Authors name: Kristen Kathleen Becker
June 1997 Last revised July 1998


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Even though this series is about aliens, they are using
human bodies, and therefor the warnings still pertain:
If you are not a consenting adult, and don't wish to
read erotica, then please delete this file now!
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Tommy's first time
by Kristen

Tommy just *knew* that tonight was going to be THE
night. August had called him around six that evening
and told him that she was sorry about the other day,
and that she thought they shouldn't fight any more.
She told him that she wanted to make it up to him.

Tommy's 15 year old body was raging with hormone
over-load, and he knew that was why he and August
were arguing so much. He just wanted to fuck her,
and she just wouldn't let him. It was *that* simple.
He'd tried making her jealous, and tried intimidation.
Nothing seemed to budge her. Tommy wasn't sure how
much longer he could stand the situation.

As he peddled up to August's front door, he could feel
his boner against the bike seat. He wished that he had
jacked off before leaving his house. If August let him
go all the way tonight, he knew that in his current
state he'd last about a second. Well, he'd worry about
first things first. He could always get off in her
bathroom first, if it looked like he was going to get
to third.

DING-DONG... Tommy's palms were sweating as August
opened her front door.

"Hi Tommy," she said.

"Hi August, I'm really sorry about yesterday, and
want to show you how much I love you." Heart pounding,
breath coming faster... "How about we go to the
movies, and grab a bite to eat?"

"I'd love to, but my brother is coming home tonight
from college, and dad said I had to stick around the
house, and make it a family night."

"Well, why did you call me over then?" Tommy let a
little exasperation creep into his voice.

"I just wanted to tell you that I love you, and that
we should start being more understanding with each
other," August smiled, brushing her almost white
blonde hair back over her shoulder.

Tommy loved her hair, and her smile. For some reason
that smile always promised him something sexual, even
though he was still waiting. He said, "August I am so
in need of you, I can barely stand it. I was hoping
that you were going to do it with me tonight."

"Baby, you know I want to! I'd just made my mind up to
fiddle with your thingy tonight, when I got the news.
Tell you what, why don't you come up to my room for
awhile? I don't think Dad will be home for another
hour. We could do a lot in an hour," August smiled

You didn't have to ask Tommy twice, he bounded up the
stairs holding on to August's delicate wrist, pulling
her behind him. They rushed into August's bedroom and
Tommy closed her door behind them. He turned and
clamped his mouth to hers and began to rub his hot,
horny body against hers in the primal dance that his
body instinctively knew.

"Tommy, hold on a minute!"

August pushed him away, giggling at him. "Boy, you
*are* horny, aren't you? Well all I said was, I'd
touch your weenie tonight, and maybe play with it a
little. I have no intention of going any further, you

Tommy didn't hear her, he just wanted August to 'touch'
him, and soon... He sat on her bed, and the pretty
blonde girl stood in front of him looking at the bulge
he had manufactured.

"Wow, looks like you need some relief there, now don't

August leaned over Tommy, bending at the waist, and
began to unfasten the fly of his jeans. Pop! One

Pop! Another button. With the release of each button
on his fly, his erection jumped further into view.

"TOMMY! You aren't wearing any underwear!"

Tommy mumbled something under his breath, about the
better to taste him, something - something.

August couldn't quite hear what he said, and she was
preoccupied with her first up-close sight of a boy's

Mmmm, looked good to her so far.

As the last button popped open, August noticed that
his penis looked kind of knurled, with a purple mush-
room shaped head that flared bigger, then smaller,
then bigger again. It seemed to pulse with his heart-

August reached her hand into Tommy's fly and rubbed
his cock-shaft, she felt the smooth skin, and the
throbbing vain that stood out on one side. She was
surprised at the fluid that was dripping out the end
of his big swollen cock. She rubbed the fluid all over
his cock-head, and Tommy began to squirm and moan with
the sensation of his girlfriend's hand massaging his
stiff manhood.

August was surprised at how turned-on she was feeling.
She knew she was drenched, she could smell her pussy
juice, and knew that her panties must be very wet.
August kneeled down between Tommy's legs and began to
massage his prong, while inspecting it up close. She
brought her tongue to the tip of his knob, and flicked
it over the crystal clear drop of pre-cum that stood
out from his ejaculation passage.

Tommy just knew that any second his pretty young friend
would sink her mouth onto his raging hard-on, and he
knew that he would pump his load between her lips,
about a second later...


"Omygod, it's Daddy!!"

August just about jumped through the roof. Tommy was
at the point where he didn't really care, but August
started to rush around frantically, making Tommy pull
his pants up and make himself presentable. With all
the fear in the room, he soon lost his erection, while
his softening penis dripped several teaspoons of pre-
cum all over the inside of his jeans, dripping down
one leg. He was miserable.

"Hi honey, your brother should be here any minute! Oh,
hi Tommy, how are you?" August's father said, as he
walked into her bedroom.

Tommy felt like it was obvious what they were doing,
and wondered why he didn't get mad, or at least notice
that they were nervous. But he didn't, and Tommy soon
exited the house with a huge let-down feeling.

With August's kiss on his cheek, and wetness on his
leg, Tommy began the ride home...


"Hot-Damn... Sally you are insatiable," Harry wheezed...

Sally had just finished fucking Harry for the fourth
time in a row. Ever since she had found out how good
having sex felt, she had fucked both Dick and Harry
every day at least two times each, in the morning and
evening. Tonight, with Dick over at Dr. Albright's and
Tommy at his little girlfriend's, Sally thought that
she'd get a belly full. She just couldn't seem to get
enough though. She still wanted more, but it was
obvious that Harry wasn't up to it. So reluctantly she
went into the bathroom to take a shower.


Tommy walked up the stairs to the family's apartment,
in a black mood. He was so depressed, that all he
wanted to do was take a cold shower and go to bed. And
of course, beat his meat.

As Tommy entered the livingroom he saw Harry slumped
on the couch in his robe snoring. 'What a dweeb,' Tommy
thought. 'He can't even sleep in his bed, just falls
asleep on the couch night after night. Oh well.. who

After collecting his towel, and a clean pair of under-
wear, Tommy went into the bathroom to take his shower.

"OOP's, sorry Sally, I didn't know you were in here."
He turned to go.

"Hey shrimp, what's the problem, why the depressed
demeanor?" Sally was drying her hair, and had a big
body towel wrapped around her lithe body.

"Nothing you can do anything about," he mumbled. But
he did notice Sally's long shapely legs...he always
did. As he began to walk back to his room to wait for
her to finish, he felt a hand on his underpants, hold-
ing him back.


"Did you and August do it tonight?"

"What are you talking about?" Tommy asked.

"One of the things I've learned from the High Commander
lately, is how to smell sex, and I smell it on you!"
Sally stared at Tommy with a speculative look in her
beautiful eyes. "I can smell sex, and I smell it on

"Hate to burst your bubble, but the closest I got to
sex was getting worked up, and having August's dad walk
in and stop things cold." Tommy was even more depressed
than before, thinking about what had happened, and how
close he had been to getting his first blow-job.

Sally considered Tommy's body for a moment, and
thought that maybe she should have considered him be-
fore. Earthlings, especially young ones, were supposed
to have great stamina. Maybe Tommy's body would prove
to have staying power.

"Hey Tommy, don't be depressed, you can use my body
for relief!"

Tommy was speechless. He didn't know about Dick's and
Harry's sexual escapades with Sally, and had never
seriously considered that she would let him have sex
with her. After all, she was the weapons officer of
the unit, and usually wanted to be in control of
things. Tommy looked at Sally, as she dropped her
towel so he could gaze at her beautifully-proportioned
body. She was 5'11" tall, about a foot taller than
Tommy, but he didn't care, he was totally absorbed by
the thought of fucking this beauty.

"Sally would you really let me fuck you?"

"Hell yes, don't know why I didn't think of it before!
Ever since Dick fucked me, I can't seem to get enough,
and maybe you have enough sex drive in that 15 year old
body of yours to satisfy me, what daya say?"

Tommy dropped to his knees on the bathroom floor, and
pushed his face between Sally's legs, sucking on her
pussy lips and licking her clit. He couldn't believe
that Sally was letting him do this to her...he couldn't
believe that she let Dick do this to her either. He'd
always wanted to eat and fuck a girl, and he'd always
fantasized about having sex with Sally, even from the
very beginning of their assignment. Now here he was
doing it to this beautiful was almost too
much for him to take in.

Sally slowly sank to the bathroom rug... Tommy was so
excited that we couldn't wait any longer. He kneeled
between Sally's gorgeous legs and positioned his raging
hard-on at Sally's portal of pleasure and began to

'Fuck her before she changes her mind,' he thought.
'Fuck her while she'll let me!' He just couldn't be-
lieve that she would let him do this to her.

As Tommy slammed into Sally's yielding pussy, and she
began to feel her orgasm coming on, she thought, 'Dick
was right, first times are the best!'

After only 30 seconds or so, Tommy cried out, his went
body rigid, as he pumped his life-giving fluid deep
into Sally's womb. Sally's cunt began to convulse, as
she felt Tommy's hot come filling her insides. They
reached the top together, and came down slowly, hearts
pounding, sweat mingling, breathing hard.

Tommy lay on top of Sally, totally spent, in a soft
world of satisfaction and contentment. Sally began
to move her hips under him, and to his surprise his
cock seemed to spring to life again. Sally was going
to make sure she got hers tonight... as many times
as Tommy could do it...

Ahh youth...


Thank you "Professor" Stephen for proofing this re-
vision for me.

(c) 1997 Kristen Kathleen Becker - [email protected]


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