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100: The Price Of Admission Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

Clarke had almost got used to waking up naked, cold and alone in a cell, but this particular morning she was neither cold or alone. She was still naked and imprisoned, which certainly wasn't great, but finding herself being spooned by an equally naked Lexa almost made it worth it, especially as it was the first time this had happened. Sure, Clarke had been fucked into unconsciousness by Lexa nearly every night of the past week, but come morning Lexa would be nowhere to be found. But not today, and after initially being surprised by this Clarke beamed with happiness and just enjoyed this perfect moment, almost forgetting this was a truly frightening, embarrassing day for her.

Of course the moment couldn't last, and suddenly guards barged in, flanking a clearly important looking woman, "Heda! Heda! Heda, please, I need to speak to you."

In a second Lexa was on her feet and addressing the woman, "Luna, what is the meaning of this!"

Luna hesitated, then apologised, "My deepest apologies Heda, I just... I urge you to reconsider..."

"The time for debate has passed." Lexa said dismissively.

There was a brief pause and then Luna huffed, "It's just 100 people. I still don't understand why we're going to all this trouble."

"I will not debate this with you again." Lexa snapped, "Now get out."

"But Heda..." Luna protested, and then when Lexa gave her a warning look she quickly added, "The ceremony-"

"Can wait a few moments." Lexa finished for her.

Another brief pause, then Luna warned glancing at the blonde, "Remember my lessons Heda. And that I only have your best interests at heart."

"I truly believe that, Flame Keeper, which is why you still have your head. Now go." Lexa ordered Luna sternly, then when she and the others left she turned to Clarke, smiled softly and urged the other girl to get up, wrapping her arms around her before asking, "Do you trust me, Clarke?"

"Yes." Clarke answered without hesitation.

"Remember that, and that I swear to you, I have your best interests at heart. And that of your people, and mine." Lexa pushed gently stroking Clark's face before kissing her gently and then adding, "Promise me you'll do what's best for all of us, and do whatever the commander wants you too?"

"I promise." Clarke swore, then after yet another brief pause she asked, "Lexa, what does Heda mean?"

Lexa smiled, "It's my title?"

"Which is?" Clarke pushed softly, although she finally had an idea of what that might be.

Lexa smiled, and then called out to her guards in her mother tongue, "Bring me my clothes."

Instantly the heavy door opened again and muscular, hairy man who towered over Lexa hurried into the room carrying clothes, including armour. The more intimate were taken from them by Lexa, but most of it was slowly placed upon her body. Then in a final touch she was presented with a jar of face paint, which she dipped her hand into and then rubbed over her eyes, creating markings with well practised ease. All these things combined really seemed to transform her body, and ever since being interrupted Lexa had been standing tall and proudly, the men were doing everything she said, had been doing everything she said all along, and fuck, Clarke suddenly felt ridiculously stupid.

She wasn't about to meet the Commander, because this WAS the Commander. Lexa had been the Commander all along, and Clarke didn't have a clue. Well, maybe the thought crossed her mind once or twice, but it seemed ridiculous that a petite girl close to her age could command such respect, and even fear. Could be the leader of this fierce warrior people who had effortlessly captured her friends and ruled the land with an iron fist. Unless of course, Lexa was the Commander's second-in-command. Or worse, her wife. Oh God, what if Lexa was married? Clarke really, really didn't like the idea of that. Because sure, she had agreed to help enslave her friends, which may mean getting physical with them or their other captors, but Clarke didn't want anything beyond that.

Over and over again these things echoed in Clarke's mind as she was led out of her cell, out of the prison and eventually into some kind of arena. Along the way she was presented with more evidence to suggest her initial suspicions were correct. But despite the very big omission about her status, whatever that might be, Clarke still very much wanted to be Lexa's slave. Besides, she truly believed it was what was best for their people, something Clarke constantly reminded herself as she was paraded through the street of a surprisingly large city full of people gawking at her naked body, one way or another the Commander showing off her prize.

Although that wasn't as disconcerting as her friends seeing the same thing, as in the middle of the arena there was a stage elevated about 5 to 6 feet in the air, beneath it The 100 along with at least 200 grounders ready to watch the show, and many more watching all around them. God, just how many people had survive the apocalypse? Because it almost looked as if there had never been one, except this society was radically different to what Clarke had read in books. Something she was about to get first hand experience of, although at least unlike the city she had just been paraded through there was no children to witness her disgrace. Although the adults looked like they were going to get off on it. Mostly grounders, but maybe some of the 100 too, which should have been off-putting, but somehow it wasn't.

Surprisingly Clarke had been led here in chains, but once she was in the centre of the stage her legs were kicked out from underneath her and she was forced onto her knees before being finally released from her chains. Lexa didn't seem to notice. She was too busy looking out over the crowd, at first focusing on her people, who were all chanting 'Heda', suggesting she was in charge. As did the empty throne, which was clearly designed for the Commander to sit in. Then Lexa focused on The 100, and given their reaction Clarke could only imagine that her lover was glaring at them. Or possibly worse. Either way she soon addressed them in a noticeably commanding tone, after suddenly raising her hand which caused the rest of the grounders to become deafeningly silent.

"Sky people..." Lexa said with disdain, causing a brief series of grumbles from her people before they once again became silent once she started speaking again, "You have invaded our land, eaten our food, and destroyed our homes. Know this, if you were any other clan you would receive no mercy, and there are many amongst my people who do not believe you deserve any simply because you do not know any better. But I see you for what you are. Yes, I see you and I do not see an army come to take what belongs to me and my people. I see a bunch of children, desperately in need of some discipline. And I promise you, one way or another, you shall receive it... Clarke, crawl to me."

The sudden mention of her name startled Clarke a little, but after the last week obeying Lexa was like breathing, as was replying, "Yes Mistress Lexa."

"Clarke?" Bellamy called out in disbelief, unable to believe what his friend had been reduced too.

Which caused Lexa to smirk at her captives, an expression which stayed on her face once Clarke was by her feet, allowing her to grab a handful of blonde hair, and yank her to the edge to emphasise her point, "My generals tell me that this, is your leader. Not that you ever showed her the proper respect, but if it wasn't for her babysitting you, you would have never survived this long. For that, she shall be rewarded. Yes, on this day she will become undisputedly mine, and have the honour of pleasing me in any way I see fit for the next year. Those of you who are lucky enough, and smart enough, to agree to submit yourselves as she does today will make up your debt to my people in mostly pleasurable ways over the next year. Those of you who do not, well, do not fret, there is plenty of work to go around."

Suddenly Octavia called out, mostly wanting to beat Bellamy to it so she would be punished if necessary, and also because she was appalled by this, "Did you give her the choice?"

"Yes, actually." Lexa reassured with another smirk, "But I shall give her the chance now to object. Clarke, do you wish to become my willing pet?"

There was deafening silence as all eyes turned to her, then Clarke nervously and truthfully answered, "Yes."

Although the word sounded deafening in the silent courtyard Lexa pushed, "What was that?"

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke corrected herself, while also speaking louder.

"Prove it." Lexa ordered, strolling over to her throne at the edge of the stage and sitting down upon it, "Bend over my knee. Prove to your people and mine, and more importantly to me, that you're willing to accept your place, and your punishment."

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke replied without hesitation, scurrying to obey.

Which meant crawling over to Lexa and positioning herself over her knee, something she had done quite a few times now, of course this was different. This time there were a few hundred people watching them, and honestly it felt like a few billion. Also her friends were among the crowd, making this even more nerve wracking. But Clarke had been expecting that. What she hadn't been expecting was to do this for someone that she knew, and for better or for worse trusted, making her hopeful that this would make it easier on her. Not that she truly expected Lexa to take things easy on her, especially given everything she had told her about her people, so Clarke hoped it would be just, easier.

At first it certainly promised to be that way given how as usual Lexa started off by just staring at her ass, and then reach down to grab, squeeze and caress it like a piece of meat. However Lexa spent barely half the amount of time she usually would on that before delivering the first blow, and when it came it was perhaps as hard as any she had ever given her. It was more than enough to make Clarke cry out loudly, and continue doing so as Lexa proceeded to beat her butt hard and rough right from the start, sending a message to both their people in the process. Which should have been off-putting, and maybe if it hadn't been for this last week it would have been, but now some twisted part of Clarke couldn't help but enjoy it.

Lexa was the first to know that Clarke was enjoying it, perhaps even before Clarke, as while the blonde was no doubt consumed by the initial pain the brunette was carefully paying attention to every little reaction she got. It was unfortunate, but there were many amongst Lexa's people who wanted to see Clarke suffer at least in some way, and it was honestly important for Clarke's people to see the same thing. And honestly, Lexa enjoyed it too, at least to some extent. But not as much as she would enjoy what was to come, but it was still highly pleasurable to see Clarke squirming on her lap and letting out pathetic whimpers and cries like a naughty child being punished for misbehaving.

That was what everybody else saw, and Clarke felt, initially, but Lexa saw more. Oh yes, in a way she had become an expert on Clarke Griffin, and could tell when she truly wasn't enjoying something, and when she was. And this? This was Clarke enjoying herself. Yes, it may not look like it, but Lexa could hear the hint of pleasure in even those initial cries, and more importantly she could feel a hint of wetness against her thighs. Soon enough it was more than just a hint, which was just further proof that all those hours of training had been totally worth it. Oh yes, Lexa had created the perfect sex slave for herself, and now was showing her off to her adoring people, Clarke's people, and perhaps most importantly her generals and the leaders of the 12 clans.

Apart from Clarke's people, most of whom seem terrified and appalled by what she was doing, the rest of their audience seemed impressed and overjoyed to see their leader put the leader of this invading force in her place. Of course it was the leaders and generals which Lexa really had to worry about, so much so that she actually pulled her gaze away from the beautiful woman bent over her knee to study the expressions on their faces. Most seemed intrigued, especially by the prospect of getting a sex slave of their own, but quite a few seemed underwhelmed and waiting for Lexa to stop taking it so easy on Clarke, which all but forced Lexa's hand, figuratively and literally.

When they were alone together it would never be necessary to go past the initial spanking, as that more than proved her point, and was mutually enjoyable. However this had to be a truly epic butt beating, one her people would talk about for years to come, so in the end Lexa increase the pace until she was using every ounce of her strength to batter Clarke's behind. This made those firm cheeks jiggle obscenely, turned them from a cute pink to a bruised and angry red, and had Clarke crying hysterically. Which was good for the long run, Lexa reminded herself, even if it hurt her heart a little. Now, could Clarke receive such treatment and still submit to her like the sub Lexa had trained her to be?

Clarke kept reminding herself over and over again that she needed to do that for the sake of her people, and it would be foolish to try and get out of this under this circumstances. But that didn't stop her from kind of wanting to as the spanking became truly agonising. Also now she was over the initial shock, and hating herself for being so shocked, Clarke resented Lexa for lying to her. Yes, even now she could understand Lexa was trying to do what was best for both of their people, but she thought they had a real connection, and Lexa should have trusted her with the truth sooner. Something that she would definitely be complaining about the first real chance she got. But now was not that chance. No, now all Clarke could do was take a spanking like a good girl. Well, that and all the screaming and squirming.

Just as Clarke was becoming dangerously close to begging for mercy Lexa thankfully and abruptly stopped, the whole arena becoming deafeningly silent again, except for Clarke's whimpers and sobs. Then after a few long seconds of admiring her handiwork Lexa reached down and placed her hand upon Clarke's backside again, initially making the poor girl flinch. Thankfully instead of another blow Lexa just began caressing the well beaten flesh, massaging the pain away in a surprisingly gentle moment. Which clearly displeased some of the grounders, but before they could even start properly grumbling Lexa improved their spirits by pushing Clarke to the ground and addressing her again.

"As my slave I shall do that a lot, to remind you of your place, and punish you whenever I see fit. And just for my own amusement." Lexa announced, "Even if you do like it. And you did like it, didn't you sky girl?"

Clarke blushed, but truthfully admitted, "Mostly, Mistress Lexa."

"Which is because you're a dirty whore, and submissive slut, who craves the attention of someone dominant like me. As I suspect many of your people do." Lexa said, sparing Clarke's people a glance, before turning her attention to her pet in training, "But what you truly crave is to worship your betters. Isn't that right, sky girl?"

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke replied, this time without hesitation as she knew where this was headed, and was eager for it.

"Just as I suspected." Lexa said dryly to her generals, who chuckled along with her as she turned her attention back to Clarke, "But if I'm going to give you such a privilege in front of my people and yours, you're going to have to beg for it. Oh yes, grovel at my feet for the honour of licking my cunt like the lesbian slut you are, sky girl!"

Knowing exactly what that meant Clarke pressed her lips to Lexa's feet and then began pleading, "Oh please Mistress Lexa, allow me the privilege of eating your pussy. I want to eat it so bad. I want to eat it in front of all my friends, and yours, to prove that I'm a shameless lesbian whore, who desperately wants to be your pussy licking slave. Your cunt lapping bitch. Your slutty little sky girl. Oh please Mistress Lexa, allow me the honour of being yours."

In between each sentence, and sometimes between each pause or even each word, Clarke would press her lips to Lexa's feet. Which was of course met by some approving sounds by the grounders, but they kept silent in order to hear everything she had to say. Which certainly didn't surprise her, but what came as a relief was that none of her friends spoke up, even though Clarke could tell they wanted too, as more than ever she could feel their eyes on her. Which should have been embarrassing, and it was, but somehow it added to her enjoyment. And while part of her might be angry at Lexa, she meant every word. And she had no doubt Lexa would make all her wishes come true.

Sure enough eventually Lexa stood up, and after a few long seconds of just staring at her pet she ordered, "Take off my pants."

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke hurried to obey, pulling Lexa's underwear down along with the pants without needing to be asked.

Once her pants were around her ankles Lexa sat back down nonchalantly, forcefully grabbed the back of Clarke's head and shoved her face in between her legs, "Now eat my cunt bitch!"

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke replied again, even though it was drowned out by a cheer from the grounders.

Thanks to just how quickly this happened, and of course Clarke's long blonde hair, Lexa was only exposed for a few seconds, although Clarke doubted modesty was the reason she was trying to hide her body from their audience. No, Clarke suspected this was some kind of display of power, leaving Clarke completely naked and exposed, while Lexa state as covered as possible. Again Clarke liked this because it made her feel like more of a slut, but Lexa had such a beautiful body she found herself disappointed at not being able to truly appreciate it right now. Oh well, hopefully Clarke would be granted that privilege again soon enough. For now, she had a much more important thing to worry about, namely sticking out her tongue and sliding it over the tasty treat in front of her.

Lexa allowed a loud, satisfied cry to escape her lips from the initial lick, which was almost drowned out by a roar of approval. From that moment on she was using every ounce of her considerable willpower to keep herself as silent as possible, or more accurately keep her moans, gasps and whimpers so soft that they couldn't truly be heard over the sound of their audience whispering with each other. After all, it would not do to show such weakness, but it was extremely difficult given that Clarke had been a natural when it came to eating pussy, and after having a week to practice she was even better. Although at least Lexa could keep her grip on the back of her head and stroke it like a pet, something she knew they both loved almost as much as her people.

Surprisingly Clarke's people seemed just as intrigued by this behaviour. Sure, many of them still looked appalled, but Lexa could tell that it was mostly a pretence at this point. They were also scared and angry, which she supposed was understandable, but mostly they were turned on by watching their friend and leader being reduced to a fuck toy in front of them. And of course, her people weren't hiding their enjoyment. If anything they were struggling to keep silent so she could enjoy herself. Which almost made Lexa want to push her luck and just allow Clarke to lick her pussy for hours, like they had done while they were alone, and would do again in the future. But no, she couldn't risk it, in case she did something embarrassing, like even hinting that she was begging to cum when the time came, instead of demanding what she deserved.

So after only a few long minutes of Clarke teasing her cunt with long, slow licks Lexa ordered, "More! Mmmmm yessssss, lick me Clarke! Lick my clit! Suck it! Come on bitch, make me cum! We both know you know how, so just do it! Yesssssss, that's better, mmmmm, you're not in my bed yet slave, so save the slow shit for the morning after. For now, just give me all you got. Yesssssss, show my people and yours how a slave pleases their owner! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhh, the mouth on this one! Mmmmm, love that mouth! Oooooh fuck, eat me you whore! Yesssssss, just like that, just like that, ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeeeeeesssssssss!"

It definitely contained more sounds of enjoyment then Lexa intended to give away, but it got the job done, and more importantly was clearly a command instead of the begging she had occasionally allowed Clarke to squeeze out of her in that prison cell. Also after that she struggled to hide her sounds of enjoyment even more, to the point where Lexa even eventually gave up in favour of sounding like she was enjoying it in a commanding way, if that was even possible. She also went from holding her legs wide open so everyone could see Clarke's head in between her thighs to wrapping her legs firmly around that pretty blonde head so she could push Clarke's face deeper into her cunt. Thankfully both of which was meant with obvious approval by her people.

Of course Lexa had told Clarke to expect something like this, and like the well-trained pussy licker she now was the blonde quickly obeyed, at first just increasing the speed and the force of the lick before refocusing on the brunette's clit. Which initially just meant brushing her tongue against it on every lick, instead of every other lick, but then Clarke began lingering on more and more, and then taking it into her mouth and sucking it. Along with the feeling of power this gave her, especially with the twisted bonus of having both their people watching them, Lexa found herself actually holding back on herself cumming too soon instead of worrying about not cumming soon enough. And when she did finally cum it was even more satisfying than usual.

Clarke definitely preferred to give Lexa a long, slow pussy licking, and she definitely hoped she would have that opportunity while this goddess was sitting on a throne just like this, because while she was still mad at her Lexa had never looked hotter. Besides, Clarke had been waiting for this command, and as soon as she had it she became lost in pleasing The Commander, just like she had been taught, unknowingly by The Commander. And there could be no doubt now that was who this was. Clarke was worshipping the pussy of The Commander, and she wasn't some unattractive and/or old stranger. No, she was young, she was beautiful, and most importantly she was her beloved Lexa.

Which meant Clarke already knew how much she was going to love eating this pussy, but the fact that she knew just how powerful Lexa was and their audience was making her enjoy the act even more, which was probably good given the things Lexa had promised her that she would be required to do in the near future. Yes, she also hoped for moments alone together where she spent plenty of time worshipping this beautiful body, but it was thrilling to get Lexa off quickly, Clarke challenging herself to break her personal record. Sadly she didn't quite achieve it, but she got pretty close, and the result was just as tasty as always, both metaphorically and literally. But especially literally.

Ever since the first time she'd tasted it Clarke had fallen in love with the taste of Lexa's pussy, and especially Lexa's cum, so she loved every moment of this, but especially the moment the Commander came in her mouth. Immediately Clarke wrapped her lips around Lexa's entrance and tried to swallow every drop that was given to her. She even succeeded that first time, more or less, although from that point on she wasn't quite as lucky. She never was, but before Clarke could even shove her tongue inside of Lexa and give her a proper tongue fucking the other woman started grinding her cunt into her face. Which certainly wasn't uncommon, but Lexa was certainly a lot more forceful than usual, and this was the first time it had been followed by cheering.

Using this technique Lexa was practically the one making herself cum while using Clarke as a human dildo, but Clarke happily let it happen. Both to prove her submission, and just because she liked it. After all, all she had to do was keep her tongue out so Lexa could bash her pussy, and more importantly her clit, against it. Well, that and breathe, but right now even that wasn't as important to Clarke as pleasing her Mistress. Luckily she was constantly given proof she was succeeding at that, as Lexa's cum squirted directly into her open mouth, down her throat and into her belly where she most wanted it. Although the majority of it ended up on her face, this time officially marking her as what she so desperately wanted to be, namely the Commander's pussy licking bitch.

After several long minutes of using Clarke's face as a fuck pad Lexa pushed the other girl away and called out hoarsely, "Bring me a strap-on cock."

"Yes Heda."

Lexa wasn't sure who replied, and she certainly didn't care, as all that mattered was soon the toy was being passed to her, in turn allowing her to pass it to Clarke in order her, "Strap this to me."

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke replied breathlessly, fumbling to do as she was told.

To make it easy on her slave in training Lexa briefly stood up, which gave her audience a chance to admire her newly acquired cock, before she sat back down again and ordered, "Now suck my cock. Get it nice and ready for me to stick it up your ass!"

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke replied again, even if she was drowned out by a cheer from the grounders.

Lexa smirked at the reaction these words were getting from the crowd, although mostly not because of her people, but from the look of Clarke's, especially as it made them look even more horrified and yet horny. Well, maybe more the former than the latter this time, but Lexa was confident she could change their minds. Although before she really tried Clarke seemed to do it for her just with the blow job, the blonde eagerly wrapping her lips around the head of the brunette's fake cock and bobbing up and down on it. At first this meant only the first few inches, but she soon got it about halfway down. The rest would probably follow without prompting, but she couldn't resist capitalising on the opportunity.

"Call that a blow job?" Lexa mocked, playing to her crowd, "Come on bitch, it's not just going halfway into your ass. Yesssss, that's better. More, more, more, mmmmm, here, let me help you."

Which meant grabbing firmly to the back of Clarke's head and beginning to thrust back and forth, pushing the cock in and out of the other girl's mouth as if it were a pussy. Which Lexa had deliberately not warned Clarke about, as she wished to push her further than ever before, both as a test for Clarke and because some of Lexa's people needed to see the sky people suffer. And to her credit after initially being hesitant Clarke relaxed best she could and allowed Lexa to use her mouth as a pussy, even if she deliberately gave her more than she could handle, making Clarke choke and gag violently. Which Lexa hated, but she felt as she had to do it, even if it was just a few long seconds.

Then as soon as she felt she could Lexa pushed Clarke away and taunted her, "Pathetic. Clearly you're a lesbian through and through because you suck at sucking cock. Oh well, you'll learn. I promise you that. For now, just bend over and give me your sweet ass. Mmmmm yes, it's butt busting time."

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke whimpered as she got into position.

As Clarke did that Lexa played to her audience a little more by walking up to them and rubbing the other girl's saliva thoroughly into the dick, with the usual reactions from both Clarke's people and her own. Then she focused on Clarke's perfect little ass, unable to stop herself from just staring at it for a few long seconds, before kneeling behind the blonde, getting the same kind of reaction as before from their audience. Lexa then spat on her fingers slowly pushed one of them into Clarke's butt hole, causing both girls to cry out in mostly pleasure as they reminded why this was going to be so special. Something which Lexa felt was important to let the audience know.

"Mmmmm, as I suspected... virgin." Lexa briefly turned to her generals, who returned her chuckle with one of their own.

Soon though Lexa was focusing on her prize as she pushed that finger up to the knuckle inside of Clarke's ass and then started pumping it in and out. Not only did Lexa spend quite a few minutes doing that, but eventually she added a second finger so as to really stretch Clarke out. Which she didn't need to look at her people to know many of them didn't approve of this, but she suspected even the worst of them knew it was more pleasurable to properly prepare an ass for fucking. And honestly, at that point Lexa didn't care what anyone else thought, as more than anything else this was something she wanted. Oh yes, she wanted to take this beautiful blonde's anal virginity in front of both their people, officially making her hers.

Deciding the time had come to do just that Lexa pulled her fingers out and announced, "Sky girl, spread your cheeks for me! Oh yes, show me how badly you want to be mine by offering me your virgin ass hole."

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke whimpered again, although she doubted she was heard over the crowd.

Clarke then did as she was told, pressing her face to the floor so she could still see her friends, reached back and slowly spread her ass cheeks for Lexa. She could vividly remember Lexa's soft, loving voice in her head, telling her how at this point it was important for her to relax and just allow the Commander to take her most private hole. Of course she had neglected to mention that it would be her doing it, and despite withholding that information it did make everything easier, but especially this. Certainly not easy, because this was terrifying, but it helped that it was Lexa doing this, as Clarke still felt she truly cared about her, despite some of the humiliating things she'd just done to her.

Perhaps proving this point the fearsome Commander didn't try slamming her strap-on into Clarke's butt. No, she pressed the tip of her cock against that rear hole and slowly began pushing forwards, minimising the pain of the initial entry. It wasn't exactly pleasant, especially when her anal ring stretched wide enough for the head of the dick to slide through it and into her ass, but the mental high of Lexa having officially taken her butt cherry almost made up for it. Especially as Lexa then paused to allow her ass hole a chance to get used to being so obscenely stretched, if such a thing was possible. Which was clearly not what the other grounders wanted, some of them even brave enough to speak up, albeit in a language that Clarke didn't understand.

"Silence!" Lexa ordered without looking away from Clarke's butt hole stretching around her dick, "I wish to savour my conquest."

This resulted in a chorus of 'yes Heda', and laughter, from the grounders, and Clarke's friends looking even more uncomfortable. However while some of them were looking anywhere but at her her closest friends like Octavia and Raven just couldn't seem to look away. Probably because the imagining being in her place, which was probably inevitable now. Which Clarke probably should have been upset about, but she wasn't. No, thanks to Lexa whispering in her ear while they made love Clarke rather liked the idea of watching particularly Octavia and Raven being broken and trained to be sex slaves. She just hoped that if and when the time came the grounder doing it would be half as gentle and considerate as Lexa was proving.

Again that thought was reinforced as Lexa slowly started pushing forwards, causing another round of laughter as Clarke cried out from having her ass stretched some more. However it was nowhere near as bad as the initial pain, meaning her cry wasn't quite as ear piercing. It was still pretty loud, and was followed up by pathetic whimpers and the occasional gasp, because it still hurt really badly, but it was just about bearable because it was Lexa doing this to her. Also, while the whole point of doing this in public was to humiliate her, especially as that included being in front of her friends, it actually kind of helped, because Clarke found herself getting off on the humiliation, proving that she was perhaps a natural sub.

Lexa had never doubted that. True, the fact that she had wanted to make Clarke hers from the beginning had a lot to do with it, but every reaction from the beautiful blonde that she got was only confirming what she had originally thought. Although interestingly, Clarke was also perhaps proving that submission wasn't necessarily weakness. At least not entirely. No, Clarke was receiving the most humiliating thing Lexa could possibly imagine, losing her anal virginity in front of not only her conquerors, but in front of her people, and yet she was taking it with a surprising amount of dignity. Sure, she cried out in pain, but she put a brave face on it, and certainly didn't whine as much as some fallen warriors that Lexa had seen, or even given similar treatment too.

This only confirmed to Lexa that she had made the right choice, and grateful that Clarke had been the leader of her people, or at least close enough that she could be the first to receive this treatment from her. And perhaps, the only one. The original plan had been to pick and choose whoever she wanted, but why be greedy when she had the perfect sex slave right here. And of course if she was being honest, there was another reason Lexa only truly wanted Clarke, but this was certainly not the time or the place to dwell on that. No, what mattered was stuffing every inch of her cock up Clarke's ass and solidifying her dominance over this girl, and thus her people's dominance over their would-be invaders.

As Heda Lexa had the luxury of taking as much time as she wanted to savour the ass stuffing, which was exactly what she did. Sure, her people were clearly eager to get to the real fun, especially some of her generals who felt brave enough to grumble, mostly to themselves and each other, about their Commander taking it too easy on this invader. Soon Lexa would have to prove them wrong, but not now. Now Lexa savoured watching inch after inch of fake dick disappearing into Clarke's virgin ass hole until her thighs came to rest against the other woman's butt cheeks, announcing she had officially buried every inch of her cock into Clarke's bowels.

"Your ass is mine, sky girl." Lexa announced after a few long seconds of murmurings from the crowd, and honestly just Lexa savouring being so deep inside Clarke in this super intimate, and forbidden, way, "My dick has taken your anal cherry and been stuffed all the way up your butt, so there can be no denying that this perfect ass of yours is mine right now, but that isn't enough for me. I shall now make it mine forever. Make you mine forever... make you my anal loving lesbian slave. Make you my sky girl."

With those words Lexa started pumping her dick in and out of Clarke's butt hole, officially starting the sodomy, much delight of the crowd. Or more accurately her people, as Clarke's people seemed less keen, both of which greatly delighted Lexa, but she barely gave them a second look when she still had a beautiful woman bent over in front of her and spreading her cheeks, offering up the best look of her most private hole being violated. It was a little sign that Lexa was certainly lost in for quite a while, at least until she heard a very familiar sound above the raucous her people were making. A sound which caused her to grin widely, and mock her freshly broken in bitch.

Clarke had been dreading this moment ever since Lexa had described it to her, and her struggle to believe that any part of her would enjoy it. And yet, she did. At first that was mostly because it was Lexa doing it, which meant Lexa had officially taken her in every way possible, including in a way which Clarke had never done for anyone else before. Something that maybe she wouldn't have done for anyone else except for Lexa, or to save her people, and in this case it was both. But surprisingly the agony of getting her rectum so obscenely misused was far more bearable than she thought it would be, and once the sodomy officially began the pain even faded away to a dull ache, and then not even that as it was replaced by something else entirely.

Initially Clarke thought she had to be wrong, that she couldn't possibly be receiving pleasure from this obscene act, but she was, which made her feel unbearably slutty. It was beyond humiliating, and again for some reason Clarke found herself enjoying that humiliation. Although maybe it had nothing to do with her. Maybe Lexa was just such an amazing butt fucker she could turn a reluctant rear into an eager fuck hole. Or maybe the Commander was just such an Alpha female that Clarke's body was welcoming this chance to prove it submission in this new and twisted way. Or perhaps it was combination of all three. Whatever the case the result was the same, Clarke actually enjoyed getting her butt fucked, and soon everybody knew it.

She briefly tried to hide it to hold onto a shred of her dignity, but Clarke should have known that was foolish and inevitably she let out an unmistakably loud moan of pleasure. Which again resulted in a chorus of laughter from the grounders, even more of them talking than before, no doubt discussing what a total ass whore the leader of their enemy was, and how she was nothing compared to the total Alpha female which was their Heda. Then there were Clarke's people, The 100, who were mostly looking at her with even more disgust on their faces. Well, some were looking at her with desire, and some were looking at her with a combination of both. Not that Clarke could focus on them when all she could think about was a growing need to cum.

"Please Mistress Lexa, let me cum." Clarke whimpered, fully intending to say more before Lexa grabbed her hair and yanked it back.

"Louder!" Lexa demanded.

"Please Mistress Lexa, Heda, make me cum!" Clarke cried out.

"You hear that? She wants to cum." Lexa addressed her people, giving them a chance to chuckle smugly amongst themselves before she asked them, "What do you think? Should I make her cum?"

There was a brief silence, then Anya cried out, "Make her squirt!"

"Yes, I love to watch a little bitch cum with a dick in her ass." Indra smirked in amusement.

"If anyone can do it, you can Heda." Echo chimed in helpfully.

All of which caused Lexa to chuckle, then she turned her attention to Clarke's people, "What do you think? Huh? Shall I make your leader cum like a little bitch with a dick in her ass?"

Honestly Lexa wasn't expecting a response, but to her surprise one of Clarke's female friends, who she had been told was called Octavia, cried out, "Fuck you!"

"Oh, how sweet. You're offering me the chance to fuck your ass after I'm done with Clarke's." Lexa smirked, earning her laughter from her people, and a blush from Octavia, before she turned her attention back to the woman she truly cared about, "Mmmmm, a tempting offer, but an ass such as Clarke's deserves my full attention. So I will have to decline your offer, for now, but I'll bear it in mind when I'm not spending the rest of the night deep inside your leader's ass. And speaking of your leader... Clarke, what are you willing to do for the honour of cumming for me?"

"Anything!" Clarke replied quickly.

"Go on." Lexa pushed, slowing down her thrusting to truly give Clarke a chance to reply, "Tell me, my people and yours, exactly what you will do for me if I give you this privilege."

"Anything! I'll do anything for you Mistress Lexa!" Clarke blurted out, her mind scrambling for what her Mistress had told her the Commander would want to hear, "I'll eat your pussy whenever you want! Mmmmm, and your ass! Please Mistress Lexa, I'll be your personal pussy licker and butt muncher if you just make me cum! Ooooooh fuck me, and I'll worship your feet like the goddess you are, just please, please make me cum. Make me cum like a bitch with a dick up my ass! Please? I wannabe your bitch Mistress Lexa, please fuck my ass and make me your bitch! Make me your anal loving bitch! Your butt slut! Mmmmm fuck, your ass slave. Please Mistress Lexa, mmmmm, make me your slave! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, I want you to make me your sex slave so I can have the honour of bending over for you everyday for a butt fucking. Please Heda, I just want to be yours!"

There was a brief and deafening silence, and then Lexa spoke up again, "Very well... Clarke Griffin, from this day forth you are mine. Your body is mine to do with as I please, until I decide your debt is repaid, or upon the completion of one year. Then, if you still wish to be mine-"

"I want to be yours forever Heda!" Clarke blurted out, guessing that interrupting her Mistress wasn't a good way to start her life as a slave, but not caring, "Please, brand me right here in front of my people and yours so they all know I'm nothing but your fuck toy!"

Another brief silence, and then Lexa smirked as she once again increased her thrusting and announced, "Perhaps next time. For now, just concentrate on making yourself cum. Yes, lift yourself up onto all fours like the bitch you are and slam yourself back against me. Let's show our people we can work together, as long as your people are our sex slaves! Come on my little sky girl, show your people what they will have to do to survive."

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke quickly replied and then obeyed.

As soon as she had permission Clarke let go of her cheeks, pushed herself up onto all fours and then started slamming her ass back against Lexa's thrusts, causing even more laughter from her audience. More importantly it caused Lexa to chuckle with delight, and increase her pace, the two of them working together to increase the force of the sodomy until the sound of Lexa's thighs crashing against her butt cheeks were almost as loud as Clarke screams of pleasure. Then it happened. Clarke came with a cock in her ass. Lexa's cock! And it was then followed by another, and another, and another until she could no longer think coherently and just became completely lost in the ecstasy bombarding her body.

Lexa adored doing this to other women. Nothing made her feel more powerful and dominant than taking another woman, preferably a strong warrior or in this case a rival leader, bending her over and fucking her up the ass. Especially once they reached the hard anal pounding. And of course it was extra sweet when she not only had her own people as an audience, but the audiences of her conquered enemies. But this was somehow even more special, as she genuinely cared about Clarke, and wanted her to enjoy this as much as possible. Which was why she used more build up than usual, including an extra long slow sodomy. Which was paying off now as without a doubt Clarke Griffin completely broke before everybody an truly became nothing but her sex slave.

The way she was shamelessly hammering her butt back against Lexa's thrusts, even though the cock was violating her rectum? The way she was screaming in pleasure? The way she had begged for more? Her words of total submission? And most of all the way that her cum was now squirting out of her cunt? It could leave no doubt in anyone's mind what Clarke truly was now, which greatly please Lexa. Perhaps a little too much, as it became increasingly difficult for her to hold back her own orgasms. But she was the Commander, and she was in front of all her people, and invaders she planned to enslave, so Lexa was more determined than ever to prove exactly what she could do.

So Lexa gritted her teeth and anally rode Clarke through who knows how many climaxes until her conquered ass whore went from bucking Bronco to broken in steed. Then when Clarke collapsed face down on the floor beneath her, and the only reason her lower half was still in the air being Lexa's vice like grip on her hips, only then did Lexa allow herself to go over the edge of orgasm. Luckily Clarke was still whimpering, which gave Lexa the permission she needed to then continued the sodomy and thus pushing herself to several satisfying climaxes. Which was easy given the other end of the toy bashing against her clit, Clarke's ass cheeks jiggling with every thrust and the sheer joy of her total dominance over this woman.

Unfortunately while Lexa's stamina was legendary it was not unlimited, and inevitably she was forced to stop. To her credit she managed to avoid collapsing down onto Clarke, which wasn't easy, and once they were alone together she probably would use every ounce of her strength to squeeze every moment of ecstasy she could out of this. But now she very much needed to save face, so with one final thrust which buried every inch of her dick in Clarke's butt Lexa stopped to regain her breath. There was then a long moment of silence, followed by cheers from her audience, causing her to smirk proudly at herself, and then at them, before she put an explanation point on her conquest.

"What are you?" Lexa asked softly.

"Yours." Clarke whimpered softly after a few long seconds, which earned her a hard slap to the behind.

"I can't hear you." Lexa growled.

"I'm yours!" Clarke cried out instantly.

"And you address me as what?" Lexa pushed.

"Mistress Lexa!" Clarke quickly added, "I'm yours Heda, all yours."

"Prove it..." Lexa demanded as she pulled her cock from Clarke's ass, "Spread your cheeks and show my people my handiwork. Then show it to your people. Oh yes, let them all see what an anal whore you truly are."

Clarke wanted to argue that she had already proven that by allowing Lexa to publicly fuck her virgin ass in front of both their people, but it was dwarfed by a desire to please her Mistress, regardless of how twisted the demand was. The only real problem now was being able to gather enough energy to obey, as Clarke felt like she was seconds away from passing out with exhaustion by the time Lexa stopped pounding her ass. Luckily Lexa was nice enough to wake her up by abruptly removing the dildo, causing Clarke to cry out as it felt like there had been something amputated. Which was enough to get her to move again, namely up to her feet and cautiously look at the crowd.

Then Clarke slowly turned around, bent over and spread her cheeks, exposing just how thoroughly gaped her butt hole was. She did this for Lexa's generals first, and then for the rest of the grounders, before finally showing off Lexa's handiwork to her friends. As before her friends looked mostly horrified, but some of them were also aroused, while the grounders continue to take great delight in her humiliation. Especially as Lexa came to stand next to her, the proud conqueror next to her defeated foe, once again showing off her power and dominance in some small way. Then just as Clarke didn't think it could get any more twisted Lexa pushed her further.

"What do you think, my generals?" Lexa smirked, "Has this slut been properly broken in?"

"I've seen wider gapes." Anya teased cheekily, before quickly adding, "But not many on a first timers' ass, and she is clearly beyond broken."

"Yes Heda, you did a wonderful job of breaking her." Echo chimed in, "And from the way she looks at you, it's clear you've got a bitch for life."

"Perhaps, but we all know it's not over yet." Indra smirked, "There is one final thing she must do if she wants to be yours."

"Indeed... Clarke, suck my cock." Lexa abruptly ordered, turning to Clarke, "Get on your knees and clean my cock with your mouth."

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke cautiously replied and dropped back down to her knees to take the dildo into her mouth.

Thankfully it didn't taste nearly as bad as she thought it would, and at no point did Lexa try fucking her throat. No, instead she just stood there proudly as Clarke began bobbing her head up and down her dick, initially concentrating on the first few inches of the dildo before pushing it into her throat just like she had been trained to do. Which Clarke probably would have done regardless of the taste, given just how submissive and broken she felt at that particular moment. However she not only found the taste bearable but she found it growing on her, to the point where she was actually moaning in pleasure from the taste of her own ass, which certainly didn't go unnoticed by the other grounders who again mocked her in their own language. Although there was some who dared to taunt her in a recognisable tongue.

"That's it you whore, suck our Commander's cock!" Echo taunted gleefully, "Show us all what a broken little ATM slut you truly are."

"Suck it slut!" Indra joined in, "Suck it good."

"Wow, look at her go." Anya chuckled, "What a shameless cock sucker."

"Bring me the collar." Lexa suddenly ordered, and then told Clarke, "Face your friends... good girl, now tell them what you are."

"I'm Mistress Lexa's sex slave." Clarke proudly told her friends, "I'm her fuck toy. I'm her pussy licker, her ass eater, and her anal whore. I'm whatever Mistress Lexa wants me to be. I'm hers."

"Well said, my pet." Lexa grinned, fastening the collar around Clarke's neck before announcing, "Drink and be marry my people, for tomorrow we start assigning slaves."

There was a roar of approval which Lexa soaked in before taking a victory lap around the arena. As the collar was attached to a lead, which was firmly in Lexa's hand, this meant Clarke was being led around like a dog and thus further proving herself Lexa's little fuck pet. Which was kind of expected, but what was even more humiliating than that was Lexa walking over to her generals and discussing which of Clarke's friends they would prefer, while Clarke was left to kneel naked by her feet. Then Lexa lead her out of the arena and through the building, everyone surprisingly nonchalant about one woman leading another round on a leash. Then they were alone together again, and an awkward silence fell over them...


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