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Codes: Mf, cons, exhib, inc, oral

Note: Ruthie is 14

7th Heaven: Ruthie Makes Her Move
by Tricksterson

Eric Camden followed the overwhelmingly loud sound of dance music up the
stairs and down the corridor to his daughter Ruthie's room. The door was open
and he entered the doorway intending to tell her to turn it down but what he
saw froze him to the spot.

His daughter was dancing. But it was *how* she was dancing that paralyzed and
rooted him to the spot. She was bumping and grinding and swiveling her hips
in such a convincing parody of sex that he could almost picture her partner.
She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt but both were tight enough that, aided by
her sweat, they seemed to cling to her like a second skin.

She must have felt the weight of his gaze because she looked over her
shoulder at him. She must have also seen something in his expression that he
didn't realize he was showing because first her lips formed a smirk, then she
pursed her lips and blew a kiss at him. Then she turned entirely around and
started dancing towards him.

She lifted her arms, emphasizing her plum sized breasts and ran her fingers
through her dark, curly hair then crooked two fingers at him, inviting him
in. Moved by something he could neither understand nor control he stepped
into his youngest daughter's bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Still dancing, she pressed her hot little body against his, her belly rubbing
against his hardening bulge while her fingers slowly unbuttoned his shirt
then pulled it off, exposing a torso showing only a few signs of middle age

Placing a kiss in the center of her father's chest Ruthie danced away,
twirling in a circle and lifting her shirt up and over her head revealing a
pink bra and then tossing it into a corner. She then moved back to Eric,
snuggling against him and saying, "Take it off..."

Now, he knew, was the moment of truth, when he decided to remain a passive,
if aroused, observer or an active participant in the act of incest.

It was never really a contest. His hands were in motion before he even
finished framing the internal debate. Swiftly he unhooked her bra and pushed
down the straps as she danced away, shaking her tiny titties at him as
enticingly as any professional stripper and leaving him holding the goods.

She once more backed teasingly away from him, again crooking her finger for
him to follow. Once more he obeyed, following her to her bed where she sat on
the edge, leaned back on her elbows, kicked off her sneakers and stretched
out her legs.

He knelt in front of her and laid her bra on the floor like an offering then
unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. She raised her pert little bum in the air
as he pulled them down to her knees, then again as he did the same to her
pink, bikini-cut panties, already getting moist with her urgent need,
revealing her peachfuzzed pussy. He finished pulling off her jeans, and her
panties with them, one leg at a time, pushed the pile out of his way and
leaned forward, mouth open, tongue out. He started by licking up the sleek
valley of her thighs, working closer, ever closer, to the precious tulip of
her vulva. Meanwhile his hands slid up the outside of her velvet soft legs
and across her hips so his thumbs could pry her moist pussy lips apart and
allow his tongue easy entry.

"Oh! Oh, daddy!" he heard her faintly over the music. The fact that he could
hear her at all told him how loud she was moaning.

While his tongue pushed deeper and deeper into his daughter's body, Eric's
hands roamed all over it's surface, exploring the crack of her tight little
ass, tracing her spine upwards and then going around in front to stroke her
breasts and tweak her hardened little pink nipples. As for what Ruthie's
hands were up to he felt them at the back of his head, pushing his face
firmly and relentlessly into her crotch while her legs wrapped around his
neck and shoulders. He felt her body shaking in time to his licking and
tongue thrusts then spasming out of control as he nibbled and sucked on her

He disentangled himself from her slender legs and stood up, letting her fall
off the bed like something not entirely solid. When Ruthie opened her eyes
they were on a level with the rock hard bulge in her father's pants. He was
already undoing his belt but her fingers beat him to the zipper, opening it
and pulling down his slacks and the boxers underneath to his ankles, getting
to her knees as she did so.

She took her father's dick in hand and lifted it to give her mouth better
access to his scrotum, which she licked up and down before taking his balls
in her mouth and ginving each of them a good suck, one after the other,
before turning her attention to Eric's cock and putting it in her mouth,
sucking it so expertly that it had him wondering just what Ruthie got up to
in school, not knowing that it was the key to her excellent grades. Still,
he wasn't about to look a gift slut in the mouth, at least not when he could
be fucking that mouth instead which, putting his hands behind Ruthie's head,
he proceeded to do.

Just short of his coming she pulled back, smiled, shook her head, got up, and
went to her bed, lying down and spreading her legs with an inviting smile.

He climbed ointo the bed and on top of her lithe, young body but didn't enter
her just yet. Instead he let his daughter reach up and pull his mouth down
onto hers. They shared a long, slow, tongue tangling kiss and when they broke
off she whispered into his ear the words every father secretly wants top hear
from his little girl, "Fuck me daddy, fuck me!"

He responded by pushing slowly, inch by inch into her, reveling in her warmth
and tightness. Even Ann hadn't been this tight on their wedding night. When
he broke through her hymen she showed no sign of pain but threw her head back
and howled a triumphant "Yess!" at the ceiling. She wrapped her soft,
delicate arms and legs around him, fingers digging into his back. He knew
they would leave a mark but didn't care. He and his wife rarely saw each
other naked anyway nowadays and slept in seperate beds. Sex between them was
more a duty than anything else and certainly nothing like the fierce joy he
felt as his cock buried itself to the root in his little girls steaming, wet
pussy. She started grunting in rhythm with his thrusts, getting louder and
more passionate with each one, finally screaming as they both came, "AHHHH!!

* * *

It never happened again and, after he dressed and left they never talked
about it. But every now and then, for as long as they both lived, they would
share a look or a touch and they would both smile, each knowing what the
other was thinking about.


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