Seventh Heaven: Lucy's Voyages
by The Midnight Writer ([email protected])

Chapter 3: Lucy And Casey

She slowly responded to Casey kiss, letting her tongue traveling over
Casey's. With a sudden surprise Casey placed her left hand on Lucy right tit
and started to fondle it. Lucy was a little shocked but was starting to love
it. She place her hand on Casey left tit and did the same fondling. Casey
unlocked her lips from Lucy and started to take off her shirt.

Lucy saw she had a good size pair of tits. Small a good handful and very
perky. They had felt larger through her shirt. Lucy followed suit and took
off her shirt.

Casey commented on Lucy tits say that they where very nice.

Casey moved her hands behind her and removed her bra and dropped it to the
floor. Lucy followed. Casey leaned forward and started kissing Lucy again,
and this time Lucy responded right away, and placing both hands on Casey
tits. Casey once again broke there passionate kiss and moved to Lucy tits.
Slowly licking the nipples and sucking lightly. Lucy's nipples became perk
and hard in minutes.

Casey lightly pushed Lucy down on her bed and got on top of Lucy, sucking and
licking nipples and tits. Lucy was I pure heaven. She grabbed Casey thick
dirty-blonde hair and holding in place over her tits. Casey started moving
down Lucy chest. From her tits to the valley between them, to her stomach.
Licking Lucy belly button and the area around it. When Casey got to Lucy
waistband of her jeans she stopped. And straddled Lucy legs and start to
unbuckle her pant. Lucy shot up and asked what she what she was doing. Casey
had said to relax and lay back down. Lucy had done so.

Casey got Lucy pants off and started working on her pink with flower print
panties off. Casey drop both articles of clothing to the floor. Slowly
caressing Lucy's legs from the knees to the inner thigh. Casey stopped just
short of Lucy pussy and bend over and kissed Lucy again. Then she removed her
hand from Lucy leg and started to get undress herself. Once she had finished
she placed her hand back where it was and finial on Lucy warm and wet pussy.
She started to play with it, first with her clit the slowly rubbing Lucy
growing swollen lips.

After a few minutes of caressing and rubbing, Casey placed two fingers into
Lucy pussy. Lucy had let out a long moan of pleasure. Casey finger fucked her
for about ten minutes bring Lucy to multiple organisms. The she asked if she
like to try something. Lucy had said yes, Casey slowly spread Lucy legs and
then started eating Lucy out. Lucy had never felt this before and was
enjoying ever minute of it. Casey brought Lucy to at least 5 more orgasms.

When she asked Lucy to do the same to her. Lucy froze and said she didn't
know how. Casey reassured her and told her she would tell her everything.
Lucy had basically did the exacts same thing to Casey and Casey did to her.
And they made love `til Lucy decide to go home and get ready for dinner.
_ _ _

When she got home she had found out that the house was empty. She ran up the
stairs and just got to the top of the stairs when she stopped dead in her
tracks. Just as she got to the top she saw Matt come out of the bathroom
without any clothes on. Lucy gasped, which made Matt turn around. And Lucy
saw her 17 year old brother naked as a jay bird. He was muscular and tall,
with a lot of hair that went from his neck, all over his chest to a little
line over his stomach to the full patch of dark brown hair just above his
dick. And that was what Lucy remembers most. Her brother's limp dick. She
figured that it had to be at least 7 to 8 inched when erect. All this had
happen in a split second.

Matt dashed into his room and told Lucy not to sneak up on him like that, she
gave a lame excuse telling him that he shouldn't walk around the house naked.
She went into her room and threw book bag next to her bed and replayed that
moment in her mind over and over. And wonder what Matt's dick would look like

Then she felt Ruthie came and stopped eating her younger sister out, show
Simon how to do it and told them to be done before they had to take a bath.
Now Lucy knew that Simon and Ruthie hadn't taken a bath together for 2 years
but she decided that they could do it just this one last time. She got
redressed and head to her room where she when to read her magazine. Once in
a while she could hear Ruthie or Simon moan out loud. Just hear it made Lucy
wet and horny, but she knew that she could rejoin in the fun her bother an
sister discovered. This would be there time. she would have her own time with
Jimmy Moon and if everything went right with Matt too. She laid back on her
pillow, went on reading the article about Jarod Leno, which she though was a
hunk and a half, and listening to her younger sibling enjoy one another. She
slowly start to fondle her right tit through her blouse and finished her


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