7th Heaven: The Sins Of Lucy (bbf,First,CP,Facial,Squirt,Inc,Anal)
by Dr. Demented 666

It was Lucy's first official date as a 14 year old girl with her new boyfriend, but she was actually very experienced as far as sex goes as she always experimented with herself on many occasions and even popped her own cherry. Lucy fantasized about what she'd do with a boy if she ever got the chance and get to try all the naughty things she's ever heard about or seen in X-rated videos.

Tonight would be the night she's never forget as the doorbell rang and she opened it in her light blue dress that showed off her bare shoulders, pert little breasts under the fabric with her stiff nipples showing as she wasn't wearing a bra, and her long slender legs as the dress was hiked up high to her thigh.

There standing on the other side of the doorway was her boyfriend, Eric. He was a boy of equal height to her and a slender athletic build with brown straight hair and bangs that hung down to his eyebrows with a single swoop to the side.

Lucy smiled wide and grabbed him by the hand and pulled him inside and straight to the living room sofa where they sat and she lifted her leg up and swung it over his lap, leaning in and beginning to neck with him. Eric was sort of taken aback by her initiative but quickly fell into turning his head till their lips met and she sunk her tongue into his mouth.

The two lapped their tongues over one anothers and then Lucy broke their lip lock with an excited voice...

"Wanna try something? I bet I can make you feel really good..." She said to him.

Eric smiled back and gave her a 'Yes' nod and watched as she lifted his shirt up and off of him and licked her way down his toned stomach and then undid his shorts...

"Wait! What are you gonna do?" The boy asked with uneasiness.

"Shhhhh...Just watch and enjoy." Lucy replied as she slid his shorts and briefs down his smooth legs at the same time while repositioning herself into a reclined position at his side.

Lucy smiled as she took hold of his growing boyhood and stroked it to a full 5" erection and then put it in her mouth. Eric exhaled heavily with a 'God' moan as she caressed his balls that were lightly covered with a shade of puberty. Lucy slickened his shaft with her saliva and sucked him with slurping sounds being emitted as Eric took his hand and slid it up the side of her leg and then under her panties and fondled her vaginal slit.

Lucy cooed with excited chills shooting up her back and then Eric came. Hot cum shot into Lucy's mouth and she pulled away and let him finish on her face, his hot cum covering her lips, chin, and both cheeks with sticky white goo. Lucy sat up after he finished and smiled at him...

"Kiss me, baby." She begged of him.

"What!? No way! Wipe that stuff off of your face first." He demanded.

But Lucy just smiled and stood up, lowering the shoulder straps of her dress and then letting it fall to the floor. She then slid her white panties down her legs and sat next to him on the sofa and opened her legs, exposing her tuft of brown pubes that came to a stiff peak at the center of her vaginal slit.

"At least make me feel good, lick my pussy." She asked of him.

"Now that I can do." Eric stated as he stood and took off his shorts, shoes and socks and went down on Lucy.

Lucy moaned loudly as Eric licked away at her pussy, prying it open and flicking his tongue over her pink inner vaginal walls as she dripped horny wetness. Lucy opened her eyes and stared up to see her younger brother, Simon, naked and humping the hardwood spindle on the banister with his hard dick. She didn't know how long he's been up there on the 2'nd floor watching, but obviously long enough to get himself in the mood.

The sight of her brother getting off to his sister's sexual encounter was too much for her...

"Fuck me, Eric! I need to feel your dick in me...Fuck me!" She demanded.

Eric slid up her body and put his dick in her as he kissed her neck and began to fuck her. It was his first time so it wasn't long before he easily came. Lucy felt him begin to orgasm in her and she watched as her brother started to orgasm on the spindle at the same time he heard his sister squeal out a loud: "Fuck yes! I'm cumming!"

Lucy watched as her brother opened his eyes in surprise from his first ever orgasm and how his dick seemed to shoot endless amounts of semen from it onto the spindle. His eyes grew wide as he watched his dick bob in midair with his orgasm diminishing and his cum sliding down the spindle and a cum strand dangling from the tip of his dick.

Simon looked down at his sister to see her looking up at him with a smile, now knowing she was watching him during their orgasms.

"That felt so good! It was really great for me, was it for you?" Lucy asked, but really directing her question to her brother.

Simon moved his lips silently with an emphatic 'YES' in reply to her as Eric pulled from Lucy and they both watched his cum pour from her and he also answered her with a 'YES', thinking she was actually talking to him.

"Go down on me, Eric. Eat me out again, honey." Lucy asked of him.

Eric had a disgusted look on his face and his boner quickly went away.

"You have issues, you know that. I mean, you're kind of a sick girl. Sex is one thing, but that kind of sex is another and I'm not doing it!" Eric told her as he stood and promptly got dressed, leaving her laying there in a semi reclined position on the sofa and feeling unsatisfied as he walked out the front door.

Lucy looked up at her brother: "Well? You wanna pick up where he left off?"

Simon stood and walked down the steps with his hard dick just a swaying as he went to his sister with thrills of what was to happen. Simon propped his dick up against her cum soaked pubes and she quickly stopped him...

"Uh uh...You know what I want...Eat me out, Simon...Then we can fuck." She told her brother.

She watched as her 11 year old brother went down on her and began to lick her cream pied pussy, her cum soaked pubes smearing into his cheeks and his tongue turning white from Eric's semen. Lucy squirmed and her breasts heaved forward as she sunk her head back into the top of the sofa cushion.

"That feels so fucking good! Simon! SIMON!! YES! YES! I always wanted someone to go down on me after cumming in me! My fantasy's coming true! And now I'm gonna cum!" Lucy screamed in orgasmic delight.

She grabbed the back of her brother's head and pulled him into her crotch as her hips shot up and she gushed like a broken water pipe all over him. Simon's face and chest were completely soaked with her vaginal fluids mixed with boy cum and his blondish white straight hair dripped onto his shoulders and the sides of her legs.

"Do me, Simon. You can put it in me now." Lucy said with a soft, spent voice.

Simon got up between her legs with his feet on the floor and watched as she guided him into her pussy, letting go of his shaft as he entered her and let him hump her like he did the spindle on the banister. Simon was in complete Heaven as he got laid for the first time and his sister's pussy was like nothing he ever felt before.

"Lucy! I think it's gonna...Again...Like before..." Simon panted heavily to her as his orgasm approached its peak.

"Do it on my face, Simon! I wanna feel you drop it on my face!" Lucy told her brother.

Simon pulled from her pussy with great speed and shot up to her face where she took his dick in hand and stroked it, letting him splatter her face with his hot jizz, feeling load after load cover nearly every facet of her pretty face and landing in her air.

As Simon finished, Lucy looked up at him as his hips jerked when she began to kiss the tip of his dick and lick the sensitive underside of it.

"Wanna do me in the ass, now?" Lucy asked of him.

Simon looked down at his sister with stars still blurring his vision and sunk back down between her legs and sunk himself into her ass. Lucy jolted from her first ever anal entry and her body began to spasm violently as she w\rapped her legs around her brother and he playfully licked his and Eric's boy cum off her face and swapped it with her.

Simon was giving all the nasty pleasure she ever wanted from her fantasies and now he was making her have another orgasm as she felt his dick erupt in her ass and fill her. Simon's hard dick throbbed with great pressure and Lucy exploded all over his lower torso with another gusher onto him.

Simon's thrusting came to a halt inside of Lucy's ass and the two stared into each others eyes as they tenderly kissed and realized that they can be more than Brother and sister, but can also be each others sexual playmates.


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