7th Heaven: Seventh Hell Part 2 (m/solo)
by Pred ([email protected])

"So what is it you wanted to show me?" Simon Camden asked his girlfriend,
Deena. The two were up in his room, and Deena had been acting especially
weird all day. She was always telling Simon that he didn't understand girls,
and she was right... especially when they were acting the way Deena was
acting. It had started before school at his locker. She told him she needed
to show him something, but when he pressed her she told him it was something
she couldn't show him at school. Then the whole rest of the day, he kept
seeing her standing in a huddle with all her friends, whispering, looking at
him, and giggling.

* Girls sure are weird, * he told himself. But now that school was over and
they were in the privacy of his room, maybe Deena would finally tell him what
the heck was going on. "So?" he prodded her. "What is so 'secret' you
couldn't show me in school?"

"This," she reached into her backpack and drew out plain brown bag. "Come
on, let's close your door and sit on the bed." She shut his bedroom and door
and turned back to him, pointing to his bed.

"Hey, you know we can't do that," Simon protested. "Not after my mom and dad
caught us kissing the other week. I could get in trouble."

"You can be such a baby sometimes, Simon," Deena teased him. "Now do you
want to see what's in here," she waved the bag, "or not?"

"Yeah, sure, I guess..."

"Then the door has to be closed," she informed him. "You're mom and dad
aren't even home, and I really don't think your sister cares."

"But I'm not supposed to..."

"Simon!" Deena snapped and pointed to the bed. "Sit!"

He obeyed, and she crossed the room. She sat next to him on the bed...
close... very CLOSE! "Have you ever seen anything like this before?" she
asked, withdrawing a magazine from the plain brown bag.

The first thing that caught Simon Camden's eye was the distinctive color of
flesh that splashed across his eyes. The reality of what he was looking at
took a few seconds to register. * Flesh... Naked people... Breasts...
Penises... Vaginas... * Each image cauterized the synapses connected to his
optic nerves, searing the reality of the photographs into his dumbstruck
young brain. * That woman is sucking on that man's... *

"Deena...?" Simon Camden wanted to spring up from the bed and run down the
stairs screaming. What he was looking at was wrong, immoral. * Jesus
Wouldn't Do this! * he answered himself when he looked away and saw the WWJD
bumper sticker affixed to the back of his closed bedroom door.

Everything he'd been taught be his mother and father howled "RUN!" in his
mind. Yet, he could do nothing but sit there, as still as a statue, and feel
every part of him grow hot and rigid. He looked at Deena.

She was transfixed. Her eyes were as wide and smiling. She bit her bottom
lip slightly, and sucked her cheeks in slightly. She nuzzled against him and
slowly flipped the pages. He could feel her grow more tense with every new
set of photos.

The model in the magazine slowly moved from sucking the man's penis to
licking his scrotum and then burying her tongue up his anus. Many of the
photos were taken by the man himself, the camera looking straight down into
the woman's eyes as she worshipped his hard, long penis with her wet,
inviting mouth. The man's penis seemed enormous as it impaled the woman's
face inch by inch. Her lipstick smeared across the veiny skin of the shaft,
and each picture showed her progress inch by inch. At the bottom of the
page, the man's penis was stuffed all the way down her throat. The woman's
nose was mashed against his stomach as he pressed her head forward, his large
hands pushing at the back of her skull.

The next page, showed the woman's mouth ripped off the enormous penis. Her
mouth foamed with gobs of spittle that coated her lips and chin, and dripped
onto her firm, pointed breasts. The man reinserted his penis again, and the
woman appeared to gag on it. Her eyes were bugged out in shock. She took
the man's penis all the way in her mouth again.

On the next page, another man, a black man, entered the scene. His penis was
even larger and thicker than the first man. Both penises were then stuffed
into the woman's mouth, stretching her lips out and contorting her face. A
second woman then appeared, crawling up behind the woman until her nose was
nestled in her anal crack. Then her mouth covered the woman's vagina.
Further pictures showed her sucking and licking the woman's vagina and anus
from behind while the woman struggled to suck both the black and white
penises. The white man then stuck his penis up her vagina from behind like a
dog while the black man sprayed semen all over the woman's face. There were
over ten small pictures detailing the semen as it smeared across her face.

The next set of photos showed the two women lined up next to each other on
their hands and knees. Close-ups of their anuses followed. The men stuck
their fingers up their anuses, spreading their sphincters and lubricating
their holes. Then each man pressed his respective cock into each woman's
small opening. The women were screaming and kissing each other. The men
appeared to be striking the women's bottoms as they had anal intercourse.
The men then withdrew their penises, and two loads of semen were sprayed on
each woman's bottom.

Next, the second woman licked all the semen from the bottom of the first
woman. Then she licked the woman's vagina again. The woman screamed. Then
the first woman did the same to the second woman until she screamed too.

"This next part is my favorite," Deena spoke for the first time in what
seemed an eternity. She kissed Simon hard on the lips and stroked his penis
through his jeans. Simon slid his hands up Deena's shirt and found her
small, pert, barely-pubescent breasts. As he wormed his fingers inside her
lacy bra cup and flicked her tiny nipple, she gasped and turned the page.

The woman were laughing now, and each one was strapping on a huge, black
artificial penis around her waist and over her vagina. The white man was now
tied up, and the black man was standing above him laughing, too. The women
then forced the white man to suck their artificial, black penises, while they
and the black man continued laughing. The white man's scrotum was squeezed
off by a tight rubber band, and the women tugged at it while the black man
beat his huge, dark penis against the man's frightened face.

Then the women proceeded to insert their artificial penises up the white
man's anus and mouth while he appeared to be crying. The black man then
beat the white man while the two women had sex with each other using their
artificial penises. The magazine ended with the white man spraying his
semen into a cup and then being forced to drink it.

By the time, Deena had stopped flipping the pages, Simon had her shirt off.
One of her tiny breasts was straining against the lacy cup of her bra while
the other one wobbled free. "Lick it," she commanded Simon.

The boy didn't even think about what was right or wrong anymore. He leaned
over and ran his tongue over the stubborn nub of flesh, savoring the salty
taste of his girlfriend's sweat.

"How big is your... thing?" Deena gasped as Simon started instinctively
sucking her nipple.

"I... not that big," Simon whispered, referring to the magazine which had
fallen open to the floor. He was ashamed and didn't want to show her his
boyish, three inch penis. Not after she'd just seen the ones in the

"Show it to me, Simon," she pushed him away. "I want to see it... now."

"Geez, Deena," he whined. "Can't we just do this?"

"I want to see your thing, Simon," she snapped. "Now come on... or I'll
leave..." she threatened.

"Deena, come on..."

"Simon!" She began tucking her little, swollen breast back into her bra.

"Okay... all right." Simon shrugged his shoulders, and shivered. He looked
in his girlfriend's eyes and saw no compromise. Shivering even harder, he
stood up and started unbuttoning his pants.

Deena sprawled out over his bed and scooped her other breast out of her bra.
She tugged at both her nipples while her boyfriend wormed out of his jeans.
When she saw his white jockey shorts, she giggled. She could see his little
hard penis tucked above the left leg like a roll of pennies. He looked at
her for mercy, but she just smirked at him and nodded.

Left with no choice, Simon Camden pulled down his shorts and his little stiff
penis snapped to attention. Deena giggled. "I want to watch you play with
it," she commanded, picking up the magazine and looking at the last few pages
with one eye and Simon with the other.

Simon just stood still, not sure what she meant or what he should do.

"Don't you... you know?" she asked. "Masturbate?" she finally found the

"Geez, Deena, NO! That's gross."

"I thought all boys masturbated," Deena seemed angry. "You mean you never
play with yourself?"

"Do you?" Simon fired back, suddenly a little perturbed.

"I'm a girl," Deena protested. "You're a boy, and boy's masturbate. At
least normal boys do. You are normal, aren't you...?"

"Yes," Simon snapped back. * Geez, what a thing to ask a guy. *

"You'd masturbate if you were normal," Deena kept at him. "You'd masturbate
about me if you really liked me. You do like me, don't you...?"

"Yes, Deena..."

"Then masturbate. Here I am, Simon. Your girlfriend, in your bedroom. Look
at my tits. You do like to look at my tits, don't you...?"

"Y...yes," he stammered.

"Then do it. I want to see what it looks like when a guy masturbates." She
moved up close to him now and slapped his penis and balls. "Now come on.
Your parents will be home anytime now, and I have to get home soon." She
snapped her fingers at his dick. "Come on. Masturbate!"


"SIMON! Masturbate right now, or I'll tell all the girls in school how small
your thing is and how you couldn't get hard and how you're probably gay."

"O...okay..." he was almost crying now. He began to stroke his penis slowly,
his thin body trembling. He'd only ever masturbated in bed at night by
rubbing his penis hard into his mattress, his hands and fingers never
touching it. Then, when he was about to orgasm, he would stop and run into
the bathroom and ejaculate into the toilet bowl, wiping up the remaining
evidence with toilet paper and flushing. That way no one would ever know his
shameful secret.

But now Deena was asking him to touch himself IN FRONT of her. His father
had taught him that masturbation and lust were normal thoughts for a teenage
boy his age, but that they were disrespectful of woman and victimized them as
sex objects. Consequently, such narrow-minded thinking would be harmful to
Simon's development as a man.

But Simon Camden had no choice now. And how could his lust be disrespectful
to Deena when she was the one forcing him masturbate? If anything, she was
the one being disrespectful to him, and he was the victim.

His eyes burning with shame and terror, Simon pulled on his hard penis and
stroked it. Having never masturbated this way before, he ahd to let his
instincts take over. Within a few seconds, he discovered the jerking motion
that was most stimulating, and he pumped his penis hard, wanting to get the
ordeal over with as soon as possible.

"Your thing is sooo small," Deena giggled, as she looked at the pictures and
compared the men with Simon. "Do you think it will ever grow bigger?" she

"I don't know..." Simon sobbed.

"Maybe I should go out with Rulon Mitchell," she mused aloud. "He's black
and blacks have bigger things, you know... Like this guy," she pointed to
the man in the magazine. "You could never get this big, could you...?"

"I... I don't know," Simon choked.

"Have you seen your brother's penis?" she asked. "Is it big?"

"I... I don't know..."

"How about your dad? I wonder if his penis is big. I want you to sneak some
pictures of their penises, okay...?"

"No way!" Simon protested. "That's sick."

"All the kids at school will be REAL interested about how small your penis
is," Deena observed. "And how you couldn't get hard with me naked on your
bed. They'll kick your butt in for being a faggot, you know."

"Don't," Simon begged. "Please..."

"I want pictures of Matt's and your dad's penises," Deena told him.
"Tomorrow, okay...? Now come on and hurry. I want to see you spray your
semen, like in the magazine." Simon tried to comply by pulling and pumping
his tiny, hard dick, but nothing came out. "Come on, Simon," she whined.
"Quit being such a baby. Can't you orgasm? What's wrong with you? I think
I'm going to call Rulon right now." She picked up the phone and started
punching in a number.

"No, Deena, don't..." Simon begged. He was yanking so hard his penis felt
like it might tear right off his body.

"Is Rulon there?" Deena asked into the phone. She was tugging at her pert,
tiny nipples again, and rolling the small berries in her fingers. "Okay..."
She looked at Simon. "He's coming to the phone," she told Simon. "I'm going
to ask if I can come over and show him the magazine and see his penis. I bet
it is sooo big..."

"Deena," Simon wept, "Please..."

"Hi, Rulon, it's Deena," she chirped.

"SHIT!" Simon bawled, the semen spurting from his winking piss hole and
spattering across Deena's bare, pink breasts and flat tummy.

"Oh, nothing," she cooed. She pointed to the semen on her body, stuck out
her tongue, pointed to Simon, wagged her tongue in a licking motion, then
pointed back to her tits and stomach.

"No," Simon whimpered and shook his head furiously.

"I had a question to ask you," Deena spoke into the phone. "A personal
question..." she gasped and giggled when Simon knelt down and began licking
up his sperm from her nubile flesh. She grasped the back of Simon's head by
his hair and guided his mouth and tongue around her torso. She giggled as
her boyfriend sobbed and licked. "If I weren't going out with Simon Camden,
would you ever ask me out?" she asked. "I was just wondering," she replied
after a few seconds. "REAALLY?" she laughed. "You would..."

"Please, Deena," Simon bawled under his breath. "Please don't..."

"Well, like I said I was just wondering," Deena giggled. "I mean as long as
Simon behaves, I GUESS he's still my boyfriend. But you know how things go.
I just wanted to know my options. Cool! Yeah, I'll see you in school.
Bye..." She hung up the phone. "That's good, Simon. You really are a good
boyfriend. Can I come over and shove some stuff up your butt tomorrow, like
in the magazine...?"

"You most certainly CAN NOT!" The voice shocked Simon and Deena. It came
out of nowhere. Neither of them had even heard the door open. But there was
Simon's mother, Annie Camden, standing in the open doorway, her face flushed
a deep crimson and her body shaking in rage. "SIMON CAMDEN what in the world
do you think you're doing?" she shouted at her middle son. "And you?" she
pointed at Deena, then tore the magazine from her hands. "You are NEVER to
set foot in this house or speak to my son again... EVER!" she added. "Now
get out you... you little... Jezebel!"

"Mrs. Camden, I..."

"OUT!" Annie shouted. "And you can tell your parents to be expecting a CALL
from me."

By this time, Annie's hollering had drawn the attention of Lucy, who came
running to the door. One peek inside Simon's room, and the middle Camden
knew something SERIOUS was going on. Deena was still topless and Lucy spied
Simon's naked, shriveled dick. * Wooa, not good .. * Lucy didn't know
whether to giggle or gasp. She did a little of both.

"OUT!!!" Annie Camden screeched again.

This time, Deena leaped off the bed, scooped up her backpack and squeezed
past Annie and Lucy into the hallway. Before Annie could say another word,
Deena sprinted down the stairs, hurriedly trying to get her bra and top back

"What is going on?" Lucy couldn't help but ask.

"Why don't you ask your brother," Annie spit.

"M... mom..." Simon bawled. "Please... I can explain."

"Not to me you can't," Annie snapped. "You can explain this to your father.
You disgust me, Simon! Stay in your room!" she slammed the door and whirled
around to face Lucy. "And what the heck were you doing while all this was
going on? You know the rules. Simon was not supposed to be up here in his
room alone with Deena, especially with the DOOR CLOSED! What the heck were
you doing?"

"The laundry," Lucy defended herself. "Just like you told me to do this
morning. I was downstairs doing the laundry. This was not my fault. You
can't blame me. When I was up here half an hour ago, they were downstairs
watching TV. He never told me he was coming up here. I KNOW the rules, mom!
But I'm not Simon's keeper. I was doing my chores, just like YOU told me.
You can't blame me for any of this, and you know it!"

Annie glared at her daughter, and for a split second she even thought of
striking the defiant teen. But then Annie considered what Lucy said, and she
knew she was right. Simon had taken advantage of the situation and broken
the rules. Annie had no reason to believe that Lucy would have allowed such
behavior to go on. Lucy had always made Simon leave his door open when he
was in his room with Deena before.

Annie let the tension in her body subside, and she grimaced at Lucy.
"'re right," she apologized. "I'm sorry, I just..." she shook the
magazine at Lucy. "I think I'm going to be sick."

"What's going on in here?" Mary Camden's voice emerged from the top of the
staircase. "I just saw Deena running down the street crying," Mary added.
"Did something happen?"

"Yes," Annie shook her head. "Something did happen."

"What?" Ruthie popped her head in behind Mary's back.

Annie winced. "We'll discuss this later," she looked at Lucy and Mary, and
they nodded. "I'm going to start dinner now."

"Do you need any help?" Lucy asked, concern inher voice. She had never seen
her mother this upset before... about anything.

"No," Annie shook her head. "I need some space, okay...?"

"Sure, mom." Mary herded her two younger sisters away as Annie walked
downstairs. "Ruthie, go play in your room, okay...?" Mary half-asked her
youngest sister.

"I want to know what happened," Ruthie whined.

"Not now, okay...?" Mary replied. "I need to talk to Lucy... alone."

"I bet this is sex stuff," Ruthie huffed to herself as she stomped off to her
room. "Whenever anybody wants to talk without me around, it's always sex
stuff..." She slammed her door behind her.

"What the hell happened here?" Mary prodded Lucy as they went into their room
and closed the door. Mary liked to say 'hell' when her parents and Matt
weren't around.

"It was..." Lucy stopped herself, still not sure whether it was appropriate
to giggle. "Let's just say Simon and Deena got a little carried away in the
make-out department," she grinned to herself.

"Like HOW carried away?" Mary pressed.

"Real carried away," Lucy answered.

"Um, you're going to need to be more specific," Mary kept at her younger

"I don't know if I can," Lucy smiled. "I just caught a glimpse."

"Sooo?" Mary shook her sister by the shoulders. "You caught a glimpse. What
did you see?"

Lucy arched her eyebrows and made googly eyes.

"Noooo!?" Mary shook her sister again.

"Mmm hmm..." Lucy couldn't help but giggle.

"Simon?" Mary fell on the bed laughing. "Simon?" she repeated. "And mom
saw..." she cut herself off and howled in laughter. "Oh, this is rich. This
is priceless!"

"I don't know if this is so funny," Lucy observed, flopping down on her own
bed. "You saw mom. She is REALLY upset..."

"Don't you realize what just happened?" Mary looked up at her sister. "Simon
just made our lives a hell of a lot easier in the dating department."

"How do you figure?"

"Do you think anything we do from now on is even going to chase mom and dad
after this. Lucy's out an hour past curfew," Mary mused, imitating her dad's
deep voice. "Hey, at least she isn't screwing up in her room," Mary
responded to herself by mocking her mother's voice. "Just think of it, Luce.
This is like a permanent Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card. We'll be the good kids
from now on. Simon will get all the 'special attention.' She made a
quotation marks gesture with her fingers. "Oh, this is sweet. This is very
sweet." She blew a kiss towards Simon's room. "Thank you so much Simon and
little simon," she laughed, then turned to Lucy. "So... um... how did it

"What?' Lucy wrinkled her nose, suspicious of where mary might be going.

"You know..." Mary arched her eyebrows. "Little simon..."

"You are so gross," Lucy snapped back.

"Oh, and you didn't take a look," Mary snorted. "Yeah, right..."

"I didn't," Lucy protested.

"I saw Matt's once," Mary upped the ante. "But you probably wouldn't care
about that either." There was silence for a long pause.

"You did?" Lucy finally cracked. "When?"

Mary smiled and turned over on her stomach. She propped her chin on her
hand. "He was getting out of the shower. I walked in the bathroom by
mistake. I didn't know he was in there."

"Sooo?" Lucy giggled.

"You first," Mary smiled. "Spill it."

Lucy looked around the room suspiciously, as if someone else might be in the
room. "It was..." she lowered her voice and giggled. She held her two index
fingers not even an inch apart and arched her eyebrows.

"Really?" Mary snorted. "Was it... excited or... bored?" she asked.

"Definitely bored," Lucy answered. "How about Matt?"

"Excited," Mary grinned. "Definitely excited." Lucy nodded at her sister to
continue, moving her index fingers back and forth. Mary put her index
fingers about five inches apart and smiled. "Not bad," Lucy whistled under
her breath. "Right?" she asked, suddenly catching herself. She'd never seen
a hard penis before.

"Average," Mary spoke like an authority.

"You've seen other guys?" Lucy couldn't help but ask.

"A few," Mary smiled. "But that's all I'm saying on the subject."

"So you think Simon will get in a lot of trouble?" Lucy asked.

"He's toast," Mary sighed. "When dad lays the lecture on him, the guilt will
probably make him gay," she quipped.

Lucy giggled. Suddenly the phone rang. She picked it up.

"Is Mary Camden there?" a girl's voice asked.

"Yep, she's right here." Lucy threw Mary the phone.

"Yeah?" Mary answered.

"Hey, Mare," the voice spoke. "It's Steph... from the basketball courts,"
she added.

"I know," Mary laughed. "What's up, girlfriend?"

"We were wondering if you'd like to meet us tonight... for coffee...?" Steph

"Sure. Where?"

"Sisters of Athena," Steph answered.

"I don't know that place," Mary replied.

"I'm not surprised," Steph answered. "It's kind of private."

"A private coffee bar, that's kind of weird, isn't it...?" Mary asked.

"Not really," Steph seemed a little uncomfortable. "We try to keep out the
kids. It's an adult place. We all get together, drink coffee and talk.
We'll have music tonight, too, if you like that. Laura plays guitar and
sings. She's awesome."

"Sounds very cool," Mary nodded her head. "Where is this place anyway."

"1454 Arlington," Steph answered. "The doors open at 9PM."

"I'll be there," Mary told her. "Thanks."

"See ya' there."

"Yeah, see ya' there. Bye." Mary hung up.

"You'll see who where?" Lucy asked.

"Just some girls I met at the park while I was coaching Ruthie's Pee-Wee team
this afternoon. They invited me to hang with them at some coffee bar
tonight." She stopped. "Have you ever heard of Sisters of Athena?"

"No," Lucy shook her head. "Where is it?"

"Over on Arlington."

"That's kind of by the campus. Maybe Matt knows where it's at."

"Yeah," Mary hit the speed dial, and a second later Matt's phone rang.

"Hello?" her brother answered.

"Hey, Matt," Mary replied. "You know anything about a place named Sisters of
Athena on Arlington? It's a coffee house or something."

"Nope," Matt said. "Never heard of it. Hey Shawna," he called out. "Do you
know a coffee place on Arlington called Sisters of Athena?"

"I've heard of it..." Shawna's faint voice piped up. "I've never been there.

"Why?" Matt repeated to Mary.

"I'm meeting some girls up there," Mary explained.

"That doesn't sound like a high school hangout," Matt commented.

"That's because it's not," Mary replied. "The girls go to the college."

"You're hanging out at a college place?" Matt asked. "Do mom and dad know?"

"Not that they could stop me, but no," Mary answered.

"I don't know if this is such a good idea, Mary."

"Oh, get a life," Mary laughed at her brother. She could hear Shawna
speaking, but couldn't make out what she was saying. Matt placed his hand
over the receiver, and all Mary could hear was a muffled conversation.
Thirty seconds later, Matt returned. "Shawna's going to meet you up there,
okay...?" Matt told his sister.

"Listen..." Mary started.

"Mary, don't worry, it's cool," Shawna was suddenly speaking in the phone.
"I was meaning to check the place out, but I never had anyone to go with.
You don't mind, do you...?"

"Um, I .." Mary started again.

"Listen, this is definitely NOT a chaperone thing, okay...? Just you and me
hanging out. I swear. That is if that's all right."

"Sure," Mary nodded. "No prob. So what's up with this place anyway? How
come I never heard of it?"

"It's like just for women," Shawna explained. "I know some girls who've been
there. It's supposed to be very cool."

"Just for women?" Mary asked. "Like no men?"

"Nope, just women," Shawna laughed. "Pretty cool, huh?"

"Yeah," Mary laughed. "Very cool. See ya after nine. Do you need the

"No, I know where it's at."

"See ya' there, then."

"Yeah. Bye."

"Adios." Mary hung up when she heard the click. "It's for women only," Mary
said to Lucy. Lucy looked at her older sister with a confused stare. "The
coffee bar," Mary explained. "Shawna says it's for women only."

"Boy, that's not very fun," Lucy wrinkled her nose.

"I don't know. I think it sounds kind of cool," Mary smiled. "I need to
find something to wear." She jumped off the bed.

"Why?" Lucy quipped. "There won't be any guys there."

"Yeah, and no little teenage girls either," Mary shot back. She went into
her closet and started surveying her various sweaters and skirts. "I need a
vest," she mused aloud. "I wonder if dad would let me borrow one of his

"You are so bizarre," Lucy shook her head.


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