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100: The Price Of Admission Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Lexa could remember opening this door and being blown away by her captor's beauty. If one of her men had shown such weakness at the mere sight of a pretty blonde girl Lexa would have rolled her eyes, and maybe even had him whipped if she was having a particularly bad day. Yet here she was doing the same thing for a second time, and worse even found herself regretting leaving Clarke tied up here, which was insane. This girl was an invading force who had destroyed her land. Lexa should be in no way contemplating releasing her from her bonds. Especially when she looked so good while being restrained. Although on the other hand, was it a sign of weakness to continue to restrain this exhausted girl?

As Lexa was debating this Clarke lifted her head and smiled, "Lexa..."

"Hello Clarke." Lexa returned the smile as she closed the door behind her and then closed the distance between them while showing she hadn't come empty-handed, "As promised, I have bought you sustenance."

"Thanks, I'm starving." Clarke admitted.

There was then a brief pause as Lexa debated her options, then she put the plate of food and jug of water down, pulled out a knife, and firmly told her captive, "You have been good, so I am allowed to release you, but if you try anything, you will regret it."

"I understand." Clarke nodded, relief flooding her body at those words, and Lexa quickly making good on them. However before she could offer gratitude she found her hands being tied behind her back, "Hey!"

"Continue to be good, and I shall free your hands next time." Lexa explained, carefully cutting the ropes to Clarke's feet as she had with the rope to her hands, there for leaving a little for her to tie it to something later.

"But how am I supposed to eat?" Clarke asked in a more whiny voice than she intended.

"I shall feed you." Lexa explained simply, gently guiding them both backwards until she was sitting on the floor with Clarke laying a little awkwardly with her back to the brunette's front, the blonde's arms in between them. Then Lexa reached for the food and drink, carefully bringing one and then the other up to Clarke's lips, who carefully ate and drank while Lexa explained, "The Commander may ask you to feed her like this on occasion, although it is unlikely that she will let you spoon her. She prefers to have a beautiful woman in her arms, not the other way around. She may even do this to you because of it."

"You seem to know a lot about the Commander..." Clarke quipped softly, second guessing herself briefly before doubling down on being pushy, "Are you her lover?"

Lexa hesitated briefly as she thought about her answer to this, and then she smiled and even chuckled a little as she replied, "You could say that, but I am not her true love."

"Who is?" Clarke asked softly.

Another hesitation, this one much longer, and then Lexa admitted, "Her name was Costia."

"Was?" Clarke frowned, immediately feeling stupid, "Oh, sorry."

Yet another hesitation, this time Lexa desperately trying not to continue revealing her weakness, but she couldn't stop, "The Commander loved Costia, and Costia loved her. Costia was killed because of it, her head left for the Commander to find in the bed they had once shared."

"That's terrible." Clarke said softly.

Yet again Lexa fought the urge to reveal more, and yet again she failed, "This is a brutal world Clarke. Has been for generations. But The Commander made a promise. No more blood must have blood. That is why she didn't go to war with her enemies for killing the woman she loved, and why she wishes to offer you and your people mercy. But it must still come with a price. The question is, are you still willing to pay it?"

"Yes." Clarke said without hesitation, before grinning, "Especially if it means more time with you."

"I feel the same." Lexa admitted automatically, again without meaning too, "Which is why I have been granted permission to train you. I have a week to turn you into the perfect little sex slave, and then you must publicly submit to The Commander in front of her people, and your own."

Very much liking the sound of that Clarke asked, "Does that make you my new Mistress?"

"Yes. Yes it does." Lexa smiled.

"Mistress Lexa... it has a nice ring to it, don't you think?" Clarke smiled.

"Yes, which is why you must call me that from now on." Lexa ordered before pushing, "Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress." Clarke quickly replied, awkwardly trying to look behind her as she asked, "Or should it always be Mistress Lexa?"

"Mistress, Mistress Lexa, my Mistress... I don't really mind, as long as it's Mistress." Lexa explained softly, before adding, "And it shall be the same for The Commander. That is your first lesson."

"What's my second?" Clarke asked eagerly, before quickly adding, "Erm, Mistress Lexa?"

"Finish your meal, and I shall tell you." Lexa promised.

* * *

It may have seemed ridiculous to some to feed Clarke like this, and Lexa new that many of even her closest advisers, people she called friends, would have insisted on Clarke trying to eat like an animal without the use of her hands. Such a thing would have been amusing for Lexa, and humiliating for Clarke, but for some reason the Commander was compelled to take a more gentle approach, at least while she could. Besides, this still made it very clear who was in charge, and was still even a little amusing for Lexa, and humiliating for Clarke. Although mainly Lexa did it so she could feel Clarke in her arms, for reasons she tried not to dwell on. Luckily Clarke was clearly hungry and finished her food quickly once they were done talking, and once she was done Lexa was quick to push things out of the way as she turned the other girl to face her.

"So, are you ready for your second lesson?" Lexa asked.

At first Clarke just nodded eagerly, then when Lexa stared at her with an unimpressed look on her face Clarke bashfully replied, "Yes Mistress."

Showing her new slave that was the correct answer Lexa briefly rewarded her with a smile, before pulling Clarke towards her while leaning in herself so their lips pressed together. It was gentle for the first few minutes, Lexa just enjoying the fact that she had no official business to attend too and could take her time with her prize. Of course inevitably she ached for more, and eventually switched from gently caressing Clarke's tongue with her own to practically bullying it into submission and conquering the other girl's mouth. Fortunately Clarke seemed more than happy with this, perhaps further suggesting that she would make an excellent fuck toy.

Eager to explore that theory Lexa got on her knees behind Clarke and then very slowly removed her ragged clothing, mostly while continuing to kiss the other girl, before finally breaking it and guiding Clarke's head to her neck, "You, ooooooh yes, you must learn to please your Commander. Mmmmm, worship her body as it deserves to be worshipped. Remember, ohhhhhh, remember my earlier demonstration? You may practice doing that to me now, and there are times The Commander will want you to begin immediately, either because she has been wound up by something else, or she simply wishes to remind you who's in charge. But there will be other time she wishes you to worship the rest of her body, particularly when you're in private. That, ooooooh, that is what you shall do to me now."

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke mumbled against her neck before immediately getting back to kissing, sucking and occasionally licking Lexa's neck.

After a few minutes of that Lexa gently guided Clarke's head downwards to her breasts so she could give them the same treatment, at first guiding the other girl's head back and forth and then just leaving her to it. Clarke's inexperience shone through here, slobbering on Lexa's nipples a little too much, and sucking them too hard too soon, and she switched nipples too frequently, then not enough, but there was definitely something to be said for the enthusiastic novice who wanted to learn. And she definitely got better over time, obviously carefully listening out for Lexa's responses for hints of what she should do. Lexa considered offering more guidance, but for better or for worse decided to leave her to it and critique her later. At least for now. Although what she wanted next might be a different story.

Clarke was grateful for the foreplay as Lexa had an amazing body which she had been thinking about sliding her mouth all over ever since the other girl ate her out. She especially liked the kissing, and hoped they would do more than that soon. Like maybe even return the favour from earlier. But that wasn't the only reason she wanted to move on. No, while Clarke truly wanted Lexa the truth was that part of her was nervous. Mostly about her ability to please this beautiful girl given her complete lack of experience in this department, although there was a small part of Clarke which worried she wouldn't like it, which would be really, really bad considering what was going to happen to her in the future.

She found out the answer to that a little sooner than she would have probably liked, Clarke only just about able to prevent herself from complaining as Lexa slowly got onto her feet and straightened up before her in all her naked glory. In that moment Lexa stared down at her with a truly intoxicating level of confidence which made her seem like a goddess in Clarke's eyes. So much so that the chance to eat her pussy seemed like an honour which she was unworthy of, and that even if she didn't like the taste Clarke promised herself she would devote herself totally into licking Lexa's cunt. Then Lexa gently reached down, grabbed the back of Clarke's head and pushed her face first into her pussy, silently giving permission for Clarke to lick her pussy.

Just in case she wasn't clear enough Lexa ordered while doing that, "Lick my pussy Clarke."

Briefly Clarke considered whether or not she should reply 'yes Mistress' to that. It did seem like the proper thing for a sub to do, but at that point she had already nervously stuck out her tongue and pressed it against the bottom of Lexa's pussy, at which point it seemed rude to pull away without sliding her tongue upwards. Besides, at that point Lexa's flavour was already hitting her taste-buds, making it impossible to do anything else then to complete the lick. Likewise afterward she was helpless to do anything but repeat than lick over and over again, Clarke quickly forgetting all about her internal debate in favour of becoming lost in tasting her first pussy, which she instantly loved, proving her earlier worry unfounded.

In fact loved might actually be an understatement, as she almost immediately became worryingly addicted to the flavour, eagerly lapping away at Lexa's cunt at what was almost definitely too quick a pace, but as the other girl didn't complain Clarke just continued licking her quickly and eagerly. Actually it was exactly the opposite, Lexa letting out those wonderful cries, moans and even whimpers of pure pleasure as Clarke licked her pussy, which was doing wonders for Clarke's confidence. She did listen out for that to change, but it was very possible that Clarke would miss it, or already had, because she was just so lost in eating pussy. Oh well, if Lexa truly wanted her attention Clarke was sure that she would get it.

Lexa was debating that, as on the one hand she had exactly the attention she wanted from Clarke, but like with the attention Clarke had given to her tits it was just too much too soon, and somehow not enough at the same time. Which left Lexa with a simple choice, allowing Clarke to do this until she made her cum, most likely by accident, or tell her exactly how she could make her cum, hard and fast. Or better yet she could tell her to slow down and give her a proper pussy worshipping, which was without a doubt what Lexa should be doing, but it was extremely tempting in that moment just to tell Clarke to make her cum. Which she was honestly more than ready for after not receiving any satisfaction after going down on Clarke, and then being left to think about it for the next few hours as she went about her business.

It had been almost amusing how cranky and unsatisfied The Commander Of The 12 Clans had been, especially as satisfaction was literally at her fingertips. Hell, on her command older warriors/more experienced tops like Indra and even her mentor Anya would have fallen to their knees and ate her pussy, regardless of how many people she had been in front of. Not to mention the more eager candidates. But for whatever reason Lexa had chosen to deny herself, perhaps even save herself for Clarke. Although that was another worrying thought, which she tried to ignore by simply telling herself that as the Commander she should be more than capable of controlling her own sexual urges and concentrate on the problems of her people.

Such a thing should have been easy for any Commander, but Lexa was special. She was The Commander who had done the unthinkable and united 12 warring clans, creating the longest peace they'd ever had. If she had the patience to do that resisting Clarke should have been easy. Just like controlling herself now, and earlier. But it wasn't, and Lexa came very close to giving in to her urges. But no, she was too good for that. Besides, this was Clarke's second lesson on how to please a dominant woman, and losing control would have been incredibly counter-productive, and would have even suggested Clarke could top from the bottom, which was unacceptable. So as hard as it was, Lexa got control of herself, and more importantly told Clarke to slow down.

"Mmmmm, that feels good. Too good." Lexa moaned softly while tightening her grip on the long blonde hair between her legs so she was sure she had Clarke's attention as she continued, "I do not wish to cum yet. No, mmmmm, this is the first of many times I shall be enjoying your mouth and tongue. Yesssss, surely such a precious moment should be savoured? Ooooooh yesssss, especially as it's your first of many, many times eating pussy. Ohhhhhh fuck yeah, just like that, lick me just like that. Mmmmm, nice and slow. But don't completely abandon my clit. Lick it occasionally, but never forcefully. Not until I tell you too, ohhhhhh yessssss, mmmmm, that's it, good girl. Good little pussy licker. Oh fuck! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeessssss, lick me!"

Normally Lexa wasn't that verbal during sex, at least not lately. With Costia she had been quick to praise her, and it was the same for Clarke, except in this case it was more necessary because it was Clarke's first time eating pussy. Or at least that's what Lexa told herself. That, and it was necessary to be constantly verbal so she would get what she wanted. Although Clarke was very, very good at following instruction, and often Lexa found herself unable to truly speak coherently, instead just moaning, groaning, gasping and even whimpering and crying out as Clarke gave her some truly impressive head, especially for a first timer.

Clarke was extremely proud of herself for receiving those sounds, and Lexa stroking the back of her head as she gave her head. Maybe if it had been someone else, and under different circumstances, Clarke would have been insulted by having her hair played with, stroked and even patted like she was some kind of pet, but it seemed only natural with Lexa. After all, that was kind of what she was to this dominant woman. A pet. More accurately, a fuck pet. A walking, talking sex toy, for Lexa to use whenever she wanted. Which probably shouldn't have been appealing, but for some reason it was. In fact Clarke found it very, very appealing, especially when it was Lexa.

She might feel differently when it was The Commander, but she highly doubted it. Just so long as The Commander was half the woman Lexa was, and tasted even half as good, Clarke would probably adore being her sex slave. Just as long as she could continue being Lexa's sex slave, she would be happy, because it felt like she was truly born to be kneeling before this goddess of a woman and licking her pussy. If only her hands were free, so she could use her fingers to push Lexa closer to orgasm. Or at least be allowed to push the other woman over the edge which it sounded like she'd been on for a while now. But Clarke knew that was entirely up to Lexa, so she listened carefully to her instructions, and desperately tried to follow them.

"Yessssss, linger on my clit. Linger on it!" Lexa cried out, gradually over time allowing Clarke to pick up her attentions to what they had been before, then succeeding them, "Yesssssss, oooooooh yessssss, lick my clit just like that, ohhhhhhhh Clarke! Clarke! Oh fuck! Yes, lick me, oh God, oooooooh yessssssss, just like that, ooooooooh fuck! Now suck it! Suck my aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, suck my clit Clarke! Not so hard, not so hard, mmmmm yessssssss, that's it, oooooooh Clarke! You're such a good girl Clarke. Mmmmm fuck yes, such a good little rug muncher! Oh Clarke, you're going to make a great pussy eating slave."

More than anything Clarke wanted that to be true, but how could it be without her making another girl cum in her mouth? Surely she needed that to graduate into a good little rug munching slave? So why was Lexa denying her? Did she think she wasn't worthy? That she wasn't trying hard enough? That she wasn't obeying her commands properly? What was it, because whatever it was Clarke needed to fix it, because she was desperately aching to taste Lexa's cum, which she was sure would be just as good as her pussy cream. But for what felt like an eternity she was denied, until finally she was given the permission she had been waiting for, at which point Clarke immediately sprang into action.

"Fuck me!" Lexa whimpered rather pathetically, before more forcefully adding, "Fuck me with your tongue! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, shove your tongue into my cunt and, oh yes, tongue fuck me, oh Clarke, oooooooh fuckkkkkkkk, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS, FUCK ME!"

With those simple words Clarke shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Lexa's cunt, and was rewarded with liquid heaven which was somehow even better than Lexa's regular pussy cream. Unfortunately she was so stunned by that flavour, and just how hard Lexa came, that most of it ended up escaping onto her face. Which was nice, because it felt like Lexa was marking her as her pussy eating slut, but it also felt insulting to Lexa as Clarke wasn't swallowing all of her precious honey. Luckily Clarke was a lot more lucky with the following climaxes, although that didn't last long, especially when control was completely taken away from her and she truly became just a toy for Lexa to use to get off.

Lexa had mostly held herself back to teach Clarke patients, and test just how willing Clarke was to continue licking her pussy. To the sky girl's credit while it was clear that she wanted to move on, Clarke obeyed every single one of her commands, never pushing things too far, even if when she had she would almost certainly made Lexa cum. Thus proving, at least so far, that Clarke was a perfect little sub. Or at the very least had the potential to be with a little training. Training which Lexa was very much looking forward to giving her, especially when she finally allowed Clarke to push her over the edge of the kind of wonderfully hard orgasm Lexa always had while cumming in another girl's mouth.

More accurately it was all over Clarke's face, as the sex slave in training did a surprisingly lousy job of swallowing her cum, at least initially. It became a much difference story with the following climaxes, the blonde glueing her mouth to the brunette's entrance so she could swallow at least the majority of her cum, much to both girl's delight. Clarke even shoved her tongue into Lexa's cunt and fucked her with it in between climaxes, something which The Commander would have told her to do, if she wasn't so busy cumming. Not that Clarke needed to do much to make Lexa cum at this point, especially when she started contributing to the fun herself.

Occasionally Lexa was just content to be pleasured, but she was training a sex slave, and this was Clarke's first time doing this, so it seemed only right that Lexa should take a more active role eventually. Maybe she did start a little sooner than necessary, and used more speed and force then she should have, but at that point she just couldn't help herself. Clarke was driving her crazy, and soon just pushing her face into her cunt wasn't enough. No, Lexa just had to start grinding her pussy against that pretty face, gently at first, but inevitably using so much force that she was practically turning Clarke's face into a fuck pad as she frantically humped herself against it.

While a sadistic part of Lexa would have liked to continue this until she squeezed every ounce of enjoyment possible out of it she was very aware that she was suffocating Clarke with her pussy, and the poor girl was becoming dangerously close to unconsciousness, and maybe worse. So to both girls disappointment she pulled Clarke's face completely out of her cunt and then took a few long seconds to recover. This allowed both of them to take some much needed gasps for breath before Lexa pretty much literally smashed their lips together in a bruising kiss, allowing her to taste herself on Clarke's lips and tongue. Something which made Lexa moan happily into Clarke's mouth, and kiss the other girl even more passionately.

Clarke also moaned happily just from the knowledge Lexa was tasting herself on her lips and tongue. Or maybe she was just happy to be kissed by the other girl. Or more likely, a combination of both. Whatever the case Clarke welcomed those lips with her own, and then likewise with Lexa's tongue, although not quite as much as her cunt welcomed the dominant girl's fingers. Especially as Lexa didn't waste time teasing her, which was completely unnecessary as Clarke was practically ready to cum from eating her first pussy, the blonde crying out loudly into the brunette's mouth with pure pleasure as two fingers invaded her welcoming pussy and then started pumping in and out of her at a steady rhythm.

Which just might have been enough to make Clarke cum, if Lexa wasn't so ridiculously skilled and patient. Instead she kept her close to the edge of orgasm for what felt like hours. In reality it was probably only a few minutes, but it was still wonderfully agonising. Then Lexa broke the kiss, stared intensely into Clarke's eyes and then slowly decrease the force of her thrusting. This caused Clarke to whimper pathetically, partly because of the increase in pleasure, but mostly because she guessed Lexa was planning something. Only too happy to prove her right Lexa then slowly added a third finger, causing Clarke's head to shoot back as she cried out with pleasure.

"No! Look at me!" Lexa demanded sternly, and then when she got what she wanted she firmly told her new slave, "Look at me while I fuck you, and don't you dare look away, or cum without permission. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Mistress Lexa." Clarke whimpered, and then almost immediately added, "Can I cum Mistress? Please? Please, I need to cum, mmmmm, please make me cum."

"No." Lexa said firmly.

"But-" Clarke began to protest.

"Complain and I'll leave you here unsatisfied." Lexa threatened.

Automatically Clarke opened her mouth to protest, but quickly caught herself, and instead whimpered, "I'm sorry Mistress Lexa."

"Good girl." Lexa said thoughtfully, and then after beginning to gently pump three fingers in and out of Clarke's cunt she softly asked, "You do want to be a good girl for me, don't you Clarke?"

"Yes Mistress." Clarke gasped, her words coinciding with a particularly hard thrust which almost made her cum.

"Then take what I give you." Lexa ordered.

Before Clarke could even think of asking what Lexa meant the other girl curled her fingers inside of her, causing her eyes and head to roll back slightly. Just before she went all the way she quickly forced her head back into the position it was in before, and gave Lexa an apologetic look. Clarke was then going to apologise, but Lexa increased the force of her thrusts, again rendering Clarke speechless. They continued like that for a while, until Lexa slowly and carefully added in a fourth finger, a.k.a. more fingers than had ever been there before, stretching Clarke painfully. Although Clarke suspected she was about to be stretched even more, the thought causing her to let out a soft whimper and then look pleadingly at Lexa, but staring into the other girl's eyes was weirdly reassuring, and Clarke found she couldn't deny her anything.

"Can you take it?" Lexa asked softly, slipping her thumb alongside her fingers and then pushing them forward to make it clear what she meant, "Because you don't have too. Not tonight. But The Commander will expect nothing less but total submission from you."

There was a brief pause and then Clarke weakly replied, "I can take it."

"Clarke..." Lexa softly began.

"I can." Clarke insisted, before begging, "Please Lexa, my Mistress, make me take it. Make me take it all."

If Clarke was going to 'totally submit' to anyone, she wanted it to be Lexa. She didn't exactly know why, but in that moment it didn't matter, as her whole world was consumed with first a gentle smile from Lexa, and then the other girl pushing her entire fucking hand inside her cunt. She did it as slowly as possible, pushing up to the knuckles and then pulling back a couple of times before ultimately using enough force to get the job done, but it was like nothing else Clarke had ever experienced. It hurt, a lot, and she came down from her high because of it, but she also soared to new heights when the pain subsided and she was overwhelmed by the physical and mental pleasure of having someone inside her like never before.

Lexa had expected Clarke to beg for mercy long before she managed to get her fist inside of her, and just wanted to make it clear to her this was something they would do someday. Then she wanted to see how far Clarke would be willing to go, becoming more proud of her every time she took more, before becoming overwhelmed with pride as Clarke took a full fist on only their second time together. It was very impressive, and very slutty of Clarke. If Clarke's pussy hadn't been so painfully tight as it squeezed down on her hand Lexa would have wondered if she had done this before, or simply been with countless men. Just the possibility was unpleasant, and Lexa was extremely glad she was clearly the first to do this, which was one of the main reasons she paused.

The second and perhaps more important reason was obviously to give Clarke time to relax and get used to having her fist inside of her pussy. Or at least as much as she could given this was her first time stretching her body to this extreme. Although it would be the first of many, Lexa promised herself that, as she not only intended to regularly fist Clarke but to stretch her pussy in other ways. Her ass too. Oh yes, Lexa was very much looking forward to introducing her new slave to that particular kink. But for now she concentrated on introducing her to this one, gently pushing her hand back and forth when she felt Clarke was ready and thus officially beginning the fisting.

This caused Clarke to cry out, whimper, and soon afterwards desperately beg, "Please can I cum, oh God Lexa, Mistress Lexa, I need to cum."

"Do it!" Lexa ordered softly while staring into Clarke's eyes, "Cum for me."

Almost immediately Clarke came, and came hard, so much so that Lexa had to move her other hand from firmly gripping the blonde's hips to around her back and push her body against hers. This meant they had to break eye contact, but that was a lost cause anyway as it was unfair to expect Clarke to continue doing that through such a powerful climax. Hell, for all her skills as a warrior Lexa couldn't even continue moving her hand, not for a few long seconds at least. Although as soon as she could she restarted the fisting just so she could make Clarke cum again, which she did over and over again with well practised ease. The only hard part was keeping Clarke upright, and ultimately Lexa gave up on that in favour of lowering Clarke down onto her back and continuing to fuck her in that position.

Which was a little awkward considering Clarke's hands were still firmly tied behind her back, meaning the poor girl couldn't lie flat, although at first it didn't matter, as Clarke's lower body was too busy slamming back against Lexa's hand. But when the other girl seemed on the verge of unconsciousness and Lexa slowly began decreasing the force of her thrusts and pulling her fist out she rolled them both onto their sides so Clarke could rest. Then after a few long minutes of Clarke gasping for breath Lexa pressed her hand which had just been inside of Clarke to her lips, allowing the other girl to taste herself. There was then a brief hesitation, either Clarke waiting for permission or she was just too exhausted, then the sky girl started eagerly licking up her own juices.

"Good girl. Mmmmm, that's very, very good." Lexa softly praised, her words making Clarke preen and lick her fist clean even more enthusiastically, "Training you is going to be easy. And fun."


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