This author does not condone any sexual behavion with underage children so
don't even think of doing this in real life. This is a fiction and not real,
if illegal in your area don't read it.

7th Heaven: Ruthie's Introduction/Violation
by Scorpio

Ruthie had run into the room right behind her big sister Mary just in time to
see some big guy grab her. She was going to run but another guy grabbed her
right after Mary. Ruthie didn't hardly come up to this guys waist so she
didn't struggle very long before she gave up and just watched what was going
on with her two sisters.

Lucy was on the bed totally naked covered in what looked like some kind of
skin lotion, and Mary was on the bed next to her with another big guy
standing over her, between her legs. She watched wide eyed as the guy pulled
all her clothes off and then put his penis in between her legs and started
to push it in and out of her vagina. Ruthie hadn't had anybody tell her
anything about sex before so this was a total mystery to her. Next another
boy put his penis next to Mary's head and she started licking it and then
he started pushing it in and out of her mouth just like the boy between her

Ruthie couldn't take her eyes off what was happening, she had kissed a boy
before but it was only a little girl peck that hardly even touched the boys
lips. But here was her sister doing what she only guessed was some kind of
sex thing with two boys at the same time, and it looked like she really liked
it. In her amazement of what was going on she had totally lost track of the
fact that she was being held in place by a boy who had a hand over her mouth
and another on her chest holding her tight to him.

Just then Ruthie noticed that all the rest of the boys were naked too and
all of their penis's were sticking straight up in the air, even her brother
Simon's. It was then that she felt something poking her in the back of her
neck, and the boy holding her moved his hand from the front of her shirt to
inside of her shirt and started rubbing her tiny nipples. She could only
guess that the thing poking the back of her neck was the boys penis and that
the boy wanted to rub her little nipples and just starting to swell breasts
just like the boys with Mary. The boy started tugging on little Ruthie's
hair, she didn't understand that he was using her hair to jack off.

The boy leaned down so that he was able to whisper in Ruthie's ear. "Ruthie
I'm going to take my hand off your mouth but don't make any noise, OK?"

Ruthie shook her head yes. He then asked her if it looked like Mary liked
having his friends penis in her mouth. Ruthie thought that she did. He then
told her that he was going to put his penis into her mouth and he wanted her
to do just like her sister. Ruthie idolized her sisters so even thought it
seemed like a gross idea it wasn't out of the question. The boy turned her
around and before she knew it his penis was poking her lips trying to get in
her mouth. Ruthie stared at the seeming giant pole that was just in front of
her mouth and began to get a little scared. She was going to tell the boy
that she didn't want to do it, but as soon as she opened her mouth to say so
he pushed his penis into her mouth. She tried to pull back but the boy was
holding the back of her head so she couldn't get it out.

Larry's cock was inside the mouth of Simon's littlest sister, he could hardly
believe what he was doing. Every thing that he learned growing up told him he
was doing something totally depraved, but he couldn't help himself. Now that
he had gotten started just the sight of his cock with little Ruthie's tiny
lips wrapped around it was too much. The fact that she was so small made his
cock look huge by comparison. Her mouth was so tight just think of what her
little girl pussy would be like. Just the thought of it made him harder than
he could have imagined. He slowly started to move back and forth each stroke
pushing a little farther into her mouth and then pulling out all but the head
of his cock. "Suck it like a popsicle," he told her. She did as he asked, and
the combination of her sucking him into her hot wet mouth combined with the
fact that her mouth was so small had him on the verge of cumming in a matter
of minutes.

Ruthie was a natural cock sucker. She never felt the need to gag and even
though her jaw was stretched wide it wasn't totally uncomfortable. After he
told her to suck him like a popsicle and after she started sucking on his
penis instead of just having it in her mouth she started to get more
comfortable. Behind her she heard a sort of scream but with the boys penis
in her mouth and his hand holding the back of her head she couldn't turn
around to see what it was. It sounded like Lucy so she figured that she was
doing the same as Mary with one of the boys and that she must be having fun.
Little did she know that her brother Simon had just forced his cock up her
ass and was now causing her more pain than she had felt all night. Ruthie
started tasting a sort of salty taste in her mouth and wondered if it was
coming from the boy's penis. 'I hope it isn't pee leaking out of the boy's
penis,' she thought to herself. 'That would be totally gross.'

Ruthie heard her sister Mary say, "Holy shit, would you look at that." She
wished that she could turn around and see what her sister was looking at but
she couldn't turn with the penis still in her mouth. She started to taste
more of the salty stuff in her mouth and now it was sort of thick, like
yogurt or some thing. The boy all of a sudden started pulling her head with
more force and pushing himself even deeper into her mouth. She felt it hit
the back of her throat two or three times before the boy moaned, "Oh shit!
I'm going to cum."

A couple of seconds after that her mouth was filling with some more warm
salty stuff, but this stuff was way saltier and was thicker. Her mouth was
so small that it filled up on the second spurt and started going down her
throat up her nose and squirted out her mouth all at the same time. The boy
finally pulled his penis out of her mouth but he didn't stop squirting. She
saw some white stuff come out of where she guessed guys pee, and it started
hitting her in the face. She tried to move out of the way but the boy still
had a hold of the back of her head with a handful of her hair.

Larry knew that as soon as Ruthie started sucking on him that he wasn't going
to last very long and he was right. He had only been fucking her mouth for
about five minutes before he started cumming. He looked down just in time to
see his jizz squirt out of her mouth from around his cock, and if he didn't
know better some even came out of her nose. He hadn't realized how big his
load was and how small her mouth was. Especially filled as it was with his
cock. He pulled out after the second spurt and started hosing her face with
the rest. By the time he was done Ruthie had his cum in her hair, on her
forehead and down the left side of her face. Not to mention dribbling out of
her mouth.

He looked up in time to see Ron filming the whole thing so he turned Ruthie
around so the camera could record her jizz covered face. Ruthie was a little
grossed out by what he had done to her and could feel the wet and warm stuff
sliding down her face, but when he turned her around for the camera she saw
Mary looking astonished and a little amused. Ruthie took her wry amused grin
to be a smile that every thing was all right so she smiled for the camera,
glad that her big sister was proud of her. "OK guys who's going to take the
little ones cherry?"

"No way I'm going to let one of you guys take my little sisters cherry,"
Simon said finally coming to his senses. Even though he had a half a woody
from watching her suck off Larry.

"Well someone's going to fuck her before we leave," said Steve the leader.

"She's only nine," said Simon trying make them change their minds.

To everyone's astonishment Ruthie spoke up. "It's ok Simon I don't mind if
they want to see me take a penis into my vagina, but I'll only do it if its

"Ok, its settled then Camden, get to it."

"No way am I going to fuck my little sister," Simon said back, "Besides I
already got off I don't know how many times, and I don't even think I can get
it up again."

"Oh, I think we can fix that for you Simon, Ruthie go over and put Simon's
dick in your mouth and suck it just like you did for Larry."

Ruthie didn't even hesitate, she just walked over and with a little bend of
the waist she sucked Simon into her mouth like she was an old pro. Simon had
to admit that it felt good, and the though of having his cock in the mouths
of two of his three sisters got his wood started, but it only rose to half
mast. He watched Ruthie moving her mouth back and forth on his simi hard wood
and it did feel good. He could see fresh jizz still in her hair and shiny on
her face. But he had gotten off too many times in the last couple of hours to
get fully hard again. Just then Mary moved up next to Ruthie and asked her if
she would share? "Sure," said Ruthie and moved out of the way to let Mary
have a turn.

Mary's mouth felt different than little Ruthie, it was obvious that Mary had
a lot of experience. Mary let Ruthie take her brother's cock into her mouth
again and as she did Mary started licking the jizz off of her little sisters
face like some kind of treat and then grabbed Simon's cock and deep throated
him. Mary moved so Ruthie could go again, except instead of waiting and
watching like Ruthie had she tilted her head down until she could start
licking his balls. Ruthie was a quick study and wanted to do everything that
her sister did so they quickly started alternating between cock and balls and
before you could say "come on get happy" he was sporting a full woody again.

As the girls were busy with Simon the guys took the opportunity to undress
Ruthie. Steve reached around from behind to pull down Ruthie's skirt and
admire a very cute preteen butt. He stroked it a few times then pulled down
her little white cotton panties. The way she was bending down showed off her
cute little ass and he could just see her little immature pubis peaking
through. When Mary took her turn on Simon's cock the first time Steve took
the opportunity to take off her blouse so that now Ruthie was totally naked
and taking turns with her big sister first sucking on Simon's cock and then
leaning down even further (showing off her ass and little pussy even better)
and licking his balls. Where Mary cut her pubic hair in a tight little
rectangle and Lucy shaved her puss bald, little Ruthie was naturally bald
with just the slightest hint of peach fuzz showing where some day she would
have her pubes grow in.

Now Simon had been sucked by all three of his sisters, and in the same day.
He never would have dreamed of having even one give him head but now his
oldest and his youngest sister were taking turns sucking on his cock. He was
in heaven. Ruthie stopped sucking her brother and led him to the bed beside
Lucy. "Its time to put your penis in me like I said you could, but I'm a
little scared so try to be gentle."

Simon stepped up to the bed right in between Ruthie's legs and grabbed an
ankle in each of his hands. He slowly spread her legs apart until he could
see her little immature puss open just the slightest little bit. Then he took
some of the oil that he had used to lube up Lucy's ass before he fucked it
and started rubbing it on his nine year old sisters little puss. She was soo
smooth, not at all like his sister who was also smooth down below, but the
fact that she shaved herself made her pussy just a little bit rougher.
Ruthie's little pussy was as soft and smooth as the day she was born.

Simon slowly started sliding his fingers back and forth along Ruthie's
immature little slit until he could feel where her little clit was and also
he started preparing her to be fucked for the very first time. Ruthie felt
Simon's fingers stimulating her little clit and poking at the entrance to
her vagina. She had never felt anything like it before and she thought it
felt good. That is until he started homing in on her clit with one hand and
slowly inserted one of his fingers of his other hand into her digit by digit.
She had never felt anything like it as Simon stimulated her clit, rubbing it
lightly in little circles. She started to get the most wonderful warm tingly
feeling from deep inside and she started getting wet for the first time in
her life.

Simon couldn't believe how hot his little sister was getting. He had started
off just to get her lubed up enough to take his cock, but when he started
rubbing her little clit she started moving her hips in little circles. He
didn't think that she was moving consciously but he didn't care. He started
moving his fingers around in little circles in the opposite direction as her
hips. At the same time he started probing her tight little hole with the
middle finger of his other hand. Ruthie was so damn tight that he had a hard
time getting just the tip of his finger in her. All of a sudden his fingertip
just popped right in up to his first knuckle. He started slowly pushing in
and out of her when all of a sudden it was like a damn broke and she started
getting really wet. It didn't make it any less tight, but it did make it easy
to move his finger in and out of her little tight puss. He was now able to
push his finger in up to his knuckle when he felt something inside of her
stop him from going any farther.

Ruthie now could feel Simon pushing his finger inside of her pulling it out
and pushing it back in. That added with the stimulation of her clit was the
most wonderful thing she had ever felt, but his finger felt like it filled
her up and his penis was at least three times as thick and almost twice as
long. She started to get a little scared and wanted to say something but she
was afraid that everybody would think that she was just a little baby and
she wanted every one to think that she was as cool as her big sister Mary.
It was then that she noticed that Mary was laying across the bed next to her
watching, with her face only inches away from her vagina. She looked back
and could see that one of the boys was pushing in and out of Mary's vagina,
and another was pushing in and out of Lucy's butt. It looked like Lucy was
asleep, but the boy who was using her ass didn't seem to care. All of a
sudden Simon stopped touching her and moved in close to her until the tip of
his penis was rubbing between her legs right in-between her smooth little

Mary reached over and said to Simon, "Let me help you with that." It was
alright with Simon, he was super nervous. Mary took Simon's cock and
started rubbing it up and down little Ruthie's slit, spreading the natural
lubrication from both her sister and her brother so that it would be easier
for both of them when the time came to for Simon to take his little sister's
viginity. Ruthie started rotating her hips again at the feelings that came
flooding through her. She had never felt anything like it. This felt even
better than when Simon had used his fingers on her. Simon couldn't believe
how great it felt, Ruthie was so soft and warm, he wondered what it was
going to be like in just a few moments when he took Ruthie's cherry.

"Ok, I think that she's ready for you now. Remember to go slow and be careful
with our little sister," Mary warned him.

He put his cock up to the entrance of her virgin puss and tried to work it
in but she was just too tight. He rotated his hips and then pushed a little
harder but again he could barely get even the very tip of his cock into her
puss. Ruthie started to grunt a little then she said "ow, Simon please be
more careful."

Mary reached over and helped to spread her little sister's pussy open a
little to try to help her avoid some of the pain she could see on her little
sister's face. Then she reached back with one hand and gave a gentle push on
Simon's ass to urge him to push into Ruthie a little harder.

Ruthie could feel Simon's penis rub up and down her vagina and then he placed
it up to her little entrance and tried to push it in. Up until now everything
that had been done to her felt good. Especially when her brother touched her
where no one had ever touched her before. But now it started to feel a little
uncomfortable. Mary reached over and pulled her vagina open and it did help
to relive some of the pressure. She felt Simon push up against her and then
he started moving his hips around to try to get inside of her. The pressure
was starting to hurt a little until he pushed a little harder and part of the
head of his penis squeezed inside. "Ow Simon, that hurt! Could you please try
to be more careful?"

Simon started to push a little more firmly and finally managed to get most of
the head of his penis in her but now it really started to hurt and she could
feel the pressure on her virgin puss as it was filled way beyond anything
that she could have imagined. "Ow, ow, ow, Simon, it hurts take it out

Simon tried to be more gentle but he didn't see how it was possible to be
gentle and force his cock into something so small at the same time. He gave
one more push and finally the head of his cock popped in and stopped. It was
so tight that he felt as if Ruthie could give a little squeeze and smash his
cock. Ruthie started moaning and saying ow like it was really hurting her and
then she asked him to take it out. "Just be still Ruthie until you get used
to having me inside of you, and if it still hurts in a minute I'll take it

"Ok." Ruthie agreed, and when she relaxed it did start to feel a little

Steve heard Simon say he would stop but he was having none of it. At an
invisible signal one of his guys moved around to Ruthie's head and Steve
moved behind Simon. Then just when it seemed like Simon might pull out of
his little sister he gave a nod to his friend. Larry put his hand over
Ruthie's mouth just as Steve gave a hard shove to Simon's back. With the
forceful shove from Steve, Simon sank the full length of his cock into his
sister's virgin puss. Ruthie would have screamed but Larry's hand cut it
to a muffled shriek. Simon couldn't believe it, he was as suprized as
Ruthie but unlike his sister he felt like a vise had clamped down on his
cock. It was even tighter that Lucy's ass. It was almost painful but he
was in heaven with the sensations he was feeling from the stimulation being
sent by his sister's puss as she struggled and twisted on his brothers
cock trying to get free.

Ruthie's puss was spasming around Simon's cock as her pain was shooting
through her from the forced rupture of her virginity. She was shocked that
her little brother would just force his way on her when he said that he
would quit if she asked. The pain was unbelievable, even though his penis
was blunt it felt like someone had shoved a knife into her most private
place. The pain was just starting to subside when Simon started to push in
and out of her just like she had seen before. The pain was like fire every
time he stroked into her. She just wished that he would stop.

Simon didn't want to hurt his sister but she felt soo good that he couldn't
stop himself. He started fucking in and out of Ruthie's puss. She was twice
as tight and twice as warm and wet as Lucy's pussy or her ass. This was a
feeling that he would never forget for as long as he lived. He kept pumping
in and out of his baby sister's pussy. He was on the verge on cumming when
Steve pushed him out of the way and positioned himself between Ruthie's slim
little legs.

Ruthie couldn't believe the pain as Simon, her big brother whom she trusted
just started sawing his penis in and out of her vagina. It felt like he was
going to ruin her from the inside for life. Like she would never be able to
enjoy what she saw her sister enjoying so much. Then all at once the pain
went away. Simon had pulled out of her and the pressure just went away. But
then Steve stepped in between her legs and put his penis right up to her
bleeding little hole and shoved it in. Again it felt like fire, Steve had an
even bigger penis that Simon had and he just started fucking away at Ruthie's
formerly virgin pussy.

Steve couldn't believe how tight Ruthie was. Steve had more than a few
virgins, but Ruthie was the tightest of them all. Maybe he should have been
fucking the little sisters, not the big sisters. He fucked in and out of her
with out any regard to how he was hurting her. She just lay back on the bed
with tears running down her face as he fucked away. He fucked in and out of
her until he was ready to explode then pulled out. He moved out of the way
and let one of his boys in for a turn. "Don't cum inside of her," he warned
them all.

Steve then moved to Ruthie's mouth and started fucking her face just like
he had fucked her pussy. So as one guy fucked her the next lined up for
his turn. They rotated between her pussy and her mouth, each of them taking
turns. They each took turns on her until they had all gone at least three
times until they were all so worked up that they were going to cum together
at any second.

Steve dragged Lucy down to the floor then got Mary down next to her and put
Ruthie so that all three were on the floor on their backs with their heads
together. "Ok guys its time."

All the guys stood over the three sisters and began to orgasm at almost the
same time. The girls felt like a warm rain was falling down on their faces as
the guys jacked off over them. Each of them came and came showering the girls
faces until each was dripping from all that the guys had to give. The cum was
literally dripping from the faces of each girl, it was in their hair all over
their faces and running down onto the carpet. Mary had opened her mouth and
caught all that she could.

Ron had set the camera on the dresser and filmed the whole thing and now he
picked it up and zoomed into the faces. He panned from one face to the next
until he recorded each face, covered in cum. When he finished filming he
turned off the camera and sat to take a rest

"Ok guys lets get dressed and leave," Steve told them. "Now remember girls
don't tell anybody what happened today or the whole town is going to see
what we want them to see when we down load a special edition of this home
made porn film to our special web page."

With that they took off, but before they all left Steve stuck his head back
in and let them know that they would be back next week for a little more fun.

The End


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