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100: Wanheda's Woman Part 2 (FF,inc,anal)
by LL

There was a greyness in the room when Abby opened her eyes; another difference from the Ark where it was either light or dark and never in between. The sounds were different as well; the caw of a crow, the whish of the wind and the creak of wood were a stranger wake-up than the hum and whirr of the automated air-condition and the light clangs and almost silent cracks from ancient metal. The biggest change from the Ark was, however, that instead of sleeping silently in her own room Clarke was lying next to Abby, the older woman snuggled against her. "Morning," the teen said as her Mom eyes opened and looked at her.

"Morning," said Abby and snuggled herself tighter against Wanheda. She look upwards into her daughter's so pretty face and smiled, "Did I thank you for saving me?"

"You did, more than adequately," Clarke smiled back and turned her own head downwards so that she could lightly and gently kiss her Mom's lips. The Milf felt herself somersault with happiness, not just that she had finally found Clarke, but that Clarke was Wanheda and Wanheda had made her hers. She opened her mouth and returned the kiss, Clarke's hand reaching over her tit and squeezing it sexually.

The curtain was thrown back and Abby immediately pulled up the covers and broke from the kiss. Her daughter reacted differently, sitting up so that her topless boobs swung out as she nodded to Indra, "What's the weather like?"

"Misty," the black woman said, "But it looks like it'll clear soon."

"We should make a move, we've a long way to travel," Wanheda swung her legs out and got out of the bed. She was still wearing the strap-on, but naked apart from that and she bent down to remove it, before turning to Indra. The black woman seemed just as interested in Abby as Wanheda, casting quick glances at her as the brunette pulled up the fur to her throat. Clarke ran a hand through her hair before reaching for her leather pants. "Get the carts ready, we won't bother with breakfast."

"Yes," Indra nodded and gave Abby a quick once-over, a smile across her face. "Looks like you had fun."

"We did," Clarke smiled and cast a quick look at her Mom. Abby smiled nervously and nodded, she still wasn't used to the mores of the ground and how Indra would just come into the room where she and Clarke were naked. The black woman didn't seem to be phased as she continued talking to Clarke for a few more minutes about the line of march and routes, agreeing who would scout and where they'd rendezvous, before leaving to put it all in motion.

Clarke turned back to her Mom and pulled down the covers, exposing the older woman's nudity. "Up you get," she smiled teasingly.

Abby did so, shivering in the cool morning air. Clarke didn't seem to notice, acclimatised to the climate. She took longer to get dressed than her Mom, allowing Abby to admire the teenage body as she did so, firm and toned, her titties moulded to perfection and her pussy shaven and delectable, warrior tattoos up her side and crawling round her tits. She wasn't Abby's little girl any longer; better, she was Abby's lover.

Clarke slipped on her leather overcoat, looking so stunning and sexy that if Abby had any reservations they'd have vanished in a heartbeat - she didn't have any so the pittering in her chest was just desire for her daughter. The teen walked over to the curtain, brushing it aside and turning to her Mom. "Come," she said with just the right mix of command and affection.

Abby nodded and followed her daughter obediently through the front room and outside. There was a mist, something Abby could never get used to; it left the world blurry, almost like she was seeing it through teared filled eyes, sounds both muffled and echoing, making it hard to place space or distance. Her daughter seemed less effected by it, immediately walking towards a set of shapes which as they got closer began to define themselves as horses and riders. More shapes seemed to come forward the nearer they came, emerging out of the greyness like driftwood coming ashore on the lake. Guards and camp followers, the rescued and their rescuers, Grounders, Arkers, the remnant of The 100. They all seemed to be looking at her and knowing what she'd done last night with her daughter. Abby might not regret it, but she still blushed at the breaking of the taboo.

"Mom, sexy," Clarke didn't seem at all abashed, stopping a few feet from where Indra and Octavia sat on horses next to the cart. She followed her words with a light tap of her Mom's butt with her hand and kiss too slow too satisfy, but too long to be brushed off to the on-lookers as chaste mother-daughter peck. "You should ride in the cart." Abby nodded and let Clarke help her up, the teen giving her butt an squeeze as she did. "You shouldn't have any trouble, but if anyone hits on you, tell them you're my woman. Octavia and Indra will escort you."

"Where will you be?" asked her Mom.

"I'm going to just wait here with some men for a few hours, just to check Prince Roan keeps his word," the teen smiled, "I'll be fine," she added reassuringly.

Abby nodded, a knot of anxiety in her stomach, but just looking at Clarke gave her confidence - the blonde was Wanheda, surely Prince Roan knew that - death came to everyone you didn't need to go seeking its commander. The driver on the cart cracked a whip and the vehicle began to move slowly forward. Abby looked out the back until her daughter was swallowed up by the mist.

* * *

According to Indra they made good time during the day. The fogs certainly vanished as the black warrior had predicted and the column moved pacefully along the tracks and half-rotted roads without delays or diversions. It was some time before dark that they stopped, pulling off the track to rest in a soft meadow. Abby was aching, mainly from the journey, though her acrobatics last night hardly helped. Indra was off her horse, giving out orders to the camp followers - the recently rescued survivors being recruited to join them as well. Abby groaned slightly and went to pick up some sticks for a fire. "Abby," Indra called after her, "Take a seat."

"You don't want me to help?" Abby asked.

The warrior shook her head, "You should sit; you're Wanheda's woman, not a servant."

Abby did so, seating herself carefully on a log. It turned out, not only was she not a servant, she was there to be served, young women coming over to bring her food and wine, and to ensure she was topped up and given second servings. A place was found for her next to the fire, a thick fur blanket laid on the ground and another one laid on top of it, whilst most of the marchers had but one thin one to wrap round and shiver.

Abby found it lonely sitting there, none of the servants or soldiers would talk to her, even those who had once been in the Ark. Octavia and Indra passed a few words, but they were both too busy in making sure the camp was set up and defendable; once it was they both vanished with a couple of the serving girls into the night. Soon it began to grow dark, the dusk gently settling in a way it never did in space, a few fires continuing to burn, casting orange glows across the site. With nothing to do Abby slipped into the bed that had been made to her, getting under the covers and removing her clothes, until she was naked. She didn't know where Clarke was and she missed her. Thinking about Wanheda she closed her eyes and drifted into a half-sleep.

She wasn't sure how long she dozed, but suddenly she was awoken by a hand reaching down and gripping her shoulder. Her eyes opened immediately, on the ground slow wakers might not wake at all, and just as quickly relaxed. Crouching beside her was Clarke, the blonde smiled, "Sorry did I scare you? I wasn't sure if you were asleep."

"No," lied Abby. Now Clarke was here she felt content and relaxed, smiling up her daughter.

The teen smiled back and began to undo her jacket, "You look nice and snuggly, I'll join you."

Abby nodded, she had expected, or perhaps hoped, that her daughter would join her; the thought of them spooning under the stars was romantic, the fact they were in the middle of a camp less so. Clarke's jacket was folded on the floor and she began to unbuckle her leather chest plate. Abby sat up, not enough that the bedding fell from her naked tits, but enough so that she could see further into the night. The fire next to them was almost out, a few embers still glowing with enough light to see there were half a dozen other beds lying within easy earshot - in one of them she could see Harper sliding in with a young redhead who'd been serving food earlier. Abby blushed as she realised she was looking at them. She raised her head to look at Clarke again, who was now topless and sitting on a log, pulling at her boots. "Did Prince Roan follow you?"

"He did," Clarke smiled, "Just to make sure I was leaving he said. I don't think he fully trusts me." She placed the boots upright and stood to remove her leather pants, dragging them down. Even in the darkness Abby could see the baldness of her daughter's snatch and she almost salivated with lust. The blonde grinned back, "He's turned back at the river though, he's not following us now."

"Good," said Abby, who was sure Wanheda had everything fully under control. She pulled back the covers for Clarke to slip in with her, but the teen wasn't quiet ready opening her backpack and pulling out a strap-on. Abby's mouth fell open in shock as her daughter began to pull it up her thighs, tightening the belts round them. "We're in public."

Clarke grinned, recognising her Mom's discomfort, but not giving into it. "Yes, I don't mind. People fuck, its natural and it's not like the Ark where there's rooms with lockable doors."

"I know, but it embarrassing," blushed Abby.

"I'm not embarrassed about banging my woman," grinned Clarke, "Everyone knew we did it last night and the only difference with tonight is they'll hear you as well." She glanced over to where Harper was starting to move over a giggling servant and smiled, "And its not like you won't have competition."

"I... I'm not sure," said Abby still blushing.

"Just do it, you'll be fine," said Clarke still smiling, but with a small edge in her tone, like she was the Mom and Abby the naughty child.

Abby nodded, giving in. She was Wanheda's woman and whilst she couldn't say she liked having sex where everyone could hear and see what was happening under the blankets, she wasn't going to go against Wanheda. Anyone, it might be embarrassing, but if last night was anything to go by, it would also be orgasmic. "Yes," she said and pulled further at the blankets, further opening them to her daughter.

Again her daughter didn't come. Instead Wanheda grinned broadly and said, "You're right about their being plenty of people around and as its late I don't want us to be keeping them awake with your squeals, so it'll have to be a quickie. Turn onto your front and I'll pound your ass, that's the quickest way to a woman's heart." The teen's smile was entrancing and though it wasn't how Abby would have planned it she was happy to go along with what her daughter said. She turned over as she was told and this time Clarke slipped in under the blankets, murmuring, "You've such a hot butt," as she pulled the blankets over them.

"Glad you like it," said Abby straightening herself as Clarke moved on top of her.

She could feel the teen's pert tits brushing over her back and the draw on the plastic prick across her thigh before Clarke grabbed it and pushed herself further up her Mom. "Spread your cheeks for me," Clarke said quietly into her Mom's ear, less concerned about letting people know what was happening and more that she didn't disturb those trying to get to sleep.

Abby moved her hands onto her back and down, feeling her wrists rubbing at her daughter's slender waist as she did. As soon as she got to her buttocks she gripped them and eased them apart, giving easy access to her sphincter. Almost immediately she felt the head of her daughter's dildo rubbing at the rosebud, the teen making sure it was properly lined up before pushing it in. Despite herself Abby couldn't help but let out a loud moan and she could hear Clarke's small laugh that the one who wanted the most to keep it secret was making the most noise. It was hard to keep silent when the toy was being shoved into her ass-hole, stretching the tube and making the nerves tingle with delight. "Oooohhh," she moaned again as the cock went deeper, "Oooohhh."

"Yes, mmmnn, yes this ass is so hot," Clarke's mouth was next to her Mom's ear, murmuring so quietly only the Milf could hear. The teen's hips rose and fell, each time they came down the dildo drove a little deeper into the hole and Abby's body tingled a bit more. Up and down Clarke went, not hurrying, but not going too slow either, just pounding and thrusting, sending the dick in to her Mom's anal passageway.

"Oooohhh, oooohhh," Abby groaned, louder than she wanted to, her hands reached and gripped the grass in front of the blanket, her fingers pressing into the soft earth. Clarke was coming deeper now, thrusting in and stretching the hole, the fake balls of the plastic toy bouncing at Abby's ass as her daughter gave her the full length. The Milf moaned and shuddered, it was still embarrassing to be doing it in public, but it had its compensations. She gave another cry, louder and an owl hooted in return. Clarke grunted and slammed down.

"Oooohh, yessss, ohhh," Abby shuddered and moaned loudly, before biting down on her lip to stifle the noise. She could hear movements under the nearest blankets, evidence their denizens were awake. From the other side of the fire she heard quieter, but less stifled moans, as Harper banged the woman she'd taken into her bedding for the night; Abby hoped listeners were concentrating on them.

But Clarke didn't see to care, pounding down hard and grunting loudly, "Yes, fuck, yes." Her body smacked at Abby's and if the fur covering muffled the sounds of the strikes the way they were bouncing up and down left no doubt what was happening underneath. "Your ass is so tight," the blonde called out, oblivious to what anyone listening might think, or perhaps she didn't think it mattered what they thought, and that her Mom's ass was more important. In any case she continued to pound, panting out her passion, "Fuck, fuck, yes, so fucking bangable, mmmmnn, I could ram this butthole all night."

Abby wished her daughter could as well. It might not be where she'd have chosen, but she was quickly learning to appreciate what a top lover her daughter was, the teen might be Commander of Death, but she was also Commander of Fucking. Abby bit her lips harder, desperate to stop her squeals reverberating round the camp site even as Clarke slammed in and out, not having the reservations of her Mom around doing it in public. The blonde grunted and panted, saying in much more than a whisper, "Your ass is so fucking good. Tell me how you love having your ass pounded."

Abby thought the question was rhetorical so kept her mouth shut, clamping her lips together as hard as she could. Clarke hammered harder, "Come on, tell me how you love having this butt stretched by me."

Again Abby was silent. Clarke paused for a second, leaning forward to murmur in her Mom's ear, "I'm not joking. When I ask you tell me." There was a sterness in her voice which both terrified Abby and turned her on. Clarke quickly rose and slammed in again, "Tell me about your ass," she ordered.

"Yes, baby I love you filling my butt," this time Abby scrambled to obey, "I love the way you're gaping it with that big toy. Arrrrgghh, yessss, it's what was my ass was designed for."

"Louder," grunted her dominant daughter, "Scream for the camp,"

Abby's cheeks reddened, but she didn't think of disobeying; she was Wanheda's woman and she did what her lover wanted. "AAArrghhh, yessss, yessss," she screamed louder, "Ram my asshole open, I love it, aaaaarrggghhh, you make me cum so hard Wanheda."

"That's it," grunted her daughter and pounded harder and faster

Her thrust got even more powerful as Abby screamed and squealed louder, her yells clearly audible through the camp and beyond, so that even the racoons and owls and deer wandering the night woods would be listening. "AAAaarrrghhh," screamed the older woman, "Aaaarrrghhh, fuck yesss, I love your dick in my ass Wanheda, ram it even harder."

The orgasms swept through her like another nuclear armageddon, so powerful that her brain fried and her blood boiled. "AAaaarrrghhh, yesssss," she shrieked again, so loudly that her throat hurt, "AAAArrrrghhh..." There was nothing else she could say.

There was a pop as Clarke pulled out, collapsing beside her Mom. Abby crawled and spooned into her lover and protector, smiling blissfully as she rested her head against her daughter's crook - it was where she belonged.

* * *

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