This story is purely fictional and for erotic entertainment. I am no way
changing the real characters from the show 7th Heaven.

7th Heaven: Mary Camden's Ride (Mf,inc,exhib)
by Ben Sonnenberg

Mr. Camden had just gotten home from a long hard day at work solving
problems. He was frustrated and wanted a way to relieve some stress. He
knew exactly the solution.

"Mary come down here will you," he yelled.

"Yeah dad?"

"Go put on your bathing suit and then meet me by the basketball court."

"okay dad."

Mary went to put on her bathing suit and met her dad in the backyard by the
basketball hoop.

"Oh good, you are wearing the red bathing suit. My favorite. Why don't you
lay on the picnic table and spread your legs. I want to get in between them."

Mary did as her dad told her. She spread her legs up on the air, giving Mr.
Camden easy access to her pussy.

"Hard day at work dad?"

"Yeah you can say that again," replied Mr. Camden as he unbuckled his pants
and moved in between Mary's legs. He then slowly inserted his dick into
Mary's tight pussy.

"Oh daddy..." Mary moaned moaned. You are so hard!"

Mr. Camden started to slowly hump his daughter, banging her so delicately,
as to make her feel each thrust. After awhile he picked up his pace and was
fucking her like a dog.

"Oh god, Oh god, Mary I'm going to cum! OH god!"

He humped her harder and then arched his back and slammed into Mary,
releasing a big load of cum into her. He then collapsed on Mary's breasts.

"Oh Mary, Oh Mary...." he kept moaning. He humped one more time to push his
cum deeper into her and then got off. "Thank you honey. I feel better now."

"No problem dad," as Mary got off the table, gave her dad a kiss and walked
back to the house. She could feel her father's cum move deep inside of her


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