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Authors note: This is a story based on 2 Broke Girls and takes place during Episode 2 of Series 3.

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2 Broke Girls: 2 Broke Girls In Love Part 6
by MTL ([email protected])

Max had slept so well last night, maybe her best ever. Partly because she had been spooned by her now girlfriend Caroline, and partly because of all the exhausting butt sex they had both clearly enjoyed very much even if as a result they went to sleep super late and then woke up early for more ass sex. As a result getting up and getting dressed was quite the chore, as was simply walking around, but Max just about managed it, and it was totally worth it for those orgasms. However now things were weird, and she was seriously starting to get worried that it would be too much for Caroline, as the confidence she had during the anal sex seem like a distant memory as she seemed so nervous and unsure of herself.

"Okay, what's up?" Max asked. Caroline opened her mouth, clearly about to lie, then thought better of it when Max pushed, "Seriously, you've been weird all morning."

Caroline bit her lip and then asked, "Did you mean what you said last night?"

Actually blushing slightly Max lowered her head and mumbled, "I don't know, did you?"

There was a brief pause, then Caroline softly admitted, "Yes."

Max smiled happily, "Me too."

The two girls then shared a soft smile, and then Caroline pushed, "So, any thoughts on what our safe word should be?"

"Safe word?" Max scoffed, "Safe words are for pussies."

"Max, I'm being serious." Caroline scolded, then stating firmly, "I'm not doing this without one."

"Fine." Max sighed, rolling her eyes and then after a second or two of thinking about it offered, "How about red? I'm pretty sure it's the most common safe word, given all the porn I've watched."

Caroline thought about it for a second, and then said, "That's... a bit impersonal. Oh, how about cupcake? That feels more like us."

"Sure, that works for me." Max shrugged, before grinning wickedly, "So, do I get to call you Mistress Caroline?"

"Well, not when we are at work." Caroline blushed, and then when Max gave her an evil little smile groaned, "I really shouldn't have given you that idea, should I?"

"Probably not." Max admitted with a shrug.

* * *

To be fair Max would have almost definitely thought of it herself, but the fact Caroline mentioned it meant that Max went even more out of her way to call her friend Mistress or Mistress Caroline for the rest of the day. Quietly of course, and mostly in Caroline's ear, because the last thing Max wanted was for anyone else to hear it. Especially as it normally came with several other words, Max making it her mission to make Caroline blush as she told her throughout the day how hot she looked and exactly what she wanted her to do to her when their shift finally ended. Which of course always made a cute little blush cover Caroline's face. Which just encouraged Max even more.

It was most effective when they were in the middle of the diner, or the kitchen, but Caroline also blushed on the few precious moments that Max could get her alone in either the storage locker or the toilets. Max took that opportunity to push Caroline up against a wall and shove her tongue down her throat, feel her up and tell her in graphic detail how she wanted to eat her Mistress's pussy, and for her Mistress to spank her fat ass, and most of all how badly she wanted Mistress Caroline to wreck her ass hole and leave it gaping wide open. Towards the end of the day she even started bending over when she didn't have too, just to flaunt her big butt in hopes of enticing Mistress Caroline to come out and play.

She did this partly out of retaliation to what Caroline started to do. Which honestly was just smiling, but it was a smile which Max really hadn't seen before. And then there was that look. The look which told Max that as soon as Caroline got the chance she would make her pay for all the teasing she had given her throughout the day. Which of course just made Max tease Caroline more, because Max wanted the punishment. She wanted everything Caroline could give her, and she was practically giddy with excitement about getting it, which couldn't have been clearer when their shift finally ended and they slipped into their cupcake store to set up for their night shift.

* * *

"Alone at last." Max purred, and then when Caroline ignored her she whined, "Oh come on Caroline! We don't have to open for another hour, if at all, and-"

Caroline suddenly turned on Max and slapped her best friend as hard as she could across the face. It was so hard that Max's face was turned to the side and the sound of the slap echoed throughout the room. Max then bought her hand up to her own face, cupping it gently while turning back to look at Caroline with pure shock on her face. It was an expression which was reflected on Caroline's face, and the former heiress almost apologised on the spot, even opening her mouth slightly to make her look and feel even more stupid. But she just had this, instinct that this was what Max truly wanted, and given the abrasive girl would have immediately attacked anyone else who slapped her like that Caroline guessed she was right.

Pushing her luck Caroline grabbed Max's face and asked coldly, "Do you think this is funny? Do you?"

"I-" Max began before Caroline slapped her again.

Then Caroline grabbed her face again and continued, "Everything is a joke to you, isn't it? You ask me... no, you beg me to be your Mistress, then use my proper title throughout the day where anyone can hear, tell ME what YOU want to do to ME, as if you're the one in control, and now you want to damage our profits just because you need some discipline? Are you that much of a slut?"

There was a long pause, and then Max lowered her head slightly and whimpered, "I'm sorry Mistress Caroline."

"Answer the question!" Caroline snapped, slapping Max's face again.

"Yes! Yes I'm a slut Mistress Caroline!" Max loudly confessed, before whimpering, "I'm a slut who'd rather get spanked and fucked than make money. And, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being such a dumb slut. I just want to be spanked and fucked so bad."

Caroline just stared at her slave for a few long seconds, then folded her arms, "What else are you sorry for?"

Max thought for a minute, then whimpered, "For treating everything like a joke. Especially your proper title. I'm so sorry Mistress Caroline I did not give you the respect you deserve, and for presuming to tell you what I want to do to you when it's your decision, but I swear all that changes now. I promise you Mistress Caroline, starting now I'm going to be the perfect bitch."

"We'll see. For now just do your job, bitch. Then maybe I'll fuck you." Caroline grumbled, becoming angry when Max didn't immediately snapped to attention, "NOW!"

"Sorry Mistress Caroline." Max whimpered, rushing to do as she was told.

While Max was the cook in their arrangement Caroline normally helped her the best she could, even if it was just mostly setting up the store. It was easier as a two-person job, and she was happy to help. But not today. Today she was giving Max her first punishment by making her do everything. Ironically it was in almost half the time, as instead of being lethargic about it and moaning the whole time about their lives Max hurried to do everything, only pausing to look at Caroline for approval. Caroline made sure not to give it, even glaring at her, especially when Max was done and she came to stand in front of her like a puppy hoping for a pat on the head.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Caroline snapped, enjoying the bewildered look on the other girl's face for a few seconds before clarifying, "How dare you think you're on the same level as me? Get on your knees you filthy little whore!"

"Sorry Mistress Caroline!" Max apologised, dropping to her knees without another word.

To build tension Caroline then walked around the other girl for a few long seconds, her eyes lingering on Max's charms, then she grabbed a handful of hair and roughly yanked it backwards, causing Max to cry out and nearly lose balance while Caroline got down and growled in her ear, "There, you see what you could achieve when you actually try? Now you can have what you've clearly been begging for all day, a nice hard spanking!"

With that Caroline roughly shoved Max face down onto the floor, only slowing down at the end as she wouldn't want to damage that pretty face. After all, they did have cupcakes to sell, and she didn't want anyone to be put off by a bruised face, or getting the wrong idea and calling the cops. More importantly she didn't truly want to hurt Max. At least not in a way she wouldn't enjoy. Besides, Max was more than strong enough to stop her if she wanted too, and under other circumstances would have been only too happy to whine if she got hurt. As Caroline succeeded, and there was no complaining, it was a good sign she was on the right track.

Either way it was really hard for Caroline to care when Max Black was in the perfect position for her, a.k.a. face down and ass up. The position which pushed that big fat booty into the air, presenting it for Caroline to spank and fuck, although at first she mostly just drooled. Then she kneeled behind it to get a closer look, began sliding her hands over it like the big wonderful prize it was, and of course squeezing and groping it like a piece of meat. And this was while Max still had her ugly uniforms still on. Well, this might be the only time it looked beautiful, while hugging those massive cheeks and making them look even bigger. Of course as much as Caroline did that it wasn't too long she pulled up that skirt and pulled down Max's panties to truly reveal her prize. Besides, if they were going to do this right it had to be a bare bottom spanking.

Max couldn't resist chuckling softly at these actions. After all, for someone so preoccupied with making sure they opened on time Caroline suddenly wasn't in a rush now Max's fat ass was exposed to her. Which gave Max the horrible thought that this was all she was going to get. That Caroline would spend all the rest of the time they had just staring and gently caressing her big booty. Then she would just snap out of it, force Max to get to work and then not touch her again for six long hours until they closed. Or worse, wait until they got home, which would be seven hours of pure hell. Especially as Max had a sinking feeling Caroline wouldn't let Max take care of the need in between her legs herself.

It was a safe bet that she would be spanked, but for a few long seconds there Max actually wanted to beg for more. Then Caroline suddenly lifted both of her hands up and them down as hard as she could upon Max's ass cheeks, making those enormous globes jiggle and the sound of flesh meeting flesh to echo throughout the room, along with a loud cry of joy that Max let out. It was quickly followed by more groping, but that was okay with Max, at least now she had the promise that there was more to come. At least for the spanking. But she could worry about a potential lack of anything else later. For now she just concentrated on savouring the spanking.

Besides, even though she wasn't getting the brutal butt beating that she craved, Max still got to enjoy the humiliation of being on all fours of their little cupcake shop with her business partner treating her like a little sex toy. The sex toy Max was in this wonderful moment. Oh yes, Max was nothing but a toy for Caroline's amusement, her first girlfriend taking total control of her and gleefully watching as her big cheeks jiggled with every blow. It really was a hell of a mind fuck, especially as they were an hour away from opening up their window to the public, who'd probably at least be able to smell her arousal from getting spanked, and hopefully some drying cum after Caroline fucked her. Yes, Max love that idea.

She also loved the idea of one of their regular customers hearing her cry out as a result of getting her ass roughly spank by her girlfriend, something which Caroline very much made a possibility as she slowly but gradually increase the force and the frequency of her spanks. Hell, towards the end Caroline made sure that while they were serving customers Max's big fat ass would be bright red underneath her skirt from the assault she ended up giving her ass. Which of course, pain slut that she was, Max welcomed, crying out in mostly pleasure as she finally got what she really wanted. Well, one of the things. Although what she wanted even more than an ass spanking was an ass wrecking, although Max was confident now she would get it given Caroline's track record.

Caroline was trying to be good and restrict herself to just a little spanking before they opened, because otherwise she feared they would never actually open the shop and they would just spend all night fucking. Or perhaps more accurately, Caroline would spend all night pounding Max's big ass. But who was she kidding, of course she was going to fuck this fat booty. How could she not? God, how could she have ever let Max walk around with an ass like this and not fucked it every single day since they met? Caroline didn't know any more, but it didn't matter. What mattered was making up for lost time by abusing Max's fat butt as much as possible.

Meaning that as much as it would have been the wise thing to do if she was going to slip in a decent ass fucking Caroline just couldn't cut the spanking short. No, instead she made sure it was long and drawn-out, teasing Max for several long minutes with a gentle butt slapping and plenty of groping in between, before inevitably phasing out the groping and increasing the force of her blows. As she did those meaty cheeks jiggled even more, which of course in turn cause Caroline to become berserk, relentlessly using both hands to brutalise her girlfriend's butt cheeks with every ounce of her strength, which of course just made them jiggle even more, causing the cycle to repeat.

Another thing which cause the same results was the fact that Max's ass slowly turned different colours, first pink, then red and then finally just battered and bruised. Which shouldn't have been a turn on, but it was. As was the sounds of pain coming from Max, because it really felt like an achievement to make her not cry out in pure delight at receiving humiliation and pain which Caroline couldn't imagine receiving herself, but loved dishing it out so much. Hell, even during the brutal butt beating Max wiggled her ass and pushed it back against the blows, clearly to entice Caroline, and make sure this was the hardest spanking it could be.

Of course while part of Caroline would have liked to spank Max all night long her hands eventually began aching so much she just couldn't ignore it. More importantly that fat ass wasn't going to fuck itself, and Caroline's constant desire to sodomise her beautiful big bottomed girlfriend soon became too overwhelming to ignore. Well, she did ignore it for a few seconds after the spanking, just to admire her handiwork, first with her eyes, then with her hands, Caroline reaching out and greedily groping that now beaten dark red bottom. Then without so much as a word of warning Caroline buried her face in that big fat booty and started going to town on it.

"Ooooooh fuck yeah! Eat my ass Caroline!" Max cried out in delight, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, fucking eat it! Tongue that slutty butt hole of mine, mmmmm ohhhhhhh fuck! Oh God, Caroline, mmmmmm, Mistress Caroline, fuck me! Oh shit, tongue fuck my hole, oh yessssss, fucking rim me! Rim my butt and get it ready for your big cock! Oh fuck! Eat it!"

Max continued encouraging Caroline, both with her words and her constant moans, groans, whimpers and cries of pure pleasure, as her dominant girlfriend went to town on her ass hole, frantically licking it like she was hoping to win a prize in butt munching. Then Caroline began sucking at her forbidden hole and swirling her tongue around it instead of just lapping it. Then she pushed her tongue inside it, and thanks to the amazing ass fuckings she had received from Caroline recently Max's butt hole opene fairly easily and accepted every bit of that tongue. Then finally Caroline began hammering that tongue in and out, making Max grip the tile floor and cry out even more enthusiastically.

"Fuck yeahhhhhh, get that tongue up my butt!" Max called out gleefully, "Ohhhhhh fuck yeah, tongue fuck my butt! Tongue fuck that big fat ass of mine! Mmmmm, shove your tongue as deep as it will go up my fucking butt! Oh yes, ooooooh, get it nice and ready for your big cock! Oh God Caroline, I want you to butt fuck me! I need you to fuck my fat ass hard and deep, mmmmmm, please do it! Please? Oh Caroline, wreck my fucking ass and leave it a gaping mess!"

"Shut up and take it like the bitch you are!" Caroline ordered, only briefly removing her face from Max's fat butt to deliver that order, and to spit on to her ass hole.

Then Caroline buried her face back into Max's booty and started rubbing that spit into her back door, and eventually inside it as she continued her enthusiastic assault of that fat ass. Which Max loved every second of, but she was beginning to get worried that they would run out of time and she wouldn't get her butt fucked, which right now felt like the worst thing that could ever happen to her. Or even worse, that was Caroline's plan all along. To tease her into a whimpering mess and then not fuck her big ass until they got home many hours later. And she couldn't even beg Caroline to hurry up, but she had been ordered not to, and while that wouldn't normally work Max was in such a submissive mood that she found herself automatically going on with it.

Of course she really should have known her butt loving girlfriend better than that by now, as after a few more minutes of passionate ass eating Caroline replaced her tongue with her fingers, at first rubbing them against Max's extremely wet pussy and then shoving a finger up her ass. Gloriously she wasn't at all gentle about it either, ramming that finger all the way inside in one thrust, causing Max to let out an extra loud cry of joy. Then Caroline began hammering that finger in and out, eventually pulling it up and down and side to side and then adding a second finger to really stretch out her needy butt hole, preparing her for the real fun to begin.

"Finger yourself while I go get a toy to fuck you with." Caroline ordered after quite a while.

Immediately Max pressed her face to the floor, reached back and grabbed her own ass. Luckily Caroline was reluctant to pull her fingers out of her butt, meaning it was only a second or two that her ass had to go without something inside it. Max then moaned in happy content as she shoved three fingers into her loosened butt hole, enjoying the exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure that gave her as she watched Caroline retrieve a nice big strap-on dildo from her bag, strap it on and apply lube to it, making Max grin wickedly. She didn't know Caroline had packed it, meaning she had planned to do this, making Max love her even more.

"Okay, that's enough. Stop fingering your whore hole and spread your cheeks for me. It's butt fucking time." Caroline announced boldly, before a wicked thought crossed her mind, "No wait, go to our shop window first. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, go to the window were about to receive customers, bend over the table in front of it and spread your cheeks so I can butt fuck you there!"

"Oh yeahhhhhh, fuck me there Caroline!" Max eagerly agreed, scrambling to get into position, "Wreck my ass while we serve our customers! Mmmmm, and make sure anyone outside hears it! That the entire street hears it, and I'm never able to bend over the table again without thinking about you fucking my fat ass!"

"Like you need that much encouragement." Caroline quipped as she enjoyed the show in front of her.

Caroline watched with glee as Max reached behind her and slowly pulled her meaty cheeks apart like a good little bottom presenting her fuck holes to her top. Or more accurately, presenting her ass hole to be fucked, because while it was encouraging to see just how wet Max's pussy was Caroline barely noticed it as she was too busy staring lustfully at her girlfriend's back door. Then she was too busy pressing the tip of her cock against the back entrance and roughly pushing forwards, partly because she didn't want to waste the preparation, which she was getting dangerously close too after staring for a bit too long, but mostly to punish Max for teasing her all day long.

Of course this backfired as Max cried out with pure joy, "Fuck yeah, stuff my fat ass! Mmmmmm, stuff my big fat ass full of your cock Mistress Caroline! Oh fuck, ram it hard. Fucking wreck my ass!"

For a second the old Caroline, the one who had been so miserable, returned and she scrunched up her nose in disgust, and thought 'slut', which she knew was very accurate. Then a wicked smile of delight crossed her face, formally bratty rich girl Caroline Channing turned on by the fact that her lover enjoyed being roughly anally penetrated. So much so Caroline was tempted to just slam every inch inside Max's fat butt with just one thrust, or a couple of them. But Max may not enjoy that much of an extreme, at least before Caroline did more to loosen her up, and Caroline didn't want to miss the opportunity to slowly slide her cock into her business partner's rectum.

One of the best parts of butt sex was watching her cock slowly invading Max's back hole, especially when the other girl was spreading her meaty cheeks like this to give Caroline the best possible view of the anal penetration, Caroline really wasn't in the mood to deny herself that pleasure. So she began slowly but steadily pushing forwards, which got more verbal encouragement out of Max along with cries, moans, gasps and even whimpers of pure pleasure. For now Caroline ignored the words. Or more accurately she didn't even hear them. Yes, she was way too preoccupied with her strap-on slowly but surely disappearing into her girlfriend's ass hole.

Eventually her thighs did come to rest against those meaty cheeks, announcing the full length of her fake dick was deeply entrenched within Max's bowels. Caroline then pulled her eyes away from that fat ass to look around the room. To look around their cupcake shop. Their dream, which was now a reality, making this moment perfect. Oh yes, it might not be a fortune, but in that moment Caroline Channing had everything she wanted, and more importantly everything she needed. She had a home, she had a business, and more importantly in that moment she had an anal loving fat ass bitch who was willing to do anything for her. God, life was so perfect right now.

Max thought the same thing when Caroline buried every inch of that strap-on deep within her fat butt. It had been a torturously slow butt stuffing, especially after the wonderfully hard initial anal penetration, but it was all worth it for this precious moment of feeling every inch of that big dildo stretching her back passage and making Max feel like a total ass whore. Which was good, because that's exactly what she was now. Caroline Channing's personal ass whore. Something which she made very clear as she shamelessly begged for the butt fucking she so desperately wanted. True, she had been begging throughout the rectum stuffing, but Max was convinced it wouldn't take much for Caroline to officially begins sodomising her.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, mmmmm yessssss, every inch! Give me every single inch! Oh yes, oh yes, ohhhhhhh yesssssss, every single inch of that dick up my fucking ass! Oh fuck!" Max cried out joyfully, taking a brief break to savour the moment of full penetration before continuing, "Now fuck me! Fuck my big fat butt! Please Mistress Caroline, butt fuck me like the bitch I am! Mmmmmm, bang my little butt hole! Come on, fuck it! Fuck my butt Mistress Caroline! Please? Oh please, fuck me in the butt like the little ass whore I am! I'm an ass whore Mistress Caroline, mmmmm, I'm your personal ass whore, and I need you to ooooooooh yesssssss, mmmmmm, that's it! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oh fuck Mistress Caroline, ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!"

It took longer than Max hoped but sure enough eventually Caroline began pumping that big wonderful cock in and out of her slutty little butt hole, officially beginning the butt fucking. Oh yes, Caroline was officially fucking her butt. Or should that be Mistress Caroline? Should Max be calling her Mistress by her proper title, even in her own head? Was that what real subs did? Max wasn't sure about that last question, but she thought the answer to the others was yes, as it would make her less likely to screw up later. At least by accident. Besides, it was fucking hot. Although she'd have to be careful to think of her as Caroline while working, and Mistress Caroline while they were indulging in this kind of pleasure.

Thankfully it was very much the latter now, Mistress Caroline effortlessly owning her fat ass as she pumped a big dick in and out of Max's bitch hole for the next few blissful minutes. Things became less blissful after that as her greedy ass craved a harder fucking almost immediately. Which wasn't surprising, because as much as Max loved every aspect of anal sex, what she loved over everything else was the brutal rectum wrecking Mistress Caroline had given her before, and more importantly the amazing climaxes which came with it. Also it should be noted that whatever mild discomfort she felt from actually having her ass stretch was long gone, and now all she felt was pleasure, and the hint of the ecstasy to come.

However while Max normally had no problem asking for what she wanted, or just taking it, things were different now. Now she was Mistress Caroline's bitch. Her little fuck toy. Her lesbian sex slave. Which meant it should be up to Mistress Caroline when she could receive the kind of brutal butt fucking that she always craved. Besides, it wasn't like the slow butt pumping didn't feel amazing in it's own right. Yeah, Max could definitely settle for this for a little while. In fact, the truth was she kind of wanted to hold off on begging for more so she could savour it, and the feeling of her Mistress inside her big fat butt. Oh, and most importantly of all, savour the blissful happiness on Mistress Caroline's face as thanks to Max she continued to get the best possible look at the dildo pumping in and out of Max's butt hole.

Caroline could have easily stared at that all night, but they had a business to run, so sooner then she would have liked she mumbled, "Max, take your hands off your cheeks. Mmmmm, I want to see your big booty bouncing for me. Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, that's it, oooooooh fuck! Max, get on all fours and start thrusting back against me. But not too much! No, mmmmm, don't make yourself cum. Not yet. Just be a good ass slut and ride my cock! Mmmmmm yesssssss, oh God Max, that's it, bounce that big fat ass! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeesssssss girl, bounce it! That's it, bounce that big jiggly butt like the good little submissive anal slave you are!"

"Yes Mistress Caroline." Max grinned as she obeyed.

Max moaned those words several times, although she wasn't sure they registered as Mistress Caroline just continued talking trash, and rambling about just how much she loved Max's big jiggly butt. Which was pretty much the only time Max really enjoyed hearing Mistress Caroline talk this much, and unlike usual she listen to every word. She also loved each and every one of those words, especially the permission to lift herself up onto all fours and start thrusting herself back and forth. True, Mistress Caroline had clarified she wasn't allowed to make herself cum, but she was allowed to give herself more pleasure, which Max had been craving ever since the ass fucking began.

With well practised ease Max was able to time her thrusts with Mistress Caroline, meaning that when the blonde pushed forwards the brunette pushed back, meaning that thigh met butt as hard as possible, creating the maximum amount of jiggle, just as the dildo went as deep into Max's slutty ass as possible. Max was rewarded with more wonderful words from Mistress Caroline, however those words along with the harder butt fucking meant that Max was on the edge of climax in what felt like a matter of minutes. Somehow sensing that Mistress Caroline then kept Max on the edge of climax until ultimately the impatient brunette could no longer take it, and she shamelessly begged the blonde for what she had been craving all day, a brutally hard rectum wrecking.

"FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!" Max screamed at the top of her lungs, and then when she received a warning slap to her meaty cheeks quieted herself down as much as possible, which wasn't a lot, and didn't last that long, "Ohhhhh fuck me, aaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck! Mmmmmm, fuck me Mistress Caroline! Fuck me hard and make me cum! Please? Please Mistress Caroline, pound my whore ass and make me cum! Ooooooh yesssssss, pound that ass! Pound it! Pound fuck that big fat ass of mine like you own it, mmmmmm, which you do. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhh Mistress Caroline, you own my fucking ass hole! It's your fuck hole, so fuck it! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, fuck it hard! Please? I need it fucked! Oh God, make those big bubbly cheeks of mine jiggle for you as you bang that big booty and make me cum like the big bottomed bitch I am! Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd Mistress Caroline, wreck your big bottom bitch's big fat booty! Fucking destroy my bitch hole! Show me that you fucking own it! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, that's it, oooooooooh Gooooooodddddddddd yessssssssss, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDDD!"

Finally Mistress Caroline started picking up the pace, slowly at first, although it didn't actually take that much to push Max over the edge of her first wonderfully hard anally induced climax of the evening, which left her completely incoherent. It was then quickly followed by another, and another, and another as her wonderful Mistress relentlessly wrecked her rectum with machinelike efficiency and power, which caused Max to fall even more in love with her, if that was possible. Especially when the pace had reached a crescendo, and Mistress Caroline had to be pounding her butt with every ounce of her strength. It certainly felt like it, given Max felt she was being spanked, and the sound of flesh smacking off flesh was almost as deafening as her screams of pleasure.

If there was any customers waiting for them behind the window they would have definitely heard, and it was the same story if anyone was left in the diner, but Max didn't care. Actually she did, only she hoped there were, because right now she wanted people to know that not only was she lucky enough to be getting laid, but the person giving it to her was giving her the most amazing orgasms of her life. Also hopefully people knew the fact that that person was a girl, given what she said earlier, and the fact that she constantly screamed Caroline's name. She was now leaving out the proper title of her Mistress pretty regularly, but hopefully that would lead to another nice hard spanking, quickly followed by a brutal butt busting just like this.

Caroline certainly planned on it, although she couldn't be certain that she would actually remember it, as the whole world fell away and the only thing in it was the big jiggly piece of ass in front of her. To be fair it didn't really matter, as she could guarantee Max would do something to piss her off in the near future, either accidentally or on purpose, giving her the perfect excuse for a spanking. Not that she actually needed it. No, Caroline was officially Max's Mistress now, which meant she could spank this fat booty any time she wanted. She could fuck it too, because it was hers. Oh yes, Max Black's big fat ass was her fucking property, something she made very clear throughout the butt pounding.

Sometimes even verbally, Caroline practically growling, "Mine! Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine! Mmmmmm yesssssss, this fat ass is mine! I fucking own it! It's my God damn property! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, mine to use however I want. Do you hear me Max? Your big jiggly butt is mine to fuck! Oooooooh yeahhhhhh, your ass hole is my fuck hole, because you're my bitch! Yeahhhhhhh, you're my bitch, you're my bitch, YOU'RE MY FUCKING BITCH! Ooooooooh yesssssss, your tits are mine, your cunt is mine, your ass is mine, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, every part of you is mine! You're mine! You're mine, you're mine, you're mine, you're mine, YOU'RE FUCKING MINE, mmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk, I LOVE THIS ASS! I LOVE FUCKING THIS BIG FAT ASS! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK, TAKE IT MAX, TAKE IT LIKE A BITCH, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD, MMMMMMMMMM YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS FUCKING TAKE IT!"

When words were no longer an option, both because her voice was sore from screaming and because she was just too far gone, Caroline completely devoted herself to trying to literally ruining Max's rectum. Which was a bad idea, because they couldn't afford the rectum reconstruction surgery, and having to go to the doctors for that would be extremely embarrassing. Even if she made Max go alone it would still be unbearably embarrassing imagining Max at the doctors, proudly telling them her girlfriend the formerly rich and famous Caroline Channing completely ruined her ass hole, which was now her favourite fuck hole. God, maybe it would even become a news story. Caroline Channing, heiress to butt pounder. And yet, Caroline just couldn't stop. No, she was too addicted to slamming this amazing ass.

The normally tough Max Black bent over in front of her, giving up her most private hole and acting like a totally submissive bitch, being Caroline's totally submissive bitch, taking it in her ass hole like a bitch, and most of all those big meaty cheeks jiggling like crazy in front of her just drove Caroline completely wild. Like literally, Caroline becoming like a wild animal relentlessly pounding into her submissive mate for a few long minutes. And of course, just before that she received an incredibly satisfying climax, quickly followed by another, and another, and another. The kind of climax Caroline could only receive when fucking Max Black's big fat booty.

Almost through it all Max was hammering herself back against Caroline, so that the 2 broke girls were working together to ruin Max's rectum. Unfortunately they didn't have unlimited stamina, and ultimately they collapsed in exhaustion down onto the counter. As always Max was the first, her climaxes just proving to be too overwhelming for her to keep it up, but Caroline didn't last much longer after that, and soon enough they were lying in a sweaty heap together. Then Caroline began lazily kissing the sweaty flesh underneath her, paying special attention to Max's neck, which she ultimately bit down upon so she could leave a mark of ownership somewhere obvious where all their customers would see it.

Then Caroline decided to get a good look at her handiwork, purring in Max's ear, "Spread your cheeks."

"Mmmmm, yes Mistress Caroline." Max moaned softly.

Max slowly reached back and spread her cheeks, proudly showing off her gape with a wicked grin on her face. She was just about able to see that Mistress Caroline had a similar expression on her face, the blonde perfectly content to stare deep into the brunette's bowels via the gaping crater that was her ass hole. Then after a few long minutes of staring Mistress Caroline leaned over her, unlocked their window and opened it wide. Which was a shockingly bold move for Mistress Caroline, as even if their top halves were still clothed Max's current position was very suggestive, and all it would take was one closer look to realise that Mistress Caroline was wearing a strap-on, and Max wasn't wearing anything below the waist. Sadly there was no one waiting to be served, but it still added a hell of a kink moving forward.

After a few seconds of making sure no one was watching, Caroline pushed Max's hands off her cheeks, smacked that ass and ordered, "On your knees slut! Mmmmm, I want you to suck my cock as I serve our customers."

"Yes Mistress Caroline." Max grinned with delight, again quickly doing as she was told.

Once Max was on her knees she wasted no time in wrapping her lips around the head of Mistress Caroline's dildo and then she moaned loudly as she tasted the deepest part of her butt. As was becoming routine she then savoured the flavour for a few long seconds as she slowly sucked the head of the toy clean, and then she started bobbing her head slowly up and down, taking more and more of the dick until she had about half in her mouth with the tip of it pushing against the entrance to her throat. Then finally she pushed the strap-on into her throat, ignoring the urge to choke and gag as she would not be denied a drop of her own butt cream.

It took longer than usual for Max to deep throat the entire length, not because she was actually struggling, but because she wanted to draw this out so she could get caught. Get caught sucking cock in the middle of her cupcake shop. Sucking her girlfriend's cock! Oh yes, Max wanted to get caught sucking the strap-on cock of her girlfriend Caroline Channing. Ideally where one of their regular customers would see them, and she would happily tell them if given half the chance that she was sucking her own anal juices off of it as the formerly rich girl had just given her one of the best butt fucking of her life. Alas it was not to be, as Mistress Caroline firmly grabbed the back of her head to prevent her from going anywhere when they got a customer. Oh well, at least Mistress Caroline didn't chicken out then serving them.

Caroline almost did, freezing when someone finally came up to the window and almost missed their order. Then came the moment of truth, the moment they noticed and craned their neck to see the brunette head bobbing in between her legs, causing Caroline to blush yet boldly stating, "What? You've never seen a submissive bitch sucking cock before?"

There was a moment's silence, then the customer, who was thankfully a man, grinned and simply said, "Wow, awesome! Erm, do you girls do requests?"

As she already had his money Caroline's response was simply, "Get out of here! And as for you, keep sucking. You're not done yet."

Max had never been more proud of her woman, grinning around the cock in her mouth and staring lovingly at Mistress Caroline throughout this exchange. Then she stuffed the last few inches of dildo down her throat and then gleefully kept bobbing her head up and down the dick, giving the most passionate, and more importantly the loudest, blow job she had ever given. Sadly a short time later Caroline made her stop and that was the last sex act they did in front of the window. At least for tonight. Although on the bright side instead of being allowed to put her pants back on Max instead simply wore an apron for the rest of the night, meaning any time she turned around she flashed the open window her beaten and gaped butt, which Mistress Caroline stared at almost the entire shift, inspiring another hellacious ass fucking when they finally closed the store many hours later.


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