7th Heaven: Desperate Part 1 (mg,inc)
by Hamster

Ruthie was 12, brunette and entered her brother Simon's room without
knocking. He was sitting on his bed trying not to stare at her legs. Ruthie
had her hair tied in a long pony tail and was wearing a blue t-shirt and tan

"What do you want brat?" Simon asked.

"40 dollars." She said.

"What no way. Ask mom or dad." Simon replied.

"They both said no." She said frowning.

"Better reason to not give it to you." He said.

"Come on please I really want to go to a concert I have to go!" She said
stamping her foot.

"Fine I'll give you the cash." He said.

"Really?" She said hopefully.

"Yeah, if you fuck me." Simon laughed and proceeded to ignore her.

"Ok, I'll do it." She said after a long pause.

"Err what?" Was she unaware he had been joking?

"I know your fucking desperate for me you big perv I've caught you staring
at me when you thought I wasn't looking. I-I'll do it if you give me 40
bucks." She said resentfully.

"Are you serious?" He asked wide-eyed.

"Yes. But only once you big freak." She said.

Simon smiled, he had fantasized about her every time he saw her in her in
shorts. She had delectable legs and a luscious ass.

"Deal but I get to do whatever I want to you." He said.

"Fine." She agreed.

They shook on this and prepared to begin. Simon then got behind Ruthie and
started to fondle her ass through her shorts. Simon pressed his crotch
against Ruthie's awesome rear, she could feel his raging boner through his
jeans. Simon quickly pulled off his shirt, then his pants. He was already
clearly pitching a tent in his underwear. She wasted little time sliding a
hand down his underwear, and stroking his hard cock. He grabbed her shirt
and pulled it off then felt up her young little tits through her bra. Her
bra was soon unhooked and her breasts were revealed to Simon. He slid over
the nipples then gave then a little nibble.

"Ouch you jerk!" She squeeled.

"Anything I want remember?" He reminded his sister.

Simon unfastened her belt and whipped it away then pulled down her navy blue
panties. He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her crotch to his face then
began giving kisses to Ruthie's hairless little pussy. Ruthie moaned softly
as Simon's tongue slipped inside of her. Simon licked her slit up and down
as she humped his face with her crotch.

Simon did little stabs with his tongue on Ruthie's clit causing her to coo
and moan in pleasure. She never thought Simon's tongue could give her such
pleasure, it was so good, she felt she was about to cum from his incredible
licking job. She grinded her pussy into his face as her orgasm was released
and Simon's face became coated with her pussy juice. He licked it all up
finding her cunt juices to be quite tasty.

"Oh Simon oh thats.....thats it ohhhh Simon ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Ruthie caught her breath, then dropped to her knees in front of Simon. The
reason Ruthie had dropped to the floor was because she was ready to give her
first blowjob. She gripped on Simon's ass with her hands and swallowed his
modest sized rod in her mouth. She sucked him deep into her mouth. Simon
pulled out momentarily and laid down on his bed then instructed his sister
to get in the `69' position. Ruthie then obediently jumped on top of Simon
onto the bed as she moaned at feeling of Simon's tongue and fingers on both
her openings. After a few minutes of mutual oral sex he instructed her to
mount his cock. She slid her pussy onto his cock and sat down on top of him.
He reached up and sucked on her hard nipples as he enjoyed her doing the work
and riding him. Ruthie slammed her pussy down on him as his cock filled her
petite body. Simon was a little surprised to find she was no virgin and
wondered who had popped her cherry. He grabbed her sexy ass, and squeezed on
her cheeks and helped her ram down on his cock as the two teens fucked each
other's brains out. After a while Ruthie had her second orgasm, her girl
cream dripped down covering Simon's balls. Simon had yet to cum. He was using
special `Jedi' techniques to hold it back so he could get all the fun he
could out of his little sister. Simon pulled out and asked Ruthie to bend
over. She gave a smile knowing he wanted to fuck her doggystyle.

He slid into her again, he held nothing back wanting to cum so badly in
his sister's twat. Next came a big slap on her cute ass as his cock was in
pleasure buried in Ruthie sweet abyss. He ignored her protests to the smack.
He rammed his rod deep in her and exploded inside of her. The feeling of his
hot jizm sent little Ruthie to a third orgasm as he collapsed on top of her.
He was far from done though and knew he could go again.

Simon was so into Ruthie's ass, he wanted to do something that had been on
his mind for quite some time. So, deciding it was wet enough he pushed his
cockhead at her ass entrance. Ruthie vehemently protested at first, not
expecting anal sex as part the deal. Simon reminded her she said he could
do ANYTHING. She began to swear and reluctantly agreed. She soon found out
however, it really didn't hurt, it was actually very pleasurable. So Simon
slid his shaft deep into Ruthie's virgin ass. He started pulling way out
then driving back into her, giving her all of his meat up her shapely ass.
Simon couldn't contain his excitement seeing his dick go in and out of his
sister's rear.

He pulled out and quickly rolled her over so he could shoot he cum all over
her face. He sighed happily as she cursed and moved to wipe her face.

"NO." He said. "Wait."

She wondered absently what he had in store for he now. She couldn't see since
her eyes where smeared in cum. She heard a click and when she finally wiped
her face she saw her brother was holding a digital camera.

"Something to remember this by." He said with a smile.

"HEY." She made a mad swipe at the camera but he kept away.

"Don't worry its just for my own personal usage, a momento. No one else will
see it." Simon lied. "Here let me get you your money.
_ _ _

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