7th Heaven: The Adventures Of The Nympho Sisters Part 3
by Jason ([email protected]) (M/F,M/f,M-solo,inc,ncon,spank)

11: 54 AM

Lucy slept in, just to make sure she was well rested. She had so much to do,
and she had to prepare for her seduction of Simon. Crawling out of her bed in
her red silky bra and panties, she left her room and headed to the bathroom
to freshen up.

Thoughts ran through her horny little mind as she plotted against Simon... or
rather 'for' Simon's benefit. As she brushed her teeth and sprayed a bit of
perfume, she made her way towards Simon's room for phase one.

* * *

12:23 PM

Simon quickly tugged his boner, thinking of his ex-girlfriend. He never got
far with her, but he remembered the time they wrestled and he copped a feel.
His hands brushed her hard nipples and he remembered the feel of her sweaty
wiggling body. He tugged harder and harder, doing his best to keep his grunts
to a low gasp. The second before he was about to blow his load, he was
startled by a yell.


Then again. This time louder.


"Damn it! Looks like another day with blue balls!" Simon said, pulling up his
pajama pants and going to see who was in need.

Simon opened his door to find a gorgeous blonde laying on the ground in her
underwear. Her butt was facing him and his dick quivered as he noticed she
had a big wedgie. It was Lucy! And she was holding her left ankle.

"OWWWW!!! HELP!" Lucy cried, looking up at Simon, who forgot his shirt.

"What's wrong? What is it Luce?" Simon asked, bending down to look at her
ankle as his eyes skimmed her sexy legs.

"Uh! It's my... my ankle... and my foot too... I... I have a cramp...

"Here let me help you up."

Simon bent down and picked up Lucy. Her bare hip pressed hard against his
cock, which had shrunk, but was still sensitive to Lucy's warm flesh. He
tried to fight his slowly growing cock, but his body was against him.

"Can you walk?"

"No.... owwwww.... carry me to my room... please....."

Simon's eyes became locked on Lucy's bare bra and her cleavage that was
spilling over the silky material. Lucy squirmed in his arms, making her legs
rub Simon's chubby. Simon tried to cover for his rod.

"Uhhh... I can't carry you to your room... uhhhh... you're too heavy for

"Please Simon! Then, OWWW, carry me to your bed then.... OWWWW Hurry!"

Simon awkwardly turned and stepped into his room as Lucy continued to moan.
He hardly noticed that Lucy pushed the door shut after they entered. Her
moans, even though they were of discomfort, made Simon's cock even harder. It
was half hard and chubby as he laid Lucy on the bed.

"There... I... I... I have to go to the bathroom now," Simon said, thinking
of how to hide his chubby from Lucy.

Lucy grabbed his arm and begged.

"No please stay with me. Owww! I need someone here."

Simon quickly grabbed another pillow and covered his tented pants as he sat
next to Lucy on the bed.

Lucy, all stretched out now, propped her bare foot up on the thin pillow that
covered Simon's boner.

"Rub it.... please Simon."

Simon swallowed, staring at the cute bare foot of the panty-clad Lucy.

"Please Simon..... it needs to be massaged.... it would feel sooooooo

* * *

12:41 PM

"Come on. Just take a little sip Mary!" Matt pleaded.

"Are you crazy Matt?! Dad would kill us!"

"Come on! Mom and Dad are leaving for vacation tonight at FIVE O'Clock.
That's like 4 hours away! I want to get an early start.... just do it...."

"Well.... okay," Mary said, taking a few gulps of Matt's 'secret punch'.

Matt mixed vodka, Jack Daniels, and left over fruit drink from the twins'
dinner the night before to make this beverage. Mary thought the goal was to
have fun with Matt. But Matt's goal was to get Mary drunk and then work his
own plan.

Mary chugged and chugged and CHUGGED, drinking nearly a fourth of the gallon
container. Her eyes watered up and Matt grinned.

"Mary, you spilled some on your shirt."

Matt reached down, rubbing his hand over Mary's left breast. She was out of
it. He pinched her nipple and watched it poke through her top.

"Mary, what's eight plus nine?"

"Wha... who.... who said I ate the wine....?"

Matt's grin grew, knowing Mary was half-sloshed, and it was only the

* * *

1:02 PM

"Uhhhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Oh yeah Simon! Uh! Right there! MMMMMMM! Yeah.....
ohhhh....." Lucy cried out.

Simon's foot massage was doing wonders.

For the past 20 minutes, Simon massaged Lucy's sore foot and ankle, trying to
work out the kinks. If it weren't for the pillow on his lap, he would be able
to feel Lucy's foot rubbing back and forth on his cock. Her moans and her
curvy figure covered in only silky bra and panties, had contributed to his
completely erect cock. Simon stared at the smooth arch of Lucy's cute little
foot. Her toes wiggled as they were rubbed. It made Simon harder than ever.

"Uhhhhh.... yeah Simon... ohhhhhh that feels so good...."

Simon's eyes traveled slowly up the smokin' body of Lucy. From her toned
legs that he wanted to feel, to her pussy mound that was bulging through her
panties that he wanted to fuck, up to her tight stomach, her gorgeous tits
that were nearly popping out of the tiny bra that he wanted to suck on, all
the way to her sexy face that he wanted to cum all over. Lucy cried out
louder and louder, making Simon think of the late night movies he saw on
cable. His cock was literally pulsating from the sexual tension. Simon tried
to block out the sight of Lucy, but it was too much. He had to do something.
He had to hide his boner.

"Uh... uhh.... Lucy.... I have to go," Simon said pushing off Lucy's leg and
heading for the door.

His awkward walking from his erection kept him from moving as fast as he
wanted to. Just as he reached for the door, Lucy stood in front of him. His
boner gently bumped into her stomach.

Simon was relieved that Lucy didn't acknowledge the boner right away. He
would be so humiliated. He didn't know what to do now though. If Lucy looked
down, even a little, she would surely see his boner and he would be toast.
But she didn't seem to look down. In fact, she looked right into Simon's
eyes. For a long time. She just grinned, flashing that cute smile to Simon.
Simon's cock danced and twitched.


Simon swallowed as Lucy talked in a sexy low voice.

"Ummm... what...."

Lucy secretly locked the door.

"Have you been working out....."

"Uh.... a little... why....."

His boner danced and bobbed, over and over. His dick was still touching her
stomach. When she talked and took breaths, her abs pushed a bit on the
erection. Simon couldn't back up through, or else she would see it for sure.

"Because.... I BET I COULD PIN YOU!" Lucy shouted, giggling, as she pushed
Simon back on the bed.

Simon flew backwards, his erection making him lose his balance.

Simon freaked out. Surely, Lucy didn't notice his hard on, but this was a BAD
time to wrestle. Lucy, in her panties? And Simon, a shirtless, horny guy in
just thin pajama pants? Simon stood up bent over at the waist with his back
to Lucy, hoping she wouldn't notice his manhood.

Lucy attacked Simon again, this time throwing him on his back and getting on
top of him. She laughed as she put one leg on each side of Simon's legs and
squatted down on him.

"Uhhhh......" Simon moaned, as his dick was sandwiched between his own
stomach and Lucy's panties.

"Ahhh haaahhhhh! You can't get up!" Lucy teased as she unknowingly wiggled
her privates on Simon's erection.

Simon was helpless. Lucy's actions felt so good, but it was wrong. He
couldn't talk. The feeling was overwhelming.

"Come on try to get up wimp! Ha ha ha!"

Simon's shaft was being stroked by Lucy's body at a very quick pace. Simon
barely opened his eyes and noticed Lucy's right nipple had popped out of her
bra. Her titty jiggled and the vision of her erect nipple added to the
feeling on his cock. He was about to cum!

"Lucy.... ahhhh..... uhhhhh... ahhhh.... I...."

"I WIN!" Lucy proclaimed, jumping off of Simon seconds before he could cum,
then she left the room walking proud.

Simon felt relieved, but also frustrated. His anger quickly made his erection
subside, but it was still half-hard. Simon had to cum. He had to.

"If I don't cum, I'm gonna go crazy!" he said, just as he caught a final
glimpse of Lucy's bubble butt in her panties leaving the room.

"But I still have to tell Mom and Dad about Lucy and Robbie. The second
before they leave, Lucy is deadmeat..... but she looks so good!"

Simon laid back on his bed.

"I REALLY need to cum!"

* * *

Lucy headed to her room to prepare for the next phase of her plan. She
smiled, knowing her ankle was fine.

* * *

2:56 PM

"Mary.... oh Mary????"

"Leave me alone.... errrr....."

"Mary wake up...... I knew you couldn't handle your liquor."

Mary had a brief blackout from the chugging of Matt's secret beverage. There
she was, sprawled out on Matt's bed in her basketball sweatpants, with a
matching gray tank top, and one gray sock on. Matt laugghed at the sight.

"Mary.... Mary......"

He shook her body, but there was nothing. She was now out cold. Matt's plan
was now ready. For so long, he wanted a piece of Mary. Now was his chance. He
locked the door and came back to the bed.

Removing her other grey sock, he tickled the bottom of her foot to make
sure she was really passed out. Her long toes wiggled, but that was all. As
ticklish as Mary is, she would have jumped up had she been alert. Matt really
tested her by kissing her feet all over, especially on her ticklish toes.
Nothing but a brief wiggle every few seconds. Just the body's reaction. Matt
grinned and proceeded.

He pushed her over so she was flat on her back, then sat on her legs.

"Oh shit Mary.... I can't believe I have you in this position.... ohhhh yes."

Matt lifted her shirt off of her limp body, then rubbed her white lace bra.
He laid down a bit and smelled her soft hair, kissing her cheeks and neck. He
licked her mouth and kissed her, tasting the cherry chapstick and a little
bit of the fruit drink that got her here.

He sat up, rubbed her stomach and cleavage, then unsnapped the bra in the
front, letting Mary's white creamy breasts bounce free.

"OHHHH! OHHHH SHIT!!!" Matt yelled, looking for the first time at Mary's
jiggly breasts. The nipples were pink and puffy, very sensitive. Matt bent
down and sucked one into his mouth.

"Mmmmmmm.... mmmmmm... Mary.... your titties are awesome.... mmmm....."

Back and forth, Matt sucked and licked Mary's nipples, massaging her large B
cups with both hands.

"MMMMMMM YEAH! How about some air baby......"

Matt blew cool air on both nipples and watched them perk up, then he licked
some more. He massaged and kneaded them, then nibbled more, watching the
nipples get bright red from the constant touching.

Matt stood up and took one last look before he pulled down Mary's sweatpants
to her ankles, then off her feet. Her white cotton panties with tiny roses
did little to hide the wet spot that her pussy was making.

"Oh yeah Mary! You must love this! Ohhhh Simon told me about you and Lucy's
conversation! And about your wet dreams you always have! You bad girl...."

Matt kept talking as he took off Mary's panties and admired her shaved bald
pussy. He stared at it.

"Mmmmmmmm that's tempting, but first..... you bad girl.... you need a

Matt put a stack of pillows on the large bed and then bent Mary's naked body
over. She was ass up, with her legs parted just a bit, showing Matt all of
her glory. Matt moved beside her and rubbed her butt cheeks, one in each

"Ohhh Mary.... your butt is gonna be sooooo sore......"

* * *

4:10 PM

Simon was growing impatient. He had to jerk off, but Lucy had been in the
shower for a long time now.

*KNOCK*KNOCK*KNOCK* Simon pounded on the bathroom door again.


His voice was probably too low for her to hear over the shower water. Then he
remembered how loud HER voice was when he rubbed her foot earlier.

"No... not again.... SHIT!"

Simon sprinted to his room. He had maintained only a moderate chubby all
afternoon since Lucy left his room, but now it was growing fully erect again.

Simon paced back and forth in his room trying to get the image of Lucy's
curvy figure out of his head. He couldn't.

".... she, she, she had me rub her cute feet.... I could see her pussy
lips a bit when her legs opened..... oh my gosh her butt looked so good in
those panties... were they even panties..... looked like candy... oh I want
to eat that candy.... ohhh Lucy..... NO NO NO I can't think like this!"

Simon fought it.

"..... NO WAY..... she's my.... she's my..... I mean she's sexy but, NO.....
oh gosh her pussy rubbed my dick when she wrestled me... ohhhh I need to
cum...... badly....."

His erection was larger and harder than ever.

"She HAS to be done by now!"

Simon came out of his room cupping his erection in case someone walked by. He
looked and noticed the bathroom door was open.

"YES! FINALLY! I can do my duty!"

He grabbed a towel and walked to the bathroom for his shower. As he opened
the door all the way, he saw her, only a foot away.

Lucy was standing up. With her back to Simon, she was bent over and trying to
dry her legs. She was completely naked. Simon could see Lucy's pussy and ass
hole as clear as day. Simon's erection almost ripped through his pants. He
stared at Lucy's naked booty for several minutes as she bucked and gyrated,
trying to get the water off her legs.

He knew it was wrong, but Simon's body wouldn't let him leave without one
more peak. Just as he saw the back half of her breast, Simon ran back to his

SLAMMING the door shut, he pulled down his pants and began to whack of. He
didn't care if it got on the carpet, the walls, whatever. He had to release.

Simon grunted away, whacking like there was no tomorrow. As he felt his balls
contract, his cum was rising and then.....


"FUCK! Every time I'm about to.... WHAT?!?!?" he yelled back.

"Come here please!"

It was Lucy. Simon almost cried, he was being tortured so much. He peaked out
of his room and asked what she needed.

"Can I borrow your brush Simon?" Lucy shouted from the bathroom.

"Yeah I guess."

Simon spoke to himself.

"Okay.... be cool... she's not naked any more... she must be dressed if she
needs my brush... let her have it... then wait til she leaves... then jerk
off in the bathroom.... I waited this long, I can wait a few more minutes..."

Simon calmed his boner a bit, then grabbed the brush and left.

"Here Luce. It's outside the door."

"Can you bring it in Simon?"

"Urghhhhh do I have to do everyth....."

As Simon opened the door, there was Lucy again. Still completely naked. This
time, facing Simon. And not eveen trying to cover up her breasts and vagina.

Simon stared in shock. He couldn't blink. Lucy smiled as Simon scanned her
large beautiful breasts and her freshly shaved pussy. The steam was out of
the bathroom since Lucy's shower, so the room was very clear.

Lucy slowly walked towards Simon with her hand extended. It was headed
towards Simon's erection. Simon saw this and grunted, closing his eyes,
waiting for Lucy to grab his dick and jerk himi off. He watched her breasts
get closer and closer, her fingers wiggling as they almost made contact.

Then, she stopped. She grabbed the brush from his hands.


Simon just stood there.

"Um, THANKS I said! Leave now Simon, I'm not dressed you little pervert!"

Simon was crushed. His testosterone was making him mental. He left and went
back to his room.

* * *

4:28 PM


"Oh Mary.... your ass sure does jiggle when I *SMACK* spank it like *SMACK*

Mary was still out of it. Matt was still getting his kicks. Her ass was now a
contrast in colors. A big sexy pale butt covered with bright red hand prints
where Matt had spanked her. Still bent over the pillows, Mary's naked body
was all Matt's. Pussy juice had dripped down her legs, making her body look
even more toned, thanks to her wet dreams. Matt was taking full advantage of
her nocturnal horniness too.

Matt continued the cycle of smacking her ass a bit, then eating her pussy
out, not wasting any pussy juice, then spanked her some more. Matt made sure
he had his cock stuffed up her pretty mouth, making her suck on it as he did
the spank cycle.

Matt finally had enough of the foreplay and had to nail the sleeping Camden.
He crept up behind her, lined up his dick to her wet pussy using no hands,
then eased into the warm slick folds of Mary's cunt.

"Ohhhhhh yeah..... ohhhh Mary...... ahhhhhh...."

Matt just held himself in Mary's pussy as he looked down at her hunched over
figure. His hips began to hump away, immediately pounding her booty since he
knew it would not last. In and out Matt squirmed into Mary's horny cunt with
no mercy. Alert or not, he was going to fuck Mary good.

"Oh shittttt..... ahhhh... huuuuh...... ahhhh yeah...... Mary baby....

Mary's butt jiggled along with her floppy titties as her body was slammed
over and over.

"Ohhh yeah.... ohhhh.... this feels so... SHIT! SHIT SHIT It's almost time
for Mom and Dad to leave! FUCK!"

Matt rushed along noticing the time. He slid his dick up Mary's asshole,
making her grunt loudly even though she was drunk and out cold.

"OH FUCK! OH MARYYYYY! Ahhhh your ass is so fucking amazing! Uhhhhhhh!"

Matt worked all the way in and began pumping full force. He hugged her from
behind for a good grip, then pounded his hips in and out of her pooper with

"OH MARYYY! AHHHH! This is a quicky, but I have UHHH UHHH I have more planned
for you... UHHH..... just you wait......"

Matt fucked Mary's butt harder and harder.


Matt came up Mary's butt, which made her twitch a bit, jerking her body. Matt
slid out then got Mary dressed. If Simon was going to tell Mom and Dad about
what Lucy and Robbie did the night before.... Simon wasn't going to alone.

* * *

4:45 PM

Simon heard Lucy's door shut. Finally, he could shower and jerk off in peace!

"YES!!!" Simon yelled as he grabbed his towel and ran to the bathroom.

He stripped, hit the water, and immediately started to beat off. The water
warmed his body after the stressful afternoon he just had.

"Ahhhhhhh! Finally! Mmmmmmmmm" Simon was whacking with great speed. He was in
a good mood, but a vengeful mood.

"Uhhh... uhhhh..... I'm gonna jerk off... uhhh.. fuck yeah..... then I'm
gonna tell on Lucy..... uhhhhh..... she thought she could stop me.... haaaaa!
No way..... uhhhh... she tried to seduce me.... uhhhh.... no way! She tried
to....... to............."

Simon was speechless as his dick was suddenly engulfed with warmth. It wasn't
his hand. It wasn't water. He struggled to open his eyes and see what was
making that amazing feeling. It was a mouth. Lucy's mouth.

Lucy moved Simon's hand aside and cupped his balls as she sucked on his
raging hard on. Simon cried out in bliss as he got first blowjob. His legs
tensed. Lucy jerked him a bit, pulling off her mouth so she could talk as she
whacked off Simon.

"Simon....." she said, jerking away.

"Ahhh..... ohhhhh...... what......"

"Does this feel good...... when I sucked it.... and right now when I jerk you
off.... does it feel good...."

"Ohhh.... ohhhh Lucy.... it feels soooooo good..... ahhhhhh"

"Suck my tits Simon.... come on.... let me whack you off while you suck on my
big tits...."

Simon's mouth shot to Lucy's breast and gobbled up the tit. Lucy moaned as
Simon's tongue flicked her erect nipples, back and forth, then holding them.
His fingers slid into Lucy's pussy and began to wiggle as she cried out and
held on tight.

Lucy's hand went 100 miles an hour as she jacked off Simon.

"Simon.... ohhhh... ohhhh.... Simon.... do you want to cum?"

"Ahhhh yes.... please make me cum.... ohhhh please...."

Lucy stopped.

"Then you better not tell Mom and Dad about what me and Robbie did!"

Simon didn't care about that. He would do anything to cum right now.

"Please, okay, I won't tell, just.... please.... AHHHHH"

Lucy dropped down and sucked Simon's pecker in her mouth again. That's all
she wanted to hear. She gave Simon the best blowjob, knowing she had him.
Then, before Simon could react, Lucy stood up, turned around, bent over, and
backed her ass up so Simon's dick slid right into her open cunt all the way.


Simon's dick pulsated in Lucy's hot pussy. Simon was pinned up against the
shower wall and the weight of Lucy holding him there, so he couldn't thrust
forward. Lucy wiggled on Simon's cock, then began to move forward and
backwards, humping Simon's cock as his balls twitched.

Both moaned as Simon instinctively held Lucy's breasts from behind and
started to fuck her hard. Really hard. Simon slammed Lucy's cunt deep and
hard, getting out all of his aggression from the day's frustration. He lifted
her up in the air, carried her out of the shower with his dick still in her,
and fucked her up and down.

"Ahhhhhh! Simon yessss..... ohhhhh ohhhh!"

Lucy was lifted and lowered again and again on Simon's massive shaft. Her
pussy was getting worked more than she thought Simon was capable of. Then,
Simon laid Lucy on her back, spread her legs, and pounded the hell out of her
pussy. Her breasts jiggled so hard, she had to hold them still so they didn't
hit her face. Lucy moaned louder than ever as Simon jack-knifed her legs,
testing Lucy's flexibility, and fucked her as deep as he could.

"Ohhhh fuck.... fuck.... fuck me.... ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh!"

Lucy's feet were up over her head. They kept hitting Simon in the face, which
made him more aggressive and made him fuck her harder. Simon slammed again
and again, before pulling out and squirting a big mess of cum all over Lucy's
face and breasts. Lucy panted, rubbing the cum all over her own tits as she
gasped for air, spitting cum fro her mouth.

Simon began to get dried off and dressed as Lucy layed in bliss.

"Ohhh... ohhhhh Simon.... I knew you could do it.......oh gosh.... look
Simon. Me and Robbie..... that was dumb of me... thanks for not telling on
me.... it really.... HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!???!!?!?"

* * *

5:58 PM

"Bye kids! We're leaving now! See ya in a week!" Reverend Camden yelled as
Annie, Ruthie, and the twins headed out the door.

"WAIT! DAD!" Matt yelled.

"What? We're gonna be late?!"

"Dad it's important!" Matt looked worried.

"Annie, take the kids out to the car. I'll be out in a minute."

Annie took the kids out and the Reverend stayed back a bit.

"Come on Matt! This is one vacation I don't want to be late for and when

"Mary's drunk!"

The Reverend was shocked.


Simon appeared as the Reverend kept yelling.

"And Lucy fucked Robbie when he was asleep!" Simon added.

The Reverend was furious.

the......??!?!? Okay.... okay, fine."

The Reverend made sure Annie was far away outside and couldn't hear. He
lowered his voice and brought Simon and Matt closer him.

"Boys.... I'm not going to tell our mother about this, because I NEED a
vacation..... so here's the deal. Matt, you are charge for the next week.
Simon, you are the back up to Matt. What he says, you do, but you BOTH have
authority over Lucy AND Mary too. You both are in charge while I'm gone."

Matt and Simon smiled.

"Now boys, the first order of duty is to punish BOTH Mary and Lucy for what
they did. Tell those girls that if they don't obey you, then you'll call my
cell phone and I'll PERSONALLY be home early to punish them MYSELF."

The Reverend turned to leave.

"Uh Dad have a nice vacation" Simon said.

The Reverend opened the door, then turned back around.

"I will. And, you BOYS have a..... nice vacation too."

They all laughed, as the Reverend left.

Matt and Simon looked at each other and smiled.

"ONE WHOLE WEEK!" they both shouted as they laughed and went upstairs.

* * *

Part 4 coming soon....

the plot thickens......


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