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100: The Price Of Admission Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Clarke Griffin had dreams of being on the ground her entire life, yet ironically when she got there she found herself missing certain things about The Ark. Mostly just simple stuff like showers, baths, working toilets and a real bed, oh how Clarke missed sleeping in a real bed. Perhaps most of all she had missed her art supplies, something she had confessed to Lexa just as a way they could know each other better. She wasn't expecting anything to truly come of it, but Clarke had been overjoyed that on the very next visit Lexa arrived with paper and chalk, the blonde squealing with delight and wrapping her arms around the brunette. Then Clarke had given Lexa the most enthusiastic pussy licking so far, which was really saying something.

The downside was of course that she spent every moment of daylight trying to draw the perfect picture of Lexa to say thank you, but none were good enough. In her defence she had only really had the morning, as Lexa had only given her the art supplies last night, and the guard had grumbled something about Lexa not being available when he had brought her breakfast, and while Clarke almost hoped that would be the case again for lunch it wasn't. Then when the door open to reveal the other girl Clarke froze, briefly considered hiding her work, before remembering there was no way she could hide them. So instead she just looked apologetically at Lexa, who gave her the widest smile she'd ever seen her give, which was so beautiful that Clarke forgot all about her failure. God, she wanted to make Lexa smile like that again.

"Clarke, these are beautiful." Lexa praised as she sat down next to where Clarke was lying on the floor.

"Thanks." Clarke said bashfully, before admitting, "I wanted them to be better, but I ran out of paper."

"No need, these are perfect." Lexa insisted, before adding despite herself, "But if you like I shall bring you more, so you can continue your flattery of me."

"That would be great, thanks." Clarke beamed, lifting herself up from where she had been lying on her stomach surrounded by her drawings so she could press a gentle kiss to Lexa's lips.

Instead of kissing back Lexa went rigid, then after a brief pause gently pulled Clarke into her arms and firmly told her, "Clarke, the guards believe I'm being too gentle with you. The Commander will not have this luxury, at least not while in public. It would be seen as weakness, and I'm supposed to be training you to be The Commander's sex slave, not her lover."

"Then stop being so gentle." Clarke quipped, clearly taking Lexa by surprise, "Lexa I... I trust you. I love the things we do together, and I trust I'll love everything you do to me. So please, do your worst."

Another brief pause, then Lexa smirked, "You do not know what you are asking."

"What? Are you going to spank me? Have I been a bad girl? Do I need to be punished?" Clarke shamelessly goaded Lexa.

Yet another brief pause, and then Lexa admitted with a smirk, "For the enslavement ceremony The Commander will be required to spank you. Peace between our people rests in the success of that ceremony, and as she can simply not afford to look weak she will not be gentle. And yet, the truth is you have been good. Very good, in fact. I confess, I struggled to find a good reason to spank you myself."

"Isn't preparing me for your Commander reason enough?" Clarke questioned,

"Perhaps." Lexa conceded, biting her lip briefly before asking, "Do you think you would enjoy it?"

"I think I would like to find out." Clarke smiled.

Lexa gently smiled back, briefly kissed the other girl and then told her, "I'll be right back."

Another brief kiss followed before Lexa got up and headed for the door. Clarke spent a few long seconds pouting that the kiss didn't last longer, then she cautiously got up, her body tingling with excitement. Which might have been the wrong thing to do, but that would just give Lexa the excuse she had needed to spank her. Or perhaps spank her harder at this point. Either way Clarke waited as patiently as she could for Lexa to return and fulfil her promise. Luckily Lexa had started to keep everything they needed for bondage fun nearby, presumably in some kind of storage closet or maybe even just outside Clarke's cell. Whatever the case Lexa soon returned carrying a long rope.

"Come on Clarke." Lexa ordered firmly, as she walked over to the corner, "The Commander will bend you over her knee on the throne for your enslavement ceremony. For now we shall have to do with this."

"Looks good to me Mistress Lexa." Clarke shamelessly praised her Dom, "You're so inventive."

This response made Lexa smirk as if to say, yeah, I know you're trying to manipulate me, and it's cute, but it's not going to work. Although Clarke wouldn't call it manipulation. Yes, she wanted to be treated nicely, but she also genuinely wanted to please her trainer. Which seem to be working well for her so far, and she certainly enjoyed everything they had done so far. Which was maybe was about to put the test. Although she only found out after she became helpless, Lexa effortlessly throwing one end of the rope over a bar on the ceiling and then timing Clarke's hands high above her head, forcing her to almost stand on her tiptoes. At which point Lexa gave her ass a gentle smack, followed by a long squeeze, causing Clarke to cry out in anticipation.

"You look so good like this Clarke." Lexa mumbled to herself while playing with that cute little butt, getting behind Clarke so she could properly inspect it, "So, so good."

"Thank you?" Clarke blushed slightly, and then after a few long seconds of ass groping asked, "Are you a butt girl Lexa?"

"I adore every part of a woman's body..." Lexa said thoughtfully, before admitting, "But I suppose you could say that."

"Yeah, I was kind of getting that impression." Clarke smiled, before asking, "Is The Commander the same way?"

"Oh, you have no idea." Lexa smirked, deciding to run with it, "Oh how I envy her."

"Why?" Clarke smiled, although she could take a few guesses.

"Because..." Lexa grinned, smacking that perfect little ass, "She'll be the first to fuck this ass."

Clarke went pale, "Oh..."

"You are an anal virgin, aren't you Clarke?" Lexa gently pushed.

"Yes." Clarke admitted softly.

"I knew it. I have a six sense about these things." Lexa beamed, before reassuring her lover, "But do not worry, The Commander has a perfect record when it comes turning unsure virgin holes into slutty little fuck holes, and I can guarantee your ass hole will be no different. It has to be. The Commander has her reputation on the line, and the fragile peace that exists between her people. She cannot fail to make you hers, and nothing will show your people and hers that you are truly and undeniably her submissive bitch like fucking you in the ass. Do you understand Clarke?"

"Ye, yes?" Clarke whimpered, before asking, "Will it hurt?"

"Nearly any first is always difficult." Lexa pointed out, "But I guarantee you Clarke, when The Commander is done with you, you shall be addicted to getting your ass fucked. And spanked."

There was a brief pause, then Clarke cautiously asked, "Will, you do it?"

"Alas, no. That is the one thing I am forbidden from doing." Lexa lied, "Your first must be in front of the others. It shall be more symbolic that way."

Clarke blushed, "I meant afterwards. Will you want to fuck my ass?"

"Clarke, I swear to you, once you are fully enslaved, I shall live to fuck this cute little ass of yours." Lexa promised with a wicked grin, "But first, I shall introduce you to the joy of spanking."

Lexa followed up with a strike which made Clarke let out an adorable cry, and she didn't even use a fraction of the strength she was capable of. Not that she intended too. No, this was going to be a nice, long spanking, giving Clarke a taste of the discipline she would soon be receiving once it was time for Lexa to dominate her in front of both their people. Which was something Lexa was looking forward to, and dreading in equal measure. Well, it was actually probably more the former than the latter, as she really was salivating over the prospect of completing Clarke's training, especially in front of an audience. However there was a chance Clarke would be cross with her for withholding the truth, which may prevent her from willingly and completely submitting to her.

It was something which was an increasing concern for Lexa, but that just made these moments that much more important, so that when the time came to reveal the truth Clarke would welcome it. Which was why it was important for Lexa not to get too carried away with spanking Clarke right now. No, a hard smacking would come later, in front of both their people, to once and for all put Clarke in her place. For now, Lexa kept her blows light and playful, spending plenty of time in between each strike caressing that beautiful bottom, partly to massage the pain away, and partly just for her own enjoyment. Although she just couldn't help herself increasing the frequency of the blows after a while, and giving Clarke an occasional hard strike, but again, this was just a taste of what was to come.

To Lexa's delight just from those few harder and/or frequent strikes, or maybe even just from the gentle spanking itself, Clarke's ass turned a beautiful pink and she was constantly letting out these cute little cries which had Lexa grinning happily. Mostly because they weren't entirely of pain. Maybe mostly pain, with a little embarrassment thrown in, but there was definitely a hint of pleasure thrown in. And her cunt? Oh Clarke's cunt was glistening with juices, something which took Lexa a shockingly long time to realise. Okay maybe not that shocking considering how much fun she was having spanking Clarke, but it was still an incredible realisation.

When she did Lexa actually stopped the spanking entirely for a few long seconds, before grinning wickedly and finally combining both harder and frequent strikes. They still weren't nearly as hard as she was capable of, what she was planning to give Clarke when the time came, but it was still pushing the limits of what she had planned to give this inexperienced girl. And yet still Clarke seemed to enjoy it. Okay, her cries became pretty much of pure pain, but it was very noticeable she didn't beg for mercy, and when Lexa walked in front of them, while still reaching round to spank her, just gave her this look which told she was loving it. Confirming that was the case Lexa abruptly stopped, slid her hand from Clarke's ass to her pussy and gently cupped it, causing the other girl to cry out with what was definitely pleasure.

Then with a wicked smile Lexa softly asked, " Enjoying yourself, Clarke?"

"Yes." Clarke whimpered, quickly adding, "I mean, I'd do anything to please you, Mistress Lexa."

"But it's more than that, isn't it?" Lexa purred, gently starting to caress Clarke's cunt, forcing a sharp gasp out of her pray as she explained to her, "Don't be ashamed of it Clarke. Embrace it. It will make you a better slave for the Commander."

Clarke was sure that was true, but it was hard not to be embarrassed considering just how wet she had gottn. Because sure, she had been hoping to enjoy it, but not that much. Oh God, what if her friends realised just how much she enjoyed being spanked when she was bent over the Commander's knee? That would be so embarrassing. But so was publicly submitting in the first place, and it would make things easier in the long run. And more pleasurable for her, as Lexa was proving right now. Which reminded Clarke, she owed the other woman a reply, which was hard to give when Lexa was gently rubbing her pussy, but Clarke just about managed it.

"I'll try I promise." Clarke finally replied weakly.

For a moment Lexa looked at her thoughtfully, then murmured, "Really, there is no shame in it. Even amongst my own people, there are those who prefer to serve on their knees instead of on their feet. They provide pleasure to the strong, and thus, are a important part of our society. That's what I desire for you and your people Clarke... more importantly, it's what your Commander desires. And you want to please your Commander, don't you?"

"Yes!" Clarke replied, this time hesitating because of Lexa rubbing her clit.

"Good." Lexa purred, easing off of Clarke's clit, "You know, I'm tempted to spend the rest of the night spanking you. To slap my hand, and whatever else I want, against your cute little butt until it's rose red and you're weeping for me to fuck you. But honestly? I just have too many other things I want to do to you."

With those last few words Lexa lined up the tip of two fingers with Clarke's entrance, and then rammed forwards, burying them both up to the knuckle in one hard thrust as soon as she was done speaking. Which almost made Clarke cum on the spot. Or it felt like it anyway. It was certainly enough for her to throw her head back and let out the loudest cry so far, and that was really saying something. Which was then followed by whimpers as Lexa started slowly pumping those fingers in and out of her, making Clarke squirm within the ropes. Then she had a command which quickly had her opening her eyes and looking directly at Lexa again, which made the whole experience that much more overwhelming.

"Look at me when I'm fucking you!" Lexa growled, then when she got what she wanted she slid her other hand up Clarke's stomach to cup one of her tits and added with another growl, "What do you say?"

Searching her overwhelmed mind Clarke suddenly realised the answer was, "Yes Mistress Lexa."

"That's right." Lexa snapped, twisting one of Clarke's nipples briefly, causing her to cry out, "We've been playing for quite a while now, and that's only the second time you've addressed me properly. I should spank you again just for that. But as I said, I just can't wait to fuck you. But because you've been so naughty, you don't get to cum on my fingers. No, you have to wait to cum on my big, thick, cock. And before you get that privilege, you must earn the right doing one more thing for me. Something which the Commander very much enjoys having her playthings do for her as a sign of their submission. Something she will definitely make you do, perhaps in front of your precious friends. Something that only the most submissive sluts would do. Will you do that for me, Clarke?"

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke whimpered.

"I haven't told you what it is yet." Lexa grinned, picking up the pace of the fingering slightly.

"It, ohhhhhhhhh, it doesn't matter Mistress Lexa." Clarke whined, struggling to get the words out, "I'd do anything for you."

"Would you kiss my ass?" Lexa questioned, moving even closer until their lips were almost touching, "Would you literally get down on your knees and kiss my ass? To press your lips against my bottom? In between the cheeks to kiss my most private hole? To lick it? To eat my ass like a shameless whore? Would you do that for me Clarke?"

"Yes, yes, yes, please Mistress Lexa, let me kiss your ass." Clarke obeyed, unable to believe what she was saying, "Please let me lick your butt hole."

Lexa smiled, removed her fingers from Clarke's cunt and then threatened, "Very well, you may have the privilege of becoming my ass kisser. But know this, if you show enthusiasm to please you will be rewarded with orgasms. Fail me, and I will leave you tied up here for the rest of the day. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke nodded with another whimper.

"Good girl." Lexa purred softly, rewarding her slave in training by pushing the fingers which had just been deep in Clarke's cunt into Clarke's mouth, the blonde obediently sucking them clean, and even moaning doing it. This put a smile on Lexa's face, as did the worried look on Clarke's face when she pulled out a knife, "But first..."

By now Clarke should have probably known better than to be worried by this, as Lexa was fond of pulling a knife out of her clothes suddenly only to cut Clarke free or something. In this case Lexa then grabbed Clarke's water bowl and bought it over to where Clarke was still helpless. She then splashed Clarke's cunt with water before bringing the knife up to it. Again Clarke tensed, but it was more justified this time than maybe any other, and caused Lexa to chuckle before she slowly started to shave Clarke's pubic hair. Which was a relief, but Clarke didn't dare relax. Or protest for that matter, even though Lexa was cutting a lot more than she was used too, back when she had easy access to trimming utensils.

"There... now I can't wait to kiss you here again." Lexa said softly when she was finished, leaning in until her lips were almost touching Clarke's lower lips, before jumping up and explaining to her slave, "Having hair down there is a sign of maturity in my culture. It is a symbol of manhood, or womanhood. But as a slave you will not be a woman. You will be a fuck toy, existing only for the pleasure of your betters. Like me. Like the Commander. And now... I give you the chance to prove you understand that..."

Lexa then untied the ropes around Clarke's wrists, causing her to fall to the ground, although then Clarke quickly pushed herself up to her knees and murmured, "Yes Mistress Lexa."

Which made Lexa smirk, turn around and slowly pull down her pants, "Go on then, prove it. Prove to me that you are ready to be enslaved."

Which in turn made Clarke gulp. Lexa had a nice ass, which Clarke enjoyed caressing while eating the dominant woman's pussy, but could she really kiss it? More to the point, could she really eat it? Slide her tongue over an ass hole? Of course the answers to those questions were all yes, as Clarke had come this far, and her people were depending on her to set an example, so they could survive even if it was through debasing themselves for their captors. Although surprisingly in this case Clarke also did it because Lexa was a beautiful woman and Clarke just wanted to please her. And as thankfully was always the case, Clarke enjoyed herself. This being one of those times she was surprised by that fact.

Lexa felt a little ridiculous with her ass hanging out like that. It was the first time she felt really vulnerable in front of Clarke, and she should. She had her back to a girl who was her enemy less than a week ago, someone whose people had been imprisoned by hers, and someone she was trying to enslave. But Lexa was aware of every one of Clarke's movements, and Lexa was confident she could defeat Clarke in combat regardless of the circumstances. Most importantly of all, Lexa was as sure as she could be that was Clarke was much too horny and desperate to be fucked to make such a stupid move. Which was the point of all that build-up. That, and just further Clarke's training. The long pause was a little off-putting though, and Lexa was beginning to worry this was too many new things at once.

Just as Lexa was about to prompt, she sensed the other girl slowly moving forward and then pressing a gentle, lingering kiss to her right ass cheek. She then repeated the process with her left cheek, going back and forth for a little while nice and slowly, those kisses not too wet, too long, or too short, but just right. Which was just another sign that Lexa had chosen wisely. Or perhaps she was just lucky that the leader of the sky people just happened to be naturally submissive. Either way Lexa very much enjoyed the feeling of those lips against her cheeks, although not as much is the feeling of a slave licking her ass hole for the first time, which she did have to give Clarke a little push into doing.

"Mmmmm yes, kiss my ass Clarke. Kiss it just like that. Show proper respect to your betters. Oh, I can't wait to make you do this in front of my people. And perhaps in front of yours." Lexa confessed softly, quickly adding to avoid suspicion, and to get what she wanted, "But it isn't enough. I require more from you. The Commander will expect everything from you, and that does include rimming her ass hole. So practice on mine Clarke. Practice licking butt holes right here, right now and we shall turn you into an ass eating slave truly worthy of The Commander. Yes, spread my cheeks and lick it! Lick my back hole! Ohhhhhhh yesssssssss, just like that, oh Clarke!"

It was unadvisable considering her current position but Lexa just couldn't resist closing her eyes to savour the moment that Clarke timidly slid her tongue over her butt hole. There was then a brief pause before Clarke repeated that lick, a few times licking Lexa's entire ass crack but mostly focusing on her back door. Those licks were even kind of eager, Clarke abandoning all shame so she could properly worship Lexa's ass, just like the good little sex slave The Commander was so easily turning her into. Which made Lexa want to keep her eyes closed the entire time so she could just savour the amazing feeling of another woman licking her ass hole. Of Clarke tonguing her back there, for the very first time.

However while Clarke was proving herself trustworthy, or at least smart enough not to do anything stupid, Lexa couldn't just completely turn her back on her. The voices in her head, both those of her teachers and the former Commanders, just wouldn't let her. Besides, there was definitely a benefit to opening her eyes and looking behind her, as of course there was no sign of Clarke betraying her or even attempting to do any harm whatsoever to her, but there was a great view of her beautiful face buried in between Lexa's butt cheeks, which were on perfect display thanks to Clarke continuing to spread them. Which of course bought Lexa even more enjoyment.

Clarke hadn't exactly spent a lot of time thinking about rim jobs. In fact her fantasies had been pretty vanilla until she met Lexa, unless you counted the thought of being with both men and women, which she didn't. So apparently there was an upside to the capture of her people, if only for her own selfish self-discovery that she liked things like being tied up, spanked, and yes, she even liked rim jobs. Or at least, she liked rimming Lexa. Lexa's ass crack was shaved clean, and there was nothing unpleasant about the sight or the taste of Lexa's ass hole. In fact Clarke rather liked it. Way more than she thought would be possible, which was a relief, albeit an embarrassing one. Although whether she would enjoy rimming the Commander was a different story.

For a brief moment Clarke tried to picture it. Some muscular woman twice her height, covered in even more tattoos than Lexa, and maybe twice their combined age, leaning over so Clarke could lick her ass hole. How would it look compared to Lexa's well-groomed and tasty butt hole? More importantly, could The Commander's pussy even compare to Lexa's? Just how hard was she going to spank her? Most of all, what would it be like to have some strange woman she had never met bend her over and shove a massive toy cock up her butt? All of which, of course was going to happen in front of an audience, the thought frightening Clarke in that moment as much as it was exciting her, especially considering it was rapidly approaching.

Suddenly Clarke heard Lexa clearing her throat, a clear sign that she was too busy daydreaming and had slacked off her ass eating duties. Wanting to make it up to her Mistress Clarke quickly redoubled her efforts, beginning to swirl her tongue around Lexa's butt hole instead of just gently lapping away at it. She still did that too, and even tried pushing her tongue into Lexa's ass, although understandably she didn't get very far with such a soft object. Briefly she wondered if she could get a finger in there, but immediately dismiss the thought as Lexa had made it clear receiving anal penetration was for bottoms. Bottoms like Clarke, the blonde hoping that she would enjoy that half as much as Lexa seemed to be enjoying the rim job.

Maybe Clarke would even receive a rim job at some point, to prepare her for anal. Probably not from The Commander, but maybe from Lexa, at least in private. Which suddenly seemed very appealing, given the way the other woman was moaning, groaning and gasping from the assault of Clarke's tongue against her puckered rosebud. Clarke even closed her eyes to concentrate on the fantasy, in the process letting go of Lexa's cheeks so she was smothering herself in that butt. Which meant she had to pull back every so often, but she rather enjoyed the feeling of Lexa's cheeks either side of her face, especially as she imagined Lexa returning the favour.

Shortly after that Lexa suddenly reached back, pulled Clarke's face out of her ass by grabbing her hair and yanking it back, and then she told her, "Mmmmm, that was fun, but I think you've more than earned my dick. Wait here, and I'll go and get it."

Lexa moved swiftly to the door, knocked on it and then strolled through once it was opened. She then quickly grabbed the appropriate item from the bag she had left outside the cell and then returned to Clarke with the toy in hand, just about able to avoid smirking at the look of fear and anticipation on Clarke's face. Which was a sight she got to enjoy for a few long seconds as she came to stand in front of where Clarke was still kneeling, slowly stepped into the harness, pulled it up her thighs and tightened it around her waist. Lexa then stroked her newly acquired cock as if it was real for a few long seconds, before giving her next order.

"Have you ever sucked one of these before? Either a real one, or this?" Lexa questioned, and then when Clarke nodded she ordered, "Good, then you can prepare it for me. Yes, prepare it for me with your mouth. Get it as wet as you can, because it's going in your pussy, and the Commander will expect regular blow jobs from you. Almost as frequently as she will expect you to eat her pussy. Oh yes, that's it, suck it! Suck my cock! Oh Clarke!"

Initially Clarke looked a little apprehensive, which was understandable if she had ever seen this kind of device before. Lexa wasn't sure if they had these devices where Clarke came from, but they certainly didn't have them in the supplies they retrieved from what the sky people call their spaceship. Not that it mattered, the device was fairly self-explanatory, and Clarke hadn't questioned how Lexa could have a cock when she mentioned it earlier, so she must have either guessed something like this, or experience it before. Either way after that initial hesitation Clarke shuffled forwards and took over stroking the cock as if it was real, before slowly taking it into her mouth.

At first Clarke just concentrated on bobbing her head up and down the first few inches of the cock and occasionally taking it out to slide her tongue up and down it. Then she started pushing more of it into her mouth, and eventually down her throat. She didn't get very far, not compared to some of the sex slaves Lexa had been with, but it was still impressive, and proved that Clarke really had done this before. Which Lexa had suspected, but this confirmation made her a little jealous. After all, clearly that heavenly mouth had been designed to fulfil all her desires, not someone else. Although it did mean that without having to provide any instructions whatsoever Clarke gave her quite the impressive little blow job.

The other end of the sex toy was bashing against Lexa's clit, so the BJ was very pleasurable for her. However it couldn't compare to using her cock on different fuck holes, the ones which would actually make her lovers cum for her, and Lexa really wanted to make Clarke cum for her again. She had denied herself that pleasure for far too long, and by now the dick was more than wet enough thanks to the licking and the sucking, especially considering how wet Lexa knew Clarke was. However Lexa just couldn't get enough of the sight of Clarke Griffin on her knees and sucking her cock, especially as she looked up at her with those beautiful blue eyes of hers.

Clarke had done this a few times with guys, which she was grateful for as it made it easier to please Lexa now. But despite the fact that she had known what a strap-on was she was surprised that Lexa had one, and put her future with The Commander into a whole new perspective. Oh God, The Commander was going to use one of these things on her virgin ass hole, and she could barely fit it in her mouth, and just couldn't take it all, regardless of how hard she tried. Although to her credit she took quite a bit, mostly she wanted to please Lexa, and she just wanted this thing inside her pussy so bad. Because she knew it would feel good, and it would be Lexa, which meant more to her than she would have thought possible when they first met.

"That's enough." Lexa murmured softly, pulling back and sitting down on the floor, "Ride me. You must know what I mean by that? It's another thing The Commander will expect of you. And she'll want a good show, so here's a perfect chance to practice. Yes Clarke, get on top. Ride me. Mmmmm, ride me you hot little bottom, ohhhhhh fuck yeah."

She had been so lost in the blow job that Clarke was actually surprised when she no longer had the cock to suck on, which was the only reason she could think of that she hesitated a little. Well, also maybe she was just a bit too overwhelmed with lust. Whatever the case she was soon making up for her hesitance by straddling Lexa, lining up the entrance to her pussy with that big dick and pushing down on it. She then cried out with pure pleasure as the dildo entered her body in the most pleasant way possible, her own saliva and the wetness of her arousal making the penetration easy. Stuffing her pussy full of Lexa's cock was a little more tricky, but again the previous work did wonders.

While Lexa had teased her in the past it had never been quite this bad, and at this point Clarke was delirious with need, so instead of painful the slow descent was like drinking water in a drought. Ironically it was so good it was almost painful. Or maybe she really was low-key noticing how widely that part of her body was stretching like never before, Lexa's strap-on easily out-doing Finn's dick, at least in terms of size. But of course that was overwhelmed by the pleasure she was feeling, and that was just from slowly lowering herself down. Once it was all the way inside her and she had adjusted Clarke felt nothing but pure pleasure, and she quickly started hammering herself up and down, already practically tasting her orgasm.

However before Clarke could get anywhere truly near an orgasm Lexa smacked her ass hard and growled, "Did I give you permission to cum?"

"No Mistress Lexa, sorry Mistress Lexa." Clarke whimpered, immediately slowing down.

"Good girl, that's better. Ride me just like that. Nice and slow. Nice and slow. Oh God Clarke, you look so good riding my dick." Lexa encouraged, stroking the cheek she had just struck.

Those words and Lexa's hands beginning to wonder over her body was little comfort for Clarke, who so desperately wanted an orgasm. In fact if anyone had treated her this way before she would have probably kicked them out of bed and finished herself off, or even been too angry to push herself over the finish line. But this wasn't the Ark where she could have enjoyed that kind of freedom. This was her new life on the ground, and she had to make it work by doing everything this incredibly beautiful woman said. And everything else this woman's people wanted. No matter what it what may be. Although the weirdest thing was that Clarke was so far gone that she actually felt ashamed of herself for almost making herself cum without permission.

Lexa could tell that was the case from the look in Clarke's apologetic eyes, which really pleased her, as it showed that Clarke's training was coming along brilliantly. Or this woman was so submissive at heart that once she had been pushed in the right direction there was nothing she wouldn't do for a dominant woman. Either way Lexa relished the control she had over this beautiful woman, which at least in this moment made up for denying herself a climax too. Actually it had been hard to force herself to make Clarke stop, because her actions would have probably made Lexa cum too, but this wasn't about satisfaction, this was about training Clarke to be the best sex slave she could be, and as The Commander she refused to give in to such temptations.

Of course the benefit to controlling herself was that instead of a frantically moving sky girl Lexa got to play with a softly bouncing sex slave who responded beautifully to every little touch she gave her. At first that was just massaging some of the pain away from her ass, but inevitably Lexa's hands moved upwards to those big beautiful tits which were bouncing so wonderfully with every little movement Clarke was making. Which of course made Clarke cry out even more, and Lexa had barely got started. Then she got more of those wonderful sounds as she slowly played with those tits, gently at first, just cupping them and brushing over the nipples, but eventually she was squeezing and pinching roughly, and even smacking them.

Along the way Lexa reached up, cupped Clarke's beautiful face and then pulled it down towards her own. At the same time she pushed her own face upwards so their lips could meet in an intense kiss. While initially she stopped it from being too rough in favour of being gentle with Clarke, far more gently than she could be in public, again Lexa eventually worked up to far more rough actions. And not just with Clarke's lips. No, she was moving her lips to her neck and then all over her face, digging her teeth into the vulnerable flesh she found there, marking Clarke in the way that no one would dare mark The Commander's property, except of course for The Commander. Luckily Clarke was clearly too preoccupied to think about that.

"More!" Clarke whimpered pathetically, "Please Mistress Lexa, give me more. Let me cum. I need to cum."

The pleading started sooner than Lexa was expecting, but that just meant she got to enjoy it for even longer. Clarke certainly wasn't going to be allowed to cum so soon, as Lexa had only just started fucking her this way. In fact if Lexa hadn't been so desperate for an orgasm herself she would have been tempted to fuck Clarke like this all day long and into the night before even letting her getting close to cumming. And she would take her in different positions. Which she still planned to do, but the first time Clarke came on her cock she wanted it to be because Clarke was doing it herself as she was so desperate to cum and please her Mistress. After that, it depended on Lexa's mood.

Clarke was ashamed of herself for beginning to beg to cum so soon, but she just couldn't help it. Her body was on fire with need, and everything Lexa was doing was making it so much worse, and yet at the same time so much better. It was a weird mix of heaven and hell which no one had been able to give her before, and weirdly she loved it. In fact she was rather glad that Lexa continued to deny her, as it gave her a chance to savour exactly what she was doing now. Namely bouncing up and down on Lexa's cock, technically being on top but being a total bottom for this Alpha female who had dominated her so effortlessly right from the beginning, but never more than right now.

Of course Clarke couldn't truly regret starting to beg, because while she didn't receive an orgasm any time soon she did receive more of everything else driving her crazy, including the rough kisses, groping and smacking to her sore ass. Lexa even began to pinch her nipples, and bite down on her lip and neck, Clarke feeling as if she was being marked as Lexa's property, not that of this mysterious Commander. Which if she was being honest, was exactly what she wanted. After all, Lexa was such a great teacher, stunningly beautiful, and just an amazing top. She was just amazing. How could Clarke possibly not want to be hers? Especially over some stranger.

It might be wishful thinking, but sometimes Clarke thought that Lexa might feel the same way. This was definitely one of those times, as a way Lexa was touching her, kissing her and just looking at her was so intense, and possessive, and maybe even something which could be love. Or at least extreme like. Which of course only enhanced Clarke's current enjoyment, until she was a whimpering wreck, desperately pleading for what she needed now like oxygen. And yet perhaps Lexa proved that she didn't have any feelings for her, as she continued denying her even as the need Clarke was feeling became literally painful.

"Please Mistress Lexa, make me cum, I need to cum. I need it so bad. Ooooooh, seriously, I need it. Please give it to me, ohhhhhhh fuck, please give me what I need, oh Lexa! Mmmmm, Mistress Lexa!" Clarke literally wept over and over again, before desperately trying to think what Lexa would want to hear, "Please? I'll do anything! Anything! I'll give you the best blow jobs ever! Mmmmm, or at least, I'll learn. Ooooooh yeahhhhh, I'll learn to suck cock like a champion cock sucker, I promise. And I'll learn to eat ass like it's the yummiest of treats. Ohhhhhhh God, and I'll take it up the butt. I'll take it up the butt for you, for your precious Commander, for anyone you want! I'll do anything you want, for anyone you want, be a perfect little sex slave, mmmmm fuck, just please, let me cum. Oooooooh shit, just please, ohhhhhhh, make me cum! Please?"

This was all very amusing for Lexa, and then she pointed out, "You're a sex slave. You will do anything for me, for The Commander, and anyone else, anyway."

There was a brief pause and then Clarke whimpered, "I'll be yours."

Lexa raised an eyebrow, "We've discussed this, you'll be The Commander's."

"I don't want to be." Clarke confessed, stopping the bouncing on the cock and looking directly into her lover's eyes, "I want to be yours. Just yours. I'll submit to The Commander publicly for the good of my people, and then when we're in private I'll beg her to give me to you. The 100 is full of pretty girls, she can have any of them she wants. She can have all of them. I'll even help her train them if she wants, if she'll just let me be yours "

There was a brief silence in which Clarke thought she had gone too far, and said far too much, then Lexa firmly grabbed her hair and growled, "You can not bargain to get what you want. Not with me, not with The Commander. You must accept your just a fuck toy, nothing more. You have nothing to bargain with."

"I'm sorry Mistress Lexa." Clarke whimpered, then because she just couldn't help herself softly added, "But I mean it. I want to be yours."

There was another brief silence and then Lexa confessed, "The Commander would never part with a price such as you. Not for anything."

"She hasn't seen the other girls of The 100." Clarke said softly, lowering her head.

"She has, and none of them compare to you." Lexa corrected softly, then as she cupped Clarke's face and brought them back to looking at each other she added against her better judgement, "But I swear to you Clarke, after you have been broken in, I shall take you into my bed and make love to you. Make you mine, more than you already are. Make you cum, like I want you to cum now. Not because of what you have said, but because it's what I desire. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress Lexa, thank you Mistress Lexa." Clarke immediately replied, quickly doing as she was told.

Thankfully it didn't take long for Clarke to build up a rhythm, and those words had mostly kept her close to an orgasm, so it wasn't long before she could once again taste her own satisfaction. Only this time Lexa didn't stop her. No, she just continued to stare at her with the same affection and possessiveness, which she continued doing throughout. Also Lexa's words echoed in Clarke's head, meaning that Clarke could vividly picture being laid down in a soft bed and mounted by this warrior woman, who told her she was hers over and over again, that image combining with the now rapid bouncing up and down on that cock making her cum wonderfully hard on it. Oh God, Clarke came on Lexa's cock, an experience she got to enjoy repeatedly, each time so wonderful she could no longer think coherently.

Lexa came shortly after this, all that build up, the relentless bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of a woman riding her dick inevitably sending her over the edge. But it was more than that. If it wasn't she might have been able to hold back for longer. But Clarke had just confessed a desire to be hers, which almost guaranteed when Clarke knew the truth she would welcome it, and mean that what Lexa had been doing here was a tremendous success. More than that though, it proved Clarke wanted her. Lexa the person, as she truly was, not just The Commander. In fact Clarke would choose being her slave over The Commander's, which as Lexa had explained would mean giving up the best position for a slave.

What was far more disconcerting was the effect this had on her heart. After Costia she had promised herself not to love again. That love was weakness. But here she was, falling for a girl again, and Lexa wasn't sure she could stop it at this point. Or that she even wanted too. Which she could think more about later, for now she was too overwhelmed with what she was emotionally and physically feeling. Oh yes, she was being bombarded by such wonderful pleasure, and she was unwilling for it to stop just because Clarke was clearly getting tired. Besides, she was the Dom here, and it was about time she reminded her sub of her place.

So as soon as Clarke showed the slightest sign of slowing down Lexa flipped their positions so the sky girl was on her back and the Commander was pounding into her. The switch in positions was a little quicker than Lexa had intended, resulting in bumping Clarke's head against the hard floor, and then the mighty Commander briefly stopped and looked at her slave with concern. Thankfully Clarke gave her a soft smile, and appeared to be unharmed, so Lexa quickly started fucking the other girl with her cock, beginning reasonably slow but gradually picking up the pace until she was pounding Clarke's pussy. In fact, Lexa was soon doing that with every ounce of her strength, leaving nothing back to defend herself, confident that her guards would protect her, and Clarke would be in no state to assault her afterwards. Not that she believed she would even if she could.

No, for better or for worse Lexa trusted Clarke, who continued staring at her with the intense love and devotion that had been in her eyes for quite a while now. Which she further showed by wrapping her arms and legs around Lexa's body, welcoming every thrust and constantly cumming for her like a good little fuck toy. Which in turn encouraged Lexa to power through climax after climax until it just became too much and she collapsed with exhaustion down onto the equally sweaty body of her lover. The two girls then just lay there for a few long minutes getting their breath back, before lazily beginning to kiss each other, first whatever they could reach, but ultimately their lips.

Then Lexa broke the kiss and softly asked, "Did you mean it? About wanting to be mine?"

"More than anything." Clarke confessed with a soft smile, "I'll still be the Commander's officially, if that's what you want, but we'll know the truth. That I'm yours. All yours."

Lexa smiled, gently pressed her forehead against Clarke's, and then whispered, "Sounds perfect to me."


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