7th Heaven: Matt's Story (mg,inc)
by Ambush Bug ([email protected])

I was going through kind of a rough period in my life. I'd just broken up
with yet another girl and was starting to believe there was something wrong
with me, because I couldn't seem to hold on to a girlfriend no matter what
I did. At the same time I was close to graduating high school and trying to
figure out just what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I was
feeling directionless and lonely and unloved, very much in danger of falling
into the well of depression, actually, and while I'd known my whole life
that my family was there for me to turn to when I was feeling like that, I
wasn't really looking for them to do so. Because I was feeling macho and
independent too, wanting to get by on my own resources. So it was a surprise
to me when my family came to my rescue. Or, to be more accurate, my little
sister Lucy. She was twelve years old then and cute as a bug. She could be
fairly emotional at times, but she was perky and sweet, and it had always
been obvious that she pretty much worshipped me. She was attractive too, for
a twelve year old, with long fine brown hair that she brushed into bangs,
big brown eyes and high cheekbones and an engaging smile; I could tell even
then that one day she would be an incredibly beautiful woman.

I didn't like to think about it too much (because it made me feel guilty) but
she had a nice body too. Thin but not too thin, and curvy where a girl should
be curvy. She had a really nice little butt, and decent sized tits that were
perfectly round and firm. No doubt they were going to be big when she got
older. When I did think about her, I usually imagined what she'd be like at
my age, although I didn't always look into the future like that. Sometimes I
just imagined her the way she was, just an innocent little twelve year old

She knocked on my door one Saturday afternoon, and even though I told her to
come on in, she stayed there in the doorway with her hands clasped together
in front of her and asked, "Matt, can I talk to you for a minute?"

"What do you want now?" I asked, sounding annoyed although I really wasn't.

"It's, um, kind of private," Lucy said. She was wringing her hands together
and looking a little nervous.

"Well, come on in, then," I said. I was laying down on my bed but now I sat
up and crossed my legs; maybe that would make her feel more comfortable.

Lucy came into the room cautiously, looked behind her at the door like she
couldn't decide whether she wanted it closed or not.

"Go ahead and close it," I said.

She did, then turned and faced me. I asked her what was going on and she got
this startled look on her face, like she hadn't expected me to ask her what
she wanted. I couldn't help but smile; the kid was too cute.

"Well," she said, "I, um, I need to ask you something. Kind of a favor, I

"What's the favor?" I said, making it sound like I'd already lost interest
in this conversation.

That was mean, though, because the truth was that I'd do my little sister
any kind of favor she asked. If she asked me to kill a guy, I'd do it in a

"Well," Lucy said again, taking a cautious step toward me. "I, um, heard you
and Mary talking the other day. Last week, actually. You were out in the back
yard and you were talking, and I kind of overheard what you were saying."

"You mean you were eavesdropping?"

"No!" She looked startled again. "I just happened to....well, okay, I was
eavesdropping. But it was only by accident, I promise."

Now I couldn't help but laugh.

"Don't worry, Luce, it's okay. Go on with what you were saying."

Lucy took a deep breath, sighed, and said, "Well, you were talking about
kissing. I didn't hear everything, but Mary, she was asking you if you
would....teach her how to kiss. Do you remember that?"

My mind flashed on that day, how logical Mary had been, saying that it would
give her a chance to practice kissing guys. I'd been tempted, in a way, even
though I'd never felt particularly attracted to her, and I would have done it
if we hadn't been interrupted by our dad.

"Yeah, I remember," I said. "What about it?"

"Well," Lucy said, taking another cautious step forward, "I was wondering if
you would, you know, teach me too?"

I opened my mouth to tell her that nothing had ever happened between me and
Mary, but stopped myself; she didn't need to know that, especially if it made
her change her mind. I felt a twinge of guilt for the omission of truth, but
I didn't feel that bad; Lucy really was a cute kid, and the chance to kiss
her seemed too good to pass up. After all, what harm could it do? She was
asking me to kiss her.

"Yeah, sure," I said, trying not to sound eager. I gestured toward a spot on
the bed. "Go ahead and sit down."

Lucy looked down at my bed, then back at me, her eyes big.

"I don't know," she said. "I mean, we're not supposed to be sitting on each
other's beds. What if Mom and Dad came home?"

"Okay, no problem." I got up and stood in front of her. "This better?"

"Yeah," Lucy replied sheepishly. "I'm sorry. I'm just kind of nervous. I've
never kissed a boy before."

"It's okay, neither have I," I said.

I was trying to make her laugh but all she did was wrinkle her small nose and
say, "Why would you want to do that?"

"Never mind," I said. "Let's go ahead and get your kissing lessons started."
I took hold of her forearms. "Okay, let's pretend that I'm some guy that
you've gone out on a date with."

"Steve Carlson?"

"Doesn't matter. Whoever he is, he doesn't deserve you. Now." I guided her
arms around my waist, then put my own arms around her. I held her close, just
barely pressing against her breasts. I was quite a bit taller than her; the
top of her head was about level with my collarbone. "We're done with dinner
and a movie, and we're just spending time together before I go home. We're
someplace where Mom and Dad can't keep an eye on us, and I've been wanting to
kiss you all night."

Lucy giggled and said, "I've been wanting to kiss you too, Steve."

"Okay, "I said, "we look into each other's eyes, we each see the desire the
other one feels."

I locked my eyes onto Lucy's, and was a little surprised to see that there
really was desire there. I imagined she could see the same thing in my own
eyes. I wondered for a second if she could tell that I was getting an

"We just let it happen," I said softly as I dipped my head, bringing my face
closer to hers. Lucy closed her eyes and tilted her face up toward mine. A
moment later our lips touched. I kissed her gently but firmly, the way any
guy with confidence would kiss her, but Lucy's kiss was shy and uncertain. I
felt her breath on my cheek and her fingers pressing nervously into my back.
I broke our kiss for a second, said, "Just relax, Luce," then went back to
kissing her.

She didn't relax at all, staying stiff and unsure in my arms, but I
decided to let that go; I figured most people were nervous the first
time they really made out with anybody. It was just a matter of
gaining experience, and I was glad to let her get as much practice
as she wanted. We kissed for about half a minute before I opened my
mouth a bit and pushed my tongue against her lips. Lucy surprised
me by opening her own mouth and letting me push my tongue inside.
She started sucking on it right away, and for the first instant I
wondered if I'd been had, if she'd actually done this kind of thing
before, but it quickly became apparent to me that she was still a
novice. She sucked too hard and wasn't careful about her teeth. I
made a mental note to explain that to her as I held her and french
kissed her for several more minutes.

As we kissed I kind of forgot myself, letting my experience and natural
responses take over, and almost casually slipped one of my hands around
between us and up over one of her breasts. Lucy gasped a little, just a
small intake of breath through her tiny nose, but she didn't pull away
or grab my hand to make me stop. She just kept sucking on my tongue, and
despite how wrong I knew it was I brought my other hand around too. Now
I had both of her breasts in my hands, and I started to gently squeeze
and fondle them. Lucy responded to this by sighing and sliding her arms
up over my shoulders and wrapping them around my neck, then kissing me
even more fervently. I continued moving my tongue around in her mouth as
I caressed her, wondering at her eagerness to go this far so soon but
also too turned on to question it very much. Her breasts were smooth and
firm, the way a young girl's breasts are supposed to be, and I could feel
her nipples getting hard in the palms of my hands. I began to imagine
doing more than just kissing her and feeling her up and decided we had
to at least take a break for a minute.

I broke our kiss and took my hands away from her breasts, embraced her again.
Lucy sighed and laid her cheek against my chest.

"Wow," she said.

"Yeah, tell me about it," I replied. I knew I should say more than that, I
was supposed to be teaching her, but I was almost as startled and awed by
what we'd done as she was. I still had an erection, too, and it was pressing
now against her stomach.

"Is that how people usually make out?"

"It depends," I said, although I wasn't exactly sure what it depended on.

"On what?" Lucy asked.

"Well....I guess it depends mostly on how far somebody wants to go. How a guy
and a girl feel about each other."

"What about how they've been brought up?"

"That too," I said. I got the impression that she was trying to ask me
something without actually asking, but I couldn't figure out what it was,
and I knew that I didn't have all day to think about it; Mom and Dad, as
well as our brother and sisters, were all somewhere in the house, and who
knew if anyone would knock before they came in?

I gave my little sister a quick, hard hug, then let her go and stepped back.
She was looking up at me with glittering eyes and just about the sweetest
smile I'd ever seen.

"I love you, Matt," she said.

"I love you too, squirt," I replied. I nudged her on the shoulder. "Now, get
out of my room."

Lucy giggled and left, giving me a tiny wave at the door before she shut it.
I went over to my bed and laid down, thinking about what had just happened.

Essentially, I'd just molested my twelve year old sister. It didn't matter
that she'd asked me to "teach" her how to kiss, and it didn't matter that
she'd apparently enjoyed it as well. Or that she'd apparently liked it when
I touched her breasts. She was my kid sister. Still, it had been a pretty
nice experience; just kissing her had been great, but feeling her up had
been even better. Such sweet firm breasts. Hard little nipples. I'd been in
intimate situations with several girls before, but none of those girls'
breasts had felt so good in my hands. And Lucy, despite her age, didn't seem
to be any worse for the wear. And, I told myself, as long as I didn't make
this a regular thing, then there was no damage done. Just an isolated
incident, nothing more.

* * *

I didn't know which was more of a surprise, the fact that I felt such little
guilt for what I'd done with Lucy or that I couldn't seem to get it out of
my mind. To get her out of my mind. For the next few days, all I could think
about was how good it had felt to hold her in my arms, to feel her soft lips
against mine, to feel her firm breasts in my hands. I allowed myself to
fantasize about her, and in my fantasies we went much further than we had in
reality. I imagined her touching me back, stroking me through my jeans, then
dropping down to her knees and sucking me off. Or asking me to make love to
her, after which I would undress her and carry her to my bed, lay her down
and fuck her passionately. And she would respond the same way that the few
girls I'd been with would respond, moaning and sighing, saying, "Yes, yes,"
and coming with muted cries of release. Afterward she would hold me and kiss
me and say, "I love you, Matt," just like she'd said it after our secret
forbidden kisses. That was the only part of the fantasy that was different.
She would tell me she loved me, and she would mean it. None of the girls I'd
been with had ever done that.

Outwardly, neither of us behaved as if anything had changed. We were still
nice to each other, loving and kind to each other, but in the same platonic
familial way. From appearances, no one would be able to guess at the secret
we shared. In fact, Lucy seemed so normal that I began to suspect that she'd
forgotten about it all together, or if not that, then at least had decided
to put it behind her. But then, on a Wednesday night when Mom and Dad had
gone out for dinner, she came to knock on my door again.

"Hey, Matt," she said, looking a little less nervous than she did last time.

"Hey," I replied, leaving the squirt part out. "Come on in."

She walked past me and I shut the door, then stood there and watched her as
she went right over to my bed and sat down. Hands in her lap and her big eyes
looking up at me.

"So," she said, "can we practice making out some more?" She smiled sweetly at
me, like she really needed to.

"Sure," I said as nonchalantly as I could. I went over and sat down on the
edge of the bed, facing her, with one leg under me and the other on the

"Same kind of thing as last time," I said. "We're done with our date and now
we're alone together."

"Okay, Steve," Lucy said, then giggled.

I put my arms around her and leaned in, kissed her softly on the lips. Lucy
responded by embracing me, then quickly pushing her tongue into my mouth,
already moaning and sighing through her nose. I was a little bit surprised,
but naturally I didn't let that stop me in the least. I sucked on her tongue,
showing her how to do it while at the same time moving my hands over her
body. I caressed her back and her ribs for a few moments, then started to
fondle her breasts again. Lucy didn't seem surprised this time, although she
did show the same kind of enthusiasm as before.

I continued to suck on her tongue as I caressed her, part of me getting lost
in the excitement of the moment, but another part of me beginning to plan and
calculate; just like I would with any other girl, I tried to figure out just
how much I'd be able to get away with. Would she let me touch her under her
shirt and not just through the fabric? How would she react if I stuck my hand
down her pants? Would she let me play with her cunt, even let me stick my
finger in her? How much, exactly, did she want to learn? I was sure she
didn't want to do everything, but at the same time I decided to take a chance
and just see how far she was willing to go. Because, just like with any other
girl, you never know until you try.

We broke our kiss and Lucy snuggled her nose into my neck as I slid my hands
down her abdomen, then under her shirt and back up to her breasts. They were
just as warm and firm as I remembered them. Lucy murmured against my throat
as I fondled her, obviously not reluctant at all to let me touch her, and
when I gently guided her down onto her back on the bed all she did was sigh

I pulled her shirt up, exposing her breasts, and took a moment just to look
at them. They were pale and seemed perfectly round, with small pink nipples
that were sticking straight up like two tiny antennae. The most beautiful
breasts I'd ever seen. I kissed each of them several times, then gently
sucked and nibbled on her nipples. Lucy continued to murmur and sigh as she
ran her fingers through my hair.

I spent a minute or two just concentrating on her breasts, then almost
casually reached down to the fly on her jeans. I unfastened the button,
pulled the zipper down, and slipped my hand down inside her pants. She
was wearing panties, soft cotton, and I slid my fingers inside them,
down through her pubic hair, until I found her cunt lips. I started
rubbing her there, sliding my fingertips over her soft warm lips. Lucy
sort of gasped as she wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me
tight. I kept licking and sucking on her breasts as I rubbed her between
her legs, moving my fingers slowly but gradually increasing the pace
until I was briskly masturbating her. Lucy's small gasps and sighs
became moans of pleasure, and she kept hugging me harder and harder, and
the harder she held onto me and the more she moaned the more energetically
I played with her, until finally she came with a little yelp. I have to
admit I was pretty proud of myself at that point; in my experience it
wasn't that easy to get a girl off just by rubbing her cunt, but I'd
managed to do it, and not just with any girl but my own little sister.

When she was done, we kind of relaxed together on my bed for a minute,
holding each other as I peppered her face with soft kisses and she caught
her breath. After about a minute she said, "Wow. Is that what usually
happens on a date?"

"Well," I said, unsure if I should tell her the truth or not, but only
unsure for a moment; I may have just committed incest, but I was still a
Christian and a basically honest person. "No, Luce, this kind of thing
doesn't usually happen on dates. Not if you're....a respectable girl,
anyway. Maybe, if you've been dating a guy for a while, you might let
him do some things with you."

"Hm. Maybe I'm not a respectable girl, then. Maybe I'm a slut."

I laughed.

"You're not a slut, Lucy."

"If I loved him, would it be okay then?"

"Well, I'm sure it would be okay with him. But you'd still have to worry
about your reputation. I guess it's something you have to decide for
yourself, Luce. But I'll tell you something I do know for sure."

"What's that?"

I smiled down at my little sister and said, "Whatever guy you decide to do
it with is gonna be the luckiest guy in the world."

Lucy returned my smile, her eyes sparkling, and said, "I love you, Matt."

* * *

I still can't say for sure, even so many years later, if anyone else in the
family knew what was going on between me and Lucy. No one had discovered us
together, and we'd been careful to act the same as we always did when we
were around others. But it still seemed as if they knew, or at least
suspected something, because after that second episode we weren't able to
be alone together in the house. Of course, that's a common problem for a
family of seven anyway, but it seemed to just become more acute.

Our little brother Simon, who was only ten, seemed to be hanging around
with us more than usual, and Mom and Dad seemed to know just when to pop
into whatever room we happened to be in, but mostly it was our little
sister Ruthie, only eight years old, who was heading us off the most.
And asking us questions like, "What are you guys doing?" which might
have been innocent enough if we hadn't been thinking about doing
something that wasn't innocent.

It got to the point where we were both feeling frustrated, and a little
paranoid. What if they did know, and were just trying to catch us doing
something? That wasn't the way our family operated, they always brought
the problem right out in the open, even if it was nothing more than just
a suspicion, but this particular problem was a lot different than any of
the other problems they'd had to deal with. And if they found us together
in a compromising situation....well, that was a development neither one
of us wanted to even think about. We had to find someplace else to go.
Someplace where no one would bother us. I couldn't think of anything,
though, other than a motel room, which I might have been able to get even
though I was only sixteen. But how would it look, taking a twelve year
old girl into my room? I didn't have any friends who had their own
apartments, and I didn't like the idea of taking her to some secluded
spot like Lookout Point. I considered the idea of just doing it with her
in the car in some empty alley somewhere, but that idea was just too
sordid. There didn't seem to be any solution, until one day when I went
to pick her up at school.

I was supposed to pick up Mary and Simon as well, but Mary had basketball
practice and Simon said he was going to go to his friend Jason's house for
a few hours, so it turned out that it was just Lucy and me. With this
situation I knew that I'd at least be able to kiss her and feel her up a
little bit, probably in the garage before we went into the house, but I
didn't think I'd get the chance to do anything else. Until Lucy came up
with her own solution.

"Hey, you know what we could do?" she asked. "We could go over to the church.
Dad's not there and," she reached into her pocket and pulled out a set of
keys, "I've got the keys to the place."

I looked at her, then the keys, then back out at the road. "How did you get
those?" I asked.

"He gave them to me," she replied. "He's going to be gone all afternoon for
some pastor's meeting, and he asked me last night if I'd straighten up his
office for him."

I looked at her again and she was smiling a devilish little smile.

"Oh man," I said, unable to resist smiling myself. "That sounds like a great
idea, Luce. Let's go."

I was heading in the wrong direction, but at the next intersection I made
a U turn and started driving toward our church. Of course, the irony of
committing incest with my little sister in a church wasn't lost on me, but
it was nothing compared to the opportunity that lay ahead.

* * *

I parked in back, although I didn't have to; there was nothing more normal
than the pastor's kids coming to church. Still, I wanted to be as careful
as I could. You just never knew. We got out of the car and walked together
up to the door of our dad's office. Lucy took the keys out of her pocket
and looked through them until she found the right one, then handed me the

"You do it," she said, sounding a little nervous.

I took the keys and unlocked the door, then went inside, with Lucy right
behind me. I turned on the light and looked around. Dad's office, as always,
was neat and tidy, with nothing left laying around. This included his desk,
which was bare except for a phone, an in and out basket, and a photograph of
the family. I immediately pictured laying Lucy down on the desk, but didn't
entertain that fantasy; I knew we weren't going to be going that far.
Unfortunately, there wasn't any place comfortable to sit. Just a few chairs
in front of the desk, and of course,

Dad's chair. I tried to think of what I would do if I'd brought a date to a
place like this, but I wouldn't have brought a date here. I was about to tell
Lucy that we should maybe find some other place to go when she tugged on my
shirt sleeve and said, "Hey, you wanna go sit in one of the pews?"

"Oh, I dunno, Luce," I said. It was actually a fairly good idea, but I didn't
feel right about it.

What we were doing was sacriligeous enough.

"Come on, it'll be fun," she said, and started for the door on the other side
of the room.

I followed her out into the sanctuary. It was dim and cool, and even more
quiet than it usually was. It seemed almost eerie. We crossed the dais and
went down the steps and Lucy sat in the front pew, right where the family
usually sat during services. I was going to sit next to her but she popped
right back up on her feet.

"No, not here," she said. She looked toward the church entrance and said,
"Let's go sit in the sinner's row."

I figured that was appropriate as we made our way up the carpeted aisle to
the last row. Lucy sat again and I sat next to her, noting how hard the bench
was; there wasn't going to be any laying down on this thing.

Lucy was looking up at me with those big brown eyes of hers and I put my arm
around her. We didn't need any preliminaries this time. I leaned toward her
and she closed her eyes and we started kissing. As we kissed I managed to
get her blouse unbuttoned, then stuck my hand inside and immediately began
fondling her bare breasts. Lucy moaned against my lips and wrapped her arms
around my neck, obviously getting excited. I was excited too, and we made
out for several minutes before she grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand down
between her legs. She wanted me to masturbate her again.

I slid my hand up her smooth warm thigh, up under her skirt, and touched her
through her panties for a moment. I worked my fingers under the elastic and
found her cunt. She was warm and wet and I stuck my finger inside of her and
kind of fucked her with it while I continued sucking on her nipples. Lucy
just about went crazy, moaning and writhing around in my arms as I jacked her
off. She came with a loud cry of pleasure, and she was holding me so tight
that I thought she was going to break my neck.

When she was done she kind of fell back onto the bench, laying flat on her
back, breathing hard and staring up at the ceiling in wonder. Her blouse was
all the way open, fully revealing her beautiful breasts, and her skirt was
bunched up enough that I could see her pink cotton panties.

"Wow," she said, "that was great."

"Yeah, it was," I said. "But I've got something for you that's even better
than that."

Lucy looked at me, her eyes betraying a combination of curiosity and
uncertainty, but she didn't say anything. I didn't say anything either as
I grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up to her waist. Lucy just
lay there and watched me, neither protesting or encouraging me. I stuck my
fingers in the elastic waistband of her panties and pulled them over her
narrow hips and down her long slim legs, then over her shoes. I dropped
them on the floor, then touched her knees and gently pushed her legs apart.

I looked down at her cunt. The lips were full and smooth, with just a small
amount of brown curly hair covering them, and I thought it was the most
beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Without even thinking about it I leaned down
and kissed her there, then began licking her. Lucy gasped, as much in
surprise, I suspected, as in pleasure, and I felt her hand touch the back
of my head. She ran her fingers through my hair, sighing and moaning as I
slid my tongue along the shy crevice of her cunt. I burrowed my way in
between her lips, lapping and licking, then started swirling my tongue
around her clitoris. She really liked that. She gasped loudly enough to
generate a slight echo in the quiet church, and her body went rigid on the

"Oh," she breathed as I continued to lick and suck on her, "Oh wow. Oh wow."

It didn't take long to make her come, and when she did she let out such a
loud and startled cry of release that I was glad that we were in the church
and not at home; somebody in the house definitely would have heard her and
most likely would have thought she'd injured herself. When I was done I sat
up and looked at her and saw that she was looking up at me, her eyes almost
tearing up with wonder and gratitude. I expected her to say "Wow" again, but
she just stared at me, her breath slowly returning to normal. I reached down
and touched her face, then her breasts, then let my fingers slide through
her pubic hair before I said, "I have something else I kinda want to do,
Lucy. Is it okay?"

"Sure," she said. She sounded like she was about to cry. "What do you wanna

I didn't reply. Instead I got up, standing with one foot on the floor and my
knee on the bench and started to unfasten my pants. Lucy watched as I opened
my fly, reached into my boxers, and pulled out my cock. The expression on her
face had been somewhat impassive, but as soon as she saw my cock her eyes got
bigger and her mouth dropped open a little bit. I realized then that she'd
probably never seen a cock before. I also realized that she probably thought
I was getting ready to fuck her.

"It's okay," I said, "I'm not gonna, you know, go all the way. I just want to
show you how to do something." I reached for her hand and pulled her up to a
sitting position, then wrapped her fingers around my cock. "Hold it like
this," I said. "And stroke it, like this." I began moving her hand up and
down in a slow steady rhythm.

Lucy picked it up right away and I let go of her hand. She glanced up at me
once, but otherwise kept her eyes locked on the end of my cock as she stroked
me, doing it easily, as if she'd already been giving handjobs for years.

"That feels good," I told her. I touched her pretty brown hair, sifted some
of it in my fingers.

"Am I supposed to put it in my mouth?" she asked.

"Yeah, put it in your mouth," I said.

Lucy stopped stroking me, gripped me at a spot just above my balls, and
opened her mouth. She leaned forward a little bit, hesitated, then leaned
further forward and brought her mouth down on the end of my cock.

"Keep going," I said. "Get more of it in."

She kept her eyes open as she moved her mouth further down. I could feel her
lips around me and her tongue sliding along the underside of the shaft, and
the sensation was so exquisite that I had to catch my breath.

"Now....suck on it," I said, although I knew that wasn't exactly how it was
done. "Just, you know, move your mouth up and down on it." Lucy started to do
that, and the exquisite sensation was suddenly magnified. I could hardly get
the next words out. "Watch your teeth, though. Use your tongue and your lips.
Sort of like you're eating, I dunno, an ice cream cone." Lucy took her mouth
off of me and said, "Or a Big Stick?" She was smiling up at me and her big
eyes were glittering.

"Yeah," I said with a little laugh, "like a Big Stick."

"Okay," she said, looking back down at my cock, "but this doesn't taste like
a Big Stick."

She brought her mouth down on me again and began doing just as I'd told her,
sliding her mouth up and down on my cock, careful to use just her lips and
tongue. It was almost shocking, how well she took to it, as if she'd been
practicing for a long time, or maybe it was just my own sense of overwhelming
pleasure that made it seem that way. Whatever it was, it didn't take long for
me to feel the pressure of orgasm building up in me.

"Luce," I managed to say, " oh man, I'm gonna come soon. You better take it
out now."

Lucy did what I said, pulling my cock out of her mouth, but instead of
getting clear of it she kept her face close, her nose only about an inch away
as she started stroking me.

"Is this how you jack off?" she asked.

I opened my mouth, not to answer her question but to tell her to move her
face away so that she didn't get anything on her, but it was too late, I was
suddenly coming. I groaned loudly and my cock throbbed with a force I'd never
experienced before. The first jet of come leaped out of my cock and landed
right in the middle of her forehead. Lucy flinched and closed her eyes, but
she stayed right where she was as the second and third loads splashed onto
her nose and cheek, and a fourth jet of come squirted out weakly, landing on
her chin. She continued to stroke my cock, squeezing it slightly, and the
last of my sperm came dribbling out and landed on the bench between us in
round little globs. The come that was on her face (and in her bangs) was
sliding down over her lovely features in milky little rivers until it dripped
off of her chin and jaw and landed on her chest.

"That was cool," she laughed. "Gross, but cool." She let go of my cock and
held her hands up like she was a surgeon waiting for someone to put her
gloves on. "I need to get cleaned up. You made a big mess all over me."

"Sorry," I said as I put my cock back in my pants. "Come on, we'll go use the
bathroom in Dad's office."

I took her elbow and helped her up. We walked together back through the
church to Dad's office, Lucy giggling all the way. When we got to the
bathroom I pulled some paper towels off the roll by the door and wiped
off as much as I could from her face and chest. Once that was done she
leaned over the sink and started cleaning up with soap and water and I
went back into Dad's office.

I sat down in his chair, looked at the photograph he had on his desk. A
family photo, all seven of us in a group, standing in front of a tree and
smiling at the camera. Mom and Dad standing in back with their arms over
each other's shoulders; me, Mary and Lucy standing together in front of
them; and Simon and Ruthie on their knees in front of us. The picture had
been taken at the Labor Day picnic just two months ago. I had my arm
around each of my sisters' waists, but while Mary looked a little bit
annoyed at having to pose with her family, Lucy was leaning her head
against my chest and smiling like the happiest little girl in the world.

* * *

We agreed that we didn't want to try it again in the church, even though
we'd had such a satisfying time. I thought Lucy just felt guilty, defiling
the Lord's house that way, even though it had been her idea. I didn't feel
guilty, I was just worried that if we pushed our luck we'd get caught. So
the problem of where and when to do it cropped up again. Several days went
by with neither of us able to think of anything. I was going crazy,
thinking about her all the time. I was distracted with images of her in my
mind, naked and coming as I played with her, or sucking my cock until I
came in her mouth. I wanted so badly just to steal a few moments with her,
just long enough that we could get each other off. Lucy seemed kind of
distracted too, and a little on edge, as if she was struggling to control
the same kind of feelings. She probably was, and I figured it was more
difficult for her because she was so young and new to all of this. At
least I'd had a few years experience at being a horny teenager.

I was beginning to think that we'd lost our chance, that we simply wouldn't
be able to find any occasions to be together again the way we wanted to, and
I'd even begun to accept that idea. I started telling myself that what we'd
done was wrong anyway, and that it was just a few isolated episodes that we
would grow out of with time and distance. But then another opportunity
appeared as if it had been delivered by God. Actually, in a way, it was.

Every Wednesday we have Family Night, where we all get together and just
spend time with each other, usually talking about the Scriptures, church
activities, and whatever's going on in our lives (of course, Lucy and I
didn't even consider mentioning what had been going on with us lately),
and it was on the next Family Night that Dad told us about the canned
food drive. It was scheduled for Saturday, he told us, and we were all
expected to help out. It was part of our service to the Lord, and to
those less fortunate. I'd always enjoyed things like the food drives and
clothing drives, things that I could do to help others, and Lucy enjoyed
it too, so we were enthusiastic simply for that reason. But we were
looking forward to it for another reason too: because we both knew that
there would be more than enough chances for us to be alone that day. We
may not get total privacy, but there was no doubt we'd at least be able
to make out for a few minutes.

* * *

Everybody got up at six sharp on Saturday morning and spent the next hour
and a half having breakfast, getting dressed, and fighting over bathroom
time. By seven thirty we were done with all the normal stuff and had
gathered in the living room so Dad could hand out assignments. They were
pretty much the same as they always were for these things: Mom and Dad
would do the coordinating with the members of the congregation who were
overseeing the activities; Mary and I would go together in the family car
to transport people and supplies and run whatever errands might be needed;
and Lucy, Simon and Ruthie would work at the site itself, collecting canned
food. These arrangements guaranteed that Lucy and I wouldn't be able to
spend any time together, but, just like last year and the year before, Mary
protested that she'd rather work the site and Lucy protested that she'd
rather run errands. And, just like before, Dad changed the assignments
around to make everyone happy. Little did he know how happy Lucy and I
really were.

We got underway at eight o'clock, the entire family packed into the car to
go out to the site. We dropped Mary, Simon and Ruthie off, then drove over
to the church. Mom and Dad immediately went into his office and Lucy and I
started packing canned goods into the car, glancing at each other every once
in a while and exchanging small, knowing smiles. It was just a matter of
time and opportunity now, and there was a sense of fun and espionage between
us. I went on as much of an autopilot as I could, just doing whatever needed
to be done and not thinking about it too much, so I could think instead
about what Lucy and I would be doing once we had the chance. This caused me
to spend most of the morning walking around with a hardon, of course, and
caused a few minor accidents as well; I dropped cans, bumped into people,
and tripped over things. But nothing disastrous happened, and once we got
the majority of the canned food transported we went back to the church to
see what errands Dad would have for us.

We found him in his office, running the whole show over the phone and already
looking haggard. Lucy and I stood in his office and waited until he got off
the phone, and while we waited I remembered what we'd done out in the pews.
My cock got so hard it almost hurt, and when I looked over at Lucy I could
see that she was remembering the same things. We shared a secret smile just
as Dad hung up the phone.

"Okay kids," he said. "I need you to go over to the Silverdales' house and
pick up their daughter Stephanie and take her out to the drive. She wants to
help out but doesn't have a ride. After that I need you to go back to the
house and get my briefcase from my office and bring it here. I can't believe
I forgot it."

Yes, I thought, go back to the house.

* * *

I drove carefully and obeyed the speed limit in spite of the situation. Lucy
and I didn't talk much on the way over to pick up Stephanie Silverdale, and
we didn't talk at all as we took Stephanie over to the food drive, but that
was mostly because Stephanie was such a chatterbox we couldn't get a word in.
After dropping her off, we headed over to the house. We still didn't talk
much, and what we did have to say mostly involved the food drive.

I pulled up in the driveway and shut off the engine, then looked at Lucy and
said, "Well, I guess we should go in."

"Yeah," Lucy said, looking back at me.

She didn't seem nervous, and I didn't think I seemed nervous either, but it
was obvious that we were. We sat there for a few moments, just gathering the
nerve I suppose, then at the same time we opened our doors and got out. We
walked together into the house and went straight up the stairs. Lucy went
first and she led me to her room. I'd been planning to go to my own room
because my bed was bigger, but I didn't say anything; if she wanted this to
happen in her own bed, then I could understand that.

I closed the door behind us and for a few moments we just stood there looking
at each other. Then Lucy turned and went over to her bed, sat down on the
edge. I stepped closer to her.

"Do you, um, want to get undressed?" I asked.

"Sure," she replied.

She got back to her feet and we both undressed wordlessly. I kept looking
over at her as I took my clothes off, noticing her wonderful body, and
noticing too that she kept looking at me as well. Once we were naked we
crawled onto her bed. She laid down flat on her back with her legs together
and her arms along her sides, sort of like a corpse. I laid next to her and
draped one arm across her stomach, leaning over her. I kissed her forehead,
then her nose, then her lips. Lucy kissed me back, but she seemed unsure of
herself now. I was a little unsure too; we'd never been completely naked
with each other before, and certainly never in bed together. But I tried
not to let that bother me or slow me down, and I could tell that Lucy was
feeling the same way.

We kissed for a minute or so, then I began kissing her neck, then her chest,
making my way down to her breasts. I kissed them too, and held them in my
hands as I gently sucked her hard little nipples. As I did this Lucy slid
her hands over my shoulders and biceps, caressing me lightly with her slim
fingers. She moved one of her hands down between us and gripped my cock,
began stroking it. She'd learned surprisingly fast how to do that well, and
I was worried that she was going to make me come before I had a chance to
do anything with her. I finally had to take her hand and pull it away, but
I covered that by moving further down her body, kissing her smooth flat
stomach, then further, down into her pubic hair.

Lucy opened her legs wide and kind of pushed her cunt up toward me. She was
more than ready for me to go down on her. That was okay, because I was more
than ready to do it. Most guys talked about eating pussy like it was a job,
or it was gross, but I enjoyed it almost as much as the girl I was going
down on did. The taste had taken a little getting used to, but the pleasure
I got from the pleasure I gave made it worth it. Besides, girls were much
more likely to let you fuck them if you ate their pussies first.

Not that I was planning to do that to Lucy, though. Actually, I had it in my
mind to just get her to suck me off again, but when I finished licking her
cunt, bringing her to what she must have thought was an incredibly satisfying
orgasm (judging from the way she'd writhed and gasped and cried out when she
came), I started thinking that maybe it was possible. I didn't want to just
get on top of her and stick it in, though. This was my little sister, after
all. She was a virgin and it was her choice. So when she was finally done
trembling and shuddering I got up onto my knees, holding my cock above her
cunt, and looked down at her.

She was splayed all over the bed like she'd been shot or something, breathing
hard, her eyes half closed as she looked up at me. She had her hands on her
breasts, her small pink nipples poking up through her fingers, hard as

"Do you want to?" I asked.

Lucy's serious expression didn't change as she looked into my eyes and
said, "Yes. I want to." I didn't ask her if she was sure. I leaned over her,
supporting myself with one arm as I settled between her wide open legs. I
guided my cock up to the lips of her cunt and carefully pushed the head
inside. Lucy held her breath as I pushed a little further, then let it out
when I gently laid down on top of her. She brought her arms up and lightly
gripped my biceps, and as I slid further into her she gripped me tighter,
her body tensed underneath. Her cunt was tight, but warm and wet at the same
time, and the sensation of my cock going deeper and deeper into her was

About a quarter of my cock was inside her when I bumped up against her hymen.
I didn't pause, just kept pushing forward, gently forcing the head of my cock
past the thin wall of my sister's cherry until it broke. She let out a little
yelp of surprise and pain, grabbed onto me tighter, then held her breath as I
pushed the rest of the way into her. Lucy moaned and sighed, let herself
relax a little once I was all the way in, then began to caress my shoulders
and back as I started to fuck her.

I fucked her with long, slow steady strokes, enjoying the sensation of
my cock sliding in and out of her young tight cunt. Lucy seemed tense
and nervous at first, undoubtedly because this was her first time, but
the longer I fucked her, and the more her cunt loosened and warmed up,
the more relaxed she became, until ultimately she was moving along with
me, moving her hips in rhythm with mine as she hugged me and kissed my
neck and moaned and murmured in my ear. I was glad to see that she was
liking it too, and that she was actually getting close to orgasm, and I
wanted to help her get there, but unfortunately I couldn't last that

Just as her cunt was tightening around me, I felt my cock swell and get
harder, and a moment later I exploded, pumping shot after shot of come into
her. I groaned with pleasure as I came, and Lucy let out a sort of whimpering
little sigh and dug her nails into my shoulders. I waited until I was through
before I relaxed on top of her, hugging her and kissing the top of her head.

Lucy kissed my chest and whispered to me that she loved me. I kissed her back
and told her that I loved her too.

* * *

We couldn't lay there forever, though. We had to get back to the church.
We got up after about five minutes and Lucy went into the bathroom while I
changed the sheets on her bed. We got dressed together, neither of us saying
anything, and once we had everything straighted out and buttoned and combed,
we went into Dad's office and got his briefcase, then rushed out the door to
the car. We drove back to church, also in silence until I pulled up in the
parking lot. I shut off the engine and we just sat there for a minute,
looking out the windshield together, until Lucy said, "Matt? I think I'm in
love with you."

"I'm in love with you too," I replied.

We looked at each other, but for some reason neither one of us smiled. I
think because we both knew that it wasn't going to happen again.

And it didn't. That last time was the last time. We never even made out
again. Everything just went on as normally as before, as if we'd never done
anything in the first place. We never even talked about it. Maybe because we
didn't want to risk having it start up again. Maybe because, over time, we
both changed our minds about how we felt. Or maybe we'd never really been in
love in the first place. I didn't think that was true, though, and I still
don't, all these years later. I'm still in love with her. I think I always
will be. But we're brother and sister.

That's probably the real problem. It never would have worked, never would
have become the kind of thing we wanted it to be. And even if it had, no one
would have accepted it. They'd have stopped us, made sure we couldn't be near
each other anymore. Maybe that's why. In the end, I guess it doesn't matter.
Lucy and I shared something special, something very few people ever get to
share, and I have to admit that, since we only did that small amount with
each other, it's remained special in my memory all this time.



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