The following is an adult story based in fictional persons that I didn't
create, just borrowed. If you feel assaulted by graphical sex or you are a
minor you should stop reading here! For the rest, have fun.

7 Days: Seven Perverted Days (MF,MMF,F-best,ncon)
by CTsotsoras ([email protected])

Frank Parker was stroking his cock frenzy. He just arrived from another time
journey and the memories of what happen in the future make him horny like
never before.

Seven Days in the future:

Parker woke up and touched his crotch. He was sweaty; he just had another wet
dream with Olga!

Farnk: Dam that bitch!

He stood up and change clothes. He looks in the mirror and talked to himself.

Frank: What happened to you asshole? You never had let a woman do something
like that before!

He saw a sparkle in his own eyes as the idea came to him.

Frank: Wait until the next jump slut!

The bomb explosion in a US embassy in a state of Persian Gulf was exactly
what Parker waited for. Soon they found who built the bomb and a time jump
was planed. Parker had four hour's time.

He got to Olga's office and asks if he could talk to her private.

Olga: Yes Mr. Parker, close the door!

Frank: No, no you don't understand, not here!

Olga: Why?

Frank: I thing they hade micros here like in my room!

Olga: What! How...

Frank: Shh! Not here come with me!

Olga followed him in the old Air Force shelter he had discovered few months
ago and Frank closed the door behind them.

Olga: Now Mr... Parker what up the....

His fist knocks her lights out and his laugh covered the dumb sound her body
did as it fell down.

She wakes up by him who was slapping her cheeks.

Farnk: Olga! Olga wake up!

She tried to talk but nothing happened she felt something blocking he mouth
and as her senses came back she also feel that she was naked and he also!
He grabs her tits and plays with them, kissing biting and kneaded them,
sometimes softly sometimes roughly.

She tries to escape but she found out he had tide her on the bed with her
legs spread apart. He lowered himself over her and shoves his hard penis
brutally in her, happy that he gag her good and nobody could hear! He fucked
her three times and always spurts his seed in her pussy with great pleasure.
Olga was crying silently. She though he was her friend and now that! She
could found out why. Suddenly something beeped and he looked his digital

Frank: Sorry darling I have to go now! But I promise you I will fuck your ass
some other time! Oh and don't cry, you will forget about it as soon I make
the jump back!

He left leaving her crying in the dark.

He sat in the sphere and gave the OK sign.

The scientist in the control room started the reactor ready to send him back
in time.

Scientist: Has anybody see Olga?

Frank: No, she must be in her days or so.

And then he pressed the start button laughing about his successful plan.

Seven days in the past Olga greeted him cold as always but this time he
didn't bite and smile.

'Wait until the next jump slut! I am going to melt your ice over and
over!' He though and walk in his room!

He just came back from his tenth journey after he start raping Olga Vucovic
when Ramsey walked in his room with a video tape on his hand.

Ramsey: I want you to see something Parker!

Frank: Ramsey, I don't have interest on your stupid security cameras!

Ramsey: Oh don't worry this is not that kind of tape! This is a gift from
the future!

He insert the tape on the VCR opened the TV and press the play button of the
VCR. Parker jumped like someone who has been electrified. In the screen was
him raping Olga! His cock ravaging her back door while tears ran from her
eyes, her body was covered with blue marks and brushes. A sign off his brutal
behaviour above her.

Frank: How...

Ramsey: Easily, two jumps back she escaped and toll me everything. Few
moments before you jump a put a notice in your pocket. When you arrived I
search you uniform as usual and found the notice. I installed a camera in
the room and the next time you raped her I recorded all! Then I put the
tape in the machine and now I take her and watch it.

Frank: I am finished right?

Ramsey: Well what should I say? You know how I fell about those ex-commis!
You did that and you didn't tell me anything. That wasn't fair Frank!

Frank: What do you mean Ramsey?

Ramsey: I mean you raped her, okay she deserve it, but is not humiliating

Frank: ...

Ramsey: Next time we will join forces to make that bitch understand where she

He gives his hand and Frank shake it warmly.

They opened few beers and make their plans for the next pre-jump lifetime

Few doors away Olga Vucovic fell a sleep being happy to be in a free land
like America.

They keep fucking Olga before every trip, every time more brutally then
before and taking everything in video. Frank came back in time with a hot
tape that they watch together waiting for the next chance to the real thing.
Then Ramsey had an idea.

Ramsey: Let's put that on the net! We will make lots of money that way!

Frank: You know something? I think this will be easier than gambling!

Ramsey: That's sure but there are lots of porn sites on net we have to do
something special! Like fuck with animals!

Frank: Are you crazy? We can't bring dogs here! And surely not few hours
before launch!

Ramsey: We have dogs here! The guard's dogs! And I think I know the guy who
will help us with it! I observe the way he looks at her!

Frank: And if he talks?

Ramsey: We talk with him just before the jump! If he says yes okay, if not we

Frank: I am in! I want to see a big doggie cock rip her apart!

They had success with their efforts and now they sat in front of Ramsey's PC
watching the counter of their site running high. The video with Olga been
screwed hard in her pussy and ass by the dog was their biggest success. Even
the triple penetration or the piss bath they give her didn't score such

Frank: Ramsey you are a genius! Look at that rate! Every number leaves us two

Ramsey: Hey Parker! Better than gambling what? What do you say Roy?

Roy: I say that you make out dream true! Buster and I always wanted to fuck
that bitch!

Ramsey: Buster is a funny name for a dog but what the hell! If we can make
his dream come true!

They laugh and drink some more beer as the counter rises higher and higher.

"Fuck!" Olga said loud to her

She just finished her researches about time travelling and she didn't have
any CD-R to make a safety copy! She ran to Ramsey's room and knocked on the
door but nobody answered so she snuck in and took one from his desk. As she
turned away to leave she noticed a piece of paper with an internet address
on it. The curios thing was that Olga recognised a sex site! Now she was
curious. She wrote it on another paper and left.

Back in her room she secured her data and she was ready to close her PC when
she remembered the sex site. She smiles to herself and log in.

Olga: Now NSA perv lets see what do you like! Girl's boys or something else.

Her face was suddenly serious as she saw the index of the site. Olga one on
one, Olga double raped, Olga with three, Olga with dog and the list keep
going. She opened the first video and saw her self been ass fucked by someone
she could swear it was Parker. She closed that and opened another one and she
was even more surprised two men double penetrated her! The one was Parker,
she look from a little bit closer and then she recognized Ramsey!

Olga: I don't believe that!

Olga closed the door behind her and start to yell at them they ware so much
in shock that they didn't hear what she was saying. They only thought that
they will spend the rest of their lives in jail or in a crazy house.

"Are you listening to me?" Asked Olga as she noticed their frozen faces.

Nobody answered her question, so she stepped forward and slapped all of them
in the face.

"Please Olga! Don't destroy our lives!" Cried Ramsey and fell in his knees.

"You didn't listen, okay I will say one more time. I watched your site on the
net and that excited me! I want to join your team as an equal partner!"

"Wait! You always said NO when I said something about going out or doing
it! What happen now?" Asked Frank

"You never thought that I liked it the hard way Mr. Parker? That's what I
wanted! To get raped!! By humans and animals!"

"Commie slut!" Said Ramsey and stand up.

He looked in her eyes and punched her in the belly. She felt to her knees in
front of him.

"Now bitch! Lick my shoes!"

"Be serious Ramsey!" Said the guard and stood in front of her pulling out his
cock and slapping her with it in the face. "Lick this bitch!"

Olga found this suggestion closer to her needs and obeyed, deep throating him
in the first time. The three men looked each other in disbelief as they saw
her taking that twenty-five centimeter long cock with ease!


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