7th Heaven: The Adventures of the Nympho Sisters - Part 2 (M/f,f-solo)
by Jason ([email protected])

That night, after her first and only sexual encounter, Mary drifted to sleep
rather quickly. She was hornier than ever as she thought about sucking
Robbie's dick, getting fucked in her pussy, then getting fucked up the ass.
Now she had something to dream about. There would be little, if any,
sleepless nights in the near future.

However, Lucy was a different story.

Lucy had been tossing and turning in her bed all night long. The porno she
rented hadn't cured her need to get off. Every time she pushed 'play' and
began to get aroused, a family member would need her for something, the phone
would ring, or SOME distraction would bother her. She got so mad that she
returned the porno the same day, knowing she wouldn't get the chance to enjoy

Lucy pulled off the covers and just laid there with her eyes open. She had
stripped to her pink silk bra and panties long ago. It was a cool 50 degrees
on this night, but Lucy's body temperature was extremely hot. She glanced
over at Mary, whose face could be seen in the moonlight. Mary had a huge grin
on her face as she dreamt of her sexual episode. Lucy contemplated waking her
up to talk. She wanted to hear more about Robbie's dick. Robbie had walked
around the house all night with no shirt on and wore tight pants around her.
He kept asking Lucy about the movie she got, and several times she almost
YOU!'.... but didn't.

"Psssst! Hey. Mary." Lucy whispered.

"Mmmmmmmm" was her only reply.

"Mary. Wake up. I have to tell you something."

"Mmmmm.... whaaaaa......."

Mary was out of it.

"Maryyy.... Maryyy.... Urgggggh!!! Forget it." Lucy said under her breath,
"I'm never gonna get any sleep."

Lucy slammed herself back on her big soft bed and groaned. The hot wetness
between her legs was driving her crazy. Her ample chest covered in pink silk
heaved up and down as her breathing grew faster. She needed some pleasure.
She needed it now. Even if it was nearly 3 A.M.

* * *

Robbie waited. The trap was set. He only came inside of Mary butthole a
little, mainly because the second he started to cum up her ass, she was
wiggling around so much. That was several hours ago. He was ready for another
helping of booty. This one, would be Mary's younger, bustier, tighter
sister... Lucy.

Robbie primed her all day long. After Robbie knew Lucy had a porno, he did
his best the whole day to make sure she couldn't watch it and get off. When
he talked to her face to face, he grilled her about the movie she got. He
wanted her to admit that she got a porno movie so she could finger herself
(not in so many words). He also made it a point to take off his shirt and
flex in a subtle way around her. Yep. He had her all horny and ready to go.

Robbie smiled in his room. His door was open and he had left on the bathroom
light, so that anyone walking by would see him laying there. He made sure to
get naked and cover just his midsection with a sheet. Just then, he heard a

* * *

Lucy came out to get a snack, thinking that would make her sleepy. At 3 in
the morning, she knew she would be awake by herself, so she quietly left her
room in just her tiny bra and panties. She looked to make sure no one was
awake, then saw the bathroom light on. She walked past the beam of light, and
something caught her eye.

There was Robbie. Covered in only a sheet. Lucy thought about walking by,
but was pulled in by his exposed body. Instead of going to the kitchen, she
wanted to take a closer look. As she stepped towards his sleeping figure, she
debated herself, whispering:

"Lucy. Just go to the kitchen, get some food, and go back to your room."

Her horny side was taking over.

"No. Lucy. Just go in Robbie's room, take a quick peak, and then leave. What
would it hurt?"

Lucy was torn. The longer she stood there staring at Robbie's abs and toned
upper body, the more wet her panties became. She began to breathe heavily,
walking in place, letting her legs rub her pussy lips together.

"Don't do it Lucy. He could wake up. Then what?"

Her body was losing the battle. She was so horny so couldn't think straight.

"Come on Lucy. Go in there. If he wakes up, say you needed to borrow an extra
sheet or something. Go on girl. Go in there."

Lucy stepped forward into Robbie's room.

Robbie grinned slightly, but still pretended to be asleep.

* * *

Mary woke up and noticed Lucy was gone.

"Lucy.... where are you?" she groaned.

No reply.

Mary closed her eyes, then opened them again quickly.

"No one's here," she grinned, "so I'll take advantage."

Mary slid her hand into the front of her cotton panties and cupped her warm


She decided that if someone walked in, she would just pretend like she was
snoring or talking and groaning in her sleep. Mary rubbed her outer pussy
lips, then dipped a finger in the warm moisure.

"Ohhhh. Ohhhh gosh.... mmmmmm......"

Mary picked up the pace, slightly wondering where Lucy was, but not really
caring at the moment. She pulled her panties off her long legs and flipped
over on her stomach. She laid on her own hand, letting just her fingers do
the work.

"Ohhhh..... I fricked Robbie..... uhhhh.... it was so good..... mmmmmm.....
Robbie fricked my vagina with his dick.... then my butt.... uhhhh...... feels
so good.... mmmmm....."

For a split second, she wondered what Robbie was dreaming of right now. And
what was taking Lucy so long to come back to bed.....?

* * *

Lucy was being very risky. For several minutes, she had been on her knees,
only a few feet from Robbie's sleeping body. She had seen her share of
Robbie's upper body and legs, but what was getting to her was the part under
the sheets. She knew Robbie was a heavy sleeper. He had told her stories of
how he slept in all of the time, and 'nothing' could wake him up. He also
mentioned on many occasions that he slept in the nude. No underwear at all.
Lucy exhaled a loud horny sigh as she remembered that little detail.

"Okay. All I have to do is move that sheet.... just a little... and Robbie's
big dick will be right there," she thought to herself.

Her hand slowly inched towards the balled up covers. Her nails sparkled from
the bathroom light. Shaking and twitching, her right hand made contact with
the sheet, then got a grip on the material. Lucy slowly began to move the
sheet a few inches over.

Robbie flexed his arm.

Lucy froze, feeling so stupid.

"Oh my gosh? Did I wake him up? Oh, I'm busted. I'm so busted!" she thought.

Robbie groaned again, then started to snore.

Lucy continued.

She swallowed really hard, then pulled the sheet again. She pulled it slowly.
Very slowly. Suddenly, Lucy figured out something. The sheet was completely
off of Robbie. She looked over and saw the biggest cock she had ever seen in
a porno. Only this wasn't porn, this was real. And it wasn't just a normal,
limp, sleeping cock. This cock was completely hard. And Robbie was still

Lucy panicked. This was so tempting for her. This is like free money, candy,
and ice cream all rolled into one.

"Oh my gosh.... oh my gosh.... oh... Robbie is having one of those 'wet
dreams' that guys always get. He is dreaming of sex!" she thought, as she
dropped the sheet from her shaking hands.

"What should I do? If I touch it, he'll never know. If I don't, I'll pass up
a chance that I may never get until I am married!"

Lucy shocked herself. Her body was thinking for itself now. As Lucy was
deciding if she should leave or not, she noticed her right hand was moving
towards the cock.

Robbie's cock was a full 8 or 9 inches, pulsating and twitching away. Lucy's
hand paused a few inches from the big member. Then, as her pussy was
practically screaming for sexual activity, Lucy wrapped her warm fingers
around the cock and held on.

She slowly pulled upwards on the thick dick, making clear pre-cum ooze rise
from the purple head. She did it again, and a little more came out. Lucy's
tiny fingers barely went all the way around the massive cock, as she picked
up the pace and began to whack off Robbie. Robbie was sound asleep. (or was

Lucy was past the point of no return. Her hand was pumping at a pretty fast
speed now on Robbie's cock and she had her other hand down the front of her
own panties.

"Robbie is really sound asleep," she thought as she diddled her own clit, "I
need more."

Lucy checked to make sure Robbie was asleep, then leaned forward and
french-kissed the helmut of Robbie's cock. She licked her lips.

"Mmmmm.... tastes a little salty," she said out loud, knowing Robbie was out
of it.

She stopped whacking him off and just held the base of his cock in place.
Lucy moved forward again and put a few inches of the dick in her warm mouth.

Robbie opened his eyes a little, watching the top of Lucy's blonde head bob
up and down on his cock. His mouth opened and he almost let out a groan, but
held it in, knowing Lucy would freak out. Just as Lucy glanced up, Robbie's
eyes were closed again, faking sleep.

Lucy bobbed her head up and down slowly, trying to remember what she saw in
the many porno movies she watched. Her tongue flicked the head a little, then
licked the underneath of the shaft as she sucked more. Her first blowjob, and
she was impressing herself. Robbie tried to hold back from shooting his load
in Lucy Camden's warm mouth. It was a difficult task.

Lucy bobbed more, glancing up at Robbie's face every few minutes to make sure
he was still asleep. She noticed he was groaning, but his eyes were still
closed, so he 'must' be asleep. She also noticed his mouth was wide open. She
stopped sucking for a moment.

"No way. Too risky. Too.... ahhh it's worth it," she said to herself.

Lucy undid her tight bra, letting her large breasts spring free as she did
so. Her nipples were already hard and perky from this night.... that, and all
these years of pent up sexual energy.

Robbie's eyes opened just enough to see Lucy's gorgeous breasts in the
moonlight. Her sexy tits jiggled as Lucy shook in nervousness while trying to
quietly get undressed.

Next, Lucy put her thumbs in her panty straps, and slid down her panties. She
stepped out of them and Robbie got a flash of her bald pussy, then, a nice
look at her really big hot butt as she turned to close the door. He knew she
was ready.

Lucy moved over to Robbie's 'sleeping' body. Robbie's eyes were open a little
now. He could see Lucy even though it was dark because his eyes had adjusted
already. Adjusted just enough to see two beautiful breasts coming right for
his face. Lucy rubbed her titties all over Robbie's face. His cheeks, nose,
eyes, and especially mouth, were smothered with Lucy's huge breasts. Nipples
went in and out of his mouth as Lucy moaned with pleasure. Robbie groaned
just as a plump tit was stuffed in his mouth, making Lucy grunt and coo
loudly. Several minutes of the tit-assault was enough for Robbie to make him
cum, but that was nothing. What he saw next was priceless.

Lucy was standing over Robbie's face and lowering her shaved pussy down to
his open mouth. Robbie had to pretend to be asleep, otherwise he would have
attacked her cunt with his tongue, so he just sat there. Lucy's pussy touched
his lips and she began to moan and wiggle it on her mouth. Robbie groaned
like he was dreaming, giving Lucy more pleasure.

"Hhhhhmmmmm...... mmmmmmm.... uhhhh.... uhh uhhhhh....." Lucy did her best to
keep her moans quiet, but it was difficult.

Robbie struggled to NOT lick Lucy's wet pussy, but it took will power. Her
salty cunt was so good. When he was about give in and eat her out, Lucy
lifted herself off before Robbie's flicking tongue could taste her. Before he
could react, he felt his cock enter Lucy's pussy as she cried out loudly.


All the way down and to the hilt, Robbie bit his lip to stop from moaning as
Lucy did the unexpected. Lucy began to fuck Robbie so fast and so good that
he almost came. His eyes could see her bouncing titties as she moved up and
down, up and down. Then her titties got closer to his face, and her left
nipple was shoved into his open mouth. He slobbered and moaned on it, still
pretending to sleep as Lucy bounced up and down.

"Ohhh.... ohhhh Robbie.... please don't wake up.... uhhh... yeah.... yes.....
I'm sorry but I'm so.... uhhhhh.... sooooooo horny for you.... uhhhhh......."

As Lucy rode Robbie, she suddenly turned and faced away from Robbie. Robbie
opened his eyes and saw Lucy's bubble butt moving up and down as Lucy
squatted lower and lower. Robbie's mouth opened wide again, almost moaning as
he stared at the pale cute buns of Lucy Camden. Then she spun back around and
Robbie quickly closed eyes again.

She got louder and louder in her moans. She was bouncing up and down so
hard, then finally she lowered herself down all the way and just grinded on
Robbie's dick. That's when Robbie felt her cum. Lucy fell on Robbie's chest,
laying on him, as she grinded a bit more, then slid off of the cock.

She noticed Robbie's eyes were closed. He must still be asleep....

"I can't leave now. I need.... I need.... to see it like the porn. I need to
see it squirt....."

Lucy moved back to the erection and flicked her tongue on the tip as she
jerked it off really fast. She alternated between sucking and licking,
keeping the fast jerking going, until finally she saw the big cock squirt in
the darkness as Robbie grunted. Lucy kept whacking and looked up at Robbie,
who still appeared to be sleeping. Lucy grinned, covering him back up with
the sheet, which absorbed most of the cum.

Lucy got on her bra and panties again, then quietly left the room.

Robbie sighed and held his sloppy dick.

"Wow. That was fucking intense!"

His dick began to get hard again as he thought about what had just happened.

"Now... I have something to blackmail both Lucy AND Mary. This is gonna be

Robbie began to beat off, still smelling Lucy's scent in the room.

* * *

Lucy climbed back into her bed and closed her eyes with a smile. As she was
drifting off to sleep, she heard a voice.

"So....." Mary said, "where have you been for the last half-hour?"

Lucy didn't care about what she did. She was proud.

"Oh my gosh Mary, I just did it with Robbie!"

Mary gasped in shock.


"Yeah! I was being perverted and I went in there and I did it with him while
he was asleep!"

"Oh my gosh! I did too! I mean, he wasn't asleep, but I jumped on him and
told him to fuck me and....."

"Wait Mary! Please let me tell you first.... please.....?"

"Okay, but hurry up Lucy. I've been waiting all day to tell you this."

"Okay... first I went in there and...." Lucy spilled the beans, getting down
to every detail on the incident. She was quite loud about it too. She was
standing up in her bra and panties, making motions with her hands as she
described the experience.

"HAHAHAHA! And then I like whacked him off 'like this' like you know like
really really fast and he SQUIRTED like all over the place AND THEN...."

The door opened.

Lucy jumped back under the covers.

"SIMON! GET OUT!!!!" They both yelled together.

Simon entered and shut the door behind him.


"SHUT UP!" Simon snapped.

The girls did just that, shocked by their brother's newly found maturity and
aggression. He was hardly the 'little brat' any more.

"Lucy I heard you. I heard what you did.... I'm telling Mom and Dad," Simon
said, turning to leave.

"NOOOOO!!!!" Lucy shouted, running over in her bra and panties.

She dropped to her knees in front of him with tears in her eyes.

"Please Simon! I'll do anything! Please don't tell mom and dad!

"TOO BAD! LET ME GO!" Simon yelled as Lucy latched on to his leg.

"SIMON WAIT" Mary yelled, "Lucy come here. Simon, don't go just yet."

Lucy sniffed her tears and went over to Mary. Simon watched Lucy's plump butt
wiggle and jiggle in her panties for a split second before snapping of the
trance. Mary whispered something in Lucy's ear. Lucy's face went from sad, to
a cute, sexy grin.

Simon's dick twitched as he saw Lucy in her bra and panties. He tried to stay
in control.

"Okay....." she said with a giggle.

Simon fought his sexual urges momentarily, as he tried to be the 'tough guy'
for a second.

"Simon....." Lucy said in a sexual voice as she smiled and walked to him, as
he still tried to look 'mean'.

"Simon.... listen up.... Mom and Dad are leaving to go on vacation tomorrow
night....." Lucy said, looking deep into Simon's eyes.

"YEAH SO!" Simon yelled, trying to ignore the bulge forming in his pajama

"Sooooo.... if you can hold off until they are about to leave for
vacation.... just don't tell mom or dad until they are about to leave
tomorrow night.... then you can go ahead and tell them," Lucy said.

Then Lucy suddenly cupped Simon's growing cock.

"BUT, I bet I can change your mind by tomorrow night....." she said as she
massaged Simon's balls and cock.

"Hhhhhuuuhhh..... hhhhhuuuuhhhhh..... I, I, I'll have to think about it.....
uhhhh.... BUT I'm gonna tell them as they are leaving! You can't STOP ME!
TOMORROW NIGHT You'll be in BIG TROUBLE!" Simon growled as he stormed out of
the girls' room.

Lucy looked at Mary and they both grinned.

"Oh.... I'll change his mind by tomorrow night," Lucy said, crawling back
into bed.

"Wanna help me Mary?" Lucy said in a sexy voice.

Mary's eyes were already closed and she was smiling yet again. She let out a
deep sexy sigh.

"Ohhh.... sorry Lucy, I can't. I've got something else to do," her smile got
bigger, "or should I say SOMEONE else to do."

Both girls laughed as they settled into their beds. Tomorrow was going to be
a long day, so they had to get some sleep.


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