7th Heaven: Lucy Bangs Simon (bf,herm,Anal,CP,Facial,First)
by Dr. Demented 666

Lucy was in her room experimenting with herself in a way she never has before. She had herself at the foot of her bed with her shoulders and head on the floor and her back up against the bed itself and her legs bent back to her shoulders with her cock in her mouth. Lucy was literally sucking herself off and loving every second of the new feeling she was experiencing as she enamored over her 7" penis.

Her 11 year old brother, Simon, burst into the room with exciting news about what happened at school and stumbled upon his sister and what she was doing to herself. Lucy opened her eyes upon hearing her brother's horrific gasp and she smiled with her cock still in her mouth. She pushed it out and uttered to her brother who was getting a hard on in his pants...

"Like what you see? I can tell you do by that bulge in your pants." Lucy stated.

"Well, it is different. But I didn't know you had a thing...And a vagina, I see. But, mmmm....You're my sister, I shouldn't like-or feel this way." Simon replied.

"It's ok. Hey, wanna do this with me? I mean, I'll suck yours if you suck mine." Lucy asked of him.

Simon smiled and quickly took off his clothes and strolled over to his naked sister still in her unique position and lowered himself to his knees and propped his 5" hard dick up against her lips. Lucy opened her mouth and inhaled her brother wholly and lathered up his dick with soaking saliva as he proceeded to do the same to her.

Both were experiencing for the first time the oral sensation only a partner could bring to the bedroom. Simon mesmerized in how his dick was tingling in his sisters mouth as she applied suction as he pumped his hips in a humping fashion and twirled his own tongue around and over hers. Within seconds the two siblings were giving off mumbled squeals with cocks in both their mouths as they started to orgasm.

Simon filled his sisters mouth and she did his at the same time, both choking on the hot fluid that filled their mouths and pulled away; allowing each others throbbing cocks to shoot hot cum onto their faces and long white streaks.

Simon pulled away and hovered over his sister as he looked down at her and she up at him with a long strand of cum dangling from his chin. They giggled for a moment and Lucy got up and onto the bed on her back and opened her legs, stroking post cum from her dick and begging her brother: "Fuck me, Simon. I wanna feel you in my pussy."

Simon's green eyes widened has he smiled and got onto the bed and in between his sister's legs, propping his dick up against her vaginal entrance and easing himself into her. Lucy let out a loud chirp from her first penetration as Simon lowered his body down onto his sister's and simultaneously sinking his dick fully into her.

Slowly he began to pump his hips in a humping fashion and felt his sister's vaginal juices gush all over his lower extremity as he forced her into another orgasm. She quickly hooked her legs around him and pulled him deep into her as he himself came again as well, filling her pussy with his loads of spurting cum and making her feel the slickness it provided inside of her and his hard cock throbs nailing the insides of her pussy just right.

As their orgasms diminished, Lucy lowered her legs and pushed her brother off of her.

"My turn to bang you, now." Lucy exclaimed.

"What? What do you mean? I don't have a vagina." Simon replied with uneasy tension.

"Yeah, but you have an ass...And a hot one at that. C'mon, don't you wanna feel me in your tushy?" Lucy exclaimed with an excited voice and smile.

"I don't know about this, it sounds like it'll hurt." Simon again stated his uneasiness.

"I'll be gentle, trust me." Lucy told him as she caressed the tips of her fingers over his hairless legs and up to his prepubescent private area.

Simon got on his back and Lucy grabbed some lip balm, squeezing it onto her shaft and lubing it up just right. She then got between his legs and pushed firmly against his anal entrance. Simon winced as her cock head popped into his ass and she slowly sunk it into him fully, watching as he balled the sheets up into his hands and his eyes teared up.

Lucy laid down on her brother and made out with him without fucking him just yet, letting him get use to her hard cock stuck inside of him. Slowly she pulled back and then slowly sunk fully into him, doing this several times over until her could take on a faster pace. Their tongues entwined as Lucy fucked her brother harder and faster until his eyes popped open from the feeling of her hot cum filling him.

Her dick throbbed and swelled inside of him and he could feel every spurt of her liquid white shoot into him and the lubrication it provided against his inner anal walls. Suddenly, Simon was having another orgasm brought on by his sister in his ass, his hot cum shooting up his and her stomachs and smearing into the both of them with sticky delight.

Lucy broke her lip lock with her brother and pulled from his ass, watching his gape pulse and emit cum, soaking the sheets as she rolled and laid at his side with a smile. Both of them played with their cocks for a few moments until they heard someone come through the front door, prompting them to jump up and get dressed quickly.

But, now they both knew they have a special bond with each other and are sure to do this sort of thing more often with each other.


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