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7th Heaven: Simon's Initiation
Part 3 - Mary's Turn At Bat (mmmF,mf,mg,inter,inc,anal,oral,ncon)
by Scorpio

Mary rushed into the room without thinking first. It turns out it was the
biggest mistake of her whole life. All she could think about was saving her
sister from these boys, including Simon. She didn't give one thought for
herself or for her little sister Ruthie who rushed in right behind her. "You
guys get off," is all she got out before someone grabbed her around the waist
and covered her mouth with his hand.

"Hey guys, grab the little one before she runs off."

Lucy just laid there covered in the jizz of all the guys, including her
little brother Simon, too exhausted to do anything. Steve threw Mary on
the bed like she didn't weigh anything, get her guys he laughed out as
she bounced right next to Lucy. Before she knew what was happening two
strong hands grabbed her wrists and pulled them up over her head, and two
guys grabbed a leg each and spread her legs as wide as they could get
them. She was suprised to see that Simon was the guy holding her right

Mary's hand bounced off Lucy's tits and came away covered in jizz, she was
so repulsed that she didn't react fast enough to stop the three guys who
grabbed her arms and legs. She felt her legs being spread to the point that
it was painful, too bad that she didn't appreciate the fact that this was
the least of her problems. Steve walked up between Mary's legs and started
to slowly unbutton her shirt. Mary was the house athlete so as he opened her
shirt from the bottom up her toned and nicely tanned stomach came into view.
It was only another two buttons and her blouse was thrown open exposing tits,
even nicer than Lucy's, and in a very sexy black lace bra to boot. He could
see the white untanned skin peaking out and contrasting with the black lace
of her bra.

"Hey guys, I guess that great tits must run in the family, don't you think."
He received hoots and appreciative grunts from all the guys. Steve slowly
started caressing and squeezing her tits, then with a flick of his fingers
snapped open the front hooking bra. "Man, oh man," he exclaimed, "Mary's tits
are like a exact duplicate of Lucy's only bigger!" He bent over and softly
bit down on Mary's right nipple before sucking it into his mouth.

Any of the guys that wasn't sporting wood started to rise to the occasion
seeing Mary's tits and the way that Steve was mouthing her nipples. As he
sucked on her nipples his hands were busy un buttoning her jeans and pulling
down the zipper so he could see what she had in store for them. He skinned
down her pants revealing some very sexy black panties, high on the sides but
low in front, with lace that matched her bra. A few strands of her pubic hair
were curling out from under the lace. "Oh man this one is even sexier! How
did you keep from fucking one of them before now?" he asked Simon.

Simon just grunted his eyes glued to her panties, waiting with the rest of
the guys to see Mary's pussy up close for the first time in his life. Steve
grabbed the sides of Mary's panties and slowly pulled them down to reveal a
very neatly trimmed light brown puss. Steve couldn't help himself, he leaned
down and buried his face in her too sexy pussy. Mary couldn't believe it but
as Steve started licking up and down her slit, making his tongue stiff and
sticking it up her as far as he could she was liking it, but when he moved
up and hit her clit it was all she could do not to scream for him to fuck
her. Seeing that she was getting wet Steve stood up with a renewed hardon and
shoved it right in her up to his balls. Her warm wet pussy swallowing his
cock as he shoved into her. "She's really hot guys, wait until you feel her."

He started slowly fucking in and out of her until he felt her start to push
back at his thrusting cock. This one is no virgin he stated to everyone
watching as he fucked the sexiest jock in the school. Not only that but she
definitely likes it. True to what he was saying was the fact that Mary was
groaning and very visibly thrusting back at him as he fucked into her. "You
guys can let her go she is definitely not going anywhere."

One of the other guys put his hard cock up to Mary's mouth and she sucked it
in without a moments hesitation. She sucked it like he had never had his cock
sucked before. She was going at his cock like she was addicted to it, not
like the girls he forced. He could tell Mary loved to suck cock, and she was
quite the little whore. Come on suck it he told her as he tweaked her nipples
and mauled her tits.

Meanwhile the other guys realized that they didn't have to hold her anymore
and let go of her legs. Simon seeing that Mary was pretty well filled at the
moment he turned his attention back to Lucy. She was out of it and he didn't
know if she was awake or had passed out. He had an idea for her all the same,
Simon rolled her over and admired her luscious round ass. Simon had never
fucked anyone before today and he was going to take advantage of this
opportunity to live every fantasy he ever had of Lucy. He used the baby oil
Steve had used earlier to lube up her puss and started jacking off to cover
his cock with the slippery liquid, then without any hint to Lucy he moved up
between her legs and spread her cheeks until he was able to put his cock
right up to her little ass and his cock head was just touching her tight
little sphincter.

In the meantime Mary was swallowing a load like she was thirsty for it and
hadn't had any shot down her throat in a long time. She was sucking and
swallowing without slowing down her hips and was fucking back at Steve,
fucking her, and just about to cum. Steve was losing control and started to
shoot his seed into Mary just as she was having a massive orgasm and soaking
the sheets under her. With the two guys shooting into her one after the
other, the guy in her mouth starting to soften as Steve's hips stopped
quivering she noticed for the first time the black football player filming
the whole thing, sporting a fantastic hardon himself. Steve rolled off of
her as she moved down on her knees and wrapped her fantastic tits around
Ron's manhood. Mary had always fantasized about having a big black cock in
her mouth and now she was going to make that fantasy a reality. Ron couldn't
believe it, he was filming a white girl willingly giving him a titty fuck.

Just at that moment he heard a shriek and swiveled his camera around just in
time to see Simon fully imbedded into Lucy's ass. Simon didn't go slow he
just shoved his cock into his big sister's ass. It was the proverbial velvet
vise as he sunk in as far as he could go. He didn't give her time to get used
to losing her anal virginity as he started ramming into his no longer virgin
anything sister. Lucy started screaming at the first intrusion up her butt.
Simon didn't care about anything except the tightness enveloping his cock.
Even though he had already cum numerous times, the sight and feel of Lucy's
ass around his cock had him close to cumming. The fact that she screamed at
first and now was whimpering only got him hotter. She was in a bit of a
stupor or maybe shock over what was happening to her when she felt a pain in
her butt that was worse than the pain of having her virginity taken just a
little bit earlier. Simon was ramming into her as fast and hard as he could
knowing that he was responsible for taking Lucy's virginity in two of her
three wholes, her mouth and now her ass.

Ron had just gone from a great titty fuck to having Mary give him the blow
job of his life. Mary was going at the first black cock she had ever had in
her mouth. She sucked it marveling at how hard and smooth it was, and the
way it filled her mouth and hit the back of her throat. She had always loved
having a cock in her mouth but hated the fact that being the daughter of a
preacher she had to keep a super low profile and make all the guys she sucked
off promise that they wouldn't ever say anything to anybody. The guys were
more that willing to keep quiet because of the fact that she was sucking each
of them off at least once or twice a week. Ron warned her that her super
sucking mouth was about to get the creamy suprize that she soo loved. Mary
sucked harder as Ron shot a good size load into her mouth. Ron zoomed the
camera on Mary's face as his cock popped free. She opened her mouth to show
the camera the mouth full of cum she had, letting a little drip out over her
bottom lip and chin to drip down on one of her fantastic tits. Then she
closed her mouth and swallowed licking her lips, she scooped the cum that had
dripped down onto her tits and licked her fingers in the sexiest way, just
for the camera.

Ron swiveled the camera around just in time to see Simon give a final
thrust and bury his cock into Lucy's ass for the last time before he started
shooting his spunk deep inside her. Lucy stopped screaming and finally passed
out as her little brother finished cumming in her ass. He pulled out as he
started to get soft and he could see her ass closing up and squeezing some of
his jizz out as it closed. Then hearing Mary say holy shit would you look at
that, Ron again swiveled the camera around to the corner to catch Larry
shoving his cock deep into Ruthie's mouth.

Larry was standing naked holding little Ruthie's mouth with one hand and
holding her pressed up against his leg's with his hand on her chest as he
watched the show on the bed. Just like the other guys he started getting a
hardon as Steve stripped Mary and started to fuck her. As his woody started
to rise it poked up into the back of Ruthie's neck and into her hair. He
just naturally started to move his hips back and forth in a fucking motion
as he watched Steve fucking Mary. Looking down at the feeling of Ruthie's
soft silky hair rubbing on his cock got him to thinking. He moved his hand
to the inside of Ruthie's blouse and felt her little nipples harden as he
rubbed them. She had just the beginnings of a chest with barely a swell to
them, but they were definitely starting. He wondered if she would have tits
as big as her older sisters. Larry took his hand out of Ruthie's shirt,
took a handful of her soft curls and started to jack himself off. All the
while he was watching Mary get fucked and suck the cock of his friend. He
bent over and started to whisper in Ruthie's ear.

"Ruthie I'm going to let go of your mouth, promise not to scream?" Ruthie
shook her head in a yes. "You see what your sister Mary is doing to my
friend with her mouth," he asked her. Ruthie just nodded her head yes,
unable to take her eyes off what was happening on the bed. "Look at your
sister go, she looks like she really loves it, doesn't she?" Again Ruthie
shook her head yes. "Ok Ruthie. I'm going to turn you around and put my
cock in your mouth just like my friend is with your sister and I want you
to do just like her, OK?"

Ruthie was totally confused, she worshiped her big sisters and always wanted
to be like them, and here were both of them doing sex things that she didn't
understand. But it sure looked to her like Mary was liking what was happening
to her, and Lucy looked like she had done all the same things until she fell
asleep, so she must have liked it too. Her young mind didn't understand sex,
much less the difference between consensual and rape. Then Larry was turning
her around and before she knew it or even had time to think about it his huge
shaft was poking at her lips, trying to get in.

"Come on Ruthie open up for me."

"But I don't know if I want to." she started to say, but as soon as her mouth
was open wide enough Larry shoved his cock in a couple of inches.

Ruthie felt like her jaws were being stretched wide enough to accept a base
ball bat or something. She had never had anything so big in her mouth, but
there was nothing that she could do about it. Larry was more considerate to
Ruthie than he had been to her older sister Lucy, when he raped her earlier,
as he slowly started to move his cock in and out of Ruthie's mouth. He
couldn't get over the fact that he was mouth fucking a little girl. He had
never ever thought about or looked at a girl so young before, but now the
sight of his cock in her little mouth, her little lips stretched to
accommodate him was making him feel harder than he had ever felt. Ruthie
didn't know what to think, she had never seen a boy naked and now she had a
penis in her mouth. She wondered how it could be so hard but at the same
time feel like satin on her tongue and lips.

"Ok, now suck it a little bit, like you would suck a popsicle."

She did what he said and started sucking, wanting to be more like her big
sister Mary. She heard a kind of a shriek or scream as Simon shoved his cock
up his sisters ass but she couldn't turn around, to see what it was, with the
penis in her mouth. A couple of minutes later she heard Mary say "holy shit
will you look at that." She wanted to turn and look again but couldn't, not
knowing that Mary was talking about her.

What a day this was turning out to be. With Lucy literally covered in sperm,
and leaking out of her mouth, puss, and ass, and Mary having taken a load in
her puss and two in her mouth. Now the whole room, (except for Lucy who was
passed out) turned to watch Larry mouth fuck little Ruthie.

Part 4 of Simon's initiation - Ruthie's first everything


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