserable ever since! I tried to get her back
but she wouldn't hear of it. She then filed for divorce and it's all thanks
to YOU!" he said as he pulled a 9mm out of his pants and aimed it at his

"Let's not get unreasonable here," said the Rev.

"Shut up. You ruined my life! And I won't rest until yours is too."

Just then the door opened. Mary walked in with the collection money. Her
heart sank as she saw this man pointing a gun at her father. She dropped the
baskets in shock.

"Shut the door!" he yelled. Mary just stood there motionless. "I said shut
the fucking door!" Mary jumped at the rise of his voice and slammed the door.
"Lock it!" she obeyed and locked the door. "Now get over here!"

She obeyed and went to stand next to her father.

"Please don't hurt my daughter!" Reverend Camden pleaded.

"Your daughter!" exclaimed the man. He examined her. "This nice piece is your

Mary was scared but she didn't really show it. She wasn't crying and this
baffled the man.

"You scared of this?" he asked as he held up his gun.

"No!" she spoke for the first time with no fear in her voice.

"Oh really. Your old man sure is!" he said as he pointed it at her father.

"Please, I'll give you anything!" Reverend Camden pleaded.

"I don't think there's anything you can give me, but she can give me a lot!"
the man said with a grin. Mary looked at her father then back at the man.
"Hey girly, you can give me something alright. You want some of this?" he
asked grabbing his crotch.

"Go to hell!" she shot back. He pressed the gun to her forehead. Reverend
Camden flinched. "Go ahead. Make a move and watch her pretty brains get blown
out!" He then pointed the gun at Reverend Camden. "I suggest you cooperate
honey if you don't want your old man to get hurt!" Mary looked at him with a
mean look on her face. "Now get on your knees!" At first she didn't move,
then she slowly obeyed. "That's a good girl." Mary gulped as she knew what
was in store for her. Reverend Camden closed his eyes. "Open your damn eyes
Rev!" the man yelled. "You're going to watch this." He turned his attention
back on Mary. "Now you do what I say and you and the Rev here won't get
hurt." While holding onto the gun, he zipped down his pants and whipped out
his eight inch cock. "Now suck on this bitch!" She looked at his dick then at
her father. "If I have to tell you again things will get bad real fast! NOW!"
She reluctantly obeyed by grabbing his dick with her right hand and wrapped
her mouth around his dick. "Oh shit, that's it! Yeah suck it!" Mary began to
bob her head back and forth on the man's dick. She sucked hard. "Ohh shitttt
yeah suck that dick!" She jacked his dick with her hand as she sucked.
'slurp-slurp-slurp' She sucked in a steady rhythm. The man, in pure heaven,
looked over at Reverend Camden who was just staring with a blank look on his
face. The man then got a great idea. Time for payback.

"Like what you see Rev?" he asked the Reverend. "You like seeing your
daughter suck some guys dick? Are you geting turned on? What's that? You want
some?" The Reverend's eyes bulged at the question. "You do don't you?" the
man asked. "Well she is your daughter, I can't say no to that!" He then
pulled his dick out of Mary's mouth. "You wanna suck your dad's dick baby?"
No-one said a thing. "Sure you do!" the man said. "Pull your dick out!" he
commanded to the Reverend.

"Please, you can have anything! Take the money, just please leave us alone,"
the Reverend pleaded.

"I said pull your dick out!" yelled the man.

"Please...." said the Rev.. The man just waved the gun. Reverend Camden
looked at Mary and a tear ran down his face. "I'm sorry sweetie," he said as
he begun to unzip his pants and pull out his nine inch cock. His cock fell
into full view.

"Now suck it!" the man yelled. Mary slowly obeyed grabbing her father's dick
and wrapping her mouth around his dick. She began to suck. Reverend Camden
could not believe this was happening, but it was. And he was determined not
to enjoy it. But his dick was hard and whether he like it or not, it felt
good. He opened his eyes and looked down at his daughter. Mary had started
to suck faster and harder.

"Oh!" Reverend, despite himself let out a soft moan. Mary's head bobbed back
and forth. His dick was hitting the back of her throat. "Oh God." Rev let out
as he put his hand on her head. She sucked and sucked hard. "Oh G-God Mary.
Oh oh oh oh oh babbbbbbyyyy!" He began to pump his dick in and out of her
mouth. "Ohhhh ughhhhhhhhhhhh!" as he began to shoot his load down Mary's
throat. He grabbed her head and pumped his dick in her mouth as he came hard,
just like he always did. "Oh uh oh uh ohhhhhhh Marryyyyyyyyyyyy!" Mary
swallowed as much as she could but there was so much that it dripped down her
chin. The Reverend looked at Mary and then at the man still holding the gun
in one hand and jacking off with the other. Reverend Camden never felt
guiltier in his life.

"That was beautiful!" said the man. "Now drop your pants!" he ordered Mary.
Mary slowly obeyed. She thought it was over. "Oh it's not over yet Rev. Time
for you to return the favor. Now you get on your knees! NOW!" The Reverend
slowly obeyed. Mary stood there in her shirt and panties. "Take those off
too!" the man said pointing to her panties. She did. "Now, eat your
daughter's cunt!"

"Please..." the Rev began to say, but the look on the man's face stopped him
from finishing. He had to do what he said. So he walked on his knees and
stopped between Mary's legs. He put his face down to her cunt and put out his
tongue. Mary flinched when his tongue touched her pussy. At first he licked
just a little bit then he began to really eat her pussy.

"Ohhh." Mary moaned. She couldn't help it. She drove her hips into his face.
He placed his hands on her hips as he slurped at her pussy. "Ohhhhh uhhhhhh
dadddyyyy!" She began to rock her hips. Despite himself he began to devour
her pussy squeezing her thighs with his hands as he ate. "Ohhhh
daddddyyyyyy!" she moaned as she had one hand on the desk behind her and the
other on her father's head. "Oh dad oh oh oh uh uhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh
daaaaaaaaaddd!" He squeezed her thighs even harder. "Uh uh uh uh uh uh
oohhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh uhhhhhh!" she yelled as she began to come. Hot warm cum
flooded out of Mary's pussy all over her fathers face. She came right in his
mouth. It must have seemed like gallons of cum was coming out of this girl
for wave after wave of cum erupted from her pussy.
"Ahhhhhgghhhhhhhhuuuuhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as she continued coming. Cum was
dripping on the floor.

"Goddamn that's a lot of cum!" said the man in the corner. Just seeing that
made him come. "You must have really enjoyed that honey!"

As the Rev stood up, face dripping from cum thought to himself, 'She comes
just like her mother!' Feeling guiltier than ever, her wiped his face with
his handkerchief. He then looked at the man.

The man then said "Ok honey, now bend over that desk."

Mary just did what the man told her to do and bent over the desk, her
beautiful, big teen ass stuck up in the air. Reverend Camden knew exactly
what the man was going to tell him to do, and he dreaded it. "Fuck you

He looked at Mary, and then back at the man. Then he walked over to the desk,
behind Mary and positioned his dick to her pussy. Mary felt his dick touch
her pussy lips and then he pushed in. Mary and her father both moaned at the
same time as his dick entered his daughter. He then began to pump in and out
of her slowly. Then he went faster. And faster. He had his hands on her waist
and soon he was slamming his dick into her. 'smack smack smack smack'

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" cried out Mary as she was fucked by her father.

"Ohhhh Goooodddddd!" cried Reverend Camden as he fucked his daughter. He then
gave into all temptation and began to fuck the shit out of Mary.

"Ohhh dddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddyyyyyyyyy! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The Revs balls slapped against her in loud smacks as he fucked her as hard as
he could.

"Ohhhhh Maaaarrryyyyy Yeessssssss! Ohhhhhh Maaaryyy It'sss sooooooooo gooood!
I'm comminnnggggggggg!" And right then he shot load after load of cum into
his daughter's pussy. "Ohh ohhh Maaarrrryyyyyy!" he continued pounding Mary's
pussy as he kept coming inside her. "Uhh uhh uhh oooooo baby!" as he shot one
last load in her.

Reverend lay there on top of his daughter for a few minutes. We he finally
turned around, the man was gone. He got up, looked out the door, he was
nowhere to be found. He stared at Mary for a second and the said, "Get
dressed. Let's go home. I don't think we should tell anyone about this, I'll
handle this ok?"

"Ok" said Mary as she got dressed. The two of them got in the car and headed

'What am I gonna tell Annie?'

The ride home from the church was a quiet one. Mary and her father hadn't
said a word since they left. As they pulled into the driveway Mary was the
first one to break the silence.

"Are you gonna tell mom?" she asked.

"I don't know honey," her father said as he looked at the house.

They entered the house and Mary went straight up to her room. Reverend
Camden, burning with guilt was determined not to tell anyone. Just then Annie
walked into the living room.

"Hey honey," she said with a smile. "What happened?"

'Damn she's good' he thought. 'How the hell did she know something happened?'

"Nothing dear," he said looking at her feet.

"Oh no, something happened, I can tell by how you're acting."

Annie said approaching her husband determined to know what was up.

Reverend Camden broke down. "Annie honey, I have to tell you something."

'Oh this is big!' Annie thought to herself. "Well, what is it?"

"Just promise me you won't go crazy."

"Will you just tell me." Annie was now getting anxious.

Reverend Camden told her everything. He couldn't help himself. He even told
her that he couldn't help but enjoy it a little bit. Annie could not believe
her ears. She wanted to scream, but she promised not to go crazy.

"Is Mary ok?" she asked.

"Oh she's fine. She's upstairs in her room." replied her husband.

"I can't believe this," said a worried Annie. "And you mean to tell me you
enjoyed it?!"

"NO honey, I didn't mean that. I hated what happened! But I'd be lying if I
said I didn't receive some pleasure from it."

Annie did not know what to say. She went about the rest of the day as if she
never got the news.

* * *

11:45p.m. Sunday, everyone in the house was asleep, except for Reverend
Camden and Annie. Up in their bed Reverend Camden thought he had to say
something. "Gushing orgasms must run in your family."

"What?!" asked a surprised Annie.

"Not all women come like you do." said her husband.

"You're talking about Mary aren't you?" she asked.

"Well, yes I am. She comes just like you. I couldn't help but notice."

Annie thought to herself for a second, surprised by her husband's statements.

"She must have enjoyed it to," she said trying to make light of the situation

"I'll say she did," said her husband smiling.

And despite himself, his dick started to get hard. Annie noticed it right
away, but she kept it to herself. Annie started thinking about what he had
said. 'Maybe gushing orgasms does run in my family.' The only women she had
ever known to have orgasms like that was her mother. She spied on her parents
once when she was little and got more than an eyeful. After that she never
spied on them again. Even though she thought it was awful she still thought
that what happened between Mary and her father must have been some scene.


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