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100: The Price Of Admission Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Kneeling down in front of her new pet Lexa softly asked, "Are you okay?"

As she did that Lexa gently caressed Clarke's cheek, which made the blonde preen and lean into the touch, "Yes."

Lexa hesitated to show such weakness, but from the safety of her chambers no one would hear, especially if she continued in a soft voice. Really her only actual hesitance was spoiling Clarke, who now more than ever needed to see her as a dominating top. There were some who would be appalled at the very idea of showing such strength, only then to turn around and undo all the good work she had just done. But Lexa didn't see it as undoing her work, but instead solidifying it. Even if she had to be emotionally vulnerable in the process, which was terrifying for her. So she pressed on with her original plan for this moment, even though it scared her.

"I'm, I'm sorry I lied to you." Lexa apologised softly and hesitantly.

"I understand." Clarke gulped, truthfully adding, "I wish you hadn't, but I get it. We were strangers. You didn't know if you could trust me."

"I still don't." Lexa said bluntly, quickly adding, "Not entirely. It would be foolish too. You have to know that, don't you?"

"I understand." Clarke nodded, "It will take time to adjust. Both for us, and our people. But... I'm willing to do whatever it takes. I, I meant what I said. I want to be yours."

"You are." Lexa smiled, "In the eyes of my people, and by our laws, you are mine. But there is still much to do. Your people must accept the price of admission as you have, and I must keep a close eye on my people to make sure they treat yours fairly. If my people simply use this an excuse to harm yours then this experiment has failed. But before that, I must brand you as mine. You remember what that means?"

"You're going to tattoo symbols into my back, marking me as your slave." Clarke beamed excitedly, "I can't wait."

"Good." Lexa smiled happily, getting to her feet, "But for tonight, we must celebrate. After all, many people expect me to spend all night fucking you, and I would so hate to disappoint them."

The two women exchanged a smile and then Lexa turned and headed for her bed, while holding firmly to the lead attached to Clarke's collar. Lexa then smiled as without a word of protest her new official slave followed her on all fours like the good little pet she had become as they travelled the short distance. Then when reaching the destination Lexa turned back to Clarke and with another smile slowly began taking off her clothes, much to the delight of her personal little slut. Once they were both naked Lexa pushed the fur duvet out of the way and got into the centre of the bed while gently pulling Clarke along with her, until her lover was in her arms and she was gently stroking her hair lovingly.

For a moment Lexa made as if she was going to kiss her, only to lay back and to order, "I have worked up an appetite enslaving you. Feed me the grapes at my bedside table. If you are also hungry, from me putting you in your place, you may have a few, but you are to prioritise me, as you always will from now on. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke beamed.

Grabbing the aforementioned bowl of grapes Clarke began to pick them and feed them to Lexa. Apparently rulers of old had favoured this as a sign of power, but until now Lexa rarely like to indulge in it, because it made her feel like an infant in capable of feeding themselves. Yet as with many things this was different with Clarke as her slave girl. In fact she had even fantasised about this a few times during Clarke's training, and as with everything else the blonde exceeded her expectations. Especially as without having to be asked Clarke offered and then poured her some wine after Lexa waved her hand to signify she was done with the grapes.

As Lexa drank her wine Clarke hesitantly asked, "Mistress Lexa... may I ask you something?"

"Yes." Lexa said almost dismissively as she was feeling so relaxed right now.

"I, I... I know it's only been a week, but..." Clarke began hesitantly, and eventually pushed through her nervousness, "But I really like you. Do you like me too?"

Lexa just about resisted the urge to roll her eyes at how indirect Clarke was being, before admitting, "I apologised to you. How many Commanders do you think would apologise to their slaves?"

Clarke beamed happily, "So you-"

"I cannot love a slave." Lexa quickly added, before lowering her head, "I shouldn't. Such a thing, might be acceptable for my foot soldiers. But I am the Commander. Such a thing would be seen as weakness."

"Oh." Clarke mumbled in disappointment.

"But..." Lexa smirked, "I can favour you over other slaves."

"Oh?" Clarke questioned hopefully.

"I do not intend to take other slaves, as you are perfect for me, and more than meet my needs." Lexa explained, "That alone would be seen as high praise. And as I said, I shall mark your back to let everyone know you are mine, which is an honour only given to the most well-behaved and desired slaves. And while I suspect you to keep your bush well-trimmed, the fact that you will be allowed some hair down there is a sign of your position. Although that would be the easiest thing to take from you, should you misbehave."

"I won't." Clarke insisted without thinking, then blushed as that meant she had interrupted her Mistress, which was obviously disrespectful.

"We shall see..." Lexa raised an eyebrow and gave Clarke a look, but she wasn't in the mood to punish her properly, so she let it go for now, "I have other plans for you, but we can discuss them later. For now I hunger for more than food."

Taking the hint Clarke happily took the cup from Lexa, placed it down onto the bedside table and then crawled into the lap of her Mistress. Well, she tried too, but once she was close enough Lexa grabbed hold of Clarke and pulled them together, causing the blonde to let out a little giggle before the brunette kissed her. Clarke then quickly melted into the kiss and the two girls became lost in it for quite a while. Especially as it gave Lexa the opportunity to slide her hands all over Clarke's body, taking particular sadistic glee that whenever she groped the sky girl's ass she whimpered and cried out into the kiss, a clear sign she was still sore from her earlier spanking, and perhaps more importantly losing her anal cherry. Which just made Lexa want to abuse that butt some more, but she took pity on Clarke and instead concentrated on her other charms.

Clarke would be only too happy to take whatever Mistress Lexa had to give her, but she was grateful when those hands travelled up from her butt to her boobs. So grateful in fact that she moaned into the kiss, which in turn caused the Commander to chuckle into it and play with her tits even more roughly, which more or less started the cycle again. Then Mistress Lexa took her by surprise by flipping their positions and pinning her down. Well, Mistress Lexa taking charged certainly wasn't a surprise, but she had thought, and hoped, that after the lack of foreplay during her public enslavement she'd be permitted now to worship the body of her new owner.

Instead Mistress Lexa seemed more interested in worshipping hers, which made Clarke's heart flutter with delight. Okay, a lot of it wasn't exactly gentle, especially when Mistress Lexa broke the kiss and moved her lips down to Clarke's neck where she began kissing, sucking and biting the tender flesh hard enough to leave a mark, but in the brutal society of the grounders it felt like worship. Also like Mistress Lexa was marking what was hers, and Clarke adored anything which prove that she was the property of the Commander. Which Clarke supposed was a little preview of what was to come, and would ensure when she went to get tattooed she would already be visibly marked, even if it would be mostly covered by her collar.

To ensure that it wouldn't Mistress Lexa also made sure to mark Clarke's shoulders a little bit before moving down to her tits. She marked those two, but not as much as she licked and sucked the nipples lovingly. She also kissed the soft flesh surrounding them just as lovingly, eventually bringing her hands up to cup one more firmly into her mouth while using the other hand to play with the other breast. Which had been the kind of treatment that Clarke had so adored in her jail cell, and had been aching for while Mistress Lexa was away doing what Clarke now knew to be ruling her Kingdom. Although just like then she wished she got more of a chance to return the favour.

As if her Mistress could read her mind Clarke suddenly found the positions being flipped again, this time the brunette pushing the blonde's head against her tits. Not needing to be asked Clarke immediately wrapped her mouth around a nipple and started to suck it, staying there until Mistress Lexa moved her head so she could do the same to the other nipple. Back and forth Mistress Lexa then moved her, the Commander maintaining her precious control throughout the foreplay, even as Clarke increased her suction and grazed her teeth against the nipples of her owner. Although that was short lived, as all Mistress Lexa had to do was cleared her throat before Clarke went back to sucking those nipples, and beginning to swirl her tongue around them.

After a few wonderful minutes of this Lexa asked, "Clarke, do you know what a 69 is?"

"Of course." Clarke grinned happily, pulling back only slightly from one of Lexa's nipples as she replied, "Can we? I'd love to 69 with you."

"What a wonderful idea." Lexa said dryly with a soft smile, before leaning down, and pulling Clarke up, into another kiss, before she ordered, "Then sit on my face, facing my cunt. But don't start licking me straightaway. Mmmmm, I want to savour the moment. And so should you. After all, from now on it's the only way you get to be on top."

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke chuckled before doing as she was told.

Lexa was happy to see that Clarke wasn't hesitant to do this, and even seemed excited, even though this was a new thing for both of them. Two new things in fact, because while Lexa had sat on Clarke's pretty little face many times now this was the first time it would be the reverse, which of course would lead to another first in the 69 itself. Obviously Lexa wanted to 69 before now, and had even got close a few times, but she wanted to concentrate on training Clarke to eat pussy properly so she could truly please her in front of their people. And to actually have a slave sitting on her face would be truly scandalous, and not something Lexa would even consider for anyone other than Clarke, but her sky girl was special, something the Commander silently showed with this act.

It seemed Clarke understood what a big deal this was considering how eager and excited she was, even if that did mean she lowered her cunt down a little quicker onto Lexa's face than the Commander would have liked. Oh yes, Lexa would have liked to have longer to savour the moment before Clarke's twat was pressed against her lips, but she certainly couldn't complain. No, not when Clarke had obeyed her instructions pretty much perfectly, and more importantly she had a delicious pussy to eat. Clarke's pussy. Her favourite pussy. Oh yes, Lexa love this yummy little treat, which she showed by sticking out her tongue and sliding it across Clarke's downstairs lips.

Given their positions when Lexa stick out her tongue to lick from the bottom to the top she started with Clarke's clit, the Commander choosing to treat her fuck pet even more by lingering on that sensitive little bundle of nerves for a few long seconds before sliding upwards and through the rest of the slave girl's cunt. Which of course got a sharp cry of pleasure out of Clarke, quickly followed by an adorable whimper and a long moan. Lexa then continued effortlessly squeezing those kind of noises out of the girl she had come to adore so much, the Commander taking great pleasure in each one of them as they sounded like sweet victory. And of course, savour one of her favourite flavours. Not quite as good as Clarke's cum, but delicious nevertheless.

To her credit while Clarke constantly moaned, gasped and whimpered, and cried out Lexa's name, or one of her titles, she didn't beg for more. Or God forbid, grind down onto her face. More importantly even though she was in the perfect position for it Clarke didn't lean down and start licking Lexa's pussy. No, instead the freshly enslaved girl obediently allowed Lexa to spend hours licking her pussy. In reality it was only a good portion of one hour before Clarke could no longer resist temptation, but Lexa still got plenty of time to savour not just being able to eat Clarke's cunt, but to have her face covered with pure Clarke Griffin so all she could see, smell and taste was this wonderful woman.

Clarke had suffered a lot throughout her enslavement, including being spanked like a naughty child and violated in her most private of holes, all in front of a crowd of both her friends and enemies who were now her Mistresses and Masters. Being warned in advance of this, and even trained to receive this treatment, had helped tremendously, but it had still been difficult. Yet that it hadn't felt quite as difficult as this. Not when she could see Mistress Lexa's pussy directly in front of her, wet and just begging for attention. And oh, how Clarke wanted to give it the attention, the love, that it so richly deserved. Slide her tongue all over it and return the pleasure she was receiving. Or at least a fraction of that, as at times like this Clarke wondered if she could ever truly match the skill of the Commander.

That thought was reinforced as Mistress Lexa effortlessly used her wonderful mouth and talented tongue to drive Clarke crazy for what felt like hours, the only thing keeping the exhausted former member of the Ark upright being the overwhelming desire to please her new owner. Ultimately though she just couldn't resist leaning down, just to get a closer look, Clarke told herself. Which she already knew was an excuse, but the point was to let Mistress Lexa savour the moment before she switched positions to a full on 69, so surely Mistress Lexa would understand? Clarke had to believe that, because she hated the idea of disappointing her new Mistress, but she also couldn't stay upright any longer.

Of course once her face was inches away from Mistress Lexa's delicious pussy Clarke was hit with an overwhelming urge to taste it. No, she wanted to do a lot more than taste it. She wanted to devour it. Fuck Lexa with her mouth and tongue until she made her cum, both for the satisfaction of it, and so there would be even more heavenly juices for her to devour. And she wanted to do it first. Oh yes, Clarke wanted to make Lexa cum before this powerful Alpha female made her cum. Despite the fact that Mistress Lexa had a massive head start on her, truly too much for her to overcome, Clarke wanted to make her Mistress cum first, and hardest, and most, which sadly given their previous track record was almost assuredly impossible, as 'Heda' was simply better than her, and perhaps everybody else, at everything.

Deciding she should at least try, and that she had probably already disobeyed Mistress Lexa by lowering herself downwards without permission, Clarke cautiously reached out and pressed her hand against the Commander's cunt. Clarke was fully expecting Mistress Lexa to punish her because of it, and maybe if she had tried to do this in public it would have had a very different outcome, but instead the mighty Commander simply seemed to ignore her. Or perhaps Mistress Lexa was just too preoccupied with eating pussy. Whatever the case Clarke used it as an excuse to rub her owner's pussy lips, anything to give her an advantage ahead of actually beginning to lick it, at which point Clarke was sure things would escalate quickly after that.

Lexa hated to admit it, but she really, really liked the feeling of Clarke's fingers playing with her pussy. She hadn't given permission to other women to do so, and of course none of them had dare to try it without permission, so what Clarke was doing was startling, even if it was only because she didn't fully understand the ramifications of it. Of course if she had tried this in public Lexa would have immediately scolded her, but because they were in private Lexa chose to take a few seconds just to enjoy it. Which turned out to be a mistake, because this emboldened Clarke to push a finger into her Mistress's cunt, which felt amazing, but it felt submissive to receive, and the Commander could not tolerate that, especially not with a freshly broken slave.

So Lexa reluctantly pulled away from Clarke's cunt and scolded her, "No! I want your tongue! Give me your tongue. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, mmmmmm, that's it Clarke! Lick me! Lick my pussy! Yesssssss, fingering is something a slave receives, not gives. Oooooooh, it would serve you well to remember that. Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, lick me just like that, just like that, oh fuck!"

After that little outburst Lexa went right back to licking Clarke's pussy, and while she tried to continue at the same gentle pace as before she just couldn't, not when her lover was licking her so eagerly. Perhaps if they had been in public, or at least if Lexa had been in a different mood, she would have told her to slow down, so they could both savour this moment, which was another wonderful first for them. But they would have plenty of chances to do this in the future, and after all the build-up, which in a way included everything they had done in public, Lexa no longer wanted to keep things gentle. No, she wanted to cum, and perhaps more importantly make Clarke cum.

So after half a dozen more gentle licks across the other girl's pussy Lexa began concentrating her tongue on Clarke's clit while she repaid the earlier favour by beginning to use her fingertips to rub the cute little cunt in front of her. Then only a short time after that she pushed a finger into Clarke's needy little twat, then shortly after that a second finger while wrapping her lips around her new slave's clit and beginning to gently suck on it. Those things all made Clarke whimper and cry out into Lexa's pussy, and then each time the Commander began licking it more passionately, until she just started concentrating on her new Mistress's clit the same way Lexa was concentrating on hers. More than enough to push them both to the edge, but to go over it Clarke needed Lexa's permission, and thankfully that part of her training held firm.

She didn't even beg for it, instead waiting patiently for Lexa to order, "Make me cum! Make me cum Clarke, ohhhhhhhh, and I'll make you cum."

Admittedly Clarke's patients might have been because she was confident Lexa would give her permission quickly, which turned out to be the case, but that didn't matter now. All that mattered was giving that order as quickly as possible, before returning to her previous actions, which Lexa did expertly quickly and then just as expertly kept Clarke on the edge of orgasm while waiting for her slave to obey her command. She wasn't waiting long, Clarke shoving her tongue as deep into Lexa's pussy as it would go and then thrusting it in and out until she got the desired result, then started swallowing girl cum like a true pussy slut. Just like Lexa had trained her.

Clarke whimpered with delight as her favourite ever liquid hit her taste-buds, and she rushed to remove her tongue, wrap her lips around Lexa's entrance and swallow as much of the precious liquid as she possibly could. Thankfully Mistress Lexa had trained her well, and she was able to get at least the majority of it, even if sadly some of it did escape her lips. Clarke tried to make up for that by restarting the tongue fucking as soon as Mistress Lexa was done with her initial climax, but before she could even try Mistress Lexa sped up the speed of the fingering and the suction on her clit to send Clarke over the edge of an orgasm of her own. One so powerful it unfortunately distracted her for a few long seconds.

These were not the actions of the good, well-trained sex slave Clarke Griffin truly was in her heart, and she was deeply ashamed of herself for pausing, but she just couldn't help it. Mistress Lexa always made her cum so hard, and it completely took her off her game. However she was definitely going to have to do better, because Mistress Lexa also made her cum multiple times, and clearly she could use her fingers too, so Clarke was at a serious disadvantage. So with a calming breath Clarke shoved her tongue back inside of Mistress Lexa's twat and didn't stop fucking her until she had more precious girl cum to swallow. The process was then repeated, even though the Commander continued effortlessly making her cum, which in turn made Clarke very proud of herself.

Or at least she was, until Mistress Lexa shoved a finger up her butt. More accurately, Mistress Lexa removed her finger from Clarke's cunt and then shoved it up the blonde's ass while she was in the process of swallowing Clarke's cum, which of course made the newly enslaved girl cum again. If that wasn't bad enough Mistress Lexa then started tongue fucking her, which completely overwhelmed Clarke to the point where she just couldn't keep up her end of the deal any more. Hopefully she could find a way to make it up to her Mistress for this, and that her wonderful Commander would beat her ass raw for this, but at that moment all Clarke could do was lie back and cum.

For some reason Mistress Lexa didn't seem mad about this. No, she even grinned against Clarke's pussy, and then added a second finger into her ass, beginning to make the blonde cum even harder than before. Then just when Clarke didn't think it could possibly get any better Mistress Lexa replaced her tongue with two fingers of her other hand, pushing them deep into her cunt and then slamming them in and out of her while using her mouth and tongue to attack her clit. Which Clarke was pretty sure made her pass out for a little while, as the next thing she was really aware of was Mistress Lexa forcefully kissing her, while she slowly continue to pump those two fingers in and out of her ass.

Lexa had done so many kinky things to Clarke already, but there was one more thing she wanted to try to really put an explanation point on enslaving this beautiful sky girl. They wouldn't even need that much preparation, given how battered and stretched Clarke's ass still was from the ceremony. However Lexa had made Clarke cum a lot in the last few minutes, and even more during the ceremony, so if they were going to do this properly she needed to slow things down and give her girl a chance to recover. And if that meant making out with a beautiful girl and sharing their juices, then that was just a sacrifice she was willing to make, Lexa thought with a wicked smile.

It also involved breaking the kiss a few times so she could pepper kisses all over that pretty face, and even down to Clarke's neck, collecting some of her own escaped cum and pussy cream before kissing the other girl again. Lexa also wordlessly encouraged Clarke to do the same, her near-perfect sex slave obeying so they could share even more of their juices, and just make out for longer. Then finally Lexa pushed a third finger into Clarke's butt, getting the most wonderful cry of pleasure out of her pet in the process. Then she did it again, with the same results, which was very promising given what she was about to do. Then finally she pulled back to give the other girl fair warning.

"I wanna fist your ass!" Lexa growled.

"Do it!" Clarke whimpered without a moment's hesitation, "Ooooooh yes, fist my ass! Fist it! Ohhhhhh Mistress Lexa, my ass is yours! It's yours to fuck however you want, so aaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yesssssss, fuck me! Fist me! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddd, ah fuck!"

The fact that Clarke didn't hesitate for a moment to submit to something so twisted and perverted made Lexa chuckle with delight, and almost wish she saved this for next time they were in public. Oh well, she would have plenty of chances to do this again, solidifying their roles. Perhaps she would even do it in front of Clarke's people, as her people were choosing which of them to enslave. That thought, and Clarke's obedience, was almost enough to make Lexa lose control and shove her whole hand right away into the other girl's back door, but no, that might hurt her sky girl too much. Besides, Lexa wanted to savour this. So instead she briefly enjoyed Clarke's begging, then she easily pushed her thumb in alongside her fingers and then slowly began pushing forwards.

During the enslavement ceremony Lexa had gleefully sodomised Clarke hard and deep with her strap-on cock, but now she was stretching her much wider than ever before, which would be a struggle even for the most shameless of anal whores. Sure enough Clarke winced, grimaced and whimpered in pain, and perhaps embarrassment, at having her most private hole abused this way, but she also cried out mostly in pleasure, her eyes begging Lexa to continue, which was exactly what the Commander did. Oh yes, she continued until her entire hand was buried in her slave's butt, Lexa savouring the sweet moment of intimacy and then fucking her like never before. And then making her cum like never before.

Clarke loved the feeling of her most private hole stretching wider than ever before for Mistress Lexa's knuckles. She was ashamed that any part of her body was struggling to give this goddess what she wanted, but the mixture of pain and pleasure was exquisite, especially when after a lot of pushing forwards and then pushing back Mistress Lexa finally pushed forward enough so that her knuckles slipped through her ass hole. The rest was easy, and suddenly the entire hand of the Commander was inside Clarke's ass, which really blew her mind. It was a feeling, and an honour, truly beyond description, and Clarke felt truly lucky to be experiencing it, and that Mistress Lexa would take the time to let a lowly slave like her get used to it before fucking her.

But that's exactly what happened, then when Clarke was used to it as she could be her wonderful Mistress started gently moving her hand around inside her, fucking her with it. Which felt better than Clarke could have possibly imagined. Not that she'd imagined it a lot. Or at all. No, even after Mistress Lexa started fisting her pussy, Clarke hadn't known this would be something which would be required of her, which made it a wonderful surprise. Thankfully her body proved once again it had been made to be enslaved by Mistress Lexa, as it quickly relaxed even to this extreme, something Clarke tried to make clear in words, but all she could do was whimper, moan and scream in pure pleasure.

That was more than enough for a total stud like Mistress Lexa, who smirked triumphantly as she gradually increased the pace of her movements, until she was pulling her fist out to the knuckles, and then slamming them deeper into Clarke's butt with every thrust. Which would be more than enough to make Clarke cum, but presumably wanting to make this truly special Mistress Lexa used her other hand to stop playing with Clarke's clit, which quickly sent her over the edge of an incredibly powerful climax. Then the brunette buried her head in the blonde's cunt, switching between swallowing Clarke's cum and sucking on her clit. Which of course was more than enough to knock Clarke unconscious.

Her last coherent thought for quite a while was that she would truly do anything for this woman. Enslave her friends. Humiliate herself in public. Whatever Mistress Lexa wanted Clarke would gladly do it if it meant more ecstasy like this. But more importantly, she desperately wanted to return this ecstasy. Sure, she wouldn't be able to fist her Mistress's ass, but she could please her in other ways. Right now Clarke was thinking about going down on her for several hours after this to make it up to her. Or maybe she would eat Mistress Lexa's ass? Her owner loved that. Of course it wasn't up to her to decide. No, it was up to her wonderful Mistress Lexa, and again, Clarke would do absolutely anything for her.

The thing Lexa wanted above all else right now was for Clarke to cum for her, and she definitely got her wish. She got it over, and over, and over again as she frantically brutalised the newly enslaved girl's butt for the second of many times. Considering just how hard it was making Clarke cum, and how hard the little butt slut had cum right after Lexa had taken her anal cherry in front of both their people, the Commander was very tempted to retrieve her strap-on and try for a repeat performance. And soon enough, she would. Lexa promised herself that. But not now. No, now Lexa wanted to stay in this position, so she could swallow as much of Clarke's cum as she possibly could.

Something like this would be scandalous to do in public, and a 69 would have been bad enough if she was on top, as it was seen as a submissive thing to do to orally worship another. Lexa had been taught to see it that way, and she still did, but she just couldn't help worshiping Clarke as there was just something about this girl that had gotten under her skin in a short amount of time. That, and her cum was truly delicious, and Lexa couldn't see how she would ever get enough of it. Of course the downside to her somewhat losing control of the situation was she once again fucked Clarke into unconsciousness, forcing Lexa to slow down what she was doing, and then truly realise what she had just done.

Blushing with embarrassment Lexa yanked her fist out of Clarke's butt, pressed it to the blonde's lips and ordered, "Clean!"

The sudden removal of the fist had forced Clarke awake, the beautiful sky girl crying out loudly in a way which almost broke Lexa's heart. She wanted to comfort her, but she had to be strong and dominant after showing such weakness, so she remained firm, glaring at the other girl as Clarke desperately tried to recover from what had just happened. Then just as Lexa was about to repeat herself Clarke gently took hold of her wrist with both hands, lean forward, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and slid it over the fist. She then moaned shamelessly, and eagerly cleaned Lexa's hand of her own butt juices, which admittedly delighted the Commander.

As this was going on Lexa growled, "You will help me enslave your friends! I shall parade your freshly tattooed body in front of them, showing them what they will become, and you will tell them that you adore being my slave. That it's clearly what you were born for, just as they were born to be slaves to my people. Then I will fuck you in front of them. Share you with my generals, right there, in front of them all. Then you shall tell my generals who would make the finest slaves, and help as much as they wish for your friends to adjust to their new lives. And just doing everything that my people want, just as you will do for me. You understand my little ass to mouth loving pet?"

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke replied without hesitation, "I'll do whatever you want. Just ask. I'm yours."

Right after saying that Clarke went right back to licking Lexa's hand, making the Commander smirked triumphantly. Lexa then waited patiently for Clarke to finish, before passionately kissing her again, this time tasting the blonde's ass on her lips and tongue, bringing an extra little perverted delight to their kiss. Then Lexa softly told Clarke she wanted to rest, then pulled her against her chest and without a moment of complaint Clarke wrapped her arms around her and the two women rested together while Lexa reminded herself that she couldn't fall in love with a slave. Or more accurately, she shouldn't, although it may be already too late for that. Thankfully it seemed that Clarke returned her feelings, which meant whatever happened next, whether the sky people would accept the price of admission or not, Clarke would truly be by her side.

The End... For Now...


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