7th Heaven: Simon's Initiation Part 1 (mf,oral,inc,ncon)
by Scorpio

Simon couldn't believe his luck. Over the past three weeks, four of the
schools football players had become his friends. These were a few of the
most popular guys in school and they wanted him for a friend. Simon had
invited them over to his house to have a snack and play a little X-Box.

"Hey Simon if you're lucky, and things work out today, maybe we'll give
you the initiation rites for you to be a full fledged member of our little
group." Simon didn't notice the grin that all the other guys shared with
each other. That would be so cool said Simon.

When they got home there was a note on the fridge that said his dad and mom,
along with the twins, would be away until after dinner.

"That's so cool that your mom and dad let you have the house to yourself."

"Oh there's probably someone home, the house is rarely empty," Simon replied.

They each got a snack and went to Simon's room to start up the X-Box when
they ran into Lucy just coming out of her room.

"Hi Lucy, do you know my friends from school?"

"Sure I think so," she replied as she eyed the four large football players
all of whom were leering at her sexy body. If Lucy had know that Simon was
bringing company over she would have had dressed differently. As is she was
wearing a too tight pair of shorts that she had out grown so she only wore
them around the house, and a equally tight T-shirt without a bra that seemed
to accentuate the jiggle of her stunningly large c-cup tits.

"Well, well, what do you think guys," said Steve, "should we let Lucy play
with us?"

"Oh yes, I think that we should," chorused in the rest of the gang, except
for Simon who didn't want to play video games with her. Only Simon didn't
understand what the football players were getting at when they said play.
Lucy though was quickly getting the idea as the players weren't at all shy
about checking out her hot curvy body.

Just wanting to get away she said, "Excuse me," and tried to squeeze past
two of the players to get down the stairs.

"Not so fast," said Steve as she tried to wiggle past, "You didn't answer my

"No thank you," said Lucy as she literally bounced off the two brawny guys
who blocked her way, "I don't like video games," she answered as she started
to get the idea that they were talking about something altogether different.

"I don't think you understand what I was talking about when I said play with
us," said Steve as he grabbed Lucy's wrist. It felt like a clamp had closed
down on Lucy's wrist as she was pulled toward the 6 foot 2 inch 200 pound
football player.

"Hey, let her go," said Simon, just now getting the idea that he should stand
up for his sister. All of a sudden Pete, taller than Steve by 2 inches and 20
pounds heavier grabbed Simon around the neck from behind, partially blocking
his windpipe in a choke hold, lifting him up slightly so that he had to stand
on his toes or get choked.

"Hey leave him alone," shouted Lucy just starting to get a little scared but
feeling like she needed to protect her little brother and show some strength.

She was at least a year or two older than these boys and felt that a show of
who was boss would settle down the situation before it started to get ugly.
Little did she know that it was already too late. This is exactly the
situation we were hoping to find when we came over here with Simon, Larry
piped in. The smallest of the four guys, a 5 feet 10 inch 175 pound running
back. With the house empty except for us, and one of the sexy Camden girls.

Lucy was definitely scared now but tried not to show it as she backed toward
her bedroom door. "Look guys she wants to play in the bed room," said Ron the
fourth football player, the same size as Larry but the only black guy in the

"You guys just leave me alone and let go of Simon," she said in a last ditch
effort to take control of the situation.

Larry stepped in to block her only easy way out of the middle of the group of
large guys. "No, I don't think that you understand the rules of our little
game," said Steve, obviously the leader of the group.

The guys started pushing Lucy back and fourth between the four of them
copping little feels of her tits and ass as she bounced between them. "Now
let me tell you what the rules are. First you will do anything and everything
that you are told. Second you will be punished if you disobey, or if you fail
to do the best you can do at anything we tell you to do."

"Hey screw you guys I'm not doing anything that you guys want," she said.

At this the shoving got a lot rougher and instead of getting groped she was
receiving little slaps on her butt, tits and face until all three felt like
they were on fire. Then Steve gave her a hard shove and Lucy landed with a
loud thud on the floor. She lay there on her side with her shoulders down
and her head laying face down on her arms. She was crying softly with tears
streaming down her face, but she didn't want these boys to see her tears.

Pete at a signal from Steve grabbed a handful of Lucy's beautiful hair and
lifted her to her feet. "Now I think that the boys and I would like to see
you do a little striptease."

"No way!" replied Lucy, so fast that Lucy didn't see it coming Steve lashed
out and slapped her hard across the cheek landing her back on the floor and
just as quickly Pete picked her up by her hair again. Lucy felt like her face
was on fire and that her hair was going to come out at the roots. "Ok, ok,
I'll do it,' Lucy said, knowing that she wasn't strong or brave enough to
take much more and thinking, or hoping, that these young boys only wanted to
see her naked.

Ron found a radio in Lucy's room and turned it on to some hip hop so she
would have a little music with a beat to strip to. "Now remember to do a good
job or you won't like your punishment."

She had started to do a very lame, barely moving dance but at hearing the
threat of more abuse she started really moving her hips and trying to look
sexy for these boys as she slowly pulled the T-shirt up over her head. Her
shirt was really tight so it caught under her tits and then pulled free,
making her tits bounce as her shirt came off. To say she had nice tits was
a understatement. Lucy Camden had magnificent tits. They stuck straight out
from her body with no sag what so ever. Her nipples and aureoles were about
silver dollar size and puffed out from her tits at least a quarter inch if
not a half inch, they were a light rose color just a few shades darker than
her skin. She received a few hoots of appreciation from the guys as well as
a signal from Steve to keep on going. Lucy was humiliated being made to show
off her body, a body that no boy had ever seen naked before now. It was even
worse knowing that her little brother Simon was seeing as well. Fresh tears
rolled down her cheeks as she swayed her hips and hooked her thumbs into the
top of her shorts. Her trim little body with her sexy toned abs practically
pointing at what the guys were anxious to see. With a quick side to side
motion Lucy timed to the sway of her hips to the music as she worked her
shorts down her hips until they fell to her feet. So there she was standing
all but naked except for some high cut pink cotton panties.

"Ok, turn around and show us all that incredible ass of yours."

Lucy didn't turn fast or sexy enough for someone and got a very hard stinging
spank on her left ass cheek. "Owww!" she whined as she turned faster in hopes
of getting her ass away from who ever it was who had spanked her. She looked
pleadingly at Steve hoping he would let her quit and laughing like it had all
been a prank before she had to take off her panties. The look on his face was
enough for her to know that she had better hurry with her panties or get hit
again. She closed her eyes and pulled her panties off her hips and then
kicked them and her shorts off her feet so she wouldn't trip over them. The
boys now saw that she was totally hairless and had the prettiest little pussy
in town. She continued swaying with the music, with her eyes shut tight so
she wouldn't have to see the boys looking at her body, like she was some kind
of a slut for about another minute until the song ended.

Lucy looked up to the face of her captors hoping again that this would be the
end of it.

"Ok, now I want you down on your knees and get ready to give one of us a blow

"What! No way can you make me do that," she said and looked at the boys
seeing that they all had huge bulges in their pants. Even Simon, still being
held but not struggling as much as before had a huge bulge in his pants. "You
guys have had your fun now get out of here right now."

It was the last bold act of defiance that Lucy would give the boys for the
rest of the night. Steve started with another lightning fast slap to the
face, followed by each of the other guys as she bounced back and forth
between them. They each slapped her at least three times before they let
her fall to the floor weeping.

She was quickly pulled by her hair to a kneeling position. Lucy's eyes were
overflowing with tears so she couldn't see anything but blurry shadows. Just
as quickly she felt a warm velvety steel rod poking her cheek. She reached
up with her hand and touched with horror what she realized was a guys penis.

"You better open your mouth and start sucking that cock if you know what's
good for you," she heard Steve say from behind her. She didn't know which of
the other three had their penis in her face but she barely opened her mouth
when it was thrust in all the way to the back of her throat. She started
gagging and tried to pull her head off but a hand on the back of her head
kept it in. "Ok start sucking and moving that cock in and out of your mouth
if you don't want more pain," he said with a hard spank on her ass. That was
all it took for her to start sucking as well as she could.

Lucy had never done more than felt a guys penis still in his pants and here
she was with one in her mouth. The guy just stood there and let her suck his
cock for a few minutes before he started getting excited and thrusting his
hips putting his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Unexpectedly she felt
and tasted a spurt of his seed as it shot into her mouth. One shot was all
she got before he pulled out of her mouth and stated shooting the rest of his
sperm all over her face. It seemed like it would never stop as his sperm
landed in her hair, on her forehead and cheeks and then stated running down
her chin to drip down onto her tits. She sat there with her eyes closed as
still as a rock trying to comprehend how her day had gone so wrong.

"Ok," said Steve, "now look up and thank your new master for making you a
facial loving sperm whore."

She was saying the words "Thank you Master for making me a facial loving
sperm whore" before she even opened her eyes to see who she had just sucked
off. The sight that she saw as she opened her eyes was enough to make her
want to vomit. She had just given her brother Simon a blow job. The guys had
pulled Simon's pants down and shoved his hips until his cock had gone into
his sisters mouth. Pete was still holding him but now had his hand over
Simon's mouth. "I'm going to call the police and you are all going to go to
jail," said Lucy.

"No, I don't think that you will," said Steve. "Ok, Pete you can let go of
Simon now that he's been initiated. Simon you have now been initiated into
our gang just like the rest of us. As you may have guessed the prerequisite
for our group is that we all have hot sisters. Larry did you get all that?"

"Yeah right from the strip tease all the way through to the facial." Larry
had one of those small digital camcorders and was pointing it at Lucy's
naked cum covered face.

"If you breath one word of this to anybody, then the whole town will get to
see the preacher's daughter giving her little brother a blow job. We will
hack into the church web site and upload a highlights video. Now crawl on
your hands and knees and bend over the edge of your bed so that we can all
start to play."

With a last few tears she gave in and started to crawl to her bed.

End part 1


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