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Authors note: This is a story based on 2 Broke Girls and takes place during Episode 2 of Series 3. Also just for fun this chapter features a cameo from two Marvel characters, who are undercover while studying parallel universes.

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2 Broke Girls: 2 Broke Girls In Love Part 7
by MTL ([email protected])

"I'm getting a tattoo, and you're nervous?" Max teased.

"I can't help it." Caroline apologised, "I love this new dynamic between us, I do, but this is a little... far, you know? I mean, are you sure that you're up for this?"

"Yes, yes, for the millionth time yes!" Max hissed, her frustration shining through, then with a deep sigh she added, "I think it's as hot as fuck, and I'm getting it done, with or without you. I just really want you here when I get it, and I want you to be the one to order it. I want you to be the one to choose what it says, and where it goes, and even what the fucking font size is. I don't care, as long as it says I'm yours. That you fucking own me! That's what I want. That's all I want. Okay?"

As they were still technically on the street, and random people heard enough of it to give them funny looks, Caroline blushed bright red, but managed to mumble, "Okay."

"Good, now game face on. We're here." Max announced.

The tattoo parlour was thankfully empty except for one artist, that artist a big tattooed hairy man who gave them a surprisingly friendly smile and asked, "Hey ladies, my name is Bill, how can I help you this evening?"

There was a long pause as Caroline freezed up, and then after a few long seconds of feeling Max glancing at her expectantly and then hearing her girlfriend sigh in disappointment Caroline forced herself to answer the man in a squeak, "I'm here to get my sub tattooed."

There was another pause in which Bill looked surprised, although it only lasted a few seconds before the tattoo artist smiled and replied, "Of course. Did you have any idea on a design you might like?"

"Oh, erm..." Caroline mumbled, before making a decision, "I, I was thinking of something simple and to the point, like... Property of Caroline Channing."

"Cool." Bill nodded, "And where-"

"On her lower back." Caroline interrupted, some of the confidence she felt when Domming Max taking over, "I wanna give my girlfriend a tramp stamp! That'll show her who's boss!

"And you're okay with this?" Bill turned to the brunette, quickly adding, "I have to ask for legal purposes."

"I'm just a fuck hole. Fuck holes don't have opinions. We are just here to get fucked." Max grinned, clearly trying and succeeding to make Caroline blush. Then when the man continued to look at her she clarified, "Yeah, I'm okay with it. Whatever Caroline wants. She's the top, and I'm just her slutty little bottom who just wants to be branded as hers."

"Well, I admire your commitment to the role." Bill quipped with a laugh, before turning his attention back to the blonde, "Oh, and what font size did you want? As you can see, we have a lot of choices."

"That one will be fine." Caroline pointed to one of the tattoos on the wall.

"Excellent." Bill beamed, "That'll be $100."

There was yet another brief pause as Caroline bit her lip, then she mumbled, "Well, erm... we, we were kind of hoping to get a discount."

"Why?" Bill frowned, before the gears in his head started turning and he smiled, "What did you have in mind?"

Not liking the way he was looking at them, although she should have seen it coming, Caroline suddenly became brave again, "Take it easy buddy. I'm a one person girl, and I don't share."

"Tell me about it." Max quipped.

Ignoring the dig Caroline continued, "I was more thinking about telling you a story in exchange for a discount."

"No deal." Bill said dismissively.

"Wait, wait! It's really good, I promise." Caroline protested, quickly adding, "Why don't you hear it, then you can decide whether it's worth a discount or not."

"Fine." Bill sighed, "But make it quick."

"Oh trust me buddy, you don't want us to make it quick." Max grinned, "You wanna hear this in great detail."

"Really?" Bill asked seriously.

"Really." Caroline grinned, "We even got to meet Max's doppelg„nger in it. I swear, these girls could be sisters."

Seeing they were losing him Max quickly added, "Trust me, that's not the interesting part of the story."

* * *

Caroline had been racking her brain for fun things she and Max could do together as Dom and sub, and off the top of her head she had suggested shopping together. Max, being Max, had turned that into sex toy shopping, and before Caroline knew it she was standing in front of an old school sex store. She hadn't even known that places like this still existed, given the popularity of the Internet, but Max was only too happy to explain that this place was more than what it seemed, and it wasn't the toys or the dirty videos keeping this place afloat. Which had led to some amazing sex, and Caroline agreeing to go with her, but the closer and closer she got to it the more nervous she became.

"Alright, here we are." Max announced cheerily once they were standing outside the store.

"Wait!" Caroline protested.

"What?" Max frowned.

"I'm just checking no one I know is around." Caroline admitted while looking in every direction in turn.

Max stared at her lover for a few long seconds, and then exclaimed, "Oh my God, this is your first time going to a sex store! How is this your first time going to a sex store?"

"I don't know, because I shop for that stuff online like normal people?" Caroline grumbled.

"I thought the government confiscated everything you bought online." Max grinned wickedly.

"Not everything, thank God." Caroline admitted, "If I'd known that before I would have done a better job at hiding other things, but I just couldn't face the government repossessing my vibrator."

"Who could?" Max quipped with a grin, before taking a hold of her lover's hand, "But trust me honey, your sex toy problems are over."

Before Caroline could protest Max dragged her into the sex store, causing the blonde to blush while the brunette giggled wickedly. Caroline blushed even more once they were in the door and was greeted by shelves and shelves of toys and costumes of all shapes and sizes. For a few long seconds Caroline was frozen to the spot in horror, then a wide grin crossed her face at doing something so naughty. And been surrounded by so much naughtiness. And of course, the thought of what they might do in this place. What they plan to do in the name of a discount. Oh God, this was so exciting. Also terrifying, but more the former than the latter.

"So, what do you think?" Max asked.

"About what I expected." Caroline softly murmured as she noticed a few guys, and girls, staring at them.

"Trust me, you haven't seen anything yet." Max grinned, pulling Caroline to the counter and made some introductions, "Caroline, this is my friend, Darcy Lewis. Darcy, this is the girl I was telling you about."

"OH MY GOD!" Caroline exclaimed, looking back and forth in disbelief, "You two are exactly alike?"

The two brunettes eerily frowned, looked at each other, back at Caroline and Max quipped, "I don't see it."

Darcy simultaneously quipped, "I don't see it."

Which was almost as mind blowing as the fact these two girls were identical. Because sure, their looks and demeanour were different right down to Darcy's far less revealing clothes and cute little nerd glasses compared with the tight clothing hugging Max's body and, as far as Caroline knew, her perfect vision. But other than that she obviously had the same curvy figure that Caroline had become so obsessed with, beautiful face and even though it had only been a few seconds so far it was clear their personalities were at least a little similar. Something which was only further proven as things continued, and escalated.

"How?" Caroline mumbled with disbelief after a few long seconds.

"Please, we're completely different." Darcy huffed.

"Yeahhhh, I'm nothing like this nerd." Max protested the comparison, and teased her friend, at the same time.

"Hey!" Darcy protested, before grinning a little, "Don't let the glasses fool you, it's my girlfriend who's the real nerd around here. Isn't that right babe?"

That last part was directed towards the back, and a few seconds later a tiny brunette girl came out and beamed when she saw her audience, "What? Oh, hey Max?"

"You're on a first name basis with everyone who works here?" Caroline questioned dryly.

"Oh yeah." Max grinned without a hint of shame, and then made introductions again, "Caroline, this is Darcy's girlfriend Jane Foster. Jane, this is my girlfriend Caroline."

"Wow, really?" Jane frowned, looking Caroline up and down, "You're not exactly what I was expecting. I mean, wow, you're really tall."

"And you're really short." Caroline snapped, taking offence to what she knew wasn't meant to be offensive because she was just so rattled by all of this, "Seriously, what's going on? Am I being Punked or something?"

"Oh, you're referring to how our girlfriends look identical." Jane said excitedly, getting out a notepad and pen while hushing protests from the other brunettes, "How does that make you feel?"

"Confused. Angry. Annoyed." Caroline happily listed.

"Horny?" Max quickly added.

"No!" Caroline protested, and then when she got a look from her girlfriend she sighed, "Maybe a little bit, but mostly I'm just confused. I mean seriously, are you two sisters or something?"

"Well, myself and Darcy definitely aren't from another dimension and aren't undercover while we study my girlfriend's doppelg„nger." Jane murmured, Similarly to herself. Then she clearly realised what she had just said and looked horrified for a few seconds, before breaking out into a nervous chuckle, quickly joined by Darcy just before Jane added, "That would be crazy."

For a few seconds Caroline just stared at the girl with the notepad in disbelief, and then turned to go while announcing, "I'm leaving. This is just too weird."

"No! Please stay, for me?" Max whined, "Please? You promised we could put on a show."

"You wanna put on a show?" Darcy grinned.

"Yeah we do, don't we, Mistress Caroline?" Max pushed hopefully.

Halfway to the door Caroline bit her lip. Meeting someone who looked identical to her girlfriend was kind of freaky, especially if she really wasn't Max's long lost twin sister, but while it was weirder in the grand scheme of things for her the really weird thing was Caroline didn't come here just to buy sex toys. No, she came here to put on a show, which was code in this place as a live sex show. Which was something she hadn't ever seen herself doing previously, but the more she thought about it the more it appealed, especially because of the money it would result in. Besides, as Max had pointed out, it wasn't her who was going to be violated, so she wasn't really the whore here, Max was. Which weirdly made her feel better about all this.

"Fine." Caroline sighed, then she marched back to Darcy, took a deep calming breath and introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Caroline, and I'm looking for some toys to use on my bitch here."

Max gave Darcy a little wave and then Jane butted in, "Well, anything you had in mind?"

Caroline shrugged, "What do ya got?"

"Well, we have a wide variety of butt-plugs." Jane explained, walking over to a wall covered in them before asking, "You girls have anal sex?"

"Are you kidding? Have you seen my girlfriend's ass?" Caroline questioned with disbelief, before turning to her sub and ordering, "Max, turn around and show these girls your ass!"

"Yes Mistress Caroline." Max shamelessly replied with a grin, even giving her ass a little wiggle once she was in position.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, that's it, show off that fat ass." Caroline practically moaned with approval, walking up to Max's side and smacking that big booty to make the cheeks jiggle, "Show off that big fat ass of yours, ooooooh fuck yeah, make that big booty jiggle for me. Ohhhhhhh fuck, how could I not be fucking this meaty butt every single night?"

"I know what you mean." Jane grinned, "I'm the exact same way with my anal loving bitch."

"Who?" Caroline questioned in only somewhat exaggerated disbelief, "You and Darcy? I wouldn't have guessed."

"That I'm the top in our relationship?" Jane scoffed, before admitting, "Yeahhhhh, that's what everybody thinks. That just because she's louder and more outgoing that she'd automatically be a top, and mousy little Jane Foster is just a bottom. Well they're wrong. Darcy isn't just a bottom, she's the biggest bottom in the entire universe. In fact she is a giant bottom in any universe and I have the research to prove it."

"Yes, well... I suppose if anyone knew we were together they'd assumed the same thing about me and Max." Caroline admitted, deciding to ignore the last weird comment, "But we were talking about butt fucking, and if these girls really are identical I hope for the love of God that you're pounding her ass regularly, because big booties like that were made to be fucked."

"Oh I couldn't agree more." Jane grinned, beckoning Darcy closer, "In fact, I think it's a crime against nature if Darcy isn't sodomised at least three times a day, and in between each of those extremely necessary butt fuckings I keep her ass hole nice and stretched at all times, just in case I feel like a little anal in between ass fuckings. Isn't that right Darcy?"

"Yes Mistress Jane." Darcy replied meekly with her head down, slipping into full on sub mode.

"Why don't you show the nice lady what I mean?" Jane pushed.

"Yes Mistress Jane." Darcy said submissively, turning around, undoing her tight fitting pants and pulling them down to reveal a butt-plug in between her cheeks.

"Wow." Caroline murmured as a nice touch the sub pulled her cheeks apart while keeping her pants just below her cheeks.

"As you can see, I'm a big fan of butt-plugs." Jane beamed, "They're perfect for keeping Darcy ready for me at all times, and reminding this loudmouth of her place whenever we're in public together. And I know for a fact that Max is very similar to Darcy, so I highly recommend purchasing a wide variety depending on your mood and the state of your bitch's ass hole. Maybe even a couple for when she's widely gaped. Trust me, there's no better feeling of power than knowing you're keeping her slut butt stretched without even touching her. And again, if you're out in public, just take her aside, slip one inside her butt, or maybe even a bigger one, and watch as she is instantly reminded who's boss."

"That sounds good." Caroline beamed, "Anything you'd specifically recommend?"

"Probably this three piece set." Jane said, retrieving a box from the nearby wall, "It's a little expensive, but it's quality merchandise, and I guarantee the small one will always fit in an ass whore like Darcy or Max. Hell, you might not even have to worry about lube, or even spit. Then if you want to keep stretching her more you have two more big plugs right there, or you can use something else."

"Oh, we're definitely getting this." Caroline's eyes lighting up as she took and inspected the box, before biting her lip and then asking, "Do you mind if I take it for a test drive?"

"Well, as long as you promise to buy it." Jane grinned.

"Great." Caroline beamed, before frantically removing the smallest plug from the box and then shoving it up Max's ass, barely pausing to order, "Drop your pants Max!"

"Yes Mistress Caroline." Max happily complied, and then cried out joyfully as she was anally violated.

Once the plug was firmly embedded in Max's ass hole Caroline shamelessly turned to the other Dom and told her, "I'll take one of each. I'm in love with my ass whore, and her fat ass, and I want to give her, and it, a variety."

"A wise choice." Jane beamed, "Can I interest you in some spanking equipment? We've got a discount on paddles."

"Oh yes, an ass like Max's needs constant spankings." Caroline grinned wickedly.

"I couldn't agree more." Jane chuckled, walking a few shelves over to the BDSM, "As you can see we have a variety of equipment available, from spreader bars, to stocks, chains, rope and of course, whips and paddles. So, does anything strike your fancy?"

"I see what you did there." Caroline grinned, and then when Jane just stared at her blankly she quickly began to inspect the paddle, picking a few up and testing them out, "Mmmmm, this one seems good. Mind if I tested out?"

"By all means." Jane beamed, turning to the other brunettes and snapping her fingers, "Bitches, up against that wall!"

"Yes Mistress Jane." Darcy quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes Mistress Jane." Max replied and obeyed with a flirtatious smile.

"Oh your bitch is just begging for a spanking." Jane said, turning to smirk at Caroline, "Feel free to spank my bitch too. She needs it just as bad."

"Clearly." Caroline grinned lustfully at those big butts.

Max grinned as she wiggled her big butt to try and entice Mistress Caroline to spank it while Darcy just stayed still and patiently waited. The two subs were both leaning against a nearby wall, their palms laid flat and their juicy asses pushed out and back so they were nice and ready for the promised spanking. And fuck, Mistress Caroline looked so good with that paddle in her hand, the blonde playing with it menacingly as she slowly walked over to the bent over brunettes and inspected the big booty she owned and an equally big booty that for that night was hers to use. Or at least to spank. Because Max didn't mind Mistress Caroline spanking other sluts, but she didn't like the idea of Mistress Caroline fucking another girl's ass. No, her ass hole had the honour of being Mistress Caroline's fuck hole, and she wouldn't let's some other sub take that privilege from her.

Suddenly Max was distracted from her thoughts by Mistress Caroline placing her new paddle down on her right ass cheek and then after a few long seconds rubbing it slightly, which in turn made Max grin wickedly. She then moved the paddle to another cheek, but not one of Max's. No, to one of Darcy's ass cheeks. Mistress Caroline was playing with another woman's ass. But that was okay. Clearly Mistress Caroline was gently teasing her as a way to remind her who was boss. Not that Max minded. No, she expected to be teased when coming here, especially given what Darcy had said about the way that Mistress Jane liked to play. So it was fine. Fine. Fine!

Only it wasn't fine, because Mistress Caroline not only gave Darcy's ass the first blow but several more after that, filling Max with burning jealousy. That should be her butt being beaten, and her cries of pain echoing throughout the room. Cries which was filled with more than a hint of enjoyment, meaning that Mistress Caroline was making another girl feel good, even if it was through a very unconventional way. And Max had totally been the one to get them into this mess in the first place. But still, she was mad at her Mistress Caroline, and almost opened her mouth to complain, but then, oh then, Mistress Caroline started spanking her, and everything was right with the world. Well, sort of.

Mistress Caroline occasionally switched from Max's greedy ass back to Darcy's slutty butt, and even though it wasn't often and she only gave it a few hard blows it was enough to make Max jealous. Maybe coming here wasn't such a good idea after all. Then again it was thrilling to have her ass exposed in public like this, every other customer who had been in the shop before, and later entered it, gathering around to watch either out of morbid curiosity, or in most cases genuine excitement. Max grinned, winked and jiggled her ass at a few of them, although the last one was unnecessary as her ass was jiggling plenty from the force of those blows. Although she knew that was nothing compared to what was to come.

Caroline always loved teasing Max during a spanking, and this time it was even easier as she had another ass to switch too just make Max feel jealous. Which should have felt weird and awkward, but it only felt thrilling and even natural as that other ass was just as big and beautiful as the fat butt Caroline had become so obsessed with, a fact which was proven by just how much Darcy's big booty jiggled from the force of each blow. That continued to be the case as Caroline gradually put more force into her strokes, making those big butts jiggle even more and begin to turn delightfully pink. Then just as she was starting to get a rhythm Caroline was abruptly stopped.

"Here, why don't you try this one?" Jane suggested while holding out another paddle.

This startled Caroline and for a few seconds she just stared at the other Dom, before shrugging, "Okay."

Exchanging her current paddle for the one offered to her Caroline took a closer look at it and smiled. Both sides of the original paddle were smooth, but this new one had the word 'SLUT' in the capital letters sticking out of the paddle. Immediately getting the idea Caroline bought the paddle down hard on Max's ass, keeping to the same spot, and then doing the same with Darcy's butt, resulting in the word SLUT faintly appearing on their backsides. Then Jane offered her another paddle, and then another, and then another, and then another, giving Caroline the chance to spank the two brunettes with seemingly every paddle in the sex store.

Her favourite was the last one, as it was covered in a criss-cross pattern which seemed to double the amount of pain that the two subs were receiving, given the way that they were crying out. But still neither one of them complained, which showed that even though this hurt they were both still enjoying it. Or maybe Caroline was just lost in the spanking at that point she didn't notice any protests, which was an incredibly worrying thought, but not enough to knock her back to reality as she assaulted those asses with increasingly hard blows until she was using every ounce of her strength to beat those butts. Then she somehow found a way to beat them harder.

She did that as a result of those butts turning from light pink to a dark and bruised red under the force of her strikes, the cries the two subs let out, and most of all the way those meaty cheeks jiggled from the force of the blows. God, it was heaven. A really, really twisted heaven. One which she got to beat the butts of not only her precious girlfriend but a total stranger, who weirdly looked like her girlfriend. Which was why she didn't feel too guilty about it, because if Darcy was anything like Max, and it seemed like she was, the big bottomed bottom was loving it. In fact Caroline felt she could just about hear proof of that in the cries both the incredibly hot submissives were letting out as she continued assaulting their asses.

Max definitely loved every second of it, especially when the real hard spanking got underway. Fuck, it always made her so wet when Mistress Caroline so completely and utterly dominated her in this way, and this time was definitely no exception. In fact it was even better because her friend Darcy was here receiving the same treatment, and from the look in her eye, the smile on her face and most of all the cries she was letting out it was clear that Darcy hadn't been lying before and she loved this just as much as Max did. Which was good, because Mistress Caroline was giving them both one hell of a butt beating, slamming those asses and taking no prisoners.

Of course Mistress Caroline was experienced enough at this point not to use all of her strength in the spanking, and as far as this was concerned Max certainly wouldn't want her too. No, Max wanted Mistress Caroline to save enough energy to give her a proper fucking, right here in the middle of the store, in front of the people watching them and the security cameras. And she got her wish, Mistress Caroline stopping with what was obviously plenty of energy to spare, handing the paddle back to Jane and then greedily groping those well beaten bottoms, making those two bottoms coo happily at the soothing touches. Then they cried out as Mistress Caroline gave them one last hard smack each before turning her attention to her host.

"I think we need bigger plugs." Caroline quipped, "I'm in the mood to give my bitch a thorough ass wrecking, and I can't wait much longer."

"Me too." Jane agreed with a smile before retrieving a couple of bigger plugs, "How about these?"

Caroline looked thoughtful for a minute, and then asked, "Got anything bigger? I'm in the mood for hard-core butt fucking tonight."

"Me too." Jane grinned, before admitting, "Although with an ass like Darcy's, I'm in the mood for hard-core butt fucking every night."

"Me too." Caroline laughed, parroting what Jane had just said.

It was then Jane's turned to look thoughtful for a minute, then she picked something off a nearby shelf, "How about these?"

"Ohhhhh, we haven't tried these before." Caroline grinned, eagerly taking the offered toy and taking it out of the packaging.

"Trust me, Max will love it." Jane promised with another smile, "Darcy does."

Wanting to know what the mystery toy was Max tried to look over her shoulder, only to cry out loudly as Mistress Caroline gave her a hard slap to her sore behind and snapped, "Face forward bitch! Mmmmm, and no peeking."

"Yes Mistress Caroline, sorry Mistress Caroline." Max quickly apologised.

Then Mistress Caroline spat into her hand and rubbed it into the toy, making Max grin excitedly. Momentarily that feeling was replaced by disappointment as the butt-plug was removed from her ass hole only to be replaced by something smaller. But then that tiny little ball was joined by a slightly larger ball, and in the process was repeated quickly five times, causing Max to cry out with delight, both at the anal penetration and the knowledge of what was happening. In her previous visited to this place she'd seen anal beads, and of course she'd heard them, and she'd had been hoping that she could try them with Mistress Caroline. Of course now she was it was even better than she'd dreamed.

It got even better as the balls got bigger and bigger, really causing Max's butt hole to stretch wider to accept them, and then slid along wall of her rectum, both of which caused wonderful sensations which Max adored. Then to make it even better at a certain point Mistress Caroline stopped the progress, gently started pulling back and then repeated the process, meaning that she was butt fucking her with those anal beads. Which wasn't quite as good as when Mistress Caroline was using a nice big dick, especially a strap-on so Max could feel her girlfriend's thighs crashing against her meaty cheeks, but it still felt amazing. Especially as Mistress Caroline began pushing further into her slutty back passage in the process.

Caroline was loving this just as much as Max was, which was really saying something considering how much her girlfriend was moaning, groaning, whimpering and crying out in pure pleasure. It helped that Jane was doing the exact same thing to Darcy, and getting the exact same reaction out of Darcy, but mostly Caroline was focused on Max and how well she was taking it like the anal loving bitch she was. Those beads were just sliding in and out so easily, clearly causing Max nothing but pleasure as she was anally violated by them, the entire time Caroline pulling one of Max's cheeks apart so she could get a really good look at her bitch taking that toy. God, they were definitely going to have to get one of these things.

Of course it would be strictly used for a warm up, because it just wasn't the same as slamming Max's ass hole with a strap-on. It made for one great warm up though, Caroline spending several minutes teasing Max with only just over half of the beads before she started slowly adding the bigger ones. Then once they were all inside that fat ass she spent a few more long minutes pumping them in and out so she could watch that beautiful little butt hole stretching over and over again for the biggest beads, before burying the last bead as deep as it could go into Max's back door. Then Caroline took a step back to admire her handiwork, and slap Max roughly on the ass to emphasise her next words, which of course made those cheeks jiggle so much Caroline almost lost her train of thought.

Luckily Caroline was just about able to compose herself, "Good girl, ooooooh, that's a very good girl. Good little anal slut. Now... make sure you keep these beads in your fat ass while you turn around and kneel in front of me."

"Yes Mistress Caroline." Max replied as she did as was told.

"You too Darcy." Jane ordered, smacking Darcy's ass nice and hard in the process.

"Yes Mistress Jane." Darcy replied while copying Max's actions.

There was then a pause as Caroline just enjoyed the sight of those two beautiful brunettes kneeling before them, then she picked up a strap-on dildo from a nearby shelf and asked, "Do you sluts wanna get butt fucked good and hard, right here in the store where anyone can see?"

"Yes Mistress Caroline." Max replied quickly and eagerly, "Butt fuck me. Oh God, please fuck mm butt good and hard!"

"Yes Mistress Caroline, I wanna be butt fucked by Mistress Jane." Darcy clarified, "Mmmmm, or you, if Mistress Jane lets you. I just want to give my whore ass fucked by a beautiful, dominant woman, and you both definitely fit the bill."

"Damn right we do." Jane grinned, "And don't worry Darcy, it would be me who is destroying your fat ass. As long as Mistress Caroline doesn't mind sharing the spotlight."

"Not at all." Caroline reassured, "In fact I think it would be totally hot to butt fuck our anal whores side by side so everybody here can watch."

This caused a little cheer from the crowd, although it was clear none of them wanted to be too loud and interrupt the fun, which both Doms clearly appreciated, then Jane pointed out, "But I still think these little butt sluts needed to earn the privilege of our big cocks up their fat asses."

"Oh I couldn't agree more." Caroline grinned, putting down the strap-on, "What did you have in mind?"

"Maybe a little pussy licking?" Jane suggested thoughtfully, "Darcy is really, really good with her tongue."

"So is Max. Too good, actually." Caroline confessed, "I wanna save all my energy for pounding her sweet ass. But there is the way we could use their talented little tongues."

"You mean by eating our asses?" Jane grinned hopefully.

"Mmmmm, fuck yeah. Girls, bury your faces in our butts." Caroline ordered, "But kiss them first. Ohhhhhh yessssss, show everyone here how you are a pair of ass kissers."

"Yes Mistress Caroline." Darcy quickly replied.

"Yes Mistress Caroline." Max replied just as quickly.

Smirking at the obedience of their sluts Jane and Caroline turned around, undid their pants and gently pulled them down just below their butt cheeks, bending over in the process and sticking out their asses. Those asses weren't exposed for long before Darcy and Max shuffled forward and pressed their lips simultaneously to those butt cheeks, and then repeated the process, eventually beginning to kiss the bottoms of the tops, like the good little ass kissing bottoms they were. Which of course made Caroline chuckle with delight, and then moan happily as Max pushed her face in between her cheeks and started eagerly lapping away at her rosebud. Which felt so good Caroline almost forgot about their audience.

Almost, but not quite, given there were a few more of them now, appearing as if from nowhere to take pictures and film this lewd display of kinky lesbian sex. Although at least Caroline had managed to limit how exposed she was. Poor Max still had her lower half exposed, along with the handle of the beads sticking out of her ass hole, that sex toy threatening to slip out at any moment. Darcy's too. Meanwhile Jane was letting her pants and underwear fall down around her ankles so she could reach back and pull Darcy deeper into her ass, which was still fun to watch, but a reminder that Caroline wasn't quite as bold. Although it was yet increasingly tempting as Max passionately ate out her ass, making Caroline cry out with pure pleasure and close her eyes to savour the wonderful sensations she was feeling.

Max definitely preferred to be the one receiving a rim job. Partly because she was a greedy anal slut who was completely addicted to getting her ass played with, but mostly because whenever Mistress Caroline rimmed her it was a prelude to a nice hard butt fucking. Ironically this rim job would be no exception, even though for once it was Max who was licking an ass hole. Although Max had to admit there was something wonderfully submissive about worshipping the ass of her Mistress, especially in front of an audience. Oh yes, Max was officially an ass kisser. Mistress Caroline's personal ass kisser, and everybody here knew it.

As an added bonus she was doing this alongside Darcy Lewis, a woman she had a lot in common with, including taste in girlfriends. Sure, Jane wasn't a blonde, but she had this slim little body, perky little tits and a cute little booty. Also apparently she had a very tasty pussy, and ass hole, and was addicted to dominating her curvy girlfriend. Especially pounding that big ass of hers. Plus given half a chance Jane would talk and talk and talk until Max automatically zoned out. So yeah, the similarities in their body types and personalities were obvious, which made doing this together so wonderfully thrilling. If Max wasn't so possessive of her precious Mistress she might even have suggested a proper foursome, instead of simultaneous fucking, although this was proving to be great fun.

Of course Max's main focus remained Mistress Caroline's cute little butt hole, which she licked over, and over, and over again for a few long minutes. Eventually she began swirling her tongue around the hole instead of just licking up and down, and then sucking at that forbidden orifice, which got an extra loud and happy moans out of Mistress Caroline. Finally she tried pushing her tongue into Mistress Caroline's ass hole, but unlike when the situation was reversed Max didn't get very far, which was unsurprising given that Mistress Caroline was still an anal virgin, while Max was a proud anal whore. Still, Max made a little progress just before she was ordered to stop, getting the tip of her tongue through Mistress Caroline's tight little anal ring and licking the inside of her back hole.

This got an extra loud cry out of Caroline, who was unsure how she felt about this, then she ordered, "Mmmmm that's enough. Go pick out a strap-on and some lube. I'm in a good mood, so I'll let you decide just how wide and deep you want your ass stretched. And just how easily I slid into you."

"Yes Mistress Caroline." Max eagerly replied and obeyed.

"You too Darcy. I wanna butt fuck you as Caroline butt fucks Max." Jane admitted, before turning to the blonde, "As long as you don't mind, of course."

"Not at all, I think it would be fun to fuck those big fat asses side by side." Caroline reassured.

"Great." Jane beamed, before turning to her bitch and insisting, "What do you say bitch?"

"Yes Mistress Jane, thank you Mistress Jane." Darcy said submissively, already grabbing a strap-on.

Meanwhile Max was still struggling to make a decision. There were just so many big and wonderful toys here, and she wanted to try out one of the big monsters, but she wasn't sure that her Mistress was ready for that. In the end she picked out a strap-on which was two inches longer, and almost an entirely inch thicker, than the one they had at home, which clearly had Mistress Caroline looking nervous, but she remain silent as Max wrapped it around her waist and then slowly covered it in lube. Of course Max was so horny, and her ass was so well stretched, that she didn't want to bother with any lube, but while this was mostly for Mistress Caroline's benefit the sooner that she could get this 12 incher into her butt the better, and this would help with that.

"Okay bitches, bend over and spread your cheeks!" Jane ordered.

"Yes Mistress Jane." Darcy said and then Max parroted as they got into position.

"Now beg us for the privilege of being butt fucked." Caroline ordered.

Max and Darcy shared a wicked look, then started shamelessly begging, starting with Max, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Please Mistress Caroline, ass fuck me! Shove every single inch of your big dick up my slutty little ass! Mmmmm, I mean my big fat slutty ass. Oh yeah, wreck that ass hole of mine and remind me why it's yours. Please Mistress Caroline? Show our new friends what ass fucking is really all about. Please? Oh please, fucking destroy my bitch hole! Oh yes! Stretch that ass! Stretch it! Stretch it wide open so you can stick your cock in my ass! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh Goooooodddddd!"

At about the same time Darcy shamelessly pleaded, "Fuck me Mistress Jane! Fuck my butt! Fuck my slutty ass! Yeahhhhhhh, pound this slutty little back door of mine and bust it wide open! Treat me like the shameless little butt slut I am! Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, I'm a little butt slut Mistress Jane. Your little butt slut, with a big fat booty that's just aching for your big hard dick! Please give it to me. I need it. Mmmmmm, I need you inside me Mistress Jane. I fucking need it, mmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss, fucking give me that cock! Shove it up my big fat ass. Oh fuck! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, mmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkk!"

Caroline, and clearly Jane, enjoyed hearing Max and Darcy shamelessly begging for them, at first interrupting each other and then just talking over the other to the point they weren't being very coherent. At that point Caroline was more focused on the beautiful target in front of her, and the handle of the beads which were sticking out of it. Before Caroline got the chance Jane leaned over first and began slowly pulling those beads out of Darcy's ass, only to reinsert them inside her girlfriend and then repeat the process. Although it was hard for Caroline to stay mad at being beaten to the punch when she got such a great view of it, and she did the same herself a few long minutes later. Which of course just made Darcy and Max whimper pathetically and beg more desperately.

Of course it was only a matter of time before one of the tops was going to penetrate her bitch, and Caroline wanted to be first this time, so after just about a minute of pumping those anal beads in and out of Max's ass Caroline pulled them out completely and roughly shoved her strap-on into that loosened bitch hole. Just like that Max's slutty little butt hole took the first few inches of her dick, Caroline's personal ass whore making her very proud by moaning loudly and shamelessly at the anal penetration. She then made her even more proud by continuing to moan as Caroline slowly pushed forwards, pushing inch after inch of her cock inside her rectum. And throughout this Max spread her cheeks like a good girl, giving Caroline the perfect view of that dildo sliding into her girlfriend's forbidden hole.

It seemed impossible that anything would make her look away from that heavenly sight, but when out of the corner of her eye she spotted Jane pulling the anal beads out of Darcy's ass hole she just couldn't resist turning her head and watching her girlfriend's doppelganger getting her big booty invaded. Caroline hadn't thought anything could come close to the pleasure of violating Max's big fat ass, but this came extremely close, especially when Jane caught up to her in what felt like no time at all, and Darcy cried out with pleasure the entire time, proving these girls had to be sisters or something, because they were both total anal whores.

Then Caroline and Jane exchanged a look and then a wicked grin, before both of them concentrated on the perfect piece of ass in front of them and rammed forwards as hard as they could, more or less simultaneously burying every inch of those big 12 inch dildos deep into the bowels of both Max and Darcy. Which of course just made the two butt sluts cry out with pure joy. Those butt sluts then whimpered with disappointment as Jane and Caroline took a few long seconds to savour this wonderful moment. The tops then exchanged another look, another wicked grin, and then focused on sodomising the bottoms, much to the clear delight of their little butt sluts.

"Yes! Yes, yes, YES! Oooooooh yessssssss, mmmmmm, give me every inch of that dick! Every inch! Oh fuck yeah!" Darcy moaned as her rectum was completely filled with dick, then after taking a few moments to enjoy that feeling of fullness she continued the seamless begging, "Mmmmm yessssss, fuck me! Fuck my big booty! Mmmmm fuck yeah, fuck it hard! Fuck my slutty little back door like the fuck hole it is! Oh Mistress Jane, fuck that ass like only you can! Ohhhhhhh fuck, no one butt fucks me like Mistress Jane! Mistress Jane is the best butt fucker in all of the multi-verse. Soooooooo gooooooddddddd, so good, oh fuck!"

"No! No, Mistress Caroline is the best!" Max moaned, once again interrupting her new friend as they both shamelessly kissed ass while getting theirs fucked, "Mistress Caroline is the best butt fucker ever! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, show 'em Mistress Caroline! Sure everyone what an amazing ass pounder you really are by pounding my slutty little ass hole and turn it into a gaping crater! Oooooooh yeahhhhh, fucking wreck my ass! Please? My ass, mmmmmm, I want it fucked! Fucked hard! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, fuck my ass hard with every inch of your cock Mistress Caroline! Oh yeah, oh fuck, aaaaahhhhh yeahhhhhh, fuck me!"

Max continued talking dirty because she knew how much Mistress Caroline had grown to love it, but also for the benefits of those watching, and those who would watch their little porno. After all, if they were going to do this they might as well do it right. Also Max had to admit, there was a thrill to being surrounded by girls and guys with their hands down their pants and getting themselves off while watching herself and her friend being fucked. And not just fucked, but fucked up the ass. Oh yes, Max was willingly allowing herself to be sodomised, what many believed to be the ultimate act of submission. Publicly, at that. Which only intensified that submission, and the humiliation of it all. And she was fucking getting off on it like the nasty slut she was. Hell, she was begging for more of it.

Because she had the biggest whore ass ever, at least in the terms of being slutty, but maybe also the other thing at least in this room, and she was constantly being brutally butt banged by her Mistress, Max felt like she could take a rectum wrecking right from the get go, and especially after a few minutes of slow sodomy. Seriously, all she was feeling was pleasure right now, and whatever minor discomfort she felt in the beginning had been overwhelmed by the mental and physical pleasure of having her most private hole violated by her strap-on wielding girlfriend. Oh yes, Max wasn't just an anal whore, she was a lesbian anal whore. And so was Darcy.

Here they were, two peas in a pod, both getting fucked in the ass side by side in the middle of a sex store, their actions observed by customers and the security cameras filming all of this. Anal sex with Mistress Caroline was a taboo on top of a taboo as it was, this felt like a taboo on top of a taboo on top of a taboo on top of a taboo. On top of a taboo? Max had honestly lost count. Then again she'd never really been good at counting at the best of times, especially not when receiving intense pleasure, and anal pleasure from Mistress Caroline was by far the best type of pleasure Max had ever known in her admittedly butt sex filled life.

Of course there was very easily away this could be better, namely of her girlfriend would just pick up the pace and give her a real ass fucking. Or at least of Jane started pounding Darcy's ass, as that might give Mistress Caroline the encouragement she needed to start wrecking her rectum. After all, Mistress Caroline had been careful to mirror Jane this entire time, and vice versa, so maybe when one of them gave her girlfriend what she wanted the other one would follow. Which was early enough to make Max trail off and give Darcy a chance to talk dirty. Also if she was honest just a chance to savour the wonderful feeling of that big dick, bigger than any she'd had before, pumping it's way through her rectum and stimulating places inside her she could never have imagined being seamlessly stimulated before her relationship with her Mistress.

"Fuck me harder Mistress Jane! Ohhhhhhh yeah, fuck my ass harder!" Darcy moaned happily, "Mmmmm, slam fuck my butt hole in front of all these people and show everyone who the best butt buster is around here. Please? Oh please Mistress, fuck me! I wanna be fucked! I need to be fucked! Oooooooh fuck yeah, I crave-"

"Shut up and suck these beats clean." Jane ordered, "I want to enjoy your ass."

"Yes Mistress Jane." Darcy replied without hesitation.

"You too Max." Caroline quickly added, "Mmmmm yeahhhhh, I want you to clean up your mess, well I fuck your ass on camera."

"Yes Mistress Caroline." Max happily replied.

Darcy and Max quickly obeyed, letting go of their cheeks, lifting themselves up onto all fours and opening their mouths. Mistress Jane and Mistress Caroline cruelly tease them for a few long seconds by holding the anal beads just out of reach, but inevitably they close the distance and allowed Darcy and Jane to wrap their eager mouths around those anal beads and beginning to greedily suck them. The two subs then moaned happily at the taste of their own ass, proving just how alike they really were. Further proving this Mistress Caroline and Mistress Jane let go of the toys and without needing to be asked Max and Darcy grabbed onto the ends so they could slowly push the rest of the anal beads into their mouths and give the toys a thorough cleaning.

The only difference was that Max kept her eyes closed seemingly the entire time, while Darcy opened them and stared at another world's version of her. Allegedly. She still didn't think they looked that similar, but Mistress Jane was the scientist and Darcy certainly wasn't going to question her Mistress right now, even in her own head. Besides, regardless of who Max was she was still an incredibly hot girl with her body type, and a similar girlfriend to boot, both in terms of having a cute little body and an unquenchable lust for fucking big asses. It was almost enough to make Darcy hope that Mistress Jane would permit her to play with Max a little bit, or better yet for the two Doms to switch fuck holes, which was very appealing given just how dominant Mistress Caroline was.

But no, Darcy was too possessive of Mistress Jane, especially after truly believing she would never know the joy of being with her. Mistress Jane had told Darcy she felt the same way, but if she suddenly changed her mind Darcy would let her. After all, Mistress Jane was the Dom in their relationship, and the owner of Darcy's body, mind and soul, so if she wanted a piece of Max's big fat ass Darcy wouldn't complain. And it seemed that she did, given that she was constantly looking over at the other couple. But Darcy wanted Mistress Jane to be the one to make her cum, so her begging became increasingly desperate. Also, she just really, really needed to cum.

"Please make me cum Mistress Jane! Ooooooooh Gooooooodddddddd, I need to cum!" Darcy squealed as she finally broke, her need to cum just becoming too great to resist, "Please Mistress Jane, pound my little ass hole and make me cum! Please? Fucking wreck my ass! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, wreck my big fat ass and make me cum. Please Mistress Jane, gape my ass! Leave it a loose and used up fuck hole! It's your fuck hole Mistress Jane! Mmmmm, all yours! Please use it now as hard as you like in front of all these people and show everyone that you're the real top Dom around here. Please? Please Mistress Jane, I just need to cum so bad."

Pretty much the second Darcy broke and started begging Max did the same, again the two girls somewhat talking over each other as they desperately pleaded for what they wanted, "Yessssssss, fuck me! Fuck me hard Mistress Caroline! Mmmmm, pound my butt! Pound it good and hard and make me cum. Please? I need it way more than this bitch! Please, ohhhhhhh, please, use every ounce of your strength to fucking destroy my shit hole! I'm a fucking anal whore who needs her butt wrecked! Please Mistress Caroline, my butt wrecking top, ruin my little ass hole and prove why I'm your little anal whore who's only purpose in life is taking your big cock up her big booty. Please? Oh please, fuck me, ooooooooh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhh, AH FUCK!"

"You wanna cum, huh?" Caroline pushed, smacking Max's ass, "You wanna cum?"

"YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!" Max exclaimed loudly, before whimpering pathetically.

"Then help me." Caroline pushed, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, bounce that fat ass back against me while I pound it. Let's work together to make us cum."

"Oh thank you Mistress Caroline." Max whimpered, before doing as she was told.

"You too Darcy. Mmmmmm, I think it's time we got down to some serious ass pounding." Jane grinned.

"Thank you Mistress Jane." Darcy whimpered before again doing as she was told.

Without a moment's hesitation Darcy and Max started slamming themselves back against Mistress Jane and Mistress Caroline, who laughed and taunted them for their sluttiness. But then, oh then, they simultaneously increased their pace, and combined with Darcy and Max starting to bounce back and forth and the sheer joy of the butt sex this soon had Darcy climaxing incredibly hard. Max too, Mistress Caroline pounding her butt just as hard. Well, almost. Obviously she was biased, but she didn't think anyone could be quite as good a butt pounder as her beloved Mistress Jane. Although clearly Mistress Caroline got pretty close, which was the last coherent thought Darcy had for quite a while.

Jane was struggling not to cum herself. It was incredibly hard when she and Darcy had sex, especially anal sex, but now it was almost twice as hard as there was an identically big beautiful ass getting fucked alongside where she was sodomising her precious girlfriend/sub. Not similar, as Darcy liked to claim. Identical. Another world's version of her girlfriend was naked, bent over and slamming her big fat booty back against another slim top, just like Darcy was doing, meaning that there were two pairs of big meaty cheeks jiggling like jelly in an earthquake from the force of the butt fucking, and the strong confident bottoms were eagerly receiving the ultimate act of submission.

It warmed Jane's heart that even in another universe Darcy was a shameless anal whore and was receiving the kind of brutal butt fucking that she so desperately needed. The only thing that could have made it better was if Caroline had been a mirror image of Jane. But while this maybe proved that Darcy and Jane weren't meant to be in every universe, and maybe not even in their own, it proved they had made the choice to be together, and that was heartwarming. It gave her hope that they would both find the kind of love they needed across the multi-verse. And it definitely gave her hope that in all the universes all the versions of Darcy were getting the ass fuckings they clearly desperately needed.

At least in this universe this version of Darcy had found her perfect match, Caroline using every ounce of her strength to brutalise Max's butt hole and make her cum over and over again. She even glanced over to Jane every so often, clearly trying to outlast her, which made Jane smile. If Caroline truly wanted to make this a competition she was more than game, because according to her research Caroline and Max had only been together for a few months, and then spent even less time having butt sex, while Darcy and Jane had been together for years now and had been having passionate ass ruining sex within the first week of getting together.

Despite Jane's superior experience it was actually pretty close, and when it became clear Caroline had gone over the edge Jane immediately followed her, the stimulators bashing against their clits and the sheer joy of sodomising these perfect bottoms clearly too much for the tops. In fact that first climax was so powerful that Jane almost stopped. Almost. But no, she couldn't do that to Darcy, and she certainly couldn't do that to herself. Not when she was still in direct competition with Caroline. Besides, this was totally going into her research, and she couldn't bear the idea of noting that Darcy's top in another world could outdo her. No, Jane was suddenly consumed by the idea of being the best Darcy fucker in all the multi-verse, and the idea of finding their way to the other worlds so she could outdo those tops too.

Caroline was equally competitive, and determined to outdo Jane, which was pretty clear considering the last few minutes of the hellacious butt fucking of Max and Darcy in which they somehow brutalise those bitch holes even harder than before, their bodies seem to move at superhuman speeds. Like you might find in more of those silly comic book movies which Max dragged her too. But as much as she wanted to outdo Jane, and of course make Max cum as hard and as frequently as possible, Caroline never forgot the fact that she was being watched and recorded, and she just couldn't bear the idea of collapsing in exhaustion in front of all these people. Especially when it would be caught on tape for yet more people to see.

So Caroline pushed herself beyond what she thought her limits were, leaving only a tiny speck of energy left when she finally stopped. Thankfully Jane stopped more or less at the same time, and the two tops made sure every single inch of their dicks were buried within the bottoms of their bottoms, which weirdly endeared her rival to her. And the feeling might be mutual given the way that Jane smiled at her while gasping for breath. Caroline returned that smile, only for those smiles to turn wicked as they simultaneously pulled their strap-ons out of those battered butt holes and moved back so they could get a good look at their handiwork. And to make sure their audience, and the cameras, got an equally good look.

"Spread your cheeks bitches!" Jane ordered, "Mmmmm yeahhhhh, let us get a good look at those ruined fuck holes."

Despite obviously being exhausted both Darcy and Max quickly did as they were told, reaching back and pulling those cheeks widely apart, exposing just how ruined their ass holes really were. Not that it was necessary, as it was pretty clear already just how widely gaped those butt holes were, but it emphasised those gapes, and more importantly emphasise just how submissive and depraved Max and Darcy really were. Which certainly impress their audience, who gasped, murmured, and frantically took pictures of the perverted display. Fuck, Caroline was definitely going to have to get a copy of the video. And ideally some pictures to go with it.

"Wow, that's quite the pair of ruined holes, huh?" Caroline grinned proudly.

"Yeah they are, mmmmmm, you're quite the butt fucker Caroline." Jane grinned wickedly, turning to her new friend, "I'm so relieved to see that Max is in good hands."

"Thanks." Caroline blushed, confused by the word 'relieved', but shaking it off, "I'm happy to see Max is in such good hands too."

"Oh, just checking, you make Max do ATM, right?" Jane asked, cursing herself for almost forgetting.

"Of course I make her go ass to mouth." Caroline laughed, "Although I don't think I can really stop an ATM whore like Max from doing what she was born to do."

"It would be cruel." Jane nodded with a wicked grin.

"So, so cruel." Caroline agreed, "And speaking of which, I think it's high time these sluts cleaned our cocks... but let's make it interesting. Since it's not really cheating, let's have Darcy suck my cock and Max suck yours. That way they can see the difference between how their whore asses taste."

"It's funny you should mention it, I was just about to suggest that." Jane grinned, before turning her attention back to the bottoms, "You heard girls, suck our cocks! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, suck our cocks clean of your slutty little asses!"

"Yes Mistress Jane." Darcy replied when her girlfriend finally gave her the chance.

"Yes Mistress Jane." Max parroted soon after.

Before Jane even finished speaking Darcy and Max were moving to do as they were told, and then they simultaneously kneeled at the feet of the Doms when they submissively chorused Jane's title. Then pretty much simultaneously Max and Darcy wrapped their lips around the heads of the big dildos which had just plundered the deepest depths of their bowels and then they moaned happily at the taste like the little ATM whores they were. They then started bobbing their heads up and down rapidly, deep throating those dicks in what felt like seconds, which clearly delighted their audience. Especially Jane, who was quick to verbally encourage them, Caroline joining in when she could.

"Yessssss, that's it! Suck those cocks!" Jane ordered with delight, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, take them deep down your throats you little whores! Oh fuck, that's so hot. Sooooo hot, mmmmm, fuck! Fuck yes, take every inch! Every inch down your whore throats! Oh fuck! Yessssssss, get every drop of your ass cream you twisted little bitches. Oh God, I bet you're just like this across the multi-verse. Yeahhhhhhh, if there were a million different universes you'd be an anal loving ass to mouth whore with a big fat butt made for fucking in every single one of them! Do you hear me you anal dyke whores? Mmmm yessssss, you're multi-universe ass whores!"

"Yeahhhhhh, you're total deep throating whores!" Caroline chimed in as Jane blushed and hesitated for some reason, "Mmmmm fuck yeah, choke! Choke on my dick! Choke on my fucking dick! Ooooooh yeah, now bounce that pretty mouth up and down bitch. I don't care if that cock is squeaky clean, you stop sucking when we tell you to, and not a second before. Now suck it! Oh yeah, suck those dicks. Oh fuck."

"You know Caroline, we really should do this again." Jane announced out of the blue, a wide smile on her face.

"Oh, I totally agree." Caroline grinned, before eyeing their audience and whispering loudly enough for the whole room to hear it, "But maybe you know, in private next time."

"I couldn't agree more." Jane grinned.

* * *

"So we did." Caroline finish the story, "Yeah, we met up a few times, but then they said they were going out of town and we haven't seen them since. I hope they come back. Max really wants to get her ass double fucked someday, and I think Jane is the only one I'd be comfortable letting anywhere near Max's big booty, and that's only because I'd get Darcy's fat ass in return."

There was then a brief silence and then Max smirked, "So, how about that tattoo?"

"Sure, just... just give me a minute." Mumbled the tattoo artist, before rushing into the bathroom.

"Can we be next?" Max asked, nudging her girlfriend.

"Ewww, no." Caroline said after finally getting what Max meant, and then when her roommate and business partner gave her the puppy dog eyes she relented, "Maybe after I have you branded as Property of Caroline Channing. I don't want to fuck you again until those words are on your body, where they belong."

"Yes Mistress Caroline." Max grinned.


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