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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 3, but deviates from canon after that.

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100: Wives Of The Commander Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Octavia Blake whimpered in pleasure, partly because she still had her wife Clarke Griffin's tongue deep inside her ass, but also partly because her other wives had arrived. The joy of seeing them was momentarily replaced by embarrassment, her cheeks flushing as she remembered how she had been publicly beaten and butt fucked in front of them and hundreds of other grounders not that long ago. Then that feeling was replaced by anger as she remembered just how she had lost. It was anger she had been forced to swallow as she was forbidden to make The Commander look weak in public, but now they were all in private she could let out her grievances.

"Hey Lexa, thanks for the assist." Octavia grumbled.

"I was not assisting, I was teaching." Lexa said dryly, "Although I would have thought you would have learned by now not to turn your back on an opponent."

"I only did it because you were speaking." Octavia whined, "And you know I can't ignore you, Heda."

Lexa frowned at the disrespectful way Octavia said her title, but before she could say anything Clarke pulled her face out of Octavia's ass and quipped, "You know it's possible to address The Commander without completely exposing your back to your opponent babe."

Octavia snorted, "Of course you take her side. The two of you are in cahoots."

"They're right, O." Raven said softly, and before Octavia could complain again quickly added, "What if that hadn't been Clarke? What if it was someone who actually wanted to kill you? Huh?"

Lowering her head Octavia pouted, "I, I wouldn't-"

"But you do." Lexa frowned firmly, stepping closer, "You're good, but you're not invincible, and too often you forget that. You get cocky. Like you think being one of the wives of the Commander makes you untouchable. And every time you choose to be so reckless, you come closer to subtracting a vital part of this relationship and breaking our hearts."

Standing up and giving her a smile Clarke said, "We say and do this because we love you O."

For a moment Octavia lifted her head and opened her mouth to protest, but then she saw the looks on the faces of her wives and instantly lowered her head in apology, "You're right. I'm sorry Heda."

Lexa smiled, cupped Octavia's cheek, and whispered, "Your apology is accepted."

Then Lexa stepped forward into a gentle kiss, Octavia eagerly melting into it and into the strong arms of her Commander. She might be willing to submit to Clarke on occasion, but no one had ever had such power over her like Lexa did. Lexa could make her feel weak and submissive just from a gentle kiss. Then when Lexa added her tongue Octavia massaged it with her own without even thinking about fighting it. She even gasped softly and girlishly as Lexa squeezed her incredibly sore ass, and then Octavia just went back to submissively kissing her wife back. Of course it had always been this way between them, and if anything had solidified it, it was their second night together, in which Lexa took her now sore ass and made it hers forever.

* * *

Octavia and Raven weren't normally summoned to the War Tent, but there they were, waiting just outside the big group of grounders as Lexa discussed plans with her generals, and as had become the norm Clarke was by Lexa's side, occasionally offering up her own opinions, which grounders all listen too. The blonde also occasionally looked at them, a hard to read expression on her face. Maybe nervousness, excitement and lust? If that was the case it was very intriguing given the last time they were alone together, Octavia's mind racing with possibilities, and she was sure Raven's was too. Then, finally, Lexa dismissed her generals, while making it clear she wanted them to stay.

Once the four of them were alone Lexa ordered, "Octavia kom Skaikru, come here."

"Yes Heda." Octavia said softly, quickly moving forward until she was standing in front of her Commander.

Lexa looked her warrior up and down, and then slowly circled Octavia while telling her, "Clarke very much appreciated your, work, last night. You and Raven did so well at pleasing us. Especially you."

"Thank you Heda." Octavia smiled, and when Lexa gave her a look she quickly added, "And thank you for the opportunity to please you in that way. It was an honour."

"Yes, it was." Lexa agreed, then after a pause asked, "Would you do it again?"

"In a heartbeat." Octavia said truthfully, waiting until Lexa circle her again so she could look into her eyes as she added, "I would do anything for you, my Heda."

"I believe that." Lexa said, coming to stand in front of Octavia again, "Which is why I'm going to offer you and Raven the chance to make this a regular thing."

"Thank you Heda." Octavia smiled, "I'd love that."

"Me too." Raven piped up.

"Oh don't worry baby, you'll get your turn." Clarke reassured her friend, walking over to the box Raven had been sitting on, joining her, and linking their fingers, "For now just close your pretty mouth and watch what Lexa is about to do to O."

Lexa cleared her throat to get Octavia's attention again, the warrior understandably having looked round to the other women. Once she was looking at her again Lexa allowed some of the nervousness she was feeling to show before revealing, "I have shared my bed with multiple women before. Many times in fact. Commanders before me forced as many as they wanted into their bed, but I have never done that. I have never had too, and I never want too. So I wish to make this clear, this is an offer, not a command. One you can reject freely without needing to worry about repercussions. And do not simply tell me you will do anything for me again. Simply listen to what I'm about to say. Which, perhaps ironically, is a command. Do you understand?"

"Yes Heda." Octavia replied softly, realising that The Commander was nervous, and finding it adorable, "I promise."

Lexa nodded and then with a calming breath told the other brunette, "I have been with multiple women before, but last night was special. There was an energy, a connection, the likes of which I've not experienced before. It surprised me at first, but I realised it shouldn't. After all, you were not just there because you wanted to please me. No, you wanted to please each other. You and Raven have feelings for Clarke, and she most certainly returns them. And I think in time you and Raven could come to love each other as well. Or maybe you already do. The question is, can your adoration for me turn into a genuine affection? And I confess, I'm not entirely sure what I feel for you. But I do feel something, and I would very much like to explore it."

"So would I Heda." Octavia blurted out, before lowering her head apologetically.

For a few seconds Lexa frowned at her warrior, then continued, "But I need to make something clear before we go any further. I am Heda. Everything you see is mine to command. For it to stay that way, and you under my protection, I need to be seen as strong. Always, in everything I do. If I was to submit to you, or anyone, and it got out, it would be seen as weak. It would be also a weakness just to let you into a relationship with Clarke and top her whenever you want with no repercussions. So I want you to really think about this Octavia... are you willing to submit to me?"

Blushing slightly at the thought Octavia hesitantly asked, "By, by submit, you mean..."

"In every possible way." Lexa clarified, stepping closer to her pray.

"Even... even... you know, up the butt?" Octavia pushed.

"Especially up the butt." Lexa smirked, gently sliding her hand round and over to squeeze Octavia's backside, causing the other top to let out a little gasp, "You have a truly amazing ass Octavia. If you were my sex slave I'd screw your little butt hole on a daily basis until it was permanently gaped open. Then I'd throw you out onto the streets, where I guarantee you'd still be able to make some money for me as Polis's most popular anal whore."

"Wow." Octavia gulped, feeling equal parts nervous and turned on.

"Actually no..." Lexa corrected herself, "That's how I would treat any other woman with an ass like yours, but you are different. I'm not sure I could ever share this ass. And I won't. Mmmmm, I promise you Octavia, if you submit to me this ass will be exclusively mine. And I don't like it when other people use my property, so you won't have to worry about going on the streets, because no matter how wide and deep I stretch your holes I'll keep you by my side, so I can have access to you whenever I want."

"Erm, babe." Clarke piped up, "Remember, we're not trying to scare the poor girl off."

"I'm not. I'm just making it clear what she's in for." Lexa reassured her girlfriend, before quickly turning her attention back to hopefully her future girlfriend, "Besides, I think it's working."

"Because she hasn't run screaming yet?" Clarke quipped.

"Yes." Lexa said while still looking at Octavia, before softening her approach a little when she saw the look on the other brunette's face, "I know this must be scary, but I promise you, you'll enjoy it. I've been sodomising women for years, I know exactly how to turn a scared little virgin ass hole into a slutty little fuck hole. And there is so much more I want to do to you. Like take this beautiful face for a ride. Oh yes, lay you down and just mount you. Grind my wet cunt into your face until I cum all over it. Then slam your little pussy with my strap-on until you cum all over it and scream my name. Maybe even fist you, which I assume would be another first. And I definitely want to eat that little pussy of yours. Just always on my terms, not yours. But I do want to eat you, and do so much more to you. And if all that scares you, it should. Being my lover isn't an easy task. Just ask Clarke. But I promise I will ease you in, and we will spend most of our attention on Clarke, at least at first. That is, if you're up for the challenge."

There was a slight pause and then Clarke piped up again, "If you want to take some time to think about it, we'll understand."

"I don't." Octavia said, puffing up her chest as if she'd actually refuse, before dropping to her knees and begging, "Please Heda, please take my ass and make me yours."

Lexa smirked, first at Octavia, then at Clarke, then at Octavia again, "Convince me. Worship my feet and prove you wish to be mine."

Immediately Octavia shot her head down to Lexa's feet and began pressing her lips to them while occasionally murmuring things like, "Please Heda, make me yours! I wanna be yours! Yours and Clarke's. Please? Fuck my ass and enslave me! I'm yours to take Heda, in any hole you want."

Even though she made sure to continue sounding enthusiastic about the prospect of being butt fucked the truth was Octavia was terrified. Butt banging Clarke felt so awesome and natural that Octavia was convinced she was a pure top. Then again it felt natural to be on her knees begging Lexa to fuck her in the butt. Which made Octavia very confused, and scared. All she knew was that Lexa was a goddess, and the most important thing to her was pleasing her precious Heda. And she would do anything for that. Even subject herself to the ultimate humiliation of giving up her most private hole. And she would most certainly grovel at Lexa's feet.

Raven was really jealous of this. Not of Lexa for having the powerful Octavia grovelling at her feet, or for being given permission to sodomise Octavia. No, she was jealous of Octavia. Well, she wasn't in a hurry to give up HER anal cherry, but if she was going to do that for anyone it would be definitely for the Commander, Lexa looking so powerful that at that moment Raven wanted to join Octavia on her knees worshipping the ruler of the Thirteenth clans. Maybe even shove Octavia out of the way. Or better yet take over Clarke's position of Lexa's girlfriend. She only thought that for a moment, but it still made her feel guilty, although what made her feel better was thinking what Clarke and Lexa seem to be offering was so much better than that.

Glancing over at her blonde friend Raven notice that Clarke was eyeing her nervously. Clearly she was unsure what Raven would do. Whether this would be too much. And there was part of Raven that wanted to leave. She could. First Clarke and then Lexa had made it clear she could, and she believed them. But why would she? If she stayed she would get a front row seat to watching Lexa fucking Octavia up the ass, taking the annoyingly stubborn warrior's anal cherry in the process. So she gave Clarke a little smile, which her friend returned tenfold, which made Raven fall a little bit more in love with her. Then Lexa was commanding everyone's full attention again.

"I suppose that will do. You can remove my pants now. Slowly!" Lexa ordered firmly, waiting for Octavia to do as she was told before adding, "Good, now kiss your way from my legs to my pussy. Mmmmm, that's it, tease me. Oooooh, good girl."

When Lexa's pants fell down around her ankles Raven thought for sure Octavia would dive right in before Lexa even got the chance to tell her whether that was what she wanted or not. Or Lexa was going to grab Octavia by the hair and shoved her face first into her cunt. But it seemed that, for at least this first time, Lexa was content with being teased, and more shockingly Octavia was more than happy to do so. Indeed, how different Octavia acted for her precious Heda, how submissive and even docile she was, was truly one of the most erotic things Raven had ever seen. As was the way that Octavia did as she was told, slowly kissing up one leg and then around Lexa's pussy while obediently waiting for the permission she clearly craved.

Meanwhile Clarke was getting slightly closer and smiling at Raven even more, the Latina taking her eyes off the main event for a few crucial seconds to look at first Clarke, then at Clarke's lips. Then all of a sudden they were kissing, and God, it was even better than Raven remembered. And she remembered it being fucking awesome. Except this time it only lasted a few minutes, Clarke pulling away after she heard a cough. Raven wasn't sure where the cough even came from at first, but then she realised it was Lexa, who was looking at them expectantly as a now softly whimpering with need Octavia continued worshipping the area around what she really wanted.

"Relax honey, we'll get plenty of chances to make out." Clarke whispered with a grin, neither she or Raven really looking away from Lexa, "We just don't want to miss the show."

Lexa smirked in agreement, before turning her attention to Octavia, simply telling her, "Lick me."

Octavia obeyed without hesitation, eagerly pushing her head between Lexa's legs and began lapping away at the yummy smelling treat in front of her. It turned out to taste even better than it smelled, and better than Octavia had imagined, the latter especially being impressive because Octavia had spent a lot of time over the past few days imagining what it would be like to lick Lexa's pussy. Well, she'd imagine that more than she would like to admit ever since she'd met the strong, powerful woman who reigned supreme over this land, but ever since they'd shared Clarke together Octavia's darkest fantasies seemed actually possible, which led to a lot of vivid day dreams and then later fantasies when she was alone.

Being able to remember Lexa going down on her had made those fantasies particularly powerful and now Octavia was desperately trying to remember everything Lexa did to her so she could properly repeat the favour. Or at least she did after the first long, slow lick so she could savour her first taste of pussy. More importantly savour her first taste of Lexa's pussy. After all, this was one of her favourite fantasies coming true, so Octavia thought she could be forgiven for being selfish and savouring it. Lexa certainly didn't sound like she blamed her, or she even minded, given the long drawnout moan the Commander allowed to slip from her lips, which did wonders for Octavia's confidence as she followed that lick up with another, and another, and another.

Those following licks were a little bit quicker, but unlike the first completely avoided Lexa's clit. Octavia remembered being frustrated by this technique, at least once she got over the overwhelming realisation that it was her precious Heda that was doing this to her. But she was 100% sure that it led to the eventual multiple orgasms that Lexa had effortlessly gave her being that much more powerful, and as there was nothing more in this world Octavia wanted to do them return the favour that's exactly what she did. She would have stopped if asked, but Lexa not only moan softly in pleasure, but began stroking her hair after a little while in a gentle sign of encouragement which made Octavia's heart flutter.

Looking up into the eyes of her Commander Octavia became even more determined than before to please Lexa. The woman was just so beautiful, and powerful, and dominant, and yet she effortlessly gave Octavia exactly what she wanted, and more importantly what she needed. And her pussy, God, Octavia could eat it forever. Especially as the gentle licking caused Lexa's pussy cream to flow pretty much directly into her mouth, down her throat and into her belly were it belonged. Oh yes, Octavia love that fact. Lexa's cunt juices were sliding into her belly while giving her plenty of chances to taste them, making Octavia feel like she was in heaven.

Lexa pretty much felt the same way. She had always thought that there could be no greater joy than having a woman lick her pussy. True, sometimes sodomising another woman threatened to overshadow this joy, especially when it was a girl like Clarke who she truly cared for. But Lexa cared about Octavia too, perhaps more than was natural at this early stage of their relationship, and certainly more than she was willing to let on. Just as importantly having this proud warrior on her knees for her was truly intoxicating, and Lexa couldn't imagine anything truly surpassing it. Equalling it, sure, but never truly surpassing it. Except maybe when she would take Octavia's anal virginity, the thought of it alone almost making Lexa cum.

She had been thinking about that a lot over the past week, or if she was honest ever since she met the sky girl. But then, Lexa clearly had a thing for the girls that had fallen from the sky. Not that anyone should truly blame her, as they were all beautiful, especially the three of them which were in this tent with her right now. Perhaps most of all her precious Clarke, who was now snuggling up close to Raven and whispering naughty things to her which was making the beautiful Mechanic blush, although neither of them could truly look away from where Octavia was kneeling before their Commander and worshipping Lexa with her tongue with the devotion of a well-trained cunt licking slave.

Despite her love for Clarke, and perhaps more importantly her desire to make sure Clarke didn't overwhelm poor Raven, Lexa found it difficult to keep her attention away from Octavia for long. The other brunette was just doing such a good job at enthusiastically teasing her pussy. True, perhaps her technique could do with a little bit of work, and she was clearly accidentally hitting Lexa's clit with her tongue pretty much right from the get go, but there was just something so erotic about an eager first timer that wanted to learn, and at least in this case was desperate to please. There was certainly a lot of potential there, and Lexa knew it would only take a few simple commands to show Octavia how to make her cum.

However even as the desire to cum became unbearable Lexa stayed silent. Partly to test Octavia's loyalty by seeing just how long she would silently and obediently lick pussy like a good little rug muncher. Also partly just to see how long Clarke could silently wait as she had promised too. But mostly, and most importantly, Lexa wanted to show off her stamina and self-control to Octavia and Raven. Also to remind Clarke of it, but it was most important to show Raven and Octavia what kind of top they were dealing with, and just what they were getting themselves into. Unfortunately even Lexa's stamina and self-control wasn't infinite, and it was only a matter of time before she would need to give Octavia permission to make her cum. Which was threatening to happen maybe a bit sooner than she would have liked.

Octavia was beginning to become worried about Lexa's silence. Her Commander was always a stoic person, and the hand on her hair was enough encouragement for quite a while. It really helped that Lexa looked at her warmly. But then Lexa started increasingly looking away, to whatever Clarke and Octavia were doing, or just closing her eyes. Sometimes even just staring at her with a hard to read expression on her face, and Octavia wasn't sure what to make of that, and that scared her. The thought that Lexa might have been initially please with her but become bored of the teasing horrified her, and eventually Octavia decided to turn things up a bit without prompting.

She wanted to shove her tongue as deep as it could go into Lexa's cunt, knowing that would almost definitely make the other girl cum. But Octavia expected that would be pushing her luck just a little too much, and the last thing she wanted to do was upset this goddess. It was the same story when it came to switching her focus completely to Lexa's clit, at least straight away. But Octavia figured she might get away with doing it slowly over time, and switched from ignoring Lexa's clit to hitting it with every other stroke of her tongue, then every stroke, before finally beginning to linger on it. Then, just as she dared take it into her mouth and began to suck on it, Octavia finally heard from her precious Commander.

"Octavia kom Skaikru..." Lexa began softly, then after a long pause ordered, "Make me cum. Oooooooh yesssssss, fuck me, mmmmmm, shove your tongue inside me and make me cum! Please your Heda Octavia kom Skaikru. Please me, fuck me, ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, tongue fuck me sky girl, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeessssssssss, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck!"

Not needing any more encouragement than that Octavia shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Lexa's pussy and then started thrusting it in and out. Well, she did pause to savour the feeling of pure Lexa wrapped around her tongue, but that was only very briefly as she was so determined to please her Heda. To Octavia's delight she obviously succeeded, first by making the mighty Commander scream incoherently, then finally cum in her mouth and all over her face. Then once it was over Octavia quickly shoved her tongue back inside Lexa's cunt and frantically fucked her to another orgasm. And then another, and then another, and then another, each one making Octavia more proud of herself. At least when she could think coherently.

Mostly Octavia was just thinking, more, more, more! Because somehow Lexa's cum was even better than her regular pussy cream, the flavour making Octavia whimper pathetically the first time it touched her taste-buds and then she became ravenous to try and swallow it all. Unfortunately no matter how hard she tried Octavia just couldn't swallow it all and in the end the majority of it ended up on her face. Octavia cursed her inexperience for that, although on the bright side it felt like Lexa was marking her as her personal property, which was exactly what Octavia wanted to be. And hopefully she could improve with the proper training and become a good little pussy pleaser for her mighty Heda.

Lexa was certainly planning on training Octavia, although for now it was unnecessary. True, there were a few techniques she could show her new pussy licker, but Octavia was a natural. Perhaps not as much as her beloved Clarke,, but if Lexa hadn't known better she would have thought Octavia was a pure bottom given the way that she shamelessly gobbled her cunt. Which was another thought which made Lexa cum harder and more frequently. Oh yes, the thought of the proud Octavia as a secret bottom was delicious. Or better yet that Lexa was accidentally breaking her without even meaning too. Yes, the thought of training Octavia, and everything Octavia was doing, was making Lexa cum so wonderfully hard and frequently, and making Lexa scream with pleasure louder than she normally allowed herself too.

It was okay when it was like this. If someone was to look in, on purpose or by accident, they would see a warrior on their knees in front of her, worshipping her, and Lexa was just thoroughly enjoying her tongue. It was a position of dominance. Of strength. A commanding position. But to make that crystal clear Lexa tightened her grip in Octavia's hair and pushed her face as deep into her cunt as it could go. Then, when Octavia's tongue seemed to become weary, Lexa started rubbing the other girl's face into her pussy, and vice versa, so she was not only smothering Octavia but actually fucking that pretty little face of hers.

This was rough treatment that Lexa wouldn't normally inflict upon a first timer, but once again Octavia made her proud as Lexa had guessed she would as not only did she not complain but she went completely limp and stopped using her tongue, allowing her Commander to just use her face as a fuck pad. It was a submission which just made Lexa cum harder and more frequently, and perhaps abuse Octavia's face even more roughly and unadvisedly than before. It even got an apprehensive cough out of her beloved Clarke, but as Octavia continued not to complain Lexa just flashed her worried girlfriend a smile.

However in the process she caught a glimpse of Raven's face, which actually caused Lexa to slow her roll and even eventually stop. After all, Octavia might have proven that she was all in on the nasty sex, but apparently Raven needed a little more seduction. Now more than ever Lexa wanted all three sky girls sharing her bed on regular basis, and to be fair she wanted to save her energy for popping Octavia's anal cherry. In fact she would need a rest before doing that, although she had the perfect plan for that, which Lexa put into effect straight after she was done with Octavia's pretty little face. Well, after leaning down toward Octavia to give her a soft and passionate kiss, and then a wicked smirk.

"Are you ready to be butt fucked?" Lexa asked softly, gently placing a hand under Octavia's chin so she wouldn't look away from her.

Octavia blush, but nodded her head, "Yes."

"Are you sure?" Lexa pushed.

With another blush Octavia admitted, "I would do anything for you."

"Then bend over the table and allow Clarke to prepare your ass hole for me." Lexa said after standing up so she was towering over the warrior.

"That's my cue." Clarke whispered to Raven, kissing her on the cheek before skipping over to Octavia as she got onto her feet. Before Octavia could complete command Clarke told her, "Take off your jacket."

Clarke then ignored the dirty looks she got from Octavia, however it wasn't long before her grumpy friend did as she was told, first pulling off the long grounder jacket that she had been wearing throughout this exchange before reaching for the button to her pants. It was then Clarke's turn for a dirty look, and sadly that's all it took for Octavia to stop, lower her head and bend over the war table. Any disappointment that Clarke might have had over that little exchange went away when she was presented with her friend's well rounded rear being hugged so wonderfully tight in those black pants of hers, Clarke unable to resist just staring at that perfect ass for a few long seconds, before stumbling over and grabbing it.

"Hey." Octavia cried out automatically, which was a little silly given what she guessed was about to happen.

"You know Octavia, you really do have the most amazing little butt." Clarke murmured, completely ignoring her friend and beginning to shamelessly grope her ass, "So round and juicy, yet firm and toned. Mmmmm, it really is a perfect little ass. Clearly made for fucking. Mmmmm, and I bet Lexa is just going to love fucking it."

"Kiss my ass Clarke." Octavia grumbled automatically, before looking back and smiling at her friend, "You like it so much, why don't you literally kiss it?"

With a wicked grin Clarke answered, "Funny you should say that."

As she spoke Clarke slid her hand to the waistband of Octavia's pants and then roughly yanked them down while falling to her knees. She had planned on slowly revealing that ass, but after Octavia's words Clarke just couldn't resist doing it quickly so she could press her lips to the other girl's right butt cheek. Then the left, then the right, and then the left again, Clarke teasing her friend for a few long seconds, going back and forth between her ass cheeks, making Octavia half snort and half laugh in amusement at this. Then finally Clarke pulled those cheeks apart and went to work on her target, namely Octavia's cute little butt hole. Well, she may have spent a few seconds just admiring the cute little thing, but then she finally got down to business.

That involved just rapidly licking Octavia's ass hole at first, making sure it was thoroughly coated in saliva for what was to come. Then she wrapped her lips around it for a little sucking, before literally trying to jam her tongue into that tight little hole. As Octavia was an anal virgin it wasn't surprising that Clarke didn't get very far. At least with her tongue. Then again she wasn't expecting too. This was less about giving pleasure and more about getting used to the idea of being taken in this hole, and admittedly it was more than a little thrilling for Clarke too. Especially when she started receiving some encouragement from her friend. Of course Octavia had been encouraging her with her gasps, cries, whimpers and even moans, but Clarke liked words even better.

"Mmmmm, that's it Clarke, eat my ass!" Octavia moaned, "Eat my fucking ass you bitch! Ohhhhhh, get it nice and ready for your girlfriend. Oh yeah, get my virgin ass nice and ready for Heda! Oh God, I can't believe I'm about to give my virgin ass up to our Commander. Mmmmm, I'm about to be butt fucked by your precious girlfriend, and your gonna watch, aren't you? Aren't you? Yeahhhhh, I bet this was your idea you perverted little slut! Mmmmm, just so you can have the chance to munch my butt. Oh fuck Clarke, that's it, munch my butt! Munch my butt you fucking butt muncher! Ah fuck! Prepare me for my cherry popping! Ooooooh yessssss, prepare me so that Lexa can take my anal cherry and officially make my ass hers, mmmmm, just like yours is."

For the next few minutes Octavia continued talking trash, even after Clarke stuck a couple of fingers into her mouth and then shoved one and then two of them up her friend's ass. Well, Octavia also cry out, especially during the first penetration as Clarke took her by surprise, but then she went right back to it, which made Clarke even more attracted to her. But their time together was coming to a close for now, Clarke seeing out of the corner of her eye that Lexa had quipped a big strap-on around her waist and was now rubbing some kind of grease or saliva into it. Oh well, at least with Clarke sipping a finger into Octavia's butt it was like she and Lexa took Octavia's anal cherry together, the thought making Clarke smile wickedly.

Eventually though Lexa stepped in and ordered, "Clarke, step aside and go back to watching with Raven. Octavia, if you're truly ready to become mine then reached back to spread your cheeks for me. Mmmmm, present to me your virgin butt hole so I can take it and make it mine "

Lexa then smirked as she admired the sight of the proud Octavia slowly and hesitantly reaching back to spread her ass cheeks wide open, exposing her freshly licked virgin rosebud. Offering up her most private hole to her Heda, not just a sacrifice for Lexa's pleasure or to submit in the moment, but to submit from this moment forward and always allow her forbidden hole to be Lexa's personal fuck hole. It would be made clear with words, but words were cheap, and the 12 clans had always valid actions over words, and these actions were clear. Of course, Lexa's next actions were even more clear, Lexa excepting the wonderful gift Octavia had presented her and making it hers.

It would have been tempting to tease Octavia even further by sliding her cock up and down her ass crack, and Lexa had no doubt she'd do that in the near future, but for now she just couldn't resist going straight for her target. Well, once the tip of the dildo was resting against Octavia's most intimate hole Lexa did leave it there for a few long seconds just so she could savour the moment, but soon Lexa was pushing forwards, causing Octavia's virgin ass hole to slowly begin to stretch. To her credit the warrior continued spreading her cheeks and only let out a soft cry as the penetration began, and then allowed one when her anal ring stretched wide enough to allow Lexa's dick to slide through it and into her ass, meaning that Lexa had officially taken Octavia's butt cherry.

Other than that Octavia made Lexa proud as she stayed silent throughout the rest of the anal penetration. Lexa made it easy on her by going slowly, but it was still impressive, and it increased Lexa's desire to make Octavia hers like Clarke was hers. Which made Lexa want to give a glance to Clarke and Raven to see if they still approved what she was doing as much as before, but that would have involved looking away from where her cock was disappearing into Octavia's virgin butt hole, and Lexa just couldn't deny herself that pleasure. Besides, she was confident if there was truly an issue she would hear Raven run away, or voice a concern, and Clarke had certainly never been afraid to speak her mind.

That didn't remain a concern for long as Lexa soon became lost in the beautiful sight in front of her, and this wonderful moment, especially when her thighs came to rest against Octavia's butt cheeks, announcing that she had buried every inch of her big strap-on cock into Octavia's bowels and indisputably taken Octavia's anal virginity. Which arguably made this ass hers, but Lexa would not be satisfied with this, even if it was an achievement she would treasure. No, she needed to pound Octavia's ass to multiple powerful orgasms, something she fortunately had a lot of experience doing, which Lexa revelled in the chance to show off.

Clarke liked being closed to Raven, as she felt her presence encouraged the mechanic to stay where she was, but she was bitterly disappointed that she wasn't getting a closer look at Octavia being butt fucked. There was definitely something to be said for her current position, as she still got to enjoy the sight of Octavia Blake, proud warrior and skilled assassin, bent over and spreading her cheeks for her precious Heda. Their precious Heda Lexa Woods, who at this moment was standing tall and proud as she pumped a big fake cock in and out of Octavia's ass hole. And Clarke got to squeeze Raven's hand watching this. However she'd given up a close look at the penetration, and that was a little disappointing. Although it was a disappointment which didn't last.

"Clarke..." Lexa moaned seemingly out of the blue, although she didn't look away from the sight in front of her, "Would you like to taste Octavia's butt?"

"Oh yes please Heda." Clarke beamed happily.

"Convince me." Lexa pushed.

"Oh please Commander, please let me taste Octavia's butt on your big cock." Clarke immediately started begging shamelessly, "I love going ass to mouth for you, please, please let me be your little ass to mouth whore again. Your little ATM whore! Oh yes, show everyone I'm your little ATM whore by giving me the privilege of tasting Octavia's butt on your cock."

"I suppose that will do." Lexa said dryly, pulling her dildo out of Octavia's ass in one swift movement and then pointing it in Clarke's direction, "Get over here and clean my cock you little slut."

Normally they both would have said a lot more, or at least Clarke would have, but obviously Lexa was eager to get to the ATM. Clarke was more than fine with that, and as soon as she had the chance she scurried over to where the Commander was standing, dropped to her knees in front of Lexa and took the head of her big dick into her mouth. She then moaned as she tasted Octavia's ass again, this time tasting the deepest part of it, which was even better than just licking Octavia's ass hole. Before now Clarke had only tasted her own ass like this, but it was thrilling to do it with someone else, and a friend she knew so intimately at that. And someone she wanted to be more than that.

For about a minute Clarke savoured the moment, and the flavour, then she started bobbing her head slowly up and down Lexa's dick, taking an additional inch on every bob of her head until she was about at the halfway point. She then concentrated on that part of the shaft for a few long minutes, before beginning to push the dildo into her throat. Clarke went slowly, mostly to savour the moment, although in truth she was still getting used to Lexa's big toy collection, and ended up choking and gagging along the way. However, she wouldn't be denied from getting every drop of Octavia's anal juice so eventually she buried every single inch within her windpipe.

Shortly after that Lexa removed her dick from Clarke's mouth and shoved it straight up Octavia's ass again. As she wasn't told otherwise Clarke remained where she was, meaning she got two wonderful rewards. She received the first immediately, as it was simply a front row seat to watching Octavia being anally violated again, her friend crying out as her anal ring, which looked like it had only just recovered, was forced to stretch wide open so that Lexa could push every inch of her dick up her ass again. Then Lexa started switching back and forth between Clarke's mouth and Octavia's back hole, constantly making Clarke go ass to mouth, which was her second and the best reward.

Octavia looked over her shoulder and watch Clarke every time she went ass to mouth. It should have been the most twisted thing about all this. But no, the most twisted thing was she was enjoying it. She had thought she would. Or at least she hoped she wouldn't. Because it was embarrassing to actually enjoy being fucked up the ass like a common whore. But she was, and the only really comforting thing Octavia could cling to was at least she was not like Clarke who seemed to enjoy it right from the start, and seem to love being a little ATM slut. At least Octavia had a shred of dignity, even while she was being butt fucked while bent over a war table.

It helped that initially Octavia mostly felt pain as her virgin ass struggled to adapt to being used this way, a sign that she wasn't a total ass whore like Clarke was. At first she thought it might be a sign that she was a total top, that no matter how hard she tried Lexa just wouldn't be able to make this feel good, and she'd never have to go through this humiliation again. Or worse, never be allowed back into Lexa's bed. Of course those thought soon revealed themselves to be arrogant and naive, as the clearly experienced ass pounder filled her rectum full of cock in a way which was slow enough not to really hurt that badly, and then skilfully sodomise her until the pain was a distant memory and all she felt was pleasure.

Eventually Octavia had to stop watching Clarke and just face forward, and then even closed her eyes, gritted her teeth and digged her fingernails into the table to prevent herself from begging for more. Something Octavia promised herself she wouldn't do. Not her. Begging was for the weak, or in Clarke's case, the slutty. But Octavia wouldn't beg. Being ass fucked was one thing, but she couldn't subject herself to the humiliation of begging for a harder butt fucking. Only again she was being naive and arrogant, as eventually it became clear to her that Lexa would settle for nothing less, and because of her stubbornness Octavia sounded so very pathetic when she finally broke and begged for what she wanted.

"Please, please fuck me." Octavia whimpered softly and pathetically.

"What was that?" Lexa pushed with a wicked smirk on her face.

"Fuck me! Fuck my ass!" Octavia cried out.

"That's not very convincing." Lexa quipped.

Octavia whimpered, took a deep breath, and then started shamelessly pleading, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard! Oooooooh, please Heda, ass fuck me harder! Harder! Please? Please make me cum like a little bitch with a dick in my ass! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, it feels so good. Why does it have to feel so good? Oh God, fuck me! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, fuck me up the ass and make me cum! Please? Please Commander, I need to cum! I need to cum so fucking bad! Please make me cum for you! Oooooooh, I want, ohhhhhhhh, I need, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck, please Lexa, pound my little ass hole and make me cum!"

"You want it, huh? Need it? Well, what do you have to offer for such a precious gift?" Lexa pushed again.

"Anything!" Octavia wept.

Before Octavia could continue Lexa firmly pushed, "You know what I want."

"It's yours!" Octavia swore without thinking, then gulped before admitting, "I'd do anything for you Heda. Anything! I'm yours! Ohhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddd, always yours. I was always meant to be yours. I know that now. Mmmmm, and my ass hole, that was always meant to be yours too. And now it is. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, it's yours Commander, my ass hole is yours! It's yours to fuck! It's your fucking fuck hole which you can use whenever and wherever you want! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh FUCK, MY ASS IS YOURS! ALL YOURS! I'M YOURS! I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT! I'LL, OHHHHHH, I OOOOOOOOOH, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD, MMMMMMM, POUND MY ASS, POUND MY LITTLE ASS HOLE, YESSSSSSS, POUND IT HARD, AAAAAAHHHHHH FUCK, WRECK MY FUCKING RECTUM, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD LEXA!"

Finally Lexa began increasing the pace, slowly at first, and that alone was enough to satisfy Octavia momentarily. Just in case she tried to continue begging, but her words became increasingly incoherent until all she could do was scream and swear as she received the hardest pounding of her life. The hardest orgasm of her life quickly followed, only for the next one to top it, and so on, until they all seem to become one and Octavia's mind melted with ecstasy. Her last coherent thought was that she would do anything to feel this way again. Anything, even if it meant subjecting herself to unspeakable humiliation. It would be worth it if she could feel like this again, as long as Lexa was the one doing it.

Lexa certainly intended on being the one to do this in the future. In her mind Octavia's ass hole was already her personal fuck hole, hers to use whenever she wanted. And only hers! That was the most important part. But again, words were cheap, and while Lexa loved the beautiful words she had just heard from Octavia, for now and saw they were. Words. Lexa craved more than that. She craved Octavia Blake's total and utter submission to her, not just for this night, but forever and she was determined to get it. And while multiple orgasms wouldn't guarantee her Octavia's ass hole they would at least be a step in the right direction.

If Octavia needed more persuasion after this Lexa would be only too happy to oblige. Ideally with night after night of anal pounding until Octavia would forget what it was like to sit down without pain, but wouldn't care because each time she tried would just remind her of the orgasms her Heda had given her. But at this point Lexa would be happy to let Octavia use Clarke however she wanted. Raven too. Maybe even... no, Lexa needed to draw the line somewhere. But she certainly had the power to grant Octavia just about anything she wished, and just about anything would be worth it to own this wonderful little butt hole. Of course it would be a lot easier of she could just break Octavia, something Lexa was only too happy to put all her energy into.


The downside to such words was that they pushed Lexa towards her inevitable climax. She tried to hold back for as long as she could, but the stimulator bashing against her clit, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh, the feeling of Octavia's cheeks jiggling against her thighs and the sheer joy of sodomising another woman, a warrior woman at that, was already overwhelming enough. Adding those words on top of that was the straw that broke the camels back and Lexa found herself cumming so wonderfully hard. Luckily she was the Commander, and she had a mission to complete, so Lexa was able to push herself through it and the next ones which followed to give Octavia's perfect ass the pounding it deserved.

As always needing to maintain her air of dominance Lexa forced herself to stop the anal pounding before she ran out of energy and did something embarrassing, like collapse on top of the hot piece of ass in front of her. But she pushed herself to the very edge, and then repeat the process Lexa made sure to tear her eyes away from Octavia long enough to give her precious Clarke a soft smile and Raven a little wink to let her know she was next. Shortly after that she finally stopped, yanking her dildo out of Octavia's ass and stumbling backwards to admire her handiwork, the table making sure that her latest conquest stayed in place and gave Lexa a great look at the warrior's now formally virgin butt hole gaping wide open.

After almost a minute of admiring those brews cheeks and most of all that gaping ass hole Lexa ordered, "Octavia, spread your cheeks and show your Heda her handiwork."

Octavia didn't hesitate, immediately shooting her hands to her butt cheeks and pulling them apart as wide as possible. Then she cursed herself because Lexa probably wanted her to do it slowly. Then she truly realised what she was doing, and became aware of Lexa's handiwork, and she blushed. And Clarke of course had to make it worse by slowly inching forward until she was by Lexa's side. Raven followed suit, the difference was that she horrified, but couldn't look away while Clarke was grinning wickedly. Meanwhile Lexa's expression was of course unreadable. It didn't matter though, having three women stare at her well fucked butt hole, which felt like it was so stretched open it would never close, was unbearably embarrassing. And yet Octavia continued to spread her cheeks because it was what her Commander wanted.

"Now suck my cock clean." Lexa ordered softly.

Looking back again, Octavia looked pleadingly for a moment at Lexa, but her Heda returned that look with a stern one which reminded Octavia that she would not be questioned. So with a soft whimper Octavia took her hands off her cheeks, awkwardly turned around, shuffled pause and then dropped to her knees in front of the Commander. She then stared at the dildo that had just been deeply embedded within her bowels, and had taken her butt cherry, imagining how horrible it must taste. Then Octavia closed her eyes, scrunched up her face, and wrapped her lips around it in the name of pleasing her precious Heda.

Despite how much Clarke had clearly enjoyed it Octavia was convinced she wouldn't. After all, she wasn't a slutty little bottom like Clarke Griffin. However to her surprise she was proven wrong. Not right away, but even her first taste wasn't so bad, and to her horror she slowly began to enjoy it the longer the blow job went on. Especially when Lexa started stroking her hair in approval, prompting Octavia to look up into the eyes of her Heda. The woman who had just taken her ass and made it hers. Made Octavia hers. Yes, it truly felt like Octavia belonged to this woman now, and all these humiliating acts were only confirming it and cementing Lexa's dominance over her.

Despite still considering herself a top Octavia began putting every fibre of her being into sucking her own ass off of Lexa's cock, bobbing rapidly up and down the first half for several long minutes before slowly beginning to push it into her throat. In her mind it didn't really count, because Lexa was the Commander. She was a top of tops, it was only natural that Octavia would suffer in this way. And she wanted too. Octavia wanted to serve Lexa in any way she wanted, and fulfil all of her needs. Especially if one of them involved having sex with her, Clarke and ideally Raven. And Octavia tried to prove herself worthy of that by acting like a cock sucking slut, not only the proud of herself by the time her lips reached the base, but actually truly grown to love the taste of her own ass and hoping that she would taste it again on Lexa's big dick.

"Octavia..." Lexa softly began, continuing once she had Octavia's full attention, "Do you wish to truly really be mine?"

"Yes! Please, I'll do anything!" Octavia quickly replied once the cock was out of her mouth.

"Kiss her feet." Clarke chimed in from her place beside Lexa, "Kiss her feet again and begged for the privilege of being hers. Mmmmm, just like I am."

Octavia briefly looked hesitant at the Commander, then did as she was told, even more shamelessly than before begging in between kisses, "Please Heda, make me yours! I want to be yours! Yours and Clarke's. Please? I want to be yours more than anything else in the world! Please Heda, let me be yours."

After enjoying the grovelling for a few long minutes Lexa smiled, "Congratulations Octavia, now you're mine."

Her heart fluttering Octavia beamed, and then briefly kissed Lexa's feet a few more times, "Thank you Heda. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"How about you Raven? Ready to become mine?" Lexa asked softly, turning to Raven who looked predictably terrified but also like she wanted to join Octavia on her knees. Which she would soon, Lexa promised herself.


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