7th Heaven: Sisters (Ff, Ff-best, inc)
by Jill ([email protected])

Lucy Camden walked through the halls of her school. She would have the house
all to herself this weekend and she was happier than she had ever been
before. Her parents were going off to some resort for the weekend, they told
her they wanted to take a break from the kids for a couple of days. Everyone
else was going to stay over friends' houses except for her and her older
sister Mary. They were going to just stay home and relax.

All day Lucy waited for the bell to ring so she could get home and begin her
weekend. When it finally did she went running out of the building to find
Mary waiting in the parking lot for her. They got in the car and began the
drive home. When they arrived they ran up to their room to change Lucy
watched as Mary took off her shirt to reveal her nice B-cup breasts. Lucy
felt a little bit attracted to Mary. She had been having fantasies about her
older sister. Mary was so good looking that she just couldn't resist having
a crush on her older sister. Lucy took off her sweater and her tight jeans.
All she was wearing now were a bra concealing her small perky tits and a pair
of little white panties that accentuated her tight firm ass. Mary was now
wearing nothing. She was bent over in her closet trying to find something to

Lucy took off her panties and bra and sat down on her bed. She could feel her
nipples starting to get hard as she looked at her sister she ran her fingers
over them. The whole time she kept her gaze locked on Mary's naked body. She
let out a little moan uncontrollably which caused Mary to turn around.

"Lucy what are you doing?" She screamed, getting a little aroused at the
sight of her 15 year old sister getting aroused.

Lucy said, "I can't help it. Sometimes I just get turned on and looking at
you," she blushed, "You're so pretty I just had to you know. Lucy responded,
"Don't you ever do it?"

Mary smiled, "Yes, I do but not in front of other people," never removing her
eyes from her little sister's body. Mary's own nipples were starting to get
hard seeing her sister

"Well, we are going to be alone all weekend," Lucy said as her other hand
moved between her legs.

Mary could she her little sisters fingers rubbing her clit as Lucy's was
still looking at her her eyes getting that glazed look of pleasure. By this
time Mary was so turned on that she needed to join in on the action.

"Hey Lucy, I think we could both use a shower." Mary said seductively.

Lucy said, "Together?" as she followed Mary to the bathroom.

Mary shut the door, turned off the lights, and lit some candles. She turned
on the shower then turned to Lucy. The two girls got into the shower. The
cold water hit Lucy's young tits and they immediately got hard again. She
instinctively began to rub them.

"Here, let me do that for you," Mary said as she began to rub Lucy's tits.

Her hands felt great against Lucy's hard nipples. Lucy was in a state of
total ecstasy. The two girls kissed. It was a deeply passionate kiss unlike
either of them had ever felt. As their tongues mingled and pressed against
each other, the girls hands moved down each others bodies. Mary's fingers
rubbed Lucy's clit, sending a wave of pleasure more immense than any she
had ever felt.

Lucy decided to one-up her older sister. She broke the kiss and licked all
the way down Mary's body finally arriving at her sweet pussy. She had a small
patch of hair growing just over her slit that was shaved perfectly. Lucy
stuck out her tongue and slowly licked her sister's clit. Mary let out a
scream as the pleasure shot through her. Lucy inserted a finger in Mary's
now wet pussy now adding another as she finger fucked her as she continued
licking then Lucy added yet another finger. Soon Mary was screaming at the
top of her lungs with pleasure.

"Oh god Lucy, please don't stop," She screamed. "Please fuck me! Lick me!"

Mary's orgasm was so intense. It rocked her whole body and made her tremble.
It seemed to go on forever. When it was finally over, Lucy looked up at Mary
and smiled. The two kissed again Mary could taste her cum on her sister's
sweet lips and then Mary started kissing down Lucy's young body. Lucy let
out a moan as she felt her older sister's lips and tongue moving down her
body as Mary started running her tongue over her little sisters slit then
moved up to her clit. Mary knew from her sister's moans it would not take
much to bring her off. Mary locked her lips around here sisters throbbing
clit Mary could feel her sister's heart beat through it.

Lucy started screamed and moaned and shook as she came. Both girls dried off
and went back into their bedroom. It was late by now they and they were tired
from there fun. They fell into Mary's bed and they just held each other and
fell asleep in a tight embrace.

* * *

The next morning Lucy woke still in hers sisters embrace, She felt good in
her sister's arms. She was also feeling like there was something licking her
pussy. It felt good what ever it was. She looked down to see the family dog
Lucky licking her. St first she started to stop him but the feeling kept
getting better so she spread her legs a little wider for him. His tongue hit
her clit as it did she let out a moan just loud enough to wake her sister.
Mary looked down and saw Lucky licking Lucy's sweet pussy.

Mary looked up at Lucy. Lucy thought her sister would think she was sick
letting the dog lick her. Mary just smiled and said, "It feels good doesn't

Lucy knew that her sister must have tried it before. Just then the dog's
tongue worked it way in her slit. Mary told her to spread her legs wider Lucy
did as she was told the dog kept working his tongue in deeper. Mary started
to suck on her sister's nipples as the dog brought her to mind bending cum.
Lucy just trembled all over as the spasms just kept coming.

Lucy lay limp on the bed as she regained herself. She looked as Lucky was
bringing her big sister to a cum just as strong as the one he had given her.
The two girls smiled at each other. Lucy asked her big sister, "What's next?"
Mary smiled at Lucy she told her little sister that Lucky could use more then
his tongue to please. Lucy said, "You mean..."

Mary just smiled.

She looked on as her older sister called the dog. Lucky jumped up on the bed.
Mary petted him saying, "You'er such a good boy. You made Lucy and I cum so

Lucy watched as her sister had Lucky lay on his side from licking the two.
Lucky had been a little aroused there was a red tip sticking out of the
sheath. Mary started to stroke it as she did more started to come out. As
she watched her older sister jacking off the dog, Lucy was getting hot again.
By now Mary had Lucky's full shaft exposed all 6 inches and it was a good
inch and a half around. Lucy could see a clear fluid leaking out as it was
all over her sister's fingers. Mary said it was pre-cum. Lucy could no belive
what her sister did next. She brought her hand up to her lips and licked some
of the pre-cum off.

"Mmm!" Mary said, "Here Lucy taste."

Lucy was hesitated a second but just a second before her lips and tongue were
licking her sisters fingers clean of the pre-cum. Lucy liked the taste. Mary
moved her hand back to Lucky's cock as she stroked him now her sister and her
were kissing they could still taste the precum. Mary broke the kiss and asked
Lucy if she wanted more. Lucy said, "Yes."

This time Mary lowered her mouth to Lucky's cock and started to suck his cock
as she filled her mouth with his pre-cum. Then she move back up to kiss her
sister. Mary's lips found Lucy's as they kissed. Lucy felt the pre-cum being
passed to her mouth from her sisters. She started to cum with out even
touching herself. This was marking her so hot.

Mary knew Lucy was ready now. She told Lucy to get on all fours. Lucy did as
she was told. Lucky moved behind her. He moved up on her back, his front paws
trying to hold her around the waist. She felt Lucky's cock near her pussy she
felt her sister guiding him in.

"Ohhh god!" she cried as she felt it enter her. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh
fuck!" as more and more went in.

Soon Lucky was all the way in Lucy. He was fucking her hard and fast now.
Lucy just kept moaning and cumminggg as she felt her sister moving under her
as Lucky just kept pumping. She felt Mary sucking on her clit. Now Lucy was
cumming so hard then she felt the hot spurts of cum filling her pussy. This
was just too much. Lucy collapsed on the bed.

The next thing she remembered was feeling her sisters arm's around her and
there lips together as she drifted back to sleep.


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