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For those of you who are fans of the TV show "24" let me introduce Chloe and her charming assets. The story has reflections during intervals of her punishment from Chloe's viewpoint.

Chloe has long brown shoulder length hair is 5' 5" and has a shapely round bottom, which protrudes with a delicious yet naughty visible panty line across her black tight above the knee skirt. Her voice is best described as a soft alto, but rest assured she thinks she is in charge on the CTU Floor and that is what gets her butt in trouble.

24: Chloe Experiences A Spanking Protocol (M-dom,spank,enema,humil,reluc)
by Red Butt Wrangler

Bill Buchanan Division Director walked onto the CTU Command Center Floor and angrily yelled, "What the hell happened?"

Chloe had outsmarted herself and her CTU Director had caught her red handed using a private satellite to track Jack.

"Look me in the face, Chloe," Buchanan demands.

Chloe first refuses, but finally does look into his face; her expression is one of deep contrition.

"Come with me young lady, you may have cost Jack his life for nothing and we won't get Amman".

Here is what happened in Chloe's own words when she finally paid for all those times in the past she had disobeyed orders to help her friend and colleague Jack on the trail of the bad guys.

Chloe reflects on her recent corporal punishment.

I sat down on shaky legs and winced as my hot spanked bottom hit the desk seat. I had just spent an hour being spanked on my bare bottom, paddled hard with a leather paddle to bloody blisters and switched till my as ass bled.

All before being forced into humiliating myself, farting from air forced up my butt hole. As a further anal punishment I had to endure a hard, pain filled ass fucking from my division commander.

This is the story of how my punishment was methodically carried out.

Bill Buchanan called Chloe into his office and noticed as she walked down the hall that she was wearing an inappropriately tight fashionable black skirt. The skirt when viewed from the rear was sure to excite her male co-workers. Chloe had an unladylike visible panty line and this was compounded by the fact, he could see the embossment of her white brief panties right thought the snug skirt.

It was as if her panties were actually being worn outside the skirt and as I watched her hips sway as she entered my office with a small smile as the boss I watched her panties and got a brainstorm as to how to handle Chloe's misconduct.

I shut the office door and told Chloe to have a seat motioning her to a chair in front of my desk

The CTU Division Director had her hook line and sinker and the pretty Senior Computer Analyst was no longer self assured and somewhat cocky.

Anyone who knew Chloe's personality was sure the disobedient analyst would not plead and turn on the tear machine like a bad girl in the principal's office.

Her lack of remorse didn't play well with her boss as she watched in horror as he dialed the telephone at Corporate.

Chloe surprised Buchanan waving her hands in front of her boss and said

"Wait I am sorry! Can't we talk about this before you call Corporate?"

He put down the phone and leaned back in his big high back office chair and pondered the situation.

Chloe sputtered, "Thank you, sir, I will do anything really."

Bill Buchanan wondered if Chloe meant that last statement and said. "Really Chloe?"

Chloe nodded with a slight pout.

"Yes, Sir," Chloe said with a note of remorse in her voice.

His chair creaked as he stare her down and said, "Okay Chloe here is the Deal. Take it or leave it
and if don't agree than, Take Your Cute Ass Out Of CTU," raising his voice and showing his boiling anger at Chloe's total disregard for his orders and protocols.

Her boss continued, "When Division sees how you insubordinately ignored my orders and correct protocol. Your Ass is going to be In Hot Water with the law as well, Chloe! I'm sorry young lady you will have to be punished by the law."

Chloe desperate now shed a fake tear or two. "Oh Please Sir Don't!"

Her hard nosed boss softened

"Well, Chloe, I could punish you myself, but I warn you young lady you would find that most unpleasant."

Chloe grabbed at the life line on her sinking ship and said, "Sir, you may punish me In Anyway You See fit, just let me make this right and help Jack with the mission. Mr. Buchanan, Jack told me he could not afford to lose my expertise," feeling a just a slight bit cocky she wryly smiled.

She could not know what this evening's shift would mean to her bottom, but, she was about to get a clue.

The first thing she noticed was that his executive desk had been cleared off and shined with its dark polish in the office light. Chloe puffed out a stream of air.

"P-FFFFF" and pouted with her hands on her hips.

The CTU Director explained, "Chloe I will cover up your use of an unauthorized satellite use to track Jack against direct orders, if you take a hard spanking in this office tonight."

Director Buchanan continued, "I think we both know and you do to that you deserve to be spanked like a disobedient little girl!"

Chloe crumbled removing her hands from her hips and softly said with a new sense of her guilt in her voice, "Yes Sir." Chloe turned her back giving him a male pleasing view of her tight black skirt with the visible panties showing through the tight fabric seat.

She now was resigned that her cute bottom was only the way to get her out of this mess. So, she was going to be to take a spanking from her rugged featured boss. As she thought of the handsome man
admonishing her, she felt a moistness in her panties.

Her boss/punisher motioned for her to mount the desk on all fours and Chloe O'Brien obeyed his order. Getting into position and lowering her brown haired head to the desktop pooching her skirted bottom up in the air in invitation for a spanking.

What happened next took her off guard as she felt his nails scrape the top of her soft butt crack and pull her tight skirt up to her horror and embarrassment.

"Oh please Sir Can't You Leave My skirt down sir. This is so humiliating!" Chloe begged in her soft alto voice.

Bill Buchanan stood next to her crawling form and prepared Chloe for her spanking.

Here she was before her boss were the same white panties he had seen thought the skirt downstairs only now with her skirt up he could see her panties, which were filled to capacity seductively with baby fattened flesh spilling from her lower white cheeks.


Bill Buchanan began to spank Chloe with the controlled strength of his large hard hand. Spanking her panties across her still baby flesh bottom seat for a minute and then another and still two more minutes.


The spanking made a strange noise as the hard spanks warmed her bottom and he could see the redden bottom globes turn a bright red under the thin white cotton panties as well as the lower cheeks overhang. The spanks were not overly harsh, but the cumulative effect burned her butt.

"Ouch," Chloe's soft cries heard as he finished up the first segment of her spanking.

"Spank", "SPANK", "Spank", "SPANK!", "Spank", "SPANK", "SPANK!",

"SPANK!", "SPANK", "Spank", "SPANK!", "Spank", "SPANK","SPANK!",

"SPANK", "Spank", "SPANK!", "Spank", "SPANK", "Spank", SPANK!, Spank" "SPANK","SPANK!" Spank" "SPANK","SPANK!" "SPANK"

"Spank" "SPANK","SPANK!",

"Spank" "SPANK","SPANK!" SPANK!"


Spank" "SPANK","SPANK!"

"SPANK" Twelve straight hard spanks to top off her stinging bottom.

Chloe was relieved that the spanking though it hurt terribly, although her bottom felt like it was on fire, however she had survived. Her bottom was a watermelon pinkish red on her lower thighs where just a spattering of spanks had landed.

Chloe heard her boss go into his bottom drawer and told her that she must learn more humility during the continuation of her spanking. He was carrying an orange colored bulb device that she could not place. It had a nozzle with a long hose with a rubber devise in the middle followed by more hose and an air nozzle that sucked the air into the bulb. It was popular in Japan to make young ladies break
wind as he helped her off with her black skirt and then positioned her in a duck squatting position on the edge of her desk.

Chloe leaned over so that her lower bottom crack could be seen. The open ended nozzle was pushed deep into her ass crack pulling her white panties down to better show her humiliated bottom hole.

Bill Buchanan squeezed the bulb where the air had collected and forced it up Chloe's ass hole.

Chloe immediately felt the added air in her bowels as he put down the Japanese Air Bulb Device and picked up a leather ping pong paddle.

The analyst felt the cool air of the office on her bare ass crack and realized that her white panties were being pulled down further.

Her boss only pulled the panties halfway down leaving her bottom half pantied and the upper red globes bare.

He told Chloe that, "Since you tried to humiliate me purposely showing me your unladylike naughty visible panty line. Topping that off with your visible panty lined slacks yesterday Chloe you will have to hold that air I am going to pump into your bowels in or be spanked that much harder after the humiliation of your farting."

The leather paddle turned her swelling bottom to a pulsing animal and she held out but began farting during the last 10 spanks. She was very humiliated and sobbed not just from the sting of the paddle but from the guilt she felt for being such a bitch and disobeying a direct order.

Chloe contemplated her behavior thinking she had been so sure that everyone put up with my bitchy personality, snarls and countless breaking of protocol. After all I was the Senior Analyst and he the Division Commander in charge at CTU.

In Chloe's own words:

As I undressed pulling off my black skirt and felt the cool air on my soaking wet wisp of panty crotch, which pulses through my thin panties, I knew Mr. Buchanan had found my TRUE DESIRES, a real need to expunge her guilt for disobeying and endangering the mission.

Trembling holding the seat of my hot panties as I realized Mr. Buchanan was coming over to continue my comeuppance as he called it.

I climbed the steps to the Bill Buchanan's Office it was evident from his reaction this was clearly a take charge man. I did not have to wait long as Mr. Buchanan commanded me to bend over the back of the plush brown leather couch.

My heart jumped into my throat as I implored Mr. Buchanan not to spank me. He admonished me to get into position and I obeyed like I was a naughty teenage girl.

Mr. Buchanan is 6 foot tall and boy he really surprised me when I saw him carrying a long birch switch, which upon closer review was five switches, bundled together and tied with a purple ribbon.

"Now Chloe to take your mind off Jack's Troubles".

"S-s-ww-iiiiI-ck", "T-h-wwiick", S-s-ww-iiiiI-ck", "T-h-wwiick" four lines of fire roared into my bottom.

Chloe to her humiliation sounded a fart like a blaring trumpet. "Fart"

Chloe shares her feelings during her spanking in first person.

As my bottom was consumed with their deep sting. The switching soon covered my swelling bottom and I was lost in a river of tears. Surely my bottom was shredded.

I can feel my paddled shiny cherry red ass as she heard herself swallow in acceptance.

I collapsed on the floor whimpering in deep pain and feeling sorry she had disobeyed and used the rogue satellite to track Jack. My spanking over I rubbed my bumpy moonscape red bottom feeling my
blood blisters of redemption all over the well punished bottom, which radiates with unmanageable heat!

My boss gently hugged me and helped me dress.

Comforting me ,"It's okay Chloe. It's All Okay Now."

"I can be a head strung analyst," I said in a little girl alto voice. "I am sorry Mr. Buchanan," sniffling.

Chloe winced as her cotton panties slid against her blotchy swollen red butt skin.

Chloe wished she had worn silk panties today as she was forced to display even more discomfort when she replaced the now even tighter black skirt over red swollen sore bright red bottom and returned to her desk on the floor of CTU.


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