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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 3, but deviates from canon after that.

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100: Wives Of The Commander Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Finally they had made it to that big bedroom, Lexa thought dryly. It felt like an age since they'd started this journey, but now finally she had her three wives right where she wanted them, and Lexa planned to treat them to a night they would never forget. Especially Raven. Oh yes, Raven didn't know it yet, but this would be an extra special night for her, one she would treasure forever. They all would, but especially Raven. After all, it was Raven who was the biggest anal slut amongst them, and for that Lexa was going to give her an extra special honour. However, first a little warm-up was in order, and perhaps her favourite part of that was grabbing her nearest wife and pulling her into a deep kiss.

She didn't mean it to be that way, but it ended up being Clarke, and while she did admit Clarke was her favourite it was by a very small margin, especially these days, and just when she didn't think she couldn't love them more Lexa broke the kiss to find Octavia and Raven making out without her. Briefly Lexa considered going back to kissing Clarke, but instead she and the blonde exchanged a knowing look and then disentangle themselves from each other so they could press themselves up against the back of their wives. They then kissed their necks, cheeks and pulled their shirts aside so they could kiss their shoulders, and in Lexa's case gently bite down to mark what was hers.

Despite this distraction Octavia and Raven kept kissing each other, Octavia noticeably grinning into that kiss as she pushed herself back against Lexa. Then Octavia whimpered into that kiss, because she had ended up putting pressure on her sore behind, which only made Lexa grind more firmly into it. Octavia whimpered again and then broke the kiss and turned her head towards Lexa, possibly to complain when the reason for the pain in her ass was hers alone for losing her fight with Clarke. Or maybe she just wanted Lexa to kiss her. Either way she got kissed, Lexa pressing her lips firmly to Octavia's, and to her credit Octavia didn't hesitate in kissing back.

After a few minutes of dominating Octavia with her tongue Lexa pulled back and smirked as she witnessed Clarke and Raven passionately kissing, a wonderful sight she enjoyed for several long seconds before Raven and Clarke pulled away from each other, giving Lexa a chance to kiss Raven and Octavia a chance to kiss Clarke. They went back and forth like that for quite some time, always kissing each other in some way while only truly pausing to remove an item of clothing. Then once they were all naked they stepped back to admire each other, before predictably Clarke spoke up, a happy little grin on her face which made Lexa fall even more in love with her. And from the looks on their faces, it had the same effect on Octavia and Raven.

"Sooooo, what's our special anniversary present?" Clarke asked, and then when Lexa gave her a look admitted, "Erm, Raven might have mentioned something."

"You mean you tortured it out of her." Lexa said knowingly.

"Well, I definitely wouldn't call it torture." Clarke quipped, shooting Raven a little smirk which made her wife blush, before turning her attention back to Lexa, "But no matter how hard I tried she didn't actually spill the beans, and hey, you can't blame a girl for trying, can you?"

"I certainly can." Lexa quipped dryly.

"Oh come on Heda, don't keep us in suspense." Octavia whined impatiently, "Just tell us."

"Yeah, tell us." Clarke agreed, and then when Lexa gave her another look she simply added, "What? It's your fault for spoiling us. We can't help but get greedy."

"Perhaps for that reason I have secretly got you nothing." Lexa teased, doing her best not to give that fact away for a few long seconds, before smiling, "But yes, I do spoil my wives, and I shall again tonight. And I have many gifts for you, including rare foods, new weapons and new toys. I know, Raven has been proud of the new strap-ons she has made for us, and I'm sure everything else will be to your liking, but the extra special treat, is Raven herself. You see, now I have thoroughly loosened her up, I thought we could take that perfect ass of hers together."

There was a pause in the conversation which caused Clarke and Octavia to frown, the latter cautiously asking, "Erm, no offence Heda, but don't we do that every night?"

"Yeah, like 40% of what we do together is gang banging Raven's sexy little ass." Clarke pointed out with a wicked grin as she smacked Raven's sore behind, causing Raven to yelp loudly.

Then Raven whined, "Yeah, it's more like... 25%, tops."

"Oh you know it's more than that." Clarke purred wickedly.

"Regardless of how frequently it is, I was actually referring to a very special gang bang." Lexa clarified, "One in which two of us take Raven's ass at the same time."

"Wait, you mean..." Clarke's eyes went wide.

"Double anal?" Octavia finished for her, her eyes just as wide, "Oh I am so in."

"Me first!" Clarke said quickly, "I call dibs."

"Hey, that's no fair!" Octavia whined.

"Why?" Clarke grinned triumphantly, knowing she had already won.

"Because!" Octavia exclaimed, struggling to think of something, "Because... I'm way more of a top than you."

"Says the girl I just butt fucked in front of everyone." Clarke pointed out with a triumphant smirk, "Face it O, I've surpassed you in every way. Hell, you might as well just become a pure bottom like Raven here, and let me end Lexa worry about giving you what you so desperately need. Mmmmm, we could even give you a nice 'Property of Clarke and Lexa' tramp stamp, and an arrow pointing to your butt hole, which I promise you, will be constantly gaping from now on. Oh yes, me and Lexa could even double fuck your slutty little bitch hole right after we destroy Raven's bottom. I bet you'd liked that, huh? Getting your ass so completely and utterly wrecked that there is nothing left of you but a happy little anal whore, ready and willing to do whatever I want, whenever I want."

"Dream on Clarke." Octavia said hoarsely, trying to hide the fact that she found that idea incredibly hot. Then she shared an idea she found just as hard, "It's going to be you who's double ass fucked after Raven, and then it will be you who's broken completely. I'm going to-"

"Octavia! Enough!" Lexa scolded, "Clarke won the fight between you. And yes, she called dibs, as you sky people call it. That's more than enough to justify her going first, but I promise you shall have a turn. And if it will appease your ego, you can even make sure Raven is properly prepared for us with another butt fucking. Or perhaps we can forget about her ass in favour of yours?"

"No Heda, your offer is more than generous." Octavia quickly back down, before grumbling to Clarke, "Watch and learn, Raven, get down on your knees and kiss my ass! Prove just how badly you want to have your ass destroyed!"

Raven could just about remember a time where she would have been furious if someone had ordered her around like that, and worst, talked about her like she was a piece of meat to be used. Now though, as long as it was her wives, she found it insanely hot, and didn't hesitate to do as she was told, dropping down to her knees in front of Octavia as the dominant brunette smirked and turned around, presenting her butt for Raven to kiss. Which she did, over, and over, and over again, going from cheek to cheek and covering them with kisses. Then she cautiously started begging to be butt fucked, desperately hoping that was the right thing to do.

"Fuck me! Please Octavia, fuck my ass!" Raven pleaded, kissing one of those gorgeous cheeks every time she paused, "Fuck my slutty little ass hole with one of the new dildos I made you guys. Mmmmm yes, I made those dildos to wreck my butt, so please use them for their intended purpose. Use my butt for it's intended purpose. Oh yeah, remind me that my back door is a fuck hole. Oh yes, a fuck hole you and Clarke and Lexa can use whenever you want. Please Octavia, stretch out my ass so Clarke and Lexa can double fuck it! Oh God, fuck me! Fuck me, someone please fucking destroy my little bitch hole! Please?"

"Shut up and stick your tongue up my ass." Octavia ordered.

"Which should be easy, thanks to Clarke." Lexa teased, earning her a stern look from Octavia.

"Yeah it should!" Clarke just laughed at that look, and teased, "Mmmmm yeah, that should be no problem for you, Raven. And you should be able to taste my spit deep in that ass I gaped! Oh fuck Lexa, you've turned us into such twisted sluts."

"It wasn't hard." Lexa smirked.

It really wasn't, Raven thought with a smirk. She considered saying that out loud, but it was impolite to talk with her mouth full, and she certainly wasn't about to pull away from Octavia's ass. Especially now she had a chance to just concentrate on worshipping it, and even pushing her face in between those cheeks to lick that gaped butt hole. Which wasn't quite as wide as right after some of the ass fuckings Octavia had received from Lexa, but it was still pretty impressive, and was more than enough to allow Raven to push her tongue deep inside it. And yes, she could just about taste Clarke's saliva inside it, Raven able to recognise it given just how much she made out with her blonde lover.

"Okay, that's enough. Now go get me a nice big toy I can use on your ass hole." Octavia moaned, "Mmmmm, and make sure it's nice and big so I can really stretch your slutty little ass."

This time Raven was reluctant to obey one of her wife's commands, although she wasn't scolded for it. No, Octavia seemed perfectly content with her continuing the passionate rim job until she was done speaking, and it was only then that Raven reluctantly pulled her face from where it had been buried deep within Octavia's butt and then crawled over to where she had helped Lexa display the majority of their presence on a large table. She then picked out the biggest dildo, a nice 12 incher, and then she returned to her previous spot and held out the harness. Octavia, who had already turned around at this point, smiled and then stepped into it, allowing Raven to pull it up her thighs and then tightened it around her waist.

Once the dildo was firmly secure Octavia ordered, "Good girl, now suck it! Yessssss, take that cock deep into your throat you little slut! Get it nice and wet, because every single inch of it is going right up your butt! Oh fuck yeah Raven, suck it good."

Given she was in the perfect position to obey Raven quickly did as she was told, wrapping her lips around the head of that cock and immediately sliding her mouth down about halfway. She then briefly stopped to grin and look up at Octavia as she gave her some encouragement, then she began bobbing her head up and down rapidly on the dildo, taking more and more of it until it was pushing into her throat. Given it was not only longer but wider than most of the other dildos they had been using Raven struggled a little bit, but luckily she had practised a bit the other day and was just about able to get most of it down her throat, and whatever she couldn't some saliva dripped down onto it, and she was just so eager for a butt fucking. Which of course, she soon received.

"Now bend over and spread your cheeks!" Octavia ordered, adding as Raven quickly did as she was told, "Oh yeah, show me that sweet little slutty bitch hole!"

Octavia loved watching Clarke or Raven bending over and spreading their cheeks for her in total submission, and while she would much rather be getting revenge on Clarke this would be a wonderful way to get things back to normal. Besides, sodomising Raven, then Clarke, seemed like the perfect way to end the night. Which she was very eager to do, which was why Octavia didn't spend nearly long enough enjoying the view before pressing her spit covered strap-on against that still widely stretched butt hole and then slowly sliding every inch of her dick inside it. Both girls moaned loudly as a result, especially Raven, so much so that Octavia's next taunting remark almost wasn't audible.

"Wow Lexa, you did such a good job of loosening her up for me." Octavia murmured.

Hearing that just fine Clarke teased, "You believe it's your Heda's job to loosen up a slut hole for you?"

"What? No, I-" Octavia blushed.

"Relax Octavia." Lexa soothed, "We are all going to use that slutty ass, as we almost always do, so I have merely loosened Raven up for all our benefit. Not that she needs it."

"Oh yes, I don't need it, mmmmm, but I love it." Raven moaned, "Mmmmm, I love your big dicks stretching my ass. Oh fuck me, mmmmm, fuck me Octavia! Give me every inch of your cock, and make sure I'm nice and ready for Clarke and our precious Heda to use. Please just ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeessssssss, FUCK ME!"

Happy to oblige Octavia finished pushing the rest of her dick into Raven's butt during that conversation, then after taking a few moments to enjoy the feeling of her thighs pressed against those cheeks, and Raven's shameless begging, Octavia started pumping her hips back and forth, officially beginning to sodomise her wife for what was only the second time that day. They had a strict rule about Raven taking at least three butt fuckings a day, and Octavia tried to make sure she personally gave Raven those three butt fuckings. She was deeply disappointed that she missed out on the second, especially given how that happened, but if she would more than make up for it now. Even if it wasn't as easy as usual.

This was far from the first time Octavia had sodomised Raven with her own ass hole gaping and aching, but it was the first time the pain in her butt was because of a public anal pounding from Clarke, which meant every little thrust reminded her of that humiliation. Well, so did every little movement, but this was supposed to be about regaining her dominance, and Octavia's gaping ass hole was ruining that for her. And of course Clarke wasn't exactly helping matters, staring at her as much as she was watching Raven getting ass fucked and flashing her these little grins which definitely proved that she was remembering her victory over Octavia. Even Lexa was getting in on the action.

Luckily for Octavia she had a distraction in the form of her cock pumping in and out of Raven's widely stretched butt hole, the complete bottom continuing to submissively spread her cheeks and give Octavia the perfect view of her wife's submission to her. As long as she could focus on that, and not the pain in her own ass, she would be fine. Which again, was harder than usual, but this was maybe Octavia's favourite sight in all the world, and it did eventually allow her to become lost in this perfect act of dominance. At least until the Commander of the 13 clans demanded her attention, sadly awaking Octavia from her lustful haze.

"Octavia, do not hog that ass. Share it." Lexa scolded gently, Clarke grinning wickedly as The Commander added, "Share it with Clarke."

"But I just got it!" Octavia whined petulantly.

"And you shall have it again. I promise... Unless you'd like to join Raven in getting double ass fucked?" Lexa gently threatened.

"No Heda. Thank you Heda." Octavia mumbled, quickly obeying her boss.

"Thanks for loosening it up for me." Clarke quipped cheekily.

"Lexa did that. I just-" Octavia grumbled, before trailing off as Clarke took her place.

Clarke could only spit onto her hand and then rub it into the dildo, which would barely be good enough lubricant for a normal girl's pussy. But this was not a normal girl, and certainly not a normal situation. No, this was her wonderful wife Raven Reyes, a.k.a. the biggest butt slut Clarke had ever known, and Raven had been just anally taken by the greatest ass fucking top ever Lexa, and then briefly loosened by the distant second, or maybe even third counting herself, greatest butt fucker ever Octavia. Oh yeah, Clarke was confident that all she would need was a little spit, and Raven certainly didn't complain as Clarke pushed her new dick into her wife's slutty little bottom.

In fact it was exactly the opposite, Raven moaning shamelessly at being anally penetrated by wife number three, happily welcoming her third butt fucking within the last hour like the total ass whore she was. Which continued to be the case as Clarke slowly but surely buried every inch of her dildo within Raven's bowels, no doubt much like Octavia before her Clarke going nice and slow so she and Raven could savour her strap-on slowly disappearing into that cute little ass hole. And they weren't the only ones, as Octavia and Lexa became completely lost in watching this heavenly sight, The Commander moving around silently so she could have the perfect view of it. Which continued to be the case until Clarke had finished stuffing Raven's ass and began thrusting in and out of it.

"Octavia, don't just stand there." Lexa ordered hoarsely, "Go round and feed Raven her own butt."

"Oh yes, make me go ass to mouth!" Raven happily agreed, "Mmmmm, make me go ass to mouth while I'm getting butt fucked. Oooooooh God yes, mmmmm, you all know how much I love being taken at both ends, mmmmm, double fucked by my wives, ohhhhhh, especially when I get to suck a cock straight from my ass while doing it. So please, please just give it to me. Please Octavia, I... mluffff!"

Although she wasted no time moving after receiving her order from their precious Heda, Octavia couldn't seem to resist staying just out of reach of Raven's mouth for a few long seconds while the desperate little ATM whore shamelessly begged for what she so desperately wanted. Which was so wonderfully wicked even Clarke looked up from where her dick was pumping in and out of Raven's ass hole, which was always hard, even when Raven had to stop spreading her cheeks so she could lift her head up, clearly ready to suck some ass flavoured cock. Clarke then continued to watch that wonderfully wicked side as Octavia moved forward, stuffing Raven's mouth full of dildo. Which of course caused Raven to moan happily, savouring that flavour before beginning to bob her head up and down on the dick.

For the next few heavenly minutes Clarke looked back and forth in between the almost equally heavenly sight of Raven sucking her own ass off of Octavia's strap-on while watching her own strap-on sliding in and out of Raven's most private hole. Occasionally she would break from this pattern to stare lovingly at Lexa, the reason that she now had this kind of relationship with not one but three beautiful women, but mostly Clarke was focused on Raven. The beautiful little submissive slut who could take anything her more dominant wives had to give her, and tonight she would take more than ever before. God, Clarke couldn't wait.

Raven couldn't wait either. Well, that wasn't true. She could rather easily wait when there was a strap-on in her ass, and one in her mouth, courtesy of her wives. In fact she knew from experience waiting while receiving this kind of pleasure only made what was to come even sweeter, and Raven had no doubt that she was looking at the kind of climax, or more accurately climaxes, which could render her catatonic from ecstasy. Perhaps permanently, given just how strong her orgasms were from just one wife's cock up her ass. But it was worth the risk to Raven, because even if it would be the end of her it would be a hell of a way to go out, and more likely it would just redefined her understanding of pleasure. Just like these wonderful women had been doing ever since they had become an extended couple.

The old Raven was hard to remember these days, but the one who initially got to the ground would have probably been disgusted with her for not only thoroughly cleaning a cock covered in her own ass cream but getting fucked in the butt at the same time. Taking it in both ends in the most perverted way possible, and obviously loving every second of it from her constant moans, gasps and whimpers. However that old version of her hadn't known a fraction of the happiness Raven now felt on a daily basis, just from being held in the arms of her wives and kissing them. For that alone Raven would do anything they wanted, and the ecstasy they were constantly giving her turned her into nothing but a mindless slut at a time like this.

"Swap over again." Lexa ordered, her voice breaking through the silence which had fell over them, before unnecessarily explaining, "Oh yes, that cock is more than sufficiently cleaned by now. Mmmmm, it is time to give Raven a fresh batch of her own butt cream."

"Yes Heda." Clarke beamed, happily pulling out and walking around.

"Yes Heda." Octavia grumbled, annoyed that Clarke got more time fucking ass then she did.

Of course Raven welcomed this most of all, "Oh yes, give me more! Give me more of my own ass cream. Oh please Clarke, stuff that big cock I made you into my mouth, while Octavia shoves hers up my ass! Share me like the little submissive fuck toy I am! Oh fuck yes, give it to me, ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, oh Octavia! Clarke! Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!"

Again one of her wives kept her cock just out of reach of her mouth for a frustratingly long time while the other one shoved her cock pretty much straight up Raven's ass. Which to be fair would be her choice given the preference. Besides, this time it wasn't nearly as bad, Clarke even moving forward before Octavia was finished stuffing her ass, and instead shoving the dildo directly into Raven's mouth she just pressed it against her lips, giving her the chance to slowly wrapped them around the butt flavoured strap-on and savour the taste of her own anal juices. Raven shamelessly moaned again from this combination, as she did over and over again as Octavia finished stuffing her ass and then beginning to fuck it while Raven started deep throating Clarke's cock.

Once Clarke's cock was completely cleaned Lexa ordered the two switches to switch place again, meaning that once again Raven was treated to more anal cream. This process was then repeated over and over again, which as always Raven both loved and hated. Initially she loved it because of the wonderful pleasure, but inevitably the need to cum became torturous, which wouldn't be so bad except for her stubborn determination to outlast her previous record, and more importantly to please her wives. This time was particularly bad though, because she'd been promised a double butt fucking, and so far she had got it. Not that she doubted that Lexa would deliver, it was just frustrating she didn't have it yet. Which was thankfully a frustration which didn't last much longer. And she didn't even have to beg for it.

"Octavia, lay down so Raven can get on top of you." Lexa ordered, before explaining, "I want to make Raven airtight before we double butt fuck her."

Octavia briefly opened her mouth as she wanted to complain, but at least this way she might get some of Raven's ass at the end, and she didn't want to disobey Lexa, so she simply nodded her head and replied submissively, "Yes Heda."

"Would you like her ass, Heda?" Clarke offered with a knowing grin.

Returning that grin Lexa replied, "Of course."

Lexa had loved watching Clarke and Octavia double teaming Raven. She loved any combination of her wives at play with each other, although double teaming Raven's ass like that was probably her favourite, which was why Lexa had allowed it to going on for so long without joining the fun. Well, that and the fact that Raven's ass was about to get abuse like never before, and Lexa wanted to do her utmost best to make sure she was thoroughly prepared for it. That they all were, and an extra long anal stretching was perfect for that, which was why she insisted on doing some of the work herself. That and she just loved Raven's ass.

Solidifying that already well known fact Lexa gave Raven's slutty little bottom the gift of her big dick, albeit after admiring their handiwork. And of course allowing Octavia to lie down and Raven to get on top of her, the mechanic letting out the most beautiful cry of pleasure as the warrior's cock slowly slid into her neglected pussy. Initially that cry was loud and clear, although it then became muffled, a clear sign that Clarke was already in place and feeding Raven her own ass, leaving it up to Lexa to officially start the triple stuffing. Just like that later fun. Although for now Lexa was still content to watch, something she did throughout the next few long minutes.

Of course it was not long before Lexa was finally pushing her cock into Raven's butt, going just as slow as the others for the same reason, namely so she and Raven could savour that penetration. Although in this case all four of the married women savoured it, Lexa often pausing the penetration so she could look at the happy faces around her, especially at her precious Clarke who was beaming at her the entire time. Which Lexa almost found as beautiful as the sight of her cock disappearing into Raven's bottom. Although it was a close race, right up until the moment Octavia reached around to spread Raven's cheeks, giving Lexa truly the best view possible of Raven's ass swallowing her cock.

Like the well-trained women pleaser she was Octavia kept those cheeks spread after Lexa had buried the full length of her strap-on within Raven's rectum and had officially began sodomising her. Fucking Raven up the ass while Octavia was stuffing her cunt, and Clarke's cock was sliding deep down Raven's throat, feeding the submissive slut her own ass cream in the process. Which was Lexa's idea of heaven. Honestly she would be more than content with doing this all night long, but this was their anniversary, and all four of them deserved something special, and even now Lexa was starting to second guess herself and worry about Raven's well-being she found herself coming to the same conclusion, that being trying double anal on her most submissive wife was the perfect way to celebrate that Anniversary.

Raven would have happily agreed, if she had known that's what Lexa was thinking. Or at least that's what she would have done, if her mouth wasn't full of cock. Which was also the main reason she wasn't begging for more cock up her ass right now. That and again, it was probably good for her to be thoroughly loosened, and she lived to please these women, and if yet more teasing was what they wanted to give her so be it. Only, it was a lot more teasing than she was expecting, as shortly after Lexa established a steady rhythm she suddenly switched with Clarke, providing Raven with more ass cream to clean, but also frustrating her to the point where she almost begged for more.

Then Lexa pulled her cock out of Raven's mouth and finally asked her, "So Raven, you ready to be double ass fucked?"

"Yes Heda! Oh please, please double ass fuck me." Raven pleaded, although that was all she got out before she was interrupted.

"Octavia, Clarke, stay where you are." Lexa ordered, "I want all of us inside Raven at the same time for this. It will be more romantic that way, and hopefully the extra cock in her cunt will make it easy on Raven."

"You don't sound sure..." Clarke pointed out nervously.

"I'm not. This is new to me." Lexa admitted with a smile, before adding, "I've never met a big enough anal whore too try. Not before Raven."

"She can do it." Octavia whispered softly, "Can't you Raven?"

"Yes, I can." Raven mumbled nervously, somewhat more confidently adding, "Please Heda, wreck my ass! Double fuck it so you can completely destroy it! Oh God, wreck it like never before."

Normally Raven would be more bold with her words, babbling until she got what she wanted, but she was understandably nervous given they were going into very extreme and uncharted territory. But she trusted Lexa completely, and her Commander once again proved that Raven was right to put her faith in her as she made it easy as possible for all involved. At first that just meant wordlessly moving them around and pushing Clarke to crouch above Raven's butt, most of the blonde's cock still stretching the submissive brunette's butt hole as the dominant brunette pressed her dildo against it. There was then some gentle cooing from Lexa as she softly encouraged Raven to relax without insulting her intelligence, before finally pushing forward.

It was extremely slow going, but eventually Raven's ass hole started stretching wider than ever before, causing her to cry out in mostly pain. Those soft cries had nothing on the bellowing cry Raven let out when her butt hole stretched wide enough for Lexa's dick to slide through it and into her butt alongside Clarke's cock, meaning that The Commander of the 13 clans had officially taken Raven's double anal cherry. Concentrating on that fact helped the pain to quickly fade away to the point where Raven was only whimpering pathetically. Or maybe she adjusted so quickly to the extreme violation was because as had been proven time and time again, Raven was a total ass whore with a butt made for fucking. Although it was most likely a combination of them all.

Whatever the case when Lexa started slowly pushing inch after inch of dildo into her ass alongside Clarke's strap-on Raven felt mostly pleasure. Sure, most of it was from the perverted delight of getting her rectum walls stretched, but in that moment the reason why really didn't matter to Raven. All that mattered was that even this extreme felt good, allowing her to please her dominant wives. Then of course the incredible discomfort eventually faded, leaving her with only the twisted pleasure of being stretched and sodomised, and then Raven was left with nothing but pure pleasure. Nothing but pure, overwhelming pleasure which made it impossible for her to think coherently.

Clarke was having a hard time thinking coherently too. More than anyone else, perhaps even Lexa, she was getting the perfect view of Raven's most private hole being stretched like never before thanks to Octavia continuing to spread those cheeks. Although even if she wasn't Clarke would have still probably got a perfect view, as it was impossible to miss Lexa's big dick sliding alongside her own into Raven's now extremely stretched wide butt hole. Hell, it looked like Lexa had torn Raven a new butt hole, right next to the first one, allowing both of them to sodomise her at the same time. And yet through it all, Raven was letting out sounds of mostly pleasure.

All three of them had teased Raven about having a slutty little ass that was made to be brutally stretched and pounded, especially herself and Octavia, but Clarke hadn't been sure anyone could take this kind of abuse. Especially not while obviously enjoying it, and yet here was Raven whimpering and crying out in mostly pleasure instead of begging for mercy like Clarke had feared she would. Although the initial cry Raven had let out from losing her double anal virginity had been enough to make Clarke feel incredibly guilty about not properly voicing her concerns, and almost instantly pulling her cock out of Raven's ass. Now she was so glad she didn't, because she was getting an incredible reward for her bad behaviour.

It seemed to take forever for Lexa to bury every inch of her dick into Raven's ass alongside that first dildo, but when she succeeded and all three of them were pressed up close together like that, God, the feeling was beyond incredible. Especially when it was not just all four of them sandwiched together, but two of them, herself and Lexa, the two women who had started this whole twisted relationship, fully embedded within Raven's ass at the same time, which was truly mind blowing for Clarke. She had no idea how it was for everyone else, but from the action she was pretty sure they felt the same way, and she was kind of surprised Raven hadn't cum yet just from the mental high of it. Although she doubted it would be long, given the way that Raven was whimpering.

Those whimpers were followed by cries of mostly pleasure as the double ass fucking officially began, Lexa slowly pulling out a few inches before pushing back in, that little movement of her hips causing both dildos to move ever so slightly within Raven's rectum given how tight a fit it was. Clarke desperately wanted to contribute to the obscene violation. Actually she wanted to do that for a while now, with the same thing stopping her, that being a need not to hurt Raven, or give her too much too soon. So she waited patiently for a sign that she should join in on the fun, which was something she thankfully wasn't waiting too long for.

Lexa had many wicked thing she'd like to do to women, with butt fucking having always been her favourite and most kinky one. To her it was literally solidifying her dominance over another woman, as no matter what happened after that for that precious moment that woman would truly be her submissive little bitch. Which was why she never really fantasised about sharing an ass before like this, and certainly wouldn't have indulged the idea if Clarke hadn't initially bought it up. At first she hadn't thought it was possible, but the more she thought about it, the more she liked it, until Lexa just couldn't resist. And there was no one she'd rather do this with then Clarke. Because sure, she was looking forward to doing it with Octavia, but Clarke would always be her favourite.

For that reason she very nearly gave Raven's butt a perhaps very much needed break and instead switched to sodomising her beloved Clarke. Well, she also wanted to do that because thanks to her current position Clarke's ass was directly in her face, and just begging to be fucked. Which was why she had negotiated them into this position, so she would have the best view possible, as even without the distracting sight of Clarke's butt Lexa could just about look past it to Raven's obscenely stretched ass hole. The fuck hole Lexa was determined to focus on, at least for now, even if she couldn't help think how Clarke's bitch hole would make the perfect dessert after this.

Suddenly Lexa was awoken from her thoughts by Raven whimpering, "Please, please fuck me. Fuck me hard Heda, aaaaahhhhhh Goooodddddd, ruin my butt! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, wreck my rectum! Please just make me cum. I need to cum so bad! Oh God, I'm such a whore! Mmmmm, I like it! I like having two dicks in my ass! I love it! I love having two dicks in my ass, oooooooh, and another in my cunt! I love my wives, the women I love, using me like this, ohhhhhhhh, stuffing my holes like this, mmmmm, but I need more! I need you to fuck me hard and make me cum! Please Lexa, Clarke, mmmmm, Octavia, make me cum! Ooooooohhhhhhh Goooooddddd, aaaaaaahhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, make me cum make me cum make me cum aaaaaahhhhhhh yeeeeeessssss!"

Considering what poor Raven was going through Lexa was extremely tempted just to give it to her right there. But she couldn't help think Raven needed more time, as it felt like they had only just started the double ass fucking. Besides, it was always fun to tease her. Especially because Raven became even more desperate, and imaginative with her begging, because of it. And Raven hadn't begged nearly enough yet. Although Lexa certainly indicated Clarke to start working with her to fuck Raven's ass, slow and at the same time at first, but gradually picking up the pace and occasionally working against each other, effortlessly bringing Raven to the edge of climax in the process.


After what felt like an eternity Lexa finally allowed Raven to cum, her submissive wife receiving a truly incredible climax from the looks and sounds of it, which was followed by another, and another, and another, all just as strong. Along the way the mental high of anally violating another woman like this, one of her beloved wives at that, and the stimulator bashing away inside her harness ensured that Lexa came too, although not as much as Clarke and Octavia, and certainly not as much as Raven. Although all her wives did her proud, maybe especially Raven, as she took everything her wives had to give her and beg for more. Or at least Lexa was pretty sure she was begging for more. It was hard to tell with all the screaming. All Lexa knew was that she loved it.

Octavia was begrudgingly impressed with Clark's performance, especially after her rival and wife had used so much energy humiliating her in the fighting pit, first in beating her and then in fucking Octavia up the butt. As she was being crushed underneath the weight of three women, meaning there was a lot of weight being pushed down onto her crotch, and in turn her incredibly sore butt, it was incredibly hard not to think about that butt fucking she had taken, especially as Octavia's eyes met with Clarke's more than once, the blonde even found time to grin at her. Something she would pay dearly for. Oh yes, Octavia was going to destroy Clarke, and as soon as Clarke was done with Raven's ass she would give her wives a preview of that.

It took a frustratingly long time for Clarke to wear herself out, but as had been proven constantly throughout their relationship together none of them could outdo Lexa, and sure enough Clarke ultimately pulled her cock out of Raven's ass and then collapsed down in the sweaty heap next to them. Lexa then stopped and looked at Octavia expectantly, which was the only encouragement Octavia needed to carefully pull her dildo out of Raven's cunt, slide out from underneath her and join Lexa in double teaming their wife's ass. First Raven, then Clarke, Octavia promised herself. Even if Clarke would have to wait for another day, as she barely had the energy to keep going as it was.

She just about managed it though, and after a brief pause to slowly insert most of her strap-on dildo Octavia began gleefully sodomising Raven. Lexa even stayed still at the start, meaning Octavia was in complete control of the situation, which she enjoyed even more than usual after having to give up control earlier. Of course it wasn't that long before Lexa took it back, although she did at least allow Octavia to share it a bit, as the two tops gleefully sodomised the bottom together, while the other bottom watched. Which was something Octavia wished she could do forever, especially given how hard everyone seemed to be cumming. However she barely had any energy left, and even Lexa's stamina was waning, so it was only a matter of time before they had to stop.

Which sadly came sooner than Octavia would have liked, although not because of herself or even Lexa running out of steam. No, Raven who had clearly screamed herself hoarse several minutes ago, collapsed face down, Octavia pretty sure she was unconscious. Lexa clearly agreed, prompting Octavia to reluctantly stop. They then stayed like that for a few long seconds, both desperately trying to get their breath back and prevent themselves from collapsing in exhaustion. Then they exchanged a little smile, and then slowly started pulling out their dildos until they both came out simultaneously, then they spread Raven's cheeks to admire their handiwork.

Clarke had recovered enough to watch Raven's second double ass fucking closely, although she properly got up when Octavia was presenting their handiwork. She was then hit with a touch of guilt upon seeing just how widely gaping Raven's completely destroyed butt hole was. Yet at the same time she felt this twisted since of pride, and even a little jealousy that she hadn't been so totally dominated by her wives like that. After all, Raven always came wonderfully hard from anal, but Clarke had never seen her cum that hard, or frequently, which almost had her begging for the same treatment. Of course they were all too tired for that, and besides, they weren't quite done with Raven yet, the thought quickly reigniting the dominant high Clarke had been on as what little guilt she felt was replaced with pure delight, especially as the taunting started.

"Impressive." Lexa said dryly.

"Impressive?" Clarke murmured in disbelief, before correcting The Commander, which was a rarity indeed, "That hole is completely ruined!"

"You know I hate to agree with Clarke, especially over you Heda, but that really is one extremely fucked butt." Octavia hesitantly added.

"I said it was impressive, didn't I?" Lexa raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah it is! Mmmmm, we all totally ruined that little butt." Clarke beamed proudly, and then when Raven started to stir Clarke chuckled, "And the fun isn't over yet... Raven, get on your knees in front of us. You have some cocks to clean."

"I have a better idea." Lexa announced, finally turning away from Raven to focus on her other wives, "Octavia, take off your cock and give it to Clarke so she can clean it while you're on your knees cleaning hers. Mmmmm yes, that way all my wives get an ass cream coated cock to suck."

"Yes Heda." Octavia blushed.

"Oh God yes, thank you Heda!" Clarke beamed more enthusiastically, "I love that idea."

That was especially true because clearly Lexa had deliberately given Octavia the more submissive job for her defeat earlier, something Octavia was very aware of given the way she scowled at Clarke while unstrapping her own dildo and then handing it to her. Clarke of course just kept beaming happily, especially when Octavia got down onto her knees and then with one more glance up at Clarke took the head of the dildo which had just double teamed Raven's ass into her mouth. Octavia then of course moaned like the ATM slut that she truly was, Clarke feeling compelled to point that out, but sadly she couldn't. Except it wasn't that sadly, as Clarke genuinely preferred the job she had to do.

At the risk of displeasing her precious Heda Clarke did spend about a minute watching Octavia's head bob up and down her cock, because it was definitely worth her full attention, before slowly bringing the dildo which was in her hand up to her mouth and sliding it inside. She then moaned loudly at the heavenly taste of Raven's cum and ass, Clarke initially unable to avoid closing her eyes just so she could savour that flavour for a few long seconds. Then she forced her eyes open so she could continue the joy of watching Octavia suck ass flavoured cock while Clarke was continuing to suck cum and butt cream coated dildo, which Clarke became so lost in she didn't notice Raven taking her rightful place on her knees in front of Lexa. Not until Lexa bought attention to it.

"That's it Raven, good girl, mmmmm, suck my cock. Suck it clean of your butt cream you filthy little slut! Oh fuck yeah, ooooooh fuck!" Lexa gently encouraged at first, before speaking up so she could get the attention of her other wives, "Yesssssss, take it deep and get every drop of your juices, ohhhhhhh, just like our other wives. Oh yes, isn't this nice Raven? My three little submissive wives all sharing your slut juices, mmmmm, you, Clarke and Octavia embracing the ass to mouth whores you are by cleaning up all your butt cream? All three of you proving that regardless of who's topping who I'm in charge, always? Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, you all love it, the way I love you all. With total devotion."

"We do. We all do." Clarke agreed, risking taking the cock out of her mouth to do so.

Taking the same risk Octavia mumbled, "We love you Lexa."

"So, so much." Raven mumbled at almost the same time, also taking the risk.

Instead of yelling at this disobedience Lexa just smiled at them. Probably because they went back to sucking cock the second they were done speaking. Or maybe like the rest of them she was so lost in happiness Lexa didn't mind. Either way while Clarke would be happy if Lexa used that little disobedience as an excuse to punish her and the others later she was glad for the opportunity just to finish cleaning that dildo, she and Octavia finishing more or less at the same time so they could turn their full attention to Raven deep throating Lexa's cock. Then the four of them snuggled on the bed in what had to be the perfect way to finish celebrating a wonderful anniversary.


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