Hello everyone. This is another story of an another erotic and nasty fantasy
of mine that is about the television show 7th Heaven, of the family that gets
me so horny to watch. This is a sequel to my first 7th Heaven story called
"The Perverse Camden Family," and it takes places right after that story. So
I would recommend that you read that story first before you read this one.
Also I must say that since this story does have pedophile material in it I
feel it necessary to emphasis that I do not condone or support any form of
child sexual abuse in real life, where it is against the law and real
children get hurt. This story is for fantasy and entertainment only and
nothing more. Well I hope that you enjoy reading, and as always I encourage
feedback. So write me at: [email protected]

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7th Heaven: The Perverse Camden Family Part 2
by Adam Smith

It had been a few weeks since Annie Camden and her middle daughter Lucy (17),
her middle son Simon (15), and her youngest daughter Ruthie (11) had an all
out nasty and incestuous sex orgy. Where Simon revealed his patent leather
shoe fetish and dressed in his sister Mary's cloths for sexual pleasure, and
there was a lots of erotic incestuous sex and scat games with the eating of
Ruthie's and Lucy's shit. After Eric Camden got home from his long weekend
retreat the four of them did not touch each other, for Annie was trying to
hide their sinful and secret incestuous fetish and affair from her husband
and the rest of the family. Heaven forbid if this ever got out to the rest of
the community, or even worse the church congregation, for it would ruin her
family's reputation and ruin her husband's ministry career. Being that they
went weeks without touching each other made their perverse sexual appetites
grow to the point that they were about to explode. Opportunity came knocking
on th e door again when Rev. Eric Camden went on another minister weekend
retreat. Being a minister has its fringe benefits, including a lot of
minister retreats. This was good for Eric because this gave him time to rest
up from his hard and long working days, and also good for Annie and her
children because it gave them another opportunity to engage in more sick
perverse incestuous sexual encounters. But this time they might have taken
things a little to far.

It was Thursday evening and Eric had just left for his 3-day weekend retreat.
Annie and the kids were occupying themselves in the now empty house, being
that Matt was still away at collage, and Mary was still in Buffalo NY with
her grandfather Colonel John Camden. Annie and Ruthie were downstairs
watching TV. Simon and Lucy were upstairs and already they were into their
sex games. Simon wanted to try on more girls clothing, to which Lucy was more
than willing to help him out on. This time Simon wanted to know what it felt
like to wear a wedding dress, so Lucy took Simon by the hand and they both
sneaked into their parent's bedroom. None of the other Camden girls were
married, and being that they were still single they did not own a wedding
dress. So Lucy had to find her mothers old wedding dress, the same one she
married their father in. When Lucy went looking through her mother's closet
she found the wedding dress she was looking for. It was a long frilly white
lace wedding dr ess. This got Simon an immediate hard on. Lucy they took off
Simon's cloths and dressed him up in his mother's dress, and primped him also
in white silk stockings and Mary's shiny and glossy black patent leather
6-inch high heals. He looked like a girl ready for her wedding day. This got
both Lucy and Simon really horny. Lucy then paraded Simon around upstairs
like a girl getting read for her wedding, and as they got loader Annie and
Ruthie heard them but Annie refused to go upstairs at that time, figuring
that if they were into their sex games she wanted to give them some privacy
to go at it. She figures that when they wanted her and Ruthie to get involved
they would ask for them. Lucy continued to parade Simon around like a bride,
which got her pussy really wet, and Simon's cock was rock hard. Then Lucy led
Simon back into her room, and then she went into her closet and put on the
sexiest pair of black dress thigh high tights that she had, and then put on
her famous shiny and glossy patent leather mary-jane style 3-inch pumps that
Simon has such a fetish for. After she laced the strap to the buckle on her
shoe to her feet she had Simon kneel down to the floor and told him to lick
her shoes. Simon did a fetish lick all over her shoes, and ran his tongue
all over those slick smooth leather of her shoes until they were completely
covered in his saliva. Then he sucked the 3-inch heel of her shoes and gave
them a good blowjob. When he was finished with that Lucy then unbuckled one
of her shoes and took them off. Then she stuck her bare foot, that still had
on the black thigh high tights, and put it up to Simon's face. Then she
commanded Simon to smell her foot, and when Simon breathed in her stinky
foot odor he lost control of the release of his rock hard cock, and without
even masturbating at all he exploded into an orgasm and came in his mother's
dress. Simon soiled his mother's wedding dress with his hot sticky white cum,
to which he felt bad about it. Lucy then hugged him and assured him that
their mother would not be angry for she wold understand his sexual needs.
Plus she said to him that they could have the dressed cleaned.

In the mean time while Annie and Ruthie were down stairs watching the
television there was a ring at the door. Annie was wandering who could be
at the door this time of the evening. And she was getting a little nervous
because she knew that Simon and Lucy were well into their perverse incestuous
sex games, and she did not want the person at the door to discover them by
accident. When she opened the door she was surprised to see that it was
Simon's ex-girlfriend Deena at the door. To Annie's delight Deena was dressed
in a schoolgirl outfit with a silk blouse, a plaid skirt, black thigh high
tights, and a very sexy pair of shiny and glossy black patent leather
mary-janes. And to top it off Deena completed the schoolgirl look by wearing
pigtails in her hair. This got Annie turned on, for you see for quite a while
Annie had a secret crush on Deena while she was dating Simon, and hated the
fact when they broke up because she would not see her as often. This surprise
visit, combined w ith the fact that Deena looked so sexy in that schoolgirl
outfit, and that Annie had entered the perverse with her children, caused her
to go over the edge and she decide that she was going to have to seduce this
pretty young 13 year old girl tonight.

Denna: Hi Mrs. Camden how are you doing?

Annie: Very good Deena how have you been doing? I have not seen you in a

Deena: I am doing fine. And yes I have been out of town when my parent moved,
and I just came for a visit this weekend. May I come in?

Annie: Oh sure where are my manners. Sorry. Come on in.

Deena: Thank you Mrs. Camden, and do not worry about it.

Annie: It is just so good to see you here. So what makes you drop by?

Deena: I wanted to see Simon again to see how he is doing. Even though we
broke up as boyfriend and girlfriend I still want to see him as a friend,
and see how he is doing.

Annie: He is doing fine. I am sure he will be glad to see you.

Deena: So where is he?

Annie: He is upstairs. I will call him down.

After that Annie reluctantly called for Simon to come down, not knowing what
to expect when he came down the stairs, and nervous that Deena was going to
discover their nasty secret. When Simon and Lucy came down to see Deena,
Simon was still all dressed up in his mother's wedding dress. When Deena saw
Simon all dressed up in a wedding dress she went into immediate shock and her
mouth dropped open. She asked Simon if he turned gay or something, and he
assured her that he did not. He tried to explain that he first had a sexual
fetish for his sister Lucy's patent leather mary-jane pumps and he used them
to masturbate with. Then when Lucy found out about it she introduced him to
cross-dressing in his sisters and mothers formal wear, and now he does it for
pure sexual pleasure. But he assured her that he was completely strait and
only loved girls. Deena still remained in shock and Annie thought that there
would never be another better opportunity to seduce Deena.

Annie sat Deena down on the couch and then knelt down beside her. Then Annie
lifted up Deena's left leg and put her face up against her shiny black patent
leather mary-jane shoe. Then Annie fetish licked Deena's shoe. Even though
Deena was wandering why Simon's mother was now licking her shoe she did
nothing to resist because she was still in a state of shock. Annie ran her
tongue all over Deena's shiny smooth black shoe from toe to heal until it was
completely covered in her saliva. Then when she was finished with the left
shoe she did the same exact thing to her right shoe until that was completely
covered in her saliva. Then while Deena was still in a state of shock Annie
decided to take things a little further and then she started to feel her way
up Deena'a legs until she reached her skirt. Then Annie, upon extreme
temptation and sexual excitement, put her hands up Deena's plaid schoolgirl
skirt until she reached Deena's panties. Then Annie pulled down Deena's
panties until t hey were off of her legs. Then Annie lifted up Deena's skirt,
and then lifted Deena's legs up into the air and spread them out eagle wide
until her peach fuzz virgin pussy was completely exposed. Deena continued to
let this happen because she was still in a state of shock and was now getting
sexually turned on by what Simon's mother Annie was doing to her. Then Annie
dove into her pussy and ate out her pussy like there was no tomorrow. When
she spread her pussy lips with her fingers and tried to tongue fuck her in
her cunt hole her tongue was prevented from going in because she was a virgin
and her hymen was still in tacked. Annie decided not to take her virginity by
busting her cherry, for she wanted to give Simon that gift at a later date.

Annie then spread Deena's ass cheeks apart and then began to lick her pink
puckered asshole. This drove Deena over the edge with sexual excitement as
she started to moan as Annie's was licking between her pussy and asshole.
Annie then tongue fucked her in her anus. Then Deena had the most explosive
orgasm of her life and shot her girl cum onto Annie's face. Then Annie
reached up to her right foot and unbuckled her shoe and took it off her foot.
Then she pointed the toe of the shiny patent leather mary-jane shoe at the
entrance of her asshole, and then she proceeded to penetrate her very tight
virgin asshole with that shiny shoe. Between Deena's girl cum that was
running down her anus, and the smoothness of the shiny leather of the shoe,
it provided a good lubricant to be able to shove that shoe far up her rectum.
After Annie was able to stretch Deena's anus enough she shoved the shiny
little girl shoe so far up her asshole that it hit her colon. This caused
her extreme pain that was balanced out by extreme pleasure because at the
same time Annie was licking furiously at her little clit. With Annie licking
Deena's clit, and fucking her up her tight asshole with her shiny black
patent leather mary-jane shoe it caused Deena so much pleasure that she was
screaming and moaning with sexual excitement. Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie were
all looking at Annie with extreme lust at what she was doing to Deena, and
they were all horny and masturbating while watching the show. Then Deena let
out the most explosive orgasm of her life and shot her girl cum all over
Annie's face for a second time. Then Annie pulled the shoe out of Deena's
asshole and noticed that her shiny shoe was completely covered in shit. Annie
then realized that with the shoe being up her rectum it must have triggered
something in Deena's bowels to make her need to poop. Since Deena could not
control her bowels long enough to get up to go to the bathroom, and plus the
fact that Annie was preventing her from going to the toilet to r elieve
herself, Deena's ass exploded and shit came pouring out her poop-chute. Annie
then put her hands under Deena's asshole and caught the shit. Then Annie
started to eat her shit and then shared it with Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie. When
Deena saw that Annie, Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie were all feasting on her own
brown stinky shit she got grossed out. Then she immediately got up off the
couch, grabbed her panties and the shoe that was covered in her own brown
stinky poop, and ran out the door of the Camden house. Annie was confident
that Deena would not tell anyone of their recent perverse sexual encounter,
for Deena was apart of it, and she would not want anyone to know what she
let Mrs. Camden do to her.

The rest of the night went pretty calm considering the fact that Thursday
night turned out to be a very nasty and perverse sexual encounter between
Lucy and Simon, and Annie and Simon's ex-girlfriend Deena. The next day came
and it was Friday morning, and already everyone was out of bed and getting
ready for their day at school. Lucy got a head start to school because since
she was in high school her classes started earlier than Simon's or Ruthie's
schools. Since Ruthie now goes to a private school she had to dress in a
uniform. She wore a typical little school girl uniform with a silk blouse,
plaid skirt, thigh high black tights, and her pair of shiny black patent
leather mary-janes. When Ruthie came down to the kitchen to eat breakfast
and get ready to leave for her mother to drive her to her school, the sight
at what she saw shocked her and turned her on at the same time. What she saw
when she entered the kitchen was Simon's pants all the way down to his feet,
and he was leaning up against the counter. Their mother Annie was kneeling
down besides Simon and sucking on his cock, and giving her son the blowjob
of his life. It did not take long for Simon to cum and blow his white load
in his mother's mouth, and then Annie swallowed his cum. After that Simon
pulled up his pants, gave his mother a long passionate kiss, and then left
for school. Annie could tell that Ruthie was extremely horny when she saw
Ruthie stick her hand up her plaid skirt and masturbate herself to the show
between her mother and her brother. Annie had plans for her and Ruthie for
the day.

Annie: Hey Ruthie would you like to stay home from school today and fool

Ruthie: I sure would, but I am already dressed up in my schoolgirl uniform
and ready for school. What should I do?

Annie: I think you should stay home from school today and for us fool around
and get nasty. Do not worry about wearing your uniform I have nasty plans for
your uniform.

Ruthie: What do you mean? How do you plan to use my uniform?

Annie: You will see. Come with me my little daughter.

Annie then grabbed Ruthie by the hand and led her upstairs to Annie's
bedroom. Then Annie and Ruthie began to make out as they kissed and french
kissed each other passionately. After their little make out session Annie sat
down on the bed and lifted her skirt up. Then she pulled down her panties off
her legs and spread her legs wide open to give Ruthie a good look at her
mature but gorgeous pussy that gave birth to 7 kids. By this time Ruthie was
so horny that her little baby bald pussy was getting wet. Annie had Ruthie
kneel down in front of her and then she shoved Ruthie's face into her pussy.
Then Annie commanded her youngest daughter to eat her out. Ruthie then shoved
her tongue into her mother's pussy and ate the same pussy that gave birth to
her 11 years ago. It took very little time before Annie came and shot her
girl cum into Ruthie's mouth, to which she almost choked on it. When Ruthie
recovered she drank down all of her mother love nectar. Then Annie got the
nastiest idea and commanded Ruthie to fist her in her cunt hole. Ruthie
obeyed her mothers wishes, and was so interested in giving her mother
pleasure that she placed her right hand up to her mother's pussy lips and
then she spread them. Then Ruthie stuck one finger in her mother's cunt hole,
and then another, and then another, until her whole fist was up her cunt
hole. It fit easily enough that Annie begged Ruthie to fit her left hand up
her cunt hole at the same time. After Ruthie asked her mother if it was
alright and she would not be hurt, she gave into her mother's wishes. Ruthie
then shoved her left hand up her cunt hole until she had both fists up her
mother's cunt hole. Ruthie then fucked her mother with both fist until Annie
came again, and this time shot her girl cum all over Ruthie's hands, arms,
and face. After that Ruthie pulled both of her fist out of her mother's
stretched cunt hole, and then Annie felt her bowels fill up with feces. Annie
was ready for do what she planned to do to her daughte r and her uniform.

Annie: Ruthie that was so wonderful! Can I fuck you know?

Ruthie: I am glad that I could pleasure you mom! And yes you can fuck me now.

Annie: I want to shit on your uniform Ruthie and have you eat my shit. Will
that be ok with you honey?

Ruthie: I do not mind eating your shit mom, but if you shit on my uniform
won't you ruin it?

Annie: Do not worry honey I can always have it cleaned thoroughly.

Ruthie: Ok then mom you can do it.

Annie: Great then!

Then Annie had Ruthie lie down on the bed, and then Annie moved her head down
to Ruthie's feet. She then started to fetish lick Ruthie's shiny black patent
leather mary-janes until they were completely covered in her mother's saliva.
Then Annie unbuckled Ruthie's shiny shoes and discarded them for a while
because she did not want them to get soiled by her shit at this point in
their sex games. Then Annie positioned herself over her daughter's face. Then
Annie asked Ruthie to lick her asshole, to which Ruthie obeyed her mother.
Ruthie began to lick her mother's anus and began to tongue fuck her up her
asshole. Before long Annie felt her shit about ready to come out of her
rectum and then she stopped Ruthie from tongue fucking her asshole. Then she
positioned herself over Ruthie's uniform and then she took the biggest shit
of her life. The shit immediately ran from her asshole onto Ruthie's uniform,
completely ruining the front part of her uniform. Then Annie got off her
daughte r and then she took her hands and started to smear the shit all over
her daughters uniform. Even Ruthie was helping her mother by smearing her
mother's stinky brown shit all over her chest. Annie completely covered
Ruthie's uniform from head to toe in her own brown stinky shit. She smeared
her shit onto Ruthie's silk blouse, plaid skirt, and also her black thigh
high tights. After that Ruthie really began to stink as her uniform was
completely covered in her mother's brown stinky feces. Then Annie had to take
another shit, but this time she took a shit over her daughter's mouth, and
when she released her bowels she pooped into her daughter's mouth. Then Annie
commanded Ruthie to eat her shit. Ruthie obeyed her mother and completely
ate her mother's nasty brown stinky shit, and then she licked her mother's
asshole clean. After Annie used her daughter Ruthie as a toilet, Ruthie's
face, hair, uniform, and tights were completely covered in her mother's
stinky brown shit.

After that Annie kissed her daughter on the lips and told her how much she
loved her. Ruthie told her mother the same. Then Annie reached up her
daughters shit soiled plaid skirt and pulled her panties down her legs and
off of her. Then Annie pulled up her soiled plaid skirt and then lifted her
daughter's legs into the air and then spread them out eagle wide, only to
expose her baby bald little girl pussy. Annie then dove in and ate her
daughter out. She took turns between licking her pussy, her clit, and her
asshole. Then Annie started to tongue fuck her daughter up her cunt hole
and asshole. She did this until Ruthie came and shot her girl cum all over
Annie's face. Then Annie was ready for an even more perverse act to perform
on her daughter. Annie then reached down to the floor and picked up the
Ruthie's still clean shiny patent leather mary-janes. Then she took the
right shoe and stuck the toe to the entrance of her still tiny baby cunt
hole, and then she shoved the shoe up her baby cunt hole. Ruthie's girl cum
and the smoothness of the leather provided a good lubricant that helped
Annie penetrate her with her own shiny shoe. Then Annie picked up the left
shoe and stuck the toe to the entrance of her asshole. Then she penetrated
the left shoe up her daughter's tiny and tight baby asshole. Again Ruthie's
girl cum and the smooth leather provided the lubricant for Annie to shove
that shiny shoe far up her anus. Ruthie was now being double penetrated by
her mother with her very own shiny black patent leather mary-jane dress
shoes. Annie shoved the shoes so far up Ruthie that the shoe up her cunt
hole reached to her cervix and the shoe up her asshole reached up to her
colon. This caused extreme pain and extreme pleasure at the same time for
Ruthie. So much so that Ruthie lost control of her bladder and pissed all
over her mother and herself, soaking her now shit covered schoolgirl
uniform and her mother's cloths. After Ruthie pissed all over her mother
and herself Annie then began to fuck Ruthie with both shoes in her cunt
hole and asshole at the same time as she reached down and licked her baby
clit. It did not take long for Ruthie to cum and shoot her girl cum all
over the place. Annie then pulled both shoes out of her cunt hole and
asshole. Annie then was wandering if the shoe up her rectum made Ruthie to
need to poop, and when she asked her daughter if it did Ruthie's said that
she needed to take a shit. So Annie asked Ruthie if she could eat her shit
and Ruthie was more than glad to obey her mother. Annie had Ruthie sit up
and kneel down, and then Annie put her hand underneath Ruthie's ass, and
then she shit onto her mother's hands. Then Annie had a feast as she ate
her daughter's brown stinky shit. After that the two of them fell asleep in
each others arms, with Ruthie's uniform still covered in her mother's shit,
and they both took a nap for the better part of the day.

After Annie and Ruthie's nasty sexual encounter there was not any more sex
games action for the rest of Friday. The next day came and it was Saturday
morning. Lucy was kind of in a bad mood because Annie asked her stay home
all day to watch her twin brothers, Sam and David, who were only three years
old. Annie went out for the day shopping, and Simon knowing that Deena was
in town went over to her house to visit her for the day. And he was kind of
nervous because he did not know how she would react to him about the other
night when his mother fucked her, and then had her shit onto her hands, and
then she, Simon, and his two sisters ate her nasty stinky shit. But he still
needed to see her. Ruthie also went out for the day to her friend's house,
and her mother made her promise not to tell anyone, including her friend, of
their family's secret incestuous lifestyle. After Ruthie promised her mother
to keep silent she was off for the day, which left Lucy home alone stuck
watching h er toddler brothers. She was frustrated and angry because she
wanted to get out and have some fun on a Saturday afternoon. But she got the
nastiest idea of how to have fun for the day, to which she carried things
too far. She had planned to have sex games with her very own twin toddler

Lucy: Hay Sam and David to you want to take off all your cloths and you guys
walk around naked?

Sam + David: Yes Lucy we want to take off our cloths.

Lucy: Ok boys then lets do it.

Lucy knew that toddlers loved to walk around naked, and most of the time
they do when they get the chance. They had no modesty or shame of nudity like
older children or adults do. So Lucy knew that she would not have to argue
with her twin toddler brothers to get their cloths off, for they were more
than willing. And Lucy had planned to use that opportunity to engage in some
very erotic and extremely perverse sex games with her three-year-old twin
brothers. Lucy helped Sam and David get off all their cloths off until they
were completely buck-naked from head to toe. Lucy especially loved seeing
both of their cute little tiny baby cocks, to which it starting to turn her
on and her pussy was starting to get wet.

Lucy: Do you boys want me to join you in your naked games and for me to get
naked as you are?

Sam + David: Yes Lucy we want you to get naked also.

Lucy: Ok boys I will join you.

With that Lucy undressed as she took of her shirt, then bra only to expose
her beautiful big perky tits. Sam and David looked on with great interest
as Lucy then took off her blue jeans and panties only to reveal to her twin
brothers her very well trimmed teenage pussy. Lucy then decided that she
wanted her private area to look like the bald crotches of her twin toddler
brothers, and to have a bald pussy. Lucy left Sam and David alone for a few
minutes as she slipped into the bathroom and took out her razor and shaving
cream. Then she got her pussy wet with warm water, and then applied the
shaving cream all over the hair on her pussy, and finally she shaved all
her hair off of her pussy until she was completely bald like a little girl.
She found it to be erotic for her pussy to be as bald and hairless as a
little preteen girl's pussy was. When she was finished in the bathroom she
cleaned up and rejoined her twin brothers hoping they did not get into any
trouble while she was in the ba throom. When she rejoined Sam and David she
found them not into trouble but just prancing around the house in the nude,
and loving it. Sam and David both noticed that Lucy's pussy now had no hair
on it and they were wandering where it all went.

Sam & David: Lucy what happened to all your hair on your private area?

Lucy: I shaved it all off boys so my private area would look more like yours,
with no hair on it. Do you like it boys?

Sam & David: Yes Lucy we do like it.

For the rest of the morning and afternoon Lucy and her twin toddler brothers
ran around the house completely in the nude from head to toe. Lucy watched
her twin brothers and entertained them all day while prancing around the
house naked as the day they were born. She played games with them and fed
them breakfast and lunch, but with the feeling of freedom as they were all
doing it in the nude. Later that afternoon is when Lucy began the sex games
with her little twin brothers. You see prancing around the house nude with
her twin toddler brothers was very erotic for Lucy, and it made her so horny
that her pussy started to get very wet and she was dripping cum down her
legs. When Sam and David noticed they thought she was peeing herself, but
Lucy assured them that she was not. She did her best to give them a quick
sex education on their level of what was happening to her. When Lucy was
done giving the sex education to her brothers that is when the touching
began. Sam started to fo ndle Lucy's perky big tits. Lucy began fondling
both of her twin brother's tiny little baby cocks. David then started to
fondle Lucy's smooth bald pussy, and when he ran his petite fingers over
her clit she let out moans of pleasure. David kept up what he was doing
knowing that he was pleasing his big sister. By this time Sam started to
lick Lucy's big perky tits and suck on her nipples, to the point he was
almost nursing off of Lucy's tits like he would his mother. Lucy was really
getting into what her twin brothers were doing to her as she continued to
fondle their little baby cocks and tiny balls. Then David found his way to
Lucy's cunt hole, and then on experiment started to slip his finger into
her cunt hole. Then when he found out that he could slip more of his fingers
into her cunt hole without hurting his big sister he slipped all five of his
fingers into her cunt hole. Lucy then encouraged him to slip his hole hand
in her cunt hole, and when she reassured him that she would not get hurt he
sl ipped his whole petite hand in there. Then Lucy was so sexually turned
on by the fisting that David was giving her that she asked him to put his
other hand in her cunt hole. Then David obeyed his big sister and slipped
his other hand in her cunt hole so that both of his petite hands were in her
love hole at the same time. Then she thought of something nasty and wanted
to try an experiment out. Figuring that the twin boys hands were petite
enough Lucy wanted to see if Sam's hand could fit into her cunt hole the
same time David's were up there. She pulled Sam away from her tits for a
moment and asked her toddler brother to do the same as David was doing to
her. Sam obeyed Lucy and put both of his petite hands in her cunt hole the
same time David had his in there. So Lucy was now being fits fucked by all
four hands of her twin toddler brothers. It did not take long for Lucy to
have the most explosive orgasm of her life. After she came her twin brothers
pulled their hands out of Lucy's cunt hole only to find them completely
covered in her girl come. She taught them to lick all off her girl cum off
of their hands and when they did they seemed to love the taste of her girl
cum. Lucy also tried to get tastes for her own girl cum by licking her twin
brothers hands.

The twin boys seemed confused a little on what had just happened to Lucy.
Lucy again tied to give them a quick sex education on their level on what
an orgasm is and how people react to them when they get them. They did not
fully understand, but one thing is for sure they wanted to experience an
orgasm themselves. Lucy did not know if the boys at their age could
experience an orgasm, but she decided to give it a try. She had the both of
them sit on the couch, and then she knelt down in front of them. Then she
started to take turns on each of her twin brothers to give them blowjobs.
She first started to suck on Sam's little baby cock, and then she went over
to David and did the same. To Lucy's surprise it took no time for both of
the boys to get a major hard on. She did not know why, but for some strange
reason Lucy's warm mouth sucking on their little baby cocks made them feel
pleasure to the point that they were rock hard. Lucy got another nasty idea
and decided to take things to the limit of perversity with her twin
brothers and have sex with them. Lucy had the twin boys kneel in front of
each other, then Lucy knelt in-between them with David in the front and Sam
in the back. Then Lucy placed David's little baby rock hard cock in her
cunt hole, and the she placed Sam's little baby rock hard cock in her tight
asshole. They did not fill her up like a grown mans cock would, but she
loved being double penetrated by her twin toddler brothers. She had both
David and Sam bang away at her cunt hole and asshole as she was trying to
give them their very first orgasm. Because the boys were so young, and
never had an orgasm before it took almost a very long rough half-hour for
the boys cocks to come to an orgasm. Lucy could feel her twin brothers rock
hard baby cocks spasm to orgasm but felt no white sticky cum come out in
either her cunt hole or asshole. She figured that her twin brothers did
have their first orgasm but they were to young for sperm to come out off
their little baby cocks.

After Sam and David came in Lucy's cunt hole and asshole Lucy looked up and
noticed that Ruthie was standing in the living room in the background,
watching in shock while she was getting turned on by watching Lucy deflower
their little baby twin brothers. Ruthie somehow came home early from her
friend's house and slipped into the house without either Lucy or the twin
boys noticing or hearing her. Ruthie watched in shock as her big sister
fucked their twin brothers. This got Ruthie really horny, as she saw no
thing like this perversity before, thinking of how low Lucy went this time.
Lucy's reaction was to pull the little baby cocks of David and Sam out of
her cunt hole and asshole. Then as her brothers fell down and rested from
sexual exhaustion, Lucy went over to Ruthie and pulled her over to the
couch. Then Lucy started to kiss Ruthie passionately like lesbian
girlfriends, and started to french kiss her as well. What a scene this was
as sisters made love, but with big sister Lucy s till totally in the nude
and little sister Ruthie fully clothed. Ruthie being fully clothed did not
last long because after Lucy's and Ruthie's make out session Lucy began to
undress Ruthie. Ruthie was glad to be submissive to her big sister, and
soon she was just as naked as Lucy was and her twin brothers were. Lucy
then got Ruthie into a 69 position, with Lucy on top and Ruthie on the
bottom. Then Lucy and Ruthie started to lick each other's pussies and
assholes. They licked each other's clits and sent each other into sexual
frenzy, as they starred to moan. By this time Sam and David sat up and
watched in pure amazement and curiosity as they were witnessing their first
lesbian sex scene, as their big sisters engaged in some hot passionate
lesbian incestuous sex. Lucy and Ruthie then took turns tongue fucking each
other's cunt holes and assholes, as they were moaning and screaming in
sexual pleasure. It did not take long before both Lucy and Ruthie came at
the same time, and when they came their gi rl cum shot into each others
mouth. Lucy and Ruthie both drank each other girl cum at the same time,
savoring the sweet taste of their love nectar.

At about that time Lucy, Ruthie, and the twin boys received another shock
as they all saw their father standing in the living room in utter and
complete shock and horror at seeing all his children nude, and Lucy and
Ruthie in the 69 position. Rev. Eric Camden did not know of his family's
secret incestuous lifestyle, and they only engaged in it when he was away
on a weekend retreat. But this time he came home early without anyone
noticing him or hearing him come through the door. He came home just in
time to watch his twin sons naked on the floor and his two youngest
daughters engaging in lesbian incest sex in the 69 position. He was so
shocked he did not know what to do or say to them. He just went upstairs
to his bedroom and closed the door, not letting anyone in, especially his
daughters. Luckily Annie came home from shopping and Lucy and Ruthie
explained the what went on that afternoon to her and then told her that
their father came home early from his retreat only to discover the ir
secret incestuous lifestyle. Lucy and Ruthie were really worried, but Annie
said not to worry for since he now knew she would have a talk with him and
explain it all, then everything would be alright. Annie then went upstairs
and went into her room. She sat down and explained everything to her
husband about her family's incestuous lifestyle from everything on how it
started to how they are now fulfilling their every nasty and perverse
sexual appetites. Annie came out later that night to confirm with her kids
that everything was alright with their father now, and although he still
did not understand it he was starting to get turned on, and with no time he
would join in on their little Camden perverse sex games.


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