THE SETTING: The Camden household on a Friday evening. The family had just
finished dinner a few hours earlier. The local weatherman predicted that a
big thunderstorm was on its way and the family decided to stay home and watch
some videos together for the night.

Present are Eric Camden (a Reverend), Annie (his wife), Mary (his eldest
teenage daughter), Lucy (his other teenage daughter), Simon (his youngest
son) and Ruthie (his youngest daughter). Mary and Lucy are in the study
selecting some videos for the family to view. The rest of the family is in
the living room watching television.

7th Heaven: The Weekend Of Hell Part 1 (Mf,MMMF,MMF,ncon,inter,bond,viol)
by ThermoChemist

"We interrupt your regular viewing schedule to bring you this important news
update," retorted the television news reporter. "Six men have escaped from
the Orange County jail almost a half hour ago. They are reported to be armed
and extremely dangerous. With us here now is the county Sheriff, Mr. I.P
Daly. Mr. Daly, what can you tell us about the men who pulled off this

"Well...", replied the Sheriff, " have a mixed bag with this bunch.
You have a variety of common lowlifes mixed with some real bad asses. You
have an ungodly mixture of thieves, rapists and murderers in this group.
Reports are that they somehow bonded while in jail. The worst of the group
is the mastermind of the gang - a Mr. Bart Conners. Unfortunately, I can
not give you further data at this time because the thunderstorm that rolled
in a little while ago has knocked out our computer system. I'll get back to
you when I can."

"Very well Sheriff. Thank you. As you just heard from the Sheriff, the
anticipated thunderstorm has indeed just minutes ago rolled into our area.
With the bad weather and the danger of escaped convicts on the loose, people
should have no problem following the police advisory for everyone to stay
indoors tonight. This is Rolanda Maria Consuela de La Hoya signing off."

"Good thing I've got my whole family here tonight. Safe and sound at home,"
thought Reverend Camden. "Well everyone except Matt but he's away on a
camping trip and won't be back till Monday morning; and the 2 littlest boys
are at the grandparents for the weekend. "Hey girls, where's that movie?
We're ready to start," said the Reverend.

"We're coming Dad," exclaimed the girls as they returned from the study with
their movie selection, "The Sound of Music."

Meanwhile, Ruthie was in the kitchen making some popcorn when she heard some
weird scratching sounds at the back door. She figured some one must have left
their dog "Lucky" out and she should let him in before the storm starts. That
would be the biggest mistake of her young life! At the slightest turn of the
door handle, in rushed a half a dozen men; dirty and disheveled. The first
one in the door wrapped his ugly paw around the young girl's mouth. "Don't
screams little girl and you won'ts be hurted. How many people be in this
house?" asked the intruder.

"I don't know. Maybe five or six of us. It's just my family!" replied Ruthie.

At that moment, the last man was walking in the door; all calm, cool and
collected. He was wearing a black leather jacket and sunglasses. "All right
guys. It's time for us to have some fun. Now remember gentlemen, I want
everything done as we discussed. All right, let's roll." At that moment, a
loud thunderous roar echoed through the night sky as the impending storm had
indeed arrived.

Crash! All hell broke loose in the Camden living room. "Move it, move it
bitches," barked the intruders as they herded the Camden women to the sofa in
the middle of the living room.

"Who the hell are you people and what they hell do you think you're doing in
my house?!?" exclaimed Reverend Camden.

"We are your worst nightmare and what we're doing is anything we want,"
replied an assailant. With that, Eric Camden was cracked across the face
with a set of brass knuckles. He went out like a light! "Any more stupid

While the Reverend was taking his little nap, the men handcuffed him and
then handcuffed Simon using handcuffs they stole from the county lockup. The
men then began stripping the clothes off of the Camden women. "No, no don't,"
they each uttered at one time or another. Their pleas were answered with
forceful smacks across their faces as their clothing was savagely ripped
from their bodies. Then men were forcibly groping the women as they were
undressing. When all was said and done, there were three naked women laying
on the living room floor, weeping uncontrollably; maybe a little bruised and
battered but no worse for the wear!

At this point, Ruthie attempted to escape by running to the back door through
the kitchen but was readily grabbed. "Hold on you," said one of the men.
"Raheem, come here", commanded the man wearing the black leather. He then
whispered the following orders to Raheem: "I want you to take this little
girl upstairs and tie and gag her so she can not get away or scream for
help. I have plans for this little one and I don't want her harmed. Do you

"Uh... yeah boss," was his reply.

"Good, after you accomplish that little task I want you to look around for
any valuables such as cash and jewelry."

"When do I get to have my fun?" asked Raheem sarcastically.

"Don't worry. I'll call you when it's your turn for fun."

"Okay..he-he," chuckled Raheem. With that, Raheem scooped up Ruthie and
shuffled up the stairs to the master bedroom. Half way up the stairs Ruthie
began struggling and fell from Raheem's arms. "Thump, thump, roll, roll,
crash!", were the sounds heard as little Ruthie tumbled down the stairs.
Raheem merely walked to the bottom of the stairs, grabbed Ruthie by the
hair and dragged her by the hair up the entire flight of stairs; with her
crying and kicking the whole way.

"What's he going to do to my little baby?" queried Annie.

"Let's just say, that should give you some incentive to follow our orders.
If, at any time, you decide to be trouble or don't follow our orders to the
letter, Raheem will have free reign with your young daughter."

"Now back to you lovely ladies," began the man wearing the sunglasses. "My
name is... my name is... well my name isn't important. You can call me Lord
and Master for all I give a shit. My colleagues and I have recently expedited
our release from this county's correctional facilities. I have decided to
inflict a mini terror spree in this county as payback for the time I was
unjustly incarcerated. Two years spent in that hell hole, fighting deviants
trying to ass fuck me everyday, has exacted a heavy toll which the citizens
of this county will gladly pay - with consent or not! Your house is the first
on our county-wide tour and you ladies will be the first to pay!"

"You're coming with me," the black leathered man exclaimed as he turned
around and dragged Lucy Camden by the hair into the dining room. He threw
her under the dining room table. She huddled under the table, with her hands
across her chest to hide her nakedness. "Now listen up, honey. You are going
to suck my cock till I cum. Do you understand?"

"But... I... never..." Lucy began to explain.

"A Thank You is not necessary honey," the man said sarcastically. With that,
the man in the black leather jacket unzipped his pants and unleashed his 8
inch cock into Lucy's face, hitting her in the nose. At first she didn't do
anything. She was too shocked about what was transpiring. "Honey, I know it
may be a beautiful sight but I don't feel your tongue giving it a warm
reception," said the man.

"I can't," she screamed.

That negative response prompted the stranger to administer a quick backhand
to her face and Lucy collapsed to the floor. "Raheem...", the stranger
pretended to call to Raheem; as incentive for Lucy to get in line.

"No, please. All right, I'll do it!" exclaimed Lucy as she reluctantly placed
his cock in her mouth. Anything she might have to endure would be better than
having her little sister molested (or worse). The leader seemed pleased with
the warm moistness of her now accepting mouth.

"Leave my little Lucy alone," screamed Annie Camden.

"Someone shut that cow up, please," extorted the man in sunglasses.

A fourth intruder saw this as his opportunity. "I'll take care of it boss,"
he said enthusiastically. He then proceeded to shove his dick into Annie's
mouth. "That should keep your mouth occupied for a while bitch," he

Annie at first put up a fight but the escaped convict was just too powerful.
He held her head in place as he violently rocked back and forth, face-fucking
her. A deep sense of nausea engulfed Annie as she was forced to suck this
guy's smelly cock. At that point, the fifth intruder joined in. As Annie was
unwillingly giving head to the fourth convict, Habib, the fifth one, Arthur,
was taking his pants off and preparing to fuck Annie. He bent her over and
she was now on her hands and knees, with Habib fucking her mouth and Arthur
preparing to mount her from behind.

"Damn, you got a big hole slut. Whatcha been doing? Fucking the whole seventh

"Mmmmrggh," was all Annie could be heard saying as she struggled against the
cock in her mouth.

Unknown to the convict was the fact that Annie was a mother of seven. If
she could endure the pain of childbirth seven times then she could surely
survive this ordeal. After pumping into her cunt for several minutes Arthur
exclaimed, "I need a tighter fit bitch. I bet you've never been fucked in
your asshole, Heh?" He spit on his dick for lubrication and then shoved his
cock into her tight virgin asshole.

"Aargh", she screamed as tears ran down her face.

"Aw, yeah - that feels much better," reported the convict.

Annie was in the middle of a little "poke-and-choke" receiving from both ends
at the same time!

Not to be outdone, or neglected, the remaining two escaped convicts were
already at work on the remaining Camden lady, Mary. She appeared to be the
best looking bitch of them all. She was around nineteen years old with long
flowing blonde hair. She had what appeared to be perfect tits and a perfect
ass. Well, they were both getting a work over at that moment! The last two
convicts, Rocko and Victor, were busily fondling and groping young Mary's
body. "Let's D.P. her Victor," Rocko said.

"I'm there," replied Victor.

Rocko proceeded to get on his back and waited for Mary to come and sit on his
cock. She, of course, would have none of it. Victor lifted her up and she
fought frantically as he began to lower her onto Rocko. Rocko meanwhile was
spreading her legs apart as she came closer and closer to him. After much
effort, the convicts had Mary seated on Rocko's cock and she was reluctantly
forced to begin rocking back and forth on his cock. It was then that Victor
slapped Mary on the ass very, very hard. "OW!" she screamed.

"That was for being a big pain in OUR ass," Victor said, "and now I'm going
to be a big pain in YOUR ass." With Rocko penetrating her pussy, Victor began
to enter Mary's butthole.

"Aww...", she screamed again, as sharp pain filled her lower body.

"Aw, yeah. That's it baby," Victor exclaimed as he pumped into Mary's

"NO, please. Stop it!", Mary screamed. Her pleas only served to further
excite the convict. He then picked up the pace and began pumping into her
even more quickly!

Meanwhile, little Lucy was busily servicing the ringleader of the group. At
that moment, however, she must have forgot what she was supposed to be doing
because she inadvertingly scraped her teeth against the tip of the leader's

"Ow bitch", he screamed out. "What the fuck do you think you're doing with
those teeth?"

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean...I..." Lucy exclaimed in fear.

"That's it bitch. I gave you one chance to please me correctly and you
literally blew it. You're now going to get the punishment you deserve."

"No, no please. I didn't mean to. It was a mistake," Lucy pleaded.

The leader dragged her up from under the table by her hair and slammed her
hard onto the dining room table, face down. He looked around the room and
found what he was looking for; the dining room curtain drawstrings. With one
hand holding her down he proceeded to whip her cute little teenage ass. The
once soft, white, creamy flesh became marred with crimson lines. He only
gave her about a half a dozen lashings as "initial" punishment for her
wrongdoings. He then proceeded to tie her to the table, face down - spread
eagle, with her hands bound with curtain drawstring going underneath the
width of the table.

The sunglassed leader then got up on the table and began to anally rape poor
little Lucy Camden for her indiscretions, "I know a young piece of ass like
you has not experienced anything like this so sit back and enjoy the
sensations honey," he whispered in her ear.

"NO, Stop you bastard!" she yelled.

"That's it honey, I love sweet talk," he replied. He rocked back and forth
into her ass, catching glimpses of his comrades exacting their sweet revenge
as well on the residents of the county which had incarcerated them for so

"Uugh... hurts," she exclaimed. "Mommy, mommy, please help,"
Lucy murmured as her anal assault continued.

...but Annie Camden could not hear Lucy's pleas for help for she was
undergoing a bit of hell of her own! The two convicts that were sexually
assaulting her had changed places. Habib was now poking her in the ass
and Arthur was orally violating her.

"I'm gonna come," said Habib.

"Me too," reported Arhur. At that moment, Habib climaxed into Annie's anal

"Thank God that's over", she thought to herself.

"That was very nice," howled Habib.

Arthur, on the other hand, was not done with humiliating this cunt. "Face
me," he instructed Annie. "I'm gonna blow my load in your face now sit
still." He then spewed cum from his 9 inch cock all over her - face, hair,
neck! She began to wipe it off with her hands. "Don't wipe it bitch. Leave
it there till I tell you otherwise," Arthur exclaimed. He smacked her hard
across the face and she fell to the ground.

For what seemed like an eternity, Lucy had to ordeal the intense pain and
discomfort of having her virgin asshole violated. She was trying to put her
mind into a different place; to get far away from this godforsaken place. "Oh
God, why are you doing this to us," she thought. At that point, she appeared
to feel her assailants' weight shift off of her.

The black leathered, sunglassed leader couldn't hold out any longer. The
feeling of that tight virgin asshole and the sight of his men getting off
with the other women brought him to the point of climax. He immediately got
off the table and came around to the side of the table facing Lucy's face.
"Open up bitch," he commanded.

"NO," she screamed back.

"Didn't you just learn about the consequences of disobeying me," he reminded
her. With that, she opened her mouth to receive his load. He subsequently
unleashed his load into her open mouth hitting the back of her throat. It was
more than she was expecting and cum ran out the side of her mouth. "That's a
good little girl," he said appreciatively. Lucy began sighing as she
attempted to spit the taste of man-juice out of her mouth.

Mary was at the point of exhaustion. She always considered herself to be in
good condition from her years of playing basketball; but, at this moment in
time she was ready to collapse. These dirty, disgusting, smelly, perverted
men were still pumping into her and she was not sure that she could take any
more of it. Though she knew it probably wouldn't work, she tried pleading
once again. "Please stop... I can't..." she cried.

"Be quiet bitch. I'm almost done," said the one fucking her in the ass. It
was at that moment that he withdrew his cock from her ass and let his load
rip across her ass and lower back. Cum slowly began to drip down between her
ass checks.

The convict who was fucking her from underneath saw this as his opportunity
to get up and finish off in Mary's mouth. "Open up bitch", he said as he
clinched her mouth. "I want you to suck me off till I come in your mouth. Now
start sucking," he ordered.

Mary figured her ordeal was already half over. One guy was done and this guy
couldn't be far behind. She started sucking his cock in earnest, hoping he
would be finished quickly. "Look at this girl go", Rocko exclaimed, "Yeah,
that's it honey. Oh yeah, more tongue". Mary began bobbing her head up and
down, back and froth, even more fervently. "Oh yeah, baby here it comes,"
Rocko exclaimed as he shot his "nut mustard" into her awaiting mouth. She
gagged and dry heaved as she finished him off. "Thank God it's finally over,"
Mary thought.

After composing themselves, the gang members moved all of the family members
back into the center of the living room floor. "We did everything you wanted
us to do. Now why don't you go and leave us alone?" asked Annie, wiping blood
from her bleeding lip.

"Yes, you did do everything we asked of you so far. That is why your young
daughter is still unharmed and your men are still in one piece," said the
leader. The words of his last sentences echoed in Annie's mind. "He said, 'So
Far'," she thought. "My God what else does he have planned for us?"

"Rocko. Go upstairs and tell Raheem it's his turn to come on down," commanded
the sunglassed leader.

"Oh no. We're not done!" Annie silently murmured to herself as she slowly
began to sob.

[And so ends Day 1 of the Weekend of Hell]


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