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2 Broke Girls: 2 Broke Girls In Love Part 2 (FF,oral)
by MTL ([email protected])

The first thing Max Black was aware of when she slowly returned to consciousness was a weight on top of her, which made her instinctively groan in frustration. She had lost count of the number of times she had woken up with some guy nuzzling her tits, and as she wasn't in a relationship right now and last night was a blur it was a safe bet she had made another poor choice after a night of drinking.

At least she was in her own bed, Max thought with the relief as she slowly opened her eyes to familiar surroundings. Although Max didn't feel particularly hung-over, and the body pressed against her was unusually soft and it had long hair. Long blonde hair. And it was letting out a horrifically familiar feminine sigh of contentment as whoever this was snuggled deeper into the comfort of her massive tits.

In a flash Max remembered everything and totally freaked out, a panicked cry escaping her mouth as she pushed her best friend Caroline Channing away from her and sat up, gathering the sheets around her instinctively. Which was pathetically girly, and kind of stupid considering she'd given Caroline more than a thorough look at the goods last night, Max briefly cursing herself before she concentrated on the other girl in front of her.

Annoyed at being shoved away from such a comfortable place Caroline initially cried out in surprise, then she glared at her best friend, "Max, what the hell?"

"Get out!" Max said.

"Max-" Caroline started.

"GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!" Max yelled.

"No, not until we've talked about this." Caroline said firmly.

"Now? Really?" Max said in frustration, "Couldn't this wait until-"

"NO!" Caroline interrupted, "If we do you'll pretend this never happened and refused to talk about it. Or... I'll pretend it never happened and refused to talk about it. Is that what you really want? To go back to the way things were, cracking jokes and flirting with each other while pretending we weren't really interested?"

"YES!" Max explained, before letting out a exaggerated sigh and then adding, "Fine, last night was terrible. I hated it. It was the worst sex of my life. Let's never do it again. Happy?"

Caroline gave Max an unimpressed look, "Really? You hated it? Then how come you came so hard?"

"I was faking it." Max huffed.

"Really?" Caroline rolled her eyes, staring at Max for a few long seconds before adding, "Because I wasn't. I loved it. It's terrifying for me to admit that, and all I wanted to do when I woke up was scream and run as far away from you as I could. But then I looked at you and... you looked so beautiful. You are so amazingly beautiful Max. You're breath-taking, and fearless, and funny, and the best thing that ever happened to me. Last night was the best night of my life, and no matter how much I want to pretend otherwise that means something. Well, two things. One, I'm gay, or at least bi. And two, I'm in love with you."

A deafening silence fell over the room and the usually so opinionated loudmouth brunette couldn't look her friend in the eye. Although she didn't need to even look in her general direction to know Caroline was nervous and certainly freaking out as much as she was, Max feeling like she could put a stop to this if she could just think of the right thing to say to make the blonde backoff. The question was, did she want the blonde to backoff, or was this nearly unprecedented silence brought on by her body trying to tell her something?

"If you really don't feel the same way, that's fine, but I'm done pretending I'm something I'm not. I'm also done not going after everything I want, so how about we do it again? You know, to make sure you really do hate it." Caroline said as she moved closer to her friend.

"I... I don't think that's a good idea Caroline." Max mumbled, looking like a deer caught in headlights when she finally looked up at her roommate.

"Please?" Caroline said in her best pleading tone while giving her best friend the puppy dog eyes which always used to work on her father, "We both know if I leave you'll just fuck yourself with your vibrator, I know you do every morning thanks to our crappy walls. So why not let me... give you a hand? Please? If you do I swear I'll never ask again, I'm just so horny and I want to touch you so badly. Please? It's not like you can really judge a situation just from a first time. If that was true you would have probably never had sex again after your first time, which was probably the worst first time ever."

"I guess." Max said softly as Caroline entered her personal space, the brunette gulping softly before adding, "Promise you'll never do this again?"

"Promise." Caroline confirmed.

"Ok." Max said, grabbing Caroline's face and shoving it forward in a way which made their lips violently crash together.

After that Max practically devoured Caroline's lips with her own, the busty brunette showing way too much enthusiasm for a girl who didn't like lesbian sex. Not that she gave a fuck about that anymore as she was well and truly over her initial freak out and overwhelmed by her need for a repeat performance of last night. And not just the incredible orgasms. Max definitely wanted more of those, but right now she just wanted Caroline's lips on hers, her best friend's mouth addictive in a way that no guys' anything ever had been.

Caroline felt the same way, except that she wanted to add her tongue into the mix. She didn't right away as she was worried about scaring Max off, but when the brunette pressed her down to the bed sheets Caroline felt she had enough of a green light to move forward. Which sent the kiss into turbo drive, their tongues practically fighting to the death and their lips trying to devour one another, the intense lip lock only ending when the need for oxygen became too great. And even then they went right back to kissing, this process being repeated over and over again as the two girls rolled all over the bed as they battled for dominance.

In the end it was Caroline who ended up on top, the blonde quickly kissing her way down Max's neck and then further towards the other girl's big boobs. She was going to slowly kiss her way down to one of those glorious tits but the girl who only moments ago had claimed she wasn't into this grabbed her hair and shoved her downwards onto her right nipple, Caroline only hesitating momentarily out of shock before she wrapped her mouth around that sensitive little nub and began gently sucking on it.

This caused Max to let out a long moan, followed by more straight forward encouragement, "Mmmmmmmmm fuck yes, more! More, more, MORE! Lez out on me Caroline! Totally lez out like the lezzie you are! Oh Gooooooddddddd, that feels so good, mmmmmmmmm, I'm so fucking wet for you and you've only just got started you fucking dyke! Mmmmmmmm, make me a queer slut just like you. Ooooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, make me dyke out just like you, oooooooh fuck, make me gay, make oooooooohhhhhhhh fuck yes, just like that, bite me! Bite me! Use your teeth you bitch! Oh Gaaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddd!"

Desperately wanting to give Max everything she wanted and more Caroline tried to listen very carefully to her friend, but the truth was she was kind of lost in her lust for her roommate's incredible cleavage. She'd been fighting her feelings for these massive things so long, tried a more often than not failed to not look at them throughout the day and perhaps more importantly tried not to think about them when she was alone in her little 'vagina' bed. Although truth be told Max had been constantly on Caroline's mind in some form or another since they met, that mind now melting as she licked, sucked and occasionally bit those nipples, only stopping so she could kiss her way back and forth between those sensitive nubs and occasionally all over the incredibly soft flesh in front of her.

What could have been minutes or hours later Caroline suddenly heard Max whimper, "Fuck me! Jesus Caroline, fuck me! Fuck me like a lesbian slut you bitch! Mmmmmmm fuck, oooooooohhhhhhhh shit, please Caroline, fuck me! Fuck me with your fingers, fuck me with your mouth, aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, anything, just do it! Fuck me! Fuck me like a fucking dyke! Ohhhhhhhhhh, make me cum you bitch, ooooooooooh, please, fuck me, I'll do anything, anything, please just oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yessssssssss!"

As much as Caroline wanted to give Max what she wanted she couldn't bear the thought of moving her mouth away from these glorious tits right now, so she chose option A. After all, Max's first, and quite possibly inadvertent, suggestion was she use her fingers, and that's exactly what she did, taking the time to slowly slide a hand down the brunette's stomach just in case the other girl whined she didn't have any warning. Despite this it didn't sound like Max was expecting Caroline to first gently rub the outside of her pussy lips, encouragingly finding lots of cream to coat them in, and then push her index finger as deep into her best friend as it could go.

That wonderful penetration turned Max into a moaning mess, completely unable to say anything coherent for several long moments, which felt like a eternity to the loudmouth brunette. Max loved talking. It was pretty much her automatic response to everything, and to be fair she was trying right now, it was just that she wasn't making any sense. Not that she really cared as Caroline was just making her feel so good. Of course all to soon for her liking her body adjusted to having Caroline's finger pumping in and out of it and suddenly the pleasure wasn't overwhelming anymore.

On the contrary, it was kind of irritating, because it was nowhere near enough, "More! Mmmmmmm, more! Give me more Caroline! Now! Ohhhhhhhh fuck you wanna make me cum? Well one itty-bitty finger is nowhere near enough, mmmmmmmm, that's like trying to fuck me with Han's dick, no way is it big enough to get the job done. My slutty box needs at least two oooooooohhhhhh fuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk yeeeeeessssssss, THAT'S IT CAROLINE, JUST LIKE THAT, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, fuckkkkkkkkk, mmmmm yeahhhhhh, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

Again Caroline was nice enough to give Max what she'd been begging for, albeit after an irritatingly long time which made Max think that her 'best friend' was enjoying making her suffer. Which really would be just typical, and appropriate, and honestly make Max respect Caroline more. Not that she had a lot of respect for the blonde, but... well, she wouldn't admitted out loud but she did have some, and it was increasingly growing the more Caroline finger fucked her better than most guys did with their dicks.

Briefly Max wondered whether that said more about her than the guys she dated, but she quickly shrugged that thought off. Even the most generous hearted people, a.k.a. Caroline, would agree she attracted the absolute worst men in the world and dated at least half of them and that was the only reason why sex with them wasn't nearly as good as having her best friend finger fuck her while greedily sucking her big tits.

Of course Max was greedy too, and couldn't help but eventually beg for even more, "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Gaaaaaawwwwwwwdddddddd Caroline, mmmmmmm more! More, more, more, more aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck! Fuck Caroline, mmmmmm, give me more. Give me more fingers, I can take more, mmmmmmm, my slutty cunt can take way more than that. Come on, fuck me harder! Fuck me faster! Fuckkkkkkkkkk ooooooooohhhhhhh Goddddddddd yesssssssss, another, another, give me another finger, mmmmmmmm fuck Caroline, shove your whole fucking hand inside me!"

This finally got Caroline to move her mouth from Max's tits, the blonde as pale as a sheet as she asked in disbelief, "Are you sure?"

No, Max wasn't sure, as that expression slipped out and she hadn't really meant it literally. It was just meant to be encouraging. After all, despite what she liked to say she wasn't that slutty. And she totally opened her mouth to say it, but the look on Caroline's face was just hilarious, and so cute, and her pussy felt wetter than it had ever been. It was also stretched wider than had ever been, Caroline having answered Max's pleading by pushing a third and fourth finger inside her, and it all felt so good. Max had never gone quite this far before, and while she had thought about going even further she had never thought she'd actually do it. But now she thought... fuck it.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Max confirmed nervously, before she remembered their earlier conversation and then grinning wickedly added, "I mean, you did offer to give me a hand, right?"

"MAX!" Caroline exclaimed, clearly scandalised but also kind of curious, so after a few somewhat nervous giggles from both girls the blonde started mumbling, "I couldn't. We couldn't. Could we? I mean... wouldn't it, you know... hurt?"

Amused at the way Caroline whispered that last part Max grinned, "Yeah, probably, but I'm dead inside. Besides we shoot babies out from there, so this should be a piece of cake."

"MAX! Gross!" Caroline exclaimed, sounding a lot less amused than last time, "Don't ruin the mood."

"I'm just saying." Max shrugged, before taking a deep breath and then as confidently as she could manage added, "But fine, you want me to set the mood, I'll set the mood... fist me Caroline! Fucking put your whole hand inside my cunt you little dyke! Put that formally super well-manicured little princess hand inside my nasty little white trash pussy and fuck me like we're the Queens of Lesbo island! Fucking do it you lezzie bitch! Give me a fucking hand, just like you promised, and fucking lez out on me! Come on slut, fucking give it to me you... oh... oh God, ah... ah... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEE AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

If anyone had even suggested it before Caroline would have said ewww, gross. In fact she had pretty sure Max and/or Oleg had made a joke or two about it and that had been her exact reaction. But she was scarily horny and into this, Max's pussy feeling so good around her fingers and Caroline almost overwhelmed with adrenaline so she had found herself going with it without really thinking about it.

So she slipped her thumb into Max's cunt and then as slowly as possible pushed forwards, watching wide-eyed and mouth gaping open as her hand slowly disappeared into her roommate's pussy. She was sure it was never going to fit, sure that Max was going to cry out in pain at any second, sure that she would tear something when the brunette's love hole was stretching for her knuckles, but nothing like that happened. Instead there was a lot of stretching, then suddenly her hand just... slipped inside, causing Caroline to momentarily black out as she was overwhelmed by what she was seeing and perhaps more importantly feeling.

Then after what felt like an eternity Max croaked, "Fuck me... oh God fuck me... please, fuck me Caroline... fuck me AAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK!"

Caroline's body seemed to go into business for itself, or at least her hand did, the poor blonde feeling like she woke to find herself literally punching her best friend in the cunt. Max seemed to be very much enjoying it, as hard as that was for Caroline to believe, her own cunt trying to retreat inside herself at the very thought of going through what the brunette was. Yet at the same time she was still amazed to see her wrist engulfed in pussy, and the feeling of Max's inside spasming around her fist was out of this world.

These feelings only got more crazy when Max came, Caroline feeling like her hand would break as her friend bucked, writhed and screamed from the force of her climax. Or at least Caroline was pretty sure that was happening, given the way Max was soaking her hand, and bed sheets, while letting out the type of deafening cry which would probably make the neighbours think she was murdering her roommate rather than simply fucking her, which was apparently what most of them seemed to think was the norm for them.

Max was in fact cumming. In fact she might have been cumming for the first time, the only thing that came close to this being what she experienced last night. Next to those orgasms her previous so-called climaxes paled in comparison. And she was sure she would later denied that they were this strong, and worry about it when she couldn't deny it to herself, but right now Max Black was too lost in pure bliss to even care.

If she had known she could get off this hard by stretching her cunt this wide she would have been shoving her own fist and several much larger objects up herself years ago. Then again, as was always the case with sex, it probably wouldn't be the same if Max was just doing it by herself. And in her specific case, it just wouldn't be the same if there was anyone other than Caroline doing this to her, because no one else made her feel this hot and horny. And there was no way she would be comfortable doing this with anyone else.

Not that comfortable was a great way to describe what Max was currently going through, especially as Caroline had an annoying habit of pulling her fist almost all the way out of her with every other thrust. It wasn't just the sight and the feeling of her fuck hole once again stretching for Caroline's knuckles, no, most of all Max objected to having any part of that pleasure giving hand being removed from inside her, although that did eventually change after a couple of orgasms.

"No... no more... " Max croaked weakly, Caroline thankfully hearing her and immediately ceasing and trying to pull her hand out, "Owww, owww, owww, slowly, slowly, ah, ah, aaaaaahhhhhhhh, Caroline! Watch it! Oh Gooooodddddd!"

Max whimpered in pain as Caroline finally pulled her hand out completely, leaving the brunette's pussy incredibly sore and empty while the rest of her body felt like it was about to go back to sleep. Then Max found herself watching as Caroline stared at her cum and cunt cream covered hand and then very slowly brought it up to her lips and started to lick it like a cat with it's paw. Surely there was a joke in there somewhere, but Max's brain wasn't able to focus on anything which wasn't watching Caroline cleaning her hand.

Caroline wasn't sure what came over her, and she somewhat regretted it when she finally noticed Max was watching her, but not really. She really liked the taste of pussy and girl cum, and really it was all she could do right now not to bury her face in between Max's legs and suck up whatever leftover cream there was. But Max was literally still twitching from the force of her orgasms, so Caroline decided to forego the treat, regardless of how much she wanted it. Besides, the way Max was looking at her right now had her blushing something fierce, so much so she wasn't sure she could do anything so bold.

"What?" Caroline eventually asked, feeling embarrassed.

"Nothing." Max said defensively, "It's just... do you want me to return the favour?"

Caroline's eyes went wide for a second, and then she stammered, "Thanks, but there's no way I could take a fist in there. Not that you taking it wasn't hot, because wow, but..."

"I meant do you want me to eat you out you moron." Max groaned.

"Oh... sure, yeah, yes! I mean, that would be so great." Caroline stammered, "But... I thought you said you weren't gay?"

"I'm not, I'm just being polite." Max shrugged, "But hey, if you don't want to-"

"Oh no, I want too..." Caroline quickly said, wishing she could just leave it there, "But if you don't want too..."

"Na, it's fine." Max said dismissively, "But I kind of can't feel my legs right now, so you're going to have to sit on my face, K?"

Caroline's eyes briefly went wide again, and then she said as confidently as possible, "That would be great. But go slow, ok? My vagina likes to be romanced."

"Ugh, you lesbians are so high-maintenance." Max sighed, echoing what one rude nurse had said to them once.

Ignoring the comment Caroline slowly got up onto her knees and crawled over so she was kneeling over Max's face and then slowly lowered herself down. She had never done this before and was super nervous, but she was also super horny and was trying to get over her fears of all things lesbian. Not that this was strictly a lesbian thing, but the fact she was about to mount the face of an extremely pretty girl was pretty gay, Caroline practically quivering with anticipation. And with good reason as last night's activities were still fresh in her mind and she knew full well what Max's silver tongue could do to her love box.

Honestly her vagina was less of a romantic right now and more of a disparate to be fucked slut, Caroline feeling like she would go crazy if she didn't cum soon, however she didn't want this to be over too quickly so she decided to 'suffer' a little longer. She was second-guessing that decision pretty quickly once Max started licking her pussy, the previously reluctant brunette hungrily lapping away at the very bottom of her downstairs lips all the way up to the top where the other girl lingered on her clit.

Ultimately though Caroline stuck to her guns, "Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, Max please, please slow down, mmmmmmmm, God that feels so good, but I don't want to cum yet, so can you please ooooooooooh fuck! Yes, that's it. Slower, slower, slower mmmmmmmm ooooooooooohhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmm lick me just lke that. Lick my pussy just like that! Fuck yes, oh fuck Max, ohhhhhhhh Max, mmmmmmm, romance my little pussy just like that, ooooooooh, lick it nice and slow, make it feel good. Soooooooo goooooddddddd, ooooooooohhhhhhhh Maaaaaaaxxxxxxx!"

For once in her life Caroline became very Zen as she relaxed on top of Max's face and just allowed the pleasure to just wash over her. The pussy licking had just become so nice and relaxing, Max settling into a steady rhythm which both kept her near to the edge of climax while giving her enough pleasure to satisfy her for the moment. Something she was sure would pass, but for now she just chose to enjoy it. And make sure to keep most of her weight on her knees so she wasn't crushing Max's pretty face of course.

Max kind of wanted there to be more pressure on her face. She wanted to be smothered in Caroline, the taste and the smell of her best friend overwhelming her until she passed out or worse. Ok, so the taste and the smell was still overwhelming her something fierce, so much so she could barely think, but Max wanted Caroline to rub her dripping wet cunt all over her face the way she had done to a couple of guys when she had cum on their faces. Only she would make Caroline cum harder, faster and more... wetly then any guy ever made her cum.

She wanted to do that, and she would, but first Caroline wanted a gentle licking and that was what Max was going to give her. At least at first. Honestly it was kind of hard not to get down to some serious muff munching because Caroline's cream was pretty much flowing directly into Max's mouth and down her throat, driving the poor brunette crazy. Fuck, it tasted so good and Max wanted more. She wanted the even more delicious juice she would receive once she made Caroline cum. That said this wasn't so bad, all the yummy pussy juice she could eat and her roommate sweet sounds of encouragement which made her sore cunt feel like it had Wolverine-like healing power.

After a while Max reached down and started rubbing her aching pussy. Not a lot, just enough to help the healing process along, although it kind of backfired and she ended up teasing herself almost as much as she was teasing Caroline. On the bright side she was feeling a lot better, the soreness forgotten in favour of fresh designer burning through her body and originating in her crotch, but for once Max really did want to focus on her partner's pleasure instead of her own. That meant Max had to stick to the gentle rubbing, at least while she gently licked the yummy pussy in front of her.

This seemed to go on for an eternity, then finally Caroline whimpered, "Mmmmmmm more. Oh my God more! Please Max, mmmmmmm oooooooooh fuck, give me more. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, please Max, forget about romance, just fuck me! Fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck it with your tongue, please, please, please! I need it, I need it so bad! Max please, please I AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH MAAAAAAAXXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE!"

Max always enjoyed seeing and hearing Caroline squirm, and for once she was getting to feel her squirm as well. However while she enjoyed making the spoilt girl suffer a little she could never stand for it to go on too long or for it to be anything serious, and as Caroline's begging became more desperately needy Max couldn't resist giving her roommate what she wanted. Besides, at this particular moment Max was taking the chance to tongue fuck Caroline, partly because she could then justify finger fucking herself and partly because she wanted to taste Caroline's cum.

Caroline thought she would cum as soon as Max's tongue entered her and it was a close-run thing, but unfortunately all that happened was that she lost the ability to speak coherently and a few extra juices escaped her cunt. Of course there was still incredible pleasure, Caroline's eyes rolling in the back of her head as she felt her inner walls clamping down around the soft, wet invading muscle that was Max's tongue, and when that wicked little tongue started to slide in and out of her oh how Caroline squealed with pleasure.

For a while that was enough, Caroline content with just sitting there on top of Max's face being tongue by her girlfriend, silently hoping that soon she'd mean that not as a friend who was a girl but as in they were actually dating. Then the blissful satisfaction was again replaced by a overwhelming need to cum, and because Caroline could no longer utter a coherent word, although she continued to try, she instead resorted to bouncing her hips up and down so she was literally fucking Max's face.

To Caroline's surprise she was rewarded for this blatant lack of care for her best friend's well-being, Max actually seeming to get off on this as she moaned into Caroline's cunt and then began to rapidly increase the force of the tongue fucking and start curling her tongue inside her so the brunette was rapidly hitting the blonde's G-spot with every flick of that soft, wet muscle. Thanks to this Caroline was on the edge within seconds, some not so strategic grinding allowing the former heiress to finally cum with a deafening scream.

Those screams continued for the next few minutes as Caroline came over and over and over again, she and Max making sure there was no way she would be able to apologise to her neighbours with a straight face. An embarrassed face, sure, but there was no way she could say sorry and really mean it when she was experiencing the greatest pleasure of her life, this ecstasy perhaps even eclipsing last night as Max seemed so much more sure of herself now, so focused, so wonderfully in control, which was ironic because Caroline felt completely out of control.

Max's body was in total control of Caroline, firmly holding her in one place with just one hand while she frantically swallowed the other girl's cum and fucked herself with her free hand. However her mind was just as lost as Caroline's, which was actually kind of blissful. Max's mind was a dark and scary place at the best of times, and right now if her mind had been working properly she would have probably been questioning her sexuality, what she felt for her best friend, and her life choices in general. Well, she was always questioning her life choices, but the other things were very scary and she was happy to be momentarily rid of them.

So instead she concentrated on making Caroline cum as much as possible, something which was now easy thanks to just how worked up the other girl was. All it took was a few hard and somewhat strategic tongue thrusts and Caroline would cream pretty much directly down her throat again, Max quickly removing her tongue every time so she could swallow as much precious girl cum as possible. Of course a good amount of cum ended up on her face and in her hair, but she was used to that. Although instead of just wiping it off she may try to scrape it of and eat it later, but that wasn't what was important to Max right now.

Oddly her own pleasure continue to remain secondary to making Caroline cum, even though Max came herself just from pushing a couple of fingers into her cunt and rubbing her clit. Which in a way made this feel more familiar, although while she did this every morning this was the first time she had another woman rubbing her cum leaking pussy all over her face, although she was welcoming that right now as it was making her own if less frequent orgasms so much more intense.

After who knows how many orgasms for them both, or how much time had passed, Caroline fell off of Max's face and then inadvertently bounced off the bed, the loudmouth brunette way to exhausted to check if she was alright. To be fair there was a loud cry, followed by a groan and then some heavy breathing to go along with her own, the two girls just lying there for a long moment with at least one of them considering going back to sleep. Then Max turned her head to look at the clock and then freaked out.

"SHIT! Shit, shit, shit, shit!" Max screeched, forcing her tired and aching body out of bed, "Caroline get up, we've got to go."

"Do we have too?" Caroline groaned.

"YES! We're super late, and Han said he would fire us if we completely blew off work again, and I think he meant it this time." Max insisted.

It was an exaggeration if not a total lie. Any other boss would have fired them for good ages ago, and they really didn't need to be giving him a good reason to do it, but Han would almost certainly chicken out of firing them again. Caroline knew this but thankfully she didn't call Max out on her obvious bull-shit/refusal to stick around for the aftermath of making the same mistake twice. Max knew Caroline would insist on them talking about it eventually, but for now she just desperately avoided eye contact as the blonde stumbled out of her room and went to get dressed, Max catching her eyes briefly lingering on Caroline's tight ass as her friend left before she focused on what was important, finding some reasonably clean underwear.


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