7th Heaven: Paris And Peter Really Screwed Ruthy (bfF,herm,Anal,First,CP,Facial,Inc,DP,Rape)
by Dr. Demented 666

Ruthy and Peter, both 12 years old and madly in love, were going to meet up at Peter's house after school. Ruthy was already over there and talking to his mom, Paris. Peter was going to be a bit late coming back from school as he had a project he was working on for extra credit.

Ruthy was drinking a glass of water when a bird flew into the window and scared her to the point it made he dump the water all over her shirt. Paris turned around and seen Ruthy's shirt soaking wet and exclaimed: "Here, give me your shirt and I'll throw it in the drier."

Ruthy slid her shirt off of her petite frame and handed it to Paris, watching as she threw it into the drier to get dry. Paris spun around and quickly took notice of Ruthy's youthful bliss. Ruthy's breasts were just forming into petite mounds and her nipples were erect from the cool room air drying them from the waters wetness. Paris gazed over the small girl before her and something happened in her tight jeans that hasn't happened in a long time.

Paris began to massage the lump forming in her jeans to try and hide it ir make it go away, but to no avail.

"What are you doing?" Ruthy asked of Paris with curiosity on her face.

"Oh honey, you have no idea what you're doing to me...I kinda have this secret I'm trying to keep his." Paris told Ruthy.

"What do you mean? It's ok, I won't tell anyone." Ruthy asked of Paris to reveal the secret, not realizing what she was about to unleash.

Paris took off her shirt and exposed her full womanly breasts to Ruthy and her own hard nipples.

"That's your secret? I mean they're nice and all and maybe some day mine will be like that, but what's the big deal?" Ruthy stated.

Then, with a smile, Paris unzipped her jeans and pulled out a huge 8" erection and shook it at Ruthy.

"Oh my God! What is that thing!? Is that a!?" Ruthy blurted out as her jaw dropped in dismay.

"It is...It's a dick...I'm both a girl and a boy...Here, touch it..." Paris told Ruthy as she pulled Ruthy's hand to it.

Ruthy quickly yanked her hand back..."No way! I'm not touching that thing!"

"Then you're gonna suck it!" Paris told the young girl as she forced Ruthy to her knees and began to hump her young face with the underside of her cock.

"Open! Suck it!" Paris stated as Ruthy shook her head side to side in a 'No' fashion while pouting 'Nooooo, stop!'

Paris forced her cock into Ruthy's mouth and began to fuck it, groaning and balling up Ruthy's hair in her hands and pulling her onto her shaft and throat fucking her hard.

"Baby! Yes! This is so fucking hot! I know you never did this before so it's even better for me...FUCK! YES! I'M GONNA CUMMMMMM!" Paris screamed as she battered Ruthy's face with her cum and filled the young girl's mouth till she choked and it poured out and down the sides of her neck.

Ruthy jumped up and ran into the other room balling from what just happened. Paris quickly followed from behind and pushed Ruthy onto her bed. Paris then took a pair of her black nylons and tied them around both Ruthy's wrists and to the posts at either side of the head board.

"Stop! What are you gonna do?" Ruthy asked as she cried.

"I'm gonna fuck you." Paris replied as she slipped out of her shoes and jeans until she was fully naked and Ruthy could now see her immense shaft and totally shaven private area move towards her.

Paris undid Ruthy's jeans and pulled them and her panties off in one full swoop just after removing her shoes and socks. Paris gazed down at Ruthy's prepubescent pussy and her gorgeous legs that she pushed open. Ruthy whimpered as Paris positioned herself between Ruthy's legs and pushed the head of her cock firmly onto Ruthy's vaginal slit, popping it into her and inching it ever so slowly into Ruthy.

Ruthy screamed as her virgin cherry popped and Paris began to fuck her.

"That's it, cry! You make me so hard! Fuck, that's a tight pussy! It feels so good in you...Feel it? Feel me fucking you?" Paris told and asked of Ruthy.

"Mom!? What are you doing!?" A young boyish voice questioned from the doorway.

Paris looked over to see her young son, Peter, standing there with his spiked blond hair and an unsure look on his face as he stared at his naked mother and her hard cock inside of Ruthy. Peter knew his mom was a hermaphrodite, so that part wasn't a shock, but what she was doing was.

"What's it look like? I'm fucking your girlfriend. Her pussy is so tight and wet. Why don't you join us? Take off your clothes sweetie and join us." His mom told him.

Peter found himself taking his clothes off and exposing his erectness to both his mom and Ruthy.

Ruthy cried and tears rolled down her cheeks as she lied helplessly on her back on Paris' bed while Peter climbed onto it.

"Put your head down there and lick her little cunt while I fuck it." Paris told her son.

Peter leaned across Ruthy and placed the side of his face against her lower stomach and began to flick his tongue over her wet pussy slit that was being pummeled by his mom...

"Wanna suck your girlfriends juices off my dick, honey?" Paris asked her son.

Peter glanced up at his mom with a smile that she took as a 'Yes'. Paris pulled her long dick from Ruthy's pussy and fed it to her son when he opened his mouth, letting him slurp Ruthy's vaginal juices off of her shaft and suck it like a girl would.

"That feels so fucking good, Peter...How's she taste?" Paris stated and asked of her son.

He pushed his mom from his mouth and gave her a 'Good' as she put herself back into Ruthy and pulled back out and fed her shaft again to her son this way several more times...

"Stop it! You're sick! How can you make your own son do that!?" Ruthy cried to Paris in protest.

"I'm not making him do anything, it's all him. Take your dick, Peter, and put it in her mouth and shut her up." Paris told her son.

Peter got to his knees next to Ruthy's face and forced his dick into her mouth and made her suck it as his mom continued her fucking of the young girl. After only a minute, Peter exploded all over her face with his first ever orgasm, watching as his white cum covered her chin, lips, cheeks and forehead as he panted heavily.

"Mmmmmm! That looks yummy." Paris cooed at the sight.

Paris laid across Ruthy and began to lick her son's cum off of her face as she fucked Ruthy, making her cry endlessly as her hard thrusts took the girl's innocence.

"Fuck! You're gonna make me cum, you little slut! I'm gonna fill that tight pussy of yours until it overflows!" Paris stated to Ruthy as her hot breath steamed the side of Ruthy's face with heavy orgasmic grunts.

Ruthy whimpered as she felt Paris's dick throb inside of her and the pulsing cum filling her until it back washed past Paris's dick and onto the sheets. After Paris's orgasm ended, she rose to her knees and pulled from Ruthy and her and Peter watched her cum flow from Ruthy's pulsing pussy.

Peter licked his lips and went down on Ruthy along with his mom and gulped the cum up. Then, Paris positioned her son between Ruthy's legs and reached around him from behind and slapped Ruthy's pussy with his hard shaft.

"Your turn, honey. Time to make you a man." Paris whispered in her son's ear as she guided him into Ruthy's pussy.

He could feel the hot sliminess of his mom's cum coating his dick along with Ruthy's tight vaginal walls grasping around his dick for the first time, making her cry even more as he took her over and over.

"Mom! I think I'm gonna... I am...AGAIN!" Peter confessed as his orgasm began again.

"That's it, honey! Fill her tight little hole with that hot cum!" Paris told her son as she shoved him down onto Ruthy and he forced his tongue into her mouth as Paris forced Ruthy's legs around her son's waist in an unwanted embrace on Ruthy's part.

Peter continued to thrust into her, even after cumming; allowing his mom access to Ruthy's ass as her rump lifted up from Peter's thrusting and his mom holding Ruthy's legs around him. Paris jammed her hard dick into Ruthy's ass and fucked her anally.

"My butt! STOP! IT HURTS! YOU'RE RIPPING IT! YOU'RE TEARING ME UP! STOPPPPPP! PLEEEEEEEASE STOPPPPPPP!" Ruthy begged of Paris and Peter as they DP'd her in bed.

They were relentless and never stopped until both came inside of Ruthy yet again, making her pass out in the process as Paris let go of Ruthy's legs and let them slide to her son's sides. Paris pulled from Ruthy's ass and left it gaping with flowing cum coming out of it as Peter rolled off of her and rested on his back at her side.

"That was incredible, mom...What are we gonna do now?' Peter asked of her.

"Well, we'll rest up until she wakes and then you can have her ass and then you can fuck me in mine while my dick is down her throat." Paris told her son in what was to be a long, drawn out night poor Ruthy...


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