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Authors note: This is a story based on 2 Broke Girls and takes place during Episode 2 of Series 3.

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2 Broke Girls: 2 Broke Girls In Love Part 8
by MTL ([email protected])

Hearing that annoying little bell for what felt like the millionth time today Max quickly ran over to the couch, curtsied and asked, "Yes Ms Channing?"

"My tea's cold. Get me another one." Caroline said dismissively, not looking up from her phone.

"Right away Ms Channing." Max curtsied again, grabbed the cup and headed back to the kitchen, although she only got halfway before being stopped.

"Maxine." Caroline suddenly called out, trying not to smirk as she rang the bell again.

Quickly returning to the couch Max asked, "Yes Ms Channing?"

"Have you cleaned every inch of my enormous mansion yet?" Caroline asked, gesturing around her.

Max had no idea how Caroline kept a straight face while asking that, given how messy their tiny apartment was, "No Ms Channing."

Caroline frowned, "And why not?"

"You told me to clean out the stables." Max pointed out.

"So you value my horse more than me?" Caroline questioned.

"Yes." Max chuckled jokingly, and then when her girlfriend just glared at her she corrected herself, "I mean, no Ms Channing. I was just joking, obviously."

"Maxine, I thought we talked about this." Caroline sighed, "Good humour is lost on poor people, so they shouldn't even try."

"Okay, but just so you know, if this was a porno, this would be the point that people would want me to turn the tables on you." Max said deliberately cheekily, quickly getting the response she wanted.

Caroline just stared at her with her mouth open for a few long seconds, and then huffed, "Well this isn't porn, you disrespectful bitch. Now go and get my tea."

"Yes Ms Channing." Max said, again turning to leave only to again be stopped.

"And another thing, what was up with that shower after cleaning out the stables?" Caroline asked.

Turning around Max frowned, "I thought you said I always had to have a shower afterwards, because it made me stink?"

"Yes, but that's no excuse for taking so long. I mean, surely you're not that dirty?" Caroline huffed.

"Oh, I'm a very, very dirty girl." Max teased.

Caroline just stared at her and then asked, "And where is my tea?"

"Coming Ms Channing." Max grumbled, although she was beginning to wonder if she ever would.

* * *

About a minute later...

Caroline pulled a face and literally spat out the tea before whining, "What the hell do you call this?"

"Erm, tea?" Max cheeked, and then when her 'boss' glared at her she simply added, "Ms Channing?"

"That's it, you're fired." Caroline said dismissively.

"Wait? What? Why?" Max protested, pretending to be surprised.

"Why? You've got to be kidding me?" Caroline laughed, "You're disrespectful and stupid, which would be bad enough, but you're also lazy, and so incompetent you can't even make a cup of tea. Why wouldn't I fire you?"

There was a brief pause and then Max dropped to her knees and in a move of total overacting pleaded, "No, no, noooooo! Please Ms Channing, please have mercy. I need this job. Please, isn't there something I could do to make it up to you?"

"Well..." Caroline began, looking her girlfriend up and down before continuing, "I knew how bad you were from the start, but I thought I could forgive it because of just how good your fat ass looks and that French maid outfit. But it's just not enough, so if you want to stay, you're going to have to give it to me."

"Huh?" Max replied, again pretending to be confused.

"Your ass." Caroline explained simply, as she put the horrible cup of tea down, "You give me your ass whenever and wherever I want, and let me do whatever the fuck I want to it, then yeah, you can keep your job. Otherwise you can hit the bricks. What? You don't think there are millions of big bottomed poor girls out there I couldn't get to replace you? Please, I could replace you in a second. So if you want to stay, you got to whore out that fat ass of yours. Of course, you'll still need thorough training before you can be a proper whore maid, but you'll find I'm a very, very good teacher. Yeahhhhh, don't worry Maxie, I'll make a half decent maid out of you in no time. Although I don't think you'll need much training when it comes to being an ass whore, will you slut?"

"No, Ms Channing." Max admitted, trying and failing to keep a wide smile off of her face, "I'm a total ass whore already, and I'd love to be your ass whore. Please, train me to be the perfect lesbian whore maid. Mmmmm yeah, I want to be a bought and paid for piece of ass who cleans your house whenever you're not using my whore ass."

"Good to hear." Caroline grinned wickedly, before patting her knee, "Now bend over my knee. I think the perfect way to start this new arrangement of ours is to punish you for your transgressions by beating your ass, wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes, Ms Channing." Max grinned eagerly, and then once she was in position softly grumbled to herself, "Finally!"

Max had initially love the idea of this little role-play, but part of that was because she was expecting they would be fucking in under five minutes. Or more accurately she would being this exact position, bent over her girlfriend's knee and ready to be spanked. But no, 'Ms Channing' had literally forced her to do housework, on an apartment which seemed unclean no matter how long she spent on it, the entire time begging to be touched. It was something that the old Max Black would have never have put up with, and this version of her, the admittedly happier version, almost completely broke character and complained. However the truth was Max was just too whipped for that.

So, completely unable to displease her Dom, Max had been a good little sub and played the role of maid to her girlfriend's former persona of snobby rich girl, and while it was no where nearly as satisfying as she was used to there was something to be said for constant putdowns and humiliations Ms Channing put her through. So by the time Max was bent over Mistress Caroline's knee her cunt was already soaking through her little costume, and Max could practically taste Ms Channing smirk at that. Surprisingly her Mistress didn't say anything though, probably because she was so busy first staring at, then playing with, Max's fat ass, a.k.a. Ms Channing's favourite part of her body. Okay, she did it for a little too long, but at least it was a proper start to their regular fun.

After what seemed like an eternity Caroline gave her ass a nice hard smack, which actually made Max cry out with mostly delight, knowing they were really getting somewhere now. Of course that was followed up with far more gentle smacks, and more butt groping, but Max had been expecting that, and honestly enjoyed it more than the harder blows which would come later. Well, she'd enjoyed those two, but this was more insulting and allowed her to savour the feeling of being bent over another woman's knee and spanked like a naughty child. And more importantly, savour the fact that she was pleasing her precious Mistress Caroline. Or Ms Caroline, as she wanted to be call tonight.

She didn't need to look back to tell she was succeeding in pleasing Ms Caroline, as Max could pretty much taste it in the air, but it was nice to be able to look back over her shoulder and see a wide grin of wicked delight on her lover's face. In turn Max inadvertently showed off how much she was enjoying it by continuing to cry out, whimper and gasp in mostly pleasure. As she was getting increasingly wet, which was technically Ms Caroline's fault for teasing her for so long, but she couldn't deny she was enjoying this, which made it wonderfully humiliating for Max. Which in turn of course only made her wetter, and it was mostly the same story when Ms Caroline finally decided to give her a hard spanking.

Caroline would never cease to be amazed at just how much Max enjoyed this kind of thing, which only made her love her more, as it proved they were perfect for each other. Max was a slutty little sub, and Caroline was a strong, powerful Dom who knew exactly what someone like Max needed. Which she delighted proving that time and time again, and Caroline certainly feeling that she proved it so far tonight, because sure, Max may want to get to the fun sooner, but they both knew that extended teasing would only made the eventual sex that much enjoyable for them both. Besides, Caroline was having a lot of fun exaggerating her former role. Also, while this home would probably never be truly clean, it didn't hurt to try.

Of course in this moment Caroline could care less about their home, her former role or what they had done before this moment. Or what they would do after it for that matter. Hell, even she and Max fell away with the rest of the world, as Caroline only cared about Max's big fat ass. More accurately, all she cared about was abusing that big fat ass, whether that involved bringing down blows upon it or squeezing it like a butcher with a piece of meat. Both were good, but the former was definitely Caroline's favourite, as it made those meaty butt cheeks jiggle, and she lived to see them jiggle for her. God, she wanted to make them jiggle more. But not now. Not yet. No, she wanted this spanking to last, which involved keeping her strikes gentle for as long as she could, with plenty of groping in between.

After all, within this little role-play of theirs Ms Caroline wanted to do a proper job of punishing her servant for her disobedience, which was exactly what Ms Caroline was going to do. Although on the other hand she needed to make sure she still had the strength to give Max a hard spanking when the time comes. Luckily she had plenty of practice in judging exactly when that right time was, and Caroline could tell she had once again picked the perfect time given Max's reactions. Sure, eventually Max only cried out in pain, but her pussy was soaking through her uniform, she was squirming in delight, and most noticeably she wasn't complaining or asking to stop.

It was possible though that Caroline was simply beyond the point she could hear such complaints, as she was blissfully lost in those jiggling cheeks which now resemble jelly in an earthquake. Bright red jelly, which was eventually turning dark and bruised, Caroline giving up on analogies and thinking altogether as she gave Max everything she had, having slowly built up the pace and phased out the groping in favour of this constant assault which used every ounce of her strength. Then she abruptly stopped it in favour of caressing the pain away, while staring down at her handiwork with the same wide, twisted smile that had been on her face practically the entire time.

Then after a few long minutes of caressing Caroline softly asked, "Are you sorry for being such a stupid whore?"

"Yes." Max whimpered without hesitation.

"Are you ready to make it up to me?" Caroline smirked.

"Oh yes, please Ms Caroline, let me make it up to you." Max whimpered pathetically.

"How are you going to make it up to me?" Caroline pushed.

"Anyway you want, Ms Caroline." Max softly replied.

"Damn right. See, you can be smart. Now get off of me." Caroline ordered, "Crawl like the little bitch you are into my bedroom."

"Yes Ms Caroline." Max said, narrowly avoiding the temptation to roll her eyes as she crawled the short distance to Caroline's bed.

Max then watched gleefully as Ms Caroline slowly got up, walked around the sofa until she was standing in front of her and then with a grin began slowly removing her clothes. Then once she was naked Ms Caroline lent down, gently cupped her face and gave her the kind of kiss which reminded Max just how much the other woman deeply and truly loved her. Which made her more comfortable than being bent over Ms Caroline's bony knee, if she was being honest. Although at least this kind of thing was normally proceeding something extra fun. Or at possibly torturous. And for better or for worse, this time was the latter.

"Stand up." Caroline ordered, grabbing two big handfuls of Max's huge tits as soon as they were both standing, "Do you know why else I keep you around? Mmmmm, it's these big fucking titties. I mean, how could I not? Just look at these things? God Max, how are you not in porn or something? Or an actual whore? Then you might almost be as rich as me."

"I can't do that Ms Caroline. These titties are yours. Not mine. I wouldn't do that to you." Max replied softly, hoping it would earn her a reward.

"Oh, well remembered." Caroline grinned, "Yes, these tits are mine, and I don't like to share. But do you remember what I like to do with them?"

Max cried out as Ms Caroline twisted her nipples, and then she quickly answered, "Whatever you want?"

"Yes, but specifically?" Caroline pushed.

"To, to suck on them?" Max guessed.

"That's right, good servant." Caroline practically purred with delight.

Further confirming her words Ms Caroline slowly pulled down Max's low cut top down far enough so that her boobs would pop out, which really didn't take much, and then she wrapped her mouth around one of Max's nipples and began sucking. She then went back and forth, at first directly, then indirectly as she covered the surrounding flesh in kisses, and finally she just pressed her face in between them and rubbed it in them, which really made Max whimper in disappointment. What was important here was what Ms Caroline wanted, but Max was so ready for them to move on she had trouble coping with something which was technically still teasing to her. Because sure, it felt great, but she wanted so much more.

"Ms Caroline, please..." Max whimpered, and then when that wasn't enough to get her girlfriend's attention she followed up with, "Please Ms Caroline, can... oh, can I eat your pussy?"

After a few more long seconds of sucking Caroline pulled away and grinned, "My pussy? Mmmmm, you little lesbian whore! You craving my cunt already, huh? Well, I was going to suck on these big tits and finger you, but we can do that if you prefer."

"Whatever you want Ms Caroline." Max whimpered.

Honestly a fingering sounded really good right now, but Max had no doubt that Ms Caroline had no intention of doing it before, she was just going to suck on Max's tits until her maid pleaded for something else. The last exchange suggested this was true, although with another grin Ms Caroline went right back to sucking her tits for a few long minutes, either just to annoy or because Ms Caroline just truly couldn't get enough of them. Probably both. But whatever the case Ms Caroline at least increased the suction, and began biting gently on Max's nipple before massaging them with her tongue. More importantly she eventually gave Max the permission she had been waiting for.

"Okay." Caroline said when she finally pulled back, "But I want you to start with my feet, and then slowly make your way upwards. Understand whore?"

"Yes Ms Caroline, thank you Ms Caroline." Max quickly replied, dropping to her knees in the process.

The once proud Max Black then dived her face down until she was pressing her lips against Ms Caroline's right foot, giving that a gentle kiss before moving to the left. She then went back and forth for a little while, covering them both in kisses and causing Ms Caroline to giggle with delight. Then she started kissing up those long legs until she reached her destination, Max struggling not to salivate the entire way, especially as she got closer to her goal. Then once she was eye level with Ms Caroline's cunt Max got revenge by kissing around it before she finally got to move on to the real fun, getting the most wonderful sounds out of Ms Caroline in the process.

Caroline let out a sharp cry as Max slowly slid her tongue over her pussy lips before lingering on her clit. Max then repeated that process, albeit without lingering on Caroline's clit first, instead settling into giving her a long, drawn-out pussy licking. Just as Caroline had trained her to do. The way Caroline normally preferred it, Max obliging like a good little sub, even when she wanted something else. Although this time, she wasn't the only one, as all that build up had definitely had an effect on Caroline and she knew she wouldn't be able to wait for as long as she usually did before cumming in her roommate's mouth. Of course, she had expectations to maintain, so the next few minutes were kind of torture for her. Wonderful, wonderful torture.

Initially Caroline tried to distract herself by looking around her horrible apartment, think about everything she had lost, and where she had to work, but as was often the case now that wasn't enough. Partly because Max was just so good at licking pussy, but also because all that stuff brought her to this amazing pussy licker. To Max. The only person she had ever truly loved, and made everything else bearable. Even this forever messy apartment was covered in pictures of them being happy, not to mention wonderful memories, just like her place of work. Besides, it was hard for her to take her eyes away from the woman kneeling in front of her, especially whenever Max was looking up at her lovingly.

So much sooner than she intended Caroline whimpered, "More Max! Give me more. Ooooooooh yessssssss, just like that, mmmmmmm, NO! Don't make me cum, not yet, ohhhhhhh fuck, that's it, oh fuck!"

Thankfully it didn't take much encouragement for Max to give Caroline what she wanted, the maid wrapping her mouth around her clit and sucking it with increasing suction until the former rich girl was getting close to cumming. Caroline was very proud of herself for being able to tell Max to slow down, but she knew it wouldn't last. One way or another she was cumming soon, which might be some kind of record, but what can she say, the role-play really, really worked for her. Briefly she thought Max would be the one to push her over the edge without further instruction, and she got close a few times, but proving herself a good little sub Max waited for permission. Permission which Caroline ultimately gave her ahead of schedule.

"Now! Make me cum now!" Caroline whimpered, before getting more aggressive about it, "Tongue fuck me and make me cum in that hot little mouth of yours and all over your beautiful face! Yeahhhhhhh, fuck me! Fuck me! Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh yes, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssssss, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Again thankfully Max didn't take long to obey Caroline's commands, even if she did linger her tongue on her roommate's entrance for a few long seconds before finally thrusting it into that welcoming hole. Which of course made Caroline cum instantly, Max allowing the pleasure to wash over her as she quickly pulled her tongue out and concentrated on swallowing cum. Of course as soon as it was all gone Max pushed her tongue back inside Caroline, this time thrusting it in and out of her which quickly brought her to another orgasm. Max then continue to make her cum with ease until Caroline could no longer think as she was so overwhelmed by the ecstasy the woman she loved was giving her.

Max was extremely glad Ms Caroline had given her permission to make her cum sooner than expected. Partly because it would hopefully mean she would receive some satisfaction herself sooner, but at least in this moment it was mostly because she was getting to swallow Ms Caroline's cum that much sooner. Because fuck, she had truly tasted nothing better than this liquid. Maybe her own cum and ass cream could rival it, maybe even equal it, but never top it. This was something she truly lived for, especially as unlike those other things she knew it was the purest symbol of her pleasing her precious Ms Caroline. That, and all the screams of pleasure which were now echoing throughout the room.

It was hard for Max not to concentrate on those wonderful sounds and heavenly tastes, but she had to focus now more than ever pleasing Ms Caroline. At first it was easy as Ms Caroline was standing still, and even helping Max by pushing her face as deep into her cunt as it would go. But then Ms Caroline distracted her by grinding her pussy against Max's face, making it harder to tongue fuck her. And that was just when she was doing it gently. When she really started to go crazy Max just couldn't keep up, and had to stick her tongue out and hope Ms Caroline would bash it against her clit. Intentionally or not. Then she just had to concentrate on breathing while Ms Caroline used her like a fuck pad.

At first she had been able to swallow the majority of Ms Caroline's cum, although now obviously she was only getting a measly portion of it. Which was sad, but she was getting a hell of a consolation prize, that being Ms Caroline Channing drenching her face in her cum, literally marking her territory. Marking Max as hers. Her personal pussy pleaser. Her bitch, her slut, her whore, and whatever else she wanted her to be. Like in this case, obedient little maid pleasing her employer. Although her uniform was pretty dishevelled, and it would no doubt be ruined by the time they were done. Or at least Max hoped it would, as it was uncomfortable as hell. Although she had to admit, this little routine was working for her almost as much as Ms Caroline.

Just as Max was beginning to feel faint from lack of oxygen Ms Caroline yanked her by the hair out of her cunt and gave her a few precious moments to get her breath back. Then of course Ms Caroline leaned down to kiss her again, although this time was much faster, and of course Max's face was covered in cum. Some of which Ms Caroline licked off with a giggle, Max joining her in the giggling and for a moment the role-play was forgotten and they were just 2 broke girls in love. Then after collecting a good amount of her own cum from Max's mouth and swallowing it Ms Caroline pulled back and gave a look that says she was clearly back in character.

"Wow, I knew there was another reason I kept you around." Caroline giggled wickedly, before looking thoughtful, "You know, you make such a greedy little pussy whore, and you just made me cum so hard, I think you've earned a reward. Don't you think?"

"It's not up to me Ms Caroline." Max answered, although clearly she looked hopeful, "I'm just your whore maid bitch."

"That might have been one name too many babe." Caroline quipped, breaking character momentarily, before going right back to it, "But you're right, it is up to me, your owner. And I'm such a good, wonderful, generous owner, that I'm not only going to reward you, I'm going to let you pick how I do it."

Max was really tempted in that moment to pick getting her pussy licked, but she knew what Ms Caroline wanted to hear, and luckily enough for them both, she really wanted it too, so she barely hesitated in replying, "Fuck my ass! Oh please Ms Caroline, fuck my big fat ass! Fuck it hard and make me cum like the total bitch maid I am!"

"Your ass, huh?" Caroline grinned wickedly, "Yeah, I guess we could do that."

Caroline then quickly retrieved a harness, strapped it onto herself and covered it with lube. She was just about to return to her bitch, who was obediently waiting for her on her knees, waiting for permission to get into whatever position Caroline wanted, a gleefully happy look on her face which showed just how much she was anticipating having a cock up her ass, that look making Caroline love her even more. Then she got a wicked thought which would make this night extra special as she glanced back to the drawer where they were keeping all their toys, most of which went unused because of their fondness for strap-ons. But not tonight, Caroline thought with another wicked grin.

"Get on the bed on your hands and knees, like the bitch you are!" Caroline turned back to Max and ordered, trying to seem stern and not giving away her plan.

The clearly oblivious Max immediately obeyed while submissively replying, "Yes Ms Caroline."

The entire time Caroline kept her gaze on Max, as she was watching the other woman crawling around, especially when she made sure to point her big butt at Caroline as soon as possible, and wiggled her hips more than necessary to make sure that fat ass jiggled for her amusement. She even did a booty shake at the end, which made Caroline giggle, the act almost pleasing her as much as then Max waiting silently for her to join her. Of course they both knew she wouldn't be waiting long, and once Caroline was in position they were going to have some anal fun. Max was just unaware of how much, as this time Caroline was bringing a little something extra.

"Spread your cheeks bitch!" Caroline ordered, smacking Max's sore ass to emphasise her point.

"Ah! Yes Ms Caroline." Max cried out and quickly did as she was told.

As Max spread those big meaty cheeks she revealed the butt-plug which had been firmly entrenched within her big fat ass this entire time. Hell, Max barely pulled her skirt up, and of course she wasn't wearing any underwear, giving Caroline the perfect view of one of the many toys they had brought from their friends at that sex store, the Max lookalike swearing that her girl would particularly love this one. and she was quickly and easily proven right, but she wasn't the only one who loved it. In fact Caroline thought it was perfect for the occasions she didn't want to waste too much time stretching Max out. And the fact that it was long and thick could be extra useful for what Caroline had planned.

Wanting to further help with that Caroline grabbed the handle of the butt-plug and began pulling it out, and then when the widest part of the toy was stretching Max's ass hole she pushed it back inside and then repeated the process. Which was something she quite liked doing, as it was a wonderful way to tease Max, but when she finally pulled it out she didn't immediately replace it with her strap-on. No, she replaced it with her tongue, literally licking Max's anal walls and spitting on them for extra effect. Which might be more for her benefit then Max's, but the extra perverted act didn't hurt Max's excitement levels, and it was not long after that she was pushing a dildo into Max's ass. Just not her strap-on.

"Come on Ms Caroline, fuck me!" Max whined, remembering her place, "Please Ms Caroline? Mmmmm, what you're doing feels amazing, but I need to get fucked. Ooooooh yeahhhhh, I need to get fucked in the ass! Fucked in the ass by you! Ohhhhhhh please, please Ms Caroline, butt fuck me, fuck me up the butt, fuck my butt, oh Ms Caroline! Ooooooohhhhhhh yesssssss! Wait, that's a bit small, isn't?"

"It's not my strap-on. It's an additional dildo." Caroline explained with a wicked smile on her face.

"Additional?" Max grinned, "Meaning..."

"Meaning tonight I'm going to double fuck your whore ass all by myself." Caroline revealed, "That is of course, if you want it."

"Fuck yeah I want it!" Max exclaimed, before quickly adding, "Oh God Caroline, give it to me. Please? Please Ms Caroline, I want my ass double fucked. Oh fuck, I've wanted it for so long, mmmmm, and for you to be the one who does it, just you, oh that's fucking perfect! Take my double anal cherry Ms Caroline! Please take it! Ha, I guess I got a cherry that you can take after all. So take it. Please, I want it to be you. I need it to be you. Please Ms Caroline, I oh Caroline! Caroline? Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck!"

Max mostly continued to beg for what she so desperately wanted as Ms Caroline pushed the handheld dildo about halfway into her ass hole and then started slowly and gently pumping it in and out of her, which was both a frustrating tease and a delightful taste of things to come. Sadly it was mostly the former, as the handheld dick paled in comparison to the size of the monster strap-on Ms Caroline had got from their friends at the sex store. Like the one that was now strapped around Ms Caroline's waist, and just waiting to be stuffed into Max's rectum where it belonged. Then just as she was getting a little desperate to receive what she had been promised Max lost the ability to speak as her butt hole was stretched wider than ever before.

Wonderful top that she was Ms Caroline did this as slowly as possible, which made the whole thing easier and more pleasurable to take. Although Max had to admit, it had been a while since getting her slutty and relentlessly fucked back hole stretched had actually been painful, and she kind of missed it, as she really got off on that feeling. Okay, the moment her forbidden hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of the strap-on to slide inside of her ass hole alongside the handheld dildo wasn't that pleasant. In fact Max cried out in pure pain from being stretched like never before. But the mental high of what was happening to her, that her precious Caroline Channing had just taken her double anal cherry by herself, was enough to make the pain quickly fade.

It was also enough to make sure the rest of the double anal penetration was easier on them both, but especially Max, who actually cried out, whimpered and gasped with pleasure at the obscene misuse of her most private hole. Truth be told she was also making those sounds out of pain, or more often than not a mixture of both, but it was very clear to Ms Caroline they weren't pure pain, and that was all that mattered. It emboldened Ms Caroline to continue stuffing Max's fat ass with those two big dildos, giving Max more of the pain and pleasure which she craved. And of course, the glorious submission which came with it, being emphasise so wonderfully by Max continuing to spread her cheeks and giving Ms Caroline the best possible look of her back door stretched like never before for those fake cocks.

From her current position Max could just about look behind her and see the beautifully happy look on Ms Caroline's face throughout the ass stuffing and beyond. This always intensified the pleasure Max was feeling, but it was doubly so this time, as they were experiencing a first in the best way possible and indulging in their obsession with abusing Max's big fat ass. All those things combined to make sure that Max not only took every inch of both dildos, but shortly after the sodomy got underway her slutty ass relax to the extreme abuse and then all she felt was pure pleasure. Which of course she was only too happy to let her beloved Ms Caroline know, first through the sounds she was making, and then more directly.

Caroline had second-guessed this extreme half a dozen times, because even though they had talked about the possibility of sharing Max's big fat ass with Jane surely not even Max Black's super slutty booty could be stretched that wide, or at least that deep. Caroline wasn't sure she even believed video footage of other women doing it, convinced it had to be some sort of special effect, her own ass hole quivering with fear at the idea. And at the same time, she quivered with excitement at the thought of doing the exact same thing to the woman she loved. And sure enough, Max's whore butt was not only able to stretch wide enough to take two dildos inside it at once, but it took every inch of those fake cocks, which was the most obscene and yet hot thing Caroline had ever seen.

In fact the moment her hand and then her thighs came to rest against Max's fat ass, Caroline cried out, "Every inch! Every fucking inch of my cocks are up your ass! Oh my God Max, you're such a ridiculously greedy anal whore!"

Normally Max would be only too happy to confirm that, but unsurprisingly she was in no state to comment. Instead she could only let out sounds which made it seem like the dildos had completely skewered her and were now in her throat. Yet somehow, the anal whore sounded like she was enjoying herself. Which was solidified when Caroline pulled back a little, and then push back on the toy and then repeated the process. She didn't get very far given their positions, but she didn't have too, as the message was crystal clear. That message being of course that Max Black was the biggest anal whore in the entire universe, and desperately wanted Ms Caroline to double fuck her big fat slutty ass.

Only too happy to oblige Caroline began thrusting her hips back and forth, initially pulling her hand along with the same pace to provide one punishing attack after another on her girlfriend's rectum. Eventually she started hammering those toys in and out of Max's ass hole at different times, and then began switching back and forth between the two while gradually picking up the pace of the butt fucking. But that was only after Max started moaning about how much she loved getting her big fat ass double fucked, and started begging for more. Which of course, didn't take that long. In fact, it only took a few minutes of gentle sodomy for Max to let Caroline know just how much she was loving all of this.

"I love your dick in my ass! Mmmmm, I love it! Oh Ms Caroline, I love your big dick in my fat ass!" Max moaned deliriously, "Mmmmm, pound that big fat ass of mine Ms Caroline! Pound it hard and deep and show me who's boss. Ooooooooh yessssssss, mmmmm, show me I'm nothing but your whore maid, ohhhhhh, put on this Earth to please you. Just a fuck hole for you to use for your pleasure. That's all I am. That's all I want to be! Your fuck hole, ohhhhhhh, yours to use however you want. Oh fuck, but please, please fuck me hard! I wanna cum like a total whore with your big dick in my ass. Oh please give it to me! Ass fuck me like the little whore I am! Oh Ms Caroline, oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk!"

At first Caroline continued the gentle sodomy, chuckling with delight at how this further frustrated her opinionated lover. Besides, Caroline just loved that slow sodomy, as it was a perfect chance to savour the sight of those dicks sliding in and out of Max's most private hole. Of course she also savoured the sight of them sliding in and out at different times, and better yet Max's big meaty cheeks jiggling for her after she pushed her girlfriend's hands away from her ass cheeks. Perhaps most of all she enjoyed the whimpers, cries and moans coming from the girlfriend everyone thought dominated her as she effortlessly put Max Black in her rightful place, namely as Caroline Channing's personal anal whore.

Max loved that position. It truly felt at times like this was the role she was born for, and something which was now tattooed onto her body. Oh yes, Max loved her tramp stamp declaring that she was Property of Caroline Channing, and she still hoped to add, maybe in smaller writing, Insert Here and an arrow pointing down to her butt hole. Now whenever she wore a tank top or a bikini people would know what she truly was. And more importantly, every time Ms Caroline took her from behind she would be reminded of exactly what Max was. And where Max like to be fucked, and be encouraged to do it again. Not that she really needed it.

No, Ms Caroline loved to butt fuck her as much as Max loved to be butt fucked, which was really saying something considering just how slutty her butt was. Something Ms Caroline proved with her Max Black must have her big fat ass fucked at least three times a day rule. Especially as they were constantly going over the minimum of three ass fuckings a day. But making her cum was another matter. For that Max always needed to beg for it, but only at the right time. First she had to hold back as much as she could, so both of them could savour the heaven that was Ms Caroline fucking her slutty little back hole for as long as she possibly could. Of course ultimately it just became too much for Max, her need to cum restoring her abilities to speak. Or more accurately, beg.

"Seriously Ms Caroline, fuck me harder!" Max whimpered with need, "Ohhhhhhh fuck, I need it! I need to have my big fat slutty butt pounded hard and deep so I can cum for you like the anal whore I am! Please Ms Caroline, mmmmm, my wonderful Mistress and owner, wreck my fucking butt hole! It's yours to use however you want, ooooooooh, but I'm begging you, fucking destroy it! Please? Oh please, slam fuck it like only you can and make me cum! Butt fuck me Ms Caroline! Fuck my butt harder! Ooooooooh yessssssss, fuck me in the butt as hard as you can and make me cum! Pleassssseeeee, I wanna cum! I need to cum! Oh Ms Caroline, fuck me! Mmmmm, ooooooh fuck, pound my whore ass harder and make me cum like a little bitch!"

"You want to cum like a bitch, huh? Mmmmm, then you do it!" Caroline ordered gleefully, emphasising her words by pushing Max's hands away from her cheeks and then slapping that ass hard, "Back up that booty! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, that big beautiful booty! Oh yes Max, give me that big fat booty! Give it to me and together we'll make you cum like the anal whore you are! Oh fuck yes, show me you're a bitch! My bitch, mmmmm fuck!"

As soon as she had permission Max started slamming herself back against Ms Caroline's thrusts, her Mistress at first increasing her own pace at the same speed that Max was building herself up and then thankfully she started using more. Then just as Max thought Ms Caroline might deny her, as she had done in the past, she instead sped up even more until she had to be using every ounce of her strength to brutalise Max's butt hole. As a result Max felt that she was being spanked again given how hard Ms Caroline's thighs were crashing against her ass cheeks, causing them to obscenely jiggle and the sound of the collision to echo around the room almost as loudly as Max's screams of pure pleasure. Although Max was only aware of that for a few seconds, before she got what she so desperately wanted.

Which of course was the kind of mind destroying orgasm she'd only ever had thanks to her Mistress. Just like it was only ever Ms Caroline who could give her multiple orgasms, each one just as powerful as the last and with the dominant woman giving her them effortlessly. And in this case this meant Ms Caroline pounding her butt to climax after climax, making Max love her even more, if that was even possible. Which easily reinforced everything she had been saying before, and everything she knew in her heart to be true, the thought making Max smile with blissful happiness as she lost the ability to think for a little while and just became a happy writhing and screaming wreck of climaxes.

Caroline did her best to fight off her own urge to cum, although it had never been more difficult for her. After all, while it was extremely dishevelled now Max was still wearing that wonderful little maid uniform. In fact it looked even better this way, as Max's huge boobs were hanging out of her low-cut top and swaying so hard they were practically hitting her lover in the face with every thrust, her hair was completely out of place, her legs still encased in those long black stockings with her fat and jiggling ass decorated with that garter belt, fuck, her girlfriend had never looked more beautiful. Which was really saying something, considering how regularly Caroline put her in this position and shoved her cock up Max's ass.

Of course Caroline had never had this kind of relationship with one of her actual maids when she was rich, nor had she wanted too. They had been sweet, but old, and back then she hadn't realised she was even into women. But now she knew, and her lover had dressed up in the perfect outfit for her, both given their preferred roles as top and bottom, and the fact that Caroline adored the chance to order someone around and pay to clean her house. And in this case, attend to other needs. Oh yes, they were definitely doing this again. In fact, Caroline might deliberately start making a mess just so she would have an excuse to order Max back into this little outfit so she could sodomise her just like this.

Just the thought of it was too much, especially combined with the stimulator bashing against her clit, the beautiful sight of Max Black bent over in front of her and the sheer joy of sodomising the other woman. It was enough to make Caroline go over the edge of a powerful climax which was quickly followed by another, and another, and another. To her credit Caroline kept pounding away at Max's big butt, although admittedly that was as much about her own satisfaction as pleasing her girlfriend. Perhaps more the former than the latter if she was being really honest, although it was kind of hard to tell at that moment. All she really knew was that she was feeling possessive again, which led to Caroline grabbing Max's hair and yelling at her.


Honestly Caroline wasn't even sure what she really said, and it didn't really matter. Or that really mattered was that the two girls became completely lost in not just the anal sex or their own pleasure, but in perhaps literally trying to destroy Max's butt hole. That was certainly Caroline's goal at that moment, the former heiress grinning sadistically at the idea of dipping into their savings to fix her favourite fuck hole. Which was the last coherent thought she was aware of until she collapsed in exhaustion down onto the sweaty body beneath her. They just lay there for quite a while, Caroline eventually pressing kisses to Max's back, neck and ear before whispering into it.

"I love you." Caroline smiled dreamily against Max's ear.

"Don't ruin it." Max pouted, flashing the other woman a smile to show she was mostly joking, "We're not done yet, Ms Caroline."

"You're right, we're not." Caroline admitted, after smacking Max's sore ass hard for her words. Then she slowly pushed herself up and off the other woman and ordered, "Show me my handiwork."

"Yes, Ms Caroline." Max eagerly replied.

Max first cried out with disappointment before that reply, as while lifting herself off of her Ms Caroline had yanked the dildo out of Max's slutty little butt hole, leaving her ass feeling horribly empty and unloved, and the hole left anything but small. Something which she gleefully showed off by rolling over towards Ms Caroline, reaching back and spreading her cheeks wide apart to expose her gaping ass hole. Or more accurately, emphasised the gape, as it would be perfectly visible without it, but this was an extra bit of submission which the 2 broke girls loved. Then when she had the strength Max pushed herself up onto her knees and bent over right in front of Ms Caroline, again emphasising her gape.

After staring deep into her girlfriend's rectum via that gaping crater Caroline ordered, "Good girl, now suck my cock!"

"Yes, Ms Caroline." Max gleefully replied.

She then quickly let go of her cheeks, turned around, crawled in between Ms Caroline's legs and wrapped her lips around the head of the strap-on which had just pummelled her butt. Of course then Max moaned from tasting her own ass cream like the shameless little ATM whore she was, even closing her eyes so she could savour that flavour for a few minutes before beginning to lazily bob her head up and down the cock. Oh how she just wanted to shove every inch down her throat and clean that big dick in seconds, something Max had done before. But no, Ms Caroline had just given her a world-class butt fucking, and the least an anal slut like Max could do in return was give her wonderful Mistress a world-class blow job.

Having spent a decent amount of time in her previous relationships, and ironically her current one, sucking cock Max was confident in saying, or thinking in this case, that she at least came close to achieving that goal. She certainly spent plenty of time on each part, whether that was initially sucking on the head or bobbing up and down the shaft, or maybe especially pushing that big dick into her well-trained throat. Sure, she still choked and gagged a little, but inch by inch that dildo slid down her windpipe until the entire length was in her throat, meaning she was able to clean the strap-on of every drop of her ass cream. Which of course delighted the two women, but maybe especially Ms Caroline who gleefully gave her encouragement.

"Mmmmm yessssss Max, suck that cock." Caroline moaned gently stroking her lover's long dark hair, "Suck it you greedy little cock sucker! Oh yes Max, you're my cock sucker! My ass to mouth loving cock sucker! Oh fuck yes, mmmmm, you're anything I want you to be Max, aren't you? Yes you are, oooooooh yesssssss, deep throat me! Deep throat that fucking cock! Oh Max, you're such a whore. Mmmmm, such a good little deep throating whore for me. Oh fuck yeah, ohhhhhhh, get every drop of your own butt cream like the twisted little ATM whore you are! Oh Max! Max! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeessssssss, suck that cock!"

While Max not only happily obliged, but would have done so all night, she was only given a few more minutes after those particular words before a tagging on her hair made it clear what Ms Caroline wanted now. This was one command she was reluctant to obey, simply because she was so lost in the cock sucking, but at this point Max was a well-trained bottom who would do anything for her top. Ultimately this wasn't so bad. In fact one she'd actually pulled away from that dick Max was quite eager to pull up her body, because she knew it meant kissing Caroline. And sure enough that was just what happened, which was something Max always loved, but especially in moments like this where her mistress was tasting Max's ass on Max's lips and tongue.

After kissing for quite a while Caroline broke the lip lock, stroked Max's face and softly told her again, "I love you Max."

Again Max was tempted to give a cheeky response, but in that moment all she could do was softly confess, "I love you too Caroline."

The End.


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